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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 8, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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everyone involved. in case you want to get involved and help this family, there's a go fund me site set up organized by their friends to help cover the cost of the little girl's father's funeral. we've got so much more straight ahead in the newsroom. thanks so much for being with me. it all starts now. we are on top of new details about the man who shot and killed three american servicemen inside a us navy base in florida. details about why, on what the fbi knows about the weapon he used an whether they believe this was a terrorist act and details on what officials in the killer's homeland are doing to help find those answers. this is pensacola, florida. the people of that enormous military community today showing
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their sadness and paying their respects to the three young men who died when a saudi military officer opened fire inside a classroom on base. all three victims active duty military, none older than 23. right now, they are all being taken to the military's mortuary in delaware. fbi agent as spoke to reporters today and said they're on track to finding out what drove that shooter to commit such violence. >> i can tell you that we are looking very hard at uncovering his motive and i would ask for patience so we can get this right. the saudi government has pledged to fully cooperate with our investigation. i thank the kingdom for their pledge. work with the presunlgs that this was an act of terrorism. this allows us to take advantage of investigative techniques.
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>> we're just outside naval air station pensacola. you have been talking to people who have been stopping by that base to show their support. what is the feeling there today? shock, strength? >> it's a little bit of both and it's just a sense of sort of coming together. a community. it was pretty moving to see the pr session, the three hearses with the bodies of these three men. joshua watson, just 23 years old. mohammed haithen and scott walters, 23 years old. there were people lined up on the street headed toward the naval base there as those bodies went by with a full procession with someone playing taps. little kids, people who graduated from the navy. veterans. it was really a wide range of people and everyone just really sol el watching this happen. it's still hitting people. this happened friday. i met someone yesterday who
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broke out in tears and she was apologize, saying i'm so sorry i'm crying, i can't believe this happened in her community. it's a lot to process. that's why the fbi saying they're taking their time. you heard it there. they're taking their time trying to figure out this motive. they want to get it right an that's why they've said they've been doing that is to get i right for the vick the times. their goals, investigatively right now, they say base their main goal is to find out more about the gunman. did he act alone like was he a lone wolf or part of a bigger terrorist network. that's one of the bigger questions they have. that's not they're not calling this terrorism te, but they are as you heard, investigating this as if it were an act of terrorism allowing this em to open up more investigative tools. part of that is going b to be talking to people here on the ground in pensacola. people he was friends with, we've been reporting about the
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nationalist who was detained. they're just restricted to the base, but are fully cooperating with this investigation so they have a lot of evidence they're working through as they kind of try to figure out exactly the intent behind this on friday morning. >> mark esper today mentioned reports that at least one of the killer's friends made a video of the shooting and there's new clarification. bring it to us u. >> we're getting information from sources here at cnn learning the video was taken after the shooting started and emergency response that followed from a source it was a saudi national. but we're told from this source that this person had no relation or no nefarious act. just what the fbi's saying as a bystanderer. wasn't even close to the scene as it was unfolding.
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so some clairification coming from the fbi on that issue. again, this investigation still very much ongoing. >> okay, thaupg. joining us now is cnn counterterrorism analyst and former cia counterterrorism official and fbi senior adviser, phil mud. the special agent says investigators are working with the presunlgs this was an act of terrorism, but that investigators have found in ties to terrorist groups. what does this mean. >> those are two completely separate issues. let me step through this with you for a moment. first when you say presungs of terrorism if you're the fbi special agent in charge, that means you don't want to start saying maybe this is a simple murder and 72 hours say now we've got to blow it up. looks like an act of terrorism. you want to say we aren't certain what happened here. it might have been an act of terrorism. i wouldn't read toch into that in terms of believing what happened here.
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that said, you're a day plus into this. day and a half into this. the amount of information, things like social media, you want to know what that person look ed at, what their reputatin was in saudi arabia, thagt ought to have a good idea of ha what this person might have been motivated by at this point, but we've got still got a ways to go. >> a reaction "new york times" reporting, that a the night before the attack, this gunman was showing videos o mass shootings at a dinner party. >> that among all the things i've seep in the past couple of days, that was the most curious. so you have a couple of questions. one is an investigative question that i suspect has been revolved. if those individuals saw that video, were they witting of or or participants in plan ining ts event. sounds like the b fbi is determined that's not the fact although i wouldn't guarantee that. the second is a subtler question, but it's really
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critical. when you see a video like that, if you went to a din e e party tonight and somebody started showings like that, wouldn't you say something is wrong here? it's the classic see something say something. what were these people thinking and why didn't they do anything? i need to foe that. >> and we know investigators are looking into the suspect's time in saudi arabia. apparently went home and returned back to the u.s. what are they looking for? >> this gets really tough when you're dealing with a single individual if there are other conspirators. if you have two or three people involved, you typically are going to see things like an e-mail trail where you can start to see them talking and therefore understand motive. what they're look iing at when u have just one person is whether somebody says he started getting more religious and radical. tried to get inside the united states when we doesn't have a coconspirator. they're trying to understand a
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thought process to see if there's something you could predict for the future. >> really all ef are interviews based on saudis in florida. they're saying he came back more observant and didn't drink. saudi arabia has pledged to cooperate and atissist in the t investigation. you have insight into how things work in the saudi kingdom. how confident are you that they will be open and transparent? >> i do. i work there. when i left government, i worked for the saudi interior ministry about eight or nine years ago. for the kingdom of saudi arabia, whether you like them or not, this is embarrassing. not only one of your nationals, but somebody in your military comes out overseas and international media is seen as a terrorist murder. so i think they have a motivation to cooperate in this case. i think they would be looking at things like transparency on conversations with family
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members. i think the most significant thing is not going to be whether they're transparent. it's whether when you're looking at dinl tall media, things like e-mail, text message, google searches, that kind of stuff the americans can get without the saudis. i think that's the most important piece here. >> we always appreciate your experti expertise. impeachment inquiry entering a new phase with jerry nadler saying today he has a rock solid case for a guilty verdict. but when it comes to the articles of impeachment, will democrats include anything from the mueller report? you're live in the cnn news room.
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$3, what?! right now, democrats are on capitol hill in the very room where this hearing will take place. they're holding a mock hearing. we are told that tomorrow's hearing will play out like a trial with each side giving opening statements before rounds of questioning. jerry nadler is in charge of tomorrow's hearing as well as the first impeachment vote which sources say could happen this week and here's how confident he is. >> we have a very rock solid case. i think the case we have if presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. >> but here's what chairman nadler said when asked whether robert mueller's findings will be part of his case. >> as you were talk iing about this, you keep bringing up the 2016 election and russia.
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it certainly sounds like you want that to be included. >> i wouldn't draw my conclusions. it is part of the pattern, which is why i bring it up. >> lauren fox is live on capitol hill for us. take us into that hearing room. what are democrats practicing and what can with expect tomorrow? >> well essentially two days of preparations, which is pretty significant when you think about the fact that this is the one day hearing, but they have been in this room both yesterday and today essentially going over what their lines of questioning should be in this hearing tomorrow and it's an opportunity for both the intelligence question's committee and judiciary's to lay out the case. you can expect specifically for the intelligence committee's counsel to lay out the evidence in the 300 page report the committee revealed week, but tomorrow could be the last hearing in the house judiciary committee before they would
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unveil the articles of impeachment. i was talking with one member of the committee, eric swalwell, and he said no decisions have been b made yet about articles of impeachment, but as you know, there is a debate about whether or not to include the evidence that was contained in the mueller report as sort of a pattern of behavior in these ar kls of impeachment. that is still unclear. but the hearing preparation over the last two days has been focused on what members should be asking tomorrow in what could be a marathon day. >> thank you for that. congressman david sis lean tweeted this photo today and here's how "the new york times" describes what's happening behind the scenes this weekend. ry history can get cluttered. the rooms are littered with littered soda cans and pies. there are recurrent phone calls for tech support, caffeine and blankets because rooms are get cold like the pizza.
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with so much grand talk about constitutional duties and respecting the founders and honoring oaths, there's the mundane and workaday. joining us now, david brinkley and sarah isger. i want to start with what we heard from jerry nadler. he says a jury would find a guilty verdict in three minutes flat. should he be that confident? >> i think it's very interesting hear iing here and you talked about this before is how differently this hearing will be set up. there will be opening statements. then each side will present their theory of the case for 45 minutes before then questioning the other side then opening it up to questions from congressmen when the polls and everything else have shown a real stagnation of public support or opposition to impeachment. i wonder whether democrats will regret not having this hearing to lay the case out for people watching versus what we saw on the intelligence side which was
2:17 pm
a long drawn out witness after witness giving pretty details testimony, but not exactly compelling television. >> douglas, nadler sounds confident in his case, but he's still apparently unsure about what the exact articles will be. what does that tell you? >> well, nadler has to be upbeat here. he has to be giving sunday sown bites that donald trump is about to be impeached. tells you that tomorrow is going to be for the tv cameras in a lot of ways, gives nadler confidence and correctly so as there's a lot of evidence against trump that's not really in question. what's the problem that the democrats have is that the gop is rallied behind donald trump in a way nobody was quite sure of. early in the process when mitt romney in the senate started going after trump on the ukraine situation, there was a thought that republicans might peel off end of the year here donald
2:18 pm
tru trump's big accomplishment. he blundered everything in the ukraine, but he's been able to hold his party together. and the big date i'm looking at is christmas. democrats got to get this done. got to do it this week. the holiday is coming and public support will only corrode if they drag it on so i think this will be a speedy week with articles of impeachment coming and i doubt the mueller report will be part of that. >> there's been a lot of talk about what those articles will be. people remember that nixon and clinton were impeached, but i doubt most remembers what the articles were. are the articles really that important, doug? >> yes, i think it is important whether they bring in the whole you know supposed crimes of the mueller era, if you like. nps's had really a stlik on ukraine momentum going right here and this is different. when nixon went on for two years and it was on television all the
2:19 pm
time, it had some people peeling off on democrats, republicans voting on different ways. this is shaping up to be partisan. dnr. democratic congress people that are going to vote not to impeach donald trump. the politics are thick. joe biden has somehow survived this to be the head of the leader in the pack of the democratic party. it's been a strange year and it's only going to get stranger when it gets to the senate. >> senator ted cruz is now among those spreading a debunked russia talking point that ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. listen. >> russia clearly interfere d i our election, but here's the game the media's playing because russia interfered, the media pretending nobody else did. ukraine blatantly interfered.
2:20 pm
>> again, this is a russian talking point. a debunked conspiracy theory. are you surprised to hear this coming from ted cruz considering he was the target of conspiracy theorys when he was running against president trump? >> i think at this point, so few people are tuning into the details of what's happeneded. i think the time for that was in october. we're months past it at this point. we've seen other republican senators use this, senator kennedy then sort of backtracked then went back to it. i think republicans have yet to center on an exact message of how to defend the president. if you remember initially, it was well the conduct was bad but not impeachable. they've really moved on from that message, but i don't think they've settled on a single message yet and inn you're seeing that on the sunday shows, whether it's senator cruz or many of the other republicans, aren't really cohesive in what they're say, but the trut is it hasn't mattered. the republican support is splid
2:21 pm
fied behind the president and if anything, the numbers stagnated or started to tick towards the president so republicans i don't think have needed as much crisis management as the democrats have needed on their side. >> doug, republicans have released their list of witnesses they would like to hear from. and they include the bidens. congressman adam schiff. the whistleblower. they don't include mick mulvaney, mike pompeo. matt gates said testimony from mulvaney and pompeo could help the president. >> actually representing the president while he's over there. of course it's the president who's blocked his top witnesses with direct evidence from coming to the congress. you believe that rudy giuliani, mick mulvaney, pompeo, should u come testify now. >> i believe that rudy giuliani has indicated he wants to so i think that's a moot point as it relates to the other members of f the executive branch. the president has to make decisions not only for him, but for the presidency.
2:22 pm
i think it would be to the president's advantage to have people testify who could exculpate him. >> douglas, what's your take on the witness list from the gop? >> from the gop, it's not going the happen. hunt rer biden isn't going to magically appear in washington, d.c. these are just people trying to get press advantage. trying to lean forward for their side. if mulvaney in my mind and bolton, it would be wonderful to hear from them. none of this on either side is going to happen before christmas. we know what's going to happen. it's about going into the senate. then chief justice roberts is going to have to play a referee kind of keep a decorum. make sense out of a potential senate trial. in that case, giuliani's going probably going to come in with a bag load of so-called sbel jents he's bundled up and wants to spill forward to keep pressing with ted cruz so that's why donald trump was worried about it. there's no evidence of that, but that's waterboardinging the big
2:23 pm
new republican talking point. we aren't heard the last of giuliani, but i doubt we're going to hear mulvaney coming before any committee anytime soon. >> all right. i owe you first question next time. thank you both for being here. north korea's back at it this weekend with r reports of a missile test. was this the ominous christmas gift that kim jong-un told the white house to prepare for? you're live in the cnn news room. did you really need the caps lock? mucinex cold and flu all-in-one. tthe bad news? outhe perfect photo is not.d. depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. the wait is over. t-mobile is lighting up 5g nationwide. while some 5g signals go only blocks,
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a missed lawn site it had once promised to dismantle. in response, president trump tweeted kim jong-un is is too smart b and has far too much to lose. everything actually if he acts in a hostile way. he does not want to void his special relationship with the president of the united states or interfere with the u.s. presidential election in november. joining us now is someone with extensive experience negotiate ing with north korea. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and former new mexico governor, bill richardson. governor, good to have you. north korea has warned the u.s.
2:28 pm
to prepare for a christmas gift. do you think this was it or was this just the stocking stuffer? >> no, this is not the christmas gift. the problem is the christmas gift usually happens at the beginning of the year at the enof the year, a major speech. i'm worried because in the past, you could say north korea postures all this rhetoric, they're getting a negotiating leverage but this time, they're refusing to meet with our negotiators. the u.n. ambassador is saying that denuclearization is off the table. this engine test for potential missile lawn u ch and then the christmas gift but what's most worrisome is north korea seems to be the hard liners that probably are trying to get kim
2:29 pm
jong-un's ear are winning out over the moderates that want to negotiate something with the u.s. so i'm worried. not panicking but this is not a good situation. >> so what is the appropriate response from the u.s. right now? >> well, i think the united states needs to stay cool. i think the president's statement a little bit over the top. not provoke kim jong-un. stop some of the instults that are thrown to each other. talk to the north korean's directly. i think that's important. lately we've been trying to get together with them through the swedes. get the chinese to talk to them. i think talk to them directly. maybe find a way to do some soft power di ploplomacy. talk, initiate talks on the remains of our soldiers. that was a big north korean promise 245 hasn't happened. they have turned over some of our remains.
2:30 pm
find ways to bridge differences, but right now, this is a very worrisome situation. >> no more being on the table and now talks are not even necessary. i want to play you something that the president said yesterday about kim jong-un. >> i have a very good relationship with kim jong-un. i think we both want to keep it that way. he knows i have an election coming up. i don't think he wants to interfere with that. we'll have to see. the relationship is very good. but there are certain hostility, no question about it. >> he says he doesn't think kim wants to interfere in the 2020 election. what do you think about that? >> well, he wants to pressure the president who is up for re-election in a year. i think the mistake that we have made is we've given kim jong-un three big summits with little substance. the first one was good.
2:31 pm
the president made the right move in reaching out to kim jong-un but the last two meetings haven't gone well and the north koreans have spoil themselves. they only want to negotiate with the president even though we have some capable negotiators. steven begun, trying to get the north koreans to find a balance in a negotiation maybe lifting some sanctions. in exchange for denuclearization. i'm not reciting the u.s. position. i'm just saying that i think the u.s. is ready to negotiate something but if the north koreans say we're not even going to talk to you, even meet, that is not a good situation. with all this other rhetoric and new year coming up and a potential missile launch, christmas gift, i think it's a cause to worry a bit. >> speaking of negotiations, you were heavily involved in the prisoner swap between the u.s.
2:32 pm
and iran. what went into those negotiations? >> the trump administration reses credit but don't like to give credit to anyone else. in my negotiating team that helps hostages was deeply involved. we worked on behalf of the families. we met with the raup yans at the united nations, the foreign minister with the white house, with the state department. with the justice department. there are american hodges there that need to be released. for years we koent know his where b abouts. and i think there are other americans around the world that
2:33 pm
need to help that sometimes are forgotten and russia whalen in in syria. the five the in venezuela. the ciggo employees. there's a lot we need to do on behalf of our hostages held overseas. >> great to have you here. thank you. >> thank you. joe biden, the tom brady of politics? john kerry seems to think so. and he's giving biden a boost on the campaign trial in new hampshire. we'll take you there next live in the cnn news room. firstnet is the only officially authorized wireless network built with and for first responders. it's highly secure, eliminates throttling and cuts through the clutter of commercial traffic.
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2:38 pm
senator from massachusetts that speaks volumes, at least in this part of the country. he's bpicking biden over two others. elizabeth warren and duval patrick. he also envolked another local hero. >> joe biden's a little bit like a new england patriots, i think. fun to watch. fun to watch the promise and potential of young quarterbacks, but come february, i like having an experienced quarterback like tom brady calling those plays. >> cnn's arlet signs is on the trail with the biden campaign. this is old school campaigning. does the bide p campaign think this is the best way the connect with voters? >> they believe putting joe biden in front and connecting with as many voters as possible is going to help him win this nomination.
2:39 pm
as you can see now where biden is taking questions from voters heerk but he's also been accompanied by john kerry. he was in iowa a few days ago and kerry's endorsement is a big cut for joe biden. he's not just the secretary of state as you mentioned and former senator from the state next door and he also has experience here having won here when he ran for the president back if in 2004 kerry at each stop today has touted bide p's foreign policy. on each of the related fears of the middle class, take a listen to what he had to say. >> this is a man who comes from the middle class who will fight the middle class. not a phony who comes down a golden plated escalator and promises to get rid of a swamp which he feeds with more al gators than we've seen before.
2:40 pm
>> biden's campaign in the past have said iowa and new hampshire are not necessarily must wins for him, but biden understands the importance of motive both those early states. today, he told voters that here in new hampshire, they'll set the tone. >> sounds lig quite a crowd e behind you. thank you for that reporting. as the house prepareses for a b possible vote this week, what other options are there to hold the president account financial he doesn't impeached? your burning questions coming up in cross exam. that's next. [girl coughs] [boy sneezes] for real cold and flu protection you can't protect them from an imaginary cold but with lysol, you can help protect them from the real one. lysol disinfectant spray kills the #1 cause of the cold and clorox wipes don't. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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a big week shaping up. sources tell cnn the house judiciary committee could vote to impeeach the president withi days. at tomorrow's hearing, evidence against the president will be presented. dana bash went one-on-one with jerry nadler who expressed pull confidence in the case for impeachment. >> we have a rock solid case. if presented to a jury, i think would be convicted in about
2:45 pm
three minutes flat. >> time now for cross exam. he's here to answer your questions on impeachment. so ellie, nadler would not commit as dana continued that interview, to not including mueller's findings from the past report and the past investigations. one viewer asks can and should the house include obstruction of justice relating to robert mueller's investigation? >> absolutely. should they, that's the big question facing house democrats this week. now nadler has been out making the argument based on mueller. he said at one point, trump had taken extraordinary steps to obstruct the mueller investigation and the thaukt is that it would be unjust and not right forry if truch got away from this without an article of impeachment. but on the other hand, thr downsides. if they include an article base ed on mueller, you will be expand aing the trial and two, there's a risk that some democrats would vote against a
2:46 pm
mueller article of impeachment. two suggested to manu that they would do just that. even if they don't include it as an article of impeachment, it will be important context for what happened. july 24th, robert mueller testifies, he says there was foreign interference in the 2016 election. there will likely be in 2020. next day, president trump gets ton phone with zelensky asks hi. >> that timing, that's important to remember there also. we've been talking so much about how you know mick mull vvaney a john bolton and some other administration officials won't testify because the white house asked them not o to. another viewer wants to know is it an impeachable offense for witnesses not to testify? >> i think house democrats think so. now the republican counterer is we have a right to go to court. we can resist your subpoenas, fight this out in the court. the response from democrats though is yes, but that's not
2:47 pm
what was done here. donald trump issued a blanket order. adam schiff said that came with a real cost. he wrote there are important unanswered questions. missing witnesses and documents. now the interesting precedent here is nixon. he fought many of congress' subpoenas, but not all even so the house judiciary committee returned a draft article. so if you look at that, donald trump's gone even further. i think it's very, very likely we'll see an article for obstruction of congress facebook for donald trump. >> so the house is in charge of ip peaching. the senate would be in charge of acquittal. a viewer wants to know if the house doesn't impeach or house doesn't convict, can either censure. >> yes, it's a formal statement of rep remand. no consequence other than the stigma. it's like tisk, tirks isk
2:48 pm
officially. all it requires is a majority vote. various public officials have been b censured over the year, but only andrew jackson has ever been censured, so it is a significant step if it happens. there are political considerations both ways. are the republicans likely to censure the president of the united states? no, but it may give an off ramp if some members need to say it was bad, maybe not impeachable, but bad. for democrats it may feel like a hollow prize if the senate acquits. on the other hand, it may be seen as the second best type of outcome. >> and what are you top questions this week? >> again, so hard to limit the three. i've got about a dozen. are are we going to see articles of impeachment? i think we will. if we vote, it will set is stage to officially impeach next week. two, are they going to include this mueller article of impeachment? it feels like a 50-50 toss up. i think nancy pelosi will have it third. with all that's going on with
2:49 pm
impeachment, tomorrow we'll see the report on the origins of the russia investigation. that in itself has nothing to do with ukraine, but it's so important, it will be politically charged. it may raise more questions. >> and you will be sleeping very little this week. >> i'm ready to go. ready to go. >> are you a mountain dew or coffee? >> straight coffee, black. >> we'll send some your way. we're so lucky to have your legal mind with us. you can submit your questions on cross exam on cnn opinion. that's of course where you can find his column. staying on top of several major developments today in the deadly shooting at the naval air station in pensacola, florida. the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. new details on the gunman and the victims when we return live in the cnn newsroom. memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand.
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here's your feel good segment of the day. everyday people doing extraordinary things in an effort to change the world, that's what makes a cnn hero. tonight prepare to be inspired. cnn's annual all star tribute will recognize those who are giving back and one person will be named the cnn hero of the year. miguel marquez is on the red carpet here in new york where things are just starting to get
2:54 pm
underway. what should we watch for tonight? >> reporter: well, when you said this was the night, the feel-good segment, i thought you were referring to me. >> i always feel good when i see you. >> reporter: perfect. thank you very much. the natural history museum, cnn is transforming this space and it is absolutely spectacular to be in here. it is gorgeous to watch on television as well. the ten heros that we have thousands of submissions made throughout the year made to cnn. cnn selects a handful of them and the ten you see tonight, those are individuals that a panel has chosen to represent these heros. as you said, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, from the environment to animal welfare to human welfare, from children, from girls in africa to ex-convicts and the needs they have, to people who have
2:55 pm
survived wildfires in california and the needs they have. it's going to be an incredible night to see work that people just selflessly do this work. friends of theirs then put in their names and fill out a submission form. cnn selects from many thousands of them and they are whittled down to those that we will see tonight. and then a hero of the year will be named. before it even gets going, all of these individuals are absolutely incredible, the work that they are doing around the world deserves as much recognition as they can get. and most of these people are so humble that when you talk to them about being a hero, it's almost embarrassing to them. so it will be interesting to see how they handle the spotlight because many of them are not accustomed to the spotlight. it will be incredibly interesting to see who ends up as cnn's hero of the year. >> they're all so deserving.
2:56 pm
do you feel good, miguel, because you look good tonight? >> thank you very much. i feel great. beautiful sunday afternoon in new york city and what better way to end it off than here in this gorgeous room in this gorgeous museum. >> thank you, sir. don't forget to join anderson cooper and kelly ripa live as they name the 2019 cnn hero of the year tonight at 8:00 right here on cnn. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no. did you really need the caps lock? mucinex cold and flu all-in-one.
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you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. confidence, that is the sentiment from democrats today as they prepare to layout their impeachment case against president donald j. trump. >> we have a very lock solid case. i think the case we have, if presented to a jury, would be a guilty verdict in about 3 minutes flat. >> tomorrow a critical impeachment hearing begins. democrats tell us it will run just like a trial with each side giving an opening statements before starting rounds of questioning. all weekend democrats have been huddled in the capitol holding a mock hearing and going over possible articles of impeachment which they need to decide on quickly because according to sources articles could be voted on by the end of the week. lauren fox is live for us on capitol hill. walk us through the mock hearings and what we can expect tomorrow. >> reporter: well, a lot of


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