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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  December 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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ey love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. good morning, everyone. it's friday. it's been a big week. jim sciutto has the day off. standoff over the senate impeachment trial. the president wants it wrapped up quickly, but congress not delivering that gift before christmas. lawmakers heading home for the holiday break after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says talks with senator schumer are at an impasse. house speaker nancy pelosi refusing to send the impeachment articles until they cut a deal
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on the rules of the trial. will there be witnesses called or not. that leaves the president a little more concerned, perhaps, as he heads to florida. also stunning this morning, "washington post" report telling us more about what is behind the president's belief that it was ukraine, not russia, that interfered in the 2016 election. of course, it's completely unfounded but one former official tells "the post" the president said, quote, putin told me the ukraine conspiracy theory one of the defenses mounted by the president and his allies. there's a lot to get to. let's begin with the negotiations on capitol hill and the latest there. our senior congressional reporter manu raju joins me now. an impasse is not a hopeful word, manu. what does this mean? >> it means the senate trial for the president is in limbo. we don't know when it will start. we don't know exactly how long this impasse will last. we do know what the differences are. the democrats in the senate are demanding having witnesses and
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documents agreed to up front in the negotiations. mitch mcconnell said the majority leader does not want to agree to that up front. they can deal with that at a later time. he wants to start the trial, get the bare bones, nuts and beeolt of the trial. and who to bring forward at a later date. that's not what the democrats are agreeing to at the moment. chuck schumer wants to make sure they can hear from some of those witnesses who did not come before the house impeachment probe including mick mulvaney and john bolton. and those individuals did not come because the white house intervened and blocked their testimony and democrats chose not to fight that in court. mitch mcconnell said they should have went to court to get those witnesses to come forward. now at the same time, nancy pelosi, the house speaker, has decided not to send over those articles of impeachment from the house to the senate which would prompt the senate trial. because she wants to see what the process is in the senate
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first. the senate leaders don't get a deal, it's uncertain when the articles will not be sent over. at the same time, everybody in this town is essentially gone because both the house and senate close their doors for the holidays and don't return until the week of january 6th. we could see uncertain -- the president's trial in an uncertain position until they get back to town. one thing the president has made clear on twitter and in private is that he does, in fact, want a senate trial. he is demanding a senate trial to happen. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell doesn't necessarily want a senate trial saying if they don't send over the articles to him, so be it. it's fine with him. there's a difference between the two. we'll see how that gets resolved, poppy. >> maybe some reflection over the holidays. manu thank you very much. let's go to joe johns with more on the strategy. the president wants a trial like yesterday. >> yeah. he says he wants an immediate trial. and, look, talking to people over here at the white house, if
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there's one thing that they made really clear it's that this has at least four corners. you have to worry about the process, the politics, the law and the facts and there are disagreements between people at the white house and people on capitol hill on just about all of that. but the procedures is the biggest thing. and as manu was just pointing out, there are -- appear to be divisions, small divisions between the president of the united states and the republican majority leader of the united states senate. especially when it comes to whether there will be a long trial or short trial. the president has suggested he'd like to see a longer trial. more theatrical. mr. mcconnell has suggested he would like to see a short trial, and he doesn't want a circus because it's quite clear to people up on capitol hill that with all these moving parts, number one, the defendant can't call the shots but also, if you have a long trial, there's a real concern that it could be unpredictable, if you will. that is something mcconnell does
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not want because right now he believes he has senate republicans locked in, opposed to the conviction of the president. back to you. >> all right, joe johns. appreciate the reporting. if i don't see you first, have a great holiday. >> you, too. meantime, the president is closing the gap on his 2020 democratic rivals in a new cnn poll of head-to-head matchups. it shows the president has cut the lead that joe biden and bernie sanders had on him and have back in october while overtaking mayor pete buttigieg altogether. these new numbers come on the heels of last night's democratic debate where buttigieg found himself to be a target. >> the mayor just recently had a fund-raiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served $900 a bottle wine. >> i'm literally the only person on this stage who is not a millionaire or a billionaire.
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your net worth is 100 times mine. >> i do not sell access to my time. i don't do call time with millionaires and billionaires -- >> as of when? your presidential campaign right now, as we speak, is funded in part by money you transferred having raised it at those exact same big-ticket fund-raisers you now denounce. >> i'm joined by david gergen, a former adviser to four presidents and bob barnett who has coached ten different campaigns for presidential debates, ten different campaigns. good to have you both, gentlemen. >> i haven't had $900 bottle of wine in a wine cave, but, you know, this is -- it's going to stick, right, if there are things from debates that stick, i think wine cave was it last night. bob, let me begin with you. it seemed like one of the most obvious clashes that will continue throughout is about money and politics. is that what sways voters?
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>> you can't get to the general unless you pass through the caucuses and primaries. and i'm acutely aware of that having gone through ten presidential campaigns. but i'm disappointed that we didn't spend more time last night after the first ten minutes talking about the general election opponent. i'm not sure this election ultimately will be decided by money and politics or whether rich people get free college tuition or how we pay for medicare for all. i realize you've got to debate those things and show the differences for purposes of winning the nomination. but i wish there had been more time spent the day after impeachment on that discussion. >> so that is an interesting point because you heard andrew yang say last night to all of his fellow democrats on stage and off, you guys are too obsessed with impeachment.
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>> i think bob is fundamentally right, though, and that is everybody wants to size up the democratic candidates in comparison to trump. and it's not too early to begin making the case or framing what that connotation is. joe biden needs to say here's how my campaign will be different from trump's, and here's how -- especially my presidency will be different from trump's and persuade people that he has the more attractive. i think that trump is closing in on the cnn poll is fascinating to think that an impeached president actually is drawing closer to his rivals. it suggests this is going to be a very, very tight race. i did think last night, i'd be curious about bob's view, i thought biden and klobuchar were more relaxed and had better nights. it made you wonder, is that a possible ticket? does she help him or does he
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need to go to an african-american to go more diversity. two white guys are not going to cut it at the top of the democratic ticket. >> speaking of klobuchar, let's play this moment and i'll tell you why it reminds me of an election long ago. here's an exchange between senator klobuchar and mayor buttigieg. >> in the last debate, mayor, you basically mocked the hundred years of experience on the stage. and i have not denigrated your experience as a local official. i've been one. i just think you should respect our experience. >> you did denigrate my experience and it was before the break and i was going to let it go because we've got bigger fish to fry but you implied -- >> i don't think we have bigger fish to fry than picking a president of the united states. >> okay. so klobuchar saying i have not denigrated your experience as a local official. reminded me of maybe a minnesota nice way of this exchange between reagan and mondale.
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listen. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> what do you think, bob? >> i think amy klobuchar had her best night and had a very good night. i think that as primary and caucusgoers look at this process, we've had six debates. we're going to have 114 more. i think that they are looking at electability, but i am also looking at governability, if that's a word. and i think that we have to find, as democrats, a candidate who can win in the general election. but i think more and more as we see what's going on particularly as i say the day after impeachment, people are looking at who can govern. and to me, experience, maybe it's because i'm getting very old, experience is very important. and there are people on that stage with superb experience, and there are people on that stage with far lesser
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experience. >> you are younger by the day, bob. >> thank you. >> david, i want you to weigh in on this before we go because it's very important. diversity or the lack thereof on the stage last night. listen to this from andrew yang who was the only person of color up there. >> it's both an honor and disappointment to be the lone candidate of color on the stage tonight. i grew up the son of immigrants, and i had many racial epithets used against me as a kid but black and latinos have something much more powerful working against them than words. they have numbers. the average net worth of a black household is only 10% that of a white household. for latinos it's 12%. if you are a black woman you're 320% more likely to die from complications in childbirth. these are the numbers that define race in our country. >> i was really glad, david, to hear the issue of maternal morality rates among black women in america brought up because i don't think it's been brought up enough last night.
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what does this mean, big picture, for the state of the democratic party, the lack of diversity and what the dnc should do. david, i'll begin with you. participation criteria. >> well, let's say a couple of things. one on diversity. you could see from the various speeches there during the impeachment process how white the republican party has become and how diversified the democratic party has become. it's a very different party. what's critical to democrats is to be able to mobilize those various elements of the party whether it's people of color or whether it's the young, whether it's suburban women. and also, frankly, women who live in big cities. i think it's really, really important. but you need to get those groups mobilized, and you need a ticket that can get them excited. that's one of the things buttigieg has been facing and needs to break into that vote. on the presentation side, two
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things quick. i thought that moving screen behind the candidates was a bad idea. they ought to ditch that and keep a flat screen. when i saw joe biden last night, who made him up? he just appeared so much older. he was fine at the debate. but i just thought the lighting and the makeup didn't work for him. >> okay. bob? >> quick comment on the criteria. tom perez and his team at the dnc set forth clear criteria that were transparent and nobody objected. they measured two things. they measured voter appeal and the ability to raise funds. both of which are important if you are going to defeat the opponent in the general election. those criteria have resulted in some very good people being eliminated. i'd point to michael bennet as one, cory booker as another. i hope we don't change the criteria, if you will, for situational ethics to help one person or another. i think if you have criteria and they are fair and they evenly
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apply, they should continue to be applied as long as they measure to me which is important which is the ability to get votes and ability to raise money. >> thank you both. happy holidays. hope you get a little r & r next week. we appreciate it. see you in the new year. those democratic candidates may challenge the idea the u.s. economy is roaring. but there is a great new poll out for the president. and it shows 76% of you disagree -- 7 6% of you think the economy is doing really, really well. the best number in two decades in a week dominated by impeachment coverage. also, a top evangelical magazine calls for the president to be removed from office. this morning, the president responds. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
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welcome back. president trump says he wants an immediate trial in the senate. right now what that trial will look like and when it will begin is up in the air. house speaker nancy pelosi has put a hold on suspectedi isendie articles of impeachment to the senate. she wants to see the upper chamber hold a fair trial. what does that mean? we don't totally know yet. eric swalwell who sits on the judiciary and intelligence committees joins me. appreciate you being here before you leave for the holidays. >> of course. >> you have said the speaker has the right to holdsending those articles over to the senate. are you comfortable with an
6:20 am
indefinite hold on the constitutional process? >> what we believe is the speaker and the american people should have assurances there's going to be a fair trial and that the outcome is not going to be rigged. and i think that's also something that we owe to the witnesses who risked their livelihood, their careers, their lives to come forward and describe what the president did to abuse his office. and to just throw out what they said and not pursue the evidence they led us to that the president has blocked. i think it would be unfortunate. it's early. the president's only been impeached for two days. and i hope this is something that can be sorted out soon. >> what would give you that assurance then, congressman? for example, would you be comfortable with nancy pelosi sending over those articles to the senate without mcconnell agreeing to hear from any of those four witnesses that schumer has proposed? >> so i'll leave that to speaker pelosi. i will just say in 1999, on cnn, senator mcconnell during the clinton impeachment trial said that trials should have
6:21 am
witnesses. and -- >> yeah. >> he was arguing there should be witnesses at that tirial. i think he was right then. he's right now. this upcoming trial should provide assurances that relevant witnesses will be called. >> he did say that and jim sciutto played that on our show yesterday. just following your sort of logic here then, what about chuck schumer who, back then, in '99 said no witnesses and no new evidence in the impeachment trial of president clinton? was he also right then or is he right now? >> i would not agree that he was right then. i think he's right now. this is -- there's an issue here where there are four witnesses the president has blocked. senator schumer has identified who are relevant and we could learn more from them. we sent over a powerful case but if any senator has doubt hearing from mulvaney or john bolton would be very powerful evidence. 70% of americans said this week the president should stop
6:22 am
blocking witnesses. and i think senator mcconnell should hear those americans. >> you've seen the new cnn polling out earlier this week. and it shows not only a drop in support nationally for impeachment, just in a month, down 5% from november to december, but what really has struck us is when you look among democrats, that their support for impeaching and removing the president from office, yes, it's still 77%, but congressman, it's down 13 points. it's down from 90% in november. why do you think that is? >> and i've seen a fox poll which had support for impeachment and removal at 50%. the polls are around the 45% to 50% area. democrats that i've talked to are demoralized when they hear the majority leader say the outcome is going to be rigged and that he's not going to be impartial. that gives people a lack of faith in the system and it may make them think, well, why support something when the outcome is rigged.
6:23 am
they expect the senators to still hear the evidence. and i think that's intentional by senator mcconnell. >> except this polling was just -- i would note before we move othis polling that i referenced was done before mcconnell made those comments on fox. finally to you and you've been asked this by a number of my colleagues at cnn, but i'm going to give it another shot because it's the holidays and i'm wondering if you'll give us a little more. >> give us a gift. >> you told my colleague john berman this week, when it comes to selecting impeachment managers, quote, i think you want to send over your best. so are you one of the best, and would you like to be an impeachment manager? >> i do think we should send over our best. i'm going to continue to do what helps my constituents and helps the congress hold the president accountable and, poppy, that's truly the speaker's call. i'll do whatever i'm asked because i really do believe that no one is above the law. i made that case 36 times in a courtroom and i got 36 verdicts that held people accountable
6:24 am
when i was a prosecutor. i feel i've been part of a team that has effectively made that case in the congress. >> sounds like you kind of want the job. am i on the right path? >> i want to keep being helpful in stopping this president from corrupting everything we value. >> thank you, congressman swalwell. have a nice holiday. >> you, too. >> and your family. >> thanks. talk to you soon. the president's not so secret weapon for the 2020 race, it's the economy, stupid. remember that line? white house trade adviser peter navarro is next. so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™.
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welcome back. major news for the economy. the house passed the president's trade deal with canada and mexico this week, same week as he's impeached, and new numbers show the economy grew 2.1% in the third quarter. there was a strong jobs report in november. the stock market remains resilient, and voters are noticing a new cnn poll shows 76% feel the economy is in very or somewhat good condition. that's the highest rating in almost two decades. with me white house trade adviser peter navarro. these are great numbers. >> they're great numbers. let's go for it. >> glad to have you here. let's begin with usmca. this is a big deal, a big accomplishment. house passed it. senate will take it up in the new year. "the wall street journal" editorial board, of all places,
6:30 am
says in many ways it's worse than nafta and will result in higher production costs and protection for politically influential industries. won't help workers. what do you make of that? >> well, it is "the wall street journal." they never saw a job in america they didn't want to offshore to mexico or -- >> peerkter, it's "the wall str journal" and it's -- >> what i love is the main street journal. this is a main street deal. what the journal is complaining about is the idea that this deal is going to establish detroit as the hub of the universe of auto production in the world, of working with mexico and canada. and what drives this deal is the domestic content rule coupled with strong environmental and labor protection. so what we're going to do is remain our auto industry. "the wall street journal" doesn't like that. they like capital to flow around the world and they don't really care where the jobs go. >> let me ask you this because
6:31 am
the itc, like an independent body, the international trade commission, says this is going to create 176,000 new jobs over six years, increase gdp by about 0.35%. they call it a moderate increase for comparison's sake, 266,000 jobs added here last month alone. it did note, peter, that there will be -- they think, a modest price increase in the amount americans pay for cars made here, for example. how much more should people be expecting on the consumer cost increase as a result of this? >> well, let's also point out that it's 75,000 auto jobs. and the old henry ford philosophy was to pay workers well so they could afford to buy the cars. the problem we've had in the past 15 years in international trade is we've been willing to offshore our jobs and wages have been stagnant. and the trump economy here, we have wages going up and primarily in the lower end of the income stream, the blue collar workers, republican party
6:32 am
under president trump has become the party of the working class. we have no concerns about people not being able to afford new cars in the trump economy. they're going to have fat paychecks and good prospects. >> you are betting they're willing to stomach a little price increase. you brought up detroit. i want to ask about u.s. steel this morning announcing it's closing its detroit steel political. that's 1500 workers that will be out of a job. ak steel sold for a fraction of its pre-trump price. you guys instituted those steel tariffs, 25% last year to try to avoid a scenario like this. and it feels like this is showing that that by the administration is not paying off. does the administration need to change its strategy? >> i think the bet is paying off beautifully. you have to understand the difference between a company like u.s. steel which is blast furnace oriented and newcorp which is doing very well, which
6:33 am
is electric art furnace which uses recycled product to -- scrap to make it steel. they did not adapt with the times. they're paying for it dearly. if you go between -- down deeper into their statements, they're investing heavily in the industry to make the transition essentially to a more modern form of steel-making. we are very bullish on the steel and aluminum industries because of the tariffs, and if they weren't in place, those industries would be in very bad shape right now. but they're not. >> despite those tariffs, they're still closing this mill and laying off 1500 workers. >> go ahead. >> i want to move on to china because i want to spend time here. people should read more about u.s. steel. so i'm sure you saw what bloomberg is reporting this morning on china and the phase one deal that bloomberg economics has calculated the trade war this year has cost between 0.3 and 0.7% of real gdp. and even with phase one of the
6:34 am
china trade deal signed when you get that signed, they are predicting it's going to cost the u.s. economy $316 billion by the end of next year. are you concerned? that would be greater than the gains from a phase one deal. is that concerning to you? >> so first of all, it's bloomberg which is basically a political organization. >> peter, you keep attacking the publications. i'm just citing economists. >> sure. so let me say that, first of all, we have the strongest economy in five decades. so apparently the tariffs are working. the china policy is working. and the trump economy policies are working. so i'm a little puzzled why we have these forecasters keep saying that things are going to go bad when they're going amazingly well now. so i discount bloomberg forecasters. bloomberg forecasters probably said we were going to have a collapse of the economy when trump got elected. >> i don't remember them saying that, but --
6:35 am
>> a lot of economists did. >> you don't buy those numbers? >> look, poppy, we've got historically low unemployment, rising productivity and wages. we've got strong economic growth above what everybody forecasts. >> i think it matters, though. i think it matters when you have economists from all over the place saying the trade war hurts and it's going to continue to hurt because a phase one deal, it's a good thing and i'm going to get to that next. but it doesn't undo all the tariffs that still are there. peter, you wrote the book crouching tiger. you last week on fox called china as slippery as an eel in vaseline. they have not -- they have not confirmed a lot of the details of this phase one deal yet like the ag purchases. can we trust china? it's an 86-page deal and will be released shortly and it's a great deal for america. i think when we talk about this idea of a trade war, we're not really in a trade war with china. what we're in is a long-term
6:36 am
battle over competing economic systems. and, remember, before president trump got here, china was engaged in this economic interaction. what we're trying to do as an administration is hold them accountable and the tariffs have been very successful in that regard. we've had tariffs on $370 billion worth of chinese goods, and the economy is doing great. we're defending our technologies from china using those tariffs. now we have a phase one deal. they would not have come to the table unless those tariffs were in place. so trusting trump on trade because he's not going to -- we've got deals with japan. >> we're not in a trade war with -- >> i want to move on to the ag purchases. you said we're not in a trade war with china? really? >> it's bad terminology. what we are is in a struggle with a state-owned enterprise, state capitalist system trying
6:37 am
to take apart and we're winning under president trump. >> i want to move on finally to farmers and the midwest because i think they get overlooked way, way too much. a big part of this phase one deal with china is ag purchases. robert lighthizer said we'll see 80 to $100 billion in new ag over the next two years. that's a huge number. before the trade war even began, the u.s. only sold about $24 billion in ag to china. the formers for free trade cnn our hope is this is not another empty political promise to farmers. is this administration promising american farmers right now when you have farm bankruptcies up 21% from a year ago that they will see $50 billion in ag purchases from china for the next two years? is that a promise? >> i have even better news than that. if you look at the five major deals that the president has done. the japan deal, tremendous benefits for farmers. >> i want to narrow in on this
6:38 am
because i really think they deserve a straight answer. is that a promise for u.s. farmers? >> it's a deal that's going to be signed by both presidents, china president, president trump and i've seen the details of the agricultural purchases that, the need to be signed. it's a deal, and it's a promise from china to buy those once they sign the deal. >> okay. let's hope it's a reality for them. come back again. we've got a lot more to get to. >> farmers are doing great. thanks, poppy. >> okay, peter. they -- >> under the new deal. >> struggling in the midwest and they are 24% increase in farm bankruptcy from a year ago. i think they'd take issue with that statement. >> well, these deals we put in place, it's going to be a great boon for farmers, and they're happy. >> i hope it is, but it doesn't help those who have already suffered. >> understood. >> let's hope for better ahead. >> understood. thanks. this morning the president lashing out of a leading christian magazine after it called for his removal. more on this stunning new battle is next.
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6:44 am
and the president is tweeting, slamming it, calling it a far left magazine that wants to replace him with radical left nonbeliever who wants to take you and your religion and your guns. that is not what the op-ed said. this after the typically apolitical publication's editor in chief wrote an op-ed calling the president profoundly immoral and urged evangelicals not to support him in the next election. galli responded this morning to cnn. here's what he told "new day." >> we rarely comment on politics unless we feel it rises to the level of some national or concern that is really important. this would be a case. we wrote editorials about clinton during his impeachment process. we wrote editorials about nixon during his. this struck me as rising to that level and a need to comment. >> john blake is with me, my cnn colleague who covers all things religion and politics and the intersection with race.
6:45 am
let me begin with how significant it is, john, that "christianity today" published this op-ed. >> i try to think of an analogy. the best i can think of is imagine if "ebony" magazine call for the removal of obama. this is a really influential evangelical publication. and to call it far left is kind of like a theological smear. it's a gross mischaracterization of this magazine. it has a reputation for being very thoughtful. if you read the magazine, which i've read a lot, a lot of the beliefs fall squarely within mainstream circles. >> so if we look at the polling among evangelicals, let's pull that up if we could, guys, the president is very popular. wildly popular among evangelical voters. 75%. and that polling was done just this month. is this enough to change that significantly? >> i don't think this alone will
6:46 am
change those numbers significantly. but i think it will potentially change the numbers among the margins of evangelical voters. when we think of evangelical voters, we always think of white evangelical, typically older people. but there are evangelicals who are younger who are turning away from the evangelical church. it's going to make a big difference with them. there are nonwhite evangelicals who are brown and black who will say this validates what i long believe about president trump. and when you have such a tight -- you have such tight margins in our political environment, those little margins and differences can make the difference in the 2020 election. >> now so evangelical faith leader franklin graham has defended the president at just about every turn. and then he took to twitter this morning and wrote that his father billy graham who founded "christianity today," back in 1956, voted for the president in 2016. what do you make of that and how significant it is given what the
6:47 am
publication has now put out? >> i think in a way that franklin graham said about his father voting president trump, i think that will hurt his father's legacy in a way. because if that is true, it validates some of the criticisms people have long had about billy graham and that is that during the civil rights movement, he did not actively support the civil rights movement. i've talked to people close to dr. king who said we, dr. king, asked for billy graham to take stands but he refused to do that with us because he thought that would be too political. so to say now that his father voted for president trump, i think actually that can turn out to be a stain on billy graham's legacy. >> it's significant and has a whole lot of people talking and the president responding this morning for sure. john, have a great holiday. >> thanks so much. we have breaking news just in to cnn. the wife of a u.s. diplomat has just been charged in the death of a young man in britain. we'll have a live report, next. ? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended
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♪ you're no good so we're following breaking news out of the united kingdom. a wife of a u.s. diplomat has been charged with taking the life of a young british man. we've been following this story and they left shortly after this happened. what are the charges? >> this relates to an accident
6:53 am
that happened in august. a couple hours northwest of london outside a u.s. military facility. 19-year-old harry dunn was riding a motor bike and was in an accident with an is he kulis. police say she was driving on the wrong side of the road and harry died. she left the country claiming diplomatic immunitity. harry's family has been trying to seek justice. they went to the united states. met with president trump. meanwhile the police travelled to the u.s. to interview seculis. she's being charged here with death by dangerous driving. this is the result of prosecutors considering the evidence and now we wait to see precisely what happens next. they say that extra addition
6:54 am
proceedings are under way. >> that's the question. do you have any sense of whether she will be extradited? >> there's a process that needs to be followed here. the government will decide whether or not to formally make that request which must be examined by the u.s. side. the british government said they're keen to see justice done in this case. recently the family of harry dunn met with dominic rabb. he said in the event there's a decision to charge he would like an seculis to do the right thing and come back here herself. >> phil black, we appreciate the update. this family searching for answers. next president trump wants an immediate trial in the senate as law makers head home for the
6:55 am
holidays. the stand off between mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi could delay that. we we are live ahead. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine
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click, call or visit a store today. it's the top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. we begin with impeachment. the president wants a trial in the senate to begin immediately
7:00 am
and end just as quickly. congress is responding by leaving town for the holiday break without a deal. mitch mcconnell says talks with chuck schumer are stuck. house speaker nancy pelosi is not sending over the impeachment articles to the senate unless she thinks the trial will be a fair one. let's begin on capitol hill with the latest. cnn's correspondent is with us. how long could this impasse last? >> reporter: it's uncertain. what we're hearing behind the scenes is that the house democrats are preparing for the possibility that the trial could start the week of january 6th which has been the expectation all along. we don't know if that will be the case that it will start at that time. what i'm hearing is there's prep work that will happen over the holiday break. the staff in consultation


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