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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i am cool now. maybe one strudel. okay. sorry, donald. hello, on this sunday. you are live in the cnn newsroom. tomorrow president donald j. trump will be on trial. at least that's how democrats are hoping it will appear. all weekend the democrats on the house judiciary committee have huddled in the capitol holding mock hearings to prepare for tomorrow's impeachment hearing. it will likely be one of it last before the committee votes on articles of impeachment. here's how "the new york times" describes this huddle. history can get cluttered sometimes. it rooms are littered with empty soda cans, by leftover from thanksgiving, and boxes pulled
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from shelves containing files from past impeachment. with so much talk about constitutional duties andermenting the founders and honoring oath there is also the mundane and the workaday. not exactly glam wrs, but here's what it's all leading to. democrats say tomorrow's hearing will run exactly like a trial with opening statements and rounds of questioning and they're confident if americans were the jury instead of republicans, the president would be convicted. >> we have a very rock solid case. i think the case we have if presented to a jury it would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. >> in what appears to be an effort to avoid the appearance of a trial, the president's legal team won't be taking part. they say the process which has pretty much gone by the book is a sham. jeremy, the white house isn't taking part but will obviously be taking notice. so what are they doing? >> reporter: well, so far what we're seeing from the president and from this white house is more of the same.
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and that is continuing to criticize this impeachment inquiry. the president over the weekend continuing to call this process a hoax and a sham and dismissing this impeachment inquiry all together. but of course it is getting very real this week as we could see the house judiciary committee formally introduce those articles of impeachment by the end of the week. the white house will not be participating in the house judiciary hearings to come notably the one scheduled for tomorrow. that is from the white house letter from pat cipollone on friday dismissed this as baseless and said it would be a reckless abuse of power for democrats to move forward in introducing those articles of impeachment. the message, though, from the president i think we'll continue to see this week is what we laid out in a tweet late last week, which was if you're going to impeach me, do it fast. the president and this white house really want to get past this process in the house of representatives where there is a democratic majority. instead they're shifting their
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gaze. they're moving on and looking towards the senate where the president will face trial if indeed he's impeached as we now expect him to be. the senate controlled by the republicans and the president, and his white house saying they believe they can get a fair trail over there. >> i want to bring in white house correspondent and associate editor for politico anita kumar and correspondent april ryan. what are the legal risks of the president's team not appearing at tomorrow's hearing? >> jeremy is right. the white house feels if they appear it legitimizes what they've been saying is an illegitimate process. it makes them part of that, and they just don't want to be there for that. but you know a few weeks ago the president was very upset. he was very frustrated republicans around the country weren't supporting him more. one of the reasons they decided to sit it out they do feel like house republicans -- he's more
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satisfied house republicans are defending him. he saw them last week in the judiciary committee, so he feels they are doing an adequate job, and she's feeling more satisfied with that. but they don't think he's going to change any votes. whether he participates or not it's largely going to be on party lines. >> the president has weathered crisis after crisis with the same play book, which is deny he did anything wrong, declare what he did was okay and then kind of do it out in the open. we saw that with russia if you're listening and we're now seeing it with giuliani. >> and then there's ukraine. and then there's china, you know, with the president making it public. and not only that, ana, the president would say one thing and there would be videotapes showing he said something else or something else has come up to show directly what the president says is not true. so the bottom line is this
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president has to have a public appearance of a win. going into this impeachment hearing there's great consternation as it relates to this whole impeachment process. but at the end of the day, the public face is we're okay, we're fine, rudy giuliani's still my guy. the senate will not acquit me, but at the same time -- well, the senate will acquit me. he will not be removed. but at the end of the day, he will be impeached. but at the end of it day in the senate he will not be removed. so this president has a win. but at the end of it day it goes down to the american public and the voters. what they hear, what they feel and what they can understand, because this is very cerebral process and the democrats have to get it right because election day is just months away and the caucuses and in some other states. so this could bode well for the president if the democrats don't play this right. >> i want to talk more about giuliani's trip to ukraine last
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week. he went specifically to dig up dirt on the president's political rivals. he's been clear about this. yesterday we saw the president embrace his trip. he said giuliani wanted to turn his findings over to congress and the attorney general. but today on the morning show republicans tried to distance the president from giuliani. take a listen. >> i don't know of any role that rudy giuliani is playing on behalf of the president of the united states. i think part of that is trying to clear his name. >> but he's the president's personal attorney. >> he is the president's personal attorney but i don't know he's over there at the president's direction. in fact, i would suggest that he's not. >> anita, is the white house worried about the president's relationship with giuliani? >> you have seen just as we just saw congress meadows, you've seen republicans for months tell the president personally that he needs to cut his ties with giuliani. i think last week's trip has only solidified that, but the
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president really has resisted. there is some tie between the two of them. he's reluctant to get rid of him. he wants him there. he thinks he's a fighter and that he's standing up for him, and so there are a lot of people that are worried about rudy giuliani's role. but the president so far has really been reluctant to change anything there. it was really startling to hear the president say he wanted him to testify, rather that rudy giuliani wanted him to testify because in the next breath the president said he didn't know what rudy giuliani would say. so i think that the senate -- senate republicans are going to come up with a witness list for this trial and really figure out if in fact that should be -- you know, if he should testify. >> let's talk more about that witness list. i want to play something from another staunch trump defender matt gates, because he's now saying having acting chief of staff mick mulvaney or secretary of state mike pompeo testify could help president trump. >> giuliani has actually said he's representing the president
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while he's over there, and of course it's the president who's blocked his top witnesses with direct evidence from coming to the congress. you believe that rudy giuliani, mick mulvaney, mike pouchl yo should all come testify now? >> well, i believe that rudy giuliani has indicated that he wants to, so i think that's a moot point as it relates to the other members of the executive branch. the president has to make decisions not only for him but for the presidency. i think it would be to the president's advantage to have people testify who could exculpate him. >> okay, republicans have the right to call their own witnesses. why aren't they calling for these officials to testify then? >> well, let's look at this in a broader scope. if this was in the 1990s when bill clinton was going through his impeachment hearing, this -- this relationship between a president and a personal attorney slash friend, that's political suicide. but today in 2019 the finger has been pointed at rudy giuliani and has been pointed at mick
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mulvaney, it's been pointed at pompeo. and yet people understand they have been dook the president's bidsing according to the witnesses and transcripts we heard from the hearings, the public hearings. so the bottom line is they are all walking in lock step with the president. and that's why they feel it would be great for them to speak, but you also hear from those witnesses who testified to the contrary that these people were part of the problem when it came to the issue of ukraine, obstruction of justice, bribery, obstruction of congress, you know extortion, all of that. so it depends upon how much they have, what leverage they have over these people. it could go in the president's favor or against the president. >> sources tell us the judiciary committee could vote on articles of impeachment as soon as this week. what does the white house think impeachment will mean for trump's re-election chances? >> well, they are hopeful that if we're going down this road and he does get impeached, that there will be a quick senate
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trial in january at the beginning of the year, and they feel confident that he will not be removed from office. so, you know, you can imagine the president going around the country next year at his rallies saying he was vindicated. and they actually feel -- you know, the president has talked how this impeacht is not a good thing, it's going to be a stain on his legacy. but they're actually feeling if he's going down this road, he can say he's vindicated. look, they've been trying to get me since day one and i was victorious. and that's the message you're going to thee from the president. and there are some people who feel it very much can help him in his re-election campaign. >> if they impeach they held this president accountable and president trump would have the exonerated talking point so perhaps it's a break even. i don't know. anita kumar, april ryan, thank you ladies for that great analysis. i appreciate your insights. a such for the motive. tonight we're learning more
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about the saudi military officer who opened fire on a military base. new details about the weapon, about who's being questioned and new details about the victims next.
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their killer a lieutenant in the saudi air force was shot dead by police officers. today in pensacola a somber moment when police escorted the bodies of those three sailors to a waiting plane. they were transferred to the military's mortuary at dover air force base this evening. the question is why did this happen? the fbi has no concrete answers yet but say they are treating the incident as an act of terrorism. >> i can tell you that we are looking very hard at uncovering his motive, and i would ask for patience so we can get this right. saudi government has pledged to fully cooperate with our investigation. i thank the kingdom for their pledge. work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism. this allows us to take advantage of investigative techniques. >> cnn's brinn gingrass just
4:16 pm
outside the naval station in pensacola. what does the fbi know if they're not clear on the motive? they have the weapon he used, video taken of the aftermath. >> they're being pretty tight-lipped. we know that they know this gunman acted alone on friday morning. but they say the big question they're working to answer right now is did he act as a lone wolf or was he part of some bigger network, a bigger organization? they say that's the big objective at this point. that's going to obviously lead them to motive. they want to know was he tied to any certain ideology that would actually make the declaration this was a terrorist act. and how they're doing that they say is conducting interviews. that was the big objective of what they said of this morning's news conference, stel conducting all these interviews not just with the saudi nationals we've been talking about, people who
4:17 pm
knew him very closely, friends of his but also classmates, people who were in that room at it time, some of his superiors. but as far as those saudi nationals, we got a bit more clarification about them. we've been saying they were detained, and they did help investigators talking to them. we are told that they are restricted to only stay on that base. they're not allowed to leave. and they are continuing to work with investigators trying to get some of those answers. we've learned from a source that they have talked to investigators basically saying that there was a time when this gunman returned from his home in saudi arabia and he just seemed different. he was becoming more observant, more religious. he wasn't drinking. he wasn't the same person. so investigators are really trying to answer what triggered that change and really create a time line of the last few weeks, the last few months to get some answers again as to that motive, ana. >> and brinn, what are we learning about the victims? >> every time you have said that
4:18 pm
there wasn't one that was older than 23, i mean that just always hits me because they were so young. i think that's really impacted this community. three men who -- emotional video that we have of seeing the procession of the three hearses coming by being brought back to the naval base and going up of course to dover as you mentioned. but their names of course so important. joshua watson just 23 years old, mohamed 19 and walters, 21. therapy known as heroes, family members, they have all said they ran toward the gunman trying to save others and lost their lives for thought courageous last act, but it is so touching -- heart breaking rather to think about these kids. they were kids, and that's people here in the community have been saying to us is they were so young. >> we honor their memory tonight and salute all those in the
4:19 pm
armed forces serving. republicans are still pushing a debunked conspiracy theory, the kremlin talking point that ukraine not russia meddled in the 2016 election. so what are the implications of this? the weekend presidential brief is next. for the holidays.♪ ♪'cause no matter how far away you roam.♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ the united states postal service goes the extra mile to bring your holidays home. ( ♪ ) introducing the marilyn monroe collection of fine jewellery. exclusively at zales, the "diamonds are a girl's best friend" store.
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they are the two women who have the president's ear, but what is the relationship actually like between first lady melania trump and first daughter ivanka. the new book "free melania" is pulling the curtain back and it's complicated. >> reporter: unprecedented describes most things about the donald trump administration. one unique element, the presence of the president's daughter, ivanka trump and her relationship to first lady melania trump. glamorous stepmother and stepdaughter since 2005. but it was 2016 during the presidential campaign. >> my father-in-law, donald j. trump. >> reporter: when the dynamic between the two women shifted to politics. most times on the campaign trail
4:24 pm
melania trump not interested in doing traditional spousal appearances, so it was ivanka trump as surrogate who stepped into the role. >> i just want to thank you, honey, great job. >> reporter: staying on as the female face of the administration and the family after trump became president. >> this is the first u.s. government, all of government approach to empowering women in the developing world. >> reporter: taking on as senior advisor some of the more traditional first lady issues. >> she would call me and say, daddy, you don't understand you must do this -- i said -- >> creating an odd dynamic, switching off front seat, back seat as the two women in trump's orbit. a relationship that one source with knowledge of the relationship says has quoted a, quote, cordial but not close
4:25 pm
dynamic and at times friction. there are similarity that have reportedly caused static. >> this is very special place. i will never forget. >> reporter: melania trump's first big solo trip was to africa and ivanka's first big solo trip was also to africa. melania trump was the first to introduce highly produced mini videos of her events for public consumption. ivanka now makes her own short films with voice-overs and music. on trips with trump when melania goes, ivanka's profile diminishes. when she doesn't, ivanka often steps forward. in a way splitting the traditional norms but sharing one key component. >> i give him many advices but sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't. >> reporter: they both have the ear of the president. >> i'm candid in my opinions and i share them solicited or otherwise. >> reporter: kate bennett, cnn, washington.
4:26 pm
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in less than 24 hours another critical impeachment hearing will get under way on capitol hill. democrats are prepping to lay out their case against the president, and sources say they plan to treat this like a trial with a possible house judiciary committee vote on articles of impeachment coming as soon as this week. but in an effort to shift the focus, some key republicans are trying to push that debunked russian talking point that ukraine meddled in the 2016 election including senator ted cruz. >> russia clearly interfered in our election, but here's the game the media's playing. because russia interfered, the media pretends nobody else did. ukraine blatantly interfered in our election. >> that brings us to your
4:31 pm
weekend presidential brief with cnn national security analyst samantha vingrad and this is sellment we bring you every weekend the most pressing issues president trump will face tomorrow. so, sam, trump's former intelligence advisor fiona hill, testified that ukraine interfered is avictional narrative perpetrated and propagated by russia. can you break down the security implications of people like cruz continuing to push out this debunked message? >> reporter: putin hits a home run every time republicans further this fictional narrative. we have an intelligence community and guess what? it's not based in moskow. our own intel officials have warned lawmakers russia was involved in trying to frame ukraine. but ted cruz and others are relying on russia's assessment.
4:32 pm
that undercuts our own experts. at the same time propagandizing for putin now he can just count on cruz. finally, ana, when cruz and others further this russian talking point it detracts from other vital interests. tomorrow ukrainian president zelensky is meeting with putin for the first time to engage in peace negotiations related to the conflict in eastern ukraine. but he's entering those negotiations at such an advantage. putin knowes that trump was willing to put security assistance -- trump was willing to put that on hold. and now we have american lawmakers, republicans indicating that ukraine interfered in our elections, another lie. so zelensky is ning these negotiations from a position of weakness visa vi vladimir putin. >> meantime president trump is
4:33 pm
tweeting today about another country's leader, north korea's kim jong-un. and he said kim doesn't want to interfere in our elections. what is he talking about? >> well, it is very unusual to hear president trump say he doesn't want a country to interfere in our elections, but we do know that trump and his campaign and administration have used this fantasy of denuclearization as a success story both on the campaign trail and for the administration more generally. but, ana, denuclearization isn't a reality, it isn't even a pipe dream. we had the u.n. representative to the u.n. say denuclearization is no longer on the table and our own intelligence community said denuclearization would not happen several months ago. trump was outraged to hear that. he has held off on long-range missile tests and nuclear tests as part of his ongoing supposed talks with president trump.
4:34 pm
instead he's popped off other kinds of missiles, and this weekend he claims to have nagsiatnag initiated a test from a satellite site that could lead to an actual launch in the coming days. we could be seeing kim preparing to resume these long-range tests and nuclear tests as he's upset trump is not giving him what he wants. his new year's resolution is wreak havoc if sanctions aren't reached. trump and team should be talking about things like joint exercises with south korea and really engaging people like the chinese to close sanction loopholes because kim's new year's resolution is pretty clear and it's pretty frightening. >> and while kim does more tests, iran has restarted activities that were banned under the nuclear deal. could a prisoner swap reopen negotiations? >> built on trump's track record
4:35 pm
of bringing americans home from north korea, from afghanistan and now from iran. it is clear that the united states and iran are capable of engaging in secret negotiations. those secret negotiations facilitated through this led to his release this weekend. and that's important because there are also other americans still detained in iran, ana. so the u.s. and iran could negotiate for further prisoner swaps. the question of course is whether this is confidence building measure that could open the door for nuclear negotiations. we do have a few factors in our favor. the iranian economy is under pressure because of sanctions and economic mismanagement, and they are due to see even more sanctions imposed early next year if they continue with their nuclear activities. the europeans have said they may put on more sanctions if iran resumes this activity.
4:36 pm
so a prisoner swap is far cry from negotiations but it's a great place to start. >> i missed uhere in the studio with me. appreciate your dedication even doing it from afar. bloomberg covering bloomberg. hear what 2020 presidential candidate michael bloomberg is telling staffers upset that they won't be able to investigate him or any other democratic candidate. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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politicians and the press, it's rarely a cozy arrangement especially with countless media outlets and fierce competition for scoops or so-called gotcha moments. well, this week two examples where the questions provoked some temper. first joe biden getting irkedt a reporter who pushed him about calling a heckler a damn liar. >> you say -- >> don't compare me to donald trump. what donald trump says he makes fun of people, he lies. the fact of the malter is this
4:41 pm
guy stood up and he was in fact lying and just pointed out here a liar. >> and don't forget nancy pelosi is clapping back on a reporter who asked her if she hates the president. >> and as a catholic i resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. i don't haitian. i was raised in a way that is heart full of love and always prayed for the president. and i still pray for the president. i pray for the president all the time. so don't mess with me. >> let's bring in cnn's senior media reporter oliver dorsey. the reporters ruffling some feathers, that's nothing new, but what do you make of the reaction? is there such a thing as an unfair question? >> i think obviously they both took issue with those questions. and you can obviously see why they would take issue but at the end of the day i think their answers might have been more powerful had they addressed the question and not lashed out at the reporter.
4:42 pm
i don't think it's a good look to go after the reporter for asking the question. and particularly nancy pelosi, that's not the only time she's gone after that reporter. and later that night when she was doing the cnn town hall with jake tapper she kind of mocked him and mocked the network. he does report for a conservative leaning news network across the country, sinclairs, they operate local stations and they do lean conservative. that said, she could have addressed the question and moved on. instead she lashed out at the reporter. i'm not sure that's ever the best look. >> let's take a look at another politician trying to control the way the media covers him. >> but even your own news reporters have complained they think it's unfair they're not allowed to investigate other democratic candidates because their boss is in the race. >> you just have to learn to live with some things. they get a paycheck, but with -- with your paycheck comes some
4:43 pm
restrictions and responsibilities. >> oliver, with your paycheck comes some restrictions? >> that is such a stunning moment to me, and i think what's almost remarkable about it is that bloomberg should have had plenty of time to figure out what his answer was going to be to this question, and apparently that was the best thing he could come up with. it's been generating controversy since bloomberg news announced their policy they're not going to be investigating michael bloomberg or any of the prez ke candidates. and this should be at the forefront he should be prepared for. either that was the best answer his advisor could come up or he wasn't prepared for it. i was surprised as well. if there's any way to generate controversy and really irk internally his role as a reporter is by saying basically you have a paycheck, be happy about it and don't ask questions, just completely -- >> fill our viewers in, though,
4:44 pm
on what those restrictions are? >> so michael bloomberg, he's put in place for a long time that bloomberg news is not going to investigate his personal life, they're not going to probe his organizations. and that's been there for a while. but now that he's a presidential candidate he's -- the news organization is not going to investigate him. they're going to continue this tradition of not doing vekive journalism about michael bloomberg. and to level the playing field because other democrats would say obviously this is unfair, they're saying we're not going to investigate any democratic presidential candidates. however, they're still going to investigate the trump administration because the trump administration's running the government. and that's of course prompted some protests from the trump administration and the trump campaign. the trump campaign came out this week and they said, you know, this is not fair. and because you guys are not going to be investigating us or because you're going to toib investigating us, we're not going to credential you for campaign events until you rescind this policy.
4:45 pm
>> so that just shows some of the fall out. we'll see where this all ends up. one of the most talked about moments of the week was something we were never supposed to see or hear. world leaders gossiping about the president of the united states behind the scenes at nato. i mean, this exchange was mocked on "snl." it went crazy on the internet. it really overshadowed the business of the nato summit. what is it, oliver, about these secret videos that are just so intriguing? >> i think people like to be taken behind the scenes, right? they want to go behind the curtain, see how world leaders are candidly talking about our president. and in this case that's what you saw. these world leaders clearly didn't know they were being filmed or recorded and they're
4:46 pm
talking very clearly about the united states. >> talk about that fly on the wall when you think if only i were that fly on the wall. >> i was watching this and think is this real, being remarkable to see the president the next day cancel this press conference he was supposed to have. people were drawing the connection between this and the cancellation of that press conference. >> oliver darcy, always good to have you here. sad day for sesame street fans. a tribute to the man who brought big bird and oscar the grouch to life next. just like when i tell people about saving with geico. be confident. stand up straight. and speak with purpose. yeah? go on, give it a practice run. kelsey. kelsey. marriage? oh. okay. look maybe you should just show her this beautiful helzberg diamond ring? that's a better idea. yeah, maybe not in the bathroom.
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he once described hips adds the most unknown famous person in the america. the legendary puppeteer behind big bird and oscar the grouch died today at age 85. his extraordinary life. >> reporter: people never recognize carol spinny. they will never forget his legendary tv characters seen around the world. >> big bird on the educational and entertaining tv show. >> he was oscar the grouch. >> he has power i never had.
4:51 pm
>> i love trash. >> he's totally different than big bird. >> what makes you so grouchy? >> people. sunny days. >> spinny says he grew up with an abusive father but a mother who encouraged his puppeteering. >> he saw me performing. at a puppet festival. >> in a retirement video. he told us how he got to ses me street. >> i'm building a large bird. are you interested in playing it? it's like a fellow came up to me and i was a drummer and said i was a band from liverpool. you want to be the drummer? >> he was a bit of a country bump kin to begin with. a few shows on i think it there should be a child learning along with it. >> spinny appeared in thousands
4:52 pm
of sesame street episodes across 50 years. hanging up his feathers in 2018. >> i started with puppets when i was eight. and i kind of for years felt i should be hidden. >> he needed to stay hidden to make big bird eight feet tall. >> i held my arm over my head. for quite a while. >> first ladies of the united states love the big bird. one presidential candidate was less enthused. >> i'm stop k the subsidy to pbs. >> somebody is cracking down on big bird. >> how did you find out you were in the debate? >> i got a million tweets. >> it wasn't all song and games. sesame street confronted troubling social issues. such as bullying.
4:53 pm
>> it wasn't very nice. it made me feel bad. i want to be part of the club. >> reporter: spinny could be lonely inside big bird. he guided millions of youngsters through childhood. >> it's better a place. than if big bird hasn't been there and had his suffering and his joy and i think that's what i like to recall my legacy. ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. itintroducing the new braava jet m6 robot mop. their holiday favourites. with an adjustable precision jet spray and advanced pad system braava jet breaks up messes and gets deep in corners. braava jet. only from irobot.
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when you think of a hero what comes to mind? courage, strength, leadership. we're minutes away from the "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute." recognizing every day people who do extraordinary things. and cnn has been working that red carpet for us tonight. here in new york. the ceremony is about to get under way. give us the preview. >> i'm not doing extraordinary things. it was wonderful to speak to the heroes who don't consider themselves heroes. i was also able to speak to the great actress. about the hero she will be presenting to the world tonight. >> when i was reading the list of people being honored tonight i just -- i couldn't stop crying. somebody who is well known.
4:58 pm
like myself, it's great that we can use our celebrity for a platform. somebody who has like our particular guy that we're honoring tonight. woody faircloth. i read all about him and i just still get chills. that he's sitting on his sofa in denver, colorado. and he's watching the fires in paradise. and he hears this voice that says you have to do something. and we all feel that way sometimes when we're on the sofa kp get so upset. and we think i have to do something. and we don't do anything. here he is, he does a go fund me. all on his own. and gets in this rv with his daughter. his 6 year-old. drives 1,200 miles on his own. and then he does more. and he starts a foundation. it's just -- it gives me chills that this man has worked wonders for people. here i am just saying thank you to this one man. and already i'm in chills.
4:59 pm
and thrilled. it's uplifted my spirit. >> too cool to be able to chat with her about this. important for her she says to come to things like this and do stuff like this. she can bring great attention to causes that she favors. it's people like faircloth that she is presenting tonight that don't have that opportunity and so they can be seen by the world and change things on a small level in their community. and have this massive impact across their own community and now around the world. it's huge. hundreds of thousands of submissions. ten have been selected as heroes. one will be hero of the year. >> i wish they could each be our hero of the year. so deserving. incredle people doing amazing things making a difference in so many lives. thank you for that report. we'll let you get inside. join anderson cooper and kelly
5:00 pm
ripa live as they name the cnn hero of the year. "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute" is next. good evening. i have achieved many great things in my life. nothing tops this moment. i get to say these three words. here we go. this is cnn! >> from the american museum of natural history in new york city. this is the 13th annual "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute." please welcome your host


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