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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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in the race says gillis has reached out to him and they are likely to meet soon. to our viewers, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "out front" starts right now. >> "out front, equity, president trump warns the democrats they are locked and loaded. calling for judge kavanaugh to be impeached, under allegations did the fbi mishandle his case or not? purdue pharma is stopping bankruptcy. >> that is not stopping people going to sue the sackler family and the billions they got. good evening, "out front" tonight, trump blames iraq on the attack that caused oil prices to spike 20%. he says she prepared for military action. this as a source tells cnn the united states intelligence believes the attack began inside iran.
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>> have you seen the evidence that proves that iran was behind the attack? >> well, it's looking that way. >> trump's words coming after he tweeted, in part, quote, the u.s. is locked and loaded. locked and loaded is, of course, a big threat and a senior revolutionary guard commander from iran said overnight that the country is quote ready for a full-fledged war, of course, the problem with hot ret vic it can go hard fast. playing fast and loose with facts and words ask not loose for trump. he threatened iran worse in 2018 when he tweeted to president rouhani, never threaten the united states, or you will suffer consequences, the likes few throughout history have ever suffered before. well, there were no consequences, certainly not the likes few ever before suffered. trump likes to issue threats and do if you can. take, for example, north korea. remember this? >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united
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states, they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> fire and fury. well, there has been plenty of fire. but for north korea. i want has fired nearly two dozen rockets since that day. the last one said to be a super large multiple rocket launcher. as for trump, fire and fury turned into this. >> i was really being tough and so was he. we would go back and forth and then we fell in love. okay. no, really, he wrote he beautiful letters and they're great letters. we are fell in love. >> so fire and fury turned into that, when why should iran take locked and loaded and armageddon and threats of world history seriously. what is worse? the world doesn't take trump seriously and follow through or he might take one of the dramatic tweets ending up in a new and massive war in the middle east. pamela brown is live outside the
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white house. what more are you learning from the president's response to iran? >> reporter: right now, the president is hesitating to blame squarely on iran. he kept hedging, tap dancing around it saying it certainly looks like iran. saying it will be verified that we're going to find out soon and he went on to say we pretty much already know who it is, so he didn't want to come out and directly say it was iran, though he strongly hinted about it and implied that, in fact, it was. which is interesting his own secretary of state yesterday tweeted that iran did launch the attack on the saudi oil facilities. now, what will happen next remains to be seen. as you pointed out, erin, the president did put up thinly veiled threats, saying if it was iran we can respond than the larger attack on the saudi oil no silts. he boasted about the military prowess and the united states. but if you go back and look at his prior responses to iran, he also used that strong language and didn't actually to anything.
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as you will recall after the downing of the u.s. strike, he called off a retaliatory strike on iran because he said he did not believe a lethal force was proportionate for the downing of the drone. so eric, we have to wait to see how the president responds, if, in fact, the intelligence does confirm that iran is responsible for this. as the secretary of state has said. now, the president also talked today about the idea of meeting with iranians without pre conditions. as you know, this is something the president previously said on two occasions he would do that, no pre-conditions. administration officials have said that as well. the president came out and said the media essentially was making that up. he never said that he addressed that say figure he did meet with iranians, he would not lift the sanctions. he says those are the pre conditions there. he also mentioned the secretary of state mike pompeo will be going to saudi arabia to talk to leaders there to figure out what to do. he said aush will need to play a
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role if there is any response. he also said he made no promises to saudi arabia in terms of offering them protection. and so the president used some strong language today. he did sort of hedge on putting the blame squarely on iran. we have to wait too see from here what he does there thank you very much. let's go to democratic congresswoman ilhan omar of minnesota, a member of the foreign affairs committee, congressman, i appreciate your time, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> when the president tweets locked and loaded, do you have any idea what he means by that? >> i don't. a lot of miami don't and i don't think even iran really fully cares about that and i don't think a lot of world cares about that i think what this president and this administration does is they say a lot of things and they don't understand the consequences it has on the world stage. you know when you think about what has happened in regards to the relationship with iran,
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we've worked to really hard to improve relations to make sure that we were bringing them to the table and one of the first things this administration did was to take us out of the iran nuclear deal and none of this would have really have happened in we didn't put further sanctions that would have, that devastated the middle class in iran and now has put our two countries in the brick of war. >> should a military strike be on the table right now as an option by the u.s. specifically congresswoman or do you think no? >> congress has the constitutional right to declare war. the president doesn't have it. secretary of state doesn't it have and saudi arabia certainly doesn't have it. i think we need to make sure that the american people understand that this administration that lies about weather maps or crowd sizes cannot be trusted to give us the
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full information we need to be able to make a decision whether we should be going to war or not with iran. we are not in a position to think about another endless war and i really hope that my colleagues in congress are going to pressure this administration to take a step being and figure out how we use diplomacy in the escalating situation. >> so, congressman trump, you mentioned saudi arabia. he says he trusts saudi arabia for this i want you to play what he says on the white house lawn how that is. here he is. >> do you trust saudi arabia? >> i think so, they want to find out also, i think they probably feel they know. but we will know very quickly. we have pretty much all the material we need. we will know very quickly. >> now, congresswoman, we understand tonight that u.s. intelligence does believe the attack originated in iran as well. but are you comfortable with that that when the president is
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asked whether he trusts saudi arabia intelligence? i think so, we want to find out also that he has confidence in their assessment? >> i mean this is a president if you remember erin who talked about how saudi arabia buys apartments from him and spends lots of money on his businesses and that's why he's friends with them. i think it's really important for us to remember that saudi arabia is actively engaged in war in yemen. they attacked yemen. the hewitt ciouthis have caused attack. we have to move forward and that's important for congress to be able to investigate and take the lead on whether it makes sense for us to engage. it's really important for us to remember this is a war, our intelligence is war tainted towards iran and, you know, we
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can't forget our involvement in iraq and how there are people who beat the drums of war and ultimately make us regret a decade or so later. >> so president trump in the oval office today said that the secretary of state mark pompeo and others in his team will go to saudi arabia and meet with officials behind closed doors about the attack. they will meet with some of the people trump sided with over u.s. intelligence, right? when it came to the u.s. intelligence conclusion the saudi prince of saudi arabia personally directed the murder of jamal khashoggi, less anyone forget, the president clearly took their side. here he is. >> there the no direct reporting that can bring the crown prince to the order of jamal khashoggi. that's all i have to say in a classified setting. >> trump obviously also said that directly, himself. >> you know, it's easy for them to site information from our
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intelligence community when it fits with the outcome they want and it's easy for them to say you know we're not going to listen to what the intelligence committee has to say when it doesn't fit. even saudi arabia today is asking the united nations to investigate what has taken place and they, themselves,ch saying they weren't going to allow the united nations to investigate the way that they butchered journalist cash oak. so it's really important for us to take a step back and remember who we are dealing with. saudi arabia is not a friendly regime. these are people who evidence has been credible evidence that they are sharing some of the weapons that we have been selling to them to al qaeda and others. so we have to make sure that we are really cautious in this situation and again that's why
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eremind people congress has a right to decare war and congress needs to be informed and briefed in this particular situation. >> you have also come out in favor of impeachment proceedings against president trump, congresswoman. today the chairman of the houser spoke out about that, where he is. there has been this semantic old game going on about what we will call this situation going on, on the judiciary committee. but here's what he said today. >> personally i think the president ought to be impeached. we cannot impeach the president against the will of the people. >> the reason i play that for you the recent monmouth poll found 6 in 10 americans say they oppose impeaching the president so what does that mean for jerry nadler? is he essentially saying he will not go ed with this because of polls and do you think hess right? >> no what he is saying is that there are people like him or
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myself who've says it's not if we are going to impeach this president. it's when. and so if you think back to what was happening with the nixon impeachments, majority of americans were against impeachments and within a few months of that investigation taking place, majority of americans were on board and so as nadler was speaking today, he talked about how he personally thinks the president ought to be impeached, but he wants to make sure that everything is at the table. so americans can move along with us as well. >> is your understanding of where he is, he believes these hearings will accomplish that, that's how you see this not as a for giving end but that's where he's going? >> exactly. i think for us it's really important to share with the american people what we know and to bring them along in this process. if you remember with the mueller
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report, majority of americans did not read that report. >> right. >> and so they were getting a piece here, a piece there, members of congress organized a read-in to make sure that americans were tuning in. a lot of them did not. and i think it's really important that as we have conversations with the people who entrust us to make a decision on tear behalf we are fully informing them and telling them about the crimes and misdemeanors we believe this president has committed and why he deserves to be impeached. >> one more question, have you introduced a book with senator corey booker, obviously, he is running for the white house. you did this today. it would create a pilot program to guarantee jobs for anyone that wants one. that's ambitious. it would cost a lot of money. what is the number one thing you would do to pay for that? >> this is a idea that was a long legacy. it was supported by martin luther king, jr. it's going to
4:14 pm
allow, it's a pilot project that, pilot program that is going to allow 15 communities within this country to create this program and i think ultimately when these jobs are created and people are placed in these jobs, it will pay for itself. >> all right. well, i thank you very much for your time congresswoman. thanks. >> thank you so much for having me. next, more 2020 democrats pushing for justice kavanaugh's impeachment. could this come back and bite them big time at the ballot box? plus, trump is starting to sour on law, one republican congressman responds out> and n general says authorities discovered a billion dollars of monete of the epidemic. what were they doing? the massachusetts attorney general is out front tonight. [ orchestral music playing ]
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tonight, reigniting the kavanaugh debate at least six 2020 candidates calling for kavanaugh to be impeached for misconduct when he was a student at yale. they told senators about a incident he witnessed involving kavanaugh and a female student exposing herself. the friend says she does not recall the incident. cnn is not reporting details of the claim pause we have not independently corroborated the story. outside, a member of president trump's 2020 re-election advisory council so maria, do you think justice kavanaugh should be impeached which you know and i'm separating this from what you might have thought before this story. >> of course. >> does the give you grounds to say, okay, now we should do this? >> absolutely, it dwoes, erin.
4:20 pm
but i don't think that should be the only thing that we or the 2020 democratic candidates do, because in all honesty and the truth of thes is we right now don't have the votes to impeach him. even if we were to take over the senate in 2020, which i hope is the case, unless there the a huge tidal wave, i don't think we will get two-thirds of the senate in order for an impeachment to actually be real so i think, yes, we should call for his impeachment. i think it underscores how fit he is and was and has been to serve on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment, but we shouldals use this particular instance, erin, to underscore to all progressives, to all independents, to everyone who understands and knows how important real due process is and justice is that a vote in the election cycle means that you get to vote for a president who will you know hopefully put people who do not have, you
4:21 pm
know, major sexual misconduct allegations against them on the supreme court. >> i didn't go to law school and maria, obviously, you didn't either. but this is like ridiculous that you would stick with this line after it's basically been completely shot down. the "time's" had to recan't its story. it never should have been reprinted in the first place and they should be sued for libel if they reverse "new york times" from 1964, they should be the first target. this is insane that the "time's" would print this stuff. even the washington post which hates trump as mump as the "time" didn't go through this. >> what's the libel? >> his reputation has been smeared. there has been no evidence whatsoever. if this is the new bar for american justice then everyone should be in jail. >> you know what, the fbi did not investigate. there are more than 25 people that they were told could have first-hand knowledge of what happened to debra ramirez. they did not investigate.
4:22 pm
>> that is not due process. >> that is not justice. >> which is a different -- a different -- a different incident than the one that we're talking about now. which the "time's" reports on, president trump is saying a little what rob is saying. he weighed in on the lawn. here he is. >> it's a false accusation. whatever happened with the "new york times," i mean i can tell you personally, they never check. they never do. we used to have a thing called fact checking. they don't do fact checking anymore. they used to call and say what about this, what about that? how can they do a thing like that and destroy somebody's life? >> so, maria, i go es the question i have here is the "new york times" now says friends tell them as a woman who was allegedly involved to a man that was there, she does not recall it. which it does give you pause. you know, of course, trump is running with this. did the "new york times" help trump here?
4:23 pm
>> well, you know, certainly at least trump is going to use it. i don't know that it helps him. because for donald trump to be talking about truth and facts is laughable in and of itself. this is a man who every time he opens his mouth lies to the american people, so i don't think that he in anyway shape or form is the arbiter of truth and though her story or what he friends say about, he sure it gives you pause. but anyone who went to college can understand that it is a possibility that this happened to her and that she doesn't remember. it doesn't mean it's not true. i think what needs to happen is that there needs to be an investigation about the sham investigation that went on in the first place prior to brett kavanaugh's conversation. >> so to that point, debra ramirez, who maria just mentioned, another woman, she claims kavanaugh exposed himself at a party. okay. she gave the fbi a list of 25 people she said would corroborate her now. >> this is after she talked to
4:24 pm
her lawyer and had recollection of seven days and still couldn't come up any corroborating evidence. >> hold on, i'm saying she did give a list of these people. the fbi didn't speak to any of them. should they have? they could have said we did. >> this was the part of the democratic playbook to run out the clock if you remember. just to continue every investigation, which they're doing now, they're continuing this. to have kamela harris, who is a lawyer, and a prosecutor, scream impeach kavanaugh now after this ridiculous story and not recant it today after the "time's" had to pull back the story just shows it's all about politics. it's all about de-legitimizing justice kavanaugh because the abortion industry, the abortion decision which may come out. anything that the left doesn't like, they try to de-legitimize the supreme court so this is a part of -- >> a sexual predator, perhaps the american people don't like that. >> why don't you calm him a sexual predator and other
4:25 pm
allegations. >> i j you the i'd. >> i know you did. and that's where we're at in this country. you can make those and not have to worry about any recriminations here. and you have no evidence whatsoever that he's a sexual predator. in fact, during the whole senate testimony we heard it was just the opposite. >> there were people that talked about what happened to them and there is a pattern and we know this there is a pattern. there is something truth there. you notice what when you have a commandner chief who is also a sexual predator, of course he is going to defend a sexual predator that he put on the supreme court. >> dr. blasey ford's own father said that he couldn't even corroborate what his daughter and didn't believe his daughter. >> was he there? he wasn't there. >> she necessarily wouldn't have run home and told her father. >> after all this time, max dooir steyer who made these allegations, you know about his history, too? his wife was put up by president obama for a d.c. court nomination. didn't pass, max steyer was a
4:26 pm
part of the monica lewinsky democratic team against brett kavanaugh. so please stop this hit job. that's all it is. he is on the supreme court and he will stay on the supreme court. >> the fact that you have to criticize everybody that has an allegation against kavanaugh speaks right there to the pat then that exists about this man having inappropriate perhaps predatory behavior sexually toward women when he was in college. >> all right. no proof necessary. no proof necessary. >> we will hit pause there. and "out front" next, a republican congressman whose daughter was across the street for a mass shooting calls for a ban on assault weapons. what is his trump to trump wavering on gun control laws. the family at the center of the opioid crisis, the family filed for bankruptcy. the family is still loaded. massachusetts attorney general is up next. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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tonight president trump questioning again wavering on gun control saying maybe not going to find common ground with democrats. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said in a phone call they would accept nothing less than universal background checks, the president tweeting will they move the goal post and is this a ploy to take your guns away? i hope not on both front, but i'll be able to figure it out. congressman from ohio, good to have you with me. look this is very personal for you. your daughter was literally there in dayton for the mass shooting as you said she just crossed the street and by the grace of god she is okay.
4:32 pm
but this changed your mind on assault weapons? right. so if you look at what happened to date you had the best circumstances that you had a high police presence, they immediately opened fire. the mass murderer had on armament and the police in 32 seconds were able to take him down and kill him. but nonetheless he was able to kill nine people and injure 27 others. she an individual who had passed a background c if we arm everybu won't have this, you have increased police presence, they were there. they were invisible. >> they executed. >> they had armor piercing bullets, everything they needed to save the lives of really thousands, but nonetheless this mass murderer was able to kill nine people and injure 27. if we look at this as a histo c historical perspective. when the first assault ban went into place under bill clinton. >> yep. >> it went into place because
4:33 pm
our police were out gunned. they would u would show up to police scenes and meeting military style equipment. they would not have the appropriate equipment and that assault ban was in place ten years. in that ten years, we sort of re-equipped our police department and it was allowed to expire. even though columbine happened, what was going to happen in the american culture and society where today we have people who will go and open fire on people they do not know, on innocent people and use these for mass carnage there so why is it many fellow republicans don't get that? why are they fighting for team to still be able to buy these? >> i think any time have you any issue with respect to the second amendment, it is a concern, one i support completely, but even so, we have recognized that the second amendment has its limitations, you can't have a tank. you can't have your own plane with bombs on it, a flame thrower or a machine gun. it's a technology issue so where we believe military-style
4:34 pm
weapons versus a weapon that in civil society we believe would still allow us to be safe and allow people to have their second amendment right. i think that's where the debate needs to go. >> there are some that say it's okay. they are where you are. if your goal is to take these weapons off the streets, it means take them away from people that already have them. beto o'rourke is in that group. he spoke, obviously, this is the moment that got all the conversation. here it is. >> h le l, yep, we're going to take your aq-14, ar-47 and we aren't going to allow you to use them on americans anymore. >> so if you are against people buying them, why are you not against taking them away from people that have them. >> obviously, that's as nuts as it looks. when we did the assault ban under bill clinton, it was grandfathers, it was not an attempt to take weapons from anybody. we're not going to criminalize average american citizens. i do think we need to say by
4:35 pm
american values, we now believe that these weapons are military weapons and that we need to stop their free purchase from people who you know again pass a background check and do harm. by the way, in dayton, it's the same story we hear over and over again. people knew this individual had stated he wanted to be a mass murder. he had lists in high school people he wanted to target. still, yet, he was able to pie these weapons. >> i'm trying to understand, it seems on some level intellectually inconsistent. people they these are bad they shouldn't be out there, we will grandfather in. is it a political pragmatism you are saying that, sure, you'd love to get rid of them all, it's not going tohappen, so don't go there. >> i think it's afternoon issue of future and talking about commerce and what is being sold. you don't want to make law abiding citizens criminals, that's ultimately when you
4:36 pm
start. >> buy back. >> you go door-to-door. but i think we do need to say that we have both a mental health issue and a value issue that's in addition to just the gun issue. my daughter said if you look at the videos of each of these people who do these mass murders, they all behave the same. somewhere in the virtual world, they don't look like military and they don't look like police. but they all look the same. so we have to look at mental health issues, also what's happening in the virtual world, also it is a technology issue and weapons issue. >> good to see you. next, cnn learning two former trump aides are expected to defy a hearing at capitol hill. it's a big development. it's all because of the president. we'll explain in a moment. the billionaire family says they feel terrible. but they didn't cause a crisis. so what does the attorney general suing their company have to say about it? ♪
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breaking news, two former white house aides are expected to defy a house subpoena, according to sources rob porter and rug dearborn will not show up at tomorrow's impeachment hearing. and that is under white house orders. so pamela brown is live out front at the white house. this news just breaking. these are two people they want to hear from, so this defiance is coming just hours before it was scheduled to begin seems to
4:41 pm
be a big deal. >> reporter: absolutely. they will unleash or ratchet up the tension between house committees and the white house with this latest effort to prevent two top white house aides before testifying at the white house judiciary, the former aides are not expected to appear before the house judiciary committee tomorrow. there was a subpoena that the committee had issued to them and they will not appear under white house orders that they have blanket immunity. so, therefore, under what the white house says is they do not have to show up to testify because they have been given immunity. there is something similar you will recall with don mcgahn, that is under litigation. it will only ratchet up the fight between the two side and the democrat's impeachment probe and inquiry going on here. corey lewandowski has a deadline w. retold he is expected to show up on capitol hill.
4:42 pm
this will likely be a contentious hearing. how much remains to be seen. because we know from peef reporting the white house is looking at eliminate whack he would tell the committee about his conversations with president trump under executive privilege, which is notable, because corey lewandowski of course never worked here in the white house. and so he may be limited in what he actually shares with the committee, though, of course, he was a key witness in the mueller report and the obstruction of justice probe. >> that is already out there. so likely the committee will want to focus on that, again these two other white house aides are essentially being told by the white house we have learned from sources to not appear. i spoke to bill col feed. he says he is giving instructions he has been given immunity and the committee has been made aware they likely won't show up. >> court battles we test what impeachment inquiry means in the courts, whether they say it's
4:43 pm
effective or not. thank you very much. the company behind oxycontin providing bankruptcy to address the opioid crisis. the massachusetts attorney general not on board and responds and he's a beloved member of his community, now in custody after he asked i.c.e. to address immigrant concerns. . >> how worried are you about the future now? >> i could not imagine. i don't know how am i going to do it. if you're 65 or older, even if you're healthy, you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia -
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4:48 pm
simple. this is about justice. it's about accountability and i want to be clear the sacklers who ravaged communities across this country through the seam of their opioid products and raked in billions and billions of dollars through those sales wouldn't be required to pay a dime of it back for this settlement. in fact, they want to fund this settlement on addictive oxycontin drug. the second reason is there is no accountability, no transparency. >> they are not required to admit the droumt documents. that's important. our family is better. >> the attorney general says authorities have discovered a billion in transfers by members of the sackler family attorney general, they're trying to find out if they're trying to shield their wealth to protect it from
4:49 pm
lawsuits so they would get to keep the money. instead of having to pay it out. a spokesperson for the family says the transfers were quote perfectly legal and appropriate. what do you think? >> well, this is exactly, erin, why we think this settlement is a really bad deal. with were the first state to sue the sacklers. many other s followed. i think what has become clear is this sought for years to tide hide their assets, to shield their assets. once they siempbd off the money in oxy sales to purdue, they sought to move it overseas and hide it from authorities. that's so important for the public to realize because the deal on the table now is essentially purdue and the sacklers not being asked to rake in the money. >> do you think you will be able to trace that money and prove they are trying to shield it?
4:50 pm
>> we will go all out to do just that. this case will not continue. we were fought praise issed by purdue's filing for that. they said they will be filing for a number of and bankruptcy is not for billionaires. the is sackler family is used to operating that way and think they can continue to get away operating that way, but we won't allow it. >> so you're talking about a settlement where the company will supply more than $10 million to address the opioid crisis. according to "forbes." 2016, they estimated the sackler family to be worth $13 billion. so more than the company is currently paying out as part of the settlement. obviously, a lot of that money came from oxycontin. now, they say, the family says they are not at fault for the opioid epidemic. david sackler, who used to sit on the purdue board spoke to "vanity fair" earlier this year in an unexpected interview. the article knows that david and his family made $4 billion in the past ten years from purdue. he told "vanity fair,"
4:51 pm
however -- david did -- that he feels he's the target of, quote, vitriolic hiyperbole and quote, endless castigation. he continues to say, quote, we have so much empathy. we feel absolutely terrible. facts will prove we didn't cause the crisis. just to be clear, you are suing him and the sackler family personally. what's your response when you hear him say this is endless hiyperbole and castigation. >> what our investigation showed, erin, is that over the years, sackler family members were actually engaged in a legal scheme to get as many people hooked at as high a dose as possible for as long as possible, to as many people as possible. that's what the evidence shows in this case. so, you know, of course they're going to deny that they engaged in any wrongdoing, but that's just not what the evidence shows. and why it's so important that we continue to pursue this. and i want to see all documents
4:52 pm
published and published online, on the internet, so that the public can actually have the benefit of the whole story. this is about justice, erin. and we're not going to stop until we get it. >> attorney general healey, i'm glad to have you on and appreciate your time. and i want to make sure our viewers know the sackler family put out a statement after filing today saying, we are hopeful that those parties will ultimately shift their focus to the resources that the settlement provides to the people and problems that need them. and next, an outspoken immigrant rights activist in custody after inviting i.c.e. to speak to his community. is that what led to his arrest? walking a dog can add thousands of steps to your day.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
tonight, denied bail. a houston activist will remain in custody after being detained by immigration authorities for being in the country illegally. roland was celebrated for his work in helping immigrants and invited i.c.e. to a town hall to hear people's concerns about immigration raids. but now some are wondering if that invitation to i.c.e. led to his arrest. ed lavendera is "outfront".
4:57 pm
>> roland gramajo has quietly lived in houston with his wife and five children for most of the last 25 years. an undocumented immigrant who never lived in the shadows. he's a fixture in the guatemalan immigrant community and now his family fears they'll be torn apart. >> how worried are you about the future now? >> i mean, i cannot imagine -- i don't know how am i going to do it. >> reporter: this month, he was arrested by immigration and kus tomorrows enforcement, just days after he organized a town hall meeting to tamp down fears about immigration raids. i.c.e. says the arrest was part of a routine operation based on an anonymous tip to remove gramajo, who had reentered the u.s. illegally. >> i.c.e. also says that he has no records for u.s. laws. that he was basically living a lie the entire time he was living here in the united states. how do you react to that? >> he didn't come back to become
4:58 pm
a criminal? he didn't come back to do anything illegal. he wanted to support his family. you know, is there a crime in that? >> reporter: in 1999 at age 19, gramajo was convicted of a misdemeanor burglary charge. he was deported six years later in 2004. with his family in houston, gramajo illegally reentered the united states a few months later and settled into a normal life. >> and i hereby proclaim as roland gramajo day in houston, texas. congratulations, roland. >> family and friends say roland gramajo is a beloved member of the houston. he was honored by the city of houston for by an outstanding leader. >> please continue helping us. don't turn your back on us. we are immigrants and we need help. if you guys support us, we will continue to do great things for our beautiful city. >> prosecutors and i.c.e. officials say gramajo has spent
4:59 pm
the last 15 years living a double life and has no legal status to remain in the united states. but other immigrant rights activists fear the trump administration is targeting outspoken critics. >> i.c.e. officials are saying that they don't target anybody based on their advocacy or any kind of criticism of the agency. do you believe that? >> we want to believe these are coincidences. unfortunately, the more and more we see them, the more and more we feel that some people who are speaking out against the administration or i.c.e. are getting -- being targeted by those same agencies. >> what do you want people to know about roland? >> that he's not a criminal. that he's a good man. he's a good father. he likes to help. and i mean, a lot of people know about it. >> reporter: and erin, gramajo's family says he didn't apply for citizenship because of that illegal reentry, that it would be virtually impossible. his wife is a permanent resident. his five children are u.s. citizens.
5:00 pm
and his lawyer says that once he is deported, he wouldn't be eligible to reenter the united states for another 20 years. gramajo would then be in his early 60s. erin? >> thank you very much, ed. and thanks very much to all of you for joining us. "a.c. 360" starts now. good evening. there's breaking news tonight in the attacks on the oil fields in saudi arabia. the president today saying it appears that iran is behind them. he also didn't rule out the possibility of retaliatory strike by the u.s., although it appears that some in the administration are trying to walk back the president's own language. take, for instance, whether we will attack iran. the president sounded very war-like in his tweet last night. quote, saudi arabia oil supply was attacked. there's reason to believe that we know the culprit. are locked and loaded depending upon verification, but are waiting to hear from the kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack and under what terms we would proceed. now, obviously, locked and loaded, which is what the president said, is a term we're all familiar with. it references


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