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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 23, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's wednesday, october 23rd. it's 6:00 here in new york and the other shoe just dropped. these are the headlines. we want to show you that president trump is waking up to this morning. this is "the new york times." trump tied aid to inquiries. "washington post," envoy. trump tied aid to biden broeb. you want to hold "the wall street journal"? >> all right. president tied ukraine aid to biden probe. it's really consistent. >> there's another way to say that. you know what it is? >> that he tied the aid to the probe? >> it's quid pro quo. the other way to say that is quid pro quo. explosive testimony from the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine has delivered the single most consequential investigation. telling congress that multiple senior administration officials informed him that the president personally blocked military aid to ukraine and refused to meet with that country's new
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president unless he agreed to investigate joe biden and the 2016 u.s. election. quid pro quo. we are told it is based on meticulous notes. the dean of political reporters, the antihyperbole man writes this morning, it is no longer a question of whether this happened. it's a question of how the president explains it and how lawmakers especially republicans plan to respond to it. >> we also have breaking news in the 2020 race. a new cnn national poll just out shows former vice president joe biden widening his lead among his rivals. 34% of democratic voters now say they -- that he is their top choice. that is biden's best showing in cnn polling since april. just after he formally announced his campaign. so we will break down where
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biden is gaining support. but we begin with suzanne malveaux. she is live on capitol hill with our top story. >> rng goo, alisyn. what is bill taylor doing today? he's heading back to ukraine to do his job. he says it's important to him. but he leaves behind a toeshl big blow for the president's defense in the impeachment inquiry. he's testifying about a u.s. policy network making in ukraine that benefits politically the president. bill taylor telling congress multiple administration officials informed him that president trump personally blocked military aid unless ukraine agreed to announce investigations into the bidens and the 2016 u.s. election. sources say those inside audibly gasped and sighed just from the
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top u.s. diplomat to ukraine's opening statement. >> in my ten short months in congress, this is my most disturbing day in congress so far. >> reporter: taylor providing a clear timeline of event s based on copious notes he kept of his communications saying he shared those notes with the state department which is refusing to give them to congressional investigators. >> he's filling in some gaps. he's sharing with us in a pretty candid way his experience. >> reporter: the 50-year career diplomat detailing a conversation to the european union gordon sondland who he says told him everything was dependent on such an announcement. including security assistance. adding he said that president trump wanted president zelensky in a public box by making a public statement about ordering such investigations. taylor telling congress he disagreed with the tactic. but sondland repeatedly tried to explain the president's intent. according to taylor, sondland told him when a businessman is about to sign a check to someone
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who owes him something, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check. the next day the diplomat raised concern in a text message exchange with sondland writing, i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. after speaking with president trump, sondland stressed that was not the case. texting i believe you're incorrect about president trump's intentions. the president has been crystal clear. no quid pro quos of any kind. the white house quickly attempting to discredit taylor and the impeachment inquiry saying, this is a coordinated smear campaign from far left lawmakers and radical unelected bureaucrats waging war on the constitution. there was no quid pro quo. trump's republican allies doing the same. >> i've been in there for ten hours. i can assure you there was no quid pro quo. >> reporter: but taylor's
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testimony directly links the president to a quid pro quo. >> you can't just commit a crime and say you didn't and expect it to go away. >> reporter: and applauding him for testifying against the trump administration'sish with us. >> he came forward again at risk of his career at expense to himself. he had no incentive but to tell the truth. i believe that's what he did today. >> reporter: two more witnesses will be questioned this morning. one from the office of management and budget. the other from the pentagon. it is expected they are going to face tough questions about the president's order to freeze that military aid in exchange for political favors. alisyn? >> suzanne, thank you for breaking all of that down for us. it does not apear the ukraine story has hurt joe biden. cnn has a brand new national poll that shows biden's lead growing. we'll bring you those numbers next. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit!
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we do have breaking political news. cnn has a new national poll that shows joe biden increasing his lead over his democratic rivals. cnn political director david chalian joins us now to break down all the numbers, give us the headlines on the numbers, david. >> good morning, alisyn. that is right. it's a 15-point lead in this poll for joe biden up against elizabeth warren. he's at 34%. elizabeth warren is at 1%. you see bernie sanders bumpnche up there at 16.
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beto o'rourke and amy klobuchar score at 3%. that's the number you need to hit to qualify for the debate stage which both of those candidates want to do. take a look compared to our national poll last month and you will see that all the growth here is really in biden's camp. he's up ten points here. every other candidate, if you look at where they were in september and where they are now, it's just within two points of movement. so well within the margin of error. the real movement here is joe biden. so what's behind that? we looked at some of his key demographic groups. i think it shows where he has some very core key constituencies inside this democratic electorate. first up, if you look at the non-white vote in the primary versus the white vote. overwhelming advantage among non-white democratic voters for joe biden. a 30-point advantage basically. 42% to 13% to 16%.
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whereas among the white voters, he's bunched up with warren and sanders. 45 and above, nearly a 30-point advantage. younger voters, bunched up with warren and sanders. take a look at those that identify as motd earn and conservative democrats. compared to liberal democrats where again, he's not really losing that vote, but he's splitting it with warren and sanders. so in some categories, he's bunched up with warren and sanders. then in these important demographic groups, he has an overwhelming advantage. we also asked this sort of question about vision overall for 2020 democrats. are you looking for somebody who can propose big change even if there's a smaller chance of becoming law? or looking for a candidate who may propose for becoming law. and the majority of democrats prefer the latter. 53% say they'd be okay with smaller change for somebody with
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a better chance of enacting that change than the 42% who want big change even if it has a smaller chance of becoming law. this is a big joe biden advantage as well. and if you look at the issue areas, i think you see why 43-point edge. 56% to sanders at 13%. and foreign policy has been dominant of late. syria, ukraine obviously has a piece of that. then you take a look at the issue of the economy which joe biden is going to be talking about today. he's at a 20-point advantage. 38% to 19% for sanders. 16% for warren. even on health care, look here. he's basically tied with bernie sanders. but that 31% for biden on health care is a big increase of 13-point increase on that issue for him. so his arguments against sanders and warren vis-a-vis these issues are clearly working as well. then if you look, that 2020 general election outlook. now remember, this is not
3:14 am
predictive. this is just a snapshot of where the electorate is now. but we tested the top four democrats and you see that each one of them gets 50% or above and president trump doesn't crack 45%. john? >> all right. very interesting numbers as you note. this is not predictive. it's just one poll. but for joe biden, a much better showing than one month ago in the cnn measurement. david chalian, excellent to have you. stick around. this 15 pages, this was bill taylor's opening statement to congress yesterday. >> that was just his opener. >> exactly. explosive testimony. how this has changed the impeachment inquiry overnight, next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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. big developments in the impeachment inquiry. the top u.s. diplomat to ukraine bill taylor testifying president trump withheld military aid until ukraine looked into his political rivals. jen psaki is joining us along with david chalian. so jen, democrats emerged from this hearing room or whatever meeting room gob smacked. i mean, they said that he went further than any other witness. he gave the most detailed, most troubling account, they said, of what happened. here's the gist of it. this was in his opening statement that cnn received. here it is. in august and september of this year i became increasingly
3:20 am
concerned that our relationship with ukraine was being fundamentally undermined by an irregular, informal channel of u.s. policy making and by the withholding of vital security assistance for domestic political reasons. and what's interesting is this isn't just bill taylor's hunch. this wasn't just his feeling. he then went on to provide all sorts of evidence about how the two were linked. s >> exactly. if diplomacy doesn't work out for him, he'd probably be a great investigative reporting. he knew when he started this job which of course he was selected by donald trump and secretary pompeo, that there was something amiss here. his predecessor had been pushed out of the country. his wife didn't even want him to take the job as he said in his testimony. and he took meticulous and detailed notes along the way. reading this testimony as i did and you did and i would encourage anyone to do, really kind of brings to life what exactly happened here.
3:21 am
we knew about the text messages. we certainly had seen obviously the reports of the whistle-blower reporter. we'd heard reports of other testimony. but he laid it out day by day and week by week in a way that really pulled the story together. and i think that was what was so shocking to so many people in the room. because that's not normal. we don't see that in washington often. people putting their own -- the country and kind of details of what happened ahead of their own personal ambition. and that's what i think we saw yesterday. >> just to remind people, he is a current government official. he is the current senior diplomat in ukraine who came back to offer this testimony. as jen just noted, he kept receipts. and david chalian, i want to note. there are people who say you don't need to prove a quid pro quo. some democrats have made this case to suggest what the president did was impeachable. but when you read bill taylor's testimony, what you see is this
3:22 am
evidence that he lays out of just that, of the quid pro quo. this is just one of many times he says it explicitly. he said it during a phone call told me that president trump told him he wants president zelensky to state publicly that ukraine will investigate burisma and interference in the 2016 election. that's just one of several times, david, that taylor lays that out. >> yeah. he portrays the quid pro quo that the white house chief of staff admitted to last thursday at the white house from the podium. i mean, he's backing -- the facts here aren't in dispute. i understand president trump may not want to call it quid pro quo, but that doesn't mean the facts here are in dispute. because we heard from mick mulvaney directly that getting an investigation into the 2016 election was part of a three-pronged reason why the money was being held up. and here you have ambassador
3:23 am
taylor as you said meticulously going through and i think what is so important for people because this all started obviously with the whistle-blower complaint and we immediately then saw the transcript of that july 25th phone call. but that was sort of the culmination of what we, you know, see in detail here of weeks of something being askew. and the phone call where this whole thing started was the culmination of that so many of these things were already moving in a direction that obviously made bill taylor sort of send up his antenna and feel something was wrong here. all of that was happening at the direction of the president and the chief of staff. >> case in point, here is one of his examples that he gives where he realized and saw clearly the direct link between president trump's directive and the military aid. here is this portion. this is p-105. towards the end of an otherwise normal meeting on july 18th, a voice on this phone call, the
3:24 am
person was off screen -- meaning it was a teleconference. said she was from the office of management and budget and her boss instructed her not to approve any additional spending of security assistance for ukraine until further notice. all that the omb staff person said was the directive had come from the president to the chief of staff to omb. and that is when bill taylor realized that his worst fears, jen, had come to pass. and that this other channel of foreign policy led by giuliani was, in fact, happening and tying up aid that he felt was so instrumental to ukraine obviously defending its own sovereignty. >> exactly. it'll be so interesting to hear today, alisyn, what we hear from d.o.d. officials. because they know the timeline, the chronology, the details of when the aid was supposed to move forward. when it was stopped. i expect democrats and others will dig into that today. but bill taylor was clearly
3:25 am
putting together his own story here based on conversations and phone calls. and his feeling as a diplomat of many decades that something wasn't right here. and him laying out this story of this other channel that included some political ambassadors, that included giuliani, and some official who is were not career officials really kind of tells us what happened here and how donald trump had this direct connection to trying to push the ukrainians to get dirt on joe biden and conduct an information. >> david, very quickly as we're out of time here, the dan balls question is what now. it's not if. it's what now. what now? >> we don't see republicans answering that question. you're right. we sort of know what happened here. what are you going to do about it? and, you know, we had our poll looking at republican opposition to impeachment across the country. and overwhelming support for the country right now. right now, john, i don't see a ton of cracks in the republican
3:26 am
party. even as the fact pattern becomes so mounting here, the evidence is so clear. clearly there will be pressure on some of them, but i don't think we should jump to the conclusion that this somehow is going to lead them to abandon the president in droves. >> two more witnesses today. we'll watch that closely. every time someone speaks, we learn something new. jen psaki, david chalian, thank you very much. this morning prosecutors are pressuring those in the college admissions scandal. lori loughlin now faces 45 years behind bars. details next. my joints... they hurt.
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breaking overnight. hong kong's legislature
3:31 am
withdrawing -- that original measure triggered months of massive and violent protests in the city. but the withdrawal is not likely to end this unrest. protesters are also calling for hong kong's leader carrie lam to resign and an inquiry into police brutality. more breaking news. police in england say a 25-year-old man from northern ireland is under arrest on suspicion of murder after 39 people were found dead in a truck container. the discovery was made in an industrial park in essex in the southeast of england. police say all 39 were pronounced dead at the scene. 38 adults and is teenager. authorities are in the process of identifying the victims. new questions this morning about the fate of "full house" star lori loughlin, her husband, and nine other parent who is have pleaded not guilty in that nationwide college admissions scandal. an additional bribery charge
3:32 am
being brought meaning those parents could now face up to 45 years in prison. alexandra field is here toex plain. prosecutors just keep upping the ante. >> yeah. we keep watching that possible sentence going up and up and up. this is a tactic we've seen before. now we're seeing it again. they've slapped 11 parents with additional charges. and alleged associates of the scheme's master mind. what's interesting is we're not learning about any new alleged activity. it's all stuff you've heard before about paying to have s.a.t. scores inflated. and being designated as college athletic recruits. this would seem it's about creating more pressure for parent who is are still wanting to fight these charges against them. and it looks like the pressure might be working. because just this week because with word of charges coming down, four parents did flip their pleas from not guilty to
3:33 am
guilty. of those in the college admissions scandal, we've seen 29 of them accept plea deals including felicity huffman who is in the process of serving a 14-day federal prison sentence. >> seems like those who took the deal early are better off. overnight the kremlin issued a warning to kurdish forces in syria after making a deal with turkey. we have a live report from the region next. is skincare from around the world better than olay? to find out, olay faced the world. we tested our vitamin b3 formula and beat japan's top moisturizers. south korea's most innovative. and even the $400 french cream. olay regenerist faced 131 premium products over 10 years. olay's hydration olay. face anything.
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breaking overnight, russia warning kurdish forces to withdraw from the turkey/syria border or be steam rolled by the turkish army. russia and turkey agreed on a deal to patrol the border in conjunction. the kremlin this morning is accusing the u.s. of betraying the kurds in syria. nick paton walsh is live in iraq
3:38 am
this morning with all these breaking details. nick? >> for once we can wholeheartedly agree with what russia is saying. the u.s. has betrayed the kurds and they left them in the grip of this cease-fire arranged between turkey, the force who is are trying to take as much territory from the syrian kurds inside of syria, and russia who have stepped into the role the united states as formerly the syrian kurds' key ally here. this deal is going into effect right now as far as we can see. russian military police are heading to the border areas. probably along with their regime counterparts. they will establish check points, positions all along that border. and then over the next six days to tell the syrian kurds to push back. that is the full extent, really, of what president erdogan wanted originally. except he wanted his forces to do the pushing. now the russians, they're very clear in their rhetoric saying
3:39 am
they will be steam rolling of any syrian kurdish fighters who plan to stay in that area. it's going to be a complex situation on the ground to see how many fighters actually do withdraw. they are sometimes just the civilians too. that will be messy, frankly. and the syrian kurds will probably yet again feel their newest allies are betraying some of them to some degree too. then of course we have the broad problem of the whole turkish zone currently controlled. much of it still goes straight up to syrian kurdish territory without this buffer zone. and in a week or so, we'll see russian and turkish patrols. ten kilometers deep into syria patrolling to try and keep the peace there. just look at the geopolitics of this. startling now that a nato member turkey has invited russia the country that was frankly the focus of the creation of nato to protect against russia along its southern border in such unmonitored patrols. startling to see that, a real gut punch for the u.s. presence here that is still now receiving
3:40 am
complicated signals about where it can reposition its troops. but really we have to see how peaceful this is. it seems to have calmed things again now, but so much could fall apart in the days ahead. >> and startling how quickly this has all changed. nick paton walsh, thank you for explaining that. overnight, mark esper arrived in baghdad to discuss that withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria with iraqi officials. christian amanpour caught up with this on the backlash and how it could embolden isis. here's part of her interview. >> can you tell us first and foremost there seems to be some confusion you can clear up. where are the u.s. forces in syria going? the president has said perhaps a contingent could stay in syria. you said they were going to be redeployed to western iraq. the iraqi command says welcome to come across the border but only en route out.
3:41 am
he doesn't anticipate your troops staying there. where will they be? >> we're conducting a deliberate phased withdrawal from syria. it began with phase one which was in the immediate zone of attack. now we're under phase two which is from the northeast quarter, if you will. eventually we have other phases that will draw the forces out. we will temporarily reposition in iraq pursuant to bringing the troops home. it was one part of a continuing phase. but those troops will come home. >> so they are coming home? >> they'll come home. >> none will stay in syria? >> right now the president has authorized that some would stay in the southern part of syria. and we are looking maybe keeping some additional forces to ensure that we deny isis and others access to these key oil fields. also in the middle part of the country, if you will. but that needs to be worked out in time. the president hasn't approved that yet. i need to take him options here soon. the bulk of the force would reposition in iraq and
3:42 am
eventually go home. >> so none of this is clear first and foremost. and those who might stay might be away from that border, away from the bulk of the isis trouble. and securing oil fields from who? >> i don't talk about securing oil fields as much as i talk about denying isis access to the oil fields so they can't have revenue to continue their bad behavior. and with regard to the deployment, what i try to do is to keep my options open, keep the president's options open so as events change on the ground whether it's in northeast syria or other parts, we have the flexibility to respond to the president's direction. >> how are you going to have the flexibility to respond to a resurgence of isis? that is a big concern from inside the military from amongst your allies from many in the president's party back in the united states and analysts and politicians all over the world. all of these years that you've managed to deny them the ability to pose a serious threat, they are now open for business again.
3:43 am
and people are very, very concerned. in fact, general petraeus has said this does not end an endless war. it probably prolongs it. because this gives isis an opportunity for resurgence. this is not a strategic success. >> let's look at the facts on the ground. based on the intelligence we have, the reporting we have of the 11,000 or so detainees that were imprisoned in northeast syria, we've only had reports of a little bit more than a hundred have escaped. the sdf and we remain in contact with them are maintaining guards over top of the prisons they have control of. right now we have not seen this big prison break we all expected. that's the good news piece. with regard to the other part, i'll be meeting with my allies, the united states allies in brussels in the coming days. we're going to have a specific session on what do we do with the defeat isis campaign now that's in the new phase to ensure we can maintain pressure on isis so that it doesn't resurge? >> in a new phase, some would
3:44 am
say you have, i don't know, willingly ended the success on isis. you heard what general petraeus just said. it's not really a new phase. the metrics are not about territory, are they? they are about resurgence, regrouping, the ability to do so. even before this withdrawal of u.s. forces, many in your military and elsewhere were watching a resurgence and watching cells come together. >> i wouldn't classify it as a resurgent. keep in mind why we partnered with the sdf originally. it was to defeat isis. we ended up destroying the physical caliphate as of march of this year. the task then is to make sure we maintain the enduring defeat. part is making sure local security can handle that. yes, we are in a new phase of the defeat isis campaign. thest to maintain that destruction. >> i'm still confused. the local forces who are making sure that happened were the sdf and those are the forces who by
3:45 am
withdrawing you have allowed to be victims and targets of the turkish offensive which is precisely designed to get them out of the way of the area that you've been stabilizing. >> still in control of the prisons. the turks have told us they've taken control of the prisons under which they have now responsibility. and our mission in that area was to train, advise, and assist. we weren't guarding prisons in that part of the world. >> it's not just about prisons. it's about fighting. and the kurds were your real on the ground fighting force. tragically about eight american lives were lost during the fight. and 11,000 kurds were lost. >> the mutual interest was destroying the physical caliphate of isis. >> correct. and make sure isis doesn't come back as a fighting force which many people are worried about. >> we're all focused on that. as we enter this new phase, how do we continue that enduring
3:46 am
freedom from isis. >> let me ask you first. you say you're going to nato to talk to allies. allies are actually quite shocked. i'd be interesting to know what they say to you. those are your allies. the kurdish forces on the ground. they feel utterly bedayed. you've seen these tragic pictures. no secretary of defense wants to see their allies throwing rocks and rotten fruit at retreating american forces calling them liars and saying they've betrayed them. i wonder what your -- how do you feel when you see that? >> here's what the allies have said publicly and privately. we all condemn what president erdogan of turkey have done. we've all opposed it. that is this irresponsible incursion into syria that has upset what had been happening on the ground successfully. and so everybody opposes that. we're going to talk specifically about that as well in the context of what's next with regard to defeat isis. so that's i think where we will begin at that point right there.
3:47 am
>> such good, important questions to be asking. what a timely moment for that interview. meantime, explosive testimony directly implicating president trump in a quid pro quo. up next, we're going to speak with a democrat who was initially hesitant to back the impeachment inquiry. not so hesitant now. woman: i'm here, and suddenly my migraine takes me somewhere else, where there's pain and nausea. but excedrin pulls me back in a way others don't. and it relieves my symptoms fast for real migraine relief. and it relieves my symptoms fast i've always been faand still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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big developments this morning in the impeachment inquiry. the top diplomat to ukraine bill taylor directly implicating president trump of withholding military aid to ukraine until ukraine looked into trump's political rivals. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. you were not part of the committees involved in this testimony from bill taylor yesterday. but like the rest of us, i am
3:51 am
sure you've read through this stunning 15-page opening statement that is now public. and when you read it with your prosecutor's eyes, what jumps out to you? >> what jumps out to me is this is a man of service. this is somebody who is putting his country first. he has been in service to this country his entire career. i think what really comes to me is his concern for our country. his concern for the actions of this sort of shadow group of people that were operating i would say against the interest of the united states. >> you say what jumped out to you was his service to the country. press secretary stephanie grisham in a statement that was released after his testimony said, quote, this is a coordinated smear campaign from far left lawmakers waging war on the constitution. he's a vietnam war veteran, a west point grad who has served
3:52 am
in republican and democratic admissi administrations. how do you feel about that characterization of him? >> i think anyone who has read this testimony would realize this is a person who is coming forward because he cares deeply about his country. i think there is no other way to really read this testimony. >> and when you read the existence of the pressure he describes from the president and others on the administration for ukraine to investigate the president's political opponents, do you see that as a quid pro quo? >> i certainly do. i think it's pretty obvious that pressure was being put on the ukrainian president in order to get him to come out publicly on television and say that he was going to investigate and start this investigation that the president wanted. >> we have seen the rough transcript of the president's call with president zelensky. where we see in black and white,
3:53 am
the president pressuring zelensky to investigate joe biden and to talk with william barr and rudy giuliani about that subject. so since you've already seen that, do you even need more evidence of this quid pro quo? isn't the ask enough? >> well, john. i've always agreed with you that we already had the evidence from what the president has said that was -- that he was putting his own self-interests ahead of the interests of the united states. that he was trying to affect our 2020 elections. that he was trying to pressure a security partner. the president of ukraine into doing his bidding, really. again against the interests of our country. so i have agreed with you on that. however, i think it's important that we show the american people a fuller picture of exactly what has been going on. >> one of the things that ambassador taylor described was visiting the donbast region in
3:54 am
ukraine where ukrainian forces had been battling the russians for years right now. just one part of that statement is he recognized that over 13,000 ukrainians had been killed in the war. one or two a week. more ukrainians would undoubtedly die without the u.s. assistance, he noted. and he was talking about what withholding aid itch with was withheld for a period of weeks, some $391 million, might do and how it would affect those people. as someone who has served your country, reflect on his observations about the threat of withholding those funds. >> so, you know, there were russian nuclear weapons in ukraine. and we said that if they gave those up, we would protect them. most people believe that the javelin weapons that we give to ukraine is what is standing between them protecting the territorial integrity of their country, protecting the rest of europe from a russian incursion. to withhold critical security aid like that is another breach of a promise of ours.
3:55 am
and also puts them in danger. >> some of that lethal aid was provided by the trump administration not directly by the obama administration. of course the obama administration was criticized for. clyburn told me at this point he's sort of looking at between thanksgiving and christmas for a full house vote on impeachment. how does that timing sound to you? is that too long to wait? >> i don't have a timetable in mind. you know, as a former federal prosecutor, i never said we were going to have a trial on this date and we're going to, you know, have the jury decision by certain evidence, you want to call on other people to make sure you have like i said the fullest picture possible. so i think what's critically important is that we get to the bottom of what happened. that we, again, provide to the american people and to congress as much evidence as possible and to shape the fullest picture possible of what took place.
3:56 am
>> if you had to vote today yes or no on impeachment, how would you vote? >> it would depend what the articles are. certainly articles that i think would be something that the president could be accused of. >> you would vote yes if it said abuse of power or pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent? >> again, it depends on the articles, john. >> all right. we'll get back to you when we see what those articles are. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. now to sports. as i can tell you, the washington nationals went into houston and stunned astros ace gerrit cole to take game one of the world series. andy scholes was there last night and has -- if there is more, i don't know if there is -- in the bleacher report. >> oh, there's more. and gerrit cole, he was on a historic run last night. hadn't lost a game since may 22nd. he was 19-0 since then.
3:57 am
but the nationals putting an end to that streak on the game's biggest stage. and their young star juan soto coming up big in this one. he doesn't turn 21 until friday, and he hit a moon shot off cole in the fourth inning. the ball landed on the train track. few balls land way up there. the youngest to hit a home run in the world series. would also come through big in the fifth. nationals steal home field advantage in this series with the win in game one. 5-4 the final. nationals are going to try to take a 2-0 lead tonight. they've got stephen strasburg up on the hill against justin verlander. the nba season tipping off last night on tnt. the showdown everyone was waiting for. the new look lakers taking on the new look clippers and the battle for los angeles. in the first edition, kawhi leonard was without paul george. still out with an injured shoulder. but he's able to out-dual them.
3:58 am
kawhi picking up where he left off after picking up a championship last year in toronto. the raptors dropping their banner last night and they got their rings as well. those rings, wow. they have a 1.25 carat diamond on top of the trophy. it's the largest diamond for any sports ring ever. it's got 650 total diamonds on that bad boy. 16 rubies as well. it's the largest nba ring ever. the raptors won in overtime on opening night. definitely a fun night in toronto. but the fallout from china continues. the state run television did not run the nba's opening. a customary wouldn't have done. and also there was some pro-hong kong advocates outside both of the games in l.a. >> andy scholes, thank you very much for being with us. stunning testimony about an
3:59 am
explicit quid pro quo may have given the democrats the smoking gun they were looking for. but how will republicans see it. "new day" continues right now. the top diplomat to ukraine bill taylor revealing details to the u.s. ambassador of the european union. >> all the world knows what was in the transcript to that phone call. there was no quid pro quo. >> particularly concerned that the impeachment inquiry will suck all the oxygen out of the air. >> to actually bring something that's criminal, i could see those independents going, okay. there really is something. we want to welcome our
4:00 am
viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is the most pivotal day of testimony so far in the impeachment inquiry. here are the headlines president trump is waking up to. claim of no quid pro quo on ukraine. "the new york times," ukraine envoy testifies trump linked military aid to investigations. and "the wall street journal," diplomat says aid tied to probes into biden. translation? yes, there was a quid pro quo. bill taylor telling house investigators he was told the release of u.s. military aid to ukraine was tied to a promise to investigate president trump's political rivals. taylor's deposition refutes the president's claim there was no quid pro quo. >> and despite being dragged into the ukraine scandal by the president, joe biden enjoying what looks like a surge


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