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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 10, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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. we'll stay with you and get up dates in the next couple of of hours. thank you. thank you all for being with me. we'll send it to washington now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the four words no president wants to hear. high crimes and misdemeanors. "the lead" starts right now. a momentous and solemn day for the nation as house democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against president trump as the president looks to put on a show with his presidency on the line. at a senate trial. well, the president of ukraine cannot get an oval office but guess who just did? the foreign minister for the very country that actually did attack the u.s. during the 2016 election. what happened today when putin's point man came to town. plus, the truth hurts. president trump attacking his own fbi director for backing an
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inspector general report that shoots down a self-serving conspiracy theory not unlike that got the president to the brink of impeachment. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the politics lead in what could only be described as a historic day in american history. democrats unveiling two articles of impeachment against president donald john trump, one for abuse of power and the other for obstruction of congress. the full house of representatives could vote on the articles next week after they are voted upon and sent to the floor of the house by the house judiciary committee. that committee vote could happen as early as thursday of this week. democrats alleged that president trump abused the power of his office by pushing a foreign government, the ukrainians, to interfere in the 2020 election. and then they say the president stonewalled congress from conducting proper oversight. the response from the president
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and his allies has large by been to dispute empirical facts, to muddle the truth with half truths and confusion, to lie, to put party unity above the obviously answer to a question, is it okay for a president to ask a foreign nation to investigate a political rival. alex marquardt said the vote is expected to fall largely among partisan lines. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: a solemn day. speaker nancy pelosi called it as the democratic leadership announced for the fourth time in american history articles of impeachment against a president. judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler laying out the two articles that charge the president with committing high crimes and misdemeanors. the first abuse of power. >> that is exactly what president trump did when he solicited and pressured ukraine to interfere in our 2020
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presidential election. >> reporter: the second articles, obstruction of congress. >> president trump engaged in unprecedented, categorical and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry. we must be clear. no one, not even the president, is above the law. >> reporter: other articles of impeachment had been discussed but were eventually ruled out. including obstruction of justice. going back to the mueller probe, which some democrats objected to including. >> the prevailing feeling was that we were better off ultimately with two because the obstruction of justice brought in a whole bunch of things and it was a mix bag of tricks. >> reporter: republicans for their part blasted today's announcement as a political move that is an embarrassment to congress. >> we would never be here if they paid attention to the facts or the hearings. that is not a day that america will be proud about. it is not a day that history will write that anybody wants to
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repeat. >> reporter: gop leaders attacking the speed with which democrats conducted their investigation. in just over two months, which house intelligence chairman adam schiff said would otherwise get dragged out by the president into a crucial election year. >> why not let him cheat just one more time? why not let him have foreign help just one more time? that is what that argument amounts to. the president's misconduct goes to the heart of whether we can conduct a free and fair election in 2020. >> reporter: things are now moving fast. sources say that voting on the two articles are expected to begin on thursday in the judiciary committee and then the full house which is expected next week, jake. >> alex, thank you. let's take a step back. because this is a huge moment in american history. the house democrats, majority party, saying that the president tried to cheat in another election and we're going forward and it looks like they have the
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votes to impeach him. >> yeah, it does. even the few democrats that would prefer a censure versus an impeachment vote. this does look as though pelosi will have the vast majority of democrats on her side, more than enough to impeach him and release a few democrats in difficult districts to go ahead and vote against the impeachment motion once it reaches the floor. >> and sunlen, no matter how much the president said this is a hoax or whatever, at the end of the day, this is going to be a big stain on his presidency. he is almost certainly going to be impeached by the house. >> he will be the third u.s. president in the history of america to become impeached and that is a very big deal and a very momentous occasion here and i think the president is very cognizant of that. but the president is looking forward to the senate obviously. and he's looking to that as more of a favorable terrain where he could have morallys on his side, maybe the procedures on his side.
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but it doesn't discount the fact that what we're headed through with a committee vote and a floor vote is a momentous and significant momenter for him. >> and amanda, you're a republican here. what is going through your head as this happens? >> well i listen to republicans say the reason we're here today is because dng -- democrats are upset about the election. that is not what the history books will say. they will say he was impeached by the house in the year 2019 because he solicited foreign interference in an election. this is the second time we've been here. what made this different than--o than 2016 was that he paused aid authorized by congress and that is why i'm left hanging. the democrats barack obamaed the bribery charge because we didn't find out exactly how that aid was paused. we can take the inference it was for those purposes but we didn't get there. so i'm frustrated. if you want any chance of removing the president in the
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senate you had to prove that. otherwise it is the mueller report all over again. >> i asked schiff about that a few weeks ago and his answer was basically we have the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney who said on television -- >> there is say paper trail. >> but the white house has been stonewalling. paul you've been here except on the other side with president clinton. take a listen to the house republican leader kevin mccarthy earlier today. >> democrats still cannot get over the fact that the president won the election and they lostment it is not hard to defend this president surely on the facts of what is out there. one of our greatest strengths is the rule of law. other countries admire us because we believe in the rule of law. we believe in due process. but not in nancy pelosi's house -- >> that is a very different argument from what we heard from house democrats during the bill clinton impeachment. house democrats basically said what the president did was wrong, it just doesn't arise to the level of impeachment for the most part.
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>> right. >> and this is just denying basic facts on the ground that we all know to be true. >> this is now a cult of personality. and it is a great party with a history going back to abe ham lincoln -- >> well there is a show that democrats think that obama was better than george washington. >> are you kidding? well that is equally preposterous. but at least he is not a criminal and trump is charged with abusing his office. this is what troubles me. i think she makes a good point, the obstruction worked and it is a paper trail and my highly educated guess, if they saw the papers they would not prove the president innocent. he's probably hiding them, i know i'm cynical, because they prove his guilt. but this pattern of obstruction of trying to interfere with the election. as we meet, he's sitting down with the russian foreign minister giving the russians the
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meet twhag he denied our allies of ukraine. and he asked russia on national television, russia if you're listening, hack hillary's emails and within hours they did hack. so we go through that. and the same thing with ukraine the day after mueller testifies. he called the ukrainian prime minister and tried to get them to interfere. he's called on china to publicly interfere. i told george stephanopoulos, yes, i would welcome foreign interference. how much more proof do we need that this guy -- and i think it is because he lost the vote. the american people -- >> the popular vote. >> mccarthy said the democrats don't like the results. we like the results but we didn't like how the constitution required us to install and obey the laws of a president who was not the choice of the people. but we follow the constitution. so we do here. the constitution says if the president commits high crimes and misdemeanors the house could impeach him and i think they should. >> laura, the democrats have been accused of rushing this
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process, how come you're thought taking the white house to court to force the subpoenas, to force the testimony. here is the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff earlier today. >> the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this -- why don't you just let him cheat in one more election? despite everything we have uncovered the president's misconduct continues to this day. unapologetically and right now. >> that seems to be the prevailing argument in the democratic caucus. >> that and as well as pelosi today told politico they have waited. it has been two years and they waited for the mueller report. and then once the ukraine transcript came out they decided to conduct that investigation and that she argued there is some urgency given the 2020 election. so that is why she very much wants them to hold the vote ahead of christmas.
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>> stick around. we have more to talk about. possible bad news for nancy pelosi. new reporting on why some democrats are looking at another option that is not impeachment. plus he's back in the usa. president trump welcoming russia foreign minister sergey lavrov and detail of what is happening inside coming up. so bob, what do you take for back pain? before i take anything, i apply topical pain relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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in our politics lead, nancy pelosi said she's not kwor -- not worried that impeachment could cost some the house. a group of democrats in districts that president trump won wore pushing for the president to be censured and two democrats are leaning toward voting against impeachment. joining me now is a member of the judiciary committee camilla jayapal. thank you for joining us. the odds that the republican-led senate will remove the president from office are not particularly high. why not censure president trump instead of impeaching him? a censure motion is likely to pick up some senate republican votes and put a black mark next to the president's name? >> this is not what the senate will do, this is about upholding our oath to the constitution. and here is the thing, we have a president who has committed the
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gravest abuses of power and obstruction of congress which essentially said he's a monarch, a dictator. this is a man who used the oval office to bully and cooers a foreign ally and there is a pattern of conduct with this president trying to take away our democracy. that is a grave threat. this is also a president unprecedented by the way, this didn't happen with nixon, didn't happen with clinton, he has obstructed congress at every single stage. refused to send his people in to testify. refused to provide any documents. he has said that article two gives him the power to do anything he wants. we cannot allow that to happen. and i hope that the republicans in the house and in the senate understand that we are not here serving our parties. we are here to serve our nation. and that means that we have to
1:18 pm
look at the uncontested facts in front of us, the gravity of the situation, and they should stand with us to vote yes on the articles of impeachment. >> do you know of any house republicans who might vote to impeach? >> well i'm waiting for them to emerge. two weeks ago my former washington state senator slade gordon, a republican, came out with an op-ed that said republicans have plenty in front of them to vote to impeach the president and that is what they should do. he broke with the party on the clinton impeachment. that is the kind of courage we need. we need the patriotism and courage similar to the many foreign service individuals who came and testified before us. and so that's i think the most important thing. it looks like a lost my earpiece. >> okay. you don't have the earpiece. hopefully you'll be able to get it. >> okay. there you go. >> so democratic sources tell cnn that the chairman of the house judiciary committee, your committee, jerry nadler,
1:19 pm
privately advocated for obstruction of justice to be one of the articles of impeachment which would have included evidence from the mueller probe. that was a point of contention in your party and ultimately it was not included as an article of impeachment. do you think it should have been included. >> i don't think it was a point of contention. i will tell you the two articles, there are different views here and we looked at all of the views but the most important thing to us on the judiciary committee committee as we had our many discussions was the pattern of conduct found in the mueller report, in the mueller investigation that we had a way to present that into these articles and both articles on abuse of power and obstruction of congress have that built floor it. there are a couple of lines in each article that talks about that pattern of conduct. because as terrible as what happened in the mueller report was, this is while donald trump is president. so ukraine was so much more egregious in different ways but
1:20 pm
had we not had the mueller investigation i'm not sure we would be at this point so that is important the pattern of conduct and we have included those in the articles of impeachment and i think what most of us were concerned about. >> i want your reaction as a member of the house judiciary committee to attorney general bill barr saying the fbi may have acted in bad faith by opening the russia investigation and saying that the trump campaign was spied on, despite what the inspector general report actually said, which is neither of those things. >> bill barr is a sham as an attorney general. he should not be in that position. he is supposed to be advocating for the country. he's not supposed to be the president's personal lawyer. to criticize his own attorney general or contradict his own attorney general shows us his true colors. he's never going to stand up for the country. he'll only stand up for a corrupt president who has abused his office and obstructed
1:21 pm
congress and i feel bill barr should not be the attorney general. that is for somebody dedicated to the law of the country not to being the president's personal attorney. >> congresswoman pramila jayapal, thank you. >> thank you, jake. mitch mcconnell is not on the same page when it comes to impeachment. cnn reporting coming up. stay with us. can my side be firm?
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in the politics lead, 9:08 eastern time democrats announced two articles of impeachment against president trump. 10:07, house democratic leaders approved a trade deal with president trump. 2:22 p.m. the russian foreign minister arrived at the white house to meet with the president and getting an oval office visit, one that the president of ukraine has not received but as he rolls out the red carpet for russians, kaitlan collins reports there is a growing division between the president and his closest allies at home. >> he is not relieved but we did
1:27 pm
expect this. >> reporter: after two articles of impeachment against the president today, white house officials were surprised they didn't go further. >> we thought actually it would be four or five. bribery, mueller, emoluments -- >> reporter: stephanie grisham telling fox news the white house is gearing up for a senate trial. >> i'm sure we'll participate in some way. >> reporter: but sources tell cnn there is a growing divide between trump and mitch mcconnell over what that trial will look like. >> we would love for a lot of witnesses -- >> will the president participate? >> reporter: sources say mcconnell wants it over quickly. even floating a ten-day minimum as he hopes to avoid a circus that could come with damaging votes for his members. but on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, they're looking for a show. including live witness testimony from hunter biden. >> good morning, everyone -- >> reporter: moments after unveiling the impeachment articles, democrats returned to announce support for the president's trade deal with canada and mexico after months of negotiations.
1:28 pm
>> there is no question, of course, that this trade agreement is much better than nafta. >> reporter: that announcement coming at a striking moment as the same group of house democrats are moving closer to impeachment. but pelosi said she's not handing trump a win. >> it is way far away from what the president was proposing. he wouldn't even recognize it. >> reporter: back at the white house, trump met this afternoon with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. the last time he was in the oval office, trump bragged about firing james comey and revealed classified information about isis that had been provided to the u.s. by israeli intelligence. jake, the senate majority leader doesn't think the senate is going to get to that impeachment trial until early next year and when it comes to whether or not there are witnesses, live witnesses as the president wants in person during that trial, he said that is a decision that will be made after the opening statement has already happened.
1:29 pm
>> kaitlan collins at the white house. thank you. let's discuss with this. sunlen, sources say mitch mcconnell wants to wrap up the trial and protect republicans from damaging votes and trump wants to turn this into what peek close to him call a spectacle with hunter biden and adam schiff and who do you think will win the argument. >> i think mcconnell is looking at what will protect his members and what has 51 votes, so far while the white house has made pronouncements about an aggressive trial strategy and live witnesses on the senate chamber and the president himself saying a whole bunch of things he wants in a senate trial, in private, at least what we've been told, is that on procedure they have a difference of what could pass the senate. schumer and mcconnell have to pass -- or agree to a structured resolution to set up the contours of a trial. if that doesn't work mcconnell will see what gets say members on board. but the bottom line mcconnell
1:30 pm
does not want a circus. his leadership does not want a circus and his members are running in did you have races next november don't want a circus and i presume mcconnell may have talking and persuading to do of president trump in the future about what is best politically for both him and for senate republicans. >> but would a circus help president trump if this became this bizarre thing with hunter biden and joe biden and all of that. would that even help the president? >> yeah. maybe. >> just by being a distraction. >> yeah. don't you think it is probably president trump's goal to turn the senate trial into a massive campaign ad. every camera will cover it. he could make it an oppositi opposition -- ad against the whole biden and tell about his triumph against the deep state and rand paul talking about fisa abuse. i could see how this could play out but it comes down to what kind of leader is mitch mcconnell in a moment like this. i'm not sure.
1:31 pm
i mow mitch mcconnell's preference would be to get this over and be done quickly, but is he going to be able to stand up to the white house? or is he going to try to find a way to make everybody happy and give lindsey graham a starring role and rand paul if it gets him enough votes. >> we've seen a number of republicans in the senate and the house of course, willing to do the president's bidding and willing to repeat the things that he said are not true. there are probably a lot of willing participants in the senate trial. >> there are. but the question is will they do it to the detriment to their institution and maybe themselves or the colleagues and their majority. they do have several republicans running for reelection in states democrats have targeted. susan collins and martha mcsally in nevada and cory gardner in colorado, i think if this looks like a circus, the president benefits and because he could say that is the swamp and it is bad for the senate.
1:32 pm
republicans controlled the senate and we didn't have influence and they were concerned that the house looked partisan and trent lott, they didn't want the senate to be dragged down and they had a decorous formal and honorable proceeding in the senate. and i don't know which way they go. but either way mcconnell can't protect the vulnerable senators. i was on the hill last week and saw a bunch of senate democrats, they're not afraid of this. impeachment they were against the party that impeached him and right now it is not hurting democrats from states that trump carried but they are not afraid of trump. >> mitt romney from utah told manu raju that his mind is open about voting potentially to convict. who knows what will ultimately happen. do you think there actually are -- do you believe romney when he said that and do you think that there are republicans
1:33 pm
that will vote to remove president trump from office. >> that is a bold vote. >> i can't say whether or not mitt romney would be open to that and in the past he has said things and gone back to the party but i'm not sure there are enough votes in the senate from republicans to convict. i think that even at the end of the day, if gardner or mcsally or others do feel nervous about their reelection campaigns they might be more afraid of what -- partying with the president would do to them. >> stick around. the fbi director sticking to facts and in this administration you know what that means. stay with us. have a clear plan to cover the essentials in retirement, as well as all the things you want to do. because when you're ready for what comes next, the only direction is forward. i am all about livi♪g joyfully. hello.
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we're back with the politics lead. today house democrats unveiled articles of impeachment and alleged president trump abused his office by pressuring ukraine to investigate conspiracy theories, trump administration officials have called false or debunked and one about the bidenss and the other about ukraine interfering in the 2016 election and not russia. one of the reasons the president is facing impeachment is because of the pred pred liks for conspiracy theories and lies and he is taking issue with the facts asserted by his fbi director christopher wray. i don't know what report christopher wray was reading but it wasn't the one given to me. the president referring to the inspector general report about, in part, the origins of the russia investigation. the report did not support the president's wild conspiracy
1:39 pm
theory there was some sort of deep state treasonous plot and coup against him. >> the inspector general found that in this particular instance the investigation was opened with appropriate predication and authorization. >> do you have any evidence that the fbi targeted trump campaign unfairly? >> i don't. >> what wray said is at odds with what the president and his defenders increasingly rely upon. alternative facts, also known as lies. wray debunked a different lie with this statement. >> we have no information that indicates that ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election. >> despite the president insisting that the ukrainian president investigate that very conspiracy theory, holding up military aid partly until the ukrainians committed to doing so. according to the white house chief of staff.
1:40 pm
and des p-- desperate allies tht have felt firsthand the brunt of his predilection to spread this lie. >> ukraine blatantly interfered in our election. the citying ambassador from ukraine wrote an op-ed blasting donald trump -- >> do you know why? >> an ambassador writing an op-ed in the hill newspaper criticizing president trump's suggestion that crimea should be part of russia. that is not interference, it is as marco rubio republican on the senate intelligence committee told cnn not even in the same universe as the russian government massive operation to interfere in the 2016 election but muddying up to confuse you is part of the defense and the president's defenders want you to deny what you have seen with
1:41 pm
your own eyes and heard with your own ears. >> the president asked a leader of a foreign country to investigate his political rival so one simple question to start. is that appropriate? >> well, one, he didn't do that. >> he did do that. but don't take it from me. just listen to what president trump said when asked what he wanted from the ukraine president in that july 25th phone call. >> well, i would think that if they were honest about it, they'd start a major investigation into the bidens. it is a very simple answer. they should investigate the bidens. >> facts. part of the reason why we're here today at the brink of impeachment is because there seem to be no longer any guardrails. no one around president trump to stop him. because if like fbi director christopher wray you dare to state facts, as your job requires, well then your job is on the line. joining me now to talk about
1:42 pm
this evan perez and former attorney general elliott williams. evan, fbi director wray is recounting what the fbi found in a factual manner and it is putting him in trouble with president trump. and who has fired an fbi director before. what more are you hearing? >> right, exactly. and one of the interesting part of the tweet is the word "currently", suggesting he may not be. and christopher wray, covering him and knowing him, he jokes sometimes people don't know whether he has a pulse or not and he doesn't get bothered by things like this. but it is true, that look, the fbi director ordered 40 corrective changes as a result of the report but he doesn't shy away the fact that it doesn't support the things that the president wants him to say it does and he's not afraid to do that and in these times it does put you in shaky ground. >> stating the facts. >> right. just stating the facts. because that is not what the
1:43 pm
president and frankly even the attorney general is going along with what the president wants to say. so frankly it is just one of the weird times in washington where if you're the fbi director it is probably one of the toughest jobs you would ever have. >> the i.g. report completely destroyed president trump's theory this was a deep state anti-trump coup. you said before that christopher wray is a dead man walking. >> i came into the criminal division under wray and when he was head of it and a few months ago, i don't understand how he survives in the job. >> you mean that as a compliment to him. >> with integrity and a good career prosecutor. you get the nasty tweet and then the articles in "the washington post" saying people are souring, the president is souring on the fbi director and then you see the termination. you saw it with rex tillerson,
1:44 pm
kirstjen nielsen and it happens again when anyone dares to step out of line and not as a president stooge or cronies they were terminated and you're seeing it play out with christopher wray. >> and barr -- the whole point of having an inspector general is to have a neutral arbiter and inspector general horowitz does this and bill barr comes out and said it is wrong. >> right. he issued a very in sendy air yu statement yesterday and then with the "wall street journal" he doubled down on this idea that the fbi had nefarious reasons and motivations to go after the president's campaign in his view and spy on the president's campaign. he's not abandoning that phrasing. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the core statement in my opinion by the i.g. is that these irregularities, these
1:45 pm
statements, these omissions were not satisfy actorily explained d that opened the possibility to infer bad faith. i think it is premature to reach a judgment on that. but i think that further work has to be done and that is what durham is doing. >> and he's talking about john durham, the prosecutor who he appointed to take another look at exactly what horowitz took a look at. and which is one just quick thing to add to that, in the interview with nbc he also is asked the question about the ukraine conspiracy theory and he said i just don't know. which is sort of really an astonishing thing. >> even though wray the same day said we have no information of anything like that and he used the word "spying" and that is used for foreign intelligence agents talking about spying. this is about the fbi. he said the fbi was spying on the trump campaign. >> and there is a question as to when he used that word in a hearing a few months back, was it a slip of the tongue and make a mistake in saying that.
1:46 pm
because that is a legally very fraught and loaded term but he doubled down today and it is remarkable. the president sees the attorney general as his almost personal attorney and unfortunately barr is giving him what he wants. >> we heard congresswoman jayapal say not so nice things about him. democrats handed president trump a big win. we'll explain why next.
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the world lead now. only an hour after unveiling articles of impeachment against president trump, democrats delivered to him one of the biggest legislative victories of his presidency. a deal on north american trade. phil mattingly is on capitol hill. today speaker pelosi called the proposal from the trump administration deeply flawed. so what is in the new usmca that is so much better. >> and she said this morning when talking behind closed doors to her caucus, we ate their lunch and in their negotiations after she called it deeply flawed and there were lengthy negotiations and among the things democrats say they won in the negotiations centers on things like labor and environment. starting with the labor issue. one, they created new rules on enforcement through the negotiations that they had. and that would go along with the strength and labor protections for workers. these are crucial issues for democrats and the labor community as it it pertained to
1:52 pm
mexico. and they added environmental rules and enforcement mechanisms related to the rules and reviews which is something they had been pushing for for several weeks. and finally they removed language that would prevent drugs over the course of the ten years. this is in the original deal. democrats worked to remove it. it is a key issue. they got out. democrats feel good about it. there is a reason the afl/cio backed it and they feel good about the labor and that is why democrats are behind this. >> and after nafta, how is usmca different? >> reporter: this is important. despite the hyperbole from the white house about what this actually is, it is in large part, large swaths are nafta. a bulkier nafta to some degree. what the trump administration did is adds incentives for car parts to be made in north america and threatening tariffs if you don't hit a certain
1:53 pm
percentage from the country of origin and implements rules to drive auto worker wages higher throughout north america and canada and u.s. and mexico and one of the crucial biggest fights in the original iteration of the deal that still remains, the u.s. was able to get broader access to the canadian dairy markets and has been closed off for a long period of time and that is a big win for the trump administration. canada had been resisting for a long time and they secured it in this deal. >> thank you so much. the last time this happened, the president shared classified information with the russian foreign minister. that's next. ( ♪ )
1:54 pm
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and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. on our world lead president trump met with sergey lavrov in the oval office today behind closed doors. you might remember the last time trump had a private meeting with lavrov. may 2017. sourcing telling cnn pressure was off him because he just fired the previous fbi director and shared highly classified information with them as kylie atwood reports. >> reporter: russian foreign minister sergey lavrov standing shoulder to shoulder with mike pompeo today. >> translator: it is an open seekts that we have different views on different things. >> reporter: lavrov sought to distance russia from the debunked theory that ukraine interfered in the 2016 election a russian narrative trumpeted by the president and his allies.
1:59 pm
>> translator: as for ukraine and elections in the 2016, it has nothing to do with us. that is an issue for two sovereign states. >> reporter: pompeo stood firm not letting russia off the hook for interference when the u.s. intelligence community overwhelmingly concluded they committed. >> we think we shared plenty of facts that show what happened in the 2016 election with our russian counter parts. we don't think there is any mistake about what really transpired there. >> reporter: now after meetings here at state department, lavrov went over to the white house where he met with president trump for about an hour today. jake, it is very noteworthy that the russians got a white house meeting today because that is the one thing that the ukrainians had been pushing for ever since president zelensky got into office earlier this year. but they've still been denied that oval office meeting. it is one of the main things that is at the heart of the
2:00 pm
impeachment inquiry. >> kylie atwood, thank you so much. the house judiciary committee will begin debating articles of impeachment starting at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. the committee will begin voting at 9:00 a.m. on thursday. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter at jake tapper and our coverage on cnn continues right now. happening now, breaking news. articles of impeachment. house democrats unveiled two charges against president trump. setting the stage for his impeachment and senate trial. tonight we're learning new details of how and when it will all play out. trump versus the fbi. the president lashes out at the bureau and its director in the wake of a justice department watch dog report while the attorney general doubles down on his efforts to discredit his own inspector general's findings. oval office meeting. the president huddles in the white house with the russia foreign minister after facing impeachment over a c