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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 18, 2020 1:00am-2:01am PST

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president trump and vice pre president pence say they don't know him. that's it for this hour. thanks for watching. new details into the strike that took out soleimani from the man who ordered it. u.s. president trump tells republican donors about the last minutes of the iranian general's life. also trump's impeachment lawyers, the president reveals new members to his legal teams a we see new documents about apparent surveillance of the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. we'll talk about that. and also look at this, a big blast of winter weather, the u.s. is getting hit with snow, ice and sleet and derek van dam
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will telli you where it is, whee it is going and how bad is it. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. coming to you live from atlanta where the weather is not so bad. i'm that thely natal i'm natalie allen. "newsroom" starts right now. 4:00 a.m. here. we appreciate you joining us. our top story donald trump is offering a new reason why he authorized the killing of iran's top general. friday mr. trump attended a fundraising event at his mar-a-lago resort and gave minute by minute details of the u.s. operation which killed iran he's top military commander. >> 2 minutes and 11 seconds. no emotion. they have two minutes and 11
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seconds to live, sir. they are in an arrest mored vehicle. sir, they have approximately one minute to live, sir. 30 seconds. 10, 9, 8 -- >> and now listen to what mr. trump said about qassem soleimani and what led him to ordered drone strike. >> he was supposed to be invincible. he was saying bad things about our country. he was saying we're going to attack you your country, we're going to kill your people. i said how much of this [ bleep ] are we going to listen to. he would have done it. mr. trump did not speak of an imminent threat which his administration has said justified the attack. the killing led iran to retaliation with an air strike on iraqi base housing u.s. troops injuring 11 people. president's impeachment trial kicks into high gear tuesday,
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but already its that t has the of a bad spy novel. manu raju looks at the latest information, where we're getting it and how it is playing out on capitol hill. >> house democrats released new documents friday night as part of their push to have the president removed from office ahead of their filing of a brief that will detail their arguments in the senate impeachment trial. those new documents from lev parnas that giuliani associate, someone cooperating with house investigators after he was indicted on crinin infectin indiana din in-dited on criminal charges. showing the role that he played in the effort to oust marie yovanovitch, later recalled from the post by president trump amid the push by truntrump and his ao launch investigations from ukraine into the president's political rival joe biden. now, these new text messages were given to parnas by a
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congressional candidate named robert hyde. mr. hyde is also a trump ally and someone who had been in frequent communication with parnas. and this text message shows hyde in communication with an unkno belgian number. and this person texts hyde to tell him that they are tracking the movements of marie yovanovitch. this comes amid the concerns that she was being is you vesury the giuliani you associaassocia. it says at one point nothing has changed, she is still not moving. they checked again today. that is from the individual with the belgian phone numberi. she ask do we stand down or do you still need intel. be safe. and then hyde responds act. and also at the same time a
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deeper involvement devin nunes and his top aide to apparently dig up dirt that the republicans had been seeking on capitol hill against joe biden and to look into this theory, conspiracy theory of sorts, that it was ukraine that interfered in the 2016 elections. something that the president himself has pushed to undercut the findings of the u.s. intelligence community that it was russia that interfered to help president trump. but nunes' aide is in frequent communication with lev parnas about trying to set up meetings with various ukranian officials to get dirt. and at the same time lev parnas provided more photographs including photographs with him and president trump and also with rudy giuliani and this at the same time that the president says he barely knew the guy, that he takes pictures with august the all these individuals. but parnas is saying that he has a lot of pictures with president trump, he was in the inner
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circle and has extensive knowledge about this operation. so expect all of this to come out in the impeachment trial next week in the senate. this new evidence, democrats plan to bring forward, we'll see how republicans react when they presented with it next week. manu raju, cnn, capitol hill. the white house has confirmed president trump added several high profile attorneys to his impeachment defense team. tom foremant tells us more abou mr. trump's controversial picks. >> the evidence signatures that the president repeatedly tried thwart the legal process. >> reporter: when ken starr was building the case against bill clinton donald trump called the special prosecutor a freak and more. >> i think ken starr is a lunatic, he is a disaster.
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>> reporter: but now starr is on trump's impeachment defense team joining robert ray and alan dershowitz as the president's latest ready for tv heavy weights. >> we shall do our best to be thorough and fair. all right ray took over the whitewater probe when starr stepped down and seems ready to stand by him again. >> while there may not be the votes to dismiss will this outright, i think that you can look for sumgry proce look for summary proceedings without witnesses. >> reporter: dershowitz was part of the so-called dream team that defended o.j. simpson. he presented mike tyson, patty hurst and for a time jeffrey epstein. he told the new yorker he regrets that one, but he also said a lot of other things. >> "black lives matter" is endangering the fairness irness
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legal system. they are the broad general vague open ended criteria that can be weaponized against virtually any president. >> reporter: the defense team also includes former florida attorney general pam bondi, jane raskin and also pat cipollone and outside attorney jay sekulow. yet even with all that legal firepower, a question remains. >> one of the issues is will the president follow legal advice. >> reporter: even as the president stacks up all this big name legal help, he keeps insisting that the case against him is incredibly weak. and anybody can see it is a hoax. tom foreman, cnn, washington. alan dershowitz has been quick to put qualifiers on his involvement on the defense team. >> i've been asked to prepare
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and deliver the case, the constitutional contains against impeachment that benefits the president. it is the same argument i would have made if hillary clinton had gotten elected and she were being impeached. similar to the arguments i made when i testified as a witness against the impeachment of bill clinton and when i consulted with the bill clinton legal team on there only to argue about the constitutional criteria for impeachment which i've written about extensively and why these two articles don't rise to the level of an impeachable offense. i will go into the history of the formulation in the constitution and the history of how these words came to be and leave to others to argue the facts, to make strategic decisions about witnesses, that is not within my jurisdiction. >> why are you playing these semantic games? whose side are you on? you are on the defense team. are you embeaarembarrassed? >> you sound like my mother. >> i look like your mother.
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>> you wish. itched that i was defending the right of nazis to march and she said son, are you for the jews or the a nazis? i said mom, for the constitution. she said i'm your mother, don't tell me that, you have to pick sides. the jews or the nazis. >> so what side are you on in the impeachment hearing? >> i'm against impeachment. i'm clear about that. i think it would be unconstitutional, it would set a terrible precedent for this president to be impeached for these alleged articles of impeachment. >> all right. let's talk more about it with mr. johnson, a lecturer in u.s. politics and international relations at lancaster university in england. i would imagine that your job has become more interesting perhaps with all the developments that we must follow here in the united states. so first, i want to ask you, what do you think about what we're hearing from dershowitz there and the fact that mr. trump is also using ken starr on
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his team who impeached bill clinton? of course we heard the president made extremely disparaging remarks about starr years ago and now hires him. >> i think it is very interesting what is happening. i think that there a bit of a subtle shift in the arguments that the president's defenders have been making as of late. as the evidence comes out more clearly of the president's involvement in this ukraine scandal and the latest from lev parnas underlines that, that now what they are arguing is not so much whether or not he was implicated in these actions putting pressure on the ukrainian government, but whether that rise z to ts to th of a high crime that president should be removed from office. is it a high crime rather than a crime as the language of the constitution sets out. and so this was a similar argument that was made in the clinton trial, where it almost
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wasn't in doubt that clinton committed perjury, it was whether it amounted to a high crime for him to be removed from office. and i think that that is sort of subtly what we're getting to now from the president's defenders. >> and at that time kenneth starr's investigation went on and on and on. he even tried to involve the secret service in testimony. he even reached out to monica lewinsky's boyfriends. he was very thorough. and now he is saying that he is representing the president and doesn't believe there needs to be witnesses and testimony. so how does that square? >> in that respect things are very different from the clinton impeachment. we had the starr report in the late 1990s which was an extremely thorough investigation conducted by ken starr into all matters relating to the lewinsky
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scandal and around it. in this case there was no special prosecutor's report for the house to send over to the senate. the house had to conduct its own investigations using its own committees. and some of the witnesses that the house wanted to speak to were blocked by the president. and now there is i think a compelling argument to be made that those witnesses who some of them have now made it be known that they would be willing to speak to the senate should be heard, that for the fact of the completeness of the record of this trial, that those voices cannot be ignored. that they must be brought into the proceedings. >> and i want to talk with you about this new evidence from left par lev parnas. he has been all over the new yorks news. and if that is allowed in the impeachment trial, it could have an impact.
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do you think that this is a spot where is democrats may try to move to bring in evidence? that has been their goal from the start for this trial and it seems to have gone nowhere so far. >> my understanding is that lev parnas' documentary evidence that he has provided managed to get september over to the sene r sent get sent over to the senate as part of the evidence that the house sent to the senate through congressman nadler. who is the chairman. i guess what remains is whether or not someone like lev parnas ought to be a witness in the trial. and if we use the analogy that the house is a grand jury which is indicting the president and that the senate is the actual trial, it is not unusual in a trial to have new evidence entered into that trial and to have witnesses heard in that trial. and so i think that it is
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perfectly legitimate for people to suggest that figures like lev parnas should be considered as witnesses in this trial. >> and we know that the american public has sent a strong message that they want a fair trial. tuesday will be interesting when it gets under way. we'll likely talk with you again. richard johnson, thank you. >> thank you. and we touched on it with lev parnas, but ukraine is once again being swept up into u.s. controversy. ahead, the investigation being launched into possible spying on a former u.s. ambassador. also we mentioned this, a winter storm sweeping across the u.s. creating mayhem on the roads and in the skies. we'll find out where it is and where it is headed next with derek van dam. these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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welcome back. that video kind of says it all, doesn't it? a powerful winter storm could affect more than 100 million people across the u.s. this weekend, it is already creating all kinds of trouble in the state of minnesota, more than 170 vehicle crashes have been blamed on the storm. some 1700 flights were canceled
1:20 am
across the country friday and hundreds more already canceled for saturday. with that, i will be quiet and turn it over to derek. >> yeah, all right, i say i'm going back to bed when i see video like that. that is brutal. no better way to describe it. it closed some highways across the midwest. and the wind was gusting over 70 miles per hour in some locations. that is actually even a far cry from what was happening in nova scotia. that is another story. i want to show you what happened in western iowa, this is dramatic footage. this is a delivery truck driver that split second later would have been a completely different drought come. terria outcome. terrifying moments here. the delivery driver got stuck,c. outcome. terrifying moments here. the delivery driver got stuck, the trooper trying to assist him and they were walking along and
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the truck spins out of control on the windy ro wintry roads. lucky to be alive. nearly 120 million people impacted by the winter weather today. i'm showing you friday's numbers because this is incredible. 1700 flights were canceled. over 4,000 delayed. you can imagine the snowball effect, no pun intended, or was it? chicago o'hare, by the way, ten hour delays at o'hare international. that is not a place you want to spend ten hours. here is the movement of the storm. chicago, you will start clearing up today. of course we still are the impact from the heavy snowfall and rain yesterday that is starting to edge away from the city. now, there is still another hour or two of wet weather, but look as it approaches the new england coastline, here is the storm system over the next 24 hours.
1:22 am
it will be with us until sunday morning and then it exits the coast and we warm up and we see temperatures that will allow for the snow -- the newly fallen snow to start melting. so we're kind of going on a roller coaster of winter weather across the eastern u.s. and i like snow, so when you have that snow fall and then it melts and falls again, difficult to, well, cope with i guess at least for me. the flood watches are significant as well. you can see that it extends across missouri and into central illinois. flood warnings, this is all part southern portion of the storm that of course is in liquid, that being rainfall, we're anticipating perhaps another one to two inches of rain as the system marches eastward. and then of course a lot of the rivers are swollen from the recent rainfall that we've had. and i mentioned the east coast of canada, well, this storm system, this is not actually even associated with the country winter storm that is impacting
1:23 am
the u.s., but this is another one, this is bringing blizzard conditions to halifax. check out this video. you have to see what it looks like in this region. they had over 100 kilometer per hour winds with reduced visibiliadvis visibility the snow was so intense for over a 12 hour period there, shut down roads and infrastructure. i mean, you can see it clearly very difficult in canada. >> absolutely. but there is a guy out walking his dogs. >> they're tough. >> yes, they are. derek, thanks. richmond, the capital of the state of virginia, is on edge this weekend after the arrest of three more alleged neo-nazis. authorities fear that they may have been headed to monday's gun rights rally in the city. as brian todd reports, the state governor is worried about a violent confrontation and history repeating itself. >> reporter: a state of emergency in virginia's capital
1:24 am
city. state and local police deploying, guns and other weapons banned on the grounlgds of the state capitol in richmond ahead of a gun rights rally monday. it is on the orders of virginia governor rafflpffl ralph north . >> no one wants another incident. >> reporter: there was a far right rally in charlottesville. a woman was killed when a car slammed into a crowd. governor northam says that they have intelligence on the event. >> and this intelligence comes from mainstream channels, both offline and online. such as alternative dark web channels used by violent groups and white nationalists from outside virginia. >> reporter: the fbi has arrested three men who a law enforcement official tells cnn were believed to be planning to
1:25 am
travel to the rally in richmond. the men including one who officials say came into the u.s. illegally from canada were picked up on weapons charges. a charging document saying they put together and tested a functioning assault rifle, officials say they are members of a shadowy organization called the base. >> this is a white supremacist group that is very much active online, it is known for sort of glorifying violence and white supremacist tropes. they believe that now is a moment in this country to create a race war. >> reporter: earlier this week, three alleged members of the base were arrested in georgia, an accused of planning to murder a couple and wanting to overthrow the government. there is no evidence of any connection between white supremacists and the people organizing monday's rally. gun rights actity vi tivists pr against the new gun laws in virginia. but extremists often hijack
1:26 am
issues like gun control to cause trouble. >> what we're seeing extremists do is try to take this issue, stoke the fears and anxieties in a community and try to bring more uncertainty into the situation. that is what white supremacists thriveconfusion, anger. >> reporter: and some connected to the rally are concerned what happens outside the capitol grounds. nearby streets where observers fear there could be violence between extremist groups and others. what are law enforcement officials doing to prevent that? officials from the richmond and state police and the governor's office were contacted by cnn about that. they won't discuss specific tactic, but they do say that they will have a big law enforcement footprint throughout the city. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> and cnn will of course be covering that rally on monday. next here, was the former
1:27 am
u.s. ambassador to ukraine spied on? her movements were allegedly tracked, devices possibly monitored. we look at the investigation ukraine is launching to find out. plus, after the wife of a democratic presidential candidate tells cnn how she was sexually assaulted by her doctor, a new victim speaks out. this is a cnn exclusive. - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos, that are degrading? legacybox professionally converts them to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. legacybox is simple and safe, with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off.
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go to to get started. welcome back.
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you're watching "cnn newsroom." we appreciate it. i'm natalie allen. here are our top stories this hour. the white house confirms president trump has added three high profile lawyers to his impeachment defense team. al alan dershowitz who defended o.j. simpson, ken starr famous on his work on the bill clinton he impeachment and robert ray became starr's successor. the u.s. state department says that it will investigate allegations that the u.s. ambassador in ukraine was under active surveillance. newly released documents suggest the spying was done by people connected to rudy giuliani, president trump's personal attorney. the new developments came from lev parnas, an indicted businessman with ties to giuliani. as those documents are being released, ukraine has also announced that it is launching an investigation into the responsible surveillance of former u.s. ambassador marie
1:32 am
yovanovitch. and as sam kiley reports, this isn't the first time that the country has found itself in the middle of u.s. affairs. >> reporter: ukranians once again find themselves at the center of issues that really have their roots in washington, d.c. and donald trump's impeachment trial now. the latest evidence suggesting from the ukranian perspective that they should open a criminal investigation. this follows a text exchange that suggests in texts between robert hyde, a congressional candidate, and lev parnas at the time a close associate of rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, frequently a traveler here to ukraine, in which mr. hyde seems to suggest that he has got some kind of information perhaps even some kind of a surveillance operation that he has got access to or privy to involving the u.s. ambassador to kiev.
1:33 am
as a consequences, the ukranians have launched a criminal investigation, an extraordinary situation really in which americans are being potentially investigated for spying on americans in a third nation. that being ukraine. this angered the ukranians who are also saying that they have no evidence, simply that they are conducting an investigation. thand and they say that they have reached out to the fbi but have not yet heard back from them. they want to see all of the evidence available to the united states so that they can conduct their investigations because they are angry and they are saying that ukraine cannot ignore such illegal territory of its own state. and secretary of state mike pompeo has been asked about this text exchange and indeed wider questions and of course his own
1:34 am
administration have been reluctant indeed to respond in any meaningful way. sam kiley, cnn, kiev. and we want to point about out that hyde denies monitoring yovanovitch and as we've mentioned, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo has announced that his department will investigate the possible surveillance. bottom line, there is a lot going on in ukraine right now. you heard that police are investigating the possible surveillance on former u.s. ambassador yovanovitch. cyber police have opened an investigation into reported hacking of burisma, that is the gas company at the heart of the trump impeachment process, the one that hired joe biden's son hunter. and remember, from the lev parnas interview with anderson cooper, he said president zelensky and other leaders are still rocked to this day over that fateful phone call with mr. trump. for more, we're joined now by a global affairs analyst and
1:35 am
former spokesman for the organization for security and cooperation in europe. thanks so much for joining us, michael. >> my pleasure. >> all right. first, i want to get your reaction to this story about the possible surveillance of a former u.s. ambassador allegedly involving mr. giuliani, mr. parnas and perhaps a are not member of the house, mr. nunes. >> well, as i told your colleague michael holmes, i don't think hollywood could have scripted this any better. but look, this is -- as much as we like to read about this and the drama and everything, at the end of the day, it does appear more and more that the united states, which is of course an ally of ukraine, did threaten not only president zelensky but former president poroshenko in order to dig up dirt on the bidens. and to ukraine, this is -- i don't know if i would use the word that they are angry, i
1:36 am
think that they are more hurtful and bewildered by what is going on. because not only does ukraine depend on that bipartisan support, but it also depends on the white house being a close ally when it goes for example to negotiate with russia to bring peace to eastern ukraine. and without that backing, it is at a big disadvantage. i spoke day before yesterday in london with the foreign minister from ukraine and he said that our main goal is to keep the strong bipartisan support and in terms of investigations, while it is still conjecture and rumor, but if there is any substance to what was said by parnas, then we will look into it. >> and we also know that the president, mr. zelensky, is lamenting that phone call where he picked it up and president trump was on the other end. and this is a new president that no doubt had any idea what he might be walking into. so how is he able to lead during
1:37 am
this mess? >> well, i don't think -- i think that he was put to the test very earlyoff all of this, how to handle it. i think that he was going really on the fly. but, you know, it hasn't really damaged him at home. his popularity ratings are still very high. and you know, natalie, once again he is being put to the test amid all of this, what is happening in the united states with the crash of the ukraine ya airliner, he has stepped up to the plate and dealing with something that deals with many countries. so not much damage there, but with every day of new revelations, you never know what is around the corner. >> right. and with the possible by yo yovanovitch, they have to put resources on that and the state department is investigatings as well. and i also want to add could this information that we're
1:38 am
learning in this story impact the impeachment trial and what impact is this having on ukraine's ability -- you mentioned russia -- to be able to focus on its most important need and that is to make sure that it is independent of russia and keeps russia at bay? >> well, you know, your second question there about russia and its involvement, look, they have very, very deep tentacles in ukraine and that is why there not only one investigation in terms of alleged spying on yovanovitch, but also into the possible hacking of burisma, the firm that hunter biden was apparently involved with. so the ukranians have asked for additional resources from the fbi to find what happened there. but it wouldn't be unusual for russia to be hacking in. and then yeah, in terms of the way forward for ukraine, i mean, it is not only negotiating for
1:39 am
gas contracts with russia, not only negotiating for a ceasefire in eastern ukraine, but many other things which touch upon their bilateral relations. so the last thing that they need right now, and this is what foreign minister told me as well, to be distracted by this, they really need once against the strong u.s. support and if they don't get it, i think that what is going to happen is you will see them leaning more on european allies who they are closer to or perhaps they trust more and can get things done without the drama in washington. >> can't blame them for that. michael, we really appreciate you joining us and for your insights. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. next here, an exclusive report more alleged victims are coming forward after the wife of u.s. democratic presidential candidate says that she was shaul shaul sexually assaulted by her doctor. and delta air lines tries to smoou things ov
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a delta spokeswoman there not exactly getting a warm welcome when she addressed a town hall meeting near los angeles. residents are angry over a delta plane dumping fuel on to their community. this video captures the moment it happened. 15,000 gallons in all, the flight from l.a. to shanghai experienced an engine problem shortly after takeoff. fire crews treated 60 people after the fuel was dumped that landed on elementary schools and one high school. some of the teachers are now suing delta and the company faces an air pollution violation as well. three u.s. airports have begun medical screenings to check passengers arriving from
1:44 am
china where a mysterious new coronavirus was identified. it has killed two people and infected dozens in china and several cases have also been reported in thailand and japan. more than 100 u.s. health officials are deploying to airports in new york, san francisco and los angeles looking for symptoms such as coughing and high temperatures. thursday in an exclusive report here on cnn, the wife of u.s. presidential candidate andrew yang, evelyn, revealed for the first time that she was sexually assaulted allegedly by her doctor while she was pregnant. since that report aired, 15 more women have come forward. that is in addition to the 32 women who had already made similar accusations against the same doctor. cnn's drew griffin has our investigative report. >> reporter: the indictment reads like the acts of a serial
1:45 am
sexual predator, six victims, nine counts, criminal sexual abuse, women forcibly touched, orally violated. the alleged perpetrator, a respected ob/gyn at columbia university medical center accused of assaulting his own patients. but the doctor served no jail time for his crimes. he cut a deal with the d.a.'s office in new york and pleaded guilty to just two charges. he lost his medical license but doesn't even appear on the public sex offender registry. to his accusers, a sweetheart deal. >> there is clear evidence of a pattern of bad behavior by the doctor, a lack of snuchininstit courage by his employer columbia university and a lack of willingness to take the case seriously by the manhattan district attorney. everyone did the best they could to make it go away. >> reporter: marissa is one of dozens of accusers suing the
1:46 am
doctor and his former network. the lawsuit alleges columbia allowed dr. hadden unfetderred access to female patients and that he had been assaulting women for decades while some staff, co-workers and even patient chaperones looked the other way. a nurse tried send out a warning in the early '90s because p. ut to stay quiet. he was known as a shark around the office and one patient tolgd another doct told on the doctor in the practice that hadden said that she had a medical condition that required her vagina to be examined every three months. it wasn't tree. this attorney representing 32 women and counting who say that they were victims of dr. hadden. >> not a day in briprison. >> no community service, no fine, no jail time. he received what seems to be the equivalent of an early paid
1:47 am
retirement. >> why? >> she worked at columbia university. >> got away with it. >> got away with it. >> it is like getting slapped in the face and punched in the gut. the d.a.'s office is meant to protect us, is meant to serve justice. and there was no justice here. >> reporter: evelyn yang the before of andrew yang described her own experience to dana bash. she says her assault could have been prevented because hoddon had been arrested before. in june 2012, police were called to hclinic and despite the arrest, he went back to work. >> patients were tornado that the ob/gyn they were seeing had been accused of sex crimes and in the weeks that followed, two of those patients would become his next alleged victims.
1:48 am
evelyn yang was one of them. >> can you imagine the and you sd audacity of a man continuing to do this after being arrested? it is like he knew that he wouldn't face any repercussions. >> reporter: the doctor's arrest was voided, he wouldn't be charged with any crime for another two years while the d.a.'s office investigated. he hired a powerful attorney who shadow natured to see yvance's political team. and both claim that the relationship had nothing to do with the plea deal, but the original recommendation to serve as least four years behind bars would be reduced to nothing. the d.a.'s office even agreed to lower the sex offender status, he wouldn't appear on the public registry though he was convicted
1:49 am
of a felony. kirsner brags about the win on her website. >> he was getting off. >> reporter: yet another case raising questions about the manhattan district attorney's office, already under scrutiny for failing to prosecute harvey weinstein in 2015 and asking a judge to lower jeffrey opepsteis sex offender status, a pattern of white powerful men getting sweetheart deals. >> i don't see it any other way. you see a lack of willingness to do an investigation, look at the employer, you look at the details of the plea agreement, they are painful. it is very painful. >> reporter: manhattan district attorney cyrus vance declined cnn's request for an interview and instead sending a statement saying our primary concern was holding him accountable and making sure that he could never do this again. we regret that this resolution
1:50 am
has caused survivors pain. h ochl haddon remains a free man and is fighting the allegations be made against him. as for columbia university medical center, not a single answer to any of cnn's detailed questions about the possible coverup in this case. only a statement saying that the allegations are abhorrent and they deeply apologize to those whose trust was violated. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee
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welcome back. in the waning days of britain's measure ship membership in the european union, a new question confronts the uk, how the very moment brexit takes effect will be marked. anna stewart looks in to that. >> reporter: with just two weeks left in the european union, there not a moment to lose. the uk isn't spending that time debating the incredible compl complexity of getting out of a decades long union. instead, the country is obsessed over whether big ben should bong
1:55 am
on january 31. as you can see, it is under renovation and silent. the government says it won't pay for about to ring, so boris johnson, the prime minister, came up with his own idea. >> it costs 2500 pounds. >> very costly bong. >> and so we're working up the plan so that he that people can bong because there are some people that -- i haven't quite worked it out, but -- >> developing policy. >> reporter: and his plan no for crowd funding raised over 2,000 pounds and brexit supporters are clamoring for a vote in the house of commons. the house of commons commission though says accepting public funds could be, quote, unprecedented. on friday night when i the government released its plan for brexit night, it 345 no mentimaf big ben, instead a digital clock and an address from the prime minister will have to suffice. brexit supporters want a party
1:56 am
in parliament square. so while it is unclear whether big ben will bong, there will certainly be a dance and a sing song. i'm anna stewart outside parliament. >> we'll wait and see on that one. thank you for watching. i'll be right back with another hour of news and our top stories. when our daughter and her kids moved in with us... kids, bedtime! ...she was worried we wouldn't be able to keep up. course we can. what couldn't keep up was our bargain detergent. turns out it's mostly water, and water doesn't get out all the stains. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. kind of like our quiet time. [slurping] what are you doing?
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next here, new details into the strike that took out qassem soleimani from the man who ordered it, u.s. president trump, telling republican donors at his resort about the last minute of the iranian general's life. also, trump's impeachment lawyers. the president reveals new members of his legal team, agency we see new documents about apparent surveillance of the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. also, ahead this hour, a big blast of winter weather. the u.s. is getting hit with snow, ice and sleet. you're in the middle of it. you don't need to hear that from me. our derek van dam will talk more about it and where it's headed. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we're coming to you live from atlanta. i'm natalie allen. we begin right now.


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