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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 14, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the roomba i7+ with cleanng base automatic dirt disposal and allergenlock™ bags that trap 99% of allergens, so they don't escape back into the air. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba™ live in the cnn "newsroom." thanks for staying with me. i am ana cabrera in new york. in a matter of days, president trump could become the third u.s. president to be formally impeached. it could make little difference. as far as republican senators are concerned, the ending to all of this is clear.
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president trump will not be removed from office. here's senator lindsey graham speaking to becky anderson earlier today. >> i want this to end as quick as possible for the good of the senate, for the good of the country, and i think the best thing for america to do is get this behind us. we know how it is going to end. i am trying to give a pretty clear signal, i have made up my mind. >> cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox is live in the capital. a bold statement from the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> reporter: well, that's right, ana. this is something that a lot of republicans are trying to decide. some republicans say i can't comment about impeachment, i don't want to talk about the process, i don't want to talk if i prefer to have witnesses or not, i am a juror. you see lindsey graham saying i don't care if i am a juror, i
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pretty much made up my mind how i'm voting on the question of removing the president. he is saying i support the president, i don't think he has done anything wrong. a significant departure. there is a broader debate happening how the senate trial should look. we know majority leader mitch mcconnell made it no secret he would prefer a shorter trial with no witnesses, something that could be done in as little as two weeks. meanwhile, people like the president himself telling allies i would prefer an opportunity to defend himself, if that means longer trial with witnesses, that would be his preference. here is majority leader mitch mcconnell on the coordination between the senate and white house. >> everything i do during this, i am coordinating with white house counsel. we'll be working through this process, hopefully in a fairly short period of time, in total coordination with the white house counsel's office and the people representing the president. i'm going to koord wicoordinatee president's layers. won't be any difference how to do this.
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i will take my tips from the president's lawyers. >> that is a statement that infuriated some democrats, especially those in the house of representatives who argued he is supposed to be impartial, a juror, and for the hope of the senate they said this is just an inappropriate comment from the majority leader. ana? >> we know at least one democrat in the house, jeff van drew will vote against impeachment. i understand you have new reporting on van drew. what are you learning? >> we expect van drew will change parties as soon as next week, according to one senior democratic aid. that just reveals how much pressure moderate democrats are under, especially those more than 30 democrats that won in districts president trump won in in 2016. they're really walking a fine line. i watched that town hall earlier with new jersey democrat tom mal in ow ski. he is another member from a swing district. when he said he support the two
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articles of impeachment and will vote for them next week, he had a mix in the crowd. some were standing up applauding, others were booing him. it gives you a sense of the pressure moderates are under. of course, van drew's decision to switch parties, a very significant indication of the kind of pressure members are under. ana? >> lauren fox, thank you. former clinton white house press secretary joe lockhart is here and se cupp. how significant about van drew switching parties? >> the heat that moderate democrats are facing is real. i also think it can be overplayed. i think the proper way to view van drew's move is that it is fairly calculated. he wants to win re-election. i don't know that it says anything more at large about the democratic party than it does about this representative in that district at this moment in time. >> what do you think, joe? >> i think the significance is
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overplayed, i think he will be forgotten in days. i don't think he will be a hero to republicans or some, you know, villain for the democrats. it is not really that significant. it's not that important. listen, a lot of the people that came in in trump districts have a significant amount of their constituents who still have some affection for the president, many are disappointed but don't like the impeachment process. but this is very, very different than 1998, and 1998 tom delay didn't have the votes to impeach bill clinton, and he went around and twisted arms, broke arms. my congressman growing up ben gi gillman was in three decades. he said he would strip him from his chairmanship if he didn't vote to impeach. he broke enough arms to get impeachment. you don't see that coming from nancy pelosi. you don't see it at all. she is not doing that. i think it is a reflection of
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how different, how much more significant the offense is. it goes to the national security, to our democracy. it doesn't go to a personal and terrible mistake president clinton made, i'm not going to defend it, but it is different, and the republicans seem to be approaching this with a scorched earth policy the same way they did in 1998. >> what else is different is the nature of the impeachable act as well. even after hearing all of the debate in the house, all of the fact witnesses that came forward during the intelligence portion of the house impeachment hearings, new polls out this week show that didn't move americans. they're split on impeachment, 45% say the president should be impeached, 50 say he shouldn't. on top of that, you look at among democrats, 31 democrats in trump won districts, talking 21 or so undecided how to vote, eight have come out and said
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there are yes votes, van drew is now a no, there's another one that's a no because he voted against the impeachment inquiry to begin with. meanwhile, i don't see republicans suffering any defections. >> in the senate or house? >> in the house, no. >> probably not in the house, i don't think there's incentive for house members as of now to defect. the senate as we've discussed before is a different ball of wax. stakes are higher, history has a less forgiving view of senators and what they do in these moments that often write their legacy. >> you think there will be defections in the senate? >> i would not rule out a number of defections, not the 20 threshold democrats would need to remove trump from office, but if you look at the political landscape, mitt romney has the longest sort of runway. he is not up for re-election until 2024. that gives him a lot of time, if
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he is worried about political punishment from trump or other republicans, they don't get to do that for awhile. cory gardner is another one, lisa murkowski, susan collins, i would look at ben sasse. there are a number of republicans that are very conceivably thinking long and hard about their legacies here. probably not enough. >> do you think, joe, mitch mcconnell saying we already know how this end, there's no way he will be removed, lindsey graham saying we know where this end, this is where implanting my flag even though the trial hasn't started and they're supposed to be impartial jurors. >> there's a lot of troubling things going on, mitch mcconnell, a lot of it revolves around him. in 1998, 1999, trent lott and tom daschle went away, worked out a plan to do the trial that we were very angry with in the white house. >> that was the democrats and the republicans. >> and the house managers were upset with them, the white house
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were upset with them, they did it because they felt the sense of the senate was different, the senate was different than the house, and the senate had this special responsibility. mitch mcconnell is not an institutionalist, as much as he tries to say he is. when he held up merit garland, he made a decision. when he invoked the nuclear option on supreme court justice. what he cares most about is staying senate majority leader. he has six vulnerable members. he is going to do at the end of the day what's in their interest, we're not exactly sure yet. i think the big scuffle will happen over what the rules are, what kind of trial this is, whether there's witnesses, whether it is a show trial or sham trial. people that se mentioned like cory gardner, tom tillis, susan collins, may need to do more than something the country laughs at. the senators want to appear different.
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i was struck at the end of this week when a member of the judiciary committee, a republican, after sitting through all of the hearings came out, tried to tell manu raju that the president didn't bring up biden's name in the call. now, she had sat through all of the hearings, there were thousands of pages. she stood there with a straight face, said the president never mentioned biden. that's their point of view, which is facts, we will create our own fact base. the senators will have a little more trouble doing that. >> you talk about also how this is playing out, you have rudy giuliani going to the white house on the very day that the judiciary is approving impeachment articles. from just an optics point of view, why? >> great question, and when you talk to folks inside the white house, they'll tell you again, off the record, that they wish that were not the case, they wish rudy giuliani would go away and shut up, and stop doing what
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he's doing, yet here we are. we have to realize something, to people like you and me and especially folks in the media for whom facts matter a lot, we have this idea that this should be impartial, fact based, we should all listen to the facts, they'll bear out, i believe they have in democrats' favor. and then everyone will decide very fairly. and i think we need to remind ourselves sometimes, and joe certainly knows this, impeachment is a political, partisan exercise inherently. so the idea of impartiality on either side is probably a fool'ser a fool's errand. you don't have to look past lindsey graham or congressmen and women that said they planned to impeach him before he was elected. >> guys, thank you both. good to have you. se cupp, joe lockhart.
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her show is at the top of the hour. as impeachment engulfs the white house, president trump is not there today, he is attending today's army navy game in philadelphia. last hour, met with players in their locker rooms, did the coin toss. cnn's sarah westwood is there for us. sarah? >> reporter: well, ana, perhaps it was a welcome distraction coming to the army, navy game, he received a warm welcome from the audience. many people attending the game are current, former, future military service members. a really warm reception for the president here. this is his third time attending the army, navy game, came here last year, came once in 2016 when he was president-elect. he is the tenth president to come to the matchup. it is sort of a tradition at this point. and the president as you mention went to the army locker room, to the navy locker room on his arrival, rallied players, and
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touted new reform from the pentagon that would allow graduates of military service academies to play sports professionally before they go and do service if they're good enough to go pro. the president said that idea was brought to him by the coach of the army team. we also saw him as center field participating in the coin toss, attending with him, defense secretary mark esper and secretary of state, mike pompeo, who as we know the president loves to mention, graduated first in his class from west point. at half time, we saw the president cross the fields. he viewed the second quarter from the army side, third quarter of the game he viewed from the navy side. that's a tradition. when they come to the army, navy game, split time viewing from both sides of the stands, don't want to seem biased toward one branch of the military represented over the other, on a somber note, onto the three navy sailors killed at the naval station in pensacola earlier this month, they're being
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honored at the game by fellow navy military service members and also by players on the navy team, ana. >> worth noting, the last person in the hospital from that incident, that shooting was just released today. sarah westwood, thank you for that reporting. we have new details in a brutal murder of a college student that rattled new york city. what we learned about the 13-year-old in custody, and another suspect still not charged. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." up here at the dewar's distillery, all our whiskies are aged, blended and aged again. it's the reason our whisky is so extraordinarily smooth. dewar's. double aged for extra smoothness.
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new details on the stabbing of a new york college freshman. a 13-year-old suspect in the case reportedly is telling police he watched as two of his friends grabbed the young woman in an attempted robbery and then slashed her. 18-year-old tessa majors was a freshman at barnard college, walking in morningside park when she was attacked blocks from campus. there is a second person in custody. polo sandoval is following this. the suspect talking to police is just 13 years old. what more are you learning? >> because of what he is telling police, ana, we have more perspective of what likely took place, the horrific events that took place in the park in upper
2:19 pm
manhattan earlier this week. the teen was found with a knife, admitted to being involved in the attempted robbery and stabbing, but the question is to what extent. according to "new york times," the 13-year-old faces a felony murder charge, he is not accused of stabbing tessa majors, but reportedly, allegedly took part in the robbery. the times reporting a detective testified the 13-year-old suspect says that he was going into the park along with two other teenage accomplices with the intention of robbing people, the boy telling detectives he watched his friends hold down this young woman and then removed items from her pockets, and eventually slashed her with a knife. a source saying a second person is in custody but hasn't been charged. the boy's attorney telling cnn there's no allegation against her client claiming that he
2:20 pm
actually touched the victim, that he was merely present when this took place, according to what the attorney is saying. the question is how will they prosecute this. meantime, this is sending shock waves across the university community and around the world, there are students from 57 different countries that attend. the young woman's family releasing a statement earlier this week saying they've lost a very special, very talented, a very well loved young woman. tess shown brightly in this world and our hearts will never be the same. as they're mourning, the investigation is pushing forward, and questions as to what kind of security measures should be in place in that park. nypd had initially identified several issues there when it comes to major crimes, have implemented various strategies, added patrols. mayor bill de blasio calling this unacceptable reality that something like this would happen in a park frequented by so many young students. >> horrible story all around. thank you for that.
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democratic governor took the oath of office after defeating the incumbent in last month's election. while he was preparing to move in the governor's mansion, bevin was commuting sentences of hundreds, including a child rapist, a man who killed his parents, and mother who dumped her newborn in a septic tank. his decision to set the people free is drawing widespread backlash and anger. natasha chen is joining us. how is the former governor explaining it? >> he took to twitter defending his decisions, tweeted a series of 20 messages, mostly about his belief in second chances. here are two of the tweets. he says am i perfect? no. never have been. but i did my very best over many hours, days, weeks and years to reach fair and just decisions.
2:26 pm
not one person receiving a pardon would i not welcome as a co-worker, neighbor, or to sit beside me or any member of my family in a church pew or public event. before walking out of the governor's mansion this week, kentucky republican matt bevin pardoned this man who sexual assaulted a boy, a man that decapitated a woman and left her in a barrel, a woman that threw her newborn in a septic tank at a flee market. a man that killed his parents, left their bodies in a basement, this man that raped a nine-year-old, served less than 18 months out of a 23 year sentence. the victim's mother says it is a slap in the face. >> feels like we're going through it all over again. we just got to the point where we felt safe leaving the house. >> the kent county prosecutor told cnn the men hadn't served
2:27 pm
enough time to begin sex offender treatment. >> it shocks the conscience, it is offensive, it is mind boggling how any governor could be this irresponsible. >> now there's a question of political favoritism. >> we have someone who was convicted of killing someone in front of his wife at his home, who pulled the trigger. >> state lawmakers want to investigate the case, the family of the man pardoned raised more than $20,000 to help them. >> bottom line, if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, you have to look into whether or not it is a duck. >> we're not sure if the attorney general elect in kentucky will take up the case. the kent county prosecutor told us there are some former bevin staff working with the attorney general now. it is possible he may have to hire an independent prosecutor or could be left to federal prosecutors or the commonwealth attorneys, ana. >> and natasha, we heard from some victim families in the
2:28 pm
piece, i understand you talked to somebody today who actually believes the governor did the right thing, even though their family was hurt in such a deep way. >> i spoke to one family, the family of the young man who killed his parents when he was 16 years old. that family is connected to both victims and the murderer in this case. this cousin who spoke to me said he was angry for a long time, but over time realized that this man showed a lot of promise and rehabilitation, and he said if that man's mother could see what was happening today, she would be the happiest person involved to see her son back with the family and in a safe place, ana. >> thank you very much. natasha chen. as impeachment moves forward, president trump is on the attack. one of his targets this week, the fbi director he picked, christopher wray. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." this is the epson ecotank color printer. no more buying cartridges. big ink tanks. lots of ink.
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the showdown over president trump's financial records and tax records is headed to the supreme court. the court announced friday they'll review the case. can a president face legal action while in office. lower court judges that earlier ruled against trump grounded their decisions on decades old supreme court precedent that would allow a president to be subpoenaed or sued. the president versus the fbi, this is an all too common battle in this administration. we watched it play out all over again this week as president trump took direct aim at the bureau's director, christopher wray. cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: president trump venl vents his anger at another fbi director. in a twitter broadside, saying i don't know what report christopher wray was reading, it sure wasn't the one given to me. with that attitude, he will never be able to fix the fbi which is badly broken.
2:34 pm
afterward, wray said he was pleased that they found the russian interference investigation was properly launched and there was no political bias influencing decisions in the probe. wray brushed back on the president's claims some in the fbi were part of a deep state conspiracy against him. >> i think that's the kind of label that's a disservice to the 37,000 men and women that work at the fbi who i think tackle their jobs with professionalism, with rigor, with courage. i think it is an affront to them. >> reporter: but wray's boss, william barr, doubled down on criticisms of the russian investigation. >> they checked on the president well into his administration, after the case collapsed. >> reporter: trump had some notorious public battles with fbi directors and other bureau officials, fired the first director, james comey, after cla clashing over the russian
2:35 pm
investigation. >> comey, lies and leaks. he is a liar and he is a leaker. >> reporter: trump accused comey's replacement, andrew mccabe and james baker being out to get him. repeatedly eviscerated peter strzok and lisa page who had a relationship with each other. accusing him of being a cabal of trump haters. >> lisa page who was forced to leave the fbi and her lover, peter strzok, who we got their text messages and what they said in the text messages was shocking when you talk about bias. >> reporter: in one tweet, he called comey, mccabe, strzok, page, clowns and losers, wondering will the fbi recover its stellar reputation. a trump biographer says the president doesn't tolerate being challenged by those around him. >> doesn't matter if it is a
2:36 pm
spouse telling the truth about his infidelities or a law enforcement officer trying to do his duty, the right thing to do where donald trump is concerned is to serve him. any other duty is sue perfeperf he will be angry and try to destroy you if you cross him. >> reporter: analysts are concerned the repeated attacks on fbi directors and aides have serious security implications. >> what he is doing is undermining the credibility of the fbi with the public and the fbi needs the public in order to satisfy its law enforcement and national security mission. >> reporter: cnn reached out to the white house to ask if president trump has or will ask for christopher wray to resign as fbi director. white house officials say that's unlikely, but acknowledge trump could act without warning.
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the next democratic presidential debate is scheduled for thursday night. get ready to see more room than before on the debate stage. seven candidates made the cut for the next debate. here they are in alphabetical order, it is set to take place in los angeles, that is if they agree to show up. that's because there's a worker's strike under way at the debate site, the candidates say they won't cross the picket line. cnn political writer and analyst harry enton is with us to give us the state of play, where things stand as far as all of the candidates in the race now. you've kind of boiled things down to a couple of states, california and texas. what does it tell us? >> we spend all this attention on the early states, but super tuesday, california, texas, two biggest delegate prizes. what we see as separate races in each state, you have biden, warren, sanders in the top tier, 17 to 21% of the vote.
2:42 pm
in state of texas, joe biden is ahead, 35%. bernie sanders, 15, and states with a lot of nonwhite voters not doing well. why are california and texas so important? there are so many delegates. what we see here is that joe biden will get a massive as well of delegates, about 300 out of the 1990, that gets him 15% of the way there. if the polls are exactly right, say the results match perfectly, they're good poll numbers for biden. >> also states with the largest hispanic population. when you factor that in? >> if you look at hispanics versus nonhispanics in california with a large enough size to do so, among hispanics, joe biden and bernie sanders are leading the pack, 27%, 25%. warren all the way back at 10%. pete buttigieg is not in the top five, which is a real problem i think going forward from iowa to
2:43 pm
new hampshire. states with significant nonwhite populations. among white voters, see a top tier, warren, biden, sanders close to each other, at least in california. >> that's interesting when you talk about buttigieg, he struggled with african-american voters when you looked at south carolina. let's stick with these two states. general election, head to head matchup with president trump, what do we see? >> in texas, this is a state that hasn't gone democratic since 1976. before i was born, i can proudly say. what we see is that joe biden is quite competitive with the president in texas, only down by a point. the other democrats on the other hand are all trailing by 7 percentage points. so joe biden wants to make this electability argument. this poll demonstrates that. what's important about texas? if you add texas to states hillary clinton won in 2016, you get to exactly 270 electoral votes. to me, again, this is a good poll for biden insofar as he can
2:44 pm
make the case as i am the electable democrat, elect me, we have a chance in texas. if you win texas, you can easily win the presidency if you're a democrat. >> for what it is worth, i wasn't born in 1976 either. we are young. at least young at heart. it is all relative. >> sounds like a jewish man that tries to send soup back. >> never thought that. now i do. thank you, harry enton. you always throw a curve ball my way. quick programming note, 2020 candidate andrew yang will be joining us for a live interview in the 7:00 eastern hour here on cnn. we want to show you how to help the top ten cnn heroes of 2019 continue their important work. your donations will be matched dollar for dollar. >> i am anderson cooper. each of this year's top ten cnn heroes prove one person really can make a difference. again this year, we're making it easy for you to support their great work.
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♪ ♪ mississippi '15-week abortion ban was ruled unconstitutional friday. the 5th circumstance court of appeals struck down this ban, the latest in legal blow in states wantic to -- the pearl harbor commander
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says there is no known motive in a december 4th shooting, according to a message obtained by the "honolulu star adviser." the navy says there were no disciplinary charges of any kind pending against romero, and that he was assigned to armed watch at the time. in new zealand police divers are searching murky waters cam baited by the volcanic eruption. they recovered six bodies on friday, leaving two unaccounted for. that brings the death toll to at least 16. the volcano erupted monday while dozens of people were have i evering the popular tourist spot. meanwhile, today we learned the name of one of the victims. crystal browett, a 20-year-old from crystal's sister and father
2:51 pm
are both comb atoes, being treated in a hospital in a burnant. actor danny aiello has died. he's well known for his roles in "moonstruck" and "do the right thing." cher tweeted this -- good-bye, deer danny aiello. he was a great actor, but a genius comedic actor. we laughed so much making "moonstruck." he was a part of that happy time. according to his family he died thursday night after a brief illness. he wall street 86-year-old. president trump is on the verge of an all but certain impeachment over a shakedown of ukraine, but it looks like he and his attorney are still determined to dig for political dirt. so much so that rudy giuliani was in ukraine last week. before his plane even landed
2:52 pm
back in new york, the president was reportedly calling him for the lowdown. here's jason carroll with more. >> reporter: rudy giuliani showed up early friday with notebooks on hand, the timing of his arrival the same morning the how judiciary committee voted to impeach president trump on two articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstructing congress. while critics say rudy giuliani is partly to blame for what happened, rudy giuliani and his client remain intent on his quest to dig up dorsey on joe biden and his son hunter. last week giuliani traveled to ukraine to meet with officials, while back at home, constitutional experts were testifying on capitol hill about the parameters for different articles of impeachment. on month giuliani appeared on a podcast and promised to revealed what he says he has found in
2:53 pm
ukraine. >> i was going to do an outline and try to present it at the convenience of the republicans in congress and the attorneys general at the end of this week. i don't know exactly when it will be made public, but it should be ready by wednesday. i worked on it all weekend. >> reporter: he was asked, what did you get? the journal reports that he replied -- more than you can imagine. >> i think he's going to make a report to the attorney general and congress. >> reporter: giuliani is a central character in the house impeachment inquiry, and a constant source of fuel for conspiracy theories seized on by right-wing media. he has made a number of unsupported allegations, asserting corruption by former vice president joe biden and his son hunter, though there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either of them.
2:54 pm
he continues to push unstanch yaled claims ukraine meddled in the 2016 election when the entire intelligence committee concurs it was russia. fbi director christopher wray cautioning americans to be careful about where they get their information. >> there's all kinds of people saying all kinds of thing. i think it's important for the american people tore thoughtful consumers of information, to think about the source of it, think about the support and predication for what they hear. >> giuliani was a loyal lieutenant to the president even before he was hired as an unpaid personal together in april 2018. lately there are debates in political circles as to whether giuliani should be sidelined. two giuliani associates pleaded not guilty for allegedly funneling foreign money into u.s. election. prosecutors accuse one of they have of failing to disclose he
2:55 pm
received $1 million from a russian bank account the month before he was charged. according to "the washington post" in several conversations in recent months. attorney general william barr counseled trouble that giuliani has become a liability and a problem for the admission. cnn has previously reported investigators have been looking into giuliani's business dealings in ukraine and have dug into everything from possibility entanglements to counter-intelligence concerns raised by some of those business ties. giuliani has denied any wrongdoing and trump has his back. >> rudy giuliani was one of the great crime fighters of all time. he's also a friend of mine. he's a great person, like an iconic person in this country. >> there's a lost ling of allies since written off by the president, just ask michael cohen. for now, the giuliani/trump bond
2:56 pm
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