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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 23, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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250,000 women and their children in need in detroit. go to to vote for her for cnn hero of the year or any of your favorite top ten heroes. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. emails just released show how the white house helped to coordinate rudy giuliani's efforts in ukraine. also ahead this hour, a new accusation against one of donald trump's biggest defenders in congress. and his alleged role in trying to get dirt on the bidens. all of this as the house ames to hold an impeachment vote by the end of the year. but what happens after that? we break it down for you. welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. we're coming to you live from atlanta, ga. i'm natalie allen and news room starts right now.
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thank you again for joining us and our top story is this. newly released documents give us a clearer view of how president trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, coordinated his efforts in ukraine through the white house and is coming directly from the u.s. state department. the information results from a freedom of information lawsuit filed by the advocacy group american oversight. emailed exchanges spell out how the white house helped arrange a phone call between giuliani and u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo. this took place the day after giuliani handed over materials with unproven claims about former vice president biden and his son, hunter.
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documents show pompeo spoke with giuliani the first time in late march, before giuliani handed over that information. it was the second conversation that was facilitated by the white house. for that conversation, giuliani reached out to madeleine westerhouse. giuliani said she was, quote, getting nowhere through regular channels. she then asked the state department how to get giuliani and pompeo in touch. if you're still with us, all of this comes as the white house is preparing for a likely impeachment vote followed by a trial in the u.s. senate. we get the latest from sara murray in washington. democrats are bracing for a busy december with a possible vote to impeach president trump before christmas day. the house intelligence committee and two other panels are
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crafting a report to serve as the basis for house impeachment that they will consider after thanksgiving. >> we have to decide what does it mean and once we conclude our investigation, if we decide it means the president should be held accountable -- >> december will be filled with public hearings and a likely vote in the house judiciary committee. before a full vote to impeach on the house floor which could come before christmas day, potentially making trump the third president in history to be impeached. house democrats don't plan to wait for firsthand witnesses who have refused to testify like mike mulvaney, mike pompeo and john bolton. >> they keep taking it to court and no, we're not going to wait until the courts decide. that might be information that's available to the senate. we can't wait for that. again, it's a technique. it's obstruction of justice. >> then in january, the impeachment battle is expected to shift to the senate where majority leader mitch mcconnell
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will run the show. republican lawmakers have already begun working with the white house to prepare for a possible senate trial. coalescing around the notion that an exhaustive process may be the best course to protect the president. there, trump will collide with six democratic senators looking to unseat him in the next presidential election. >> i will be there for the trial. >> but after weeks of hearings and impassioned arguments from democrats -- >> this president believes he is above the law, beyond accountability. and in my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law. >> even republicans who have been critical of trump don't appear convinced impeachment is the remedy. >> an impeachable defense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous. i have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion.
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>> we may soon see if that calculation is correct. sara murray, cnn, washington. a lawyer representing an indicted associate of giuliani's says his client is willing to testify before congress about the alleged role of republican congressman devin nunes in trying to dig up dirt on the bidens. the attorney says his client claims he helped put nunes in touch with this man, victor shoken. cnn's vicki ward spoke about it with our chris cuomo. >> so his lawyer says that lev parnes would like to come and speak to congress and that he would say to congress, were he given the opportunity, that last december devin nunes, the senior republican presiding over the impeachment hearings went to vienna and met with victor shoken. >> the person who was the
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prosecutor for ukraine that ukraine and everybody in the united states wanted out for not investigating corruption? >> correct. and who was fired in 2016, under pressure by many western leaders, including our then vice president joe biden. he has an ax to grind against the biden. victor is the man who has claimed to have dirt on victor and hunter biden. >> reportedly met with rudy giuliani. >> yes. >> nunes declined cnn's multiple requests for comment about this development. a series of tweedz on friday from john bolton attracted a lot of attention, both because of what they said and because bolton has been mostly silent
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since leaving his white house post. cnn's brian todd is on this story. >> he's been one of the ghosts of the impeachment hearings, on a list of key figures like mike pompeo, rudy giuliani and mike mulvaney who didn't testify, but john bolton could know more than all of them about the allegations that president trump used his power to investigate the bidens. >> he was one of the biggest starring players in this whole episode with ukraine and yet he was an off stage character almost the entire time in the impeachment probe. >> but on friday, a tease from john bolton. in a series of tweets, he accused the white house of blocking access to his personal twitter account. >> they attached software to it. and twitter unattached the software to it.
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>> bolton didn't explain what that meant. president trump and the white house denied blocking or freezing bolton's twitter account. >> no, of course not. of course not. no, i actually had a good relationship with john. >> the specter of john bolton loomed over the impeachment hearings. in accounts his top aid gave about concerns over trump's pressure on ukraine. >> he then in the course of that session said rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up. hill said bolton immediately walked out of the meeting and gave her an ominous director after. >> the specific instruction was
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i had to go to the lawyers to basically said you tell eisenburg, ambassador bolton told me, that i am not part of this drug deal that mulvaney and sondland are cooking up. >> and david holmes testified that bolton met with ukraine's president in august and warned him what it would take to lift a hold on u.s. military in ukraine. >> but bolted yont could know so much more. two weeks ago, his lawyer wrote a letter to congressional leaders saying bolton was involved in many relevant conversations and meetings than have been discussed thus far. >> john bolton can could have had more relevant conversations with the president of the united states more than anyone else we have heard from to date.
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>> including one meeting that an aid testified bolton had in august where bolton tried and failed to get trump to lift the hold on u.s. military aid to ukraine. among the crucial looming questions are when will john bolton reveal what he knows about the ukraine dealings and in what forum. he might have to testify at a senate impeachment trial or bolton's first revelations could come in a new book he's writing which is due out next year, sometime before the election. brian todd, cnn, washington. we're joined now by james davis to talk about these developments. he's the director of the institute of political science at university and a professor of political science with a focus on international politics. thanks for joining us, professor. >> good morning. >> i don't know about you, but my head is spinning.
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it's the friday before a holiday here in the united states, but washington is having none of that so far. let's look at these developments. john bolton, he could be a wild card still in play here and now devin nunes could be facing questions about his association, a meeting over ukraine. what do you make of these? >> you're right, this is head spinning. what it does show us is the public hearings might be over, but the information is going to continue to drip out. i think that is a reflection of the fact that this white house is not disciplined, the republican party has not shown itself to be disciplined in this impeachment proeth. so i expect we're going to see a lot of information coming out between now and the impeachment vote and perhaps even before the senate trial. what i do think we can draw from these three stories, all of which are just emerging, is that
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am bad door sondland's claim that many people were in the loop, as he said, including the state department on the activities of mayor giuliani, i think that is now, once again, being backed up because we see that there were these calls going from the white house to the state department to secure a call between giuliani and the state department. we see devin nunes appears to have been meeting with victor shoken in 2018 in vienna. the activities of the republicans to dig up dirt on the biden, if these stories are correct, seem to be wider than we thought and it does seem many more people were in the loop than want to admit that. >> that was a clear take away from his opening remarks when he used that word in the loop. let's back up and talk about the
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testimony that we saw in the past few weeks. and we know that it's been said an impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous. did the testimony live up to that, in your opinion? >> we have a classic situation where people are going to be making sense of ambiguous information in terms of theories they already have in their mind. so i fear the facts as they were presented are not going to change the mind of the president's supporters and i fear that they're going to only enhance the conclusions in the mind of the president's critics, but i'm not certain they're going to really change many opinions. of course, the important group that we're looking at are the swing voters.
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the suburban housewives, the people who took a chance on president trump because they thought this was going to be a president who would move things forward, move washington beyond partisan politics you. but what we see is that, in fact, they were mired in partisan politics far more than we were before and so i think that is where we need to look. we want to see is this moving the needle with the kind of middle of the road voter, because at the end of the day, whether or not the senate moves toward a majority in favor of impeachment, which -- in favor of removal, which isn't even enough on a simple majority to remove the president. you need a super majority. but if we're going to get above 50, we need to see some movement in public opinion. >> we will wait and see about that. in the meantime, president trump, of course, remains defiance. he says bring it on. we'll see if he sticks to that. we appreciate your insights,
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james davis. thank you. >> thank you, natalie. next here, speaking of embattled and defiant, we turn to israel. the israeli prime minister faces the fight of his political life. we'll have a report about that. also ahead here -- numb, hurt and outraged, u.s. olympian simone biles is speaking out. why she's calling for an investigation into the organization meant to protect her. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™. your cold's gonna make you a zombie tomorrow. need stocking stuffers?
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and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit welcome back. israel's prime minister has promised to accept any court decision he may face, but benjamin netanyahu also claims investigators acted illegally. the country's attorney general announced multiple charges against mr. netanyahu this week. paula newton joins us from jerusalem. she is on this story and, paula, a defian yetten ya hue, there are charges and there are countercharges. what is the layest? >> israelis are obviously dealing with a new political
1:20 am
issue. two rounds of elections, this government is still in question. yetten ya hue becomes the first sitting israeli prime minister to be indicted. at issue is how he reacted. he used trumpan willing, many are now wondering while even a few within his own party say it might be better for him to step down, he remains ever defiance. here a lot of people want a break from the politics, right? even if you don't agree on the kind of politics, you certainly agree that you wanted a break this weekend. is the is the holedy day of rest and given that, netanyahu released a statement. he's talking about the indictments and says all of this process will eventually be
1:21 am
decided in court and we will set the court's decision. this is a framework, we will safe guard it and we will always act by the rule of law. and this means that those who did not act by the law, though, in the mrigs and at the prosecution, there should be an examination. it should be dealt with and there should be a remedy. it's interesting here because this is yetten ya hue pushinging back saying i believe this process by which i was indicted to be politicized. it's not just the language that he's using, but he's taking a sledgehammer to a lot of the institutions here by which he was indicted and that then the can lead to more chaos especially in this ijtsenvironm. >> we're going to take a short break here. more news after this. if you have medicare, listen up.
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in hoveng congress, police are bracing for unrest during local elections on sunday. over the past few weeks, we have seen brutal attacks on pro democracy and pro beijing candidates. riot police are being deployed to polling stations as a precaution. more than 4 million people are able to vote in the elections for the. for the first time, all of hong kong's district counsels are being contested at once. the largest probe party is fielding 179 candidates while a group of pro democracy parties has endorsed 397 candidates.
1:26 am
sunday's elections will follow some of the worst violence the city has seen since the protests began. last week, clashes broke out when demonstrators occupied a university. paula hancocks spoke with some of the protesters who managed to escape and avoid arrest. >> reporter: it was a dramatic escape caught on camera. protesters fleeing hong kong polytechnic university by repelling from a bridge. volunteers on motorbikes waited below to whisk them away. one of those who escaped tells us she would have done anything not to be arrested by police and face a maximum ten years in prison on charges of rioting. we're not identifying her to protect her safety. >> we were on the bridge and we heard someone shouting, don't look back. if you can escape, just leave. when the police seemed to step back a little bit, me and my
1:27 am
friends decided to absail without gloves. >> she has ropes and bruises, but she has her freedom. she tells us she was on the front lines. her job was to pour water on the teargas canisters to stop the smoke. she defend tess violence. >> protests do not want to use violence, but violence is a way to create large attention. petrol bombs are not for attacking the police, but for protecting protesters. >> on the phone, i speak to another woman who escape. she tells me she helps to make petrol bombs on campus. >> the protests will continue. they won't defend the university any more because the importance of this protest is to be water. >> some managed to escape through the campus sewer system, although others were arrested. the new police commission appealed to others on friday to
1:28 am
leave the campus hoping it will end peacefully. >> it is very dangerous inside. there are a lot of explosives and gasoline bombs. the environment is very bass there. >> for the parents of those refuse to go leave, all they can do is wait and watch. police have rejected their pleas to get inside on safety grounds. one pastor is going in on their behalf. >> how are the parents coping? >> they're quite nervous, sad, and with a sense of despair. and quite emotional. >> there are some under the age of 18 inside who police say they will not arrest, others who haven't slept in days. and a growing sense of desperation. simone biles is outraged over the failure of usa
1:29 am
gymnastics officials to protect uniq young athletes from sexual assault. cnn's brynn jengrath has the story. >> she says she's numb, but as soon as this "wall street journal" report came out, which i want to say was extensive, they talked to multiple sources, even congressional testimony, she sent out a tweet retweeting the report and she says, i can' tell you how hard this is to read and process. the pain is real. what is it going to take a complete information investigation of both usopc and usag? she wants there to be a separate investigation. she's certainly not alone in that. again, this report was so
1:30 am
incredibly explosive because it points to a timeline, right? in 2015 is when, according to the report, biles and two other j gymnasts brought their concerns up the chain of usa gymnastics and her claim was ignored. and, again, 2015 right before 2016 when the olympics were coming out in rio where she was supposed to be a stand out star and was a stand out star. it wasn't until after she returned from rio that she was finally alerted to all these investigations. so she didn't know anything of this until 2016 even though she was bringing up concerns way before that. certainly you can imagine how she is feeling numb and it's disheartingen for all these other women who have been involved. a former penn state football coach has been resentenced for
1:31 am
sexually abusing ten boys. jerry sandusky's sentace was overturned in a dispute over mandatory minimum sentences. friday, sandusky learned his new sentence, 30 to 60 years in prison. the same penalty that was previously overturned. sandusky was convicted seven years ago for child midwestation. the former coach still claims he's innocent. lawmakers in the u.s. house are expected to finish their report on the impeachment investigation as early as next week. that report will form the foundation for articles of impeachment against president trump. a vote on impeachment by the full u.s. house could come by christmas followed by a trial in the u.s. senate. a tweet from former u.s. national security adviser john bolton on friday said he finally regained control of his twitter account. bolton claims the white house
1:32 am
had frozen his account after he left a couple of months ago. the white house is denying that. a lawyer representing an indicted associate of president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, alleges that this man here, republican congressman devin nunes met with ex ukrainian officials in vienna last year in order to dig up political dirt on joe biden. neenus declined multiple kwls for comment from cnn. tom foreman shows us exactly how giuliani was involved and how his actions helped launch the impeachment inquiry. >> spring 2019, as zelensky is winning the presidency of ukraine, a u.s. ambassador to that country is losing her job.
1:33 am
maria v marie yovanovitch was called home. >> i do not understand mr. giuliani's motions for attacking me. >> but now we're told she was simply in the way because she wouldn't buy into a proven conspiracy theory giuliani was pushing. >> the facts are subborn and eventually this is going to have to be investigated. >> giuliani wanted an investigation. joe biden, a potential rival to trump for the presidenty and biden's son. jultly annie claims there is nothing illegal about it. but soon trump was saying if a foreign country offered information on a political
1:34 am
foe -- if i thought there was something wrong, i'd go maybe to the fbi. >> team trump keeps pushing for an investigation. a moistureky channel appears to be opening between the white house and ukraine. gordon sondland becomes more involved in it, those on the official side grow alarmed, including trump's then national security california for russia fiona hill. >> we were being involved in national security foreign policy and those two things are just die verged. >> you crane has previously contacted there is nothing to the allegations of melgzing in the u.s. collection and the claims against biden. then the white house unexpectedly suspends nearly 400 million in military aid to ukraine. a visit to the white house is on
1:35 am
hold, too. trump gets on the phone with zelensky and drives the point home. he mentions biden by name. the next day, the ukrainians commit. >> president trump, quote, loves your ass, unquote. do you recall saying that? >> yeah. it sounds like something i would say. >> trump's defenders says this is all about fighting corruption in ukraine. but sondland says the was for pushing for a public announcement that biden was under investigation. >> who would benefit from the investigation of the bidens? >> i assume president trump would benefit. >> there we go. >> the wbler scandal. >> a report reflecting widening concerns about the call. >> from an aide to vice president vice president pence.
1:36 am
>> it involved discussion of what appears to be a political matter. >> news of the military aid is released. as the scandal boils up, trump releases the military aid, a are you transcript of the call and goes on defense. >> you take a look at that call, it was perfect. >> even as his acting chief of staff seems to confirm pressure was applied to ukraine. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. and i have news with everybody. he walks it back. >> trump orders officials to ignore subpoenas to explain what happened. >> there was no quid pro quo at all. i want no quid pro quo. >> but his own ambassador, sondland, under oath, says otherwise. >> was there a quid pro quo? >> as i testified previously with regard to the requested
1:37 am
white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> the president and many republicans have dismissed all of this as yet another conspiracy, another effort to push him out of office, but one after another, witnesses have said no, there really was an improper deal to benefit trump politically by using power power abroad. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> and as we've reported, a house impeachment vote could come by christmas. so we went out and asked voters what they think about all of this. vanessa brings us some opinions across the swing state of pennsylvania. >> and good morning, everybody. talking a little politics. we want to know what you think about the impeachment hearings. >> the morning rush to philadelphia with impeachment on the mind. >> it's a big show. i think we're just wasting
1:38 am
taxpayer money. >> no matter their political party, voters here in the suburbs are paying attention. from the air waves -- >> it would be thrown out in any courtroom. put it that way. >> nothing there there, huh? >> no. >> to the railways. >> i am totally convinced that he has committed a crime. >> a narrow victory in pennsylvania helped deliver the white house to trump in 2016. >> now that we are a thoroughly blue county for the first time in 150 years, that may portend trouble for the president next year. >> for the opening statements. >> that is not going to happen. you invited the wrong person. >> at her watch party, four democrats and one independent
1:39 am
all believe the president has committed a crime. >> we're talking about acceptance of wrong and determining what our laws are now. are we going to accept this as practice or -- >> i think we're ahead of the congressional hearings. we believed it before they walked in the room and produced the witnesses. >> 25 miles away in chester county, ken tesch watches the hearings every morning. >> i think it's a defining moment for our republic. >> whatever is going on that is -- you know, gets him stirred up, i'm not going to let myself spend energy on it. >> ken, a republican turned democrat, wants to see trump removed from office. >> and the longest it goes on, the more names you have to keep track of. it sort of loses its urgency, i think. >> across down, alexo and valerie bell. >> it's not supposed to be a few
1:40 am
people picking the leaders of the country. >> alexo, a staunch trump supporter. his wife, valley, an independent who is not a fan of the president. >> have you discussed the impeachment inquiry? >> i know where she stands. she would like to see him get the boot and i wouldn't. so it's kind of a moot point to even talk about it. >> while respecting each other's opinions is key to their marriage, there is no love loss on their distinctive views on impeachment. >> i think you have to hold the president to a higher today. and i think it doesn't look good. it doesn't have good optics. >> the vast majority of voters we've spoken to here in pennsylvania say they don't think the president will be impeached, but that the 2020 election will determine his fate. everyone else is still very much
1:41 am
undecided. cnn, wath more, pennsylvania. >> here is another avenue for you to think about. questions are growing over the extent of the u.s. secretary of state's involvement with ukraine. next here what the president says his close ally should do next. also, coming up, britain's national health service is starting to look like the most contentious topic of the u.s. election. more about that, coming up. dat! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning and smoothing fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. so why treat your mouth any differently?
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well, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo may know a lot about president donald trump's involvement with ukraine, he's staying loyal and silent on the matter. however, mr. trump now seems to be giving him an exit from the whole mess. kylie atwood takes a look at pompeo's involvement. >> it's a sukt the secretary of
1:45 am
state has repeatedly dismissed. >> even while all this noise is going on, y'all are fixated on this. i'm not going to get into the issues surrounding the democratic impeachment inquiry. >> but now one of his own ambassadors have placed him squarely in the middle of the story. >> everyone was in the loop. >> gordon sondland told lawmakers pompeo knew about the quid pro quo with ukraine and claim he did nothing to stop it. >> we kept the leadership of the state department and the nfc informed of our activities. and that included communications with secretary of state pompeo. >> sondland came with proof, multiple emails he sent to pompeo. in one, he laid out a plan to get president zelensky to commit on those issues of importance to potus and the u.s., meaning investigations that would
1:46 am
politically investigate for president trump. pompeo replied yes. pompeo was in brussels expressing disinterest. >> i didn't see a single thing today. i was working. sounds like you may not have been. >> gordon sondland never told the president that he believed the president was linking aid to investigations of political opponents. every statements to the contrary is flat out false. pompeo, an art edent defender o president trump, denies this. >> if that's what took place there, if there was that activity engaged in by vice president biden, we need to
1:47 am
know. >> last month, when asked about holding up foreign assistance for a political initiative, the exact thing pompeo knew about, pompeo says this. i never saw that in the decision-making process that i was a part of. >> even after trump smeared marie yovanovitch -- >> i don't have anything to say. >> one possible offer for pompeo -- >> they love him in kansas. >> the president appearing to give pompeo an exit strategy. >> if he thought there was a chance of losing that seat, i think he would do that and i would win in a land slide. >> republicans are fearful that they could lose that kansas senate seat to thor democrats if mike pompeo doesn't jump in the
1:48 am
race. mitch mcconnell has been very up front about the fact that he wants pompeo to run. and pompeo came into the state department promising to revitalize the state department. but there are fears that if he leaves now, his failures to defend career foreign policy surfaces would affect his chances. facing tough questions from the audience, what that is about, next. what's this? your cold's gonna make you a zombie tomorrow. wrong. new mucinex nightshift fights my cold symptoms
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ahead of the uk's election on december 12th, voters got to face the leaders of the four major parties and ask questions. labor leader jeremy corbyn here called for a new brexit referendum to find out what the people want and promised to remain neutral. prime minister boris johnson says voters need to give him a
1:53 am
parliament that will approve brexit. as brexit and the british election both loom, the fate of the uk's national health service is dominating the headlines. the prime minister and cordin are trying to outdo each other with plans to protect and fund britain's most cherished institution. our scott mcclain reports from london. >> you're going to sell out -- >> out to the united states. >> this is an absolute invention. it is completely untrue. >> with the uk election in full swing, there are warnings of an american invasion of the health care system. the labor party of barry gardner and leader jeremy corbyn says america wants to use a long promised post brexit trade deal to force the nhs to pay more for the u.s. drugs it already buys, costing the nhs more to the benefit of the american pharmaceutical countries. president trump believes if other countries pay more for
1:54 am
u.s. drugs, it will lower prices for americans who pay vastly more than the british. >> this is wrong. this is unfair. and together we will stop it. i am asking congress to pass legislation that finally takes on the problem of global free loading. >> in washington, congress has passed the global fixing free loading act but the president himself has made conflicting statements of whether he would insist the nhs is part of a future trade pact. >> we can quadruple our trade with uk and we can i think really do a big job. >> remembering the nhs is not for -- for sale. >> drug pricing experts like professor martin mckee take issue with the president's logic. >> if other countries pay more for drugs, will americans pay less? >> no, i don't think they will. the operative of any company is to maximize its profits and it's
1:55 am
not at all clear to me why if it can make money in another market it should cut its prices in a home market. >> it seems labor is hoping the threat of the nhs for sale will help them get elected. >> his toxic brexit trade deal with trump could hand over 500 million a week of nhs money to big drug corporations. >> but that scenario is a highly unlikely one. the stunning figure, 500 million pounds per week is base odd a worst case scenario from researchers who roughly clajted the cost to the nhs if it paid american drug prices. their so far unpublished work was featured in a brick documentar -- british documentary. we would oppose that. we would never agree to a trade agreement that did that. >> but boris johnson says he
1:56 am
opposes it, as well. >> no. >> johnson compared labor's claim to the lochness monster. >> i don't see how that is going to happen. the money is simply not there. we're not going to translate american price toes here. >> because that he says would sink the british trade service and perhaps any chances at all. >> we had this one before we go this hour. if you wanted to dress like batman or robin, get your wallet out. full costumes from the iconic 60s batman tv show are going up for auction next month in los angeles. the wardrobe comes bleat with capes, masks, tights. of course the tights. and it is expected to launch up
1:57 am
to $150,000. good luck with that one. another hour of "cnn newsroom" is right around the corner. see you in a minute.
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coming ahead this hour, emails just released. yes, we're talking about emails again, show how the white house helped coordinate rudy giuliani's efforts in yuge. also this hour, a new accusation against one of donald trump's biggest defenders in congress and his alleged role in trying to get dirt on the bidens. we're talking about devin nunes there. and she's the best gymnast in the world. next, why


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