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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 6, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. big impeachment inquiry news. democrats announce public hearings beginning next week. up first, key diplomats who in private testimony offers damning takes on a ukraine policy they say was corrupted by the president's personal political vendettas and by his personal lawyer rudy giuliani. plus, another big trump era election night for democrats. the democrats now poised to seize the kentucky governor's office. they flipped the virginia legislature and local posts across the philadelphia suburbs. turnout was upmost everywhere suggesting a highly energized electorate heading into the presidential year. and the suburban revolt against trumpism deepens, making the president's state by state path to victory even more narrow next year than it was in 2016. pennsylvania is a case study, but harder does not mean impossible given the president's fiercely loyal base.
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>> is there anything that he could do or anything that could happen that would make you not vote for him? >> no. if he shot someone on 5th avenue would you vote for him? >> why did he shoot him? >> back to elections later in the program. we begin the hour with big news. adam schiff a short time ago announcing the first two public impeachment hearings, next wednesday november 13th and next friday november 15th. schiff says there will be two wednesday witnesses and then on friday marie yovanovtch. schiff calls these witnesses important building blocks as the democrats now take their case public. >> i think you will see throughout the course of the testimony not only their testimony but many others the most important facts are largely not contested. we are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took
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place during the course of the last year and the degree to which the president enlisted whole departments of government in the elicit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent. >> chairman schiff also telling reporters he will release later today the transcript of ambassador taylor's private testimony. let's get to phil mattingly on capitol hill. a big day as democrats turn the page and go from private testimony to public hearings. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the big picture is this. when you look at the witness list for the first two hearings george kent, william taylor on wednesday, marie yovanovitch on friday. democrats attempt to paint a picture of a government that's gone rogue when it comes to ukrain ukraine, the push to oust yovanovitch in ukraine.
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and rudy giuliani working on the sidelines and undercutting what career diplomats were attempting to do. that's what you're going to see in those first two hearings. we'll also see the full scale of that deposition released later today. based on the resolution the house passed last week before they left for recess, republicans now have 72 hours to propose their own witnesses to join those hearings. when it comes to the hearings themselves, a key wrinkle that i think is going to be very, very important to watch. based on that resolution, the first 90 minutes of each hearing are split between chairman schiff and the republicans' ranking member. it will not go up and down the committee in 5-minute caps. it should make for a very
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interesting hearing and a hearing with a more conclusive thread as to what people are going for in their questioning. keep an eye on that. as you noted, this is move into the public phase. this is moving fast. democrats know the public hearings are crucial to public sentiment. that's what they're going for next week. >> stakes for everybody going up today including the president and those on capitol hill. with me here in studio cnn's nia malika henderson, tamara keith. stakes are higher for everybody. the chairman in announcing this witness list, mr. taylor, mr. kent and ambassador yovanovitch, democrats are trying to -- think about watching a tv crime drama where you try to build your case. part of that is the factual evidence. part of that is getting the
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jury's attention. are the democrats ready to bring this public? >> they've had a parade of witnesses coming in to testify that there was a quid pro quo both on military aid and also a head of state meeting with the president of ukraine and that this was all contingent on an investigation. these three people they're talking about for next week, they each sfepeak to a differen piece of this saga. ambassador yovanovitch was sidelined because she was fighting corruption. george kent was the one who testified that there were, quote, three amigos put in charge of ukraine policy although experts like himself actually knew the nuts and bolts of ukraine.
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a >> if you're republican, you obviously see some flaws in some of these folks. george kent raised concerns about hunter biden. bill taylor never had any direct conversations with this president. so there are ways if you're a republican you can try to impeach some of these folks' testimony if not their credibility. we've seen them try to do that with bill taylor, with other folks, essentially saying these are never trumpers. some of these folks will have areas where republicans can score some points. >> that's a key point in the sense that this gets even more complicated now in the sense that you're going to have the public testimony come forward, which the facts should be what matters most, what actually happened here. but how the facts come out and how they're challenged or how they're connected is based on the quality of the people running this. if you read the transcripts
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release sod feased so far, if i president of the united states, i would be a little nervous. are they ready? you mentioned mr. kent for example. on the one hand, republicans can try to challenge him, you're the guy who did complain during the obama administration about should joe biden be in charge of ukraine policy when hunter biden has some business dealings here. you can impugn him or you can say this is a guy who was clearly a straight shooter. >> in some ways, i think what republicans are trying to do is to say, you know, these are just disagreements. this is a matter of opinion. their opinion is that these things were problematic. the republicans' opinion is maybe they weren't problematic. the president can do what he wants can foreign policy. why weren't these people following the president's wishes? >> it is a key point. who do they call? do the republicans bring in
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other people? who would those people be? would they be witnesses who have said no to congressional subpoenas to give a more loyalist take, if you will. think about this as the building blocks. they're trying to make the case what happened. the democrats say it was corrupt and abuse of power. what happened comes from bill taylor. there was an irregular foreign channel of u.s. policy making with ukraine one that included volker, sondland, rick perry and mr. giuliani. to your point, the democrats can't argue the president doesn't have a right to have an unorthodox foreign policy. the democrats can not argue the president doesn't have a right to put whoever he wants in charge of said policy. the dots the democrats need to connect is to show that giuliani was working counter to the administration policy, which was to bolster this new government, stand up to russia and that he was making money on the side
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while he was apparently doing the president's bidding in ukraine. >> thus far we've had a lot of people raising concern about the role of giuliani. that was one of the major problems, is that a lot of people didn't know what he was up to and how he was conducting business. the white house has said this is just the president's way of doing foreign policy, he can assign whoever he wants. mick mulvaney told us a couple of weeks ago. i think the bigger challenge for democrats and something that the republicans are going to latch onto is actually connecting this to the president. apart from the transcript that we have where he does ask the president of ukraine to investigate biden and bu, to ac get a quid pro quo coming out of the president's mouth. the circle has been closing in on ambassador sondland. we've had numerous people testifying that he was directly engaged in that.
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>> initially the white house tried to stop everybody, a lot of state department people, some national security council people came forward. here's ambassador yovanovitch. ukrainians were wondering whether i was going to be leaving, whether we really represented the president, u.s. policy, et cetera. you know, it was really kind of cut the ground out from underneath us. again, is that just the presentation to which republicans can say, yeah, maybe the president was mean to his ambassador, but he's different. this is how he does things. or can they connect it to corruption and abuse? >> that's the big problem. you hear a lot of people talk about giuliani. sondland seemed to kind of throw giuliani under the bus. again, connecting it to the president has been something
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they've been unable to do. if you read the transcript as the president wants you to do, he is saying that giuliani is his point person in all of this stuff and all of this stuff has to do with in part military aid and in part getting a meeting at the white house and certainly the dnc server. i think democrats in some ways hung everything on mueller last go round. we remember what happened with the mueller testimony. they're hoping this line-up, this kind of murderers row of folks will be very different than mueller was. >> one more point if we have time. i was just on the hill and there were three republicans going in and going out of the skiff. all three of them made the point that sondland couldn't tell investigates how he knew there was a military aid quid pro quo. he couldn't say if trump told him, did mulvaney tell him. he just assumed it.
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inquiry. adam schiff announcing last hour the democrats will begin public impeachment inquiry hearings next week, three witnesses, two on wednesday, one on friday of next week. these are all diplomats. part of the building blocks of a case the democrats say proves the president had a corrupt foreign policy in ukraine. that's the democrats' case. republicans say increasingly as we move into this next phase, yes, they've had a chance to question the witnesses in private. now they will have a chance in public. listen here to congressman mark meadows of south carolina saying we're not worried. >> the republicans are not struggling on anything. actually as we hear more testimony, in fact the testimony that we're hearing today, it's actually getting easier to defend the president from a standpoint there is no linkage between aid. >> that's what they say publicly. when you talk to republicans privately, i want to be very careful here in the sense that
9:18 am
there are some differences of opinion or at least republicans are going to argue there are differences of interpretation. the question is, can they do that successfully in a public setting when you have these very credible, very experienced, very meticulous note taking diplomats at the table saying here's how it happened? is that public spin or are they really confident that they can make a case that this was okay? maybe not the way most people would do it, but this was okay? >> i feel like from reading the transcripts and looking at the republican questioning behind closed doors, it really seems like they're throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. they try to say russia didn't interfere in the 2016 election because the president is obviously very sore on that subject. it seems like right now at least after sondland made this amendment to his statement they're really going to be latching onto this point about him saying he sort of assumed
9:19 am
military aid was linked in some way to what they were trying to do in terms of leveraging an investigation with ukraine. i wouldn't be surprised if you hear over and over again in the public hearings did president trump ever tell you he held up aid for this reason? did you hear this from the president's mouth? i think we're going to see that line of questioning. >> that is why the inside the white house witnesses, could they get john bolton, mick mulvaney, colonel vindman? is there somebody who has this part of information who can either connect those dots or say those dots cannot be connected? here's something kurt volker -- the challenge here is going to be if you read one transcript, both sides can find something they like. but in the case of kurt volker, the president's special enjoy to ukraine, he did say this, you asked about what conversations did i have about that quid pro quo, et cetera. none, because i didn't know that
9:20 am
there was a quid pro quo. that's kurt volker. if you are a defender of the president, you like that statement. if you're jim jordan, one of his chief defenders on capitol hill, you're asking the american people to read that and nothing else. >> the definitive account on all of this is from ambassador volker. >> why is he definitive? >> he was the special envoy to ukraine. he was in this each and every day working on these issues. that's the one transcript y'all don't want to talk about but it's the guy that our first witness. >> some were leaving, some were about to leave, some at just come into the situation, some had preconceived notions. regardless, he seems to be the one honest broker. >> they're being smart lawyers, if you will. they're defending the president. they're seizing on somethig. it's very smart of them. volker also goes on to say the
9:21 am
negative narrative about ukraine which mr. giuliani was saying was the problem. it was impeding our ability to build the relationship the way we should be doing. >> the president went out and thanked ambassador volker for his comments and felt a little bit vindicated by it. this is the gamble when you get into public hearings. the democrats are going to want a smoking gun. they're going to want a made for tv blockbuster moment. similar to the mueller investigation when robert mueller came out, did they get some of the answers they wanted? yes. did it sway public opinion kw? m no. republicans are going to seize on it and say if those word don't come out of their mouth, they don't have a case there. up next, some major election night warning signs for republicans as we head closer every day into 2020. skin sin #17... too many after-parties. new neutrogena® bright boost
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a big election night last night across america beginning with the race a lot of people are paying attention to today, the governor's race in the state of kentucky. the margin is very close, but it does look like andy beshear will
9:27 am
be the winner. turnout was enormous in this race. matt beven getting 200,000 more votes than when he won four years ago. remember 2018? we've been watching this pattern. big democratic wins in the urban areas stretching out into the suburbs. there's a suburban revolt against republicans in the trump era. we saw it in kentucky last night. we saw it over in lexington as well. big margin for the democrat. when you can run it blue in the city and the suburbs, it helps you offset all that red which is the smaller republican counties. these sbe a more narrow margin here. matt beven won them in 2015. trump won them in 2016. since the trump election, the
9:28 am
suburbs are going blue in a big way. we're seeing that not just in kentucky last night. i'm going to bring you up a map from 2016. these are the house races. we don't have the virginia legislative races here but i can show you the state of virginia. the democrats were so successful they flipped both the virginia house and the virginia senate. that has not happened in a generation. move back up to the philadelphia suburbs. again, a region critical to the democrats in the 2018 elections, a lot of local races here just outside of philadelphia in bucks county, in chester county, democrats winning races in some cases holding seats they hadn't held since the civil war, a suburban revolt that will carry over into 2020 calculations. >> this isn't about politics anymore. that ended last night. this is about being the best governor that i can be for the people of kentucky.
9:29 am
it's about changing the tone we have heard for the last four years. no more us versus them, no more this side or that side. this is about focusing on those core issues. i'm done with running for office. it's now time to govern. >> smart message from the likely winner. we're going to let it play out but it sure looks like he will be the next governor which is embarrassing for the president. he went down there on the eve of the election. matt beven was a controversial, unpopular governor but the president went down thinking he could pull him over the finish line and he could not. 2015, matt we'vbeven wins. if you talk to people about virginia last night, if you talk to people about the philadelphia suburbs last night, people are coming out to vote on both
9:30 am
sides. we have a highly energized election which is weird in an off year. >> we saw this in 2017 with midterms. people excited on both sides. this is a continuation of the trends we saw there. you mentioned the suburban flight from the republican party to democrats which helped democrats secure the house. and then in these governors races, also good news for democrat who s who came into th trump era with a real deficit in terms of the number of governorships they held. they had a net gain of eight at this point. if beshear ends up being the winner, that will be nine. we saw sort of the reverse of this when obama was in office, losing legislative seats all around the country. now democrats are sort of riding a lot of the discontent about the republican brand. you saw beshear talk about the tone, the nastiness, oftentimes
9:31 am
embodied by this president. beshear obviously saw that with his opponent beven. that's something that you see national democrats also seizing on. >> don't think mitch mcconnell isn't thinking the obama comparison in the sense that obama lost the house, then he lost the senate. they lost a ton of state legislative seats, they lost governor races. the trump years have been good for trump. we'll see what happens in the reelection. i just want to read this out of philadelphia. thinking of pennsylvania critical to the trump electoral map. the blue wave crashes down on pennsylvania again as voters turn left. locally democrats will hold all five seats on the delaware county council and also assume the majority in chester county. in delaware county the results for republicans were catastrophic. all three republican council candidates and all four
9:32 am
republicans running for judgeships left there. it just tells you if you live in a suburb, you're turning blue. go to people in america leaving smaller rural counties moving closer to urban and suburban areas. that is a demographic that is bad for the president heading into 2020 and potentially disastrous for his party if it continues. >> it's a suburban blood bath again. 2018, we saw it starting there. pennsylvania is interesting too because not only did trump win it but this is an area that hillary clinton had a problem turning outvoters. what this election shows is folks are fired up and coming out to vote. that's going to be a big problem for trump potentially in 2020. >> you look at virginia which when i first came to washington was a red state. now forget about it. if you think about it, the governor has an ethical cloud
9:33 am
over his head, the lieutenant governor has an ethical cloud over his head the attorney general to a lesser degree maybe. all three top democrats have had questions raised about their character and ethics. despite that, the republicans tried to use that issue, despite that the democrats sweep everything. governor northam says, guess what, virginia's blue. >> this is an exciting day for the commonwealth of virginia. after 26 years we are officially blue. this wave started after the election in 2016. i think virginians woke up and said we will never let this happen again. >> in virginia it's the d.c. suburbs and the richmond suburbs mostly that are causing the population growth, younger voters, college educated women, the people who don't like donald trump's republican party. ryan costello, former
9:34 am
congressman from the philadelphia area, there appears to be an electoral realignment in the suburbs. republicans aren't leaning in on the issues that affect suburban affluent voters like gun safety and the environment. >> president trump did not campaign in virginia. he tweeted a little bit about virginia but he kept his distance and it didn't matter. all of these democrats with clouds over their heads that were running that have had problems in virginia, they were not on the ballot. this was an off off year. there was no big headline race. it was the legislature that was the big race and guns was the main issue in a bunch of these districts. >> whether or not you want to believe this is a referendum for trump moving forward trump wants voters to believe this was a referendum for them. i guarantee you the white house and also his campaign
9:35 am
headquarters are paying close attention to what happened last night. >> they have the time, the money and no hard primary challenge. they can learn lessons. the first lady is facing some protesters today up in boston. some hospital employees are protesting melania trump's visit to the boston medical center. the organizers of the protest said they're worried the visit sends the wrong message to patients, especially those who also happen to be immigrants. at bayer, we're helping put more gold into the golden years. with better heart treatments, advanced brain disease research, and better ways to age gracefully. at bayer, this is why we science. $$9.95? no way.? $9.95? that's impossible. hi, i'm jonathan, a manager here at colonial penn life insurance company, to tell you it is possible.
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the secretary of state mike pompeo under heavy scrutiny at the state department as the impeachment inquiry marches forward. several witnesses have testified secretary pompeo was unwilling to defend career employees who were under sharp political attack, some from the president of the united states. multiple sources telling cnn this has damaged the secretary's reputation at his own department and devastated morale there. secretary pompeo now oversees at
9:41 am
his side an aide who was supposed to testify in the impeachment inquiry. we talk about how central rudy giuliani is to all of this. but so the is secretary of state. the first three witnesses announced for public hearings next week state department officials. how is he handling this? >> there are multiple officials in the administration who are telling cnn he's not handling it well. this is from one senior administration official who's actually been defending pompeo for the last several months. he said morale in the building is always bad but this is different. i think part of it is ukraine. it is a game changer. now these transcipts coming out from senior state department officials are really sort of undermining his credibility within the building nap's certainly what we're hearing whether it's from marie yovanovitch or michael mckinley who was a senior advisor to mike pompeo, contradicted something mike pompeo said just a few
9:42 am
weeks ago. this is having a devastating effect on morale. >> when secretary pompeo came in, he was viewed as a trump guy. tillerson was not. a lot of people at the department say this will be good, at least we will have the president's ear. that balloon has popped. >> we saw in the transcript from michael mckinley, who is the top state department official who quit because pompeo did not voice any support for ambassador yovanovitch. we saw him say this wasn't always the case at the state department. things were good. pompeo did come in and boost morale to a degree because tillerson had done some things that state department officials were super frustrated by, whether it was cutting folks or if it was cutting the number of people that were actually put into more senior positions. but pompeo was really behind the people, so it seemed. now the problem is that the morale has been devastated because they're seeing that the person who's leaving their department isn't able to defend them when he's speaking with president trump.
9:43 am
i spoke with one senior state department official who pushed back on this characterization today and said this is isn't true, this isn't morale across the department really hitting an all-time low, but did say that people in washington are worried about what's happening right now and the problem is that pompeo, if he wants to keep his job, isn't able to stand out and publicly defend yovanovitch. >> it will be fascinating to watch. again, the first three public witnesses will be state department employees. up next, what last night's election results say for the president's path to reelection come 2020. people, our sales now apply to only 10 frames. a new low! at visionworks, our sales are good on over five hundred frames. why are you so weird? for a limited time, get two complete pairs for $49. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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it is risky to read too much into last night's elections when we look ahead to 2020. if you talk to smart people in politics, there are some emerging lessons, some things they point to to suggest what next year will look like. this is the clinton/trump race. president trump wins the white house. hillary clinton by a healthy margin wins the popular vote. if you look at 2017, 2018 and again last night, you'd be hard pressed to find a republican who does not think no matter who wins the presidency next year, donald trump will again lose the
9:49 am
popular vote. most smart republicans think probably by an even bigger margin next time because of the coast and also because of the republican revolt against this president in the suburbs. then you look at the map. the president won kentucky by 30 points last time. don there are some suburban lessons there, some turnout lessons there. but kentucky is a red state and likely will be next year. look at what happened in the philadelphia suburbs. if you look here at a state the president just barely won, key to his electoral victory, pennsylvania is a huge thing to keep an eye on as we go forward. in arizona we saw what happened last year in 2018 there. in 2016 this was closer than you might think. democrats think given what's happening in the suburbs maybe arizona can be in play.
9:50 am
virginia was blue in 2016 and it wasn't all that close. the trump campaign did try for a bit but the suburbs up here just said no. virginia, will the trump campaign spend some money? maybe. but it's a blue state now so don't think about that as a big battleground. this is how donald trump became president. he lost the popular vote but he won 306 electoral votes. take pennsylvania away because it will be in play. a lot of democrats say the numbers are similar over here in michigan. wisconsin was that other big surprise he flipped from blue to red. he thinks he can put minnesota in play. let's put that in play there. let's move over to arizona. democrats think the demographics, latinos in the suburbs helped them. there are a lot of people in presidential politic who is think the election could come down to five states. it would be very competitive.
9:51 am
the president would be under 270 and that would be a food fight. among the democrats who look at this, this, this and that and say what you want here is a centrist moderate democrat trying to break through. joe biden makes that case, pete buttigieg makes that case, so does amy klobuchar. >> my plan is to build a blue wall around the heartland and make donald trump pay for it. i think if you think i am off somewhere about this, look what happened last night in virginia and look at what happened in kentucky in districts that are even more conservative than some of those states that i just mentioned. >> when you ask what lessons can you project going forward, watch pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. those three states are probably going to be the boom. >> yeah. if you are a progressive
9:52 am
democrat, you say, listen, you tried the seicentrist democrat before in 2016 and how did that work out for you? you've got somebody like warren and sanders saying big structural change, but this is the idealogical fight that's going to be played out. biden obviously going heavily after warren at this point, buttigieg doing the same thing. this will be the entire fight and we'll see that play out in these contests next year. >> hi want to put up the screen of the map we know where the president is going to rally. absent a big primary challenger at the moment, his campaign gets this. they are going to the states that matter. they are building a database. they know that he's going to lose the popular vote most likely. it's about who can turn out the
9:53 am
most voters in the states that will decide the president. >> these are the states where impeachment is still underwater. these are the area areas where e extent he can go to these states and do rallies and say this is unfair, that could also tip the scales in his favor. >> you see new hampshire and minnesota as places he's visited. his campaign would say we're just trying to expand the map, we want to win by more. they're also looking for insurance if some of those sunbelt states don't go the way they want them to. up next, joe biden's plan with elizabeth warren. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer, yeah i feel free ♪
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two: this type of plan allows you to keep your doctor - as long as he or she accepts medicare patients. and three: these are the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. learn more about why you should choose an aarp medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. . first in a written posting on medium and now in an interview the former vice president joe biden sharpening his criticism of rival elizabeth warren. >> if you don't agree with elizabeth warren, you must somehow be not a democrat, you must somehow be corrupt, you must not be as smart as she is. that's not who we are. it's just an elitist attitude about either my way or the
9:59 am
highway. you mustn't know that you're talking about if you disagree with me. >> elitist, condescending? >> this is former vice president joe biden not saying the words you know she was a harvard professor but that is exactly what he's saying. it's a very different story than what biden has said. >> but that he feels the need to do it tells you something. >> he kind of wants to get in on the pete action because pete is doing the same thing in terms of critiquing elizabeth warren, not because she's an elitist because he's a bit of an elitist too. he went to harvard and he's a rhodes scholar. we'll see what happens on the
10:00 am
debate stage. >> it totally nullified his argument. now everybody is focusing on his use of the term elitist. >> we'll continue. brianna keilar is up right now. have a great afternoon. ♪ i'm brianna keilar live. we are waiting for more testimony transcripts to be released in the impeachment inquiry into president trump, this time from one of the top u.s. diplomats still serving in ukraine, bill taylor. it's our understanding that during his closed-door testimony, taylor explicitly tied president trump to a quid pro quo, explaining how he was told, quote, everything depended on ukraine publicly announcing investigations. this transcript which is about to be released should confirm and expan


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