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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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ahead this hour, he may be on vacation, but that's not stopping donald trump from slamming the impeachment inquiry. this time he says it's unconstitutional. we'll talk about that. also, catastrophic conditions as crews battle deadly wildfires across australia. there will be 100 burning. we'll tell you what the prime minister is saying about the country's response after he was criticized from being on holiday inn hawaii. and heavy rains and floods have been devastating for the people in east africa. but for the animals, it is a
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different story. a journey through one of kenya's national parks coming up here this hour. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm natalie allen. cnn "newsroom" starts right now. 5:01 in the morning here in atlanta. we appreciate you joining us. our top story, now that u.s. president donald trump has been impeached, he is falsely telling his supporters that democrats violated the u.s. constitution during that process. of course that's not true. and he offered no explanation. for more on what he's been saying, here is cnn's kristen holmes. >> reporter: well, in there was any doubt that president trump had impeachment on his mind, there is no longer.
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when he was speaking to this turning point student action summit, he launched almost immediately into impeachment. he slammed democrats. he slammed the process. at one point he even brought up dan crenshaw who voted no on the articles of impeachment. and he put on a little bit of a show. crenshaw handing over the ticket that he used to vote against the articles of impeachment. i want to note one thing president trump said. take a look at this. >> crazy nancy. she's crazy. no, no. so now she says she has no case. she has no case. she has no case. so let's not submit it. that's good, right? that's good. but you know what, so unfair. it's so unfair. she has no case. did they look back? they are violating the constitution. totally. they are violating the constitution. >> now i want to know that is not true. would you know she is holding onto the articles of impeachment. this is not about the fact that
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she doesn't believe there is a case. it is over a stalemate over what the senate trial will look like. nancy pelosi and democrats want a longer trial. they want to bring about white house aides. john bolton, mick mulvaney that the administration blocked from coming forward in the first place. mitch mcconnell, not so much. they believe a shorter trial is better. they want it done and over with. joining us is scott lucas where he teaches at the university of birmingham. scott, good morning to you. >> happy holidays to you, natalie. >> and to you as well. >> we heard mr. trump calling the impeachment unconstitutional, not true. again and again, when attacked, he says untruths. it is well documented. what do you make of this? >> well, natalie, you're right.
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you and i can talk about this every week. >> and we do. >> there have been almost 100 untruths in the last two weeks. you call out the lies when they are lies. that was a lie about the impeachment process. and you get to the core, get to the facts. we've got two things happening here. one is we've got an impeachment and a trial, which has not determined that donald trump is guilty but is based on hard evidence, documents on 17 former current and former u.s. officials. it goes before the senate possibly as early as january. but we have the second side of this, the trump show. now, the trump show doesn't care about the evidence. he can't confront the evidence. what does it do? it creates the circus, the spectacle and counts on enough people in the media focusing on the spectacle to get away from what is happening with the
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facts. and if he is the ring master, he has an able assistant of mitch mcconnell. not like crenshaw waving the ticket. b at the end of the day you talk about the trial or talk about what trump said about the trial? >> right. well, i also want to talk about when he said it was unconstitutional. the audience explodes in wild applause. it seems like no matter how many times we say this is untrue and this is untrue, they are hard to keep up with because there are so many. >> you have to respect what the folks do.
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you can't simply dismiss what they would say. i would say more than 99% of america was not at that rally. it's our responsibility when we're discussing not to simply take that small group that was donald trump's rally and say that must be a sign that all of america is going along with the show. the whole trump strategy right now is to actually tell the media there will be a backlash. people will love me. people will love the fact that i'm the greatest president. they will see the democrats. if they repeat the line maybe more folks think it is true. the rally occurred. but my focus today when i report, when i write, is going to be what is the evidence regarding donald trump, ukraine, joe biden, and the demand for the investigations. and what happens next in the consideration of that evidence. >> yeah. let's talk about what happens next. it will be a strange holiday inn washington as the senate trial parameters are decided or not
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decided. who do i believe, nancy pelosi or mitch mcconnell, who claimed he will not be impartial in a trial but will work with the democrats. >> the reason why nancy pelosi did not submit the articles of impeachment to the senate yet for a trial is because mitch mcconnell has refused, refused witnesses who have first-hand knowledge of the trump-ukraine affair, and it may include mike pompeo, john bolton, mick mulvaney. those witnesses, however, have been blocked by the white house from testifying for months. they have been told not to appear before the hearings. president trump said you defy subpoenas, you do not accept congress's authority, which is why mitch mcconnell is
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supporting one of the charges against the president over impeachment, obstruction of congress. well, we appreciate your insights, scott. we will be talking with you again likely as this presses on. thank you. >> thank you, natalie. the ongoing impeachment process isn't the only thing hanging over the u.s. president of course. also of concern the potential threat from north korea as peace talks stall yet again. new satellite images seem to point to growing capabilities in their long-range missile program. they show new work and buildings at a military facility linked with producing intercontinental ballistic missile launchers. david culver is live from hong kong. he is following the story. what more do we know about this site and what it could be doing? >> reporter: well, natalie, these are images showing construction going on there. it is construction of an automotive plant. you may say, okay, a car
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factory. why do we care about that? according to analysts, this is a place where north korean military can modify some of the launchers they import from china. it is also a play where they can use domestic vehicles and retrofit them to support under intercontinental ballistic missile program. the last two weeks we know, according to the north themselves. they put this out in statements. they have been conducting significant tests at the satellite launch station. they did not give details what they were had he testing. it is likely they were going forward with rocket engine testing. that, again, plays into this icbm concern that they can find something to power the long-range missiles, natalie. >> yeah. we know kim jong-un has been promising a christmas present for the u.s. is there still a sense there could be a provocative act like a missile launch? >> let's put it this way. just a few hours ago, state media in north korea put out a release that kim jong-un met
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with top officials and had a conversation about organizational measures and as well as to bolster their armed forces. it seems, though, there could be some provocation going forward as this rhetoric intensified between the u.s. and north korea. the question is, what will that be? will it be a test launch of an icbm, or will it go further and perhaps be nuclear? natalie? >> all right. a story to watch for sure. thank you, david. the case of the u.s. diplomat's wife killing a british teenager in a motor crash has reached the highest levels of the u.s. and uk governments. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo and british foreign secretary dominic rob discussed the matter by phone saturday. the official added nothing new came out of that conversation. harry dunn died in august when his motorcycle was struck by a
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car going the wrong direction. she is now charged with death by dangerous driving. her attorney says she is contrite about what happened but will not return to the uk voluntarily. mark bolton is covering the story for us in london. certainly the family of harry has been distraught and wanting justice. what's the latest? >> reporter: the legal team said this is a terrible but unintentional accident. but as you say, they refuse to accept that she should voluntarily return to the united kingdom to face what is now criminal proceedings. this death by dangerous driving charge carries a potential jail sentence of 14 years. and of course with that comes the extradition process which is now under way. that is a three-stage process. two parts judicial, one is more political.
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they will see if it's fit to be submitted to the home office, a government department. if it happens, it is their decision if they make a formal application for sacoolas to be moved from the u.s. to the uk to face charges. it goes to the state department. she is meeting with the family of 19-year-old harry dunn. sacoolas fled the country claiming diplomatic immunity because he was here working at a base in north hamptonshire. the criminal charge is just an extent for them. his mother understandably was in tears as were the families when they got the news yesterday. they said this marks a step forward and is for them significant in following through the promise they made to harry
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after his death that they would seek tore justice to be done. battelle said she wants justice as has boris johnson who said he will press the u.s. for extradition to take place. he said he has spoken to president trump about this. trump expressed his sympathy. but johnson also said he's aware that the u.s. is very are reluctant to have its citizens tried abroad here under uk jurisdiction. the transition period will expire at the end of 2020. uk trying to find a bilateral agreement with the european union, which is leaving. it wants a free trade agreement with the united states as well. we know in the conversation that you alluded to that mike pompeo and dominic rob did speak about a free trade agreement that will
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undoubtedly have a bearing with the home office to push for this extradition hearing. >> it's a complicated case, is it not? mark bolton, thank you for bringing us the latest. more now on a story we're following out of chicago. we heard about the last hour. police say now at least 11 people have been shot at a home there. it happened after midnight local time. authorities say it may have happened during a house party. victims have been transported to hospitals. officials have not released details on their conditions. we'll continue to bring you more on this shooting as we get more information. the death toll is rising in india. the country is in the grip of some of its most turbulent protests in four decades. tell you more about that.
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security crackdown. then police moved in. china has repeatedly denied accusations that they have rounded up thousands of aoegers into what are essentially prison camps. they call it vocational centers with focus deradicalization and counterterrorism. a controversial citizenship law grows more deadly. 22 people have been killed across the sun since demonstrations erupted last week. a law was fast tracked citizenship for non-muslim religious minorities from pakistan, bangladesh and afghanistan who arrived in india before 2015. authorities temporarily shut down the internet and roads were barricaded to curb demonstrations. in australia, firefighters
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continue to work furiously to contain massive bushfires as the death toll continues to rise. since september, nine people have been killed as a heat wave continues to amplify fires. simon cullen has more on what's going on. >> reporter: the devastation is continuing with confirmation that the death toll has risen to nine, including the two firefighters who died last week while battling the blazes. authorities say about 800 homes have now been destroyed. queensland and new south wales have been most affected by this fire crisis. 3 million hectares of land has been burned out. heat waves coming across the
2:20 am
country and it's only getting worse. as it continues to evolve, mounting criticism that the australian government is not doing enough to support the thousands of volunteer firefighters who have been battling fires several months. that criticism only increased last week when it was revealed the australian prime minister scott morrison was on a family vacation in hawaii. he brought forward his return date and arrived back in australia saturday night and had this to say sunday morning. >> i obviously returned from leave. i know that has caused great anxiety in australia. jeannie and i acknowledge that. you had the benefit of behind set we would have made different decisions. i'm sure australians are fair minded and understand that when you make a promise to your kids you try to keep it. as prime minister, you have other spaopblresponsibilities. and i accept that. and i accept the criticism.
2:21 am
and that is why jeannie and i determined that i should return. >> he is facing criticism that the government is not doing enough to combat climate change. he said the policy is working and doesn't need to be changed. as conditions continue to worsen, firefighters from the usa helped to arrive to bring the fires under control. it is only going to be temporary. more hot weather is expected. authorities say no significant rain is forecast until at least the end of january. the hot, dry weather is likely to continue and that means the bushfire crisis still has a while to go. ivan cabrera following the story for us in the studio. they have had 100 fires. what was the high temps they hit, 115? >> they have never seen that before in december. by the way, today is the first
2:22 am
day of summer in australia. >> a long way to go. . >> and first day of winter here. look at the topography and the terrain. this is even more difficult to fight. smoke is overwhelming. a lot of folks getting sick of 100 plus fires, 50 of which are out of control. all the snow is blowing out to the north. you saw simon's hair moving there. that is a southerly wind. for this part of the world, it means cooler temperatures. we have cooled the temperatures off. the winds have kicked up once again. they have had to adjust from winds going to east and now coming basically from the south.
2:23 am
a few showers are in the forecast. that is about it. nothing widespread or steady that would make a big difference here. winter is under way. that means rain across the west coast. this pineapple express will shift it a little bit here. we call it that when we have a plume of moisture from hawaii. incredible amounts of rain. in the corners of the u.s., and here in the southeast, this big area of low pressure. the gulf strengthening. 2 to 4 to 3, 7 inches across south carolina. but that is combined with wind as well. 30, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. significant issues with flooding. as some areas could top up over half a foot of rainfall here by the time we get into monday. finally, things quieting down on tuesday, christmas eve, drying
2:24 am
out for christmas day. >> oh, that's perfect. >> just in time. when everybody is done shopping. >> ivan, thanks. >> you bet. well, east africa has had a turbulent year of dangerous wet weather. we are talking about all the dry weather. but what was a disaster for humans due to that was quite the opposite for animals. we show you how animals at a national park in kenya are thriving. >> reporter: for months now, east africa has had heavy rainfall. hundreds died across the region in landslides and flash floods. but what did the heavy rains do to the animals? this park, as we are told by the rangers, heavy rains fell here too sending water down from the mountains. this park is looked after by the kenyan wildlife services. rains have affected this area
2:25 am
too. the national park up near the border with tanzania. these rains have been a huge blessing. you can see the animals grazing. the flamingos are back. and they are coexisting with the animals. fresh foraging for all the beasts here. were the animals adversely affected by this? >> i have seen a lot of elephants. the hippos. >> when the east african rains first cascade down the mountains in mount kilamanjaro, rumors are that animals are being swept away. but they are very instinctive creatures, these beasts. they know when to move away from
2:26 am
earthquakes, and even flash floods. it is lush with green vegetation just before christmas. it is a wonderful sight. >> in this age of climate change debates, the rains are seen as another standoff between people and nature. but here a delicate balance between man and beast is a beautiful sight for now. . >> we will take that. next here, while the timing is not clear, the impeachment proceedings against donald trump will head next to the senate. we'll tell you what to expect as this process goes forward. plus, the u.s. lawmaker that's being accused of domestic terrorism. how he is using the trump impeachment as a defense. that's coming up as well. please stay with us. much more of cnn "newsroom" ahead.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn "newsroom". we appreciate it. i'm natalie allen. here are the headlines. satellite images obtained by cnn show fresh work at a north korean military site linked with the production of long-range missile launchers. the apparent expansion comes amid threats of pyongyang sending the u.s. a christmas gift. that's their words. senior u.s. military commanders have said that the u.s. is ready for whatever north korea might do. afghanistan's incumbent president is projected to win
2:31 am
another term. according to reuters news service, preliminary results from the independent election commission show he got just over half the votes in the election in september. this comes as a senior official tells cnn the trump administration is preparing to announce a reduction of u.s. troops in afghanistan amid a push to renew peace talks with the taliban. president trump claimed democrats violated the constitution during his impeachment. he told a group of young conservatives that the matter has not been september to the u.s. senate because house speaker nancy pelosi has no case. in reality, pelosi has delayed forwarding the document until the senate sets rules for mr. trump's trial. when the house speaker finally does deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate, the next phase of the process will be triggered. our tom foreman has a look at what a senate trial may look like.
2:32 am
>> reporter: when and if the impeachment of donald trump moves from the u.s. house of representatives over to the senate, much of the free-wheeling drama could be replaced by a much more stayed process. here's the outline for the trial. impeachment managers from the house will present their case. arguing the president did indeed abuse his power and obstruct congress. the president's team will refute those charges and the chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, will sit up front presiding over it all. when will it happen? it was expected to happen in early january, noon each day. that is not all clear with all the maneuvering going on. it could be later. could not happen at all. we'll just have to find out. all the senators, republicans and democrats alike, they have to take an oath of impartiality. that could be awkward. top republicans already said the president is innocent. they have no intention of being impartial. will there be witnesses?
2:33 am
the democrats have asked for them. mitch mcconnell said that will not happen because they can only be summoned by majority vote. he will rule on evidence and the senators will want to ask questions, they will have to submit them in writing. he will be overruled on pretty much anything by a majority vote. what will we see? no shots of who is listening or not listening but cameras will show who is talking. are rules the rules? not really because they can change them. how do we get a verdict? each senator must stand and cast his or her vote. if that happens, remember the number 20. even if all the democrats and the two independents stand together, that's how many republicans. they still have to have across the aisle and join them. if they want to reach this two-thirds vote that you would need to convict and remove
2:34 am
donald trump from office. bear in mind, even here some people could dodge accountability in the end by simply voting present. many americans are keeping a close tab on the impeachment proceedings especially in battle ground states like michigan. our jason carroll traveled there to get the pulse of local democrats. >> reporter: democrats say the impeachment was long overdue. they say looking ahead they have a lot of concern for their party and the country. as impeachment proceedings winded down, members of the greater royal oak democratic club gathered to mark what they called a somber day in u.s. history. >> it's very disheartening to me to see people who used to call themselves republicans who are simply standing up to support donald trump. >> reporter: keeping tabs on the impeachment proceeding was
2:35 am
especially important to lauren. >> i think it's really a fantastic opportunity to see democracy in action. >> reporter: she teaches government to high school students. has there been any particular moment that stood out to you? >> i think i'm surprised in how forward people are being in their minds already being made up. >> is that surprising to you? . >> yeah. i would expect a little bit more openness. >> no one in this group says they expected republican leaders to support impeaching the president. but paul curtis, who has now watched two presidents be impeached said he was still surprised by the behavior of some republican members of congress. >> the republican party members have spent the day making a show of it. so far as to call the president of the united states equal to jesus christ. and the democrats in congress
2:36 am
like upon khpontius pilate. >> these friends were already feeling the weight of the day. >> current procedures that were put into practice by founders are playing out in realtime. and i guess it is a bit more of a somber day. but it is a day to learn and be educated. >> who would have thought in our lifetime that we would witness another impeachment debate. i'm holding my son and thinking to myself will we ever experience this again in his lifetime. i hope not. >> processing it together, something that's nice about the truth and being able to find the spaces to meet up, gather, and discuss.
2:37 am
. >> impeach? >> no! >> reporter: the progressive enclave of ferndayle outside detroit, the political reality is michigan is a swing state. the question on their minds, will democrats pay a price at the ballot box as a result of impeachment? >> i'm terrified they will pay a price. but at the same time they will be able to live with themselves. >> i think the democrats are doing the right thing. and whatever the political cost. >> it is sad and it's good, too. it shows -- good how? >> that the constitution works. >> the comments about the late john dingell. paula called it uncalled for heartless cruel and unnecessary. and jeffrey said they were inappropriate and immature and that the president should apologize. jason carroll, cnn, detroit.
2:38 am
a washington state lawmakers is refusing to step down despite being accused of taking part in domestic terrorism. now republican matt shea is using president trump's impeachment to defend himself following a months-long investigation. >> thank you, madam speaker. this seeks to put this to a vote of the people >> reporter: in a stunning finding this washington state republican lawmaker is facing domestic terrorism against the country he swore to serve, according to an investigation commission by the washington state legislature. >> article one is adopted. >> reporter: and the state rep is using president trump's impeachment as part of his defense. the state has now forwarded the reporting and statehouse matt shea to the u.s. department. participated in an act of
2:39 am
domestic terrorism against the united states. engaged in and supported the training of youth and young adults to fight a holy war. and the killing of all males who do not agree. this video of shea a couple years ago was posted on his facebook page. >> team rugged is basically a school of learning for young men to give them all the foundational learning and skills that they need to be effective in christian warfare. >> the group of young men seen in the clip explained how they were training with guns but did not say exactly what they meant by christian warfare. the investigation also cited engage thes with the bundy family. anti-government activists over the takeover of federal lands. in 2014, in bunkerville, nevada. in 2015 in priest river, idaho. and burns oregon in 2016.
2:40 am
he engaged with militia members in the planning of an armed takeover of the malheur. last night shea defended himself in a statement on facebook saying in part, like we are seeing with our president, this is a sham investigation. he added, i will not back down. i will not give in. i will not resign. the house republican leadership has removed him from caucuses and his ranking positions. they note that he did not take part in the investigation, did not respond to investigators or the report. he also did not return calls from cnn. sara sidner, cnn, los angeles. next here, two women smuggled into the uk speak with cnn after dozens of bodies were found in the back of a refrigerated truck in essex.
2:41 am
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people in vietnam looking for a better life sometimes end up with smugglers heading to the uk. cnn correspondent scott mcclain tracked down two vietnamese women with who took the dangerous journey to england. how organized crime played a role. >> reporter: in october the world heard news of a horrifying
2:45 am
scene. 39 people found dead in the back of a truck. for the victims inside it was the end of a long journey they would not live to see. >> translator: i feel very scared because that might have been me. >> reporter: in northern england, we met two women we are calling hannah and michelle who separately made this dangerous trek themselves. for hannah it wasn't by choice. he was sold by an abusive uncle to men who forced her into prostitution. she boarded a flight to a place she was told was hungary. she was loaded into a train with another woman. she woke up somewhere in england. she managed to escape from the back of the truck. >> did you feel you were treated as a human? >> translator: they wanted some he to work so they could get their money. that's all. >> debt the trafficker said
2:46 am
their uncle owed them. >> translator: i was scared. right now i'm still scared. i'm afraid one day the chinese men will catch me. or my uncle will sell me away again. >> reporter: michelle came to the uk for another reason. she said her family was the victim of religious persecution at home. her grandmother had to sell land to pay for the journey. >> translator: i follow traditional buddhism. it is not allowed in vietnam. therefore i was beaten up. i'm very scared because my father, grandfather, uncles and grandmother died from being beaten up. >> reporter: together they boarded a flight to paris. a truck was loaded to a ferry across the english channel. the driver was white and her asian smuggler never left her side.
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cuba's communist government now has something it hasn't had in more than 40 years. a prime minister. fidel castro was the last person to hold that title back in 1976. cruz was named prime minister after leaving the country's tourism ministry for the last 16 years. the position had been eliminated after castro but was restored in a new constitution adopted last february. all right. so let's take another look at impeachment. a little light hearted look. if there is one thing we have learned the last several weeks of hearings and votes is that republican congressman jim
2:53 am
jordan really doesn't like wearing a sport coat. we put jeanne moos on the case. >> reporter: you may know him as republican representative jim jordan. >> guess what -- >> reporter: we guess many know him as a congressman who never wears a jacket. >> i'm so angry i couldn't even wear a jacket today. >> reporter: he carries it but rarery wears it leading to jokes like found jim jordan's jacket. flo flotus has it. even on tv talk shows, no jacket. i will start a telethon to get jim jordan a blazer. he's usually ablaze about something. >> six people having four conversations in one sentence. >> reporter: but always in shirt sleeves. this week something truly historic happened. no, not impeachment. jim jordan dressed up. >> of course the whistle-blower. >> reporter: yes, the ohio congressman actually put his arms through the sleeves of a
2:54 am
jacket. jim jordan is wearing a suit jacket, and he looks almost as uncomfortable as he makes all of us. >> i'm about to pop off! >> reporter: so what's the deal? does jim jordan have a hangup about wearing jackets? >> mr. i don't know why. the only time i wear the jacket is when i have to. i wear it on the house floor because you have to. >> reporter: the rules were required to wear one for the impeachment vote. >> whenever i'm in the white house, i wear it there. >> there are multiple accounts purporting to be jim jordan's jacket. all i want is to be worn. when he posed in an overly big jacket belonging to a radio host, the missing jacket posted who the bleep rolls up a suit jacket sleeve? jordan has a theory. >> you can't really get fired up and get into it if you have a jacket slowing you down. >> reporter: shirt sleeves for
2:55 am
speed. jeanne moos, cnn. >> okay, what? >> reporter: new york. >> chairman, i object. >>. >> i'll allow it. >> sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. now we turn to the british royals celebrating christmas away from the uk. prince harry is celebrating the holiday with his wife meghan markle and son archie in canada. a spokesperson tells cnn the duke and duchess of sussex have been spending private family time. harry put out a seasonal video, however. it shows the prince dressed as santa sending a message to be reefed children. it was for those who lost parents in the british armed forces. harry of course 12 when his mother died. his grandmother aheaded to her estate for the weekend but not before enjoying her version of
2:56 am
three kings day. here she is with the three future british monarchs. they are having a go at making christmas pudding. a tradition that dates back to medieval england. she looks amused as 6-year-old prince george whips up a fess fif tess active dessert. and that is cnn "newsroom". thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen. if you're joining us from the u.s., "new day" is ahead. for everyone else, i'll be back in just a moment with the headlines.
2:57 am
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if there was nim doubt that president trump had impeachment on the mind is, there is no longer. >> generations of patriots before us did not work, fight, and sacrifice so we could surrender our country to a raging left wing mob. new satellite images suggest north korea could be expanding its intercontinental ballistic program. >> north korea promising this gi gift to the united states. >> if you told me i would be this boring dad and bill cosby could be in jail, even i would have


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