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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  December 15, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PST

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another big week in washington as the house of representatives is poised to vote to impeach president donald trump and that is putting measure on moderate democrats. >> van drew a democrat from new jersey is expected to switch parties. >> i want to tell him he is welcome in republican party. we would supportive him and welcome him to join. the u.s. is preparing to announce a draw jean down of 4, troops from taliban. >> all of this is demonstrating
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and the impeaching of donald trump is working. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. good morning to you. we are just days away from learning if president trump will be impeached, but, today, we do have some information from one democratic congressman where he is expected to vote against impeachment and switch to the republican party. >> sources tell cnn jeff van drew of new jersey will announce that move this week. while the defection may give a symbolic victory for president trump but not change the impeachment vote on wednesday. >> several democrats say he simply is trying to save his own congressional seat by switching parties. >> we want to go to kristen
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holmes in washington. we he no the top republicans welcoming van drew to the party but we understand he that met with president trump on wednesday. what do we know about that meeting? >> reporter: good morning. it appears president trump and the white house is welcoming van drew with open arms and unsurprising this would be a welcome distraction for republicans and for the white house. as you said, they did meet van drew and the president and it appears there is an ongoing conversation about when exactly this announcement would happen and whether or not the white house wants van drew to wait to vote against impeachment as a democrat and then announce that he would be a republican. so something we will be watching closely there now. president trump has been on twitter praising van drew, retweeting stories about him. one he said thank you for your honesty, jeff, all of the democrats know you are right but unlike you don't have the guts to say so. another tweet about a meeting with trump says, wow, that would
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be big. always heard jeff is very smart. that was about a story about president trump meeting with van drew. it is not just the white house. top republicans are all supporting this idea. take a listen to kevin mccarthy last night. >> i want to tell jeff van drew that he is welcome in the republican party. not but by me but by our conference and we would support him and welcome him to join. >> reporter: two big takeaways. one an attempt for van drew to save his political career. internal polling showed that democrats were moving away from this new jersey congressman and switching parties might be an attempt so save his seat and he wouldn't have to go up against another democratic in a primary for 2020. a larger picture is two. the enormous consequences of the vote next week on impeachment.
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we know moderate democrats are having a hard time with this vote and many come forward and said they would support it. van drew won in a district that trump won in 2016 and a large swath of them. even though some of them are supporting them, others are struggling with this decision that will likely have a big impact on the outcome of their 2020 elections. >> we heard from mccarthy there and from the president and democrats even in new jersey, how are they reacting to the switch. >> reporter: they are not embracing it as much as republicans are. we heard had phil murphy, the new jersey governor, who said van drew is enabling donald trump to salvage his own election.
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so some pretty stong words thro there from democrats in new jersey. let's talk about cnn political analyst julian zeleny, a historian professor at princeton. lauren, let me start with you. three weeks ago, this was during a two-hour call with constituents about the possibility he would leave the democratic party. this is what congressman van drew said. quote. let's put it up on the screen. that is according to his hometown paper. he is not the only democrat who did not vote for the rules. he will not be the only one who votes against impeachment but he
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is leaving the party. what has changed? >> i think you're starting to see the pressure really mount on these front line moderate democrats now that there are two articles of impeachment that they will have to vote on. this isn't a vote with about process and rules and how this is shaped but this is do you you support articles of impeachment for president of the united states? more than 30 democrats who won they are called the majority makers and won in districts that donald trump won in or are conservative leaning. this is going to be a difficult decision politically. democrats are not saying this is about your duty, your oath of office but no many of these democrats, this is going to be -- this could have, you know, an impact on whether they are re-elected. >> yeah. julian, 538 blog keeps what they
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call the trump rating of how observe members vote with the president's position. kurnl currently, the house republican who votes least office with the president is brian fitzpatrick, pennsylvania is first. 66% of the time. jeff van drew votes with the president 7% of the time. two impeachment votes, a funding bill, and holding a commerce secretary and attorney general in contempt of congress. four votes out of 57 and man without a party and his votes are firmly in opposition of the the president. from a historian's perspective will this in the context of impeachment be seen as something significant? >> it will be in that republicans will make a lot out of this, meaning the vote won't matter for the final impeachment vote. it doesn't necessarily reflect a tidal wave that is about to happen within the democratic party of people flipping but it's a story that republicans
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can use about democrats being uneasy with what they are about to do. it's unclear if his career is going to survive after this and i think the major motivation was his standings among democrats was weak but it matters as a story. you already are hearing it this morning in what republicans are talking about. >> let's go now to senator lindsey graham and his discussion with cnn becky anderson. i want to hear about his impartiality. >> i'm trying to giving a clear signal i've made up my mine. >> i wasn't in any doubt. >> was not intending to be a fair juror here. reconcile that here with what he is expected to be, what the founding fathers expected the senate, the role to play in an impeachment trial. >> you can't reconcile the two.
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he is not going to be impartial. republicans including graham and mcconnell are making it clear they will defend the president. they already agree with the president's position. and that is the story of 219. it is republican loyalty to the president and republicans protecting him and that is what happens in the signal trial. don't expect a cliff hanger on the vote, at least on the republican side. >> let's put up a full screen. here is the oath they have to take. that is the oath you heard from senator graham. lauren, let me come back to you and senator angus king, he tweeted the american people need to see impartial justice. history will record this as not
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only a trial in the senate. it is a trial of the senate. we heard from leader mcconnell. what is his relationship with democrat chuck schumer? >> mitch mcconnell has made it clear he is working hand in glove with the white house and seem to make it difficult to work with the democratic minority leader would be different from that of the white house. so we are seeing with mcconnell's posture, i think we are seeing something that, you know, the senate majority and minority leader during the bill clinton impeachment trials are saying is pretty extraordinary. you know? they said they have come out and said, you know, we tried to do our best to put together a very forward trial and we at least wanted the american people to come away from this trial thinking, they did their best. they are saying by declaring so early on that you are not only working with the white house, but that, you know, you want this to come to a swift end and you're already telling us the outcome, that that will be really hard then to turn around
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and make the case to the american people that this was handled in a fair and, you know, just manner. >> yeah. full vote is expected on wednesday in the house. we will see what happens with congressman van drew and what happens is in the senate. thank you both. >> thank you. china says it will not put additional tariffs on us goods set to kick in today. this comes after both countries announced they had reach an interim trade deal. the u.s. is also putting a hold on tariffs on chinese goods that were set to go in effect as well. we know at least one person is dead after a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the southern philippines. "the new york times" says the victim is a 6-year-old girl who was killed by a collapsing wall. >> this all happened on the southern island of mindanao.
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they say there is no chance of a tsunami. this was captured when the earthquake here. here are customers leaving a restaurant to get to safety and get away from structures. >> the situation is very much active and search and rescue operation is under way. >> we got this moments ago of rescuers pulling someone from a partly collapsed building. look at this.
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>> you can hear cheering there as they got somebody out. we will continue to monitor this throughout the morning and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. an administration official says president trump plans to withdraw troops from afghanistan as early as next week. this morning, taliban is weighing in on that anticipated announcement. we at all with a retired u.s. colonel next. the u.s. says it uncovered new evidence possibly connected to the shooting in new jersey. a family in kansas say they feel violated after their home security cameras are hacked and now they are talking about that incidents. we have that for you. ♪ >> taking pictures of the baby. i'm asleep.
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3:18 am
a spokesman responded to cnn via text saying this is a good step but resolving the issue is possible when all u.s. forces leave afghanistan. i want to focus on that last part real quickly. i think it very clearly states out the taliban wants u.s. troops out of the this territory. what is your concern or what do you think the taliban has planned for that region if u.s. troops are absent? >> they want to take over afghanistan no question in my mind. they are interested in not only a complete u.s. withdraw of u.s. forces but they want to make sure they can safeguard a taliban government and cannot have that if there is a u.s. presence in that country. >> colonel, a couple of weeks ago, the president at bagram in afghanistan said we are going to stay until such time we have a deal or we have total victory
3:19 am
and they want, speaking of the taliban, want to make a deal very badly. nbc news, which was first to report this, also reports that the president tells advisers that he wants a full withdrawal by the 2020 election. that is time line realistic considering what we have seen up to this point? >> victor i it's not realistic if we want to make sure that afghanistan doesn't fall into the hands of the taliban but i'm not sure that is u.s. policy now. it seems to me the political calendar is going to dictate exactly what happens in afghanistan and i think what that will mean is that we may see a precipitous withdraw of u.s. troops without any concurrent effort by the taliban to make any concessions whether a power sharing concession with the existing afghan government or some other concessions that be would part of this time of an arrangeme arrangement, so what we are at risk here of doing is
3:20 am
withdrawing without any real gains for the basically 18 years of effort that we have put into afghanistan. >> right. i think a lot of people are sitting at home watching this thinking, what does this mean for u.s. national security if these troops are pulled out? what is your concern, colonel? >> well, first of all, the reason that we put troops in afghanistan was to prevent afghanistan from becoming another jumping off point for a terrorist group like al qaeda. we all know al qaeda used afghanistan as their staging base for the 9/11 attacks in 2010. ofg wou so today it may not be al qaeda, it might be some kind of remnant of isis that might do it or another group we don't know about yet so all pobleddpossibi.
3:21 am
the other concern we leave afghanistan and leave pakistan on one side and they may have proxy wars without going to war with each other so that is a possibility. plus on the western side of afghanistan you have iran and iran is also very interested in what is going on in afghanistan and they will seek to influence things there as well and if we are not there, we lose all influence. >> "the washington post" published afghanistan papers, thousands of these documents and memos through interviews just a couple of days ago showing that the obama administration and bush administration were not fairly candid with afghanistan and not telling the clear truth. with that reporting does it become harder to justify the troop levels knowing that some believe at several points in the afghan war that it was just
3:22 am
unwinnable? >> right. and i think the afghanistan papers that hit the host publish are key. that is a real significant concern. politically, i'm sure there will be a lot of support probably on both sides of the aisle where drawing down our troops and, you know, operationally it also makes sense to draw down troops in many respects. the problem is diplomatically we get into trouble potentially at least. so from the standpoint of the afghanistan papers, it's very clear that there were a lot of mistakes made in afghanistan enthe shame of it all is that lies were told to perpetuate to this deployment and that is something that you just don't do to the american taxpayer or the american public. >> colonel cedric leighton we are so grateful for your perspective and your time this morning and for you. . thank you so much.
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>> thank you. it's great to be with you guys. the fbi this morning, says it has recovered a white van possibly connected to a shooting in new jersey city last week. they plan to examine it for any evidence. it's unknown if that is the same van neighbors say the suspects lived in there other neighbors who knew one of the suspects, francine graham were shocked and described her as a good person and say that was not the francine that they knew. francine graham and david anderson are accused of killing three people after a standoff with police at a jewish market and investigates believe the shooters were motivated by hate and acted on their own. >> army/navy game was in philadelphia. we have a report there for you. disturbing video from a north carolina middle school. a school resource officer is
3:24 am
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to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. police in new zealand have released the names of three more victims killed in monday's volcano eruption on white island. >> 47 tourists and their guides were exploring the island when
3:28 am
the volcano shot mountainous ash into the air. 28 are treated for burns. recovery efforts are still ongoing now and authorities believe there may be another body on that island. lambeau field will be gameday ready today despite seeing massive snowfall. army bearing shovels help clear the snow from the stands. green bay packers host their rivalries the chicago bears today. >> oh, my goodness! look at that snow! 600 members of packer nation showing up to make sure the stadium was ready for the big game. those are dedicated folks there. cnn's ivan cabrera is with us now. i understand a second winter storm is brewing that could bring more problems to football fans although it's fun to watch them in the snow. >> always a second when a storm is brewing. i have a feeling they have done that at lambeau field once or twice so used to it. it's brewing out west and bringing problems. i think not so much because it's
3:29 am
going to be snow but we are gskt a mix where it is going to be icing here and i'll show you that. that is a huge issue. this is coming out of the rockies really where colorado has been slammed over the last several days by a fast flow up above. that is bringing significant amounts of snow across the mountains. winter storm warning is still there. but then these are for later today and into tomorrow, winter storm warnings for portions of the missouri valley as this low begins to take shape with this front as everything pushes east. notice the colors here. that is key. the gulf of mexico will ruin things for us here because it will bring in warm air up above. you get water falling from the sky on ground below 32 degrees, you got problems so we will have icing here as we head through the day on monday and wreak havoc across the highways on interstate 70 here. this is the accumulating snow from 5 to 7 inches. not a blockbuster storm but this is the key here. an area that will ice up and wet
3:30 am
get up to three-quarters of an inch of ice and that is going to bring down power lines and create all sorts of problems. this is also quite a dynamic storm as a result of that gulf of mexico moisture and that front coming in. severe weather potential and enhanced risk level 3 out of 5, guys, heading into tomorrow to the potential of damaging winds and large hail and isolated tornadoes. we have basically kitchen sink here with this second storm as it comes in. by the way, if you want to see something very interesting and cool, watch the game today. broncos at kansas city. snowing big time throughout the game between noon and 4:00! >> thanks so much, ivan. president trump is taking part in the army/navy game. didn't disappoint, did it, coy wire? >> it did not disappoint. a game that celebrates the future defenders of our nation. one side was celebrating a whole bunch more than the other. we will talk about america's
3:31 am
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the diamond store. . president trump hit the road yesterday. he was there for the annual tradition of the army/navy game. >> second year in a row the president attended the game. here he is greeting players in the locker room. he went to both locker rooms, by the way, just to say. also took part in the ceremonial coin toss at the 50 yard line. >> the the president watched the game from both sidelines starting with army and switching over to navy. defense secretary mark esper and other military leaders joined the president as well. >> coy wire was there as well in philly. i'm betting you're glad to be there and not -- is it kansas where it's supposed to be -- kansas city where it's supposed to be snowing so bad today? >> i'm happy here. not snowing like in past years with us. good morning to you both. you think about three straight losses no navy, it would have been heart brennan had they
3:36 am
graduated and never beaten their oiver rivals army but it's bittersweet. here is a trick play they would pull out. chance moore throws to caruthers for the touchdown. malcolm perry runs possess 304 yards and three years ago pulled out of the stands and put into the game. navy won 31-7. i caught up with some of the navy players after the game. >> they have led us and we love for the -- [ bleep ] so it shows. >> malcolm perry is very good at football. >> it means so much to everybody in the locker room and we fought our heart out and great to come out with a win. >> go navy! beat army! let's go! >> this win was extra special
3:37 am
for senior paul carruthers. his dad was shot and killed while a u.s. marshal. i caught up with his team and sister after the game. >> we love you, padre! we love you. he knows that. he knows that. go navy. beat army! >> go navy! beat army, baby! >> yea! >> come on! come on! >> reporter: that is what it's all about. let's stay here with college football. what a night it was for lsu quarterback joe burrow. he wins the heisman trophy in new york city, capping on a rise to the top of the college football world. he finished the heisman voting with the largest margin of victory in the awards history. he is the first lsu player to win it in 60 years, overcome with emotion afterwards. he thanked his ed head coach ed
3:38 am
oregeron. >> have you no idea what you mean to my family. i didn't play for three years. you took a chance on me. not knowing if i could play or not. i'm forever in your -- forever grateful for you. i sure they give him a lifetime contract. he deserves it. >> congrats to joe burrow and congrats to navy. they finally beat army. i want to give a quick shout-out to tony scott. he gave this bracelet and watches us every morning. he says he is grateful for us but he said tell those troops out there around the world to keep strong, keep their heads up, keep fighting. >> thanks to all of those players and their families who
3:39 am
give it everything they got in every possible way. thank you, coy. >> thank you. a family in kansas claims its home security cameras were hacked reveals some details about this and they relived a terrifying moments of being watched by a total stranger. also, a natural wonder of the world and it's endaengerred. there is hope, though. how scientists are actually tricking fish into revitalizing australia's great barrier reef. >> the final democratic presidential debate of the coye is coming up. you can watch on thursday night on cnn and your local pbs station. coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. i need a ride.
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we have disturbing video to show you out of north carolina and i want you to be caught off-guard but this is hard to watch. >> the video shows advanced county students walking with a resource officer and suddenly that officer reaches over and grab the child and slam the student to the ground. authorities say the child is between 8 and 13 years old but
3:44 am
why is the child with the deputy? the deputy was immediately suspended and launched an investigation. >> when you saw that video, what was your reaction? >> i was stunned. i was shocked. seeing a child that small -- >> this is the use of force case and the sheriff appropriately has called in an outside agency to investigate and i can just assure -- i've been able to assure the family that this is being conducted appropriately. >> the school district issued a statement. it reads this. we will keep you updated on what we learn about that story. we also want to bring you this. we had two different stories yesterday about this. this is a new one. a kansas family claims that their home security cameras were hacked and they are talking about this incident now.
3:45 am
the couple says they were at home when a invoices came over their ring home security camera saying this. take a look. ♪ >> laughing all the way. >> taking pictures of the baby. i'm asleep. >> what was that? >> wow. the family has since removed this device from their home understandably. they say they feel violated. >> we are sitting here watching tv and hanging out as a family and someone is using it like a reality tv show or something. >> my kids were here and he is talking to my kids and spying. it's just so wrong. >> ring which makes these devices says its services are not been compromised. the company encourages its users to use different passwords for each account and set up two factor authentication.
3:46 am
>> aside from the impeachment fight, president trump is taking on a climate activist and it might have been really the biggest story last week. >> the president trolled the 16-year-old after she was named "time" person of the year. jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: global warm aside, must be heart warm for a 16-year-old climate activist to be offended by the former first laid saying the following. president trump said this about greta thunberg, "time" person of the year. >> look in the mirror! when she said she must work on her anger management. >> here is what the president tweeted. what kind of president bullies a
3:47 am
teenager thundered joe biden. one pictured them as greta and regreta. changed her twitter bio to a terge working on her anger management problem and currently chilling and watching a good old-fashioned movie with fan. one compared her to donald trump shooting fish in a barrel but mike johnson defended trump's tweet mocking the teen with asperger syndrome. >> the president communicates in a good way. >> after greta communicated her thoughts on climate change. >> you have stolen my dreams and childhood with your empty words. >> reporter: president trump tweeted she looks like a happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. she made that her bio. things came to a head when president trump's campaign war room literally used his head, leaving critics shaking their
3:48 am
heads over this. the president's head photo shopped on greta's body. president trump used to like to ask this question. >> would you rather see person of the year? man of the year? >> you just call greta man-eater of the year! jeanne moos, cnn. ♪ she's a man eater ♪ >>. >> you can make it up. scientists may have discovered a way to trick animals into repairing the damage caused by the climate crisis. how scientists are using underwater speakers to bring life back to australia's great barrier reef. searching for a way to help stop your cold sore?
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in an effort to revitalize the great barrier reefs, scientists used loud speakers underwater the sounds of fish from 2012 at the reef and they used those loud speakers to
3:53 am
entice fish to come back to dead coral reeves. guess what. they did. they returned. i spoke with steve simpson, a marine biologist, about the significant of this research. >> we discovered probably nearly 20 years ago there coral reef fish, baby fish, three or four weeks old. they can hear the their way home and make the sounds the other animals make on the reef and gives them a powerful way to spend the rest of their lives and listen in to different habitats. unfortunately, the reef we were working on two cyclones back year after year and bleaching of the waters that cooked the corals. as a result, the animals and reef died and when we went back there it was ghostly quiet and a sad season we could see how
3:54 am
devastated the reef was. we said we knew the recordings when the reef were healthy were attractive to fish. if we play those around the habitats maybe the fish will come back into the environments we would like to try to restore the coral reef fish communities. with loud speakers, we played our 2012 recordings, 2014 recordings and when the reef had been healthy. sure enough, we were able to restock these areas with young fish that were coming back from the plankton and by tracking them for six weeks, we found that they stayed there. the community started to rebuild which is exactly what the reef needs to have any chance of recovering. >> do you have a percentage or idea of how much this reef has recovered up to this point? >> so we have just got some photos back. my team around the reef at the moment and we are seeing corals
3:55 am
that are back at the size of dinner plates again. these corals are growing quite quickly. what we think by restocking the fish community is that we accelerate that process and ensure that it develops in the right direction, rather than turns into a slime covered or a muddy sea bed bottom. >> how long do you think it will be before you'll see something that reflects what it used to look like? >> yeah. so certainly five good years would make that wreareef look f superior than what it looks like at the moment. obviously it needs to be good years so more bleach is events will be a real challenge. some of the corals that died are obviously a hundred years ago old so take a long time for some of those species to recover. we are seeing the far branching coral s grow back quickly at th moment and create a structure the rest of the corals can grow
3:56 am
in amongst. >> we will keep up with that and fine how it continues to go. next hour of your new day is up after the break. but? >> but, first. "snl." they make fun of how families are discussing the impeachment story over the holidays. watch this. pretty fun. >> i hate to say this but on could we please talk about politics instead? >> oh, you mean how trump is definitely impeached and then getting re-elected? i'm good. >> i just don't understand who could vote for trump after this! >> how could anyone not vote for trump after this? >> who do you think will get voted the best singer next week? >> wayne brady? >> it's jamie foxx. makes too much sense. i bet you jamie foxx could beat trump! trump is not going to win. people aren't voting for him again. >> what people? white people? if white people tell you i might not vote for trump this time do
3:57 am
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another big week in washington as the house of representatives is poised to vote to impeach president donald trump and that is putting pressure on moderate democrats. >> sources are telling us van drew, a democrat from new jersey, is and happened to switch parties. >> i want to tell him he is welcome in republican party. not just by


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