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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  December 21, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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president trump is officially now on christmas vacation at his mar-a-lago resort in south florida. we now know his team is in full prep mode for the anticipated senate impeachment trial in the new year. good morning, everyone, i'm amara walker in for christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell, good to be with you. the president had a volatile week in washington. he did accept an invitation by nancy pelosi to deliver the state of the union address in february. before arriving in florida the president narrowly avoided a government shutdown by spending a $1.4 trillion spending bill.
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>> it creates a new branch of the military, the space force. >> covering this from all angles. we've got marshall cohen in our d.c. bureau and sarah westwood who's traveling with the president and joins us from west palm beach, florida. sarah, good morning to you. of course the president now starts his vacation, but the conversation still spilling out of washington, impeachment. >> reporter: that's right, victor and amara. this is going to be something the president and his staff are focusing on while he's here in west palm beach because there are a lot of unanswered questions about what the president's trial defense will look like both in who will be presenting the opening and closing arguments, who outside the white house might play a role on the president's defense team. for example, whether there is room on that team for some of the president's house conservative allies. white house officials tell cnn there are some concerns of the duration of the president's time in mar-a-lago could affect the senate trial preparations. while the president is at his
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west palm beach property, his friends, his informal advisers have an unusual amount of access to him and so there are concerns among the president's team that perhaps they could persuade the president to go against what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has convinced the president to acquiesce to and that's a shorter trial with no live witnesses. the president in private and in public had previously advocated for a theatrical trial. he doesn't just want to be acquitted, he wants to be vindicated. pat cipollone and mick mulvaney will join him for the second half of this trip to continue the senate trial preparations. yesterday on capitol hill pat cipollone did a walk-through looking for rooms perhaps to hold the trial in as well as office space for the white house officials who will be camped out for the duration of the trial. yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi extended a formal invitation for the president to deliver the state of the union address on february 4th, which
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means, victor and amara, that president trump could be delivering the state of the union address on capitol hill at the same time that he is being tried in the senate. >> sarah, thanks to the spending bill we just mentioned, there is a new branch of the military now. what do we know about this space force? >> reporter: that's right, president trump this week signing a massive defensive spending bill that authorized the creation of the space force, something that the white house is touting as a historic step. it's the first new branch of service created since 1947. take a listen to what cnn military analyst said about the future of combat in outer space. >> what they call a domain of warfare, that means an area in which we're going to be moving troops, we're going to engage the enemy in space, the chinese and the russians have developed anti-satellite capabilities. we have to watch out for what they and other rivals are going to be doing in space.
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>> reporter: air force officials say as many as 15,000 personnel from the air force could be reassigned to the space force, so this is something that president trump has loved talking about, this massive spending bill authorizing pentagon funding through the next year, created space force. >> sarah westwood for us there in west palm beach. thank you. cnn reporter marshall cohen is in washington this morning. marshall, what's the earliest date the impeachment trial could start in the senate? >> well, if everything clicks, maybe we'll start seeing a trial first full week of january, but there are a lot of things that need to happen before we see that trial. nancy pelosi and the house democrats still need to name the members of their caucus that will be the so-called managers to lead the prosecution in the senate. they have to do that and then they can officially transmit the articles of impeachment over to the senate. nancy pelosi has said she's not
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doing any of that until she gets a feel for what the rules are going to look like. you mentioned earlier, there is a bit of a dispute between mitch mcconnell, the top republican, and chuck schumer, the top democrat. democrats are pushing for some witnesses. they want to hear from key officials like john bolton who left earlier this year and mick mulvaney who is still at his post. mitch mcconnell has held firm and said we don't need to hear from anybody else. this is going to be probably a fast presentation. so they're at a bit of an impasse right now, but the next move should come from the house side probably once we're back from the christmas holiday break. >> hey, marshall, these house managers, who's at the top of the list potentially to be named by nancy pelosi? >> we've heard some names being floated around. it seems pretty clear that that group will probably be led by the same leaders during the inquiry, right? we're talking about the judiciary chairman, jerry nadler, the intel committee
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chairman, adam schiff. but speaker pelosi has said that she wants a group of managers that represent the diversity of her caucus. you know, not just folks from one side of the country or a coastal side, she wants to really get deep into her bench and represent the diverse group that she has to make the case against president trump. it will happen next year. >> all right, marshall cohen for us in washington. thank you, marshall. we are joined now by cnn legal analyst elie hoenig. good morning, good to see you. let's start with the basics. apparently there are questions over whether trump has really been impeached over a technicality. we spoke with jenna ellis, who is the senior legal advisor to the 2020 trump campaign and to the president a few hours ago and she said technically that president trump has not yet been impeached because the senate does not yet have the articles of impeachment. here she is.
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>> either there is one additional step before the senate has jurisdiction for that trial and so it is fair and accurate to say that the president has not been impeached yet, or nancy pelosi is not actually transmitting the articles and she should and she's actually obstructing the senate here. >> do you agree? >> that's a ridiculous argument on a couple of levels. first of all, it's only a matter of time before the house does formally deliver the articles over to the senate. so if it gives the republicans a talking point for a couple of weeks, it's not going to last. this whole idea comes from an article by law professor noah feldman. this is what happens when law professors get a little too clever. the constitution is here clear. the constitution gives the house the sole power to impeach and the senate to try impeachments. there's nothing about a formal transmission. this is something that is made
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up. we all saw the house of representatives. they voted, it was a majority, it was on tv, he is kbeechimpea. now it's up to the senate to try the case. >> you said according to the constitution that the senate has the sole power to try impeachments. you have the house speaker, nancy pelosi, who's holding up the articles of impeachment ostensibly because she said she wants to see what the senate rules are going to be for the trial, although we know there's a lot of concern about there being a fair trial. is there anything that explicitly says that an impeachment trial has to be impartial or fair like a criminal trial? >> no, i think it's implicit. i think you always want your trial to be as fair as possible. i think what speaker pelosi is pushing for is a trial with some substance. let's have some evidence. let's have some witnesses. i think that's a good thing to push for. that said, this idea of i'm going to hold the articles and the senate can't move until i transmit them for the same reasons i said before, i don't think that holds water either.
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i don't think the senate has to sit there and wait for some ceremonial messenger to come over and say hear ye, hear ye, here are the articles of impeachment. the constitution gives the senate full power to try all impeachments. i think the senate can and will proceed when they're ready. this is with up to mitch mcconnell. i don't understand the strategic play by nancy pelosi here, but i do understand and think she's correct to push for a trial that has some substance and some impartiality. >> i was going to ask you about what her strategy is here. it looks like a power play obviously to try and influence republican leaders in the senate to agree to allow some of the witnesses that they want to hear from. so do you see this backfiring more than anything on the democrats and nancy pelosi? >> i see it ultimately just amounting to not much because the republicans are going to do one of two things. either mitch mcconnell is going to say you don't want to deliver your articles, fine, keep them. you can have them forever. and then we can say that the system was short circuited and that's not what the constitution
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expects. the constitution says impeach, then try. or mcconnell can just say, look, we don't need to wait for you. we don't need your permission. the constitution gives us sole power to trial. trial starts x date. you can deliver them or not but we're going to start it and good luck getting us to court and getting us to stop. the court will never do that. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, amara. new calls for president trump to fire his top advisor stephen miller after leaked emails purportedly show that he promoted stories from white nationalist groups. plus u.s. steel is closing one of their mills and laying off hundreds of workers. we'll tell you where and we'll talk to a congresswoman, congresswoman hailey stevens, about it next. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush.
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easy to wear, with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy. just steel is closing a mill. it's called the great lakes works. it's near detroit, laying off 1,500 workers. >> we just had the kids' christmas party this last saturday and then you the the news that the plant is shutting down. it doesn't make for a merry christmas for a lot of workers. >> you'll remember that company along with the entire american steel industry was supposed to have benefitted from a 25% tariff on steel imports. those were put into place by the trump administration last year. >> but the rise in steel prices was short-lived, bringing problems to the industry once again. joining us now is congresswoman hailey stevens. she is a democrat from michigan. congresswoman, thank you for joining us this morning. first off i just want to get
7:15 am
your reaction to this steel mill closing, laying off 1,500 workers. do you see this as a sign that the u.s. trade policy just wasn't working? >> well, it's certainly very unfortunate for the 1,500 workers. that's where my focus is going to be, making sure that that technical talent, that manufacturing talent, that expertise lands in the right next job, particularly here in michigan. that region has also been long challenged with some environmental considerations. but what we're seeing as this relates to trade is that go it alone isolationist trade policies don't work. we need to be able to compete in global market places. we need to join forces with our allies and advocating every step of the way for our best in class product. that begins with steel. made and refurbished by our best in class workforce. there's a great history, a great
7:16 am
legacy also in that region, amara, and we're focused on the people. we're focused on what's next for them. that notification right before the christmas holiday about those layoffs that are going to come in april of this year, that's just absolutely devastating and it's not acceptable. i'm here every single day advocating on behalf of the people of michigan and our incredible manufacturing economy. >> so let's look ahead because you supported this new nafta, usmca, and i took this from your website. manufacturers in my district are looking for certainty and that's what this trade deal will bring along with jobs and economic growth. i mean is that your promise? and how long? we may revisit this conversation in the future just like we're revisiting the promise of growth for the steel industry based on those tariffs. what will it bring and when? >> well, in just a few short weeks we're going to be in a whole new decade, and we need to think about how we compete in global marketplaces,
7:17 am
particularly as a north american continent. i represent incredible automotive suppliers. i spent once a week going and visiting with workers, with companies, with training centers, and this has been the number one thing i have heard. give us certainty. give us certain in our marketplace so we can invest in our workforce and invest in our plants so that we can compete. what was so beautiful about this trade deal is it was bipartisan. we needed to make improvements. we needed to strengthen the labor enforcements in particular. i'm really proud to have played a role on behalf of michigan to get that achieves. you've seen a lot of people joining with this deal and getting it done. it was bipartisan action. >> bipartisan, yes, but you said that it will bring jobs and economic growth. we heard the same thing from the administration to support the tariffs that did not do that, at least in this case of the u.s. steel mill. what are you promising? can you put some meat on that
7:18 am
bone? >> well, unlike the go it alone trade war on tariffs, we're doing this in partnership with other countries. we're doing this in partnership with industry and workers. unions have joined forces with us. the afl-cio has endorsed this deal. the tariffs was largely go it alone. that was not something we were doing with other countries. i have had firsthand conversations with companies in michigan, for instance, who said, hey, if you give us this trade deal, we're going to know we should invest. that means jobs. we certainly don't want to oversell this. there will be a lot in terms of the implementation. i plan to be playing a role hand in hand to make sure we're getting the best results and that's the difference. >> i do want to point out that you represent a district in michigan that is in suburban detroit that voted for trump in 2016. you now have the white house calling you out, attacking you for supporting the impeachment of president trump along with 30 some other moderate democrats in
7:19 am
similar districts. there is this concerted effort spearheaded by conservative groups as well as at the white house level basically trying to paint these moderate democrats, including yourself, as being a part of this witch hunt. my question to you is, first off, how vulnerable do you feel, especially with 2020 around the corner, and what has the reaction been from your constituents? >> well, let's be clear, this wasn't a witch hunt, this was a matter of upholding our constitution. and when i took that oath on january 3rd as a new member of congress, amara, i pledged my allegiance and my oath to this country and the people of this country. i think there's one thing that's clear, we don't need to be divided on the rule of law. the facts were very clear. this is a solemn moment in this country. it certainly felt like that on that day. but we need to do what's right. my door is open to all my constituents. i'm listening and certainly
7:20 am
prepared to continue to deliver on the things like the prescription drug bill that we got done, the manufacturing leadership act that i got passed. >> i've got one more follow-up and we're running out of time. do you support the speaker's apparent strategy here to hold the articles of impeachment until she can get as senator van hollen out of maryland said some assurances from the senate leader, the majority leader? >> i think -- victor, i think everyone knows we want to have a fair trial. everyone wants a fair trial. the president even said that. but let's also be clear, it's december 21st. congress is on recess. session starts again at the beginning of january. i'm fully convinced that this will be negotiated by then and the right and fair trial will be put into place in the senate. >> but should she hold these until she gets some assurances? >> i think that by navigate a lot of technicalities between the house and the senate going forward and we certainly don't
7:21 am
want to do so at the expense of fairness. >> i'm looking for a yes or a no. >> i think what we do going forward here -- we want fairness, i'll say that, we want fairness here. >> congressman haley stevens, thanks for being with us. >> thanks. evangelical leaders are jumping to president trump's defense, despite a call from a leading christian magazine for his removal from office. can anything shake the president's seemingly rock-solid support from white evangelicals? ♪upbeat music no cover-up spray here. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors in a flowery fog. but febreze air effects eliminates odors. with a 100% natural propellent. it leaves behind a pleasant scent you'll love. [deep inhale] freshen up. don't cover up. febreze. (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums
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some evangelical leaders are coming to president trump's defense after a christian magazine called for him to be removed from office. "the new york times" says those leaders are closing ranks after the scathing editorial in "christianity today." president trump himself has slammed the piece and his re-election campaign announced last night that he is going to launch an evangelicals for trump coalition. alanna shore joins me now and has been following this story.
7:26 am
first off just talk about whether or not this is significant, hearing from a prominent evangelical magazine calling for trump to be removed. yes, i understand the readers represent a small fraction of the evangelical base, but it does show that some conservative christians are getting quite uncomfortable with the president's behavior. >> absolutely. look, this magazine has a circulation of about 130,000, print circulation of 90, but its reach online digitally this week has been huge. that is because, you know, a lot of press coverage of this has drawn christian readers to this sentiment from a prominent christian magazine founded by the late reverend billy graham, who was no conservative, saying that there's a moral case to remove the president. so in that sense it's really significant. but in another sense it's not terribly significant because this really represents the elite of the evangelical community. and what the president has always appealed to as the rank and file, the populist sentiment
7:27 am
among evangelical christians remains incredibly strong for him. >> i want to talk to you about that. you can judge from franklin graham's tweet who -- he said i haven't shared who billy graham voted for in 2016 but because of the article i felt it necessary to share now. my father knew donald trump, believed in him and voted for him. he believed donald j. trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation. also i want to point to a recent poll that "the new york times" pointed to as well that showed 99%, that's nearly every sing 'em person we're talking about from the republican white evangelical protestants saying they opposed trump's impeachment. so it's fair to say evangelicals universally embrace trump. they're not wavers in their
7:28 am
support for him. >> reporter: there are nonwhite evangelicals, particularly latino evangelicals who have real concerns about the president's immigration policy. but it's that white conservative evangelical population that is stalwart behind this president according to the a.p.'s polling as well. what's really at stake is what happens if 8 in 10 becomes 6.5 or 7 in 10. that's a small slip but could make all the difference for trump especially in swimming states. that's why you saw leaders like franklin graham rallying to his side. they can't afford for that support to slip too much. >> i know this has been asked many times but i'm trying to understand the support from evangelicals whose values don't seem to align with president trump. you know, he's not a regular church goer, he's been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, he's defended white nationalists, yet he's got the support of christian conservatives.
7:29 am
>> well, yeah. this is a common question that any religion and politics reporter tends to get. if you talk to evangelical christians about this, they often say, look, they're seen in everyone, so trump doesn't have to be a sunday schoolteacher model to them. what matters is trump has delivered on their priorities. he's staunchly aen lly anti-abo and has appointed conservative judges. they said, look, character flaws are character flaws. we love what he's done for us on our agenda. >> thanks for joining us. congress is on break so of course there's no advancement on the articles of impeachment at the capitol right now, but nancy pelosi, house speaker, is also holding on to them until she hears a little more from the senate. we'll talk about the strategy with cnn political commentators alice stewart and maria cardona. they're with us next.
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house speaker nancy pelosi is holding on to the articles of impeachment. this is a surprising move for some that's keeping republican senators and the white house a bit on their toes. but what role does pelosi have when it comes to a senate trial? let's talk now with cnn political commentators, republican strategist alice stewart and democratic strategist maria cardona. ladies, welcome back. >> good morning, victor. >> good morning. >> maria, let me start with you on this and i want to isolate the goals, right, of what the speaker is trying to do from how she's doing it. >> sure. >> senator chris van hollen makes it plain what's happening here. >> what speaker pelosi is saying is that she won't transfer the articles of impeachment until we get assurances that there will be a fair trial. >> now, he pushed back when
7:35 am
brooke suggested or invoked holding the articles hostage. but isn't that what she's doing here? and what role does the constitution give the speaker in deciding what the trial will be? >> i don't think that the constitution says one way or the oth other. i think what she's doing is underscoring for the american people which i think is really important that after the house of representatives has done their job and has impeached this president, he has been impeached, i want to repeat that, he has been impeached, that now it should go over to the senate where the senators are supposed to take an oath to be impartial jurors and to look at the evidence objectively. >> understood. but does she need to hold the articles hostage to do that? >> what the leader of the senate has said is that he is not going to be an impartial juror. i think what she's doing is to try to get some assurances for
7:36 am
the american people that their government -- >> what isn't the constitution gives her that purview? >> hang on, victor, that their government is actually going to go through with their obligation. the constitution doesn't give her that purview, but the constitution does give her the purview of handing over the articles of impeachment when she wants to. look, she's not saying she's not going to do it. we're going into the holidays. i think people need to take a step back here. come january, i guarantee you that she will give over the articles of impeachment. and you know what else is rich, victor? that somebody like mitch mcconnell is complaining about timing in terms of holding something hostage. can we all remember merrick garland? >> i knew you were going to go there. >> alice, go ahead. >> i think what is abundantly clear is that nancy pelosi and democrats in the house don't have the full confidence in what they have in terms of information to send it on to the senate. that's why she is taking her time with this. it's not constitutionally mandated how she does it, but
7:37 am
the sheer optics of them rushing this through the house and not rushing it to the senate is quite obvious that they're not confident in the information they have. i hate to break it to nancy pelosi, she is speaker of the house, she's certainly not the senate majority leader. she cannot have it both ways. this is now in mitch mcconnell's hands when he gets it and it's up to him to decide how and in which manner they carry out the trial in the senate. i thought it was very telling, victor, in your interview with congresswoman shore, you give her many opportunities on whether nancy pelosi should send it over to the senate. she wouldn't answer the question. she wants a fair process. that's what republicans wanted in the house and didn't get it. >> oh, please. republicans have never wanted a fair process. >> alice, let me stay with you. former republican senator jeff flake has this op-ed in "the washington post." he writes in part, please don't accept an alternate reality that
7:38 am
would have us believe in things that obviously are not true. in the service of exkufb behavior that we never would have encouraged and a theory of executive power that we always have found abhorrent. let me stay with you, alice. you each have opinion pieces out this weekend talking about what this impeachment means for the future of the parties. but do you expect, alice, that there will be some consequence that republicans will have to pay as the former senator here suggests for not even acknowledging that what the president did was wrong? impeachable or not, that it was not wrong? >> the reason that we have members of the gop and the house and the senate so in line with this president is because there is no underlying crime and that is quite obvious. i personally am one of those that believe there were some inappropriate things said on the call, but it has not risen to the level of impeachment. it did not get proven in the house in my mind and in
7:39 am
republicans' minds. that is exactly why we are standing firmly behind this president. and look, the only consequence that will come of this is democrats for focusing so much time and attention on an effort that the american people are split 50-50 on. and look, what this is going to do, this will embolden trump's base and embolden a lot of independents who are frustrated with this process. they will support this president. and if there are any consequences, victor, if there needs to be any, then voters will vote him out of office next year but i don't see that happening. >> maria. >> i think that's exactly what's going to happen and i also don't think history will be kind, as i said in my piece in the hill this past week to republicans or to this president. look, even my friend alice just now could not defend the president. they cannot defend this president. what they try to do is defy the facts and that's exacted lexact jeff flake was talking about. or they deflect from them by spewing other fabrications and lies and conspiracy theories tha
7:40 am
been debunked. the american people are not stupid. trump and the republicans are treating the american people as if they were stupid. that's why impeachment numbers are as high as they have ever been for any other president that has been impeached. now this president has been impeached. he's the third president who has that dubious honor. like it or not, he's going to go down in history as such and history will not be kind to the republicans who have looked the other way and let him act criminally, unethically and corruptly. >> two great pieces, alice stewart in the gazette and maria cardona in the hill. go read them. thank you, ladies. >> thanks, victor. comedian eddie murphy is making a returning to "saturday night live" this weekend. it is the actor's first time on the show in 35 years. what we can expect from the show veteran when we come back. can you heal dry skin in a day? aveeno® with prebiotic triple oat complex balances skin's microbiome. so skin looks like this and you feel like this.
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you know another reason why mr. robinson likes christmas, boys and girls, is because we've so much in common with santa claus. we both like to sneak into your house late at night. only mr. santa claus likes to
7:45 am
leave things. mr. robinson prefers to take a few things every now and then. let's see what i have for christmas today. oh, look, a little doll baby. isn't this so cute, boys and girls? they're not worth a lot of money now, but through the miracle of modern science, cabbage patch dolls. >> watching this, you remember buckwheat sings and gumby and the james brown sketch. that was eddie murphy obviously on "saturday night live." after a 35-year hiatus he is making a return to the show this weekend. >> murphy was a cast member on the sketch comedy show from 1980 to 1984. although he is excited to be back, he says he is feeling the pressure. here with us to discuss is host of the dean obedallah show.
7:46 am
so many people are excited about eddie murphy but what took so long, it's been 35 years? >> i worked from snl from 1999 to 2006, 2007 and it would often come up, where's eddie murphy? i worked at the 25th anniversary where he did not show up yet. there was scuttlebutt that he was upset with the show, with david spade telling a joke about him and he felt lauren michaels approved that joke. it turns out that is true. they all went public with it. loren michaels said that's one of his biggest mistakes, letting that joke go forward. that's all water under the bridge. if you like comedy, this is exciting, eddie murphy coming back to snl after 35 years to host. >> i really can't get enough of watching the old eddie murphy snl clips, so let's watch another one. >> sure. ♪ i am dark and you are light
7:47 am
♪ you are blind as a bat and i have sight ♪ ♪ side by side you are my amigo negro, let's not fight ♪ ♪ heavenly and ivory living in perfect harmony ♪ ♪ we're talking salt and pepper ♪ >> that's supposed to be stevie wonder and frank sinatra. he brought a racial consciousness to the show. i'd expect in this climate that we can expect something like that tonight. >> you hope so. to be honest, and if people watch that sketch, it tackles race. also eddie murphy doing an impression of stevie wonder, the audience bursts into applause organically it was so good. there was things that he did about race that was way ahead of his time. he did a sketch where he went in white face, played mr. white and
7:48 am
was exposing comedically what is white privilege. not a term we talked about then, knotted even used in the sketch but now you would get it in a second. even in mr. robinson's neighborhood, he talked about white flight using comedy. maybe tonight, maybe tom hanks, a friend of the show, comes back at mister rogers and mr. robinson in the neighborhood. i have no insight but i hope they take on race tonight. we need it more than ever and the sketches about race hold up the test of time since the '80s to today. >> i know you've been talking to your sources over at snl, and rightfully so. eddie murphy has to be nervous, at least feeling the pressure. all ten of his kids are going to be there. after 35 years this is going to be a quite a homecoming. what will we see do you think? a revival of the skits or characters? >> eddie murphy has said publicly he wants to bring some of them back. i can tell you when big-time cast members from the earlier
7:49 am
years came back, there's a great bit of excitement. you always wanting to bring ba one or two characters that everybody knows. i wouldn't be surprised but eddie murphy said he wants to bring back mr. robinson's neighborhood, you might see buck wheat or gumby, so that's part of the excitement. will joe piscopo be there? will tom hanks be there? >> i know what you want to see. >> buckwheat sings. when he does "bette davis eyes" i still crack up all these years later. dean, thank you so much. >> thanks. next, big question in massachusetts. toys missing from a police charity drive. officers catch the insider in the act. can you heal dry skin in a day? aveeno® with prebiotic triple oat complex balances skin's microbiome. so skin looks like this and you feel like this.
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he's going to hit us next! >> yikes! two carnival cruise ships colliding friday morning while at port in cozumel, mexico. the carnival glory was pulling into port when it hit the carnival legend, which was already docked. the company says six guests had minor injuries. >> so the captain of the glory said there's now a formal investigation, but they think the crash was caused by spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents. the ship is now on its way back to its home port in new orleans. two u.s. service academies had determined that some cadets and midshipmen were not making
7:54 am
hand gestures at last weekend's army/navy game. the naval academy and west point launched internal investigations after the students were caught on camera. the schools now say the students were playing the circle game that involves forming the ok symbol and punching someone if they are caught punching at it. the symbol has also been used to symbolize white power. it is a huge weekend of nfl games with plenty on the line for the playoffs. >> carolyn manno is in new york this morning. good morning. >> good morning, victor and amara. i hope you're ready for football. you could say the cowboys and the eagles have the most to play for. both teams are 7-7. philly needs to beat dallas if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. the cowboys won the first matchup so hold the tie-breaker. pressure not anything new to dallas this season, especially for their head coach, jason garrett, whose job security is very much in jeopardy after the season. tomorrow's winner is in line to host a playoff game. bills and patriots play just a
7:55 am
couple of hours from now, one of three saturday nfl games for you. both teams already in. buffalo still has a chance to win the afc east, but they have to beat new england to do it, and that is no easy task. the patriots looking to secure their 11th straight division title today. tom brady 31-3 in his career against buffalo. he's never lost to the bills at home either, but this one could be tight. the pats just 3-3 in their last six games so definitely not a gimme. college football bowl season off and running. kent state won their first bowl game in program history beating utah state in the tropical smoothie cafe frisco bowl. you have to celebrate by giving the coach a tropical smoothie bath. shawn lewis covered in sticky green liquid. i'm sure he didn't mind too much. a big win for the school and their program's history. >> which bowl was this again? the tropical smoothie --
7:56 am
>> don't make me say it again. frisco something? back to you. >> thank you, carolyn. well, a surprise culprit was caught on camera stealing donated toys from inside a police station. >> officers with the franklin police department had worked diligently to collect toys but noticed some of the toys were disappearing. it turns out the thief was ben franklin, the department's therapy dog. and now its most wanted toy thief has been named. officers taped ben leading them on this slow speed chase to the toy stash. his handlers say he's normally a very good boy so he won't face any charges. >> that's our time. thanks for watching. >> fredricka whitfield is up next. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. this morning president trump is at his mar-a-lago resort in florida preparing for his upcoming impeachment trial in the u.s. senate. this just two days after his impeachment in the house. he accepted an invitation by speaker nancy pelosi to give his annual state of the union address on february 4th, a speech which could be overshadowed by his upcoming trial. the president wants an immediate trial in the u.s. senate, but the timing is up in the air right now as democratic and republican leaders clash over the ru


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