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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  December 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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prepare to be amazed, mystified, and mesmerized by the biggest stories of the whole year in politics, sports, music, movies, pop culture, and more. we'll cover it all with our guests, comedians and actors gilbert gottfried, judy gold, helen hong, owen smith, and conservative political analyst carrie sheffield. it's "all the best, all the worst: 2019." welcome. i'm tom foreman and this year really did feel like a wickedly
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deceptive magic show, full of misdirection and illusions and slight of hand. every time we thought we knew exactly where things stood, suddenly they changed. and nowhere more than the place where we begin. the devilish world of hocus-pocus politics. ♪ >> 2019 was a blur. >> it's been a strange year. >> a year of epic struggle. >> ugh, i need a drink. >> it was normal -- >> started off with the worst political story, the ukraine scandal. >> i, uh -- >> or as president trump called it -- >> fake news. it's a hoax. >> it's a sordid tale of the president pressuring the ukrainians to investigate political rival joe biden all for pushing a debunked conspiracy theory that ukraine, not russia, was to blame for u.s. election meddling.
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>> we're here to provide what we know and what we've heard. >> do you swear or affirm -- >> yet once impeachment hearings got under way, one witness after another said the president and his team did precisely what they are accused of. >> everyone was in the loop. >> the republican response? aside from rushing a hearing room trying to physically stop the proceedings. >> president trump has clearly been a victim of incredible bias. >> impeachment. >> some say his actions are bad but not impeachable. and that's one thing. >> a witch hunt. >> there are others who just say something to the effect of, i am not listening, i am not listening, i am not listening. >> i want no quid pro quo. quid pro quo. >> if i hear the term quid pro quo -- >> ready? >> -- one more time -- >> you have the cameras rolling? quid pro quo, quid pro quo, quid pro quo.
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>> i'm going to quid pro myself, okay? >> i just wish someone would just make it really simple. it's like either he broke the law or he didn't break the law. ♪ >> worst use of thumbs. trump's torrent of tweets against his foes laced with foul language, bitter accusations, lies, and one truly disturbing photoshopped picture. >> quid pro quo! >> i kind of feel like i would like to take him aside and say, hey, i've had experience with twitter, be careful. >> best trend for republicans, the way trump continues to pack the federal courts with conservatives. >> he is doing it in record numbers. that's what he promised. it's what he's achieving. and now it's what he's bragging about. >> worst shell game, the
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president's efforts to keep his tax returns private. >> can we all just agree, he's not releasing his taxes. he's not doing it. >> the best way to shake up terrorists. the killing of the isis leader in syria. >> the president showed enormous courage, he made the right calls. the special forces who took down al baghdadi put their lives at enormous risk and we should all be grateful. >> worst way to shake up the markets. trump's flinging of tariffs at china. >> there's famous quote in "princess bride." i would like to add an addendum. never get into a tariff pissing contest with china. >> worst getaway vacation. trump's unprecedented visit to the demilitarized zone with north korean leader kim jong-un which produced only a photo op. and even that wasn't as cool as
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kim's white horse photos later in the year. yahoo!! >> i feel like the president has changed the way politics is being played. >> it's like crazy land right now. there's rules and laws that are being made up every second that none of us ever agreed on. >> should be done pretty close to next year. >> best broken campaign promise as far as democrats are concerned. that wall trump pledged to construct, three years in, only a tiny fraction is finished. >> the fact of the matter is the thing is not being built. >> and mexico is not paying for any of it. >> we must keep government open. >> as evidenced by a huge funding fight between trump and congress. >> it's a dark time. >> which no one really won. >> in the very beginning of the year we had a government shutdown. and people were not getting paid. for no reason. >> our investigation is complete. >> combine all that with the
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blistering fallout from the russia report which did not condemn but also did not exonerate the president. a stampede of democratic candidates vying to challenge trump in 2020. >> my mailman is running for president. my plumber is running for president. my neighbor's dog might be running for president. >> every time i watch a debate, i'm like who is this guy? never seen her before. >> as i'm sitting here right now, four more democrats have entered the race for president. i'm just letting you know. >> some of their calls for progressive reforms gave republicans their best free shot. >> we're talking about socialism, folks. one of my favorite moments is when president trump got up in the state of the union and said -- >> america will never be a socialist country. >> that likely boosted trump's
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best number, the roughly 90% of republicans who approve of how he is doing his job. >> you know what, in "star wars," the sith lord had a lot of followers. [ evil laughter ] ♪ >> but trump's worst nightmare, the more than 50% of americans who have disapproved of his performance since day one. polls now show any number of democrats could beat him next fall. >> whoever can get everyone to listen in a nontrump way i think will be the person they really rally behind. >> i hope people think long and hard before they do any lever-pulling or inking or whatever. >> for all the uproar and partisan sniping, the single most ridiculous political day the year. >> when trump said he wanted to
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buy greenland, at first i thought he was stealing one of my jokes. >> so did greenland. they rejected the idea flat-out. >> greenland doesn't want to be a part of our foolishness. leave them alone. >> we'll have a lot more on the big stories of the year in just a little bit. but for right now, hold on tight. we are about to let the games begin. ♪ the decade in sports closed out with some truly historic finishes, especially for women who were playing harder than ever before. and -- >> you, me, think bad ass. you don't want to be a part of this? >> we are on target to look at the new golden age of television. plus, later. hey, that's my car! >> all best, all the worst, 2019 will be right back. "all the best, all the worst: 2019" brought to you by noom. noom is based in psychology for lasting health and weightloss
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♪ for sheer escapism, nothing could beat sports this year. and in football, no one could
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beat the new england patriots in the post-season. they cruised to a super bowl victory over the los angeles rams, tying the record for the most super bowl wins ever. >> the patriots won the super bowl again this year. and i'm going to quote 97% of football fans by saying boo! tom brady proved yet again that he is magical, go pats. i don't understand the haters. haters gonna hate. >> who hated it most? fans in new orleans who saw the worst blown call help knock their team out of the playoffs. >> the saints should have been in the super bowl. and everyone on earth knows it. >> in the world series, the washington nationals with the oldest roster in the league beat the odds to square off against the houston astros. then beat them dramatically in seven games. >> no one thought they were going to win. no one. that is the beauty. >> i love it when a team just comes out of nowhere and starts kicking ass.
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>> the stanley cup went to st. louis after the blues put a beatdown on the boston bruins. in the nba plenty of folks thought golden state would take the trophy again, but not the toronto raptors who ate up the warriors. >> it turned into canada versus america which is basically like universal health care versus good luck, everybody. universal health care won. >> and in the wnba, there was d.c. again with the mystics taking the title over the connecticut sun, which is noteworthy because -- >> this was the year of women in sports. >> in soccer, the u.s. women's team won the world cup again. the 2-0 victory over the netherlands gave them back to back titles. >> that's the american spirit of sheer determination. >> in tennis, the reigning queen rocked while 15-year-old coco gauff rolled into fan's hearts at the u.s. open before falling to japan's naomi osaka, which
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gave us the best moment in sportsmanship. >> so, the coco/naomi moment of coming together, hugging it out, that's what our country needs. ♪ >> simone biles gets the best bling, racking up the most world medals ever won by a female gymnast. >> she's simone biles' height right now. >> the great elliott kachogi in unofficially broke the legendry two-hour barrier for the marathon. but in chicago bridget koske crushed a longstanding women's record for 26.2 miles. >> two hours and 14 minutes. that's how long it takes me to eat brunch, you know, at a good place. >> i would like to take the car to the finish line and then just show up there and go --
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[ breathing heavily ] -- and then collapse at the reporters' feet. >> if you weren't paying attention to sports, well, no problem. there were plenty of other entertainment options out there. in an astonishing year of television, all you had to do was figure out what to watch in the box of wonders. worst goodbye in all seven kingdoms. "game of thrones" sent its last dragon flying off. the series was a roaring success from the start but the end -- >> be with me. >> you know, the final season of "game of thrones" was kind of like vegan hot dogs. you really wanted to like it, but it just made everyone really angry. >> what is it you really want? >> ice cream. >> best and most bittersweet wrap-up to a groundbreaking series, the final season of "orange is the new black." >> you shouldn't be afraid. it's the first step in moving on. >> the last episode was really emotional for me.
10:17 pm
i was like in the middle of crying and then my post mate arrived and i had to stop. >> you'll spoil it. >> best show about people who really were locked up. "mindhunter." best show about people who really should be locked up, "succession." >> the key is to act like a happy family. >> i get why people get into it. but i'm like, man, you're so rich. >> worst problem with so many great programs coming and going, deciding which streaming service to buy into and what to watch once you do. >> i'm a very bad tv watcher. i sit there with the remote control and even if it's something i like, i click away from it. >> you've got a problem? >> best art imitating the worst life. it could be "barry." >> was there ever a time in your life that you did something so terrible that you were ashamed?
10:18 pm
>> can't think of anything. >> "killing eve." >> she wants me to know when she's killed someone. she's behind that door! >> or maybe "silicon valley" where making a killing is the whole point. >> "silicon valley," the final season. guess who's on it? this kid. and it's about 50/50 whether you own a snake. >> his girlfriend owns a snake. ♪ >> best show to make you worry in the worst way, "euphoria." >> that show made me never want to let my kids leave the house, ever. >> best shows based on the worst events, the unsettling, unbelievable. >> this guy is out there preying on the most vulnerable women he can find. >> the riveting spy. >> the horrifying chernobyl. and the heartbreaking "when they see us." >> i want to see my son right
10:19 pm
now. >> it was beautifully tragic in so many ways. and it was amazingly accurate. >> the place is falling apart. >> best shows to watch with tea and biscuits, "the crown" and "the great british baking show." >> the people are delightful. everyone is so kind. the accents are glorious, darling. >> that's why i'm going to win "shark tank." >> this is "dancing with the stars." >> what now? >> in reality tv "dancing with the stars" made the worst casting choice, giving sean spicer a spin, bringing partisan politics right onto the dance floor. >> i want fiction. i'm done with the idea of reality shows. >> out front next. >> i watch cnn. >> extra points for cnn. >> anna! >> yes? >> just when you thought "the bachelorette" might be fading, the best one yet showed up. >> figure it out or, like, i don't want to do this. >> anna brown, i respect you. i was getting actually upset, i
10:20 pm
was yelling at my tv. it was amazing. love hannah brown. hate luke. >> and best body slamming comedy. >> what i do with my time is my business, my choice, baby. >> you could give it to "russian doll" or "fleabag." >> do you want to have sex? >> no. >> but we'll give the title to "g.l.o.w.," which continues to shine. >> you know why i love "g.l.o.w."? because i was young during that time period, so it takes me back. and then after the episode is over, i go look in the mirror and then that whole fantasy's gone. don't you disappear. much more is coming up including all the big news. fires, floods, and is it warm in here? or is it just me? plus, we will look at the hottest films to streak through the theaters. we'll say good-bye to a cool cast and hello once again to an
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the fierce political battles all around the world raged so loudly this year you could have easily missed an awful lot of other stories. and yet they kept happening.
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>> roaring blazes in california and the amazon helped make the point. >> you walk outside and it smells like a neighbor is having a barbecue at an un-godly hour. you're like who is barbecuing at 3:00 in the morning? >> so did rising ocean temperatures and melting snow packs. this year provided the best, meaning the worst, evidence so far of the calamitous effects of climate change. >> i'm already up to like 50 sunscreen and i still get tan. i don't really get that tan. but you know what i'm saying. >> weather analysts say indeed 2019 will go down as one of the hottest ever. in iceland folks even held a funeral for a glacier that vanished. >> i couldn't actually make it there. i was holding a funeral for an ice cube i had in a glass of soda. >> how dare you! >> best call for action. give it to sweden's greta thunberg who ripped world
10:26 pm
leaders for their lack of action. >> she should write all the speeches and give all the speeches because she is an intense little person. >> greta is a boss and i want to be more like her. >> adding to the concern, natural disasters like hurricane dorian which tore through the bahamas, leaving breathtaking destruction. >> every year there's some type of thing. but each year they seem to be getting stronger and stronger and stronger. >> worst weather map. the one shown by president trump with an extra loop apparently drawn on, seemingly to prove he was right when he said dorian could hit alabama even though meteorologists widely said he was wrong. best news for an economy that keeps on chugging along. despite repeated warnings of an impending recession, unemployment is still super low, consumers are still buying, although maybe not as much as they might. >> all i can tell you is that my local avocado toast is just getting really expensive. and now i can only have it like twice a week. >> but --
10:27 pm
>> you talk to economists, what they will tell you is the numbers in the trump economy look a lot like the numbers in the obama economy. >> a problem that shows no sign of easing, mass shootings. from a festival in california to an ohio street to a walmart in texas. >> like, you can't even go grocery shopping for your family without thinking, i could potentially be putting myself in a harmful situation and a dangerous situation. just by living my regular life. >> rising ethnic hatred which showed up at home and abroad, notably as worshippers were gunned down at a mosque in new zealand. >> these people were praying, not harming anyone. >> we need a cultural revolution to stop this wave of hatred and anger where people feel they need to go to mass shootings to display hate. >> every year i've said, i can't wait until this year is over.
10:28 pm
>> amid roiling unrest in all sorts of countries around the world, the worst long goodbye goes to the tortured efforts of the united kingdom to leave the european union. >> brexit has become more like b-r-r-r-r -- we're thinking about leaving at some point. >> the "me-too" movement is still motoring. >> people are too afraid of being held accountable for things. so maybe now we'll see real change moving forward. >> we're finding out that more and more mostly men are really gross. >> best example. >> the jeffrey epstein case is the worst of humanity. >> the uber-wealthy financier was facing charges related to years of sex trafficking minors and dodging the legal system. the scandal hit a member of the royal family and numerous other epstein associates.
10:29 pm
he was eventually found hanged in his cell. >> that's not the way the justice system is supposed to work and it's a disaster. it's just a disaster. >> another legal disaster, the jussie smollett case. the actor from "the empire" tv show claimed he was attacked by racists who threw bleach around him and put a noose around his neck. it incited national outrage until chicago police conducted an extensive investigation and said he staged the whole thing. >> jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. >> the whole story, just, it felt like a script that got thrown away from the show that he was working on, and he just used it. none of it made logical sense at all. >> the fire that engulfed a fishing boat off the california coast killing 34 people. >> oh, my god, that was so sad. >> worst trend to put parents on edge. the rise of vaping. this year, a series of deaths seemingly related to substances
10:30 pm
added to the vape juice. >> i have sisters who are teenagers and preteens and vaping terrifies me. >> worst helicopter moms. the college admission scandal in which investigators say wealthy and in some cases famous parents gave massive amounts of money to buy better test results and guaranteed admissions to top colleges for their kids often through fake athletic scholarships. >> can we talk about how that conversation even went? listen, kids, you're going to go visit a school, act like you're really, really good at basketball, okay, just do it for mommy. just do it for mommy. >> many of the parents have denied it including actress lori loughlin. >> aunt becky is digging it, she's like, bring it on, i will "full house" your face. >> best cyber trend. the move by google and twitter to limit political ads. worst case of lagging behind,
10:31 pm
facebook. >> i don't know anyone who walks around saying, i love facebook, facebook is great, their policies are awesome. >> worst problem high in the air or not. after two massive fatal crashes overseas, boeing 737 max jets were grounded worldwide and are still not cleared for takeoff. worst problem high on the ground. the latest official count of drug overdose deaths, 70,000 down slightly from last year but still helping lower average lifespans. >> best long sentence for a guy called shorty. life in prison plus 30 years for the notorious drug lord joaquim guzman, a.k.a. "el chapo." and the best way to get away from it all, by booking a room at the international space station, which nasa this year opened for visits by private astronauts. >> well, don't take off quite yet, because in a bit we are going to look at the movies of
10:32 pm
2019, some frightening, some fascinating, and some out of this world in their own right. and after our trip to the stars. ♪ we'll be checking out tunes back here on earth with lizzo, lil nas x and hello, dolly. ♪ it's "all the best, all the worst: 2019." >> announcer: "all the best, all the worst: 2019" brought to you by farmers insurance. they know from experience, 91 years, and soon it'll be 92 years. (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. you can give help and hope to those in need.
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the stones you've collected for me. create a new one. a grateful universe born out of blood. they'll never know. >> when it came to box office magic, almost nothing compared with the long-awaited "avengers: end game." and there was a lot to love. a lot of characters, a lot of plot twists, and at over three hours, a lot of minutes. >> that movie was so long, i had to bring my dog, because i was afraid he was going to pee himself. >> bhafr it -- whatever it takes. >> everywhere i go, i see his
10:37 pm
face. i miss him. >> lots of super heroes among the top-grossing films. >> "spider-man," "captain marvel," "shazam," and more. >> every movie i saw had people wearing tights. >> but super villains had their say too and the baddest of the bad boys was joker. >> are you having negative thoughts? all i have are negative thoughts. >> it's almost like a horror film in real life because you're like, i hope everybody's calm, this is just a movie, guys, because it's almost like a case study in how white men could snap. ♪ send in the clowns >> if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy. >> film fans squirmed over "us." while "it: chapter 2" brought pennywise back to the light.
10:38 pm
>> i didn't love it as i loved chapter one. psycho clowns terrorizing little kids is awesome. psycho clowns terrorizing james mcavoy, eh. >> but that just underscores the year's worst trend in moviemaking, the tendency to keep going with the same stories. >> the force will be with you, always. >> i mean, it's ridiculous. sequel, sequel, sequel. can someone come up with someone -- something new? >> i'm kind of interested in seeing "spider-man: 508." >> hey, watch it, buddy. >> still, there were nice moments, especially in animation. >> i was happy that woody got a girlfriend. >> "the lion king" roared. "aladdin" got a reboot. along with "pikachu: the pet" and those sisters from
10:39 pm
arrandale. >> the best tale of a real life hero. >> welcome to the underground railroad. >> if you haven't seen the movie "harriet," you need to run, not walk, to your local theater. ♪ >> the biggest uproar over a big name film, "once upon a time in hollywood." >> is it misogynistic, is it racist against asians? that's hollywood for you. >> i find it harder and harder to get to the movies nowadays. >> before it gets bad, i want to end it. >> best films you should've seen but probably didn't. >> the touching story of two friends in paddleton. a terrifying tale of a desperate dad in "american dreamer." >> i promise i won't hurt you. >> "the lighthouse." >> keeping secrets, are you? >> no, sir. >> we call that white people
10:40 pm
doing white things. it was fantastic. >> and "downton abbey." >> 1927. we're modern folk. >> it was like going home and visiting your friends that you hadn't seen in a while. >> did you ever hit anybody? >> on a job? >> yeah. >> i don't think so. >> there were some late contenders to be among the year's best movies. but our pick for the most original film of 2019? >> paul mccartney wrote it, the beatles. >> who? >> i loved, i loved, loved, loved "yesterday." >> the one where a guy wakes up to find almost everyone in the world has forgotten the "beatles music except him. ♪ hey dude >> he's right, that's better. >> music often just sits in the background of a movie but every now and then a tune will leap out on its own and become a sensation. and that's really something, because as any artist will tell,
10:41 pm
creating a hit is a real trick. ♪ i want to take my heart to the old town road ♪ ♪ i'm going to ride till i can't no more ♪ >> let's start with the hit of the year, the song that topped the charts for a record 19 straight weeks for lil nas x and billy ray cyrus. >> "old town road," who would have thought it would have brought people together the way it did? >> the one thing about "old town road" is i really want to get a fringy cowboy jacket now. >> not a bad idea. ♪ i'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more ♪ >> best or worst trend depending on your taste? the rise in a country twang all across the charts. >> what country are we talking about? here? in every country they have country music.
10:42 pm
but it's their country's music. >> great tunes were moving in all styles. the best and biggest name in rap, still drake. ♪ when i die i put my money >> the guy who goes to the basketball games, keep your eyes on this drake fella, he seems to be doing all right. >> the most unexpected move by a rap star, kanye west's new religious album. >> that level of faith is what our country needs right now. >> i don't think i'm going to listen to that because i don't want to burn in hell. >> i've gotten into the singer perry como recently. he's really good. and andy williams. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> the reigning queens of pop got rowdy. taylor swift took a political turn. >> taylor swift only has two speeds.
10:43 pm
she is either really pissed off or she is really in love. >> and beyonce killed it at coachella. but make room, ladies. this was the year of lizzo. ♪ >> oh, i love lizzo. go girl. >> lizzo is a boss queen. that's all. >> still, the best new big name came on strong and fast. billie eilish. ♪ so you're a tough guy, i like you really rough guy ♪ >> it looks like the hot girls are winning. >> song of the summer? meghan the stalon's hot girl summer. >> i loved everything about it, good for her. >> most fun musical fact. vinyl record albums are projected to outsell cds for the first time in ages. ♪ how do you sleep when you lie to me ♪ >> and the song that became the
10:44 pm
best soundtrack for the whole year, brace yourself. yeah. that one. ♪ baby shark >> baby shark is probably the number one reason i've decided not to have children. >> keep your dancing shoes close at hand. the magic is not over yet. in just a moment i will ask you to watch very closely. from the astonishing time machine in your phone to a picture that will make you doubt your eyes to the dog who is casting an amazing spell on fans everywhere. "all the best, all the worst" will be right back. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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>> it was no trick. the 50th anniversary of the moon landing was the year's best celebration of technology. not far behind, the first all female space walk. >> i think women are now more empowered to take up space. and this is a beautiful thing to see. >> all female space walk is going to be my band name. >> back on earth, spacex impresario elon musk had the worst rollout of new tech.
10:49 pm
his tesla cyber truck with unbreakable windows. >> all right, larry, pick up that metal ball and break the window. you said it couldn't be broken, mo. never mind what i said. >> worst trip to the bone yard. the last volkswagen beetle rolled off the assembly line. >> the last volkswagen beetle was made, and this is going to stop the volkswagen beetles. the one that i blame is the volkswagen yoko ono. >> worst reshuffle. mattel came out with a uno deck that does not include red or blue cards, designed to cut down on political friction during family holidays. >> that may not be the issue here. just saying. what about wild draw 4? >> worst time machine. the app that allowed anyone to see what they look like years
10:50 pm
from now. >> oh, my god, the aging filter. >> why do i need to look at it? >> that was not the type of magic i need in my time of life. >> i'm asian, so i'll probably look the same. >> weirdest and sort of cool online service, people can make requests of a particular person or celebrity. like please wish my brother happy birthday. >> like the woman who hired sugar ray front man to give her boyfriend a hilarious heave ho. >> she's having difficulty staying in the long distance relationship. >> pod casts still going strong. more than 750,000 to choose from. >> ignore every other one. listen to mine. >> except our pod cast pick of the year. dolly parton america. >> she is an icon.
10:51 pm
she's awesome. >> she killed it on her nbc special. >> the question, who is james? the answer he's the most exciting jeopardy champion this year. racking up a small fortune with his large memory. >> i'm surprised jeopardy is still happening. >> best chick fight. between chick filet and pop eyes. over the best chicken sandwich. >> it was all white people. it was not us. it was all right. >> worst trend on the roads. run away lack of rules governing cars, scooters and bikes. trying to share the same space and creating a commuting mess. best person to call to clean up. marie condo. the organization revolutionizer. >> you are a culture phenomenon. if your name is a verb.
10:52 pm
>> she wants to put stuff back in my closet. i'm not interested in that version. >> most surprising baby talk the the number of children born in the u.s. is a 32 year low. no wonder the royal baby got so much attention. >> i have paid zero attention to the royal family. nothing against them. but i kind of think we have the kardashians to worry about. >> i don't know why we can't just respect each other. >> cutest new sensation. piglet and the rescue dog. he's blind and can't hear. but he can sniff out friends any where. >> saddest loss of the culture icon. grumpy cat. passed away. >> i'm not a cat fan. i'm a grumpy cat fan. >> best way to get over it. the tick tock app. >> my favorite thing was the
10:53 pm
sandman song. where you like floating your pets over the camera lens. while sandman is playing. >> you're getting sleepy. sleepy. but hold on. we have one more spell to cast. don't miss the surprising finish to all the best all the worst 2019. (little boy) he's coming! (make-a-wish volunteer) ok, he's coming, c'mon c'mon... here we go... ♪ (little santa) somali...alika? (little santa) where's kiara? (little santa) i got this for you.
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what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing.
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we are almost done with the 2019. let's cast one more spell on our guest to invoke their wishing for the coming year. >> my wish for 2020, i just want the madness to end. i just want it to end. i want to stop looking at my phone alerts. >> my wish and my new years resolution for years, is that in the following year i would say one joke that was actually funny. >> i have given up on that now. >> i wish that everyone will just take time to go read a book. or something.
10:58 pm
or listen to moez art. or a beautiful painting. >> in 2020 i do wish that president trump cruises to victory and able to capture the white house again for a second term. >> everyone in the white house right now just moves to mars. >> please make that happen. >> for the country. i wish that people talk to each other more. get off the facebooks. speak to somebody. speak to somebody, man. >> i hope we enter the beginning of another age of enlightenment. i hope we do. because we have to think long and hard about what comes after
10:59 pm
us. >> world peace. seriously, though. we need. >> and that's it. time to put the rabbits back in the hat. thanks to you for watching on behalf of everyone at anderson cooper 360. and the entire cnn family. worldwide. i'm tom foreman wishing you all the best and none of the worst. in 2020.
11:00 pm
it's amazing there was a time when what you said could get you locked up in the prison. >> i accrued a reputation for being irreverent. >> i cuss gratuitously. but subject is another story. >> are there any subjects not appropriate? people say a good comedian doesn't have to cuss. i say it's [ bleep ] rubbish. >> what you're about to hear will disgust you. >> you have to do it


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