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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 5, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ oh, yeah ♪ she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ love is all you need >> this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm becky anderson live for you in abu dhabi. and grief and anger finding voice in funeral processions taking place in the iranian c y city. thousands of people filling the streets even. yond what you see here. the body of qasem soleimani returned there for burial. there it will be taken to the north and then to tehran for a funeral on monday.
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burial is expected tuesday in his hometown in the southeastern part of the country. meanwhi meanwhile, tehran is threatening harsh revenge that prompted a warning from the u.s. president who said the u.s. has identified 52 iranian sites it could hit if iran retaliated for soleimani's death. privately, the u.s. administration is telling congress it fears a reprisal from iran could come within weeks. back in baghdad where friday's strike took place, the iraqi parliament is expected to convene an emergency session in about an hour's time. an awful lot to talk about and cnn correspondents fanened out across the region standing by with the very latest. jamana is in baghdad and nic robertson is in baghdad and matthew chance joining us for perspective from moscow.
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just how concerned are people there that any escalation between the u.s. and iran will end up with iraq and the iraqi people in the middle of all of this? >> you know, this is the biggest concern, becky. you speak to so many people here who are so worried about that. that their country is, yet again, being caught in the middle of a conflict between different countries this time what is turning into this confrontation between the united states and iran. the concerns that this could play out between the united states and iranian proxies here on the ground. the situation is so tense. people are really on edge. and we saw that yesterday. you know, there were several rocket attacks targeting the green zone and air base, air base to the north of baghdad. no casualties in this attack. no one claimed responsibility
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for the attack and these sort of attacks do happen and they happen from time to time. but because of the situation and because of the heightened threat levels here, people were really worried, especially after we heard the iranian backed military groups threaten the united states they will retaliate for the killing, not just of qasem soleimani but one of the top leaders of these paramilitary groups here in this country. so, it's not just the iranian-packed groups, it's not just people in favor of the iranian influence here that are very upset. furious with how the united states carried out this strike. others, too, who are opposed to iranian influence and interference are also furious saying that, here we go, again, the united states turning iraq into an arena for settling
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scores. they feel the way this all played out shows disrespect for iraq. a real disregard for this country's sovereignty, its stability and what could happen right now is a very dangerous situation. so, they are extremely worried about this. becky, all eyes right now are on parliament. what is going to happen in the next hour. as you mention, we were aware of this emergency session that is supposed to take place, but now there's question if that's even going to happen. one member of parliament that our producer just spoke with said they don't even know if they're going to have a quorem to hold this session. the iraqi parliament is notorious for not being able to agree among its members to deliver. we heard threats from the iranian-backed paramilitary
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groups telling parlument aryans. they'll watch what happens today, putting pressure on them to pass some sort of legislation and reach some sort of agreement to force u.s. troops out of this country. they want to see an end to u.s. forces and it's unclear if parliament is going to be able to deliver anything. we're told there are several bills that have been presented. some who want the united states completely out of here. others who want some sort of limited presence and also taught that certain groups within parliament don't even want to see the united states out. they want the united states to remain saying it is important for the country's stability, becky. >> fascinating. jomana is in baghdad. thank you to you. tensions continue to rise then here in the middle east. protesters have taken to the street burning flags after the killing of iran's top military
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officials. cnn's fred plei trpleitgen is t >> vowing revenge against the united states after the killing of qasem soleimani. and he was asked by soleimani's daughter who is going to take revenge for the killing of my father? he said, everybody will take revent, don't worry. some retaliation will take place. that is interesting because the head of iran's revolutioniary guard corps said there would be strategic retaliation against the united states and that strategic retaliation would spell the end of american presence in this region. it would happen in a vast geography and over a period of time. two key points because we know the iranians control a lot of
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proxy forces in many of the neighboring countries in the greater middle eastern regions. and at the same time, the irainen is believe time is on their side. a senior military official just on saturday said that the iranians don't need to be rushed into anything and they will do this on their own terms and do it in their own time, as well. meanwhile, the iranians are saying their foreign operations from the revolutionary guards quds force. they named a successor and will operate the a exact way they have been before. meanwhile, tehran and other cities here in iran continue to be in a state of mourning where we had processions with people mourning the death of qasem soleimani and almost 1,500 billboards put up here in tehran with soleimani's likeness on it. fred pleitgen, cnn.
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following the deadly usair strike that killed soleimani a spokesperson for the iranian armed forces say there is a plan to respond in anticipation of that. the united states beefing up its presence here in the middle east. this is new video of troops with the 82nd airborne in north carolina as they move out to the region. meanwhile, president trump responding to iran's threats with warnings of his own. let's get more from cnn's jeremy diamond. >> president trump on saturday issuing a serious threat to irain and a very specific one at that in a three-part tweet the president setting his most significant red line of his presidency. at least as far as matters of foreign policies are concerned. the president tweeting that iran has been nothing but problems for many years. let this serve as a warning that iran strikes any americans or american assets, we have targed 52 iranian sites representing
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the 52 american hostages taken by iran many years ago. some at a very high level and important to iran and the iranian culture. those targets and iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard. the usa wants no more threats. now, very interesting to see the president issuing such a specific and direct threat to iran, particularly after nearly two days during which the president on teleprompter and many of his top advisors have been insisting they're not trying to go on the path to war with iran. in fact, the secretary of state mike pompeo just hours before the president issued that tweet, the u.s. remains committed to de-escalation. so, obviously, now the president is issuing very bellicose rhetoric. also on saturday, the trump administration formally notified congress of that strike that it took out the top iranian general qasem soleimani.
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that is required under the war powers act. a pro forma notification. but it is already stirring quite a bit of debate in congress and discontent from democrats. the house speaker nancy pelosi reacting after the trump administration issued that notificati notification. she writes in a statement, the classified war powers act notification delivered to congress raises more questions than it answers. the highly unusual decision to classify this document in its entirety compounds our many concerns. and suggests that the congress and the american people are being left in the dark about our national security. now, it seems that pelosi there is referencing the fact that that notification would traditionally include the legal justification from the administration to take military action. given the classified nature of that, we aren't able to confirm at this point whether or not that's in there, but perhaps pelosi is teams here is alluding to concerns with that legal rationale. the trump administration said it
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acted because of imminent threats to americans but has provided few details about the specific nature of those threats or how imminent they really were. jeremy diamond, cnn, traveling with the president in palm beach, florida. all right. joining me now senior correspondent my colleague sam connelly. sam, in tehran we are witnessing images of thousands on the streets honoring the funeral procession honoring qasem soleimani. the beginning of two or three days worth of funeral activities in tehran. as we hear the u.s. and donald trump threatening reprisal should the iranians seek any sort of revenge at this point. what do you make of the last 24 hours or so? >> just in the last hour, the iranian foreign minister saying rightly under international law that threatening to bump
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cultural sites is a war crime. he's very good at fairly sarcastic responses to the trump administration in broad terms. but the iranians do face a strategic turning point. they can't dial down, which they're not showing any signs of the rhetoric and therefore the threats and the promises of threats which is galvanizing support on the street for a genuinely figure that was seen as a genuine hero in iran and the wider shia community or they could take the european option with the french and the germans in particular. still trying to keep that good old nuclear deal somehow alive. that effectively, you'll excuse the pun, has been exploded. from the american perspective, they have a tactical win in that they have killed a notorious leader of terrorist and proxy groups that have killed americans or organized the killing of americans and
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coalition forces back in the day during the u.s.-led occupation of u.s. iraqi before. that is a tactical win. how does that translate to strategic success? in the moment in the short term it seems the vaemg is laying mostly with the iranians. >> begs the question, what happens next? it is interesting in a region that can be so alarmist that experts and those we are talking to, those sources while concerned or perhaps less alarmists about what is going on here knows from the u.s. and the west. >> we in the west in the media get excited by these events but the more mature, perhaps view and it's very interesting. jomana were saying worried they wouldn't get a unit together and people staying away means they can be accused of backing away from support for iran and also
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not driving the americans out. the iranian backed fighting against the saudi led coalition in yemen have been almost completely silent over the death of soleimani. a man who was highly instrumental in getting equipment and support to them. why is that? well, not always a smooth sailing on the iranian side just because the americans have a bumpy road doesn't mean the americans have it, too. a waning influence there, too. >> i want to bring in from the crisis group, program director joining us now for this discussion. we've been discussing what we make of the past sort of 72 hours here in region. we know that many have said that this is a turning point. we've been discussing that ourselves. what do you believe happens next? >> it's very hard to predict
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what will happen. there's certainly still a chance that both sides agree and go forward to some kind of de-escalation but it will not happen until and before the iranians have responded in some form. and the key is really in the nature of that response. we have to see what kind of attack or series of attacks it will be and whether it will harm americans, which is in the end a threshold for the united states. but, if the iranians feel that they can somehow still preserve the honor through a series of attacks that would harm the united states and its interests, but not harm american citizens, then it's possible to go back to some kind of mediation through the established channels, the french president, the swiss and maybe, you know, go back because, again, president trump
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does not seek a war and i think in the end, the iranians don't seek a war either. >> it's interesting to get perspectives from all stake holders. and we've been discussing that of iran, of the europeans and, indeed, of the u.s. i was interested by the editorial in the local newspaper here. the national today. soleimani has been killed. now we must de-escalate. this is one of the main publications here in the gulf published in the uae. the sub headline here. the quds force leader will not be missed but cool heads must prevail to avert catastrophe. this coming from a newspaper based in a country that until about six months ago. i wouldn't say was beating the drum of war, but was certainly in the department of hawks, as
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it were, when it came to the iran fire. a clear sort of pivot away from that hawkish drum beat now by the uae and indeed we're hearing similar lines from the saudis. your perspective on where the gulf sits in all of this? yoost? >> i was just in the gulf. i was in saudi arabia and emirates and in qatar and the impression i have is very clearly that, yes, they want iran to be cut down to size in terms of its influence in the region, but they do not want a war with iran because they should terribly exposed especially if the united states does not rush to their defense when they are being attacked as happened after the attack in september. so, this is why the emirates started reaching out to the iranians over the summer and came to some sort of agreement about fishing and maritime issues. they want to talk to the
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iranians because they realize that if iran were to take revenge in the region, generally, they, in particular, may be very hard hit and they are not wanting to run that risk. so, yes, they don't like general soleimani and probably happy they got rid of him, but they need to deal with iran because that's a long-term issue. >> fascinating. we are seeing more effort for a regional security file here than we have seen for a long time. sam, i just want to weave in another story and find out whether you feel there is any connection developing now. kenya's military says it killed at least four terrorists sunday morning repelling an attack on an air strip near a u.s. naval base it shares with kenya. the attempted base was in lamu county that borders with somalia
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and earlier al qaeda affiliate claimed it attacked the base near the camp. the terror group claims u.s. equipment was destroyed that camp, but it provided no evidence. a fire broke out during the attack, but authorities say the air strip is safe. any connection that you see between what has happened with the u.s. and killing soleimani and his comrades and what we are seeing in lamu today? >> i think in all probability being an al qaeda-linked group does not have the enemy relationship the so-called islamic state had which they are mortal enemies. there have been patterns in the past supporting islamic jihad, for example, in gaza. the case of altia bob they have been attacking frequently and an
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attack led by british convert in to 15 lost about 30 of their people attacking a kenyan base. camp sim buwhich is near the very popular tourist destination and world heritage site is a very, very important u.s. special forces base from which a lot of the intelligence of planning for drone strikes that are being conducted against inside somalia is going on. one could argue, perhaps, that were trying to project a degree of anti-american energy there in order to win support from the iranians. frankly, i think it is a little far fetched and coincidental because from bases similar and also next to a major tourist site. from this time last year i was in nairobi covering the last terrorist attack there in a hotel in downtown nairobi. they're an active terrorist group perhaps seeking help from
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iran, but too early to say, really. >> sam kiley, thank you. a number of u.s. allies putting some distance between themselves and that strike that took out qasem soleimani in baghdad. how the killing is sparking global concerns and appeals for calm up next. plus, australia facing an unprecedented bush fire crisis. see what residents are facing as they try to evacuate. we're live for you in australia.
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welcome back. iran bidding farewell to the military commander killed in a u.s. strike. huge crowds of supporters turning out for a mourning ceremony for qasem soleimani in the city of mashhad. he is revered as a hero in iran. the u.s. holds him responsible for killing hundreds of americans and said he was taken out to prevent an imminent attack. that has tehran and washington trading threats over what comes next. and many u.s. allies are calling for restraint.
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nic robertson is in the saudi capital of riyadh and, nic, let me start with you. one of those close allies, saudi arabia, calling, echoing those calls for restraint. just how concerned is riyadh that the trump administration seems to be upping the ante instead of showing any sense of de-escalation at this point? >> yeah. i think there is concern here because one of the sort of longer concerns about being so closely supported of president trump, but not having knowingly having a huge amount of influence over him is that while saudi arabia and the united states are aligned at the moment in their view of iran as a destabilizing influence spreading instability throughout the region, that's certainly saudi arabia's view and been on the front line of iran's anger and attacking the oil refineries
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and firing iranian made missiles at the desert and some have been intercepted. there is an alignment about understanding with iran with the united states. an undering thstanding that sau on the front line of any break out and aligned with president trump. you don't necessarily know what it is going to do and perhaps don't feed into his information processing and the way that you would desire. and the message from saudi arabia at the moment, very clearly, is they're watching the situation. they have been predicting that iran was heading for trouble and soleimani was part of the trouble making of the regime. but, again, to urge caution and to urge restraint and i think that's the enduring message at the moment. if you're on iran's side looking back at this situation right now, you're looking in whatever
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you do to exploit the divisions that lie between the united states and its allies be they in the region or the allies in europe. at the moment, because president trump is the only one talking about, you know, upping the ante and having more strikes back is that to target the u.s. and not allies at the moment strategically for iran is going to be a better move because it keeps the united states a little more isolated and opens the gaps between it and its supporters in the region and else where. >> and how might moscow take advantage of that, matthew? >> well, i think in the short term there may well be some advantages for russia. i mean the fact that the oil prices spiked, what was it, 4% when news of this targeted killing first broke. and, of course, russia is one of
1:29 am
the biggest oil producers. that was an unexpected boom for the russian treasury. also in syria on the ground. they fight side by side the russians do with iran and in defense of their joint ally but also a degree of rivalry between the russians and iranians and syria and the fact that soleimani is now out of the picture. i think, you know, makes the iranian more difficult for the iranians to assert themselves in that theater else where in the middle east. that is a vacuum at least temporarily that the russians may want to fill. i think as the russians sort of analyze the consequences of this for them and their interest. they will want to balance their short-term advantages with the longer term prospect that this could lead to spiraling conflicts that could bring the united states and iran into direct confrontation. that's something that really bothers the russians because that may end in regime change in terrain. they have seen regime change in
1:30 am
iraq, libya and other countries, as well, where it has been changed for a pro western. and they resisted it in syria and intervened to prevent that from happening to al assad and they don't want it to happen in iran which they see as a really important partner in the middle east. >> matthew is in moscow, nic is in riyadh. extremely important analysis as we try to connect the dots on what is, as ever, a messy region here in the middle east. even the more messy since friday and the killing of soleimani in baghdad by the u.s. outrage in iran. here are the images of mashhad. this is the funeral procession for iran's military chief. we are in baghdad where
1:31 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> well, a massive show of mourning in iran for the military commander killed on friday by a u.s. strike in iraq. thousands are taking part in a funeral procession for qasem soleimani in mashhad. the u.s. president donald trump wants iran not to retaliate for his death tweeting that he already has hundreds of targets
1:35 am
identified should u.s. assets be attacked. well outrage is uniting both pro-iran groups in iraq both in agreement that the u.s. needs to leave the region. some even vowing revenge. arwa damon now reports for you from baghdad. >> a quiet intensity takes over as the mourning procession in baghdad progresses. >> the mood is very somber. almost feels like it is masking the anger underneath. when you talk to any number of these people moving through, once they say that they were able to over come their initial shock, the main feeling that they had was a desire for revenge but also anger. anger at the united states. they will be more mutilated than what they did to qasem
1:36 am
soleimani. the coming days will show that. it's not just iran that is vowing to retaliate, so, too, are its proxies in iraq. proxies that have already proven their ability to kill during the u.s.-led occupation of iraq. america just dug its grave in iraq. her husband and two sons are all part of the popular mobilization sources made up of militias. they will be a thorn in america's eye. just like it was at the start, she says. this unprecedented american attack is potentially as transformative as the toppling of saddam hussein. the map of iraq has changed a former member of parliament says. the map of the new iraq will be drawn in the blood of these martyrs. it's hard to find anyone who supports the u.s. in a country that for decades has paid a high
1:37 am
price for american foreign policy. in baghdad where anti-government protesters have been demonstrating for months against their leaders and outside interference, little love for iran. but right now even less for the united states and the american troops stationed here. the crowd grows, arguing about who bears the bigger blame for iraq's bloodshed. iran or the united states. but there is agreement on one point. both need to get out. iran get out. america get out. this man passionately pleads. we are iraqis. we want to be governed by an iraqi, an iraqi. it's our beloved iraq. please, understand us. but that's not part of the calculus for iran or the u.s. this country is an arena to settle scores. arwa damon, cnn, baghdad.
1:38 am
in the past, donald trump repeatedly accused president obama of wanting to start a war with iran to win re-election. some are asking if president trump is trying to do the same thing by trying to take out the top general. we'll get some perspective on that, after this. and the bush fires are so bad in australia. they turned the skies into ominous shades of orange. we are live in one of the hardest hit states after this short break.
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well, three days of national mourning have begun in iran. for soleimani who was killed friday in a u.s. air strike. his funeral is set for monday in tehran followed by burial the next day in his home town. but witness the crowds in mashhad in iran as we speak.
1:42 am
u.s. president donald trump warning tehran not to retaliate for soleimani's killing. saying the u.s. could hit dozens of important iranian sites if it does. to my colleague george howell now in atlanta with more on how the attack is affecting politics in the united states. george? >> becky, thank you so much. this, of course, an election year here stateside and a threat of a war with iran could become a significant factor to voters, especially if the situation continues to deterrideterrierat. joining us from colchester, england. >> thank you for having me. >> the question here. the white house has notified congress of the drone strike required at the war at powers act. heavy criticism on how this was carried out without congressional approval. the house speaker even saying, natasha, it raises more questions than answers.
1:43 am
>> it does raise more questions than answers because normally the document that is provided that justifies why something like this takes place is a public document. in this case, they decided to make it classified. and one of the things that nancy pelosi responded to this is that we are keeping americans in the dark. we don't know why this happened at this particular point. there wasn't a lot of information as to what in particular went on that is any different from the last several decades of all the different attacks that soleimani has been doing through his proxies. so, she feels that the american public needs and deserves more information. that there's too much secrecy around this. and we're seeing there is already a reaction from the public in that we're seeing there are protests that have been organized nationwide. so, i think that if we look to 2020 and how this is going to play out, i think this is going to become a very big issue. the way that trump handles his
1:44 am
foreign policy, it appears he doesn't listen to his advisors. in fact, a report in "new york times" that stated that the advisors who put this idea to him of assassinating soleimani didn't really think it was possible that trump would agree to it and he put it forward anyway. he is a risk taker. that's why i think we're in the dark about this. we don't know much about what happened because possibly trump doesn't know how to justify this. >> you'll remember the president before he became president of the united states famously tweeted out suggesting that his predecessor barack obama would start a war and president trump back then put together a video on it. let's listen. >> our president will start a war with iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. he's weak and he's ineffective.
1:45 am
we have a real problem in the white house. so, i believe that he will attack iran some time prior to the election. because he thinks that is the only way he can get elected. isn't it pathetic? >> natasha? >> right. we have a huge list of things that trump has attacked both bush jr. and obama on that he himself has changed his mind on. originally he was campaigning as someone who was going to get the u.s. out of all these different wars. that seemed to be the justification for why u.s. troops were leaving syria and he was playing with that with afghanistan, as well. he changed his mind on this. and i think there are going to be critics saying the reason for this is mostly because of the impeachment crisis taking place that he wants a distraction from this and this really changes the conversation. the impeachment process so he is not likely to be convicted is a humiliating process and i think also it may come down to the
1:46 am
fact that it was posed that bush didn't want to do it and that obama didn't want to do it and that they didn't possibly have the courage to do it and he wants to come out and have the decisive moves to stand out against these others leaders. what we're seeing already, i don't think this will play out with democrats and independents, his base seems to be galvanized by this. the republicans seem to be standing by him very, very strongly with the few exception of mitt romney and cory gardner in the senate and he gained a lot of attention for this. he wants to set himself apart from previous administrations. >> natasha pointing out the political divide here in the united states. mr. trump supporters saying this shows he is strong, tough. carrying out, you know, u.s. foreign policy in a way that they like. others fear that the president could be plunging the united states american men and women
1:47 am
overseas, service members into a possible war. natasha, thank you. we'll stay in touch with you. now to australia. military there called up 3,000 army reserves to help fight the massive bush fires that are taking over several states th e there. skies turned a haunting shade of orange. those fires have claimed the lives of 24 people since september. the latest, a 47-year-old man who died while fighting fire that was threatening his friend's home in new south wales. near the fire lines there near the town of eden. anna, we saw your shot there earlier and that eerie shade of orange there. tell us more about the situation. >> well, george, it's approaching 9:00 p.m. here in eden in new south wales. as you can see, it is starting to rain. that is some good news. it's a bit of a reprieve for the
1:48 am
firefighters who are battling more than 200 blazes across southeast australia. but we will need good wake, if not weeks of drenching rain to put out the fires. many of them are out of control. the fire specifically threatening the township of eden here on the far south coast of new south wales is about two, three kilometers and in that direction across the bay, the fear is that the winds, the southerly winds will whip up and bring that fire much closer and potentially threaten the township of eden. earlier this morning police came here and told residents to get out. most residents have evacuated, but there are some who are down at the harbor, down at the wharf where we are now in their cars and their caravans who feel it is much safer here and the boats behind me, many of them are fishing vessels. families and their friends are staying onboard. we went onboard a bit earlier
1:49 am
and there were a bunch of children and also two tug boats with 30 to 40 people onboard. each of those tug boats along with dogs and prized possessions. so, families congregating down here and they feel that it is safe down near the water. but even though the temperatures have dropped, the rain is falling. it's not very heavy, but it's still falling. it's not enough to put out those fires and get rid of that threat. earlier, george, when we spoke to the residents who had been told to evacuate, many of them said they're just furious. they are angry at the government. we've seen their anger over the past week. directly aimed at the australia prime minister scott morrison. take a listen. >> this is our war. this fire is australia's war at the moment. it's been right down the dividing range and going right to the coast. and there is one idf on the
1:50 am
ground. >> what would you say to the prime minister, jenny? >> get out. get out. you cannot lead this country. you are hopeless. you are a moron. get out. that's my message. go. >> people are angry, gorge. and they need help. you talk about the 3,000 army reservist australia's larmgeges vessel arrived in eden and we can't see it due to all the smoke but it is due to help tomorrow. we will see those troops tomorrow, george. >> people are livid. the skies there orange. the ground, the environment burning. anna, we appreciate the reporting, thank you. still ahead here on "newsroom." we take you to southern california to hear how the iranian regime casts a long shadow even here in the united states. stand by.
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mourners in iran expressing their anger at the u.s. air strike that killed qasem soleimani. the military commander being remembered there as a hero someone who helped to spread
1:55 am
influence and faced isis head on. as nick watt reports, it could be a different story when you speak with iranian americans. have a listen. >> fill out this form. >> reporter: at a citizenship seminar for immigrants here in l.a., no one would talk to us on camera. no one wanted their face shown. >> a lot of iranians still have families over there. their relatives live over there. the chances of their security to be in danger is high. >> reporter: many we spoke to say they watched on tv the brutal repression of anti-government protests that swept iran back in november. human rights organizations say at least 400 protesters were killed. here in l.a., qasem soleimani is not mourned. >> what is your first reaction? >> reporter: we'there is some e
1:56 am
jubilation among the older generations, again, they declined to speak on camera, even in death, even thousands of miles away soleimani's shadow still haunts. born and raised here preferred we not use his last name. >> definitely a huge shock just because of the magnitude of who qasem soleimani is. >> reporter: there is now more hope. >> i'm sure this is the first step towards a freedom probably. just looking for hope. >> reporter: but despite the u.s. president's words -- >> we did not take action to start a war. >> reporter: now, a real fear of war. >> so, many iranian have memory from war and the memory from the war is still alive. >> reporter: in the 1980s, iran and iraq fought a brutal protracted conflict that killed more than half a million.
1:57 am
>> i think a lot of us know what iran is capable of and we don't want iran to have a chance to show the world what that is. >> reporter: nick watt, cnn, los angeles. well, that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm becky anderson. another hour of news is just ahead. do, please, stay with us. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money.
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