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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 7, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> no. >> he could have endorsed you quicker. it's no doubt that he hurt me. >> have you spoken to bernie about that? >> no. >> do you talk to him? >> i did when he finally endorsed me and all of that? >> but you're upset? >> no, disappointed. and i hope he doesn't do it again to whoever gets the nomination. once is enough. cnn, new york. >> so much more straight ahead in the news room. it is all starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello again, thank you so much for being with me. all right, breaking news, the house judiciary committee released a report for grounds for presidential impeachment junction moments ago. the house judiciary committee sent out the in-depth report and chairman jerry nad der released a statement saying in part that the safety and security of the
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nation hangs in the balance, and that no one is above the law welcome not even the president. jeremy, explain what this means. >> yes, so this report, it is effectively laying the ground work for what is goes to be a busy week ahead for the judiciary committee. it gets into the historical nature of impeachment and makes the argument for why congress has the right and the duty to impeachment president. it is a update and they are going back to the reports. it doesn't say that they committed impeachable offenses. chairman nadler said it makes clear that is where the committee is headed, nadler said the framers worth nightmare is
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what weir facing at this very moment, president trump abused his power, betrayed our national security, and corrupted our elections for personal gain. only one remedy for this conduct impeachment. we're going to hear from the judiciary committee on monday when they have a hearing to present the evidence against the president. they're preparing now for that very hearing. they're going to be here today on a saturday and on a sunday trying to make sure they get all of these details right. and they're expecting a possible introduction and the committee could vote on those articles by the end of next week, setting the stage for a potential house vote to impeach the president by or before christmas. so i think this report is one more step that we're going to get as democrats continue to march toward that impeachment of
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the president. and this is an impeachment law professor and cnn legal analyst, good to see you, ross. so what does this say to you? why is this important that this be released to lay the ground work for impeachment? >> well, you know i'm still going through the document, but i think fundamentally what the house democrats are trying to do is show that this isn't just about politics, it's not just about criticizing the president's conduct, but the historical frame work, a historical frame work of impeachment, and what they thought was most important, that is one of the things that struck me so far is that there is a discussion about the historical frame work and there is an emphasis on the framers concern about foreign interference.
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their concern about bribery, and i think there will be a few people considering with that. there are other elements that i think will be much more controversial and budget to attack by republicans. including sort of the discussion about standard of evidence, about the roll of criminality, in the impeachment process, and other elements of it. >> so let's go through what could be the sequence. you have the release of this report. there are mock hearings taking place this weekend, monday the hearing that will get under way will involve presentations and evidence from counsels to the house, house judiciary committee, and what would happen on monday? >> yeah, i think what we're expecting to happen on monday is the clock is running out. the democrats are running out of time to convince the american people that impeachment is
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justified. monday is a big day for that. monday is when the staff to the committees sort of lay out their best case for impeachment. i think in this sort of final effort to convince the american people. after that. how do they keep the public's attention at that time. for this to to be played out publicly, the use of graphic and sound bites. how do you animate what has been a lengthy process, 17 witnesses behind closed doors and even public systtestimonies. >> i think it is an exact issue, and something that you have been critical of and curious about from the beginning of the process. the process so far has not been aimed at convincing the undecided and certainly not convincing republicans. so it may be that on monday, although i doubt it, it may be
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that the staff and the committees are able to put together a presentation that is compelling. i have been surprised at the lack of use of videos welcome of graphics, of other tools to animate the story. it is impeachable conduct, and i think that case has to be made in a way that resonates with people and so far it doesn't seem like that has been the case. i'm going to be very interested in how they work that out on monday. >> the mouse attorneys say they be participating. it is completely baseless, but what do you make of that legal strategy because attorneys were involved with nixon and clinton kbrp this approach for the trump
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administration? >> yeah, so, you and i have been talking about this for a few weeks. you'll republican, this does not come as a surprise, i think to me and to many people. that the white house is not participating in this process. the process are different in clinton and nixon from the beginning of the processes, the president's lawyers were permitted to participate in the proceedings. here in the white house, the whole process is bogus, it is totally unclear. you said we could participate, you said we had the right to cross examine witnesses, it is
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really at this point nothing left for us to do -- >> we would not be viewed instead an opportunity to change the narrative to best counter all of the evidence that has been presented even without the witnesses that say the white house wanted to hear from are they squandering what could be a great opportunity. >> from their point of view, they think they're winning. no republicans are willing to support impeachment. they announced they could be voting for their impeachment. they are getting out through the media and the president's tweets, and i think from their perspective they're not getting a fair shake and they won't.
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then they go on to a potentially more fair and some might say favorable arena in the senate, and that is but i think from the white house perspective, they're getting their word out just fine without having to do it in an unfriendly arena out of the house. >> other breaking news this hour, we have now learned the why the of one of the victims of the pensacola naval base shooting. a live report, next. it's time to make mopping history. introducing the new braava jet m6 robot mop. with an adjustable precision jet spray and advanced pad system braava jet breaks up messes and gets deep in corners. braava jet. only from irobot. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no.
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we're following breaking news right now. he is joshua caleb watson. he was a sailor in the navy and was hoping to become a jet pilot after flight school. his brother said that watson saved countless lives by giving his own. natasha chen, what do we know about watson and his brother? >> his brother described his brothers saving those lives because he said that joshua watson was injured and still
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made it outside of the building and was able to tell first responders where the shooter was and that was critical information in that moment. this is an incredible loss for that family, he said this is the worth day of his life, but he said that joshua watson gave his life for a senseless tragedy here. he said that his brother died a hero and they are beyond proud. and there is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. he is one of three people killed in this shooting and of course there are eight others that are injured including two others that exchanged fire with the gunman. they are treating those eight people. >> yeah, and natasha, there is also exclusive new details. the gunman showed nothing --
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>> right, so the uncle told season that he had no indication from his nephew that he would have done something like this. he said he talked to his nephew, and they said that he was likable and well manners toward his name and community. here is a quote from the uncle. he has his religion, prayer, onnesty, and commitments and he was a likable did and he was exceptionally smart. and they want to get to the truth of what happened here, and if his nephew is guilty of this, he will be accountable before god. so the family members of the again men and the shooter here in this case, and the entire investigation, we are expecting
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to hear more from the f brbi bu not until later this evening. >> new today, a graduate student that was held in prison for three years is finally coming home. we have details. sfx: [sneezing] i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal.
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okay, new today the trump administration says they're hopeful that a prisoner swap could lead to better relationships with tehran. wong spent three years in the tehran prison. president trump sweeted about the exchange earlier today saying taken during the obama administration despite a $150 billion gift returned during the trump administration.
10:21 am
thank you to a very fair negotiation. see we can make a deal together. joins us right now is a diplomatic analyst john kirby. you worked at a state department, how could an exchange like this happen? >> this was negotiated through our protecting power since we don't have open diplomatic relations with iran the protecting power is switzerland. it looks like mr. brian hook was the chief u.s. negotiator to bring this about. my guess is he was working, the swiss were working with like wise, at the same level as hook on the iranian side to negotiate this release one for one. these things are done very quietly. nobody talks about them until the actual transfer has happened for good reason, anything could happen at the last minute and they could throw it off, this is why we have a protective power
10:22 am
and this is what the swiss has done for us as well. and in the end, i think this was a good move by the united states and iran and i hope it leads to better elections. >> they are not talking directly, but how is switzerland empowered to help cut a deal. >> they have agreed to accept that responsibility on their behalf. we have other nations that serve as protecting pours oversees and they are our protecting power and they are our liaison with the iran government since there is no official communications right now. >> i want to read a tweet now from the secretary of state mike pom may owe.
10:23 am
around the world back home to their loved ones. so talk to me about this kind of promise that the u.s. is making that it sounds like under any circumstance it will happen, but it is the russian of a prisoner swap, right? and no exchange of moneys but what are the circumstances of an exchange of prisoners? >> so it was a prisoner swap. don't think they want to admit that. they could be compared with the bad practices of the what they considered the bad deals of the obama administration. they have hit it, and they are
10:24 am
focusing on the semantics there. the families with other citizens, and they're hopeful, i think it is bittersweet. they have come out and said that, but i think they are also a little scared and concerned about whether or not this administration will continue press to get their family members back. we have seen a statement in a few minute that's have, a father and a son there and it is a little bitter for them. they don't believe there is much movement to get their loved ones out. the trump administration has paid a lot of attention to this issue, and i think they are probably working behind the scenes they are trying to make
10:25 am
sure they're hopes aren't too high up. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, the trade war with china drags on. president trump promised farmers would be the big winners of this fight,farmers saying in one of the keys to trump's 2016 win. go there. ♪ (children playing) (dog barking) ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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the u.s. la boar department fell lightly matching the 50 year low reached in septt. american farmers continue to take a huge hit from the trade
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war with china, what does that mean for 2020 had? we went to pennsylvania to find out. >> is the dairy business profiting. >> made more so by the trade war. >> good idea or bad idea? >> a bad idea. >> boyd, a republican. >> is that a lot? >> that is the profit. >> pennsylvania will be a key state in the 2020 election. it helped elect president trump in 2016 who campaigned here on promises made to farmers like boyd. >> he is sort of back stabbing the main people that got him
10:31 am
into officer in the midwest. all of those midwest states that helped to vote him in and also pennsylvania and he let us down. >> will you vote for him again in 2020? >> unless they come up with a better alternative. >> the president still trying to close a phase 1 trade deal with china that could restart big buying offing a products and lifting prices if is a lifeline for farmers. >> there is talks a month ago they're supposed to be opening back up, and i have not seen -- i have seen prices go down, not up. >> a democrat voted for obama and then flipped to trump, just like north hampton county here in pennsylvania. >> right now i would not vote for him. i don't know who i'm going to vote for. i don't see a good candidate. >> on either side? >> on either side. in my opinion.
10:32 am
>> one farmers crop is harvested, but his beans sit unsold. >> the first time i have had beans in here. >> the corn, that is your paycheck right there. >> every morning he checks crop prices. >> down here is so i beans. >> hoping to find a buyer for his beans. >> how long are you willing to be patient and wait out this trade war? >> other than saying i'm not going to vote for trump, that would be one way to retaliate personally, but i don't see that happening at this point. >> cnn, mount bethel, pennsylvania. >> president trump and his reelection allies are using the positive jobs numbers to down play the impeachment battle. joining me now to discuss is alice stewart, ted cruz's
10:33 am
communications director. a cnn political commentator. alice, despite the strong numbers, the november report shows key swing states lost jobs in the first ten months of 2019. so should this be any cause for concern going into 2020? >> absolutely not. when we have a overall economy that is strong and we're seeing jobs numbers like that, and also the wage growth which is strong, that will help everyone across the country and people are going to pay attention to that. and look, this president came into office promising to strengthen the economy and be strong with regard to job creation and keeping people in their jobs, and he is delivering on that, and it is no surprise that a strong economy, a rising tide lifts all boats and that will help people in these early states, and the key battleground states, and i think that strong economy will be instrumental to the president's reelection.
10:34 am
the impeachment is taking a back seat because people are concerned about their own bank account and checking account with regards to what the democrats are doing with impeachment. >> should they be pushing an economic message for the voters that feel that president trump will and could be the best option for 2020? >> well, you know i think that the democrats will do that and are doing it. i think that the real problem here is that the economy is going strong, and you would think that trump's -- any president with this kind of economy would have an approval rating in the upper 50s and lower 60s. it just shows the drag on everything else. the impeachment process and not obeying the subpoenas and not allowing people to talk. they keep taking a toll, he just cannot get out of the low 40s on
10:35 am
his approval rating even with the economy, even with these jobs reports. so that is the struggle on the trump side. first of all, it will take who our nominee is, and what their plan on health care and jobs and the economy are, but that is why you have so many democrats running right now talking about the kitchen table issues that americans are caring about, and let congress and the senate deal with the impeachment process while the presidential candidates continue to make their case to the american people. >> let's talk about the impeachment process right now. we're going into what could be a consequential week in congress with house democrats now releasing our report today laying out historical arguments for impeachment. alice, is there anything that democrats can do to get republicans on board? >> i don't see it, fred. the needle has not moved with
10:36 am
regard to public opinion and public support for impeachment since they began this who process. it is still vur chiel wiirtuall. how are the democrats in the trump won districts going to vote. he is very popular in the different districts, and these democrats vote in favor of impeachment. that will hurt them, and there is one thing for them go on record and vote in support of the impeachment inquiry, it is a completely different story for them to put their name on the dotted line for the impeachment, and it will be a very differeic challenge, i don't see any republicans breaking for this and ranking, and when it gets to the senate, it is dead in the water, with regard to any time.
10:37 am
>> it hangs in the balance, and that is what this impeachment process is predicated on, you don't think that will rez ig na -- resonate. >> they made the case in the impeachment inquiry, i didn't see it. the american people have not been in support of this and that is the key, fred, nancy pelosi made it clear before she made the decision to go down this road she would only do it if it was over whelming and bipartisan, it was neither of those. the degree that is judging this and for the clinton impeachment and the nixon, that had bipartisan support for the impeachment, this does not. that is something that will be a big factor when they make the ultimate decision. >> how do you see this, a variety of things are at stake, the office of the presidency.
10:38 am
the u.s. elections, do you worry, you know, that those things are being undermined by the more boisterous fights between the party members? >> they may be being undermined, but at this point, the partisanship that people are engaging in right now that will continue, it will continue and some point in the trial, we don't have all of the dh-- this has not been presented yet. the final report that we didn't know about with gooulian ygiul things will come out, and what is he doing right now. this will play out. i don't think that when it comes down to it that the president is in strong -- 50% of the american
10:39 am
people, yeah, i understand the 50/50 part, but that is not a good place to be, and we're not even at the beginning yet of a trial, so i would hold my predictions on where this is all going to go. certainly the republicans are hanging tough and are not -- they're being partisan in terms of defending the president and i understand that. but will they hold up? will -- there is just as much pressure on some of their senators who are in tough reelection bids on the political side. to look at these facts and to make a different decision than a lot of republicans are predi predicti predicting, we'll see. >> pretty complicated. joe, alice, thank you so much. >> thank you, fred. >> all right, who could forget the name george zimmerman. s he is back in the headlines. why he is now suing the family
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. all right, eight years after he was acquitted, george zimmerman says he was part of a conspiracy and he is suing for more than $100 million. among his claims, he alleges that a key prosecution witness was an imposter that read from a script. the lawsuit was announced ahead of a coral gables screening of " "trayvon martin was a hoax." in a statement the family's attorney says the lawsuit is unfounded, reckless, and a shameless attempt to profit from the lives and grief of others. joining me right now to discuss is a level rights attorney, a criminal defense attorney, good to see you both, richard, you
10:45 am
first, i mean any chance that a court entertains this lawsuit, that there is merit in this lawsuit? >> you know for $50 or $100 anyone can go to the county clerk and buy an index number and bring a lawsuit, and you can sue for $500 billion, it doesn't matter. you can file that lawsuit. the question is what is the foundation of the lawsuit? is it credible? is it real? will it stand. it appears the entire foundation for this lawsuit is based on a book and a documentary by you'll gilbert that believes that president obama's father was a communist in chicago and elvis is still alive, crazy theories, and this is the foundation on this trayvon hoax, and there is something to the fact that that witness, the prosecution witness, the supposed girlfriend who was not the real girlfriend at the time, and if you remember her testimony, and i do, it was very, very shaky, fred.
10:46 am
i didn't buy that testimony. we don't know yet, we don't know what will happen here, discovery will take place, and we'll see if it can withstand a motion to disme dismiss. >> avery, how do you see this? and to the timing of the lawsuit, so many years after the fact and trey von martin's family is still grieving. >> there are all sorts of problems. it is pretty septic tank stuff. you couple that with attention deficit. from conspiracy, defamation, to malicious prosecution, and at the end of the day, no one has interviewed the witnesses and basically, and i'm in agreement with that, comes from a book and a film and frankly this is a lawyer that has been banned in a
10:47 am
number of federal courts. so he went to a local court and will the judge permit this case to stand? i don't think it is go going to stand. >> the nation is still traumatized over what took place and his own former defense attorney says even if these claims were true, the case likely still would have done to trial. >> yeah, it would have gone to trial. number one, defendant number one is trayvon martin's mother. he is saying this prosecution witness was a dumbied up witness. like a tv show, or it was like a broadway play, that this was not the girlfriend, and everybody knew it.
10:48 am
and not everybody -- everybody knew it and they participated knowingly allowing her to get up and perjure herself. that is the allegation for civil conspiracy. and he sued the attorney, ben crump for defamation of him. i don't know that his character is that high anyway, but this is the foundation for this lawsuit, fred, but it will take awhile before it is moved forward or dismissed. >> what is at the root of this? >> you wonder if the case was driven by ideology rather than facts. i mean, there are references to behavior from six, seven, eight years ago. why would someone go to the trouble of going against a mom and dad who lost their son, they're not collectible, we also know that the law enforcement defendants who have been named are absolutely immean. they have immunity under federal
10:49 am
law. so what is the motive behind this? it is very difficult to think that it was based on facts because in all of this time, what effort has george zimmerman made to get those facts? he admits it is based on a release in september of 2019. i think the courts will have a very difficult time holding on to this case. i think it will be going. >> all right, avery freeman, richard herman, thank you so much. take care. this programming note, join anderson cooper and kelly ripa live as they name the 2019 cnn hero of the year. cnn heros an all-star tribute tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.
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we have breaking news on the deadly naval air base shooting. cnn is learning that some saudi nationals were detained following the shooting on friday. natasha chen joining us with more. natasha? >> fred, we have from our cnn crime and justice producer david
10:54 am
shore tel that a u.s. official tells him that a number of saudi nationals were detained for questioning yesterday following this shooting. but this u.s. official could not provide information on the current status of those who were detained and questioned. and now as would be expected from this kind of investigation, authorities are going to try and talk to anyone who's connected with the suspected gunman and that includes his friends circle and included in that friends circle of course are saudi nationals. and just as a reminder, this suspected gunman was part of a training prom where foreign nationals of nationals come to the u.s. as part of a partnership with allies around the world. a captain here on base told us that this suspected gunman is one of a couple hundred foreign nationals from different countries here, and u.s. officials tell us that around the control nation there are at least 5,000 foreign nationals from different countries that we partner with and train with.
10:55 am
and these programs have gone on for decades going back to world war ii. so again, this new information that we have is that a u.s. official tells cnn there are a number of saudi nationals who were detained for questioning on friday after the shooting happened to talk about what they may or may not know. naturally again because you want to reach out to the friends circle of the suspect here. we don't know the status of those detained individuals. but we are working to find out more information, fred. >> all right. natasha chen, thank you so much. so much more straight ahead. stay with us. t-mobile is lighting up 5g nationwide. while some 5g signals go only blocks, t-mobile 5g goes miles... beyond the big cities to the small towns... to the people.
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for the drive that's inside you. and inside us. that's the drive under the hood of every mini. because every mini is... for the drive. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- hello again everyone and thank you so much for joining me. this breaking news, the house judiciary committee has released a report outlining constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment. just a short time ago the chairman of the house judiciary committee sent out the in-depth report and chairman jerry nadler released a statement saying in part the safety and security of the nation, quoting now, hangs in the balance, and that in america, quote, no one is above the law, not even the president. cnn politics reporter jeremy hesh is on capitol hill. so jeremy, give us more about
11:00 am
what all this means. >> yeah. so this report that was released today is laying the groundwork for this committee, the judiciary committee, to take up impeachment proceedings. it's an historical document. it was written in 1974. it lays out the reasons why congress has the rights to impeach the president. it includes arguments from the president pushing back into why the democrats should not be going forward. the report does not actually say that the president committed impeachable owe fechbss, but it makes clear that's where dress are headed as well as a statement from jerry nadler. he said that the framers' worst nightmare is what we are facing at this very moment. president trump abused his power, betrayed our security and corrupted our election for pers


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