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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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♪ can't help myself". >> neither could bern pep jeanne moos, cnn, new york. ♪ ♪ you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm alex marquardt in for anna cabrera. the president has openly complained that the house impeachment hearings have so far been unfair to him and he has not been allowed to participate and now the democrats are allowing him a chance to call his own witnesses and present his own evidence, will he? jerry nadler is giving the white house until friday at 5:00 to decide, but there is a more pressing deadline. tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., rather, that's when the president has to decide whether he'll send white house lawyers to the judiciary committee's opening impeachment session on wednesday. cnn white house correspondent jeremy dimon joins me from west palm beach where the president is is spending his holiday weekend. the white house is saying they're reviewing those two
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letters from jerry nadler. how likely is it that they'll accept his invitation to participate? >> well, as you said, alex, we're still waiting on official word from the white house about which way they're going to go and that despite the fact that they're in the 24-hour range for the first deadline for the president to design whether he'll send an attorney to the impeachment hearing. sources say it is unlikely that the white house will agree to do that. the bigger question is whether they will send attorneys to impeachment hearings going forward and for that they need to make a decision by that second deadline on friday. the president, though, for now, alex, he's reveling in the contrasts of what's going to happen this coming week with that impeachment hearing on wednesday. the president will be abroad in london for the nato summit and he just tweeted a few moments ago, i will be representing our country in london at nigato whi the democrats are holding the
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most ridiculous impeachment hearings in history. read the transcripts. the radical left is undercutting our country. he notes again, hearing scheduled on same dates as nato. the president clearly reveling in the contrast and arguing that democrats are hurting the country by doing this while he's abroad. this is a familiar theme and during the mueller investigation the president was also quite concerned with the appearance that this was lending to allies who he's meeting with abroad while he's under investigation back in washington. >> and, jeremy, the georgia congressman doug collins, he's a republican. he sent a letter to chairman nadler asking him to make sure that the witness lineup in the judiciary committee is, quote, fair and credible so that the impeachment inquiry to not just political theater. clearly, the president and his allies or rather the allies of the president are lining up to support him in this next phase. what more do you think we should expect from these proceedings this week and in the coming days?
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>> well, congressman doug collins is the top republican on the judiciary committee and clearly, he has already signaling that he will be a voice of support for the president. he has previously criticized this impeachment hearing and what he's asking now is for the democrats to invite more expert witnesses to this impeachment hearing on wednesday and they're only scheduled to have four expert witnesses to discuss the historical and constitution basis for impeachment. collins is saying that should be expanded to match what happened during the clinton impeachment, but as you said, alex, this is a sign that you will see republicans doing the president's bidding to a certain extent and certainly at least trying to raise these fairness questions and this is one way that they can do that. it's similar to what we saw congressman devin nunes on the intelligence committee do a couple of weeks ago when he was asking for a list of republican witnesses including former vice president joe biden's son huntser biden. that, of course, did not happen. we will see here if the democrats on the house judiciary
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committee feel that it's in their interest to ak seed to some of those republican demands. >> under 24 hours to go for the president to respond. jamie dimon in west palm beach, thank you very much. joining me is the washington correspondent for "new york" magazine and senior political analyst and chief washington correspondent for politico. thank you both for joining me. ryan, i want to go to you first. "the daily beast" has quoted one judiciary committee staffer saying about next week's hearing they are determined to keep things as dull as possible. so we know on wednesday they'll bring in legal scholars who will give the historical background on impeachment. ryan, if public opinion wasn't swayed already by what we saw in the intelligence committee and all of that dramatic testimony, do you think that democrats are simply just checking a box with this phase of the impeachment proceedings before it moves to the larger house vote? >> you know, i think that public
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opinion is -- it is pretty stuck, but we should point out depending on the poll, it's around 50% that wants the president impeached and removed from office. historically speaking, that is pretty -- that is pretty high. it didn't get higher than that with mixon until right before he resigned with clinton, the -- it was a majority against impeachment almost the entire time. if you look closely at the polls, there is this gap where people believe that what trump has been proven of doing, inviting ukraine to interfere in our election is wrong, but there's a high percentage of people who believe it's wrong, but not necessarily impeachable. so i think these constitutional scholars -- i don't know if being boring is what they need to do, but what they do need to do is lay out the case for why that is something that rises to
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the level of impeachment and to try and close the gap between people who think it's wrong, but not impeachable. i think that's the job for the judiciary committee and the next two weeks for the democrats and for the republicans it will be to complain about the process and i think a few of them will try to make the argument that yes, what he did was wrong, but not impeachable. >> jerry nadler is about to take the steering wheel from adam schiff. the spotlight was last on nadler during the mueller probe and he got some criticism for how those hearings went and that included congressman steve cohen showing up with a bucket of kfc to mock the attorney general bill barr essentially calling him a chicken and now this infamous moment from the hearing with the former campaign manager, trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. take a listen. >> could you read the exact language of the report? i don't have it available to me. >> i don't think i have to do that and i have limited time. >> did you meet alone with the president on that date? >> congressman, i would like you
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to refresh my memory so i can follow along. >> president trump was houndzing you about when you were going to deliver that message, recht? >> completely inaccurate, congressman. >> he asked you about it a few times department he? >> no, he did not. it is not my privilege to waive. >> i don't think it exists, mr. lewandowski and i think the whole thing is imaginary and like the tooth fairy. >> my children are watching, so thank you for that. >> olivia, what are the different pressures that jerry nadler is going to be feeling now? >> i think that there is a kind of fatigue. the polls are pretty stuck, as ryan said, it's 50% in favor and 50% opposed, but there is -- depending on the poll you look at, one in five people say they're open to changing their minds and i guess the question what would make anyone change their mind at this point in the process? the facts are pretty much established, unlike watergate this process began with the
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smoking gun and the white house released their own transcript which pretty much established what the facts are and established what the president did wrong. at this point it seems unlikely that anything will be revealed that will really change hearts and minds and so i think perhaps the difficulty will be keeping people engaged and pressing the case that this really matters when people are so stuck. it seems like things are just going to continue a pace. >> and we'll have a much better sense in the coming hours how this next week is going to go. >> you have these two deadlines that nadler has sent to the white house and the first one tomorrow night, and the next one next friday when it comes to deciding whether he and/or his legal team will take part in these proceedings. ryan, do you think that they will partake? >> i doubt it. i mean, the way the rules are set up if they want to play ball there are certain things that they need to do in terms of document requests and other requests from the committee. so that's how the rules are set
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up. if the white house wants to have witnesses, then the democrats are entitled to some other things. at some point the white house will have to engage. so there are two more opportunities and one is in the judiciary committee and then if they don't engage there obviously they're going to be clearly articles of impeachment passed out at judiciary and passed on the the house floor, and you know, and then we'll have a trial in the senate and you know, the white house will have to change their game plan once it gets to a trial. i don't think they're just going to have an empty desk while the democrats prosecute their case. so at some point, you know, this will look -- this will be a much more solemn occasion with the chief justice presiding and this is why i disagree with olivia a little bit. i do think that the public, once it focuses on a clear argument for why this was impeachable. you could get some minds
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changed. could you get some minds changed where two-thirds of the senate votes to convict? that seems -- that seems unlikely at this point, but i think -- i think the white house's strategy is ignore the house and when it gets to the senate they'll have a slightly different game plan. >> but there's this strange dynamic where the white house's strategy is to ignore the house and the president is pretty much live tweeting or live responding during chopper talk as i think stephen colbert calls it to what's happening and so they're not really engaging and he has kind of a running commentary on what's going on and they're in a strange juxtaposition as happens in other context as well between the white house response and donald trump's response. >> just turning -- shifting gears a little bit. we've seen the president kind of distancing himself when it comes to rudy giuliani saying he didn't really know what he was doing in ukraine. giuliani said this week that he was joking when he said he had
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an insurance policy in case the president turned on him. you had a great piece about texting with rudy giuliani. how did you take that joke and have you heard from him recently after he was such a bold-faced name in those proceedings in the intelligence committee? >> i have heard from him. i talked to him a couple of days ago right before the holiday. he is pretty consistent in what he has to say, that he is just furious with the press. he thinks that the press is not giving him a fair shake and not paying attention to the fact, but obviously what rudy giuliani says and what president trump says changes all of the time. so what he said was not particularly surprising or game changing, but he just continues to kind of pretend like it's not possible that the president would ever throw him under the bus each though it seemed like what he said the other day might be an indication that he's about to and that he, you know, doesn't think he did anything wrong and the real story is
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about the bidens and their corruption, allegedly. with you i do think rudy giuliani is making a difficult time, and he did not send him over there to investigate anything and sometimes he has difficulty keeping up with what donald trump has to say and seems as if he learns about it from reporters which doesn't strike me as an ideal way to conduct your defense of the president. >> all right. folks, we have to leave it right there. thanks for coming on tonight. as we mentioned earlier, president trump appears to be distancing himself from his personal lawyer rudy giuliani, and that begs the question. is rudy giuliani about to get the michael cohen treatment? we'll take a look at that next. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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tom foreman has more details. >> you have to ask that to rudy, but rudy, i don't even know -- >> president trump is putting distance between himself and his personal attorney rudy giuliani and all of the accusations of dirty dealings abroad. never mind that trump specifically told the ukrainian president in that now infamous phone conversation "i will have mr. giuliani give you a call." now he says of giuliani -- >> no. i didn't direct him, but he -- he -- he is a -- he is a warrior. rudy is a warrior. rudy went and you have to understand, rudy has other people he represents. >> it's a familiar pattern. >> trump praises his allies and friends effusively right before they get into trouble and then suggests he never knew them that well and certainly not what they were up to. take his previous personal lawyer michael cohen for two of the years worked hand in glove. >> they say i'm mr. trump's pit bull, that i'm his -- i'm his
4:18 pm
right-hand man. >> but when cohen came under intense legal pressure about campaign funds and payments to women allegedly involved with trump, charges that would eventually land cohen in prison and suddenly trump seemed to know nothing about what his lawyer had been doing. >> i haven't spoken to mike in a long time. >> he's a weak person and not a very smart person. >> have you talked to president trump in the last week or two? >> cohen's successor rudy giuliani insists he and trump are tight. >> you can assume that i talk to him early and often. >> amid the allegations, giuliani was making a sneaky end run on official u.s. foreign policy, giuliani tweeted, the investigation i conducted concerning 2016 ukrainian collusion and corruption was done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false charges, but that doesn't say trump ordered it, and the acting chief of staff's assessment? >> it's not illegal. it's not impeachable and the president gets to use who he
4:19 pm
wants to use. >> still, trump is leaving room for doubt that he was using giuliani or aware of his actions. >> he's done a lot of work in ukraine over the years, and i think -- i mean, that's what i heard. >> i think that's what i heard. as the president attempts to keep rudy at arm's length and damaging allegations pile up about giuliani's activities abroad, it is worth pausing to note that this was once the man known as america's mayor ask in the post-9/11 trauma, giuliani was inspiring in a moment of extreme crisis. "time" magazine named giuliani its person of the year, and his history was complicated and that's something my next guest understands better than most. before 9/11, andrew kurtman wrote "giuliani, emperor of the city," his marital misfortunes and details of his turbulent years as the big apple's mayor,
4:20 pm
and his story did not end there. andrew, good to have you with me. you are working on a new book about giuliani. >> that's right. >> you started covering him as a city hall reporter in the '90s? >> that's right. >> is this where you saw his story going? >> no. no. giuliani was always kind of a risk taker and kind of a combustible kind of public figure, but he always had kind of a discipline, and so he picked his targets very carefully and kind of aimed his fire very carefully here. there seems to be kind of a more undisciplined quality. also, you know, the risks he has taken in the last few years has been of a whole other proportion to what he had done in the past. i mean, looking for dirt on joe biden in ukraine was remarkable enough, but now it seems as though there was a financial incentive as well and the people in ukraine he was speaking with
4:21 pm
and he had a political task and also, he wasn't talked according to "the new york times" that made hundreds of thousands of dollars from him? >> how do you explain this change? >> something has happened. he's become a far more materialistic. i mean, he owns six homes. according to the times, 11 country club memberships. i mean, finances are obviously, a much larger pressure giuliani than they were back in the '90s when he didn't seem to care at all about money. >> in your first book about giuliani, you wrote is rudy giuliani a hero, a danger or both? how would you answer that now? >> i don't think it's for me to decide whether he's a danger or not. he's clearly in the middle of a constitutional crisis that could bring down a president, you know, once again, his judgment has always been something they think his aides back in the city hall days were kind of very adept at kind of keeping under
4:22 pm
control, and i don't mean to overstate the fact that he was at times an absolutely brilliant mayor and an enormously competent and smart person, but his judgment has opened himself up to questions recently. >> more than questions and he's being investigated by the southern district of new york which is an office that he once ran. >> that's right. >> how do you reconcile that? >> well, i -- you know, he seems to be okay, kind of flirting with disaster. like he -- i'm not a lawyer. i don't know whether he's broken laws and he seems to be comfortable going right up to the line in the kinds of things he's doing in ukraine. >> there have been some who have questioned his mental capacity. let's take a quick listen to some of that. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. >> of course, i did. >> you just said you didn't and you want to cover some ridiculous charge that i urged the ukrainian government to
4:23 pm
investigate corruption. well, i did, and i'm proud of it! >> so the question some have asked is crazy or crazy like a fox? >> i don't -- you know, i'm not a psychologist, and he seems out of control on television often. i mean, he seemed to be someone who at least is not practicing a lot of discipline on national television and seems to contradict himself and has often said things on television that he's had to kind of roll back. there is kind of a disinhibited quality to him that has a lot of people kind of scratching their heads. >> what did you make of that joke and he's made it a couple of times now that he's got insurance in case he gets thrown under the bus. >> right. again, i don't read rudy giuliani's mind. he obviously, you know, he's -- he's got concerns. he's got a lot of problems on his hands right now and one of the many problems he has is whether or not donald trump is
4:24 pm
going to stick with him, right? and you just saw some evidence that trump could finally part with him and it almost seems inevitable and does giuliani have some dirt on trump himself that could protect him? you know, possibly. >> how would you characterize the growth of their friendship before all of this? they're obviously longtime new yorkers. you were probably well aware that they knew each other and were friends. how did that friendship evolve? >> i don't think they were particularly close during giuliani's mayoralty and they were sicis i simpatico. >> he's a protector more than an adviser. he seems like he'll defense the indefensible and that's why trump has stayed with him a lot longer than what trump has stayed with a lot of other aides
4:25 pm
who have caused him embarrassment. there wasn't a single aide more loyal than giuliani. giuliani is on the brink of indictment according to some reports. at some point trump will have to cut him loose and then it will be interesting because giuliani won't go quietly. >> andrew, thank you very much and good luck with your next book? thank you. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has launched his 2020 campaign with a $58 million ad buy. will it be enough to capture the nomination? an adviser joins me next to discuss that.
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the newest democratic presidential candidate michael bloomberg is spending $60 million on tv ads to launch his campaign, but in this city that made him famous, cnn's jason carol shows us how bloomberg's record as a three-term mayor is under new scrutiny. j new york city, not a place known for its shortage of opinions and there are many when it comes to its former three-term mayor billionaire michael bloomberg. >> the good news is we have won. >> his 12-year record a mixed scorecard and supporters applaud him for improving quality of life while critics say his policies disproportionately harm people of color and the poor. one of the most controversial aspects of his legacy, a policy called stop and frisk, a practice of temporarily stopping, questioning and at times searching civilians. earlier this year bloomberg
4:31 pm
saying the practice had helped reduce crime. >> kids who walked around looking like they had a gun removed the gun from their pockets that stopped it and the result of that was over the years the murder rate in new york city went from 650 a year down to 300 a year when i left. >> reporter: in 2012 murders in new york city fell to 419, making it, at the time, the safest big city in america. but at what price? opponents of stop and frisk say it unfairly targeted the african-american and latino communities where it is still a sensitive topic. >> i mean, certainly stop and frisk was very controversial for me as a man of color. >> it was embarrassing to educated black people and people with good job. >> reporter: now after all these years, bloomberg, the presidential candidate, has changed course and apologized for stop and frisk. >> i got something important really wrong.
4:32 pm
i didn't understand that back then, the full impact that stops were having on the black and latino communities. i now see that we could and should have acted sooner. too little, too late so says mayor bill de blasio. stop and frisk was discontinued in 2014 when he took office. statistics show crime continued to drop even after he ended it. he called bloomberg's apology an attempt to score political points. >> people are not stupid. they can figure out whether someone is honestly addressing an issue or whether they're acting out of convenience. >> there are bloomberg critics for how he credited him for how he handled the city's economy. in 2002 when he first took office new york was in a recession, still reeling from the september 11th terror attacks and by the end of his term bloomberg was applauded for getting the city back on his feet, rebuilding once discarded sections of new york, places
4:33 pm
like the waterfront and brooklyn and queens and incomes rose quickly, giving rise to greater income inequality and on the whole, the city's recovery was robust. >> there are some areas that he does deserve really high marks and the economy is one of them. >> eleanor randolph is the author of the biography "the many lives of michael bloomberg". >> he handed the next mayor a balanced budget with plenty of money to spare. >> bloomberg's legacy is also one of a mayor who wanted the city that never sleeps to get healthy. he built bike lanes and banned smoking in public places and banned transfats and required calorie listings, and he failed at prohibiting large, sugary drinks such as big gulp sodas and some accused him of trying to turn new york into a so-called nanny state. >> mississippis passed anti-bloomberg laws so that local governments could not limb
4:34 pm
the amount of coca-cola you could get. >> bloomberg's achievements and failures now debated on the national stage. jas jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> tim o'brien is the senior adviser to the bloomberg campaign. thanks so much for coming on tonight. i want to talk to you about something that jason brought up. do you think mayor bloomberg has to do a better job of addressing parts of his record if he'll bring voters to his side. >> clearly stop and frisk has gotten a lot of attention and the mayor apologizes for it. he recognizes it is a failed policy. he doesn't think that's the end of the discussion. he said he wants to earn the trust of the latino, hispanic and african-american communities and the totality of his record as mayor wasn't just stop and frisk. incarceration rates dropped dramatically, over 30% when he was mayor. there's no not big city that had that, can claim that kind of a number and during that same time crime dropped. so they weren't -- mike
4:35 pm
bloomberg wasn't lowering crime rates by incarcerating people. >> is that part of what's been doing now and explaining and justifying his record? >> i don't think he needs to justify his record. i think he just needs to explain his record. net-net mike bloomberg is one of the most successful mayors in new york city and he ran a bureaucracy in five states and he diversified the police force and made great strides in education and addressed homelessness and the economy rebounded during his term. >> let's look at his spending and he just spent $58 million on tv ads. you can make the argument that he's starting late so he's got to get out there and blanket the airwaves and how do you avoid the perception that this is not a billionaire trying to buy the nomination. because mike bloomberg isn't just a billionaire and working as a parking lot attendant and he had loans trying to get through college and he was one of the most successful
4:36 pm
philanthropists on the planet and as you noted, he was a successful mayor. i think what this is about isn't about buying an election and it's about having the platform and ability for mike bloomberg to tell voters who he is and what he can do for them. spending obviously affords him the ability to do that and this is mike bringing his story to a broad audience. >> this obviously makes him a prime target for senators warren and sanders who argue there's too much money in politics and too much power among the wealthy. how do you -- how does mayor bloomberg look at this race and see that this is the moment in the democratic party that voters want a billionaire to participate in? >> i think this is a moment in the democratic party where democratic voters have to make sure that they can get behind somebody who can beat donald trump. that's why mike bloomberg is in this race. he respects the other democrats who are running and he's coming out of the gate viewing this as him versus donald trump and he
4:37 pm
thinks of donald trump as the biggest exist earn threat the country's faced in his lifetime and that's why he's in this race. he could have gone earlier, and he chose not to and as time went on he began to wonder if democrats can coalesce in the right way to defeat donald trump and that's why he's in it. >> the democrat who was leading at least in national poll, joe biden just launched an eight-day bus tour of 18 counties in iowa, but mayor bloomberg from the get go said he was skipping iowa and new hampshire. so how does skipping those first in the nation states line up with his claim that he is all in this race? >> well, you know, because he entered late it would be hard for him to really stake the claim of any of those states to begin with. also remember, only about 4% of the delegates are in play in those first four states. the democrats who are there have to be there because they need the time, they need the exposure and they need to fund raise. there are no democrats right now making a big push in the swing
4:38 pm
states. we're already there and swing states are where democrats need to be if they're going to beat donald trump. >> you, yourself, have written so much about donald trump and how much of this campaign is helping the former mayor understand the president who would be -- his would-be opponent and the president's voters? >> mike bloomberg is a veteran new yorker and new yorkers know donald trump's story very well each without me having to tell them and what we have to do is tell the nation why donald trump isn't mike bloomberg. everything that donald trump says he is and he actually isn't, a long term, successful businessman, someone who has created jobs rather than destroyed jobs and someone who knows how to manage and administer a sophisticated bureaucracy and trump has not been successful in those things and mike bloomberg has and one of the things we'll do is pause how mike bloomberg would deliver in the country, and it's just been reported by politico that
4:39 pm
your campaign hired a former staffer from the kamala harris campaign, and a senior adviser who went out with a scathing resignation letter. he was very frustrated with her treatment. she was working in iowa for them. why make that higher? >> well, i think the bloomberg campaign will make it higher so we can have this election and that's not a complicated answer and i think the fact that senior members of other campaigns want to come into the campaign and be a part of what we're doing says a lot about the campaign. >> thank you, alex. as recent polls in iowa show him losing support in iowa. joe biden is kicking off his no-malarkey bus tour. will he be able to capture the momentum? we'll take you on the campaign trail. that's next. one to five? when it comes to feelings, it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry, clive!
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democratic presidential hopeful joe biden is on the move this saturday canvassing iowa as he begins his 18-county no malarkey bus tour with just 65 days until the caucuses. recent polls have shown biden trailing mayor pete buttigieg in that state and now biden is trying to turn that around. >> president biden. [ laughter ] >> you better -- you have to come to mine. >> i campaigned for obama. i'm yours! >> cnn's arlette saenz is live. slipping in iowa according to our latest poll, is the campaign banking on this bus tour to try to help close that gap? >> alex, what the campaign is saying that this is really the
4:45 pm
next phase of the presidential campaign, when voters are just starting to tune in a little bit more after the thanksgiving holidays and so you have joe biden who will be barnstorming the state over the next eight days, and as you mentioned, but pete buttigieg is the leader and joe biden is battling it out in second place with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and i asked him after his event in council bluffs earlier today about this bus tour and what this means for his campaign and take a listen to what he had to say. >> this bus, we'll turn things around for your campaign tour. >> the campaign is going fine, and i think it's going to help and and can you win the nomination without winning in iowa? >> and what do you want to tell voters? >> have you got an hour?
4:46 pm
>> he is insisting he'll win the caucuses in over 60 days and there is a larger concern about his standing in the state and that is something that he's going to try to really focus on over these next days in iowa and this is taking him to one-fifth of the state. we noted that he's going to 18 counties and that means he's skipping about 80% of them plus des moines. why these 18 counties? why has he chosen these areas to campaign in? >> well, a lot of these stops, alex, are in rural communities like here in dennison. so it's getting him out into areas that he hasn't been to so far. a lot of these campaigns focus des moines and cedar rapids and this is getting him into other areas of the states to connect with voters, and it's going to be a mix of stops and he'll have a formal event here in a short while where the former governor vilsack and his wife
4:47 pm
christiville sack which are big endorsements, but biden also will be making local stops and just a short while ago he stopped at a gas station with a few reporters that were with him and he bought some cough drops and he stopped to watch the football game. that's one thing that the biden campaign is really hoping to come across during this week-long trip. what they believe is that biden's ability to connect with voters is a key strength for him heading into the caucuses and that's something that they want to put on display as one campaign official said to me, the more one-on-one interactions biden has with voters the better it is for his campaign. >> he's been talking a lot and he'll need the cough drops and you'll be with him every step of the way. thanks so much. it is that time of the year again. russian president vladimir putin and his annual calendar spread is out and one classic pose that you might recognize from past years is missing. my derm just let me in on a little anti-aging
4:48 pm
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another year another calendar spread for russian president vladimir putin. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: vladimir putin's image making machine kicks into high gear. the russian president's 2020 calendar is out predictably with pictures depicting him as a vital strong man, weight lifting with a cable pull, cuddling with a dangerous cat, and firing a high powered rifle. what we don't see in this year's edition, the classics. putin shirtless. no images of a bare chested former kgb colonel on a horse.
4:53 pm
fishing or sun bathing. >> even now we get these images of putin working out. but they're quite different. we no longer see bare chest of putin. putin is 67 now. maybe the era of his physical strength as being something you show off is also coming to an end. >> reporter: on the same day we saw putin's new pics president trump tweeted a superimposed image of his head on rocky balboa's body. putin decidedally more conservative. the shirtless photos replaced with scenes of him with other world leaders like the saudi crown prince, french president macron and german chancellor merkel and this picture of putin walking ahead of the much taller donald trump with putin appearing deceptively tall. analysts say the new images are crafted to project putin as a statesman and play on russians' new sensibilities. >> this bare chested nationalism which is represented by literally a bare chested putin is no longer really capturing the people's imagination. the russian economy is in decline. standards of living are
4:54 pm
slipping. you feel that. russian people feel that. >> reporter: while vladimir putin doesn't flex as much physically he still pops his military muscle. according to the kremlin backed news agency interfax the russian military has allowed u.s. inspectors to see one of putin's newest and most dangerous weapons. the avant-garde hypersonic missile which putin says can fly about a mile per second. the real challenge posed is the speed at which it moves and the fact that it is maneuverable and also difficult to detect. you have something coming in very fast that is able to evade defenses that you may not know about until the last minute and that really poses a certain, a very real challenge for u.s. defenses. >> reporter: the kremlin says the avant-garde which could carry a nuclear warhead whil be ready for combat deployment by new year's day. it was part of a battery of sophisticated new weapons putin unveiled last year including an under water drone that could carry a nuclear warhead from a submarine. not all of these weapons have
4:55 pm
been completed but experts say their reflection of putin's ambitions is unmistakable. >> to communicate with the united states i am a nuclear actor, a great power, and you have to deal with me on a global stage. >> reporter: vladimir putin has run into trouble with his ambitious new weapons program. in august an explosion during what u.s. officials believe was a test of a missile with a small nuclear reactor onboard killed five scientists and caused a brief nuclear spike. analysts say like the north koreans the russians learned from their mistakes in these tests and those mistakes will not stop the russian president from charging ahead and developing even more weapons that can threaten the u.s. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thanks, brian todd. that's it for me. thanks so much for joining me. i'll be back tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up next is the cnn film "three identical strangers."
4:56 pm
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