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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 5, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello, everyone. top of the hour. i want to welcome our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm fredricka whitfield. thank you so much for joining me this sunday. right now tensions are intensifying in the middle east. three days after a u.s. drone strike killed top iranian commander qasem soleimani, just moments ago iran announced it will continue uranium enrichment in an about-face to the nuclear agreement. this is in reference to the u.s. strike. u.s. tolerance seems to be wavering. this moment the parliament outlined a plan to end troop
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presence in that country. iraq's foreign ministry is also complaining to the united nations, calling on the u.n. security council to condemn thursday's bombings by the u.s. that killed soleimani and nine others. meanwhile, soleimani's body returned to his home country of iran today. thousands of mourners filled the streets, and outrage was also felt in iran's parliament. lawmakers were seen chanting, death to america, during a session in tehran. iranian officials are telling cnn that they are planning a response to the u.s. against military sites. this as president trump is warning against any iranian retaliation. in a series of tweets, president trump revealed that the u.s. is prepared to target 52 iranian sites, some of which hold cultural significance. the warning comes as his administration faces questions here in the u.s. about the timing of the attack on
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soleimani, and if trump was planning or, rather, if soleimani was planning an imminent attack himself, which the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo did not answer completely this morning when he spoke to cnn's "state of the union." >> if you're an american in the region, days and weeks, this is not something that's relevant. we have to prepare. we have to be ready. we took a bad guy off the battlefield. we made the right decision. there is less risk today to american forces in the region as a result of that tack. i'm proud of the action the president took, and our execution by our military was phenomenal, and the work that was done by our diplomats in the reasonable to prepare and work diplomatically in the region has been powerful, important and effective. >> cnn white house correspondent jeremy diamond is in south florida where president trump is wrapping up his vacation there. jeremy, what else is this administration saying about the sequence of events and the
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justification? >> reporter: well, fredricka, secretary of state mike pompeo was the messenger this morning. he went on all five major sunday news programs, and he certainly was not walking back president trump's threat to iran issued last night in a three-part tweet, including the president's threat to bomb iranian cultural sites. here's the secretary of state on cnn this morning. >> president trump has been resolute. we will continue to be. we will defend america and the strikes we took over this past week, including killing the terrorist soleimani. we will continue to take if we need to. if we need to defend american institutions, we will do so. what president trump said last night was consistent with what we've said all along. if iran thought they could act with impunity, we would take strikes to iran proper. we told the regime that wouldn't be the case. we took these leaders who orchestrated these actions.
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president trump's tweet last night was clear that we will continue to that. the american people should know we will always defend them and we will do it consistent with the american law and constitution. we've done it before and we will do it again. >> with all due respect, because of president trump's threat on iranian cultural centers of interest would not be in accordance within international law. so which is it? >> i've been with president trump through the entire strategic planning process related to our entire campaign. diplomatic, economic and military. we've built an enormous coalition to push back against iran and its regime. the american people should know that we will not waver. we will be bold to protect our interest and we will do so consistent with the rule of law. president trump's tweet doesn't deviate from that one iota. >> reporter: now, fredricka, two senior officials are telling our colleague jim sciutto that there
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is deep opposition to bombing cultural sites in iran, and as jake noted there, it would be a violation to international law that the united states has signed onto. foreign u.s. officials have been speaking out, pointing out that the u.s. military would not recommend bombing those sites unless there is danger to us at those sites which doesn't appear to be the case so far. the secretary of state certainly not walking back that statement but also not directly addressing the question of whether or not the united states would be willing to target those sites. either way, though, these are the president's words. and when we see the president speak out, whether it is on twitter or in person, he is talking as the commander in chief of the united states, and so you do have to take quite seriously the red line that he is, indeed, setting here when he says that if iran does attack americans or american interests in the region that the united states will, indeed, strike back with a very specific threat here. so we will see whether or not
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the president enforces that red line if, indeed, iran does strike out. meanwhile, though, this is already provoking quite a bit of consternation among democrats on capitol hill, especially after the trump administration formally issued that to congress after that strike that took out the iranian general, qasem soleimani. we heard from the house speaker nancy pelosi as well as the top democratic leader, adam schiff. it raised some serious concern about whether or not the threat was imminent in the way that the administration described that required them to take this action against soleimani, and also, of course, questions about whether or not this action puts the u.s. at more risk and whether it's setting up the u.s. and iran on the path to war. fred? >> and pompeo, while he made his rounds on the sunday talk shows, said that members of congress would be getting more information about the events that led up to that killing
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sometime this week. jeremy diamond, thank you so much. so what did lead up to all of this? we well, just a little more than a week ago, a rocket attack by an iran-backed militia killed a u.s. civilian contractor and wounded several u.s. and iraqi military personnel. the u.s. retaliated little more than a week ago, bombing military sites in iraq. then tiraq attacked the u.s. embassy in baghdad and then the president ordered the attack on soleimani. so here we are. congressm the congressman is here. thank you for being here with us today. >> thank you, fredricka. >> so we're hearing it was a good thing to kill soleimani,
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but the white house is also telling us that we have to watch their actions. >> pulling out of the iran deal hasn't made us rich in uranium, they're talking about kicking out american troops. that is not making us safer and is not helping the interests in that region. >> national security adviser under the obama administration wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" saying americans would be wriz to brace for war with iran. she says, and i'm quoting now, in deciding to eliminate general soleimani, mr. trump and his team argue that they were acting in self-defense to thwart imminent attacks on iraq and the region. this may be true as general soleimani was a ruthless murderer and terrorist with much american blood on his hands, unfortunately, it's hard to place confidence in the reputation of an administration
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that lies almost daily about matters large and small, and even in this critical instance, failed to brief, much less consult, bipartisan leaders in congress. so, congressman, do you worry about the credibility of this white house despite the documented things that we just, you know, laid out, the things that we know of publicly which led up to soleimani's death? >> absolutely. this is a president that's been prone to at best exaggerated statements, misleading statements and oftentimes very false statements. so he stated that there were imminent threats. well, he should expect congress to ask tough questions and how this resulted. the leaders of the congress were not consulted on this. >> and when the press consulted cnn about whether eliminating
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soleimani eliminates the threat, he would only say, we are prepared to respond to whatever iran delivers. how do you decipher that? >> that answer is not going to hold when we bring them into classified signatures. we're going to want those answers and they're not going to be able to respond to these things. the president has to go to congress to get that authorization, to get the war powers act. >> iran has said it will have harsh revenge to the u.s. in this strike to kill soleimani. in your view, should the u.s. be bracing for a war of some sort? >> we should certainly be preparing to protect our men and women, our troops that are out there are our assets, individuals and interests. that said, iran should proceed with caution. let's look for ways to deescalate this situation that seems to go in the wrong
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direction. >> on the issue of u.s. troops presence, 5,000 troops roughly in iraq, and iraq's parliament is making some progress in potentially removing or requesting or demanding the u.s. pull out. what are the dangers you see there? and is it that simple? can that country just simply invite the u.s. out? >> you know, the agreements that are in place right now allow u.s. troops to stay there. it does seem like the iraqi government, iraqi parliament is taking steps to change the terms of those agreements. i think, again, advice to the iraqis would be to proceed cautiously. i understand there is some anger towards the united states, but we saw what happened with isis and some destabilization within the country in prior years, so, again, if everyone can take a step back, let's look for ways to deescalate the situation. let's think about ways to start a conversation. i'm glad our european allies are also trying to start this
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conversation to deescalate tensions. >> and congressman, secretary of state pompeo also said, while on the surnday talk shows, members of congress would be briefed this week. as a member of the foreign affairs committee, what do you hope to learn? what questions do you want answered? >> we want to know exactly what the imminent threat was, how this decision was made, who made this decision, and he's not going to be able to duck those questions. president trump is not going to be able to duck those questions. >> congressman ami bera, thank you so much. >> thank you. stomp co coming up, more than 3,000 military families now facing the impacts of a family member being deployed to the middle east. live reaction from fort bragg, next. plus, breaking news out of pennsylvania. at least five people dead and 60 injured in a mass pile-up on the pennsylvania turnpike. we have details.
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welcome bang. iraq's parliament voting to withdraw all u.s. troops, including soldiers, from that country. the vote is not binding on the american government, but it's clear they are reacting to the killing of qasem soleimani. arwa, how important is today's vote? >> reporter: fairly significant on all levels, fredricka. courtship was achieved in parliament but only by the representation that was there from the countries shia blocks.
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the sunnis and the kurds sat this one out, and i think that shows you just how divisive the foreign troop, the u.s. troop presence is in this country, especially in light of the targeted killing of qasem soleimani and the parliamentary leader. the parliament did take this vote. it is non-binding, but this is what the caretaker prime minister said just before that vote took place. >> translator: it will be difficult for foreign forces to protect themselves from strikes that come from inside or outside iraq, and it will be difficult for iraqi forces to protect after a recent incident and not to resort to peaceful and political solutions. therefore, it is in the interest of both iraq and the u.s. to end foreign troop presence in iraq. >> reporter: a lot of what he's saying there, fredricka, goes to
11:17 am
the very core of the biggest matter here, and that is iraq turning into an even bigger, more violent proxy battlefield between the u.s. and iran. from the iraqi government's calculus, it is presumably easier to ask the u.s. and other foreign forces to leave than to try to untangle themselves from iran's tentacles which extend quite far into the military and political apparatus. now, the other big question is, what happens next? does the prime minister, given he is a caretaker prime minister, then have the authority to turn around and ask coalition forces to leave? what kind of a timeline would this happen in? would there be the possibility of leaving any forces behind in perhaps an even more limited role, and what impact will this have on trying to calm down the tensions and the various threats that current shia groups are
11:18 am
making when it comes to taking it upon themselves to perhaps try to force the americans out? this is a very unique situation that this country is in. the government right now trying to navigate it, and we are also trying to better understand it. >> all right. arwa damon, thank you so much there out of baghdad. right now, more than 3,000 u.s. servicemembers are deploying to the middle east, and many of them, they don't know when they'll be back to the u.s. yesterday multiple aircrafts were seen leaving fort bragg in north carolina as tensions between the u.s. and iran continue to escalate. natasha chen joining me from fort bragg, the home of the 81st airborne. what are you learning? what are they thinking and feeling? >> reporter: fred, this is a very sudden turn of events, and we do want to point out that from what we've heard, a lot of the spouses and family members of those deploying have been encouraged not to post about it
11:19 am
on social media or to speak publicly about it for security reasons. but we have been talking to a volunteer organization who is in touch with these families, and what we're hearing is that some of these folks are going through deployments for the first time. and so there is a lot of fear and unknown questions, particularly because, as you said, they don't know how long this is going to last, and while they all know that this is what they signed up for, that they have been prepared, it is something else altogether to get that notice right at the end of the holidays, around new year's, and to not know what to expect, especially for those first-timers. so here is my conversation with sabrina johannes who is the executive director of a group called deployed love. they initially started out as just a group taking holiday pictures for families, and now she's finding herself having to coordinate some social activity to help these families in this moment. here's what she said. >> they're obviously reaching out saying, i'm really scared, i
11:20 am
don't know what to expect that's coming up. you get some training along the way, but you never know what to expect when it's a quick turnaround and they're not going to hear from their spouse for a few days while they're in transition, and so a lot is just, we're scared and we need someone there to talk to. >> reporter: so you hear her talk a lot about that fear of the unknown for some of those families who have not been through this before, so they are relying heavily on families who have experienced deployments before. another interesting observation of hers is that this time around, they're getting contacted by a lot of parents of soldiers, asking for information, looking for answers to their questions, because this has been such a sudden move, and because extended family may not be as in the loop for fort bragg and exactly what's going on here. they've actually started reaching out to groups like deployed love to look for some of those answers, too. a lot of families around the country just bracing themselves for what's next, fred.
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skepticism is mounting for the justification of president trump's ordered killing for the
11:25 am
iranian general. soleimani was linked to specific imminent threats to the u.s. >> there certainly was a lack of detail in terms of the plotting. and i don't think we had sufficient guidance on either its imminence or the warrants of the attacks to take out general soleimani. i don't think the report supports the conclusion that killing a top iranian official is going to either stop plotting or improve american security. i do think it's likely to result in strategic losses. i think it's going to result in potentially our being thrown out of iraq, reducing our ability to fight isis, and additional plotting against the united states. >> cnn's diane gallagher joins me with more on the intel concerns. what are you hearing? >> fred, those sentiments from
11:26 am
adam schiff are also echoed from speaker pelosi. she released a statement once congress received that required notification last night, essentially saying that it created more questions than it did give them answers. i want to read you a bit of her statement, kind of getting at the heart of their complaint. she said, the highly unusual decision to classify this document in its entirety compounds our many concerns and suggests that the congress and the american people are being left in the dark about our national security. now, we have been told some details from the national security adviser, from the joint chiefs chairman, simply that in addition to that threat, that imminent threat they keep talking about, that this was compounded by the attack on the base that killed the american contractor at the end of december as well as the related incident in baghdad. this morning our own jake tapper
11:27 am
on "state of the union" when pressing secretary of state pompeo on these threats, were they days or -- pompeo said whether it was days or weeks is irrelevant. we got a bad guy off the battlefield. we appear to be getting murkier descriptions on just how imminent these plots were on soleimani, and to that extent, pompeo could not say whether or not the threat of those plots were neutralized with the killing of soleimani at this point. >> and the fighting of isis has temporarily stopped its mission in iraq and syria to polarize protection for the u.s. do we allow isis to grow in these vacuums in the mideast?
11:28 am
>> that's the key word, fredricka, vacuum. they have done a temporary pause, as they're doing now, to focus on the protection of the forces and the installations that are there in the regions at this point. however, when we are removed, it creates a vacuum of sorts. the militia groups have the ability to thrive. what point officials will be watching is what arwa talked about before, the decision from the iraqi government and what that means for the future of the troops and the u.s. interests in iraq. at this point right now, the trump administration has sent, of course, roughly 3,500 servicemembers to the region in preparation for any sort of retaliation there may be because of the killing of soleimani. >> diane gel gallagher in washington, thank you so much. 2020 presidential candidates are among the loudest voices questioning president trump's decision to kill iran's top
11:29 am
military commander. >> qasem soleimani was a bad figure. he has american blood on his hands. none of us should shed a tear for his death. but just because he deserved it doesn't mean it was the right strategic move. >> i think the question we should focus on is why now? why not a month ago, why not a month from now? the answer from the administration seems to be they can't keep their story straight on this. next week the president of the united states could be facing an impeachment trial in the senate. we know he's deeply upset about that, and i think people are reasonably asking, why this moment? >> joining me now to discuss is bill weld, a republican challenging president trump for the 2020 nomination and a two-term governor in massachusetts. good to see you, governor. >> nice to see you, fredricka. >> what do you make of senator warren's thoughts and
11:30 am
suggestions that president trump ordered the strike on soleimani to potentially distract on his impending impeachment process? >> it is amazing that this is happening at a time when our commander in chief has not only been impeached but is on trial in the senate. obviously, you can't rule that out, but i think whether or not you go there, very little thought appears to have been given to this matter, and the problem, i think, is that the president doesn't really have a foreign policy, it's all herky-jerky with him, it's all personal. that's not how you conduct yourself on the field of international relations. >> so what's your view that very little thought has gone into this, that the president or the white house has given this very little thought before this strike? >> it's how the president always acts. he says, i don't have to list ton my so-called experts, because i know more than anybody else does, i, donald trump, and when i want to know what to do,
11:31 am
i just consult myself, and that flies in the face of the way american administrations have always acted in the past. look how many people quit the defense department just in the last month, five senior officials. look how many acting secretaries we have. it's almost as though the president doesn't like to have confirmed cabinet secretaries because he knows then they would have more clout. but he's got acting homeland security secretary. anyone who is acting in washington, i can tell you i've spent enough time down there, has no clout, and the president likes it that way because then everything goes back to the oval ofls a office and it's all about him. that's not how the united states should make foreign policy, having everything be about the person holding the office of president. it shouldn't be about that. it should be about the consequences of our actions and our policy around the globe. >> so for you, you're seeking that job that will put you at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. as president, how would you have responded to the incidents that we know of publicly that the white house has used as
11:32 am
justification for that drone strike on soleimani, and would you be more transparent, or do you feel, you know, that as president, you owe the american people more about intelligence? >> i can definitely see taking out soleimani, but he did have the government role as well as being a borderline war criminal, and so i think consultation with congress. that's not something i would shrink from. i do not regard congress or the press or the court system as the enemy of the president of the united states. they're a part of the substructure of our government that maintains its stability. the president doesn't understand that. he doesn't understand that we don't want more nuclear powers. he ripped up the treaty with iran. that was a disaster. now we're seeing the consequences. they've declared they're not going to comply with the treaty. he's encouraged japan and south korea to develop their own nuclear weapons programs. this man is like a child in international affairs, seriously. he has only a child's understanding of those chess pieces on the board. >> so do you see the imminent threat that the white house
11:33 am
speaks of includes the attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq, includes the killing of an american contractor, and that those things constitute the killing of this general? >> well, he's done a lot more than that over the years, believe me, and i don't think those are the most serious things that we've seen, and they're not as serious -- >> but the most recent incidents. >> yeah, they're the most recent, but soleimani has a rich and varied history in the sense that he's left a trail of terror behind him. the point, i think, is those three incidents are not as serious as we're going to see after we put the u.s.-iran relationship, which was going in the right direction under the 2015 treaty, he's put it on a war footing. a president should not put the united states on a war footing without consulting with at least the senior representatives in congress. we saw what happened when the
11:34 am
gulf of tompkin resolution was a fig leaf so the war could go as the president wanted, and it was a disaster. >> so now iran is calling on uranium enrichment with no limitations. do you directly blame the white house? >> oh, yes, for ripping up the treaty in the first place. the overwhelming evidence at the time was they were in compliance, and i think that was the consensus after president trump ripped up the treaty. his actions are just so emotional. they're based on how he feels at the moment. i don't know how many treaties were the worst negotiated, but it seems that treaty was the worst negotiated. >> is there no room for the u.s. or iran to negotiate, whether it be on nuclear proliferation or whether it be on anything to
11:35 am
help stabilize the middle east region? do you see there is no possibility for the u.s. and iran to ever come to terms or work together? >> iver sa've said publicly mans if i were president, i would join the uspca treaty without any conditions. i wouldn't pretend like i got something out of ripping it up. that's not going to completely calm things down right now, but it would be a good start, and then there's always room for diplomacy. the president has put us in a tough position, though, because the iranians will be hard pressed to say to our people, well, he killed our top guy, but he said he would bring us ice in the winter and some pistachio nuts. you know, that's not going to fly. it's going to have to be a lot that we bring to the table, but yes, we should get back to the table. >> we'll leave it there. governor bill weld, thank you so much. >> thank you. stomp sti still ahead, a top military
11:36 am
iranian adviser talks in a cnn exclusive, next. expect better. expect hilton.
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if your dishwasher doesn't get dishes completely dry... try finish jet-dry. it dries 100% better than detergent alone - even plastics. get dishes drier than you ever thought possible. try finish jet-dry. iran says it will continue uranium enrichment with no limits based on the now broken iran agreement. this is a direct response to the strike that killed iranian general soleimani in iran. iran is vowing retaliation and now president trump is warning that the u.s. is prepared to target iranian sites if that happens. cnn's fred pleitgen is on the ground in tehran.
11:39 am
fred, you have an exclusive interview with a key iranian military leader who is being very specific about an iranian response. >> reporter: yeah, very specific, fredricka, and also someone who is extremely high up in the power structure. this is someone who is a direct military adviser to iran's supreme leader eayatollah ayatollah homeini. he told me there would definitely be a retaliation from the iranians, and he said it would be military and to military targets. he made it clear to me that iran does not want a wider war with the united states. here's what he said. >> translator: the response for sure will be military and against military sites. let me tell you one thing.
11:40 am
our leadership has officially announced we've never been seeking war and we will not be seeking war. it was america that started the war. therefore, they should accept appropriate reactions to their actions. the only thing that can end this period of war is for the americans to receive a blow that is equal to the blow they've inflicted. afterward, they should not seek a new cycle. >> what's your response to that, that apparently iranian culture sites are now a target of the trump administration? >> translator: basically, he's a veritable gangster and a gambler rather than a politician. he has no mental stability. the u.n. has a resolution,
11:41 am
number 2347. that resolution says actions against cultural centers are regarded as war crimes. for sure no american military star, no american political center, no american military base, no american vessel in the world will be safe. if he says 52 sites, we say 300, and they are accessible to us. >> how big a blow to your foreign operations was the assassination of qasem soleimani? >> translator: today our will to defend our interests in the region after his martyrdom has increased a thousand times. we don't feel anything. we have a logic, the logic of martyrdom. it says for any commander whose flag falls and has mounted, ten
11:42 am
commanders will raise the fallen man's flag. therefore, we don't feel anything. >> at the same time, the trump administration and president trump himself still says he wants negotiations with iran. do you think there is any possibility of that at this point? >> translator: look, for several reasons we didn't want to negotiate with this incumbent u.s. administration. now after what's happened to mr. soleimani, there is no point for negotiations or relations. it's impossible. >> reporter: some very clear words there from the adviser to the iranian supreme leader saying iran is definitely not deterred and saying their capabilities for foreign operations just as high and just as big as they were before soleimani was killed, fredricka. >> fred pleitgen, excellent for bringing that to us from tehran. still ahead, an air field used by u.s. troops in east africa comes under attack by
11:43 am
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all right, to kenya now where a base used by the u.s. military was attacked by militants aligned with al qaeda today. there are conflicting reports on casualties, damage and whether the al shabab fighters actually got on the base in the county. we're live from the kenya county of nairobi. tell us what you know. >> reporter: this was an
11:48 am
audacioun attack by al qaeda. kenya forces, african troops fighting alongside american counterparts in the u.s.-african command. mandalay bayfield was hit about 5:30 this morning. militants hit this place and it raises many questions. it is really of significance because it is the first time that they have attacked american troops on kenyan soil. now, this rumble and this fight against al-shabbab, fredricka, has been going on for many, many years. and at the same time just last week we were talking about the very same terrorists killing 85 somalis in mogadishu in an apparent suicide car bomb. we're told five bodies were recovered as well. american and kenyan forces are telling us that aircraft was
11:49 am
damaged. that's military aircraft and road aircraft, meaning helicopters. there is discussion on how such a group could do that, but given the tension surrounding our american soldiers, we merely need to look into how they had such access. they recovered grenades, rocket-propelled gre nanadegren ak-47s and other weapons. we do know five terrorists were killed, fredricka. >> farai sevenzo, thank you so much for bringing that to us from nairobi. at least five people dead, 60 injured in a mass pile-up on a pennsylvania turnpike. we have details.
11:50 am
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we're following breaking news out of pennsylvania where at least five people are dead and 60 are injured after a mass pile-up on the pennsylvania turnpike. it happened overnight around 40 miles southeast of pittsburgh. three tractor-trailers, a tour bus and multiple cars were involved. early reports from state police suggest the tour bus slammed into an embankment, setting off
11:54 am
a chain reaction. some witnesses say the weather may have been a factor. turnpike officials say the highway itself should have been safe for travel. >> the road conditions seemed to be fine in that area. we treat all night long with our maintenance crew. they are here 24/7 to treat the roadway, so we did not have any indication that the roadways were anything but treated. >> of the injured, at least two patients are in critical condition. a large stretch of the turnpike remains closed as investigators continue to piece together what happened. in new york, thousands are marching alongside jewish community leaders in a show of solidarity following a number of recent anti-semitic attacks there. one of the worst happened a week ago when six people attending a hanukkah party at a rabbi's house were stabbed. cnn's brynn gingras is in new york.
11:55 am
they have said no hate, no fear. >> reporter: you can hear the speaker behind me. it started at 11:00 this morning. there was an estimated 25,000 people who gathered in lower manhattan and crossed the brooklyn bridge where we know there has been a drastic rise in anti-semitic attacks even just within the last month. as you even pointed out, everyone here says they stand together against hate, against the attacks that happened here in brooklyn, the incident that happened in jersey city, and as you said, a week ago in monsey, new york. everyone said they're together to support each other. it doesn't matter what your faith or background is, they stand together against hate. i think the most incredible thing, fred, these aren't just people from new york out here. we've seen people from canada, connecticut, philadelphia, cleveland. i want you to hear why some of those people got on a plane, got on buses at midnight just to be here. >> it's phenomenal. and it's not surprising.
11:56 am
there is a lot of people that are concerned about this, and i think it's a great turnout today, and it hopefully will elevate by places like yours and other news organizations and newspapers and so forth in spreading the word so people know what's happening and more can be done about it. >> reporter: and there's something to be said for the fact that this was organized in response, really, to the monsey attacks, organized just days ago, and what a turnout it really was for everyone is to stand against these anti-semitic attacks, and really just stand together in unison. fred? >> brynn gingras in new york, thank you for that. tensions are intensifying in the middle east three days after a u.s. drone strike killed a top iranian commander. today iran announcing it will continue uranium enrichment with no limitations in an about-face to the iran nuclear agreement. we'll have more right after this. closed off.
11:57 am
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hello again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. thank you so much for being with me. we begin with breaking news. cnn has just learned that one defense member and two contractors were killed on a u.s. base targeted by kenyan militants. when we get more information we'll bring that to you, and also join our reporter in nairobi with any information he may be learning. in the meantime, tensions are mounting in the middle east three days after a u.s. drone strike killed top iranian commander qasem soleimani. today iran announced that it will continue uranium enrichment with no limitation in an about-face to the iran nuclear agreement. this in direct response to that
12:00 pm
u.s. strike. now even iraq's tolerance of the u.s. seems to be wavering this morning. iraq's parliament seemed to outline a plan to end u.s. troop presence in that country. iraq's foreign ministry is also complaining to the united nations, calling on the u.n. security council to condemn thursday's bombings by the u.s. that killed soleimani and nine others in iraq. meanwhile, soleimani's body returned to his home country of iran today. thousands of mourners filled the streets and outrage was also felt in iran's parliament. lawmakers were seen chanting, death to america, during a session in tehran. iranian officials tell cnn that they are planning a response to the u.s. against military sites. this as president trump is warning against any iranian retaliation. in a series of


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