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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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this is sn breaking news. >> hello, everyone, thank you for being with me this morning. we're now learning the identity of one of the victims of the
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deadly shooting at a naval air base in pensacola. we have new details on the gunman as well, a saudi national. his uncle saying that he showed nothing suspicious before he moved to the u.s. in 2017 to begin training at the base. we have more from pensacola, natasha? >> yes, we're just learning now of one of the victims that has been identified as joshua caleb wats watson, we're hearing from the brother saying that this, today, was the worst day of his life, that this brother was an integral part of their family. they say that he saved countless lives and he described how ach his brother was not multiple times that watson made it out of
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the building and was able to tell shooters where he was was which valuable information. here is a quote from that pose. he died a hero and we are beyond proud and there is a whole in our hearts that can never be filled. this is one of the victims, and he is one of three people who were killed in this shooting, another eight people were injured, among them is two deputies that exchanged fire. we did cnn did have a conversation with the uncle of the shooter. he is the expected gunman here and he is a saidy national. the uncle spoke to cnn and said there was nothing that would
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indicate that his nephew would commit such an attack. here is a couple quotes from the uncle. he says he has religion, prayer, honesty, commitments. he was likable, smart, exceptionally smart, and he added that the kingdom will have to get to the truth of what happened. and if his nephew is guilty, he said he will be account able before god. and a lot of charged emotions here with a global investigation with families around the world at this point trying to figure out what happened. a lot of heart broken families here in pensacola where it is a tight knit community and people are just dealing with this for what will be a very long time. >> thank you so much for those new details, appreciate it. >> right now, in the nation's capital, democrats on the house judiciary committee are meeting
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and preparing for a key impeachment proceeding. they're expected to have a mock hearing today and tomorrow for the actual hearing scheduled for tomorrow. and they will present evidence against president donald j. trump. jeremy is on capitol hill, rehearsals are under way right now, and what are they wanting to fine tune? >> that is right, lawmakers are as we speak behind me in the room working on what the details of what exactly they're going to talk about on monday and they will be here today and tomorrow which is a sign of how much they're trying to get all of those little details right. hearing on monday we will hear from the intelligence staff counci councils, where they will present them, they are expected
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to present allegations against ukraine, the aide, and the investigation, but a judiciary committee could be working on obstruction of justice. the judiciary committee just put out a staff report on the constitutional grounds for impeachment. this is a historical report laying the ground work for the articles. we are expecting to see those as soon as next week after the hearing. and they potentially could get a vote in the committee by the end of next week. now the big debate that is still unresolved here is what will be in those articles and will they get into obstruction of justice in the mueller report. many members of the judicial committee here today want that to be part of impeachment because they feel that conduct should not be excused. at the same time, there are moderates up here that resisted impeachment until it was only focused on ukraine and they want a very narrow impeachment. it is a tension that is going on that the speaker and the
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committee chairs are going to have to sort out. what we're expecting is after we see these articles next week it could lead to a vote on the house floor before christmas, fred. >> keep us posted, thank you so much. >> meanwhile, the white house is refusing to take part in monday's hearing. it has issued a letter to the house judiciary committee attacking the inquiry as "base less" and a "reckless abuse of power." several democrats spoke about the white house decision. >> i am not surprised that the administration is not participating because they have not been able to deny a single piece of evidence that is so damming across this. >> i think the american people should know this, this white house is now after crying foul on process for so long saying they're not going to
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participate. they cooked the books there. that is home cooking. >> so, kristin, is the white house choosing to elaborate any further after releasing that statement? >> not right now, it is clear their strategy is not to engage in these impeachment proceedings. especially while they're in the house of representatives. it is not a very big surprise here. while they continue to say the process was unfair, they also stone walled this investigation at every single turn and they e refused to provide critical documents and now they're refusing to participate and last night we heard from the white house council in this scathing letter. it says that house democrats wasted enough of america's time
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with this charade. adopting articles of impeachment is a reckless abuse of power by house democrats and would constitute the most unjust, highly partisan, and unconstitutional attempt at impeachment in our nation's history. then he wraps up with a quote and a tweet saying hurry up and get this done and move it to the senate trial. they believe they're going to do better in the senate because the senate is controlled by republicans. >> all right, thank you so much. we will check back with you. iran relacing a brprinceton gra student. and later, hillary clinton opens up about president trump's inauguration. >> i was sitting there like just wow, george w bush says to me "well that was some weird [ bleep ]"
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an iranian scientist arrested in the u.s. last year. right now he is at a u.s. army base in germany where he is undergoing a medical check and is described as good health and good experts. joining me now with more details on this is kylie atwood. what do we know about the circumstances in which he was imprisoned in the first place. >> according to a source familiar he was treated abhorrently. there was other prisoners that would threaten him. there was gaushds that would treat him callously. they would say things like you think you will be released, krour not going to be released. it was very troubling for him, but he was able to be in touch with his wife here in the united states. they spoke over the phone according to a source familiar at least once a week. he also spoke with princeton
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students sometimes for hours at a time. he was having these conversations, sbintellectual conversations, and he was able to stay in touch with americans while on the ground and wrongly detained is a really positive thing. the other positive developments that we're learning this morning as you said, fred, is that he is in good health and very good sfirts, he will be returning to the united states. and now there are no set plans for him to visit the white house yet, but a senior add min vags official said that president trump is expected to want to meet with him, but the real focus right now is hit health, getting him back to the united states safely, and that is what the white house is focused on
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and the state department, and it is very positive news for him. >> so then what have we learned about the time that he spent, you said it is was his family ut was it like for the whole family during this time since 2016? >>. >> there has always been back channels of conversation, the fact is that the state department really play as pivotal role in updating the family and now the national security advisor to president trump played the most sen corral role with regard to staying in touch with his family over the last few years. he personally knows the families and the families of other americans still detained in iran. and a senior administration
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all right, new today, cnn learned that an alley of rudy giuliani has been contacted and asked about a conspiracy theory that he helped promote. >> rauly giuliani saying he wrapped up his trip in ukraine, he has been in europe as part of a bid to keep digging for dirt on president trump's political rivals. they are moving to draw up articles of impeachment.
9:21 am
he is also tweeting and they can only be characterized in one way, false. thursday night he tweeted the accounts chamber in ukraine found an alleged misuse of 5.3 billion in funds in the obama administration while biden was the point man. here are the facts, multiple countries provided the $5 billion, not the u.s. an expert found that the u.s. provided $1.4 billion. that is based on ukraine's accounting chamber. they also reported improper accounting but not misuse of the funds. he says obama embassy urged you craneian police not to investigation, there is no current evidence to support that the police were urged not to investigation.
9:22 am
on friday morning giuliani tweeting much of the 5.3 billion that was reported as misused was given to the embassies favored ngos. that same financial expert points out that actually only 6% of the total funding, so that is a small slice, went to these november government organizations. where 70% of the funds went towards nuclear power stations security as well as military support, so tweets like this and the trip to europe, they're all part of the report that critics are calling a disinformation campaign being used to create a counter argument, a counter narrative to defend the president, cnn, washington. all right, still ahead, don't mess with nancy pelosi, she sets the record straight after being asked if he she hates president trump. first, in today's start small,
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all right, the white house will not participate in the process at the hill right now, in fact the president's attorneys rejected an offer from democrats to present any type of defense for president trump during the house judiciary
9:29 am
hearings. the impeachment inquiry is described as baseless. house democrats are conducted mock hearings today as they prepare to receive evidence on monday. with me now is a congressional reporter for politico. good to see both of you. all right, so you first, i feel like we had a lot of potentially consequential months, but this coming week, where is this on the scale of the state of america. and it is the articles that go
9:30 am
to the house floor and there is a good chance that democrats will support them as well. the fact pattern laid out of what the surrogates did in ukraine, that is the investigation, but we're getting to the closing chapter where all of the strings are tied up and that will happen in the next few days. >> so the house speaker set a tone this past week giving the green light for the house judiciary to draft articles of impeachment. she also set the tone, don't mess with me on mischaracterizations or misuse of my words. >> as a catholic i resent you using the word hate in a sentence that has to do with me. i pray for the president, and i still pray for the president.
9:31 am
i pray for the president all of the time. so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> so andrew, did that moment reset a tone or a narrative? especially when for a long time she was talking about this whole impeachment, and now she is on board and giving a green light? >> yeah, look, she was saying they are doing this because they don't like the president, they want to try to overturn the 2016 election. and she says they are upholding their oath, versus policy matters like gun control and immigration issues. she said save that for the election, right? she was trying to distinguish the paths that the democrats are taking here and just in the last hour the house judiciary committee released a staff report on the constitutional grounds for impeachment and they
9:32 am
address ahead on in a more aek way the idea that impeachment is not a tool to overturn an election but rather hold a president accountable. >> house speaker pelosi's comments that she is praying for the president, that didn't silence the president. he said he doubts that pelosi prays for him. this is not just about trump, but this is about the presidency, and that is in step with the ground work that andrew is speaking to that the house members are all on board with. how might the outcome of what happens in the house impact the u.s. senate that would have the trooifl consequently. >> i think that at this point everybody is assuming that the house is going to impeachment president. and so the senate is gearing up for that and bracing for that and you can see that the team is
9:33 am
looking at this being their chamber or forum in which they can stage a more forceful and effective defense than they have been able to stage in the house where majority rules. i think you're not necessarily changing hearts and minds because the evidence is out there. if we're looking at writing the impeachment that means it will not change and it is clear they're reviewing them from a different lens. so you will see more shots across the bow like this. there is no love lost between the democrats and trump, i know people that have prayed with pelosi for the president. so at this point, it will be a lot of finger pointing and angrier and angrier and that will spill over into how they decide to handle all of the preliminary questions they have to set up the trial. will the senators get to speak?
9:34 am
the political climate and the k acc accramony could determine how much is a handshake deal and how much is a mud fight between the two parties. >> okay, thank you to both of you, appreciate it. >> thank you, we'll be right back. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no. did you really need the caps lock? mucinex cold and flu all-in-one. only roomba i7+ uses two multi-surface rubber brushes. ♪ and picks up more pet hair than other robot vacuums. and the filter captures 99% of dog and cat allergens. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba™.
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welcome back, there will be a hearing where there will be evidence presented to lawmakers as they continue with grafting articles of impeachment against president trump. michael zeldon is a former federal prosecutor. michael, good to see you. so just moments ago, the house judiciary committee released a report underlining constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment. you have taken a quick look at this. explain what it is. >> it essentially relaced tes te
9:39 am
grounds in the constitution itself. treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. and it is how the evidence will be applied in this case to that terminology so they have a frame work for analyzing the evidence and making a determination of whether or not something is impeachable or not impeachable. >> how many articles of impeachment do you anticipate? >> it defenpends on if they sti to ukraine or if they adieu crane and mueller. i think it is more desirable, it would probably be an abuse of the p.o.w.s of the office of the president by one soliciting zelensky, and three, the
9:40 am
obstruction of congress, those make the package very neat and understandable, and i think it gives the democrats the best chance of convincing the american public that this is worthy of impeachment. >> so an abuse of power you see two possible directions. >> correct, they could make them one master charge of abuse of the powers of the office, you know, phase one solicitation, i personally like breaking them into two sprat articles so you don't have to deal with the muddied arguments that because the money was released to ukraine or because they were not known that the money was held up, that is why i would sprat them. >> on obstruction, you could see them combine or stand alone?
9:41 am
>> correct, you could have obstruction of congress which is the wholesale refeudal of the president to allow people to testify or produce documents relevant to the congressional oversight and impeachment inquirie inquiries. and then you could have obstruction of the mueller investigation, the nine or ten articles that mueller outlined in his report where he said that the president obstructed his investigation in a meaningful way. >> what is your gut on that? do you this it would be add venn day yourself or a mistake to incorporate the mueller report findings. since so much time has lapsed? >> i think the democrats obligation here is that the american public, that what the president did or is alleged to have done here violates the powers of his office and is worthy of impeach mement they g
9:42 am
rid of the ambassador to the ukraine for yovanovitch. and finally if you want this in the end, there is a hold on your military aide, there is a hold on your white house meeting, and therefore you don't get it until you do that they will move the needle in some way. still ahead, why barron trump was mentioned during this week's impeachment hearing. the growing fallout over a joke.
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okay, welcome back. this week an unexpected name came up in the impeachment hearings. barron trump, one of the legal scholars who used an analogy about kings and presidents. >> the constitution says there can be no titles of know billty. the president can name his son bar barron, he can't make him a barron. >> i want to apologize for what i said earlier. it was wrong of know do that. i wish the president would apologize for the things that he has done that is wrong, but do i regret having said that.
9:49 am
>> a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. the president's children have been thrown into the spotlight before but there is a tradition in washington to keep them out of politics due to safety concerns. so for more on that let's bring in a cnn law enforcement analyst and secret service agent who protected numerous children of past presidents, good to see you. >> good to see you, fred. >> what did you make of that moment in they mentioned baron trump and then apologizing for it. were there security concerns surrounding the mentioning of his name at an event, a moment like that? >> i think, i'll leave the voracity of her apology for others to debate, but right now his name is out there and we can't put the tooth paste back in the type, when there is an
9:50 am
increased optic around a minor child of the president there is an increased security risk. part of the model of protecting the president's children is a concept of security through obscurity. these children are under constant threats that people don't realize, they don't normally talk about it. here is what i mean by that. what i have seen and experienced with the bush and obama daughter social security that people who try to influence the president through threated will direct threats because they think they're easier to get to. these children and the security detail around them and what they're faced with. let me say that concept is wrong. the structure that is built around the kids, while it may not be a security structure, people normally think of the secret service, it is very comprehensive, robust, and it
9:51 am
would be a foolser rant to try -- errand to try to break them. >> during their events and when the president is there, you know, political statements, right? american culture statements, american culture statements are being made, but at the same time most of these presidents want privacy for their children. >> so it is not a double standard, it is a standard in two parts nap is because both parts are fairly applied. when it comes to joining them in a public forum, we have to look at the risks and consequences of that, if she in the easter egg roll, it is a minimal risk and the consequences of his expoture are minimal. on the flip side, if we report on his private life, his pattern of behavior, there is a greater
9:52 am
risk and a significant consequence to that reporting that puts minor children in greater harm. so it is not a double standard, a standard that we should all apply. >> thank you very much, still ahead, hillary clinton unplugged. the former secretary of state talks about loving the 2016 election and her love life before president bill clinton. yooooohooo liz, rob, cough if you nerds are in here. shhhh. shhhh. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob? the king of dry, scratchy coughs. it's got two medicines in one and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long?! i never studied a day in my life and i turned out fine! put me down lady! watch the sign! ooooo ow, that was a corner. only mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill.
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all right, hillary clinton spilled intimate detailed about her personal life in a marathon interview with howard stern. she revisited the hardest day of her life and some colorful moments from the campaign trail. jason carroll looks at the key take aways. >> it was the inauguration of donald trump. one of the hardest days of my life to be honest. >> call it hillary clinton unplugged, sort of. >> bill was the first guy you loved? >> no, there was somebody before him. >> for 2.5 hours the former candidate talked about her personal life and politics with howard stern. >> i don't know if i was too nice, but i was certainly very careful and the reason is look, i grew up at a time that if you were going to get through a door as a woman, you did not react to
9:57 am
anything. >> among the highlights, how clintonfelt about president trump's victory and nomination. >> i was obviously crushed, disappointed, and really surprised. i could not figure out what had happened. >> and you had not even written a losing speech? >> no, everything was pointing in that direction. bill and i are sitting with george and laura bush, and then he started on that speech which was so bizarre and that's when i got really worried. and then that carnage in the street and the dark distopian village, and george w bush says to me well that was some weird shit. and talking about senator lindsey graham, someone she worked with across the aisle. >> he was good company, funny,
9:58 am
self-deposition sel sel self depricating, he was funny, he believed in climate change. >> has he sold his soul to the devil? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think that is a fair question, however. and what i don't understand is how he went from being the friend and confident of the maverick, john mccain, who i didn't agree with politically, but he was a man of integrity, and now i don't know what happened to him. i have not talked to him -- one year, back in a couple years, he
9:59 am
wrote a tribute to me, and now it is like he had a brain snatch, you know? >> clinton uncharkt r-- >> ner, never had a lesbian affair? >> never, never even been tempted. >> there was no questions in the sit down between monica lewinsky and the inappropriate relationship she had be bill clinton. she did open up before bill? >> someone you would have considered marrying? >> not considered marrying, but in love. >> but in love. >> she pledged to support whoever the democratic nominee might be, but she did have a few choice words for bernie sanders.
10:00 am
>> do we hate bernie sanders? >> no. >> he could have endorsed you quicker. it's no doubt that he hurt me. >> have you spoken to bernie about that? >> no. >> do you talk to him? >> i did when he finally endorsed me and all of that? >> but you're upset? >> no, disappointed. and i hope he doesn't do it again to whoever gets the nomination. once is enough. cnn, new york. >> so much more straight ahead in the news room. it is all starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello again, thank you so much for being with me. all right, breaking news, the house judiciary committee released a report for grounds for presidential impeachment junction moments ago. the house judiciary committee sent out the in-depth report and chairman jerry nad der released
10:01 am
a statement


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