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tv   Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo  CNN  December 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! okay, fire those lights up. >> how are you doing? >> three minutes. >> on the ninth of october, 2 , 2018, i had exclusive access to a serial killer for what would turn out to be the last interview of his life. >> this is chris cuomo testing out the speaker phone, can you hear me? >> for a decade, this man hunted women in the united states and
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m mercilously killed women. he killed more than jack the ripper, but very few of us have heard his name. how did someone get away with so many murders for so many years and what is going on in his mind? >> i'm kind of concerned about what kind of questions you will ask me. >> i'm the one that is going to determine the questions. >> all right, good if you're ready to begin we will. everybody there in that room is okay and ready to be quiet? >> yes. >> so we will start in three, two, one. ♪
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>> toward the end of the day, dozens of crows settle in the trees of saddleback college in mission viejo. the name for the birds is a murder. >> i was walking through here and i was very, very, very scared. i started to hurry as fast as i could. >> still now every time she comes on campus, julia brady n jenner can't help but remember the night. >> i got to the side door here, i pulled the door handle and it locked. it locked automatically. >> with no one in sight, she wandered around the dark campus with the strangest feeling in her gut. >> this was inherently something going on, and i can only say it
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was evil. i had no idea what was happening. >> the campus was practically empty after a big concert. she recently took a teaching job there and on nights she was working late refused to walk to her car alone. she found a colleague that agreed to drive her to her car. >> we moved around to the far back row. where we were parked, and at that point there were only two cars left, and so the headlights came around the corner we saw her on the pavement and stopped. >> in the headlights they saw a woman lying on the ground. >> i recognized the dress right away and it was pulled up, and her purse was down on the ground and i thought this doesn't make sense. >> it didn't make sense because the dress belonged to one of her
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students with whom she spent most of the evening. >> when you see a body like that it really doesn't look real. it almost looked like a rag doll of sorts. i hate to use that term, but that is what it was. >> the scene was a blood bath. the young woman had been stabbed 41 times. >> we were so fearful. the first thing we said is there is a psychotic person here running amuck on campus. and it was because of the brutality of it. we didn't know if he was right there, if he was highlighted behind a tree. the level of fear was ramped up even more because he stabbed her so much. >> police asked julia to help identify the body. and it took me about, i'm going to say a few minutes to really
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say her name. they said we really need you to tell us, we need a confirmation. and i said robin bradley. >> robin bradley, 23 years old, a communication student at saddleback college that volunteered to work as an usher for the campus concert that night. >> it has always been hard over the years to say her name. robin is this beautiful girl who her life was cut short and she was a friend of mine who i thought was wonderful. >> police started investigating. >> there was really minimal evidence and it was very random. >> helen mireno was an investigator. >> there was no rape, no loss,
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nothing taken. so there just really was no evidence that lead us in any one direction. >> they kept talking about it being a crime of passion because it was very brutal. >> they had a few suspects here and there. there was one young man with a crush on her and he left a rose on her doorstep that week or the week before. and he called her. the police suspected him and they told me that. you have two suspects in your class, and you have to just go on teaching as if, but if you find anything out, if you hear anything, if you over hear him say anything you need to let us know. >> life on campus felt unsafe. >> we all felt that we really needed clearly to know who did this and that we would know immediately that the police would -- there is no perfect murder, right? they would find him or her or whatever happened. >> but time passed and answers were scarce. they could find no one with a
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motive to kill robin. >> there was times i would walk into my radio class and the detectives were in the back of the room trying to be incon skcn inconspicuo inconspicuous. >> they were doing patrols and looking for other random incidents they may be similar, but nothing that they looked at fanned out. >> at one point as things were not working out, as they were following other clues that they left -- >> there was no suspects, just a violent murder that went cold. >> there is no logic or reasoning behind what happened to her. >> that was the first of a string of seamingly unconnected murders, all women, all unsolved. then a body of julie mcgee is
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found in palm springs, that case goes cold because of lack of evidence. two months after that, maryann wells, found in a downtown alley in san diego california. there was an expended shell casing from the bullet that killed her. that case goes cold, also. the following year, 1989, 18-year-old tammy irwin is found shot dead in the desert near palm springs. dressed in shorts, white cloth tennis shoes, face down in the blood soaked earth. another unsolved murder. and then, in 1992, a young woman called jennifer asbenson came running out of the desert screaming that she had just been
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i want to thank my wife, my mom, the duck. get help with expenses health insurance doesn't cover. get to know us at september 1992. jennifer had to get to work in desert hot springs.
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he didn't have a car and she just missed the bus. >> i was racking my brain with who do i know, who can give me a ride, i don't know what i'm going to do? >> what kind of person do you have in your life? >> i felt childlike, but my mother was abusive, i felt like all of the bad things in my life were in my home. i didn't want to stay an abused child, i had goals and dreams. >> she just moved out of her parental home. for the first time she was independent and embarking on her life. >> i was a certified nurse assistant and i took care of handicap disabled children. my job was to work the nocturnal shift. >> it was already dark and it would be awhile and i was late.
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>> i heard a voice over here to the side saying hey, do you need a ride, and i said no, i'm okay, thank you. and then it hit me, this guy is offering you a ride. that is something you need. >> he didn't sound menacing. >> no, he was small and a weak sounding voice. said hey, do you need a ride, and i said wait, where are you going? and he said he was going towards desert hot springs, and that is exactly where i was going so i went, i sighed a sigh of relief like this was meant to be. i rushed behind his car and i thought look at his license plate, just in case, try to memorize it. right when i sat down, he
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started talking, i forgot about it. he came off as a little strange but harmless. just maybe not that social. just two awkward people in a car trying to have a conversation. >> there was no stranger danger alarm going off in her head. >> i just thought he was weird, but at least i'm not going to get fired. >> during the ride, there was some creepy moments. >> we stopped at a red light, and he asked what my goals and dreams were in life, and i said to be an actress, and he said like to be a porn start? and i said no, you sicko, not a porn star, and he stopped and he said what did you call me? >> it was 10:00 p.m. on sunday night when he dropped her off and asked for her phone number. >> i gave him a fake number. i changed the last dij g edigitt
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in to my job. >> that monday in september of 1992 she left the group home just before 6:00 a.m. and took a different route home. >> i just want today avoid him, not because i was scared, but because i didn't want to deal with him. i just started walking down that way, and when i got almost to the corner i heard the gravel on the road and a car. i heard the tires going over the gravel. and i knew that it was him. he said good morning, how are you? did you want to go to breakfast? >> she could not figure out how to say no gracefully without offending him. >> so i turned, looked at him,
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he looked friendly, i didn't feel scared, i just thought oh, geez, now i have to deal with him again. he rolled down the passenger win do dow and he was just nice. >> it was daylight, it was this light out. >> immediately he brought up the fake phone number she had given him. what went through you when he started asking you about the fake number? >> i started stuttering which made it very apparent they was lying. that i was just trying to brainstorm outloud what could have happened with the number mix up. he just turned into another person and he just screamed it wasn't the right number. i called the number and some old bitch answered, and he went from a nice person to something sinister. and then he pulled over, he
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slammed my head into the dash, pulled my hands behind my back. i saw a gun, i saw a knife, and he started tieing my hands. then he just took off and started driving down a main road. your mid is paralyzed, then his body is paralyzed, and it struck me that he was doing this because i gave him a fake number. >> well it is because she is a savage evil monster, he had you from the moment he marked you in the car. >> so it began, a life and death desert. >> who is going to pop up in the middle of this desert to save
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19-year-old jennifer asbenson was abducted, trapped in a car, barrelling away from
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desert hot springs going towards the middle of nowhere. s she recalls the horrifying details vividly. be advised, they're very tough to hear. we're including them because she is the only witness to how this serial killer operated. >> i was in the car next to him. he had already bashed my head into the dash board. he tied my hands behind my back and he kept saying shut up, whore, shut up, bitch, that is all he would say. >> she showed us the route he took. >> he undid my seat belt, pulled me over by the head, and tried
6:24 pm
to make me perform oral sex on him, he couldn't function, he punched me, pushed me back into the seat, and i just laid there thinking please don't go to the desert that i think you're going to. the worst part was being in that car, seeing everyone else, fresh, in the morning, living their lives and going to work and knowing i was so alone and about to be raped or possibly murdered, and life was going on around me. >> when he started to slow down here again i thought please do not turn to the right. please do not turn to the right, and he turned to the right, and i knew that is where we were
6:25 pm
going to go. a place where no one could hear me scream. >> the first telephone pole made me think i'm going to be rained, the second made me think she going to hurt me, each one just signified the loss of hope. i said you can rape me, is that what you're going to do. i started thinking that i would have a sense of control if i told him what he could do to me. maybe he would not be so violent. he just started yelling shut up, bitch, shut up, whore. he called me a whore so many times. >> when they were far enough away from any paved roads, he
6:26 pm
stopped the car. >> he got my underwear he shoved them, and i could hear the sides of my mouth tearing, it was just me, that car, and this human, that is now the closest thing to a demon that you could imagine. he had no sympathy, no everyomp no compassion. he tortured me in that car. so much. i made my mind go elsewhere. i didn't want to feel it, i
6:27 pm
didn't want to remember it, and then i saw that he didn't have an erection. and so that made me panic because he started growing more and more angry. so i told him it was okay. he just looked at me and he said tell me you love me, and i couldn't just say it, i had to think, and i said i love you, i love you, and he goes no you don't, say it like you mean it, and he just started strangling me. >> and my next thought was i'm never going to be found, i'm never going to be found, i'm going to be dumped in that desert with the rest of the trash, because that is what he thought of me. and i'm going to be eaten by coyotes. >> she couldn't breathe. >> he put the gun in my mouth, he pistol whipped me, and i kept saying just shoot me, you
6:28 pm
coward, just shoot me. then he opened the door and pushed me out. he went to the trunk, and he got a big bag of knives, blades were sticking out of it. when i saw the knives, i just ran. the next thing i knew, something struck me to the back of my head and i fell to the ground. >> he dragged her to the car and forced her into the trunk. and then i saw the first form of life i had seen in that desert the whole time, it was a blackbird, and my heart just want today reach out to it just because it was alive. my whole world went dark. and he drove off.
6:29 pm
>> on the bumpy dirt road, jennifer says she prayed for death. >> when we come back -- >> i felt like a trapped wild animal that was about to be butchered.
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jennifer asbenson was convinced she was living the last moments of her life, then all of a sudden something happened with the 2009 that was used to tie her wrists. >> i could hear crunch, crunch, and i could hear them coming undone. i went like this and they were done. >> i just undid the latch and the truck just came undone. i just lifted it and pulled it back down and he saw that and he pulled over immediately he jumped out, he was yelling, quit f-ing around back there, i'll shoot the back seat out. >> she shut the drunk and he got back in the car and stepped on the gas, but the car didn't move.
6:34 pm
call it fate, luck, or just coincidence, it was stuck in soft sand. jennifer saw her chance. >> i opened that trunk again and flipped it up and jumped out. i see a truck coming towards me in the distance, and i just run, all i have on is a sweatshirt, but it goes down to my knees. when i heard the brakes of that truck come to a halt, i just let out a deep breath, the passenger got out and came and got me. and put me in the car, and we tried to catch him. >> did you see him? >> he was gone. >> her rescuers drove her to a gas station and police and par immedia medics arrived. >> i was put on a gurney and i heard a voice talking to a cop,
6:35 pm
and she said she is just a story teller. and i screamed mom, i was kidnapped, i was almost murdered. >> the police took her story, but her mother had sewn a seed of doubt. >> what was it like when you realized that people were not believing you. >> it was so horrible, it was like being revictimized all over again. >> despite the physical wounds showing evidence of a violent kidnapping, without witnesses the case went cold. she spent time in and out of mental institutions the next few years, wondering about her sanity. >> i knew he was a murder. i knew he had done this before, he knew what he was doing. it was so easy.
6:36 pm
>> for years the shadowy menace continued to hunt and kill women under the radar. and then, in 1997, detective john booth received a phone call out of the blue. >> i was a homicide detective for the palm springs police department. about 7:30 in the morning i get a phone call that says there are detectives from chicago who have arrested a man who has committed some murders there. >> the bodies of three women turned up floating in the water near chicago. >> lori and lynn were in the lake, another in the river. >> a former cooke county prosecutor. >> there was no eyewitnesss to the crimes, it's difficult to identify them, their ids, their clothing are gone. >> there was many similarities, the naked bodies, all dumped in water, and the fact that victims
6:37 pm
were all said by police to be sex workers. the idea that there was a killer on the loose created panic. women that worked alongside the victims were concerned they could be next. >> are you frightened for your own safety? >> yeah. >> the fbi and police agencies are trying to solve what one investigator calls a real mystery. >> but ballistic evidence would hold the key, linking the deaths of these women. >> the detectives determined that the bullets to shoot two of the women were found to be from the same gun, they didn't have the gun. >> police got a tip from a sex worker who had been testify irry a disturbing request from a client. >> he wanted to bring her to duck lake, he want today duct tape her. and she would have not part of it. >> based on her description,
6:38 pm
this man had been caught with an inleg illegal gun not long before. they took to t to the forensics lab. >> they were able to determine that gun killed those three ladies. >> the gun belonged to a 32-year-old security guard. a former marine, desert storm veteran, originally from illinois. his name, andrew urdrailes. he start spilling the beans, murder after murder after murder. >> he showed no remorse whatsoever. he was providing detail for all of the murders because he was proud of it.
6:39 pm
>> he also confessed to other murders he committed 2,000 miles away. that's why detective booths phone rang on a april morning. >> he admitted to doing murders here in palm striprings. and he told me their names, and he said denise maney. and he said tammy irwin. >> he ran to the airport and took the first flight to chicago. he was going to sit down with the killer who remained faceless and nameless for so long. >> this is the most evil person i think i have ever met in my life. >> when we come back, udrailes confessi confession.
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and improves 7 key areas of visibly healthy skin. try olay total effects. detective john booth clue to
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flew to chicago to talk to urdiales. >> i interfewviewed and he methodically goes from victim to victim to victim. describing what they were wearing. >> she was wearing like a one-piece, like a jump suit. >> she had some indian jewelry. >> white cloth tennis shoes. >> detective booth remembers the precision of his recollections. >> the next thing i know the gun was pointed at her again.
6:45 pm
>> stuff i had to stop and look into our books to make sure he was telling the truth, look at the photographs of the deceased, and he is right on, the shoes, the underwear, on and on and on. >> she was wearing shorts, she had short blond hair, too. >> he shot her three times, she was 18 years old. >> she had me wrapped around her little fringe inger. she was my everything. >> charles irwin, tammy's father, waited eight long years. >> i would lay awake at night just wondering what happened. was she -- after seeing her, i just thought the worst.
6:46 pm
>> they started to get the news that their loved ones were the victim of a serial killer that was just caught in chicago. >> the emotions just started then and it has been a emotional roller coaster ever since. >> urdiales confessed about killing three women in illinois, five more in southern california including robin bradley, his first victim. a total stranger he stabbed 41 times in a parking lot at saddleback college when he was in the marines. >> i would stab her in the stoma stomach. >> to find out it is completely random, it is hard to understand. >> and then he talked about one more that got away. >> she was pretty. i asked how old she was and she
6:47 pm
said 19. he said her name was jennifer. >> he described an incident where he picked up a girl and gave her a ride. she missed a bus, spent the night at a crippled children's moment, and got very mad at her because she gave him a phone number that wasn't good and that just infuriated him. the next morning he was there waiting for her when she got off duty. said i'm going to take you to breakfast, and then the violence started. >> so it was urdiales himself who confirmed her story. >> she had her hands free, and she still had her sweatshirt, and she ran screaming.
6:48 pm
>> the last time he saw her, she was flagging down a pickup truck. >> he assumed that those people, here is a naked woman, i'll just fish the rape, the sodomy, and the killing of her. it was amazing. i had goose bumps when i heard him say that. >> after hearing that confession, the palm springs police contacted jennifer. don't listen to the news or the radio, just come to palm springs police as soon as you can. people were looking at me like they had never looked at me in my life. they brought me in into a room. he took a deep breath, he said "something happened to you four or five years ago," and i was
6:49 pm
confused, and i thought the thing in the desert? he said you were kidnapped, and i just thought -- oh my goodness, it was real. >> what did that mean to you that he remembered you? >> it was creepy to hear what he said, there was one that got away, her name was jennifer. >> the detective spread some photos of men's faces out on a table. >> he said we would like you to pick a picture out of these five photos of the man that did this to you, and i looked down and i looked right at him and i pushed his picture and i said that's him, and he said mrs. asbenson look at all of the photos, and i pushed it back and i said no, that's him. and he said well if this is for sure the man that did this to you, this man is a serial killer and he killed eight women.
6:50 pm
and you're the only one that got away. and i cannot, and i will never be able to describe what it feels like to realize you're not in vain. >> jennifer was finally vindicated, but she would have to face urdiales again. this time in court. when we return. >> i wanted to go, because i wanted to see him, and i kind of wanted to say look at me, here i am. i-surface rubber brushes. and picks up more pet hair than other robot vacuums. and the filter captures 99% of dog and cat allergens. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba™.
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
6:54 pm
ech echlt. andrew stood for the first of his two trials. james mckay was the prosecutor from koch county. >> i believe he was proud of what he's done. he thought they deserved to die. the stakes were high for the murders. the bodies their dumped in wolf lake. prosecutors were asking for a death penalty. >> there was no remorse. >> in court, he sat there
6:55 pm
quietly and show no emotions whatsoever. >> the family of his california victims wanted to see him face justice. charles erwin. tammy was there since day one. >> every day in court and everything, every time somebody said something about one of the other girls. >> main reason i want to see him go down. i know what those girls went through. >> because my daughter was not killed, the only thing we are able to do is tell about our loved ones.
6:56 pm
we hope his life would end there and i am not a vindictive person but the way he killed these girls were brutal, uncaring, callo callous. julia who found robert branly stabbed 40 time in a college parking lot was hoping for the death penalty, too. >> i think when you hunt people and harm women and torture them, you don't have any rates. when somebody could not be rehabilitated to have the planet curse with them is questionable. >> his defense team was trying to avoid the death penalty by pleading insanity. the prosecution was not having. >> we approached the insanity defense with the great deal of preparation that we had extra
6:57 pm
witnesses, the chief of psychiatri psychiatrist? cook county that he was not insane. he taken several steps to prepare for his crimes and took several steps to cover up his crimes. both of which are completely inconsistent with the true insanity defense. >> the jury agreed with the prosecution. may 30th, andrew erdilios was sentenced to death. he killed cassandra korem and dumping her body in the river of illinois. in 2011, illinois governor signed a law that abolished the death penalty.
6:58 pm
>> well, he got life. life does not mean anything. people like urdiales don't get better. as long as he had access to women. he's going to continue to kill them for the rest of his life. >> they began a process of extradition, itching for urdiales to face the death penalty for the murders he committed in their state. >> if way he did it was so brutal. death penalty was the only appropriate sentence. >> here in california after his third capitol trial, i was given exclusive access to speak with him. >> mr. urdiales, can you hear
6:59 pm
me? >> one of the first thing this serial killer told me, he did not agree with the insanity defense in chicago. >> his strategy did not make sense to me. >> you would have to be -- crazy to really think i am insane. do you believe you are sane? >> yes, i believe i am sane. >> do you believe you were sane %-pi had to be sane. >> do you believe you are of sound mind and body? >> i believe so. >> how did urdiales becomes such a monster? who is this killer? are there clues to be found? a psychiatrist who examined urdiales weighs in. we ask this killer some tough questions. >> you are leaving something
7:00 pm
out. >> what is it that i am leaving out? >> the truth. >> mr. urdiales, let's cut to the chase on this. >> more of the interview of andrew urdiales will give in the second hour. a southeasterly killer werial k women more than jack rivers. only one woman managed to escape to tell the story. here i am in the middle of the desert about to be murdered. >> sick or evil? >> he was evil. faceless and nameless for a decade. the man who murdered eight women finally brought to justice. andrew


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