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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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thank you very joining me. president trump on the brink of impeachment one day after the house judiciary committee voted to vote along party lines, all eyes turn to the house vote that will vote on impeachment as soon
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as wednesday. a senate trial likely where the president is already plotting his defense. he is hoping for a longer senate trial for witnesses. more on why he might prefer a longer senate trial, but what do the republicans in the senate think? >> they made it clear that he would prefer a shorter trial, the house managers would present their case. white house council would present an opportunity for a rebuttal, and they could vote on the articles of impeachment as a way to end it. that is what mitch mcconnell wants, and a lot of rank and file members are starting to come around. here is senator lindsey graham, a close alley of president
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trump's. >> i think it will end quickly in the senate, i would prefer it to end as quickly as possible. use the record assembled in the house to pass impeachment articles as a trial record. i don't want to call from anybody. i don't need to hear from hunter biden or joe biden. i don't want to talk to pompeo or pence, i want to hear the house make their case based on the record they established in the house and i want to vote. >> so that is exactly where a close ally of president trump's is. and i talked to a top democrat in the senate and he said you can't have a trial white house witnesses. republicans control the senate, they're going to have a lot to say about how this trial is run, martin. >> lauren fox, thank you very much. joining me now, to legal experts, michael zeldon, a
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foreign federal prosecutor, and michael ray, a former independent white water prosecutor. thank you for being with me. >> nice to be with you. >> michael, i will start with you, what we just heard, that development with senator lindsey gram s graham saying he doesn't want to hear from any evidence and let the house evidence speak for itself. they took the deposition testimony, and it is presented in the house and they didn't really call live witnesses, so the president is doing a presentation in the senate as long as it is fully vetted the evidence that gave rise to the impeachment to the evidence, and it is not really just a rubber stamp of emotion to dismess and no real trial. >> let me get your legal spn on
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it. the republicans might not call anybody, is it a legal tactic or a political strategy. >> the best practice, the president's party controls the united states senate, they ultimately decide what process is due. relative to impeaching them. the message that we seem to be getting is the reasons that impeachment effort, they could not likely garner other republican votes, two thirds that is required, i don't know
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why anyone would want to prolong t the agony, they're saying they will hear from the itch -- impeachment managers, i think there will be a motion to dismiss files and whether or not a majority is prepared to vote for that, whether or not they will have a proceeding or if it will go on, beyond that i don't know. >> that is an interesting potential there. if the senate is going to rely on evidence during the house inquiry, what do you make then of their case against the president in their two articles of impeachment, do you see it as a strong case? >> robert and i have written about this on it is a full exchange for the readers of and my point of view is that we do not need a statutory crime to
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be an impeachable offense, and the articles set forth in abuse of the powers of the office, the president of ukraine to investigate the united states delirium tremens. it is a strong, but i think that the president's response it s not really an articulated basis for privileged assertions on a witness by wince or document by document basis, speaks to the behavior of the president. >> the republicans, some, suggested that news are not real trims that the president is being charged with here, would you agree.
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it is not just based on the constitution, but the debates that tloed rad if i as well. and this is with the proceedings with regard to a president that a well founded article of impeachment alleges a crime. neither of which with regard to these two articles is the case here. and articles with crime that's have not been successful. it is the house judiciary committee reported out an article 27 votes to 11. that is in excess of two thirds, over 70% in effect, and the article that related to obstruction of congress never made it's way out of the committee. the clinton impeachment is ago
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where there was an allegation or an impeachment article that went to the question of abuse of power, and also, that was entirely along party lines and that never survived the full house of representatives. so you know, you can talk about the fact that you can have an impeachment article pretty much whatever the house decide social security appropria-- house deci appropriate, but they suggest that a well founded well placed article of impeachment alleges a crime. i also suggest it is an on instruction of congress. and they are reviewing. a case involving whether or not president immunity is well asser asserted. it is not likely to be the last of the review by the supreme court in this term. and there are other matters
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making their way through the supreme court that will in all likelihood be handled by the supreme court. i think it find cases the position that it was appropriate to vindicate those matters. >> let me just -- >> can i just jump in in response to two things? first, robert would be more correct that is not the assertion of privilege, that is what the supreme court is being asked to bear. i don't think that and they
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reached out to a foreign government to ask for interference in a u.s. election. that is much more in line with what the founders worried about at the time of the articles of impeachment. and the impeachment provision and the constitution, and they're right that historically that has not been as well received as other impeachments, but we have never had a question for the president. >> we could talk for hours about this and we appreciate your very intellige intelligent. >> coming up, rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney visits the white house as they head for a full vote and a
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♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home. president trump is putting democrats in battle grougt
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districts on notice just days before the full house vote. he is warning 31 districts that represent districts he won saying be careful not to impeachment. that works both ways by the way. joining me now is a cnn political analyst and white house reporter, and sabrina, a national politics reporter for "the wall street journal." thank you both ladies, let me start with you, sungh. will this work with moderate democrats. the two just announced their support for impeachment. >> i think the moderate democrats, the 31 house democrats that represent those districts are cognizant of those political warnings. they have been carefully approaching this from day one. it is really ininstructive that
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nancy pelosi has taken her cues a lot from the democrats are saying. she has been driven by the recommendations and the concerns from these moderate house democrats. i think you have seen them lay out all along, they frame this in the terms of a constitutional concern. they frame it, a lot of them in particular, with the national security and foreign policy credentials, as a national policy concern and i think that would be the case they will continue to make once they vote this coming wednesday. i think that is certainly going to be a we their constituents will have for them, but they also say we kept the bth in check. we are also getting things done. that is a massive drad deal with the trump administration, and it is an encapsulation.
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>> they want to look like congress was still able to get things done. do you think the leadership's decision to limit the articles of impeachment will pay off as we look ahead. >> i think when you talk about some of those moderate democrats that may be less inclined to vote in favor oi why they -- they gave them cover to really make this as simple as possible about abuse of power about the president and obstruction of congress, it is true that they are argumenting the democrats that they do for advertising to try to amplify pressure for those democrats, but if you look at the polling, there is, i
9:18 am
think, enough sir vies that show a majority of american in favor of impeachment. it has been at least some way it, 9/11 those districts and the opposition to impeach is still about 45%, there is still enough of an american public that does see the argument that democrats are making here. i think you will see some defections as they take this vote next week, but they are clear they have the votes to impeach president trump and then of course it will head to the senate where you will probably see the dynamic play out where there will be a number of vulnerable republican incumbents in the coming weeks. >> let me ask you about mitch mcconnell, the questions he raised about whether or not he
9:19 am
will be impartial. vowing to coordinate every step of the way, he doubled down on that, listen here. >> it was done, not surprisingly, president clinton and the democrats in the senate were coordinating their strategy. we're on the same side. >> you know, in theory he is a juror here and he seems to already say that the client here is innocent. how are democrats responding? >> democrats are incredibly furious. chuck schumer being very critical of how closely they have been coordinating. some that may be impeachment managers calling for his recusal, and what mcconnell has to do here is in the space of
9:20 am
the democratic criticism is to kind of temper the white house's expectations and particularly president trump's expectation of what a senate trial could bring. for several weeks ago. we heard pronouncements from white house officials, and mostly president trump that he wanted a big spectacle of a senate trial, bringing in a bunch of high pro file and controversial witnesses like hunter biden welco. and once we tried to gauge the temperature and appetite level for such a trial in the senate, among senate republicans, that appetite was not high. what mcconnell had to do, he today tell the white house that this is not what my guys want, there are not votes for what, and support for what you want, and you have to listen to me on that. >> sabrina, you only have a limited amount of time, but i want to get back to what you were talking about in the last
9:21 am
response. the impeachment, is it going to sway votes, or is it more designed to swing more moderate republicans in the fall? >> i think. part of the platform had to do with restoring checks and balances to the oversight body that is congress. so they really reached a point where they felt they had no other choice but to go down the path of impeachment when it became clear that the president was trying to solicit foreign interference to try to, in terms of his political rival, dig up dirt on him and his son and instruct the investigation they probably knew they would not
9:22 am
sway republicans in congress and the senate, but when you look at the president's support he has a base but not a coalition. some of those independents or su pu suburban voters, that was a outcome of the 2018 midterms, perhaps there is room to makes case there on an anticorruption blast fo platform. i think they want to get it done as quickly as possible because they don't want it to loom over an election year. they would like the election to be about kitchen table issues like health care and the economy. i think they will try to thread the needing in the coming months, they don't expect to be about impeachment. they do think there is a referendum. >> thank you both for joining me here today.
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>> up next, money, politics, and the presidency, the supreme court digging into a case around president trump's taxes with a decision that is expected at a very critical time.
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to protect against flare-ups caused by the sun. herpecin l. rudy giuliani just cannot stay out of the spotlight. here you can see giuliani on his way to visit president trump on the same day, and giuliani has played a major role. kristin is at the white house, and what can you tell us about his ukraine trip and what was he doing at the white house? >> even just the fact that you're putting those words all in once sentence is extraordinary. at the center of this entire impeachment is rudy giuliani.
9:28 am
this is an idea that he essentially ran a pressure campaign on ukraine to try and get information on the bidens, and now you have him back in ukraine a couple weeks ago, and then back here at the white house. all of this really extraordinary turn of events. here is what we do know. he was here he was here to brief the president on that trip to ukraine. they are reporting that julianny told associates that he had permission, the thumbs up, to go to ukraine for this anti-impeachment documentary. he spoke to multiple former ukrainian prosecutors who are really responsible for pushing that narrative against the bidens, against marie yovanovitch and everyone but president trump in is all part of a concerted effort to shift
9:29 am
the focus away from president trump. and last night he sat down and he did it again. he blamed what he called the deep state for trying to bring down president trump. >> is there a deep state? is there an effort in the organization? in the intel department, the fbi. >> the state department is filled with them. they want to take -- it isn't that they disagree with his policies and even they try to und undermine his policies a bit. he is a big problem -- >> they want to get him out of office any way they can. how you can miss that this is a coup attempt -- >> who is leading the coup. >> the democrats are. >> i have to say this. it came from one of our political analysts today, it seems that president trump is the only person that wants to
9:30 am
hear giuliani right now. we have many people who said they don't know where they're going to ukraine. one senator very close to the president saying that goouliann time bomb, and president trump wanted to hear this briefing and what president trump heard on this trip. >> very interesting, thank you very much. they are going to consider racing for president trump's financial records, they're asking the justices to overturn court rules that require them to overturn the documents. this is a show down over the sprap separation of powers outline. i want to bring in joan, and joan, let me ask you this, you
9:31 am
worked for cnn, you called their decision to hear this indication momento momentous. >> i will use one of the words you threw at me, showdown. now the supreme court is interfeinte intervening in this show down. these document that's he has tried to keep from public view since he was running for president. it is more than that, it is more than a struggle between two powers of our government, it is also a question that arises from one of the cases from the new york grand jury. their they're saying that a sitting president should be immune from any kind of proceeding while in office. if the supreme court buys that argument, would be reversing long standing precedent from the nixon years to the clinton years
9:32 am
when the supreme court ruled that a president can be sued and can be subpoenaed. >> so this could very much define the supreme court and the trump era. that is so true. more than the president's fate is at stake here, it is the reputation and integrity of the course. this is a court that is very narrowly divided, five conservatives, four political reallies, it is many of the most contested splits with the majority taking control. and it is neil gorsuch and it was already a flash point in this election cycle because of the deep divisions.
9:33 am
>> i have to ask you about the timing on this, when will the court, i believe a decision is expecting in june and that is in the thick of the 2020 election season. >> all right, we'll hear hear oral arguments in march, and just a point on what a big time this is for the supreme court, and i'm glad you're showing them on the screen now, next year three of the nine will be in their 70s or late 80s just before the hearing in march. ruth bader ginsburg will turn 87. and if tradition holds, they will announce these rulings by the end of june which will be one month before the democratic convention and two months before the republican national convention. >> right in the middle of it. >> joan, thank you so much.
9:34 am
>> coming up, south carolina voters they sounded off to me about the issue of impeachment, but will they stick by a congressman that supports him. >> and don't forget two best friends and one epic night. we're talking about ringing in the new year with anderson co cooper. guess who just got reinstated! well, not officially. nervous? yeah. yeah me too. don't worry about it, we'll figure it out. i'll see ya in there! just ok is not ok. at&t has america's best network, now with our best plans, at our best prices, starting at $35 a line for 4 lines. new from at&t. can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs
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♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. as the democrat lead committee, republicans are trying to turn the move back against democrats there is no more evidence than that than in south carolina. >> representative to joe cunn g cunningham. >> thank you very much, we love you, folks. trump won the district by 14
9:39 am
points, mitt romney by 18. in 2018 he became the first democrat to represent the area in nearly four decades. >> ran really good ads, a clean campaign, too. he didn't throw all of the trash. >> instead of attacking trump and republicans, his message dealt with local concerns like the environment and the opposition to off shore oil drilling. >> you're a republican. >> i know, i know, what can i say, he cares about us and our city. >> and now they're hoping local republicans will care about something even more. impeachment proceedings. >> president trump has been fighting for us, now it is time to fight for him. >> they are aiming at peeling away the critical moderate republican support in 2020. >> we have seen the commercials. >> tell congressman joe cunningham to stop impeachment
9:40 am
now. >> does that affect you or register with you? >> donald and andrea both oppose impeachment but it doesn't change their support for cunningham. >> he is real, there is influences from everywhere else that are guiding our politicians in making decisions. >> for now, not rates and independents are sticking with cunningham especially if he keeps his focus and message close to home. >> yes. i think he will. >> we reached out to congressman joe cunningham who said he has not decided yet on how he would vote on articles of impeachment against the president. still ahead, the college student murdered in manhattan, the shocking crime and why the investigation is a long way from
9:41 am
being done. plus, a creepy voice in a child's bedroom posing as santa and harassing a little girl through a surveillance camera. how it happens and how you can prevent it.
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serious privacy concerns are bringing up the use of ring doorbell cameras. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. >> joining me now is jonathan, a former secret service agent and a cnn law enforcement analyst. jonathan, thank you for being with us. these incidents are frightening, disturbing, many, many things, and they're increasing in frequency. help us understand the risks and how they happen, these kind of
9:46 am
breaches. >>. >> that this is a cyber breech that manifested itself. it violated the sanctity of our home. cyber breaches, we hear about it on the nude all of the time from oklahoma dep home depot, to target, to the equifax brief. that makes the seriousness of this crime something that everyone needs to focus on. traditionally what we have seen is that the physical security and cyber security, when they plaend this is a term called con ver again vergence out there there is 20 billion interconnected devices worldwide. it is the internet of things. this network increases the
9:47 am
surface area that a hostile actor can attack. it makes these devices more vulnerable for intrusion on a going forward basis. as we buy these devices that we become dependent on, we need to be mindful of the security concerns around them. >> i want to point out that ring say that's the camera's have not been breached. they say it is really not their fault, it is the fault of the user. what do they mean, why? >> well, it is not blaming the victim in this one, let me bring you a little context into this, their systems were not infiltrated and they did not have user information or passwords from their service, that is true, however if you go back and look at what hackers have done for years and years and years is compile massive amounts of data from previous breeches and they put it into a database contained in the deep and dark web.
9:48 am
and to put some numbers around it, over 8 billion user name and passwords available online. so someone with nefarious intent can go in the deep dark web, purchase them and use them, use technology to then go and try to infiltrate different devices and systems. so while ring is correct, the user has to understand that they need to protect themselves better. you can't -- >> what is that, we're going to run out of time, what should they do? >> basic blocking and tackling. if you buy them, change the product password right away. you should not use a default password. consider using a pass phrase as opposed to a word. set up two factor awe thentification. that is simple and something that everyone should do as a basic element of protection and keep the device's firmware up to date. that is an area of vulnerability
9:49 am
that most people overlook. these are the things that we should do to mitigate the vulnerability. >> it is like a smack up the head, it can be good and bad. thank you for the advice. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> in the season of giving we want to show you how you can help the 2019 cnn heros continue the important work they do and have your donations matched dollar for dollar. here is anderson cooper. i'm anderson cooper, each of our heros proves that every person can make a difference. we're making it easy for you to support our great work. click donate beneath any cnn top ten hero. you will receive and e-mail concerning your donation that is tax deductible in the united states. no matter the amount you can make a big difference helping
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a 13-year-old youth is under arrest in new york city in connection with the stabbing death of the barnard college freshman. police have questioned a second teen in the brutal murder of tessa majors. she was a talented musician, songwriter and aspiring journalist. the 18-year-old was walking in new york city's morningside park wednesday evening just blocks from the barnard campus when she
9:55 am
was attacked and stabbed. polo sandoval is following developments for us. polo, what are you learning about the 13-year-old suspect and any other suspects? >> police say the teen was found with a knife and admitted to being involved in wednesday's attempted robbery and deadly stabbing. the question becomes for prosecutors, martin, to what extent. a 13-year-old faces a felony murder charge and he is not accused of stabbing tessa majors but taking part in the robbery. testified during the 13-year-old's suspect hearing yesterday. he reportedly told the court that the teen and two other teenage accomplices walked into that park in manhattan on wednesday specifically to rob people. the boy also telling detectives he watched his two friends grab the 18-year-old barnard college freshman and put her into a chokehold. more chilling details that surfaced at court yesterday. the boy also claimed he watched
9:56 am
her remove items from her pocket and slashed her repeated with a knife. a source saying a second person is in custody this afternoon but has not been charged. the boy's attorney telling "new york times" no allegations so far against her client and according to this attorney he was merely present when this attack took place according to when he told the new york. we reached out for the 13-year-old and ultimately decide if he will be charged as an an adult. shocking this close knit community a manhattan campus that was shared with columbia university. her family writing we lost a very special, very talented, a very well loved young woman. tess shone brightly in this world and our hearts will never be the same. martin? >> such a sad case. please keep us updated on it, polo sandoval. thank you. coming up, senator lindsey
9:57 am
graham standing up for president trump even though he is considered a juror in the upcoming senate trial. we'll ask him if that is appropriate.
9:58 am
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mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill. ♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home. hello, good to see you, i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. president trump on the brink of impeachment and the battle lines are being drawn. one day after the house judiciary committee voted to


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