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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 18, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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they have won seven in the few years np they could get a third in a row. if if jalen wins. >> coy, thanks. have fun. thanks to you will of a you for joining us for a whirlwind week. we will see you back here monday morning. until then have a great weekend. i'm poppy haarlow. >> at this hour with kate bolden starts now. >> hello, earn i'm kate bolduan. >> this time because of act being chief mick mulvaney in crisis control. he was offering what he seemed to think was a robust defense of the president with regard to using military aid to pressure ukraine while standing in the white house, the briefing room yesterday. and then this happened. >> did he also mention to me in the past that the corruption
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related to the dnc serve summer absolutely. no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> the up just zroibd a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flow unless the investigation into the -- in the the democratic server happened as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time with foreign policy. i have news for everybody. get over it. there is going to be prikle influence in foreign policy. >> get over it. so is that now the last and final defense for the white house on this? shortly after that mulvaney -- shortly after mulvaney said that he tried to say he did not and he blamed the media for misconstruing remarks. my only question is how is it misconstruing to just turn the cameras on honestly? it's not the only idea with the statement. the idea it was based on routing out corruption writ large has been undermined by the president himself. >> have you ever -- have you asked foreign lasered for any
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corruption investigation that don't involve political opponents. >> you know, we would have to look. >> we would have to look. we have no idea. and then there is this. the dnc server conspiracy theory. not only has there been no truth behind it, it's been did he bunked by the president's own former homeland security adviser. >> the dnc server and that conspiracy theory has got to go. it's not only a conspiracy theory it's completely debunked. >> where does the white house go from here? let's find out. cnn sarah westwood. manu raju on capitol hill. sarah first to you what are you hearing today. >> well, kate, lots of folks unhappy after mulvaney's performance yesterday. and one is president trump himself. although a source tells aren't cnn is more upset about the way the media covered this saying that he believes the press intentionally misrepresented what mulvaney said. . that's the president's sentiments behind closed doors. but white house airds and the
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legal team, attorneys, were baffled by mulvaney's performance, stunned he explicitly linked the decision to suspend aid to ukraine to the president's desire to see ukraine conduct politically advantageous investigations. ours sources tell cnn that white house aides and lawyers prepared mulvaney to go out and take the podium in the briefing room but prepared him more to focus on the white house announcement yesterday that next year's g-7 summits is held at the president's property in doral, florida. they were not necessarily preparing him to make some sort of big rechlgs about the ukraine scandal, which is part of why there was such a swift reaction inside the white house to the president's words. for example, jay sekulow, the president's lawyer came out with a statement quickly distancing the legal team from what mulvaney said. and then within hours the acting chief of staff was working with press officers to release a cleanup statement which tried to argue that mulvaney hadn't said exactly what he said. answering a question at the heart of the impeachment inquiry
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which was what was the motivation for withholding the aid to ukraine? obviously the white house niepow in cleanup mode but in large part the damage done. we have mulvaney's words on camera admitting to one of the allegations central to the probe. >> no one forced him to say anything. that's the thing making no sense. let's see what comes interest the white house. more today, manu. cnn caught up with speaker pelosi asking about this. what did she say. >> that's right. she told our colleague ted barrett what mulvaney said was a quote confession. she said this administration has been making lawlessness in her words a quote virtue. sharply criticizing that. she also said they would not stand for the president holding the g-7 summit in doral. now other democrats also weighed on mulvaney's comments. mulvaney after initial comments, house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff said he made a bad situation worse.
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when i asked schiff whether or not the careenup job made a difference he said this. >> what's your reaction to the mulvaney walkback last night? was that enough to satisfy your concerns? >> i didn't find it the least bit credible. >> why is that? >> i think it's pretty obvious. >> now, there are some republicans who have been critical as well. including lisa murkowski of alaska, who said you don't hold up foreign aid that we appropriated for a politic initiative. and frances rooney did not rule out prospect of impeachment when i asked him about that. and said you don't threaten foreign leaders for political reasons. most republicans siding with the president, siding with the increasing revelations with rudy giuliani's efforts to conduct what appeared to be a shadow foreign policy as regards to ukraine. when i asked one key republican who sits on the house intelligence committee if he had any concerns, he said he didn't.
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zbloop the president gets to run the white house the way he wants to. he's got trusted advisers that some are on the u.s. payroll and some not. and so, yeah he -- he should have wide latitude as to how he gets his advice. >> we'll see, kate if more and more republicans stick with the president or break from the president, because as you know, there are several more witnesses, a number of more witnesses coming before the house impeachment committees and more revelations certain to come. kate. >> that's for sure. thank you, manu. sarah thanks so much really appreciate it. joining me right now right now is dab dana bash. cnn legal analyst and former attorney general. great to see you guys. anne, start with mulvaney and what he said in the briefing room with regard to ukraine and aid. this whole get over it, saying it out in the open, the line from him, is that -- forget like in a court of law. is it a credible defense here?
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>> yeah, so i mean i think there are a couple of things to think about. the first this idea if we put it in plain sight and just defend what we've been doing which is to tray to basically strong arm another foreign government for political gain, that that makes it okay. and it obviously doesn't. it's vials of the law and i would argue very much is political corruption. that's the first piece. but the second piece equally important here is that there are so many different defenses. i see mulvaney and what he said. >> since this began they tried out new. >> exactly. and since the first day. first it was the whistle-blower isn't credible. then it wasn't true. >> didn't have firsthand knowledge then spays now corruption writ large. >> and now we can do whatever we want and giuliani is allowed to be there. it keeps changing. we're whip saw sawing between one defense to the next. >> what does that tell you. >> it tells me they don't have a defense. tells me they don't have a credible argument. i would almost flip this and say they have to justify in my view
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why the president of the united states is trying to make a political gain in 2020 with a foreign adversary by holding aid. >> yeah, yeah. dana. donald trump called on china to investigate joe biden and hunter biden from the south lawn. we need to remember and say that and remind folks of that over and over again because -- my forest for the trees situation here, people. but the reporting that donald trump isn't happy with mick mulvaney even though donald trump has gone as far as he has in public, i wonder what has changed. is it just -- what- dsh what makes him about what mick mulvaney has done? >> i'm not clear how the president is feeling in morning. but what we -- we can report is that based on reporting from our white house team, reporting that i'm doing as well, is that the people who are around the president, who are tasked right now with crisis management were
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in not happy and are not happy. people in the legal team and the president's allies i'm talking to on capitol hill this morning who served with mick mulvaney are telling me that they're saying privately, what was that? that was not in keeping with anything that they had planned and anything that they claim on the gop side that they are hearing behind closed doors when it comes to evidence from the dep sipgss that they are getting. this is what republicans are saying. go ahead. >> go ahead, dana. i'm sorry keep going. >> no, no, please. >> you point out something that i -- reminds me that this isn't just an aide, someone behind the scenes, an operator. he is a former member of congress. mick mulvaney knows how to take questions. we've asked him many a question and he deflected and answered very specifically when we cover him. you do that for years. this is not just some aide. i think that matters in this circumstance when he wants to
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say that he -- the press is misconstruing comments and also reporting coming out that maybe the press team hadn't necessarily briefed him as much to handle impeachment questions. it's like, seriously? >> right, because he was under a rock. i mean, that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense if -- he didn't ask for a briefing on it, if he didn't prepare himself, then that's -- that's on him, right. >> yes. >> of course, a principal asks for help. but if that was true that that wasn't part of the conversation before he went -- the first time we have seen a human behind that podium in so long, never mind the acting chief of staff, amidst this absolute crisis that is going on with the house daily having, you know, hours and hours of depositions with people who work for the president, appointed by the president, which was going on as that press conference happened, it just
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blows the mind. one other thing i want to add. >> yeah. >> and you're so right to not lose the forest through the trees. what mulvaney said and the reason it sounded credible to us as we licensed to it almost 24 hours ago, because it was in keeping with what we saw was a -- an emerging strategy by republicans -- some close to the president, to say, okay, yeah, we did ask the ukrainians for help with corruption before we gave them money, corruption from our perspective in the 2016 election, not the 2020 election, not joe biden but the 2016 election. and that's what he was saying yesterday, which made it -- made us go, okay, he is planting the flag on that strategy but it obviously back fired because they didn't sort of conceive of the stark headlines that would contradict what the president himself is saying on quid pro quo. >> exactly.
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dana abanne, thanks, really appreciate it. coming up for us, the trump administration announces a cease fire agreement with turkey -- between turkey on the kurds. the critics of the president also though are quickly saying the president just gave turkey everything that it wants. and has it actually stopped the violence on the ground? we're taking -- giving you a live report from the region coming up next. plus president trump's former defense secretary jim mattis hitting back after president trump called him the most overrated general. he is not the only top military commandeneder criticizing the commander in chief right now. that's coming up. energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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smoke rising over a key syrian city today despite vice president mike pence announcing a five-day cease fire less than 24 hours ago. the deal negotiated with turkey's president. that same president saying this isn't a cease fire at all. rather a pause in operations. the longtime u.s. ally on the ground in syria, the kurds saying this morning that the turkish manipulator continued their offense he pep despite in president trump declared victory when he spoke to reporters calling it an amazing outcome
8:18 am
yesterday afternoon. and then said this last night. >> sometimes you have to let them fight. like kids in a lot you got to let them fight and then you pull them apart. without a little tough love they would have never made this deal. >> let's get the view from the ground. joining me right now is cnn senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh. sints cease fire was declared what is rapping there right now really? >> well, in the morning people would hear shell fire and guns in the town of raies a alain a border town. fought over between the truck and kurds. we have seen pictures from a nearby hospital what doctors say are dead and wounded from a turkish air strike. we can't verify that independently but the pictures gave a lot of substance. the really issue here is i should say turkey said that that's disinformation. the issue is whether or not an attack like that would constitute a violation of a cease fire that's been so very badly explained.
8:19 am
there are two different verkss. turkey says that the area essentially along all of the borders that syrian kurds currently hold, 20 miles deal are deep has to be withdrawn from by the syrian kurds was as part of the deal they say 100 hours from now when president erdogan meets president putin if it hasn't happened by then they reserve the right to renew offensive with extra aggression. the united states in the best explanation they could give about how the cease fire would work with the syria enjoy james jeffrey said it's about territory that terpt the turks control not the smaller area between the two towns heavily fought over and frankly if the turks control it there is nothing for the syrian kurds to withdraw from because they're out. a lot of confusion how this works. and turkey feeling any got pretty much everything out of it they can. the u.s. very self-congratulatory. the syrian kurds not necessarily going along with the withdrawal going are but going along with the cease fire and real
8:20 am
concerned about land grabs in the hundred hours before the key meeting. >> thanks for being there, nick. really appreciate it. going from there back to the ups. one republican senator mitt romney walked on the senate floor yesterday and really just laid into president trump, offering a scathing rebuke of the cease fire and the president's initial decision to withdraw troops there. >> the announcement food is portrayed as a victory. it is far from a victory. what we have done to the kurds will stand as a blood stain in the annals of american history. was there more chance for diplomacy? are we so weak and inept diplomat cheh that turkey forced the hand of the united states of america? turkey? >> senator romney isn't alone in that. the bipartisan effort is under way to slap new sanctions on turkey for invading northern syria. joining me now is one of the senators leading the effort. democratic senator chris van
8:21 am
holland of maryland. thank you for being here. >> kate, good to be with. >> you what does the cease fire mean for the sanctions bill? >> well, kate, this is the second betrayal of our allies, the syrian kurds. our allies in the fight against isis. the first betrayal was when president trump withdrew about 100 special forces from the border area and allowed turkey to attack our allies. now turkey is gloating about in so-called agreement, saying they got everything they wanted. they thought it was going to be a much tougher negotiation. essentially in agreement would allow them to ethnically cleanse a swath of northeast syria where the syrian kurds are and allowing the resurgeonens of isis. i got off the phone five minutes ago with lindsey graham. we are moving forward full steam ahead with the bipartisan bill imposing tough economic sanctions on turkey until they stop killing the kurds, enabling
8:22 am
the return of isis and until they and their proxies go back to where they were before. >> that's an interesting point. >> the sanctions don't take. >> it's not just cease fire and stop. you want them out. >> well, we want them out. and under this agreement -- and let's make it clear, the syrian kurds did not agree to allowing turkey to come 20 miles into the syrian kurdish home area. >> right. >> and this is never going to work. that's why we're going to continue to push forward. this is a recipe for reigniting isis in that area and around the world. and so we're going full steam ahead with the sanctions proposal. >> you mentioned senator lindsey graham cosponsoring this with you. he has been complimentary of the cease fire what they say is a cease fire in the public statements. up until this point we know he is a staunch ally of the president do you trust graham
8:23 am
will stick with you on this and push this over the line? because one can safely assume the white house is not looking to have to deal with your sanctions bill landing on the president's desk right now. >> well, what i trust is that republican senators like mitt romney who you just heard, lindsey graham are furious about the president's betrayal of our syrian kurdish allies, who at a time when turkey allowing isis fighters to transit its territory years ago and allowed isis to grow in strength it was the syrian kurds joining us in the fight. they're furious about in just as military leaders are. we just heard the former head of american special forepersons in the region, admiral mcraven say this was a total betrayal. i do believe on this issue you have republicans also up in arms against what the president has done because it's a portrayal of
8:24 am
our allies and because they recognize the president is adding fuel to the resurgence of isis terrorists. >> can i ask you another -- another -- on another topic, senator, the acting chief of staff yesterday stood in the white house briefing room, admitted of a white house quid pro quo when it came to military aid and ukraine. he now says that the media is misconstruing his words. i don't even -- let's play it again because that's what he alleges. i want to make sure we play it very clearly. >> let's be clear what you just described is a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flow unless the investigation into the -- in the democratic server happened as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time. with foreign policy. >> what he says there mean what is to you? >> well, mick mulvaney just confirmed what all the evidence is now pointing to, that not only did president trump use the
8:25 am
power and press teeng of the oval office to try to get the ukrainians to interfere in our elections, but that they withheld u.s. military assistance to the ukraine which so important to ukraine to deter russian aggression, they use that in order to try to ukraine to cooperate on political schemes by -- >> senator is there a difference in your mind. >> yeah -- >> is there a difference in your mind on a quid pro quo investigating joe biden and quid pro quo about investigating conspiracy theories about democrats in the 2016 election. >> in my view this is all about getting ukraine to conspire with the president to interfere in our next elections in any way. and in my view, i think the evidence will evenly show -- and i think already it is showing that in a tai edition to withholding arms to the ukraine with respect to the 2016 server, the same was true with respect
8:26 am
to trying to hunt down and dig up dirt on joe biden's son. and also withhold the meeting in the oval office. look, what president trump did is pushed aside our professional non-partisan career diplomats, substituting them process with giuliani and his political appointees to try to get ukraine to do political dirty work. we now know a quid pro quo was also involved, withholding taxpayer dollars, money and defense and arms for ukraine in order to get that done. that is a gross abuse of power. >> what final question on syria. you have the sanctions bill. your sanction bill is against turkey of course. there is another serious sanctions which will sitting waiting for action, has been in the senate for quite some time. this one targets assad. it's the ceaser sanctioning
8:27 am
bill. we covered that extensively on this show do you see that moving forward. >> i would hope so. i hope we can move forward on that piece of legislation as well as the sanctions on turkey for slaughtering our syrian kurdish allays. this is a moments we need to come together with respect to the cease fire, as you indicated, there are reports the cease fire is falling apart. there are reports this morning that the tub irk-backed forepersons are using white foss chemicals to attack the kids. you played the segment about the president talking about in being kids in a school yard. that is a total, total abdication of american responsibility to stand with kurdish allays and stop the resurgence of isis. >> as for we will follow the
8:28 am
progress of the sanctions bill closely thank you for coming on. >> thank you, kate. >> coming up for us a significant week in the impeachment inquire. a series of key witnesses it testifying. what's the big picture emerging of what the president and inner circle wanted to do, trying to do when it came to ukraine? put going all together. that's next. pain happens. aleve it. with aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. so...magic mornings happen. there's a better choice. aleve pm. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the testimony in the impeachment inquiry was behind closed doors this week. even with that there is a flurry, flood whatever you want to call it of new detail of witnesses speak to lawmakers in the last two weeks. monday was trump's russia adviser. fiona hill. she told adviser that the john bolton was so concerned about the operation he directed her to alert a top white house lawyer. bolden also told her giuliani was a hand grenade who was going to below everybody up. tuesday a current state department official george kent told the hill he was directed to quote lay low after he raised
8:34 am
concerns back in may about giuliani's involvement. that's months before president trump's july 25th phone call with the president of ukraine. then thursday, u.s. ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland, told convertings president trump directed him to go through giuliani for anything related to ukraine. he testified he was disappointed the president wouldn't commit to meet with the ukraine president until they saul all spoke to giuliani that was that was this beak. more testimony this we can process. bill taylor a top dplmt heed he is scheduled to testify and at the center of the text mentals where he asked are you now -- are we now saying that a security -- security assistance and white house meeting are conditioned on investigations there is all that. let's try for perspective in the midst of this. joining me now is global affairs analyst and staff year por the new yorker susan glaser. what do you think is the overall picture gnat information coming from the three witnesses this week paint? >> well, i think we have learned an awful lot. remember when we started this
8:35 am
inquiry a few weeks ago we really had the transcript eyebrow rains raising but the transcript released by the white house of the phone call and then. the aanonymous whistle-blower complaint and that's it. what's happened since then has been fairly significant . maximum possible penalty number one the white house has tried to stop a number of officials coming forward and testifying. and have failed. and they have not succeeded in that. i think that's very significant. for example fiona hill you mentioned, is the first white house adviser, serving until mid-july in the white house to defy the white house and come and testify in this inquiry. and so that suggests that there will be many more and that it would be hard for the white house to stop oerps such as former national security adviser john bolton who clearly have important information to bear from coming forward number one. number two. >> yes. >> this testimony, it really tends to implicate the president very directly. i'm struck by that. you know, in watergate in the
8:36 am
nixon era, you essentially had months and months even a couple of years worth of inquiry that was asking the question well what did the president know and when did he know it? but president trump by contrast in this ukraine plot was really directing and very much involved and at the center of the action. all of these people are testifying in various ways about things that the president personally did, for example, he personally ordered gordon sondland, the eu ambassador, the ambassador to brussels be involved in ukraine policy, according to what sondland told fiona him. he said well butt out because donald trump told me to be in charge. >> well, anne -- the fact that -- and the -- the fact that the president tells him go through giuliani. the giuliani bit is fascinating as well pl if it sounds strange to everyone out there that someone not taking an oath to protect the constitution, has not been confirmed by the senate in any regard pb isn't a federal employee and running frrms, the
8:37 am
acting chief of staff made the case it's no big deal. mulvaney said yesterday you may into the not like that giuliani is involved but goes on to say it's not illegal, the president gets to set foreign policy and gets to choose gets to choose who gets to do it. can you put that in perspective for folks. >> thank you for raising that. that's a key point. privatizing the u.s. government in rudy giuliani is in fact not how our system works. we have a system of senate confirmed appointees for a ren. it's one of the most striking aspects of trump's presidency, his decision to flout the constitutional prerogative and need of the u.s. senate to confirm his appointees. i ignore that is this is a more more blatant example. giuliani has not filed public disclosures telling us the financial interests he operates on behalf of. he has not carried out anything that would make him a legitimate public appointee to carry out american foreign policy number one. number two, i think it's
8:38 am
important for people to understand that this impeachment inquiry at this point it's not just a phone call. you hear that even from people -- republicans concerned about the president's actions. they'll say, well but in the end it's just about a phone call. what i'm struck by is the fact that there are so many actions by trump and the u.s. government -- this is not about words. this is about firing the u.s. ambassador. this is abouted withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in security assistance approved by congress. it's about withholding a white house meeting, all of which appear for personal political gain. that's very different than o, gee, trump said something on a phone call. >> yeah, susan thanks for the perspective. great to see. >> you thank you. >> coming up still, a rare rebuke one day after president trump called him the mostover rated general. jim mattis is hitting back and roasting the president. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
fun at his former boss. offering pointed criticism at trump since resigning. he responded to the president calling him the most overrated general. listen. >> i'm honored to be considered that by donald trump, because he also called merril streep an overrated actress. so i guess i'm the merril streep of generals. and frankly that sounds pretty good to me. and you do have to admit that between me and merril we have have had victory some of you were kind during the reception and you asked if it bathered mo me to be rated this way based on what donald trump said. of course not i earned my spurs on the battlefield as you pointed out and donald trump earned his in a letter from the doctor. >> why are the military officers speaking out. >> here is mark hertling,
8:45 am
general mark hertling. i was at the dinner where mattis dinner where he spoke. everyone speaks and cracks jokes and is expected to. it was surprising to hear mattis talk this way. why do you think he did now? >> it was surprising to me too kate when when i heard the clip. truthfully it's the two generals you're talking about it's a tale of two different approaches. one admiral mcravens in my view was professional and pointed, outlining the strategic issues involved in national security in a thought provoking piece in "the new york times" which i thought knowing bill as i do, he probably struggled with. that's a hard thing to do to step out and say something like that about the commander in chief, the elected president. on the other hand, secretary mattis -- i'm using that word specifically is no longer a general. he is a former cabinet member primarily. and people are waiting to hear from him.
8:46 am
he has refused to do that as he has gone on the book tour where he touts his life, good for him to do this, touting his career in the military, lessons learned from that. but he won't talk about his time as a cabinet official, a politician. and that's unfortunate. you know, his speech last night he addressed some good things. quoted lincoln. but the clip you just ran i thought was totally unprofessional and uncalled for and it's not something a professional military member should do in my view. >> you've made no secretary of your criticism of president trump as a commander in chief. if you don't like the plafrm and delivery do you welcome mattis doing anything to speak out if this is opening the door where he hasn't yet to speaking directly -- >> yeah, my if i compare my criticism -- criticism has been based on analysis of his national security or his
8:47 am
leadership ability. so, you know, i'm stating from a approach an an analytical standpoint of what traits is he exhibiting as a leader or what is he doing from a national security standpoint? i don't think i've ever actually insulted the man as the president. and that's unfortunately what secretary mattis did last night. it was insulting. that's why i consider it unprofessional. here is the thing too kate, i spent a bit of time last week at an army convention in washington, d.c. the young folks in our military are constantly debating now more than i've ever seen them do in, there is an active discussion going on with the junior leaders about the civil military relationship. and in the time of trump it is deteriorated -- deteriorated to a degree where it's causing divisions in the military as well. and that's unfortunate because the military is a professional body that takes an oath to defend the constitution. and when an individual who is the commander in chief causes the divisions inside of this
8:48 am
professional body it's unfortunate and it's scary to me. >> yeah, general, thank you. good to have you on. we'll be right back. >> always a pleasure, kate. thanks. man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain woman 1 oc: this is my body of proof. and clearer skin. man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira. woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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8:54 am
fast-forward to 2019 and he can't make that promise. a gm plant will close. what are you hearing about all this, allison? >> as you can imagine, there is a lot of sadness, because for 16 years this was these workers' livelihood, their life. yes, they're letting go employees, but they have to get rid of their house. president trump said he would revive manufacturing, keep jobs here in the u.s., and it was with that promise he won the swing state of ohio. so a lot of people losing their jobs, they actually heard his speech in youngstown 15 feet down the road from the plant. he told them not to sell their houses and now they have to do just that. in youngstown, ohio, they're not going to forget the promise
8:55 am
donald trump didn't keep. the timing is unclear as to when things will wrap up. there was a break on friday. gm auto workers and the company reached a temporary deal. it protects health insurance and provides temporary employees to go on for a period of time. but until they sign off on this, it's not a done deal. it needs approval both from union leadership and the rank and file members who work for gm as well. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions.
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