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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ another storm headed toward the bahamas. the islands already so badly hit after hurricane dorian, we have a live look at tropical storm humberto. where it is now and where it's going. plus, the countdown is on to the new israeli election. new polls show the race is tightening. also this hour, the scandal that had everything, deep pockets and betrayal, now actress felicity huffman has been sentenced. live in cnn headquarters in atlanta, we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell.
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"cnn newsroom" starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. here on the u.s. east coast, we start with an eye to the bahamas, the same islands that were hit so hard by hurricane dorian, they're bracing for another storm. here's a look. this time, it's tropical storm humberto, newly formed in the atlantic, it's expected to move closer to the northwest islands, bringing more rain, more winds. this is an area already recovering from a deadly hurricane. thousands of people have been left homeless. hundreds of people are still missing. we'll have more on what's happening. first, our. meteorologist derek van dam is here to tell us more. >> george, that is our biggest concern, is that the storm could stall the relief efforts in the northern bahamas, even though a tropical storm, it is the last thing residents and tourists visiting that country want to see right now, especially
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considering what happened two weeks ago. we have humberto as of 11:00 p.m. last night, according to the national hurricane center. welcome to the peak of the season, right? we're monitoring four different locations of potential tropical activity. the most immediate is the newly formed tropical storm now bringing strong winds and hefty rainfall to the northwestern bahamas. on satellite, 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds. look at the bulk of the convection to the east and north of the center of circulation, that's good news because maybe, just maybe, we can get spared the heaviest rainfall that is certainly not what we need across the island of abaco and the grand island. and 36 inches of rainfall two weeks. 25 feet of storm surge. let me be clear, that is not the case for this tropical storm, but, again, this is already
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bringing rough conditions to an area that was just ravaged by a hurricane two weeks ago. now, the general consensus with the computer model brings this east again, with the 5:00 a.m. update from the national hurricane center into cnn, the consensus is that the model will pull away from the east coast of florida. they have actually discontinued the tropical storm watches in place last night. here's the projected path. you can see that abrupt easterly turn a day and a half from now. it's projected to strengthen, become a hurricane over the open ocean waters. the gulf stream there, very warm ocean waters. that is going to be bring the heaviest rainfall across the southeast coast. but for the locals near the bahamas, this is a concern immediately for the next 24 hours because heavy rain and potential for tropical storm force winds does exist. but look at the computer modeling, pulling away from the southeast coast. the worst impacts for the u.s.,
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rough surf and dangerous rip tides along the beefs. >> all right. obviously, people are going to be keeping close eye to this. we'll keep in touch with you, thank you. as you mentioned the search and recovery efforts there on the islands, it is still under way after dorian. but another storm could temporarily slow or even halt the operation and cause even more problems. our diane gallagher has this. >> reporter: another storm hitting the exact same islands that hurricane dorian completely decimated. kind of hits the bahamians in two ways. there's obviously, the physical way. the fact that there is going to be rain and wind and the homes or what's left of the homes on abaco or in marsh harbor can't withstand much more. now, there are ngos, usaid and volunteers who are out there. they are staying through the weather. and they say that they have brought additional supplies. because this is going to put a pause on relief efforts to those
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areas that were hardest hit two weeks ago. because they simply can't fly to those islands to bring in supplies. they have search and rescue teams on stand-by who will be spending the night through the weather, just in case. there's flash flooding for people who need to be rescued. and they've been going around, giving hard, thick, plastic tarps to the people who are trying to stay in what's left of their homes so they can best prepare for more weather coming their way. the bahamian government would like for everyone to evacuate to shelters. here in the nassau area there were 2,000 people who have come from those areas who were hardest hit from dorian staying in shelters right now. that's where you get to the other effect, the emotional, mental anguish, knowing that yet another storm, more howling wind and heavy rain coming to the same area that you just fled from. hearing those sounds, knowing what's on the horizon, adding to
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the trauma that all of these people have already experienced. there is still 1300 people on the official list of the missing. and so much more to do, to again, talk about recovery in the bahamas. but first, they have to get to another bout of weather. diane gallagher, cnn, nassau, the bahamas. >> diane, thank you. shifting now to u.s. politics. one of the key moments in thursday night's debate of presidential candidates, it came when the former cabinet secretary julian castro appeared to slam the former vice president joe biden about his memory. other candidates pushed back against castro. castro himself later said it was not a personal attack, rather, he said a discussion over policy. biden hasn't responded directly about the exchange, but his campaign has. here's biden's deputy campaign chairman. >> secretary castro likes to talk who who has learned the
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lessons of the past, i think it's very clear he hasn't learned the lessons by attacking joe biden in incredibly personal terms is not the way to advance yourself in the polls. it's certainly not true for anyone else who tried to attack joe biden. and u.s. president trump is also blasting the democratic candidates, but that's not all, he's also going after those who want to impeach him. and for good measure, he's even taking on light bulbs. our jim acosta has this. >> reporter: brushing off talk of impeachment coming from the house tweeting you don't impeach presidents for doing a good, great job. president trump is spoiling for a fight with the democratic contenders for 2020. >> more than 130 democrats in congress have signed up for the bernie sanders total takeover of the health care. crazy bernie. he is a crazy guy. >> reporter: slamming his democratic rivals in a speech in baltimore as they were holding
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their debate in houston, the president once again resorted to racially loaded attacks as he blasted massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and raised questions about vice president joe biden's physical fitness. >> i hit pokcahontas way who early. and now it can be sleepy joe. >> reporter: and mr. trump had one of his own. >> sat around chuck grassley was there, joni ernst. john thune. mike pounds, a whole group of great people. >> reporter: the white house said that the president minute to refer to senator mike rounds. and then taking a dim view on energy efficient light bulbs because of how they make him look. >> the bulb that we're being forced to use, most importantly, the light's no good, i always
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look orange. and so do you. the light is the worst. but number two, it's many times more expensive than that old incandescent bulb that worked very well. >> reporter: in his own speech, the gop poked fun at mike pence, too. >> he said i'm the vice president of the united states. let me be clear, i am the vice president of the united states. >> reporter: and pence pounced on beto o'rourke. >> talking about higher taxes, they were talking about gun control. not just gun control, you had leading candidates for the highest office in the land talking about taking firearms away from law-a biding citizens. >> reporter: that was in reference to this -- >> hell yes, we're going to take your ak-15. >> reporter: and worried o'rourke may have just jeopardize a position in congress to compromise on gun laws. >> i don't think the senate is
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going to address mandatory buybacks. we need to focus on what we can get done. majority leader mitch mcconnell and republicans in the senate and our president are refusing to listen to the 93% of americans who want us to do something on background checks. >> reporter: the president promised to unveil a tax cut during the next year but the president has not said how he plans on paying for that. the nation's deficit passed the $1 trillion mark for this. as a candidate, mr. trump promised to eliminate the national debt. the truth is, he's expanding it rapidly. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. a lot to put in focus with natasha lindstaedt from the university of ethics from england. good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> again, the left/right binary.
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and the democrats will take americans' guns. the comments from beto o'rourke check off both boxes to the right. it has lawmakers also concerned, natasha, that those comments could make it harder to find compromise. let's listen. >> i frankly think that clip will be played for years at second amendment rallies with organizations that try tole scare people by saying democrats are coming for your guns. i'm a gun owner. my sons and i have gone skeet shooting and hunting. and, frankly, i don't think having our presidential candidates like congressman o'rourke did say that we're going to try and take people's guns against their will is a wise political move. >> did he hurt the party? >> poppy harlow asked the question, did he hurt the party
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here, and how will this play moving forward when it comes to the issue of gun control? >> yeah, i think it's a good question. and i would disagree with what chris coons is saying that it's going to hurt the party. because republicans are going to vote for trump no matter what. and democrats are going to vote for whoever is against trump. it's really all about riling up their bases and trying to somehow attract independents at the same time. if we look at polls, we've talked about this before, you have almost 90% of the american people in favor of background checks. 87% are in favor of red flag laws where guns can be confiscated from people who appear to be dangerous to themselves or others. and you have 56% of the public in favor of banning assault weapons. and 52% are actually agreeing with o'rourke and are in favor of some buyback process. so what o'rourke said wasn't
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that out of the norm. and if you look at what democrats said, 74% of democrats are in favor of a buyback process and 49% of independents. we look at assault weapons. you know, it's only been 15 years that americans have been able to purchase assault weapons since the 2004 ban ended. and assault weapons are only 3% of all rifles that americans own. what he's saying it's not that radical or that crazy, and it was going to rile up the democratic base. you hear the crowd erupting when he said this. of course, the republicans are going to play this over and over again. and they're going to try to rile up their base. but what o'rourke has been saying there are more americans than not that are actually in favor of gun control. and that the u.s. congressmen need to stop being afraid of the nra. so, in this regard, i would disagree with what chris coons is saying. i think think what o'rourke is saying is getting the base
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energized. >> it is interesting to your point, natasha, there are those loud voices on the right. loud voices on the left. and the question is what does it mean for the people in the middle of all of this and polling indicates that many americans do want to see movement on this issue. also, i want to talk to you about the flap over julian castro's comments to joe biden. calling it a cheap shot to biden's age. castro denying that was the intention. but there's also an interesting bit to see joe biden really embracing this issue, saying it's okay to consider age as a point of discussion. keeping in mind, donald trump 73 years old, i believe. joe biden is 76. >> right. and i think when julian castro went after his age, i don't think that played out very well. the democrats need to stay united because most democrats want to beat trump. and they see these types of attacks -- and this attack was
2:15 am
very personal against a candidate who is the front-runner who is popular, and who wasn't attacking him personally. and so, it just seemed very vicious. and it didn't go over well when swalwell, in a previous debate did something similar, talking about joe biden's age. so, these types of attacks against the front-runner are going to back fire. they're better off attacking trump, trying to remain united. and trying to distinguish themselves amongst the other candidates as to why you should vote for him, not why you shouldn't vote for joe biden. >> natasha lyindstedt giving us perspective, thank you. the next democratic debate, keep in mind october 2n15. cnn and others will co-host the event.
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october 15th. israel's political world is in upheaval as voters there prepare for the second election in four months. we'll take a look at why the outcome is impossible to predict there. plus, a memorial service for robert mugabe is under way right now in the capital of zimbabwe. a live report there as "cnn newsroom" continues. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. that life of the party look walk it off look one more mile look reply all look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic.
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two saudi arabia oil facilities have come under attack from drones, this according to the saudi interior ministry. it says the fires caused by the drones at the aramco oil facilities have been put out. houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks. the statement reportedly made by the group's spokesperson. in israel, the final polls are out before tuesday's general election, and they show a race that is too title to call. take a look at these numbers, they're dramatic close it leaves neither the prime minister benjamin netanyahu nor his opposition benny gantz with a clear path. it's a repeat of the election when both parties tied at 35 each. as the general election gets closer, mr. netanyahu is coming under increased scrutiny for charges of corruption. our oren liebermann explains.
2:20 am
>> reporter: they are the dark clouds hanging over israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's political and personal life. multiple accusations of corruption, stemming from three separate investigations. the 69-year-old has denied the charges and on the campaign trail, he rarely discusses them. but he's facing allegations he took gifts from overskaes businessmen, and prosecutors say he tried to get a newspaper mogul to give him more favorable coverage. he also faces potential bribery charges. prosecutors said he advanced regulatory benefits worth $300 million to help his friend, a wealthy businessman, also for favorable media coverage. netanyahu's troubles have led to a tight race. >> translator: right wing voters, right now, we are losing the elections. >> reporter: in the final polls before election night, all five polls show a race too close to call. neither netanyahu nor his opponent former chief of staff benny gantz has a clear path to
2:21 am
victory. the coalitions are against netanyahu. the interior minister served two years in prison in 2000s after convicted of bribery and fraud and breach of trust. he returned to politics and is once again interior minister. and once again, under investigation for similar charges. then there's the deputy health minister yajko listman who allegedly helping someone avoid extradition. and the welfare minister katz resigned his position. all of these politicians insist they're innocent. they all may get their day in court to prove it. until then, they're hoping to win at the ballot box. one of the questions surrounding netanyahu does he want to allege
2:22 am
immunity against the prosecution. it's important to note in the opposition, the arab leader was just released from two years in prison, accused of illegally sneaking cell phones to security prisoners. oren liebermann, cnn, jerusalem. >> oren liebermann now live in jerusalem, with our sam kiley. picking up on oren's reporting, certainly, benjamin netanyahu under a great deal of pressure. not just about an election, though. >> no, not just about an election. if he manages to win with his likud party, perhaps neck and neck, perhaps one seat ahead of the rival benny gantz, then perhaps he's able to introduce an immunity law through the israel knesset, and as oren was observing there are other
2:23 am
knesset that would like to extend immunity laws. but looking at the polls they show the third largest party polling is likely to be the joint list, the predominant arab party with about 12 seats, which obviously, they're very unlikely indeed to join any coalition involving the likud. so far, it's been lukewarm to say the least at the suggestion of any preelection pact. and then you have abby dror lieberman. likely to poll around nine votes he's avidly, avidly secularist. >> it's complicated. sam kiley. we'll keep in touch with you and see how this plays out in the week ahead. thank you. it is the 15th straight weekend that we've seen demonstrations in hong kong.
2:24 am
there were some scuffles between parties of mainland china and pro democracy protesters. this time, though, hong kong authorities denied requests for permits to hold weekend demonstrations. we'll continue to follow the story for you, of course. in imxabi, robert mugabe, who had a great deal of influence and power over the african continent for decades is being remembered at a service in zimbabwe's capital, this man loved by many, hated by many as well, he is being remembered this hour. you see so many people who have come together in the nation's capital. and dignitaries around the world are there recalling the man regarded as the founder of zimbab zimbabwe. the funeral planned for sunday has been postponed, though. for more on that, let's go to our own farai sevenzo, a native of zimbabwe. tell us, why the delay there? >> reporter: well, there are many provocations, george.
2:25 am
first of all, remember, this is a man ousted from power two years ago in an apparent coup back in november 2017. and the families with regards to the current government of emmerson mnangagwa where the remains should be buried. some say he should be buried in the village or at the national shrine and many those before the deliberation war are now laid to rest, including mr. mugabe's c n contemporary at the time. these have faded in the background in the remembrance. man, he's a complicated man, george. he ruled with such an iron fist. it was only -- zimbabwe was
2:26 am
independent in 1980. it was until 2000 that it saw the first opposition to the late morgan shankerai's movement. and many are acknowledging that without him, many of the south african states including south africa and namibia will be free, because he was such a belligerent opponent to apartheid, but as it's already said, it was a complicated one. >> while you were speaking, we saw the sign that was up in there, it said rest in peace. referring to mugabe's plan. and we see the dignitaries, as well as the presidents there as well, the presidents there to, of course, remember this man who are was very important there in africa. the african continent. we appreciate your time, farai sevenzo, and we'll keep in touch
2:27 am
as well. it was a tough day for actress felicity huffman, the award-winning actress heard her sentence in the u.s. college cheating scandal. what she faces next ahead for you. plus, trouble on campus for the president of one of the world's largest christian colleges. why some of jerry fallwell's junior students are losing faith in him as "cnn newsroom" pushes on. stay with us. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. i didn't have to call and i didn't have to come get you. because you didn't have another heart attack. not today. you took our conversation about your chronic coronary artery disease to heart. even with a stent procedure, your condition can get worse over time, and keep you at risk of blood clots. so you added xarelto®, to help keep you protected.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta. i'm george howell with the headlines following for you at this hour. take a look there, tropical
2:31 am
storm humberto, it has formed near the bahamas, threatening to hit the same very islands that were hit so hard by deadly storm dorian. that storm is to attempted to stop the recovery efforts. democratic candidate beto o'rourke's proposal for a mandatory buyback for military-style weapons, well, it's getting pushback, even from fellow democrats. yemen's houthi rebels are claiming responsibility for drone strike on two saudi arabian oil facilities. setting fires. they say ten drones were deployed. the saudi interior ministry said the fires at the aramco facilities have now been put out. in israel, five opinion polls all show the same thing, that tuesday's election is just too close to call.
2:32 am
the prime minister of that nation benjamin netanyahu is in a dead heat. but benny gantz, a former chief of israel's military. the election was called. award-winning felicity huffman heads to prison in six weeks for her part in the u.s. college admissions cheating scam. she said she was stupid to pay the scheme's organizer. she arranged to clandestinely boost her daughter's score on college admission tests. our brynn gingras has more. >> reporter: felicity huffman remained stoic, when the judge handed down her decision. essentially the judge saying this wasn't about college reputations being tarnished or test-taking being compromised. this was about kids, privileged kids, having a legup on others. that's partly why she handed down the punishment she did.
2:33 am
actress felicity huffman sentenced to 14 days in federal prison. ordered to pay a $30,000 fine and serve 250 hours of community service. huffman telling the court, at the end of the day, i had a choice to make. i could have said no. i take full responsibility and will accept whatever punishment you give me. in a statement released shortly after the hearing, she added, quote, i broke the law, there were no excuses or jugses for my action, period. prosecutors urged the judge to pose the harshest penalties saying most parents have the moral compass and integrity nature to step over the line. the defendant did not. prior to today's sentencing huffman wrote a letter explaining how she legitimately worked with the ring lead rick singer for a year. singer hired a proctor to change answers on her s.a.t. she said she considered using the services for her youngest daughter but backed out.
2:34 am
huffman complaining how the poor decision damaged her relationship. when my tadaughter looked at me with tears streaming down her face why didn't you believe in me? i had no adequate answer. i could only say i was sorry. her husband william h. macy was one of 27 people who sent letters to the judge. macy wrote huffman rarely goes outside usual bombarded by the paparazzi, but her oldest daughter paid the dearest price. do something, please, mroo do something. macy said she begged her parents. huffman is the second to be sentenced but the first to get prison time in the country's largest college scandal which ensnared more than 50 college coaches and administrators and parents. 19 parents are still fighting the charges including actress lori loughlin and her fashion
2:35 am
designer husband. the company is charged with paying to get their two daughters. both are scheduled to go to trial. remember, those who didn't take a plea deal were handed down another charge in this case. it will be interesting to see how the sentencing possibly could affect them in the future. now felicity huffman, her attorneys asked that she serve her 14 days there a prison near her home in california. of course, that will be up to the bureau of prisons. but she reports to that sentencing on october 25th. brynn gingras, cnn in boston. a man who runs one of the biggest christian universities in the word is now in trouble for -- trouble is brewing, rather, for the president of liberty university. we're talking about jerry falwell jr. he's already under fire for business dealings at the virginia institution, which was founded by his father. our martin savidge has this report.
2:36 am
>> reporter: losing faith, an uncommon sight. students protesting at one of the largest christian colleges in the world, targeting the school's president jerry falwell jr. >> he's not being a greater leader. >> reporter: founded in 1971 by his father jerry falwell liberty university in lynchburg, virginia, boasts 10,000 students but jerry falwell jr. is facing backlash over the business dealings of the school. just this week, an email in which falwell belittles a student and staff member. >> we want truth and we want accountability for falwell ourselves. we want to know what our president is doing. >> reporter: counterprotesters were also on hand supporting falwell. >> i think a lot has been taken out of context, personally. but i think some of it might be true. i think a lot of it probably is
2:37 am
exaggerated. >> reporter: reuters this week reported on dozens of emails some of which contained offensive language. in one from 2010, falwell reportedly called a then student, emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded. in a 2015 email, falwell is quoting about students parking in private lots. quote, these students need to learn how to play by the rules or they can go to another college. i'm tired of this crap, unquote. in other email reported by reuters, falwell calls a college official a bag of hot hair who couldn't spell the word profit. and another a half wit. and saying from falwell that they look context, quote, i
2:38 am
would have to see the whole thread." he calls it a criminal conspiracy saying that former board members have leaked documents and emails in an attempt to oust him. it follows a politico story based on email and unnamed sources accusing him of a culture of self-dealing at the university including real estate actions that would benefit family and associates. when asked about his week, falwell said, quote, i really don't care what they say, in the end, they are going to look like fools. so i'm actually very much enjoying this week. unquote. martin savidge, cnn, atlanta. a former british prime minister is speaking out about brexit and the man who currently occupies number ten. we'll have details on that ahead. plus for years, it's been shunned now a shiny metal very
2:39 am
deep in the english countryside, suddenly gaining popularity. ♪
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. climate activist greta thunberg has a message for washington, d.c. well, on friday, the swedish teen joined many others campaigning outside of the white house calling for action on the climate crisis. she's in the united states, umping congress to take a long, hard look at what's happening to the environment and the world around. and her visit comes just days before planned global climate strikes with young people, next friday, which will launch a week of action around the world. in the united kingdom, brexit, the deadline is getting
2:43 am
close. just less than seven weeks away, parliament has been suspended. the conservative party is in a state of disarray and there's still no agreement with the eu. but if boris johnson is concerned, he didn't show it. on friday, he traveled to northern england and again offered vague assurances that everything will be okay. >> i'm seeing presence of the commission and the chief negotiator on monday, and we'll talk about the ideas that we've been working on. and we'll see where we get. i would say i'm cautiously optimistic. >> that is not a widely shared view, though. among those dismayed by the current state of affairs, the man who allowed all of this to happen, the brexit referendum who kicked it off in the first place. our melissa bell has this
2:44 am
report. >> from david cameron of boris johnson not only on the eu campaign but the way he's handled himself since he took office. it was the first time that the former british prime minister spoke out, and he was pretty damning of how boris johnson has conducted himself, and specifically of his suspension of parliament. now, today, boris johnson was up and speaking about brexit, saying he was cautiously optimistic that a deal could be found. hell he'll be meeting with barnier and jean-claude juncker. and sticking to the october 31st deadline, challenging that posed, that if it is found, it will have to go back because then it's up to the
2:45 am
parliamentarians to a final no say or a dealal agreed with the eu. a great deal of pressure then, on the british prime minister. not only from parliamentarians like john burko who insisted last night what whatever happens, the uk parliament will be doing whatever it can to make sure boris johnson respects that new law that they voted through just before the suspension of parliament. a lot on tuesday. we will learn what the high court thinks of the legality of the suspension of the parliament. a lot of pressure then on boris johnson to find a deal with the eu allowing him to avoid a constitutional crisis and claim an important victory that for the time being seems very unlikely. melissa bell, cnn, london. >> no matter what happens with brexit, there is one part of the english countryside that sees a bright future. all of that thanks to a common metal that is found deep underground. and believe it or not, this
2:46 am
ordinary metal, it's tin, it's just what the modern world needs and cornwall has a lot of it. our mia del santos takes us there. >> reporter: cornwall's tin coast, rich in minerals and mines. an industrial legacy which could soon be reborn thanks to big tech and brexit. tin has been extracted from the rock and otherwise rural part of the uk for a millennium. in the late 1870s and these engine houses were originally built, cornwall has the world's biggest producer of tin, home to 2,000 mines dotted across its countryside. the last of those south crofty closed its doors two decades ago after tin prices plunged. but now it could be the first to reopen, creating 275 jobs. and that journey towards cornwall's mining revival begins
2:47 am
here around 300 meters below the surface. getting the mine up and running in two years won't be easy. hundreds of miles of tunnels need to be surveyed and drained. but with demand for smart devices on the rise, the new canadian owners think that he can make cornish tin desirable once more. >> tin is used in renewable and power storage. it requires tin. what better way to provide the source in areas of conflict or areas where you have trial expectation and find it here in cornwell. >> reporter: it could become one of the only tin mines here, giving technology an opportunity to clean up supply chains, brexit notwithstanding. >> well, you know, in all mines, this is brexit-proof. one of the puns we put forth to
2:48 am
cornwall and uk government is that you can't move a tin. >> reporter: the tin's future relies in its past. it was once the wild west of england. having seen here in a bbc drama pulled up, attracting p prospectives from all over the country. and to the delight of the 4.5 vitters who flock here. a tin miner's family. >> my father was one to actually work underground. there's no profit in selling wholesale we renovated old machinery onsite and started producing tin ourselves. whether people were just interested in the architecture of the buildings or the physical process that the mineral has to go through to get there seems to capture many people. >> reporter: this ancient metal is already helping this western
2:49 am
province of the british isles to shine again. nina del santos, cnn, cornwell. well, it was a hit show in the united states that you could say had its friends around the world. we look back at the show "friends" on the 25th anniversary of this popular sitcom. and for a limited time, get free smartphones too! get 4 new lines of unlimited and 4 free phones for just 30 bucks a line! ♪ they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life.
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look, turning 30 is not that big a deal. >> oh, really, is that ho you felt when you turned 30? why god, why? let the others grow old, not me! [ laughter ] >> the cast of the u.s. sitcom "friends" is celebrating a happy anniversary, 25 years of a show that changed television, some say and still has brands cashing in on that popularity. now thanks to video streaming another generation is discovering that famous couch, central park, those six friends are forever remembered. our clare sebastian has this report. >> this wonder bra is amazing. [ laughter ]
2:54 am
>> reporter: to memorabilia and even hair cuts, "friends" has always been a brand that sells. 25 years on, that hasn't changed. it's still not enough for viewers just to watch the show, they want to live in the world of monica, chandler, ross, rachel, phoebe and joey. that means eating their food, sitting on that couch and, of course, drinking their coffee. businesses are taking advantage, coffee bean and tea leaves jumped to the chance of the anniversary, launching a brand of coffee and memorabilia. >> coffee mugs actually sold out in 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: they launched a perk release in august. >> those two locations we saw significant traffic in foot traffic. more importantly, as a business it bolstered systemwide sales. >> an apothecary table. >> reporter: pottery barn also
2:55 am
brought back the famous apothecary table, despite its $1,000 price tag. >> you can almost smell the opium. >> reporter: even lego is getting in on the action. lego says it's one of the fastest selling sets ever. none of these would work nearly as well if "friends" hadn't experienced a revival in streaming. last year, it was netflix's second most popular show. the company has the rights for one more year before it goes on a break leading to the max streaming service in 2020. >> ultimately it's really one of the crown jewels of streaming. everything changed now hbo coming in, a major shot across the bow, taking "friends." i believe 2% to 3% of netflix viewers just because it's "friends." >> reporter: for those who say
2:56 am
friends or money don't mix -- >> what's more important friends or money. >> friends! >> reporter: it still gets the most love. >> claire really liked that story. on her instagram she said life made sitting there on that couch. keeping in mind "friends" is owned by warner brothers tv which is part of cnn's parent company warner media. of course, watch our cnn special report "friends forever, 25 years of laughter." airing at 10:00 in the morning in hong kong right here on cnn. we thank you for watching this hour of the "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. for our viewers in the united states, "new day" is next. for the viewers around the world erin burnett out front is next. thanks for watching.
2:57 am
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reports to jail october 25th to serve a 14-day sentence. >> essentially the judge saying this wasn't about college reputations being tarnished or the test-taking being compromised. this was about privileged kids having a leg up on other college applicants. a tropical storm is heading to the bahamas ravaged by dorian. this is going to stall the relief efforts. >> people have incredible spirit, and for the ones who survived,


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