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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  December 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in magazines will lessen in the coming years but how many billionaires turned presidents egos have shrunk over time? so make a picture of the president and it might get you a cameo on the ridiculist. now i turn it over to chris cuomo. >> thank you, anderson. i am chris cuomo and this is "prime time." we have two new pieces of report tag reveal that republicans were well aware of this ukraine nonsense and they looked into it in their senate intel committee. what were the results? we have them. and we're going to dig into a troubling question tonight. did this call that the president claims vindicates him with eu ambassador sondland, did it ever happen? why that's a real question. and a democratic senator with a
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state of play in the senate beep have a republican members of congress to ask if he okay with what the president selling to this country? it's a big week. what do you say, let's get after it. one side note, the house intel impeachment report is complete. how can that be a side note? it all about a the state of play for the president. that's being ahead of tomorrow's big vote and we'll start going to the judiciary committee and see what happens there. the gop version is out as well. the two reports literally bare in resemblance to each other. one set of facts, two realities. first we have breaking news that will help understand the facts in this situation just dropping on our watch. it takes us into the past of the senate intel committee. as you may know, run by republicans. here what's cnn's jake tapper
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can confirm for us. that panel, again, led by republicans, looked into allegations that ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. wait, they did? because they're saying it just happened. i know. that's why in matters. they looked at it way back in 2017, in 2017. what did they find? no evidence to support the claims. well, the dnc lady that's got the same name as the taco bell -- yes, chalupa. yes, they looked into it. the black book that's fake -- yes, they looked into it. and that name brought up again and again by nunez and all those other clowns and defenders during the hearings, they looked into it. they found nothing. that is known by the same people who are pretending they're real
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questions now. why? now that's a question worth getting after right now. let's put it to gop congressman randy weber. i hope you had a good thanksgiving. >> thank you, chris. we did. i hope you did, too. >> now, i am not blaming you for this. i asked senator kennedy to come on the show. he came on last week to clarify his comments, he then seemed to walk backwards. he's invited whenever. however, you do not believe the comments by senator burr are wrong, right? >> now, you're saying russia or ukraine, chris? >> i'm saying russia because i'm speaking about fact here. russia did it. burr said it in his committee, the intel committee said it. everyone who has looked at it has said it.
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do you agree with that? >> of course that's what-th the say they found. that's a point of contention. >> it's not a point of contention. >> the fact that there is leftover interest in what happened on how the russians and ukrainians did it. >> no, no ukraine. >> i get that. >> you just added them. doesn't add them. because they have nothing to do with it. >> what i'm saying is the president thinks that they did. he doesn't trust the government of ukraine and that's part and parcel to everything he's been doi doing. >> does he trust republicans? >> i'm sorry? >> does he trust republicans? >> does the president trust republicans? >> yeah. >> he's going to trust republicans for the most part, absolutely he's going to, those who stand by his side and aren't afraid of all the vitriol aimed at him. >> do you think he -- >> you said in your opening statement the republican
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committee run by some of those clowns. that's kind of degrading. >> they acted like clowns, congressman. i'd never call you that, but when you are there as a member of congress and you're supposed to have oversight over the executive and you act like defense counsel. it's not your job. it like when nunes ran to the white house, his job was oversight. that's what i'm point being out as an objective matter of fact. they weren't supposed to be doing that. they chose to do it. >> chris, we had this conversation last time. mark meadows, nunes, anybody else that wanted to go to the white house is not precluded from doing that. if you assume they're guilty of sharing information they shouldn't, which is quite frankly what's wrong with this impeachment process, democrats assume that the president is guilty. here's an interesting analogy. nancy pelosi said about obama care, we have to pass to to find
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out what's in it. >> this president said i'm going to make health care better than ever. i'll tell what you my plan is after the election, but vote for me now. that's politics. politics isn't on trial. maybe it should be. i'm not accusing mr. meadows or mr. jordan of anything. they're welcome on the show whenever they want to come on. i'd like mr. nunes to come on and explain why it was okay for him to go to the white house and share information that was part of his oversight hearing. if they want to come on about that, beautiful. but i have you and what i'm asking is you don't believe that there's a question as to whether or not russia or ukraine interfered in our election, right? >> russia interfered in the election, they tried to. secretary jay johnson said there was no votes changed. russia interfered in the election. >> never said anything about votes. they hacked the dnc server. nobody has ever suggested as a matter of fact that ukraine had
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anything to do with that. the only person who has suggested it in the ugliest of ironies is the vladimir putin. he made up a story about ukraine wanting to go after trump and now members of your own party are parroting it. >> was crowdstrike involved in the d triple c hacking? >> yes. >> is crowdstrike in part owned by ukrainian? >> no. >> really? >> yes. >> yes really? that's not the information that we have. >> you have bad information. the man is american born of russian descent. he's not ukrainian. even if he were, that's what you're going to hang it on? tom bossert said that was a joke. you heard testimony from experts saying it was a joke. mueller said it's not true.
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burr said it's not true. >> what trump is saying is go back and let's look at all the was in on on the dccc server and -- >> there was no server. they operated in a cloud system. there is no server to steal. >> no server but they were hacked into and the president wanted in a investigated. it's one of the things that he gave to president he went to zelensky with a conspiracy theory that's some missing server when there is no miss server. crowd strike and the dnc said it. >> true or false that the president believed that there was corruption in the ukraine government before president zelensky? true or false? >> i don't know. he gave them funds both times. he never mentioned corruption until biden decided to run. where's my evidence that he cared about corruption? >> well, giuliani met with the
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former prosecutor that was let go back in january lied been. >> well, here's what we know. mr. giuliani said on this program that he went to ukraine to ask about the bidens. he asked them to reopen investigations into the bidens. they did. and then closed them subsequently saying they found no reason. so i have to reason to believe that mr. jewel i don't knowy ever had an everything that didn't include the bidens. >> antonio: i go back to my previous question. did the president believe there was corruption in the ukrainian government? >> i do not know. why would he give them money in the last two budget cycles? >> that's a great question. president zelensky, the new kid on the block, said thathe's going to clean up the corruption. president trump wants to make sure that he's serious about it
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after years of being put off by the former administration in ukraine. so of course he doesn't trust them. of course he wants them looked into. this is our foreign policy, hour -- >> i have no problem with the president running foreign policy but just simple logic, like 9-year-old logic. you don't care about krugs and now a change agent comes in and now you don't trust him and ask him to vet corruption and the only corruption you ask for to be investigated are two items that help you politically. congressman, isn't that a little convenient? >> no, i'll tell you as i said last elts not that fact in a re rego. >> instead of having him investigated in the right way, he did it in a way to have his hand off of it.
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i don't want you to get caught where senator kennedy is right now, that you believe there is likely a chance that ukraine was equally responsible or more spob for what happened in 2016 than russia was. can i put you on record right now about who you think did it? >> i haven't seen the report you're talking about coming from the senate so i have to admit that i'm a little blind on that one. >> you saw the mueller report, right? >> i saw the mueller report. >> you know what the intel committees concluded, right? >> the intel committee report. >> no, forget about the politicians. the intelligence community put out a report about who did this, why and went? >> you're talking about the old report, not the one that's due out wednesday. you're not talking about the one that is coming out -- >> i'm not talking about the
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political trial of the president. i'm talking about just a matter of fact. here's my concern. i think you this president did it the wrong way. but that's not where my med is. if you were going to try to key fepd the president, now you are undermining american institutions, dunk that's why i'm canning asking do you think russia was behind 2016 interference? >> russia was behind 2016 interference, yes. >> god bless. it's good to have somebody saying it? it wasn't the quickest route to that answer that i would have liked. >> that doesn't leave out the fact that the president does not
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trust ukraine and the corruption in ukraine. it doesn't rule out the fact that it exists and the president is cautious with our -- >> maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. all i know is if i were worried about corruption in ukraine, the only things i would ask them to investigate would not be things that matter to me. i would go after the corruption that is endemic there that's been stealing money and losing life and costing thousands in ukraine, not the bidens. >> chris, those two things are endemic to the american public money the the president doesn't trust the ukrainians. >> he should have gob back to congress and told them that instead of creating a solicitation for something he wanted in exchange for congressionally approved pan he's got four i know that there's ambassadors, there's
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bureaucrats, there's political pundits that don't believe it but that he was concerned about that, he's looking out for the american public, he's draining the swamp, he's going to help president z drain the swamp over there. people don't like it. >> we'll talk about draining the swam many another time. congressman, you're always welcome here to make the case and i appreciate you are coming here tonight. >> thank you, chris. >> thank you for being here russia by all indications of di earnible facts was responsible for that. ukraine was not. anybody who has looked at the question has said they didn't, including the republicans. there's only one reason they're changing the story for you are right now and it's to confuse you, to distract you and make you not care about it.
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all right. feel what you want to feel but have it be based on facts. latest example, this picture. the president says the only call other than his perfect one with the president of ukraine was the one on september 9th. that's the one to look at with his toneor turned ambassador buddy where he said all the right things. >> i want nothing. i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. >> okay, problems. first, we don't know that that call even happened. "the washington post" reports that the white house hasn't found a record of trump and
6:20 pm
sondland talking on september 9th. even sondland himself was not sure it happened on that day. >>i still cannot find a record of that call because the state department and the white house cannot locate it. i believe it was on the 9th of september. i can't find the records and they won't provide them to me. >> i have a suggestion he was referring to a different call. i'll get to that in a second. however, he said he needed guidance, didn't know what to do. but timing, all very curious, september 9th is the same day congress started its investigation into ukraine. and it came after the whistle-blower complaint had been taken to the white house and shown to the president.
6:21 pm
he hoon mb sont like a trumpy no is because every other time there's been evidence about what he actually said, it's hurt him. the frsh and he was overheard shouting about the investigations would they really make up a phone call to hick, and to he's gladly giving life to conspiracy theories. now he's got gopars taking up that evidence. their own, if one more point. remember that other call i told you about? fact versus full gazy. sondland is not the best recollectio recollections. remember that?
6:22 pm
he forgot another call. came in early september, one where the president may have turned a to the in fre, other people heard the call. >> ambassador sondland related that there was no quid pro quo. president zelensky had to make the statement and he had to want to do it. >> that call was a couple days before this magical september 9th call. is it possible sondland got the lace kim. these other two people saw it completely differently. the president wanted ukraine to do it. give me cover on the quid pro quo. no, that's not what it is but they have to do it. what's the difference?
6:23 pm
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the july 25th call shows no quid pro quo or indications of
6:28 pm
personality threats or much less distortion. senator booker is on the senate judiciary and foreign relations committees. he joins us now. i hope you had a good thanksgiving. >> i did. i hope you did as well. >> as you've heard me before, you will wind up being the court of first impression for this. you will be a and how you're seeing it dpeended, what are your thoughts? >> el with, in general you still just have to take it on a very objective standpoint. you have a president of the united states who by his observe admission has been courting interference in the election in the united states. in that conversation that they released, he was making the aide conditional on what they were doing. this is just bad. you and i were talking off
6:29 pm
racks. i've sat with soldiers who talked to me about the. wad they lost. i sat with already -- >> they need us. >> that is lkt is. that's why i was so surprised by this quote of his recently that basically just subsed if america is such a great balter in for us. >> ukraine is not isolated. we've seen madagascar, lithuania. they're not going to beat the preside president. you do not need to embrace russian propaganda to defend the
6:30 pm
president on the facts we he can but they are selling stuff that they know it's not true. they fegted it in the in they're ignoring that. >> right. that's what really is problematic to me is they are falling into what i consider to be russian traps, doing their work for them, undermining facts, undermining our ability and or trust in our intelligence community, so many things they're doing now are wyc dweb dwr and so why are you doing things to warp a short-terl battle, who are unhooks, in every way possible. this is to me a moment when we
6:31 pm
need patriotism and not such rang partisanship. >> i've never seen that with their own bunked and you know, he's a rhodes scholar, he's this nrk. cory booker, came from spom. what do you think it is that buttigieg does that allows him to get more attention -- >> i've been asked this already, you transformed a school system and then u went on to the senate. a lot of this to us when we get into town halls, we're having missive conversions, we're seeing us gaining ground. we're now number three. we're leading the whole field in
6:32 pm
ayia, machl and local endorders in fact, nobody ever leading in the polls this far out -- >> you got to start to get to the votes. that's true. >> carter, clinton, obama were all way behind at this point. >> so what keeps your confidence up? is it the history has shown that you don't know until the votes start? does that mean that iowa is make or break or the second or third state? >> i thits what a lot of the national media is missing. it's not polling numbers. when you see local mayors and state reps coming out and supporting us more than a lot more of these established candidates, that gives me encouragement. and just the message i think our
6:33 pm
country needs to heal hand come together. the wait we fight and win comes from reestablishing community and connection. having that more specific in the basement of projects, organizing the this country right now is so fragmented and being torn apart. you see it in this partisanship, which is bpg being reich but fail to do the bigger challenge. the ceiling is krsing and the only way we've done big things in the pass when, in. that's why i'm running and that message on the ground is persuasive and we believe ultimately what we saw with everybody, even john kerry goes
6:34 pm
on to poll 4% and then goes to iowa. >> you do use it to raise money. >> that's because we have this artificial thing we've never seen before. >> this litmus test. >> to make the debate stage. >> 4% in two national polls or one at 6% -- >> the fact they're using polling is a new challenge for us. that's why we've been saying please go to cory bush is not on. pete b.j. did constant commercials! >> thank you for being tough on an issue that i think forget the part andship,s this go to the heart of what the really threat
6:35 pm
will be. russia wants us to attack the media. all of this is from their play book. we can't appreciate into there hands. >> i never thought i'd see anything like this where i'm going to have to beg a republican congressman that prau praush, lisa page coming forward and giving a very long, in-depth interview, why she's sickened by all of this president's tactics, especially ones like this. >> lisa, lisa, lisa, oh, god i love you, lisa! >> once again something that came out of this pre we'll talk about her now, next.
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i love you, peter. i love you, too, lisa. lisa i love. lisa, lisa. oh god, i love you, lisa. and if she doesn't win, lisa, we got an insurance policy, lisa. >> i wonder if it's the same insurance broker that rudy giuliani has. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states talking about lisa page, the former fbi lawyer who the
6:40 pm
president was mocking. and when she heard that, she said enough. it's been two years since we first learned her name. she's now breaking her silence saying that the president's attacks are like being punched in the gut. the president of the united states is calling me names to the entire world. he's demeaning me and my career. it's sickening. page worked for jim baker. jim baker, friend of show, cnn family now, was the general counsel of the fbi. he's here now. i hope thanksgiving was good. appreciate you are on the show. >> thank you, chris. >> the main allegation that requires attention is the texts between page and strzok betrayed an animus that infiltrated the investigation into then-candidate and later president trump. have you ever believed that? >> i've never believed that because i worked very closely with lisa and pete, and i saw on a regular basis what it was that they were doing and what they
6:41 pm
were not doing. and i didn't see any evidence that any of their actions or failure to take logical actions were the result of any type of political bias. they were taking actions that made sense as investigators, that made sense as lawyers and, you know, they were not in charge of the fbi. jim comey was in charge of the fbi. the actions that they were taking did not appear to be driven by political considerations. it just wasn't the case. >> now, there is an inspector general report that's going to come out about just this, and i know that you haven't looked at it but even if you have looked at it, can't talk to you about it. that's not my question. the idea is going to be if it kom comes out in that report that page was not found to have political animus influencing her actions, what do you think of the damage done by what this president continues -- doesn't matter what's in the i.g.'s report. we both know the president is
6:42 pm
going to keep saying they were out to get him. >> the human suffering the president has caused these people who made mistakes, pete and lisa made mistakes and those mistakes hurt the bureau, hurt the investigations, hurt their own careers, themselves and their families. they know that. they know they exercised poor judgment and made mistakes and they regret it, they're sorry about it. as human beings who make his takes, stop the presses, human beings make mistakes and exercise poor judgment, that happens. what happens on a day-to-day basis in public is they're both subjected to this kind of language from the president -- >> he made their affair, which is obviously a personal matter and had nothing to do with the fbi into it being about him. it was like a love triangle as far as he's concerned except it
6:43 pm
was about hating hill. >> it's so demeaning to me to hear the laughter to people expressed during his statement. i just don't think it is the right thing to do. i think it's really quite reprehensible. >> she out now, people can read the piece for themselves. she left in may of 2018. she's still very young and a talented attorney. it's an interesting window when this president decides you need to go. let me ask you something else, jim. how do we deal with these ukraine b.s. conspiracy theories? senate looked at it, run by republicans. mueller, the intel community released a report about it. everybody who looked at it says it's b. is. >> and i have to pull out of them that it was russia in 2016. what is the play here and how do you deal with it? >> you fight corruption and lies
6:44 pm
with the truth and integrity and the facts. you continue to call out folks who, for whatever reason, decide they want to promulgate this type of narrative. it's done for political motive, as we all know. it's done to make the case for the american people so that the senate doesn't waffle in its support for the president, the republican members of the senate. i think you just have to keep at it and keep pushing back against the various defenses and defense after defense that's made by the president and his supporter just clapgss in the face of the facts. that's how you have to do it. it may not result in the president being removed from office but hopefully it will have some effect on how americans any about their choices when they go to the polls in november 2020. >> removing the stain of creating basically an orwellian culture of double speak, it was
6:45 pm
always ukraine, never anybody else but ukraine until we changed the story was literally right out of what we thought was a novel. that would be a much bigger prize for this country than even the removal of a president. it all goes together, jim. that little act about lisa page he puts out helps him make a mockery of an institution he need people not to trust if they're gag to listen to something like ukraine. >> all right, i was wrong. there's something you rarely hear. a top senate republican admitted right here on this show a week ago that he was wrong to push a 2016 ukraine conspiracy theory. i actually felt good about that. it was like a moment of clarity. but now senator kennedy is back pedaling and he represents a big, fat problem. we'll get after it next.
6:46 pm
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even if it costs you your very soul. that's the gop approach to this impeachment. congressmen acting as potus' counsel when they're members of congress and supposedly investigating this president, ignoring testimony and now even pedaling putin's propaganda that it was ukraine, not russia in 2016. when senator john kennedy became trump's beast of burden, carrying this b.s., we gave him a chance on this show to own reality, and he took it. >> i was wrong. the only evidence i have -- and i think it's overwhelming -- is that it was russia who tried to hack the dnc computer. >> there you have it. the senator knows what is fact. every intel agency we have found conclusively russia hacked the 2016 election. the question isn't who. the question is how to do something about it. it's not about ukraine.
6:51 pm
but in trump land, all that matters is what helps him. that put kennedy in a bad position, and he, like the rest of his party, chose trump over the truth. >> do you think that the ukrainians interfered in the 2016 election? >> i do. i do. it is clear to me that ukraine did meddle in the u.s. election. >> it's clear to the senator even though he says he's never gotten an intel brief to back up any of what is clear to him. he duoesn't need to, he says. he's read a couple of articles that suggest ukraine may have had something to do with it. that thinking has a "washington post" opinion piece labeling senator kennedy as a useful idiot. now, i don't like the insult. we don't need that. we need a reckoning of this irony to undermine reality that russia interfered with our election, and remember why. because trump thinks that russia doing it because they wanted him to win hurts him. so he's trying to erase it. so he and his loyalists are
6:52 pm
trying to frame ukraine based on an idea cooked up by russia. >> do you know, for example, that in ukraine following the elections, some people -- and these were public officials -- sent congratulatory tell grams to clinton even though trump had won. look, what do we have to do with this? >> that's not true. now this president is selling you the same tripe, and having the gop do it also. case in point, this 123-page blueprint of the case they'll be making in the house. none of the democrats' witnesses testified to having bribery evidence, extortion, or any high crime or misdemeanor. another thing you're going to hear a lot in the coming weeks, you don't need proof of a crime to be impeached. this is about abuse of power, especially if it involved working with a foreign power. right, lindsey graham -- 1998. >> you don't even have to be convicted of a crime to lose
6:53 pm
your job in this constitutional republic. >> as for the facts, everyone offered proof of the exact same understanding. this president wanted to know if this b.s. about the dnc server in ukraine was true, and assuming he actually believes that, that could be a basis for impeachment right there on the level of gross incompetence. but the worst part is trying to sell you this b.s. about ukraine, not only shielding russia but literally selling russia's own excuse, which a star witness dismissed with a wave of her hand. >> this is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. >> yeah, and now by our president and members of congress. look, you can argue that what hunter biden did was wrong. if the president believes that or something about vice president biden, have them investigated by your buddy, lindsey graham, like he's doing right now in the senate. go to the doj.
6:54 pm
why did you go through the ukraine? you did it for cover, and you know it. and so do the people giving you cover right now. what happened here is obvious. the only thing that's not obvious is the right consequence. but in trump land, there is no moving back. only attacking whatever and whoever tries to stop you. and he's willing to pedal russian propaganda, destroy your confidence in our institutions, and threaten people personally just to get what he wants. remember this. what he says nor any of his deputies can't be taken by themselves. why? if he has nothing to hide, if his top deputies never said anything like what was testified to, why won't he sit under oath? why won't he let them? imagine being in his position and knowing you did nothing wrong and that you had people who could prove it, and up wouldn't let them testify. he says he doesn't get the same rights clinton had when he was
6:55 pm
impeached, and he's right. he has more, yet he won't even have a lawyer show up. does any of this sound perfect to you? that's the argument. now, there's news tonight about one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates that could shake up the coming impeachment probe. that's our bolo, next. when you have pain... you want relief. fast. only thermacare ultra pain relieving cream has 4 active ingredients to fight pain 4 different ways. get powerful relief today, with thermacare. when a nasty cold won't let you sleep, try nyquil severe with vicks vapocool whoa! and vaporize it. ahhhhh! shhhhh! nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing nighttime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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bolo. be on the lookout. one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates just got a step closer to testifying. federal prosecutors told the judge today in new york that more charges may be coming for lev parnas, a man already accused of funneling money into gop campaigns illegally. but parnas' attorney told the court that mr. parnas wants to comply with a subpoena from house intel committee and asked therefore for copies of materials that have been seized so that they can turn them over to congress. both the judge and prosecutor
7:00 pm
said, okay. you should expect to get it. in other words, if the feds aren't going to stand in the way, that becomes really interesting. could parnas or anything that he has become a last-minute piece of evidence in the impeachment proceedings? be on the lookout. thank you for watching. "cnn tonight" with the man, don lemon, right now. >> hey, how are you doing? >> hey, happy thanksgiving again. >> you as well. you ever notice something? here's what i've noticed. >> that you're tan and i look like a chicken leg before it's cooked? >> it looks good, doesn't it. >> it looks real good. >> it was nice, i got to tell you. i love you, but i didn't miss you at all. >> well deserved. i wouldn't miss me either. >> i needed one more week. it takes four or five days to get into it, you know that, right? then you got to come back three days after that. here's what i noticed about an observation that i've made. anybody who this president has gone after pretty


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