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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 3, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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mind over matter, those are the words of a runner and no doubt a concept they are familiar with. both won the new york city marathon today in the women and men's divisions. both are from kenya. the 26.2 mile race travels through new york city's five boroughs. this is her first time running the new york city marathon. she recorded the second fastest time ever in the women's open division in new york city marathon history, finishing in 2 hours and 22 minutes. ♪ you're live in the cnn newsroom. thank you for staying with me. the 2020 election is closer than you may think.
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exactly one year from now as a matter of fact, one year until the american people decide if president donald trump stays or goes. and if not him, then who? this weekend the field of democratic candidates narrowed slightly. former congressman beto o'rourke said he's done. at least two other candidates are showing signs that their campaigns are in the do or die phase. senator kamala harris and julian castro are making drastic staffing adjustments, neither in an encouraging direction. three national polls put these three democrats firmly on top of the pack. >> my vision is more extensive than anybody's out there. >>ly i will not back down from donald trump. i learned the lesson early. you don't back down from a bully. >> our administration is going to be different because we're waging a political revolution. >> that was former vice president joe biden, senator
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elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders on the campaign trail this weekend in iowa. the polls showing the tightest races from nbc news and the "wall street journal." it puts biden and warren statistically even among democratic primary voters in that poll. one of the top issues? health care. >> right now what i've got is a plan to relieve families of $11 trillion of health care costs and it doesn't cost them one single penny in taxes. this will be the biggest economic boost to america's working families in generations. >> so it was just this week senator elizabeth warren laid out how she would pay for medicare for all, going her own way on that issue for the first time. her plan differs from senator bernie sanders' proposal, which is the cornerstone, of course, of his campaign. after health care, on the list of most important issues for registered democrats according to a fox news poll released today, climate change, gun control and the economy also
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considered very important by people who vote democrat. same poll asking the same question of republican voters makes a different list. the economy is most important for republicans, followed by terrorism and immigration concerns. what you didn't see on either of those lists of most important issues, the impeachment inquiry. maybe not most important, but americans are sharply divided on whether they want it to happen. nbc and the "wall street journal" asked if the president should be impeached and removed and slightly more voters, nearly half, said yes, the president needs to go. president trump today laughing off those polls, all after them, saying only he has the real data about how americans view his possible impeachment. cnn's jeremy diamond is at the white house. jeremy, that's not from a tweet or an insider. the president told you that himself today. >> reporter: that's right. as you mentioned, this impeachment matter has been deeply divisive for americans.
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what we're also seeing in the three most recent national polls is that slightly more americans believe that the president should be impeached and removed from office than the number of americans who do not think so. today i put those polls to the president and he responded in trademark fashion. >> according to several recent polls, more americans want you to be impeached and removed from office than the americans who don't. >> you're reading the wrong polls. >> nbc, abc, "washington post." >> i have the real polls. the cnn polls are fake. fox polls have always been lousy. i tell them they ought to get themselves a new pollster. but the real polls -- you look at the polls that came out this morning, people don't want anything to do with impeachment. it's a phony scam, it's a hoax. the whistleblower should be revealed, because the whistleblower gave false information. >> reporter: now, there's nothing to support the
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president's claims that he has the real polls somehow. this is of course something we've seen from the president in the past. when he does not like what the polls say, he goes ahead and attacks them. while the country is growing more supportive of this impeachment process, it is still largely along party lines. the president's republican supporters are still very supportive of him and very much against impeachment. >> and still, though, those three polls, all separate polling to date all had this same top line which is 49% now of the country saying impeachment and removal is their choice. let me ask you about the whistleblower, whom the president is demanding be identified. that person is now offering to provide written testimony or answers to republicans specifically but wants to stay anonymous. what are the chances that happens? >> reporter: we'll have to see. what we know is republicans have repeatedly complained about the process in this impeachment inquiry. one of their complaints has been they want more access to this whistleblower, who the president as you saw just today wants this
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person's identity to be revealed despite the protection this is whistleblower is entitled to under the law. now the whistleblower's attorney is offering written testimony to those republicans. it's not clear that will quell any of those republican concerns. but what is clear is that the whistleblower really is less important to this matter, because we have now seen in testimony from current and former officials backing up many of the allegations in that whistleblower complaint. remember, that whistleblower complaint was not just about that phone call, but it was about this broader issue of a potential quid pro quo involving ukraine and u.s. security aid to that country. joining us now with more anita kumar and kwho. guys, let's start with the impeachment polling and the impeachment inquiry specifically. 49% of americans now back president trump's impeachment and removal.
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president trump says he has the real polls. anita, what's your reaction? >> well, as jeremy said, we don't know what polls he's referring to. when you look at the polls on impeachment, it's pretty much down party lines. the increase in the last few weeks is in democrats and independents. so the independents part should worry him. democrats not so much. they were not going to vote for him anyway. the president and his allies are sort of feeling that, look, this is baked in, whatever people were opposed to him before are largely for the impeachment. so the good news here for him is that republicans are still with him. if you look at those polls, 9 out of 10 republicans are still with the president. he feels if this inquiry goes to the senate, then he will be acquitted, not removed. >> three democratic candidates now consistently in these three polls are really carving their place at the top of the democratic con tndtender pack.
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what does it say to you that it's joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders leading the polls right now? >> it's been interesting to see joe biden over the past several months. he has gone up and down in terms of public opinion on his gaffes and performances on the debate stage. he seems to be pretty steady in the polls over the last several months. we've seen elizabeth warren have a lot of movement over the past several months. she's shot up in the polls. she seems to be in the steady part of that top three back. bernie sanders seems to be doing okay. below that, there doesn't seem to be very much of a second or third tier. so far it seems like this is going to be a race that goes down to just a handful of candidates. it does seem like joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are fighting for different sectors of the democratic party. right now it seems joe biden has been pretty steady at the top of the polls and his various gaffes and struggles on the campaign
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trail have not translated into lower poll numbers. >> it is still one year before election day. that being said, we're only 90 days away or so from the iowa caucuses, first real test of this campaign. do you think the front runners are locked in or could we still see a surprise? >> in the past we have seen that the people in the top of the polls in november are not necessarily the people who end up winning. there is still a chance to catch fire in iowa. you see a couple of different candidates including kamala harris and mr. castro deciding to change their strategy because they need to do something between now and next january if they're going to catch fire in the polls. there is time to make a difference and to see some movement in the polls. because this race started so early and because the polls seem to be solidifying it's really now or never for some of those lower polling candidates. it could be that the top three we see now are the folks fighting for the number one spot in iowa.
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from there it's off to the races in the early states. >> democratic primary voters were asked if they think these candidates could beat trump in a head to head matchup. 68% said joe biden could do it. 57% think elizabeth warren could do it. 54% say bernie sanders could beat him and 30% thought pete buttigieg could beat him. can their nominee beat trump and biden continues to inspire this kind of confidence. how significant is that? >> i do think it's significant. it's the one big thing, not the one thing but one of the biggest things he has going for him. while he's been steady, which is fine, elizabeth warren has been rising. this is the one place where he can say, look, if you look at all these polls, look at how i'm up against donald trump, i'm the guy that can beat him. more so, according to these people polled, than elizabeth warren. he's fighting right now with her. i think that's something he has been trying to talk and he's going to continue to talk about
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it, how does he go up against trump. >> one of the democratic outliers andrew yang is criticizing his fellow candidates and in part democrats on the hill. he says they're too engrossed in the impeachment inquiry. listen. >> well, the downsides are that the entire country just gets engrossed in this impeachment process and then we're going to look up and be facing donald trump in the general election and we will not have made a real case to the american people. >> is it going to hurt the democratic nominee? >> there is a chance that it will. i just saw that it seems like the significant number of candidates may be actually called to d.c. for the bulk of january, which would definitely take the focus away from the campaign. >> it would be bad for you, though. >> i would be right here in iowa or new hampshire or south carolina or nevada or someplace else campaigning. >> is he right? >> that is a big challenge for some of these senate candidates who are in the senate and have to deal with impeachment in the
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next few months. that may keep them in washington when they would much rather be in these early states. it remains to be seen whether or not this impeachment is a benefit to president trump in the general election or whether or not it damages him with moderates and independent voters, especially as more damaging information comes out. we've talked about past impeachments and how that fared for the party in power with bill clinton. it's not clear that same rulebook would play out with president trump because he's ripped up the political play book and so many things haven't stuck to him. it does seem like democrats are ready to move forward with it. >> you both will be back to continue this discussion as we move through the process. thank you both. isis now claiming two separate attacks since naming its new leader. cnn takes a look at the evolution of this terror group next. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪ it has been one week since isis leader al baghdadi blew himself up after being cornered in syria. isis claimed responsibility for two attacks this week that killed at least 56 people though it offered no proof. these are the latest attacks it says it's carried out since naming al baghdadi's successor.
3:17 pm
joining me is phillip mud and james spider marks. gentlemen, good to have both of you here. here we have a new leader and new attacks isis say it's responsible for, both since al baghdadi was killed. isis wants to show it's still relevant even though its found ser dead. >> i think that's true. there is one thing i would suggest you look at. it's not whether you have a tactical attack. over the course of time if you want to be a successful terror group that recruits people and money from places like asia, southeast asia and the middle east, you've got to stage attacks like we've seen in the past on places like europe and t america. if you want to have just an event in iraq, you can find a suicide bomber. if you want to build a terror organization, you've got to build a network that can reach out to places where people pay attention. i haven't seen that yet from isis, but i wouldn't rule it
3:18 pm
out. >> here's a reminder of what president trump said about al baghdadi's last moments. >> he died after running into a dead end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. he was whimpering, screaming and crying, crying, screaming and bringing three kids with him. >> the "new york times" reported on friday in the days since president trump gave the world a graphic account of al baghdadi's death, no evidence has emerged to confirm it. the defense secretary, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the regional commander who oversaw the operation that killed the leader of the islamic state all say they have no idea what the president was talking about. general, at the end of the day, does it matter if the president exaggerated the death of a terror leader? >> well, the fact that the terror leader is gone is what's most significant.
3:19 pm
i can't speak for to the president's motivations for embellishing or describing how baghdadi died and left us. at the end of the day, he's gone. to your very point up front, the key thing is, is what's happening now is significant in that isis wants to make sure they can demonstrate that they're viable. they need to make sure that they're viable at the level where they have been in the past, which means penetrating some very tough targets. it's easy to penetrate some places in southeast asia, less so in europe and the united states. that's what we need to look for. what the answer really is, is continued diligence on the part of our intelligence community and the necessary input from partners. look, we can't do this alone. we have an incredible apparatus of intelligence around the globe and we've got to rely on partners and friends and those willing to step up and take a risk to help us keep a sharp focus on what those next steps
3:20 pm
are. >> phil, i want to get your thoughts on the president's embellishments, exaggerations about the death of baghdadi in terms of how he described what baghdadi was doing, whimpering and screaming. does it matter? >> heck yeah it matters on two levels. first, as a practitioner why would you humiliate the adversary? you can step away from the battlefield and say this is a somber moment for america. it's a step forward but you don't celebrate death just as you don't tell a child when you execute a murder, let's go out and buy a cake. you might say it's appropriate to take someone who has murdered children in america away from life, but you never celebrate the loss of life, neither as a practitioner nor as a human being talking to a child saying if a human being is killed in war, you go celebrate. i realize people don't like that message, but it's pretty simple.
3:21 pm
we do not celebrate death ever even if it's a terrorist. step four, yes. celebration no. >> we have entered syria to protect the oil fields. barbara starr is reporting there's confusion over what the plan is. is that acceptable? >> well, what the commanders routinely do on the ground, absent orders from above at least if they understand what the intent is. if the intent is to, quote, guard oil fields to ensure that the oil fields can maintain their production levels, that they can maintain normal operations, then what you do is you facilitate that. that's a mission statement that has some implied steps that are necessary in order to accomplish that. what might be unclear is what are the potential threats as a result. so you work through scenarios in
3:22 pm
anticipation of how they might reveal themselves. so confusion in terms of mission orders happens all the time. what you want to make sure happens is that there's clarity in terms of commanders' intent, intent in terms of task and purpose. then you can go about the business of figuring out what it looks like on the ground. it's not that unusual. it's not abherrant to have confusion on the ground. >> real quick switching topics. you worked with bob mueller. donald trump jr. has a new book out next week. he's critical of mueller, specifically saying that democrats put mueller before congress, quote, so he could stutter and basketbabble his wa through five hours of testimony. this is according to an excerpt obtained by the "new york times." what's your response? >> you've got to be kidding me.
3:23 pm
a guy who made money off his daddy is telling me that a man who served honorably in vietnam, the most storied prosecutor of my generation, and a guy who made money off his daddy is telling me don't respect that man. i served with mueller. best i ever saw, the best. >> thank you both. i always appreciate your insights and expertise. president trump's call with ukraine is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. so who decides what gets put in a white house transcript of a call with a foreign leader and what gets left out? first, here's christine romans with this week's "before the bell". >> investors hope the federal reserve has done enough to cushion the u.s. economy. last week the central bank cut interest rates for the third time this year. fed chief jerome powell strongly hinted it will pause for now. since then economic data has been mixed.
3:24 pm
the u.s. economy created 128,000 jobs in october, better than expected despite the gm strike. the factory sector also continues to contract. a key report showed it shrank for the third straight month in october, but the sector did rebound a bit from the previous month so investors got some relief there. there's more data coming this week. ♪
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reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. if house democrats get their way, it will be another busy week of testimony on capitol hill in the impeachment inquiry. here are the current and former officials the democrats have summoned to testify this week although it's unclear how many
3:29 pm
of them will actually show up. former national security advisor john bolton is on that list. he has been mentioned by other witnesses as having raised concerns about the president's dealings with ukraine. however, bolton's lawyers said he would not appear unless subpoenaed. with each official who testifies we do learn a little more about what exactly happened during and after that now infamous call. >> reporter: the nsc's top official on russia, tim morrison is now the second person on that fateful july call to testify before house investigators, adding more intense scrutiny to every word said on that call. one of morrison's deputies, lieutenant colonel vindman testified there were at least two places he tried to make corrections to the rough transcript of the call. but the changes to the transcript were never made. the president has depicted the
3:30 pm
transcript as a verbatim record. >> word for word, comma for comma. >> reporter: but vindman testified there are two omissions from controversial parts of the call. there's just an ellipsis where vindman said trump actually told the ukrainian president there were tapes of joe biden. >> why would there be an ellipsis there instead of that crucial part of the conversation? >> i find that very surprising. ellipses is not a notation that would have been in a normal situation room raw transcript. so my initial thinking when i saw these ellipsis was that someone on the nsc staff just put ellipses where perhaps the president's voice trailed off. >> larry pfeiffer ran the white house situation room for two years under president obama. he says he oversaw more than 100 calls between obama and foreign leaders and says during those calls some aides are huddled around another phone in the same room as the president while
3:31 pm
others are connected on phones in other offices. he says an account of the conversation is produced by two or three note takers helped by voice recognition software. the account then revised and corrected by policy aides and experts who are also listening. >> i can't think of a time that anybody's recommended changes from a person like lieutenant colonel vindman any time when they would have been blocked. >> according to the times, there's no tape recording of the trump call by the american side. >> that's something i understand that hasn't been done since the nixon era. >> i think it affords the president a certain level of deniability. >> for the trump call, the transcript at one point has the ukrainian president saying just the company. vindman says it it should name the company biden's son worked for because he claims that's what the president actually said. the i ltrump team denies vindma
3:32 pm
claims. >> if things are left out, that again means that a foreign government knows what happened and you're hamstringing your home team. >> can a white house aide, a situation room duty officer or anyone who's on a call between the president and a foreign leader record that call on his or her own through their desktop phone or on their cell phone just to make sure the contents are captured correctly? larry pfeiffer says anyone trying to do that at the white house would be fired. in the situation room itself, no outside cell phones are even allowed. >> the president's most infamous defender rudy giuliani is caught in the middle of this ukraine scandal. how his actions could cost his client the presidency. you're live in the cnn newsroom. do you want me to go first or do you want to go first, brea? you can go first. audible reintroduced this whole world to me. so many great stories from amazing people. makes me wanna be better. to connect with stories that i'm listening to-
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attorney general, lawyer, personal fixer, call him what you want, there's no denying rudy giuliani is caught in the
3:37 pm
middle of the impeachment inquiry into president trump. cnn's tom foreman takes a look at what we know so far and giuliani's role in the administration's relationship with ukraine. >> the president of the united states says i didn't -- >> the truth is the truth. mr. mayor, do you realize -- >> no, no, no. >> this is going to become a bad meme. >> don't do this to me. >> in the swirling storm of the ukraine scandal, as much or more than the president -- >> shut up, moron. shut up. >> rudy giuliani, his lawyer, is at the center. >> you're just repeating spin. the prosecutor -- >> but you don't, right? you're not spinning anything. go ahead. >> i'm not spinning a damn thing. >> "time" has put him on its front page calling him a shadowy secretary of state even as witnesses said it was giuliani who set up back door communications with the ukrainians bypassing the state department. giuliani saying in that infamous
3:38 pm
phone call if you could speak to him that would be great. and giuliani, who continues to claim with zero proof that russian interference to help republican donald trump was not the problem in the last election, but meddling to help the democrats was. >> it was actually real collusion. it involved the ukrainians. but the fbi did everything they could to keep this information away. >> the president's defense of giuliani has been at times strong, at times tepid. giuliani's behavior has careened into the surreal. for example, this week when he attacked eed democrats for the probe into trump's actions but simultaneously tweeted an admission that trump did ask for a ukrainian investigation or when he butt dialled a nbc reporter who overheard him complaining and looking for
3:39 pm
cash. >> well, i hope not. >> after two of giuliani's clients, soviet born american businessmen were charged with circumventing u.s. election laws, giuliani has been showing up in the media to defend the president less often. sources say he's been shopping for an attorney of his own. >> this stinks. >> it's possible to imagine that giuliani will remain out of the spotlight because like trump he clearly enjoys attention. but this kind of attention, maybe not so much. tom foreman, cnn, washington. just in, mcdonald's has fired its ceo over a relationship with an employee. details, next. mom, why do we always come here for the holidays? how did you find great-grandma's recipe? we're related to them? we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian? grandpa, can you tell me the story again?
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we are following major business news. the ceo of mcdonald's is out after admitting to some personal behavior that he calls a mistake. steve easterbrook has been the mcdonald's ceo since swift. in a company-wide e-mail obtained by cnn, easterbrook told fellow mcdonald's employees
3:44 pm
that he engaged in a consensual relationship with someone in the organization, a relationship that violated company policy. mcdonald's has already named a new ceo. the whistleblower whose allegations about the president's dealings with ukraine sparked the house impeachment inquiry is willing to have republicans submit their questions directly to him or her. this is a move that would provide a direct channel for the party that currently holds a minority within the house intelligence committee. previously the whistleblower would answer lawmakers' questions in writing but only if they were submitted by the committee as a whole. republican leadership has complained that the current process is unfair and overly restrikir restrictive in their ability to question witnesses. i want to bring in mike rogers. mike, what do you think of this invitation from the whistleblower's attorney? will this be enough to quiet complaints from the gop? >> likely not. i mean, any sense of decor rum
3:45 pm
the house intelligence committee is just gone. this is one more symptom of that that the whistleblower doesn't even want to sit in the room with republican members who probably should have the ability to ask the whistleblower some questions as that broader inquiry of impeachment moves forward. >> but they've been attacking the whistleblower, part of what the president's defense is. this president has said multiple times that he wants to know the whistleblower's identity. could that be one of the reasons why the whistleblower doesn't want to sit in front of the committee for fear of his or her safety? >> no doubt about it. past behavior of certain members of that committee running down to the white house with their hair on fire on certain bits of information that should have been kept within the jurisdiction of the house intelligence committee in congress is probably a pretty good indicator why you wouldn't want to do that. it's really unfortunate. i do believe if this things
3:46 pm
moves to a broader inquiry and impeachment, the whistleblower will likely and should testify not necessarily in open about what the whistleblower knew and the kinds of people. because you want to make sure you get all of those bits and pieces along the way, which i think would be really important in the investigation. but the whistleblower has protections. i think they're invoking that right now, not that i would say that either party here has acted very well in this process. but i can completely understand why the whistleblower wants to maintain the whistleblower protection status. as a part of that, they said you could do these written questions. at the end of the day, it's probably not going to be enough, but i do think that it's not a bad idea to try to protect your identity in what has turned into an absolute vicious partisan fight. >> let's talk about declassified now because there is an all new episode airing tonight. this week you give us a look inside the case of a would be spy who used unbreakable codes
3:47 pm
and classified information to try to sell america's secrets to its biggest enemies. here's a preview. ♪ >> i remember coming out here many times. ♪ >> you can see how rough it is and how remote it is. there's no one here. and there's no one to see you. never in a million years would i expect to be in the woods digging holes to find classified information. in a sense, we were digging for treasure. there was critical information buried out here that was important to the defense of the united states and we had to find it. >> very mysterious. what does the intelligence community do when confronted with a spy like this in their own ranks? >> well, it's always disturbing to find. unfortunately, there are still
3:48 pm
folks who decide that their financial well-being is more important than the rest of the country's national security. and this was the case, somebody that spent 20 years in the military, ended up working pretty sensitive case work. he worked for the national re n reconnaissance office. he stole some very sensitive information. it wasn't just dangerous. this would have gotten people killed. there were defense sites, missile defense sites that he was going to sell to iraq. he thought he was going to do the information in libya, but he was going to the chinese as well to try to sell really valuable information that would have exposed our troops who are doing operations across the middle east to real danger. i mean, this was about as bad as it gets. he became known as the spy who couldn't spell right. that's actually what led to finding them in the first place.
3:49 pm
then they had to crack really hard codes to find that material buried in those woods, as you saw in that clip. >> mike rogers, former congressman, thank you very much. it's good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> it's an all new episode of "declassified untold spore ris of american spies". coming up, president trump is met with boos at a second public event in one week. you're live in the cnn newsroom. . mmm, delicious! i need this recipe. everyone thinks i made them, but it's actually d-con. what was that? judy? d-con. mice love it to death.
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once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. . a warm welcome not entirely. president trump met with loud
3:53 pm
boos and some cheers as he walked into madison square garden last night for the ultimate fighting championship. it was the second time in a week president trump was booed in public. but as jeanne moos reports trump is not the first. >> reporter: when president trump looked at the first lady and smiled and smiled and smiled, was he hearing what we were hearing? lots of booing plus an impeach trump banner and veterans for impeachment, peeping out behind home plate. not to mention -- hey, but at least nobody threw any shoes at him like they did at president obama george w. bush in baghdad. is that a ball or a strike? practically all politicians get booed. for instance, mike pence arriving at the broadway musical "hamilton." >> i nudged my kids and reminded
3:54 pm
them that's what freedom sounds like. >> reporter: freedom sounded like this when hillary clinton said bernie sanders wasn't a democrat until he ran for president. >> well, it's true. you know it's true. >> reporter: it's bad enough getting booed but imagine getting booed on your birthday? that's what happened to rudy giuliani on his 74th birthday at his beloved yankees stadium. happy birthday, rudy, said by the new york post. but obama turned boos to cheers at the democratic convention. >> there's donald trump. don't boo. vote. >> reporter: candidate trump got
3:55 pm
booed for trying to silence jeb bush. >> let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- >> reporter: but so far they're trying to shush an entire stadium, you're destined to strike-out big league. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. just one year from now, november 3, 2020, americans head to the ballot box to pick a president. new polls out today shows just how tight the race is right now. we'll have that for you at the top of the hour. you are live in the cnn newsroom. t-mobile's newest signal reaches farther than ever before... with more engineers, more towers, more coverage. it's a network that gives you... with coverage from big cities, to small towns. introducing t-mobile's 600mhz signal.
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he's emerged as the unlikely hero of a recent u.s. raid that left isis founder al baghdadi dead. we're talking about conan the dog. and last night he was to be featured on the sketch of "saturday night live." >> how's does it feel to get all the credit for killing baghdadi? >> obviously it's been a team effort from day one. >> president trump has confirmed that the pooch is coming to the white house this week. the visit comes amid an intense national debate should conan receive a purple heart. time will tell if he leaves with
4:00 pm
a medal hanging around his neck. top of the hour. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. and this is milestone weekend. on the road to election day 2020. it is now just one year away, november 3rd next year. and american voters are making it known how they feel about issues that will impact their vote for president. health care, climate change, terrorism and the possible impeachment of president trump. first the democratic primary. three new national opinion polls released today showing former vice president joe biden ahead of the democratic field. the same three surveys shows senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders right behind him. on the subject of impeaching president trump the poll shows the nation split down the middle. 49% of respondents regardless of party affiliation now say the president should not only be impeached but


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