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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 8, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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works with bosch's precisionwash technology to clean, degrease and shine every dish, every load. for a sparkling clean, from bosch to finish. hello, everyone, and thank you so much for joining me this sunday. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with breaking news in several major developments today of the deadly shooting at the naval air base in pensacola, florida. authorities have not gone so far as to call the incident terrorism, but robert o'brien had this to say this morning. >> it appears this was someone who had been radicalized, whether it was here or -- it's unclear if he has ties with any
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other organizations. the saudis are cooperating fully with the investigation. we're going to take them at their word. >> now we're hearing from the defense secretary mark esper. one or two saudi nationals who were friends of the gunman filmed the attack. >> there are reports that several saudis had been detained and that several of them had been filming the incident. first of all, is that true? and there are some top florida officials willing to say this was a terrorist plot. >> so some were detained, friends of his that were also on that base, as i understand it. and i also was told that some one or two were filming it. what's unclear is were they filming it before it began or did they pick up their phones and film it as it was unfolding? that may be a distinction that
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may or may not make a difference. >> more than 5,000 foreign nationals are in pentagon training programs. >> the fbi did confirm the gun used in this attack, a glo glock .9-millimeter handgun was purchased in florida by the shooter. bryn glass is in florida for us. bryn, what's the next step in the investigation? >> reporter: there is a lot to unpack here. we just had word from the ground here in pensacola giving us an update on the investigation. the main goal is what you heard the defense secretary talk about there, try foing to figure out while this gunman acted alone as the shooter, was he alone or part of a network?
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this is also going to help determine motive. right now they say they do not have an answer to that. they're asking questions about was there any idealogy tied to the act that happened here at the naval base on friday morning. that, again, answers that big question, why hasn't this been declared an act of terrorism. the agent in charge said they're going forward with this investigation as a presumption there could be an act of terrorism that actually allows them to open up some investigative tools and that helps them with this investigation go a little bit faster and broaden it out a bit. part of that will be doing a lot of interviews, and that really is their next step in this investigation, interviewing people that actually were on the base in that classroom at that time. this gunman's superiors and also those saudi nationals. we know from our reporting that saudi nationals were detained. people knew this gunman.
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they're saying they are being cooperative with this investigation but they are restricted to this naval base behind me. not detained, they don't want to use the word detained, they are restricted to the naval base behind me, but they are cooperating with this investigation. there are a lot of questions being asked right now, and that's why they say this investigation stands. we know from our reporting there is a lot of video out there that you just talked about with the defense secretary, and they really were not commenting on that video saying, yes, there is video. it's all being investigated, it's all being processed along with other evidence, so really tight-lipped about that. we have from "new york times" reporting that this gunman was looking at mass shooting videos at a dinner party the night before the shooting. and we know and we have heard about what you just saw, the defense secretary talk about, but we can't get more answers about that. one of the other questions they're trying to get answers to
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is what was this person doing before the shooting, the days, the weeks, the months? we're learning from our sources that he did go home to saudi arabia, and the question is, was there any sort of radicalization that happened while he was home? we know from our sources that when he returned, according to our sources, he was described as being a different person. he was more religious and he was not drinking like he usually does. all answers they're trying to ascertain at this point. >> brynn gingras, we'll return to you soon. so the shooter was in saudi arabia before returning this year. what do we know? >> reporter: facts are hard to come by but the clues are this. they said all saudi arabian agencies should cooperate with united states investigators. the fbi have permanent personnel here in saudi arabia.
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it would be normal in these situations for the authorities to turn to the family, being the people that are probably closest to this young man. because he was young, he should have been relatively close to his family. that would be the understanding here, and try to get answers from his family. i've reached out to saudi families here while we've been on air. i had a reply back. what the saudis tell me is that they do want to provide us with some of those answers specifically about how precisely is the kingdom helping the fbi, helping the united states in this investigation, what are they doing? i'm being told they want to answer these questions. i don't have the answers yet. this is where we're at. it does seem, the impression that i'm getting, is that the saudis do seem to be cooperating and that seems to indicate behind the scenes that cooperation is going on. precisely what it is, we still
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have to find out. >> then, nic, while we have a saudi investigation saying it does look like a terror attack and the fbi not willing to commit to that, if it does turn out to be terror motivated, will that have an impact on u.s. relations with the saudi kingdom? >> reporter: i think it's inevitable, because some of that relationship is in the public domain. already saudi arabia has a very negative -- it conjures a negative impression in many people's mind around the world, particularly on the issue of terrorism and why, quite simply, 15 of the 9/11 hijackers came from saudi arabia. saudi arabia is viewed as being very conservative and pushing a radical islamist agenda. the king and his son are really trying to change that perception. they're trying to show that the country is moving forward, liberalize some of the laws
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here, music festivals here, for example. it couldn't happen a few years ago. a huge boxing match this past weekend, just last night, in fact. this is the image they want to project to the country. so it is going to damage in the public domain. behind the scenes, if you get the strong cooperation between intelligence agencies and the cooperation between the united states terrorism services and saudi officials, then it will seem behind the scenes this is actually going to be a positive. but politically, it becomes an even bigger burden for president trump who is already criticized for the closeness of his relationship with saudi arabia, for selling weapons to saudi arabia that are used in the civil war in yemen more the saudis backing the internationally recognized government there but civilians get killed with those weapons. it's going to really muddy and make that relationship in the public domain much harder. >> nic robertson, thank you very much in saudi arabia. i want to take a moment to honor the three victims killed
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in the naval air station in pensacola. joshua watkins was from coffey, alabama. the mayor there said his death was a tremendous blow. his brother posted on facebook about him writing in part, just wish i could talk to him one more time or wrestle with him one more time even though he could probably take me now. watson's father described the last time he saw his son. >> he and i are both big auburn fans. we watched the game saturday together. we've got that. we got to spend thanksgiving together. >> airman apprentice cameron walters was 21 years old and was a naval aviator student. he was from richmond hill, georgia and had just graduated from the navy in november where this picture was taken. airman mohammad hatham was just 19 years old from st. petersburg, florida.
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his high school principal said he was a perfect kid. >> you always saw a smile. so my initial thought was, oh, wow, seeing him -- i just kept picturing his face with a gunman pointed -- a gunman pointing a gun at him, and just the initial shock and fear, and as a mother, that was what initially took my breath away. >> these three young navy sailors were killed friday morning. they left behind families, friends and communities who are all now in mourning. with me now is florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. congresswoman, good to see you. florida is grieving right now. >> good to see you. >> what's your message to the community? >> as a floridian, my heart breaks for our military community, for the family and friends of the deceased, and the military is such an important backbone of our state, and we're
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very proud of the thousands of veterans and active duty military and reserves that are here in our state, and so to have this happen is devastating for us. and we need to get to the bottom of what the motivations of the shooters were, and we certainly need to make sure that our president holds the leadership of saudi arabia accountable and ensures that there are aggressive investigations done. >> what are your thoughts now that the national security adviser robert o'brien said this morning that the shooting appears to be a terrorist act, and that secretary of defense mark esper confirmed that one or two of the shooter's friends actually filmed the attack? what are your feelings on this? >> that is very disturbing news. this doesn't appear to be a lone wolf where one trainee from saudi arabia acted alone with a
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dinner party the night before where apparently they viewed mass shooting videos and then the accusation that two of them, at least, filmed the shootings. he appears to have had accomplices. it suggests coordination in advance, and it suggests an underlying motive that we have to get to the bottom of. again, we have to make sure. i certainly am hopeful that saudi arabia is going to be cooperating with the investigation, but this is extremely disturbing, and we have to make sure we take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again. >> how much confidence do you have in saudi arabia and its part in any investigation moving forward in company with the u.s.? >> you know, given that the crown prince, we know, likely authorized the murder of a reporter and our administration didn't insist on any accountability with that, i have my doubts. the track record at least
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recently isn't good, and i know that as a member of the appropriations committee, i want to make sure that we hear from saudi arabia that they will be providing their full cooperation to get to the bottom of how this happened. >> and then what we're learning about, the gun that the shooter had, that it was legally purchased, because he obtained a hunting license which allowed him to legally obtain this gun, what are your thoughts on that method and if there should be any changes or, you know, any new observations on the way in which it could happen? >> the policy on our military bases varies according to the leadership that runs each of those bases, and i think they have to have the flexibility to make decisions about what the firearm policy is. i think most americans don't realize that -- because we don't have the overwhelming majority
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of americans that have sesrved n the military, our military bases are not rampant with firearms. personal firearms are generally required to be locked away or not even allowed to be carried by our servicemembers on the base. so, i mean, i think the policy has to be reviewed, but we can't just blame the purchase of this gun. i'm concerned, first and foremost, about how a foreign national trainee was allowed to become a trainee and what his background is and his history and whether the review and the screening process failed here. >> let me ask you now about the impeachment inquiry. tomorrow is a potentially significant day. there will be a hearing in the house subcommittee. committee chair jerry nadler says it will receive house intelligence findings and report. what do you expect to hear in
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that hearing? >> i've sat in on hours and hours of private depositions of witnesses who essentially corroborated the president's own words from the transcript of his conversation with president zelensky. the president implicated himself when he said to president zelensky, do us a favor, though. he clearly was trying to extract a commitment to investigate his own political opponent for his personal and political benefit and withheld foreign aid, aga. again, as an appropriater, it amazes me the president violated appropriate law to withhold aid to have his opponent investigated by a foreign actor. it's outrageous and impeachable and we need to move forward. >> and you are one of the six committees involved in the
11:16 am
implication of this impeachment, and it's unclear if it will incorporate just the ukraine president or if it will include mueller findings. here's what we heard this morning about that. >> can we assume that you want to include obstruction of justice and the mueller report? >> we have until tomorrow to decide what articles of impeachment should be included and how broad they should be. >> what do you think? >> i'm not going to say now before we hear evidence tomorrow, but we'll make decisions after that, after tomorrow. >> do you think findings from both investigations should be incorporated into the articles of impeachment drafts? >> you know, i think that the findings that need to be incorporated into the articles of impeachment draft need to be those that we have the most direct evidence and that are the most chargeable here. we don't need to throw the
11:17 am
kitchen sink at this situation. the efvidence is overwhelming. the president abused his power, jeopardized our national security, obstructed congress, which is certainly an article he can be charged with. the president is now refusing to participate in this process. and you know, fredricka, what came to my mind when i heard that he again refused to participate in his own defense is that the innocent defend themselves vigorously and vociferously. the guilty hide, obstruct, lie and obfiscate. it's very clear that president trump is going to cower in the corner because he is absolutely guilty of all of those -- of an abuse of power, of obstructing congress, of trying to get a foreign power to interfere in our elections for his own personal and political benefit and withheld vital foreign aid that was appropriations law. and if those aren't impeachable offenses, then as one of the
11:18 am
constitutional scholars said last week, nothing is. the founding fathers intended for us to not allow any president to be above the law, and that's what we're proceeding with this week, so that we can make sure that the american people can have confidence in their elected officials that we'll uphold our oath that we swore to defend the constitution which the president has violated. >> having said all that, you would vote for impeachment? >> i'm going to wait to see what the articles of impeachment are. that's my responsibility, is to review the things that are put before me that i'm asked to vote on, so when i see them, i'll make that final decision. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you, fredricka. so the impeachment inquiry moves forward. what we can expect from tomorrow's house judiciary hearing on capitol hill.
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welcome back on the eve of another critical impeachment hearing. democrats are back on capitol hill. sources tell cnn that the committee could vote for impeachment as soon as this week. they're holding mock hearings behind closed doors in the same room as tomorrow's session will take place. we're hearing the hearing will take place like a trial. house investigators will give
11:23 am
opening statements and present evidence against president trump. >> we have a very lock solid case. i think the case if presented before a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. >> cnn investigate or lauren fox is on capitol hill, and also demirjian. lauren, you first on the lockstock case and how preparations are underway. >> there is extensive preparation taking place on capitol hill both yesterday and today as members look forward to what is expected to be a big day tomorrow. this, of course, another hearing where we will hear evidence from both the house judiciary counsels and the house intelligence counsels where they will present essentially that 300-page report that they did in the house intelligence committee. now, this is a significant week. because we could for the first time see articles of impeachment, perhaps voted on in
11:24 am
the committee by the epd of the week. here's a sense, though, of how divided the republicans and democrats are right now on capitol hill even as this gains momentum. >> if we're going to impeach the president, we will impeach him on adequate and urgent grounds to defend our democratic republic. >> and if there is no republican votes, so be it? >> it's up to them to decide if they want to be patriots or partisans. >> will any republican vote yes? >> not based on the facts we've seen so far. in fact, if anything, i think there is more pressure on the democrats to come along and vote to exonerate the president in the house. >> and i'll tell you, fredricka, i've been having conversations with moderate democrats over the last few days, and yes, there is a lot of concern about what will actually be in these articles of impeachment. of course, a key piece of debate of this has been whether or not they will include anything about the mueller report in those articles of impeachment. that's cause for concern for some of those moderates who are
11:25 am
running in places where president donald trump won in 2016. their argument is that the focus should remain on this ukraine investigation, specifically revolving around that july 25th phone call between president trump and ukraine's president zelensky. fredricka? >> and karan, it sounds like both parties are digging in their heels. it's doubtful either side will be swayed one way or another. how important will it be for democrats especially to make their case to the american public that the president is deserving of impeachment, that the evidence is there? >> it's extremely important. it's been extremely important, especially during the course of these public hearings to use that forum to make this public pitch that tells the story, basically, of why they believe what the president did is reprehensible and flies in the face of the constitution. it has to be both a legal pitch and an emotional pitch, too, to appeal to voters so that they don't lose the political argument at the same time as they're making a legal argument on the grounds of the
11:26 am
constitution. i think, though, at this point, as you said, both sides have pretty much dug in and seem to not be speaking at least in terms of who is in congress to anybody on the other side of the aisle because people do seem to have taken to their camps so much. but for what people are left in the middle who may be persuadable one way or the other, it's important to make that case now, because once it gets to the senate, it's not just going to be the lawmakers talking, it's going to be trump presenting his own defense as well, and that's going to change the way these things are projected. >> and karoun, democrats seem to be split on whether to include the mueller findings on this impeachment. does it appear as though they're weighing whether the risks outweigh any advantages? >> look, the speaker decided she was going to go for impeachment based on the ukraine narrative and what happened there and based on the president's pattern of obstructing congress from being able to get information related to this investigation. if you go to the mueller report,
11:27 am
you're talking about potential obstruction of justice. if you go to the mueller report, you're also talking about a completely different set of facts that predate everything that came in ukraine, even though russia and ukraine is somewhat related. i think the difficult push and pull here is that rhetorically democrats have been making the argument the whole time that the reason this is such concern about the facts that happened in ukraine, one of the reasons that it's of urgent concern is they believe it's part of a pattern, that the president had foreign interference in the foreign election and so llicited for th 2020 election. it's difficult if you don't reflect the pattern of behavior for impeachment. if you want a focus, you keep everyone on board, but if you want the legal argument to match the rhetorical argument and you don't leave any of that in, you're kind of leaving it on the cutting room floor. >> all right, lauren fox and karoun demirjian, we'll leave it there for now.
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welcome back. we're following several major developments in the deadly shooting in pensacola, florida. they are not yet ready to call it an act of terrorism, but the national adviser says it appears to be a terrorist attack, i'm quoting him now, and the defense secretary said one or two of the friends of the gunman, a saudi international in training at the base, filmed the attack. but, he adds, it's unclear if they filmed it before the attack or if they picked up their phones after the shooting and started rolling on it. i want to bring in now paul crenshank, and analyst for the "new york times." we've heard from the president and investigators that the saudis are cooperating with this
11:33 am
investigation. what does that mean in your view of saudi arabia assisting in any investigation that the u.s. is conducting? >> he'll have massive insight into his movements, his character, his insight, what he did on that trip to saudi arabia before he came back in february 2019 -- >> how forthright should anybody expect saudi arabia to be in its information? >> i think historically there's been very strong intelligence cooperation between the saudis and the united states. there have been frustrations at certain times in the relationship. there was some frustrations, for example, during the bush administration. but generally there has been very good cooperation between the saudis and the united states. i think it's in everybody's interest for the facts to emerge about this attack. >> what's your view, paul, of the defense secretary saying
11:34 am
that one or two friends of the gunman may have videotaped this? still unclear whether it's before, during or after. >> i think we need to wait for more public confirmation on this, especially from the fbi. the fbi's special agent in charge said there had been no arrests made in that case. so if there had been something as far as this filming, wouldn't you have expected there to be an arrest? i think it's quite possible this filming took place because, like so many young people do these days, when there is an incident, a lot of police activity, people take out their phones and start filming. i don't think it is yet publicly established that there was any nefarious intent, so i think we need to be very, very careful about thinking there was some kind of wider conspiracy. so far it's my understanding the facts just suggest there was one person involved in this attack.
11:35 am
>> so, matthew, even though they said one or two, there still remains some fluidity here. matthew, we're talking three days after the shooting. there's still some hesitation labeling this a terror attack or otherwise. is that unusual in your view? >> i don't know what the fbi knows here. i do know that the president's reactions seem to be to defend the saudis. he said they were torn up, something to that extent. they were really upset about this. i think, you know, we also have to kind of deal -- wrestle with the idea that there doesn't need to be a conspiracy by al qaeda or another militant group. there is a large population in places like saudi arabia and other parts of the world that have come to see the narrative of the west being an enemy. we saw this in afghanistan when there were insider attacks by
11:36 am
troops of the afghans. the people who carried out this attack saw the world as others saw it and decided to attack. it does raise real questions about where our government stands, and that's the problem with defending the saudis is that you kind of raise doubt inside the u.s. government as well. >> and paul, of course there will be evaluations of the actions of the gunman before this shooting. and apparently in reviews this gunman did return to saudi arabia before coming back to the u.s., continuing on with this training. there is a report that he may have tweeted out anti-american sentiments before the attack. could he have been radicalized between the time that he was vetted for this role, vetted by saudi arabia, and i'm sure also the u.s. military, for him to train in the states. could radicalization have been happened between that point and
11:37 am
the shooting? >> i think that's possible. one of the things we've been looking into is the fact there is a twitter account matching his name just a few minutes before those first 911 calls started coming in, posted a message to the american people, a manifesto, talking about the so-called crimes of americans against muslims, repurposing the words of osama bin laden and the american terrorist cleric who inspired so many attacks in the west. what authorities have not commented on is whether they believe that this twitter thread, this posting, was actually put out by the gunman in the attack. but if it was, it would be quite strong evidence for radicalization and for al qaeda inspiration in this attack given
11:38 am
the fact that this author of this twitter account repurposed the words of bin laden, the saudi founder of al qaeda. >> paul cruikshank, matthew rosenberg, good to see you both. thank you very much. >> thank you. how about some inspiration now? we'll have a look at cnn heroes coming up. tonight is the big night. join anderson cooper and kelly ripa live as they name the 2019 cnn hero of the year. "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute" tonight on cnn. like rich, butter-poached maine lobster and crispy crab-stuffed shrimp rangoon. how will you pick just 4 of 10? it won't be easy. better hurry in. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head
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11:43 am
officials say the test results will change the strategic position of kim jong-un's reclusive regime. cnn's jeremy diamond is at the white house for us. jeremy, remember a few days ago north korea sent a strange warning, saying they will send a christmas gift to the united states. so is there any correlation here? >> reporter: well, this does not appear to be that gift that north korea was talking about, but it could, fred, potentially pave the way for that, quote, unquote, christmas gift that north korea ominously warned about some days ago. a few days ago they received some imagery that it appeared north korea was testing engines used to propel satellite launchers and icbms, intercontinental ballistic missiles. that is the concern, that the christmas gift north korea warned about could be the intercontinental ballistic missile. that would be the first test of a long-range missile from north korea since november of 2014,
11:44 am
and it comes amid heightened tensions between the u.s. and north korea with a top diplomat recently saying denuclearization was off the table. the president, though, for his part seemed to strike a semi-hopeful note yesterday in front of the white house. listen. >> we'll see about north korea. i'd be surprised if north korea acted hostilely. i have a very good relationship with kim jong-un. i think we both want to keep it that way. he knows i have an election coming up. i don't think he wants to interfere with that, but we'll have to see. >> reporter: we are seeing the president playing a carrot and stick rule with north korea, warning essentially that north korea has everything to lose if indeed it does turn again toward hostility, toward these tests that north korea has vowed not to undertake as it pursues this diplomacy with the united states. but you also see the president say kim jong-un is smart and he would not want to jeopardize the
11:45 am
special relationship that kim jong-un and president trump has built over these two years of diplomacy. but we should note those years of diplomacy have not worked toward any concrete step of denuclearization of north korea. so we will see how north korea proceeds and whether, indeed, that christmas gift from north korea is potentially the launch of a long-range missile later this year. fred? >> jeremy diamond, thank you so much at the white house. and we'll be right back. eopn as a reliable phone company. (woman) but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready.
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the impeachment battle in washington has some lawmakers in battleground districts facing tough decisions in discussing how to protect their majority in the house. congresswoman kendra horn is one of 31 democrats who represent districts president trump won in 2016. cnn's polo sandoval joins us
11:50 am
from the city where she is getting ready to hold a town hall, so how do her constituents feel about this impeachment push? >> reporter: fred, that's really what it's all about, right? you have these congressmen and women who are coming from red regions here. however, the big question here, do they essentially please their fellow democrats in their ongoing efforts to impeach president trump, but at the same time they still have to come back to their bright red districts, these democratic lawmakers. kendra horn, one of them, we expect to hear from her in the coming hours in her town hall, so while we wait we wanted to take the temperature of members of the constituency. so why not go to the horseman's reigning championship. this is their kentucky derby when horsemen and women come together to show their horses.
11:51 am
we have people in the audience making observations of their own, and kendra horn, not only what she's saying when it comes to impeachment, and also how she may or may not vote when it comes to impeaching president trump. this is what one of her constituents had to say and the tightrope she's walking right now. >> the impeachment inquiry kind of upped the ante and that's going to make it even harder for her to make people happy and kind of understand where she's coming from and be fair. >> reporter: so when you hear from her but then you also hear from somebody else who also had the opportunity to speak to doug mulholland who is somebody who has participated in these kinds of events before, and he feels that impeachment is more being fueled by feelings versus facts. you're getting a lot of mixed reaction, ultimately. we'll have to see how the representative addresses this. will she continue to be a bit measured in her reaction? we'll have to see when she
11:52 am
actually addresses her constituents later today. >> we look forward to that. polo sandoval, thank you so much. next, "snl." "saturday night live" takes on a nato summit. you've got to see this one. whether you're out here on lte.
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11:56 am
heard that you can't get impeached if your hand is bigger than your face. >> really? >> oh, boy. we've got more straight ahead after this quick break. but first, the final presidential debate of the year is coming to cnn. it's a critical night for the candidates still trying to break through. the pbs news hour "politico" democratic presidential debate live from los angeles. watch did on cnn and your local station, thursday night, december 19th at 8:00 p.m. your room with your phone. i can read minds too. really? book at and get the hilton price match guarantee.
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♪la la la la la. hello again, erv veryone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin this hour with several major developments in the deadly shooting at the air base in pensacola, florida. first, fbi investigators have not called this incident an act of terrorism, but white house national security adviser robert o'brien had this to say this morning. >> look, to me it appears to be a terrorist attack. the fbi will have to get -- i don't want to prejudge the inat


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