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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 27, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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omize and save. can you save me from this conversation? that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. lots of news on the impeachment trial and we'll catch you up on all of the big headlines. day two of arguments by president trump's defense team. one of the president's lawyers claiming the charge of obstruction of congress against trump is an attack on the separation of powers and an abuse of power by congress. the president's team tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. a "new york times" report that the draftsman script of john bolton's upcoming book says
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trump told him u.s. military aid to ukraine was being frozen until ukraine investigated joe biden. so will bolton be called as a witness? at times it was hard to tell who was on trial. president trump or the bidens. the president's lawyers launching a full-throated attack on joe biden and his son hunter. also tonight remembering kobe bryant. the legend of the los angeles lakers. but first president trump's impeachment trial. alan dershowitz dismissing of report of a quid pro quo. >> if a president, any president were to have done what the "times" reported about the content of the bolton manuscript that would not constitutionty statute an impeachable offense. nothing in the bolton revelations even if true would rise to the level of an abuse of
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power or an impeachable offense. >> so joining me now a panel here. let's talk about alan dershow z dershowitz. is that a smart defense. >> it's the defense of the day. alan dershowitz's standard seems to be whatever suits my purposes today. how could it be? how could it be okay for a president -- the question was assuming the truth of john bolton's manuscript how could it be okay for a president to say, i want to you investigate my political rival in exchange for military aid. if that's not impeachable. >> tim, it says trump didn't want them going to ukraine unless zelensky agreed to investigate the bidens and announcing the investigation.
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that sounds like a quid pro quo to me but this is what we heard from team trump today. watch this. >> it was definitely never a quid pro quo. >> there was no quid pro quo. >> if the evidence doesn't show a quid pro quo, what does it show? there was no quid pro quo. >> what does this strategy say to you. >> the strategy says to me they haven't thought it through and are not prepared to walk you through the chronology of events the way that adam schiff and the other house managers did. they can't do it because it's damaging to them. here is the problem. if they were actually trying to defend the president, they would say prove to us it is the president who ordered this. the bolton revelation proves that. bolton can testify if you will that the president explained his rationale, his motive and the motive is what makes this abuse
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of power. that's why it's a problem. >> he said bolton will testify if he will bolton, why doesn't he just say that? he is can say it in a book. why can't he say it. >> he can. there's nothing stopping him. that's a question for john bolton. >> what if he under contract to -- i'm not sure if it's simon & schuster. >> he may be worried about some sort of contract with the publisher. >> nda in some cases or would that not -- >> perhaps with -- not with simon & schuster. nothing is stopping him. he may have a personal interest, a private interest, financial trillion not coming forward but that's why he needs to be subpoenaed and come in and testify. >> i want to ask elie one more thing. if he is waving executive privilege with his tweet today. let's put it up. he said i never told john bolton that the aid to ukraine was tied to investigations into democrats
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including joe biden and goes on and on and bolton said it was only to sell a book, if he said that -- >> he said you can't use it as a sword and shield and say, i'm donald trump, i was part of this conversation. here's what was said then when the other person in the conversation john bolton you'll be john bolton says no, it was something different. i say, sorry, you can't talk about it. by me saying what happened that opens the door for john bolton to say what happened. >> he's essentially shimon calling john bolton a liar but bolton is known as a copious note taker and always seen with a yellow legal pad. how important are these documents. >> the notes are important and heard adam schiff talk about this, even this morning. they want those notes because they feel they will be the most accurate, is going to portray the most accurate information, the most relevant information but the other thing, there are probably memos. i'm sure notes turned into memos
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and where are they? like the doj with the attorney. there's information that bolton was raising concerns with the attorney general about rudy giuliani and other things that were going on. perhaps the attorney general has memos. a lot of documents all over the administration that we have yet to see and can reveal a lot of information. >> the white house has all these documents but holding them back and the president bragged, we have all this material. there's added pressure now for them to turn them over. >> let's talk about the politics of this. not just the law. the president's argument was that this is a witch-hunt. each day with every new revelation and every new effort to stonewall it becomes increasingly more difficult to argue that there's nothing there. even if bolton can't testify because of the exertion of executive privilege the american people will see the president is
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shutting him up and what does that say? the president doesn't want this man to talk. why not? even though at the moment the president seems to be on the path to acquittal these new roadblocks are increasing skepticism that the president is telling the truth and that isn't just affecting people who don't like the president. that i believe is affecting swing senators. >> so, shimon, if bolton does testify it brings up players like mulvaney, pompeo, giuliani, how does the senate not -- won't they call them? >> it could happen, right, but first we have to get bolton. that's the big thing. if the senators here were to get bolton i think they would be very happy just having that and i don't know they would necessarily go for more but think about it. if bolton comes in and starts testifying about other people in the administration who were aware of this, who were doing things and knew things were going on it could potentially open the door to other aspects
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of an investigation, perhaps the house will then want to open up new investigations or may be other parts of the government that will want to open investigations but obviously the big thing is you got to get bolton and then we'll see. it could happen. >> elie, they know if they open up one door it will open another and another. >> if we get into witnesses we'll fight in courts. this will drag on and i think that's animating a lot of what we're seeing -- >> the longer this drags on the more that comes out and every day they say what is going to come out. >> motivating a lot what we're seeing. >> senators don't like to be blindsided and the president's team has blindsided them. >> team trump spending a lot of time slamming joe biden and his son. what's biden saying about that? you'll hear him next. to be honest a little dust it never bothered me.
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former vice president joe biden and his son hunter under attack at president trump's impeach trial. the strategy seems to be deflecting charges against the president by smearing biden. i want to bring in arlette saenz. hello, arlette. you're in iowa. catch up with joe biden after -- after you caught up with him, i should say, what did he say about trump's defense team going after him and his son? >> reporter: well, don, i asked joe biden that question several times over the course of the day and he really tried to brush off the questions, just saying are you kidding me? when he spoke to voters here in iowa he talked about those republican attacks on his son hunter biden and told them he can't -- he told voters he can't hold a grudge going forward. take a listen to what he had to say. >> these guys are attacking me
11:14 pm
and my family. i get it and the press corps with me are all good people. they keep asking, they just brought up your son hunter and doing this and that and the other thing, well, guess what, i don't hold grudges because president's can't hold grujss. presidents have to be fighters but they also have to be healers. they have to be healers. >> reporter: so that was a bit of his message. his campaign is issuing a forceful defense to president trump's defense team's comments about joe biden and his son hunter biden, his rapid response director andrew bates telling us here on planet earth the conspiracy theory that bondi pointed to has been conclusively refuted. joe biden was instrument toll a bipartisan and anti-corruption convict i. it's no surprise that such a
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thing is anathema to president trump. we'll see how joe biden decides to respond any further here on the campaign trial as that trial plays out in washington. >> just six days. you just made it real for everybody, arlette. during a stakeout, joni ernst had this to say. listen to this. >> iowa caucuses are this next monday evening and i'm really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the iowa caucus voters. those democratic caucusgoers. will they support biden at this mountain? >> what is the biden campaign saying about it. >> reporter: he tweeted about that moments ago. he said iowa caucusgoers, take note, joni ernst just spilled the beanes. she and donald trump are scared
11:16 pm
to death albeit the nominee and encouraged people to go. this plays into the biden campaign's argument that it is good for them when president trump is out there criticizing, taking on joe biden because it shows that the president is fear knull of facing biden in the general election. biden told us here in iowa that every time president trump's defense campaign brings up his name, that gets him one more vote in iowa. >> arlette saenz, appreciate it. i want to bring in ana navarro and kirsten powers. good evening. dream team right here. cam upondi spent 30 minutes talking about the bidens and started with a claim that's patently false. listen to this. >> we would prefer not to be discussing this. but the house managers have placed this squarely at issue, so we must address it. >> so trump and his entire legal
11:17 pm
team have been talking about joe and hunter biden for months. what's with this we'd prefer not to be discussing this, bs. >> i have no idea. they love to discuss it and said the president was impeached and democrats want to remove him for raising a concern, that's literally what this is all about. the president raised a concern. this was part and parcel for what we saw all day basically, which was a bunch of nonsense as far as i can tell and the whole biden conspiracy theory is exactly that, a conspiracy theory cooked up on the right, something they had the nerve to bring to the senate floor is kind of incredible. >> yeah. ana, bondi questioned biden's qualification for serving on the board of burisma referencing a "washington post" headline. listen to this. >> "the washington post" ran a story about it.
11:18 pm
it said, the appointment of the vice president's son to a ukrainian oil board looks anyoanyonnops nopstistiy the best, nefarious at worst. again, the appointment of the vice president's son to a ukrainian oil board looks nepotist nepotis nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst. >> making a case against nepotism? >> this is a day that's been an exercise in hypocrisy and just withholding your disbelief. you have ken starr arguing against impeachment. you've got alan dershowitz arguing against himself and you've got, you know, pam bondi arguing against nepotism from --
11:19 pm
to defend a president who is the master of nepotism. and, look, nepotism is a real problem. it's a real problem in america. it's a real problem in american politics. and you know what i wish the biden campaign would, i wish they would come out with a full list of democrats and republicans whose kids and whose spouses and whose siblings work in lobbying shops in washington or work in the administration? what do you think rudy giuliani's son works? where do you think bill barr's son works? do you think sarah huckabee sanders would have gotten that job had her name not been there? do you think jared kushner would be in the white house if not for nepotism. do you think ivanka trump has yanke qualifications to be senior adviser to the president? this is a president who brought ow womanizer against hillary clinton. a president who has over a dozen credible accusations of sexual
11:20 pm
harassment and assaults against him and brought out womanizer against hillary clinton. if joe biden is the nominee, he's going to pound him on this over and over and over again. i really wish joe biden said, you know what, tell you what, i'm going to call your bluff. i'm not a material witness. i don't like the president. i wasn't in the room but you want to testify in exchange for bolton, you got it. i wish he would sit there and read a list of all the senators whose kids have a job because of their last name whose spouses have a job because of their last name. you know, it would be a long list. we might be there for another week. >> you almost slipped. i heard that. yeah, it would be a long week and probably a long month because they all do. kirsten, pat cipollone, another member of trump's defense team wrapped up with this. >> i was listening to professor dershowitz talking about the
11:21 pm
shoe on the other foot rule, and it makes a lot of sense. i would maybe put it differently. i would maybe call it the golden rule of impeachment. for the democrats, the golden rule could be do unto republicans as you would have them do unto democrats. >> i almost fell out of my office chair when i heard that. republicans have done just the opposite. mitch mcconnell has done just the opposite. i almost fell out of my chair when i heard him. >> it's high level gasp lighting. it really was today and listening to ken starr as well. i mean, they have to know what they're saying. they have to be doing it intentionally is the only thing i can think of because is anybody that mu-- lack that enoh
11:22 pm
self-awareness that the republicans think they didn't treat democrats terribly using the impeachment process and in fact led by ken starr? i mean, it was so crazy watching him talk about the so-called age of impeachment and sort of the horrors of impeachment and this process has gotten out of control when he's the person who spun it out of control. you maybe could make an argument, maybe this wouldn't be happening if the clinton impeachment hearing hadn't happened. maybe it did lower the bar. i think this is an impeachable offense but take responsibility for what you did and stop acting like how did this ever happen? i just can't imagine how this happened to the country. >> yeah. thank you both. i got to run. good to see you. >> surreal. >> i know, i keep thinking we'll wake up and, you know -- okay. >> and do what? >> that's a good question. fox news personality saying nobody cares about what john
11:23 pm
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11:28 pm
the impeachment trial. cnn's chief media correspondent brian stelter has the story. >> reporter: when the ukraine scandal first erupted last fall "fox and friends" host steve doossy understood the stakes. >> >> if the president said i'll give you the money but you've got to investigate joe biden that is really off the rails wrong. >> off the rails wrong said the trump promoter but he also yearned for some other explanation. >> if it's something else, you know, it would be nice to know what it is. >> the fox friends came up with a counternarrative that supported trump, but now bolton is a threat. according to "the new york times," bolton's forthcoming book says that trump did hold up aid to ukraine to force a biden probe. >> what are your thoughts? >> reporter: here's the twist. bolton was a paid fox news contributor for 11 years. he left the network in 2018 to go work for trump.
11:29 pm
brian killmeade pointed that out on monday. bolton is honest, he said, but now the fox machine is sowing doubt about a former colleague. >> you've got to look at the timing. >> reporter: the liberal anti-fox group media matters called out the shifting perspective about trump and ukraine. the president tweeted another fox news personality dan bongino saying nobody cares about what bolton has to say. that's perhaps the inevitable end point for trump's defenders and fox is the stage to say it, like reince priebus did earlier this month. >> guess what? sometimes the best defense is the so what defense. >> sorry. brian stelter is here to discuss with me, also amanda carpenter, love it. >> so what? >> i've been watching it. it's a total 180. there may be one member there who wasn't a big bolton fan but it hasn't changed his tune.
11:30 pm
brian, thank you. thank you all for joining us. bolton was once a very trusted member of the fox news empire, now he's on the outside. got to circle the wagons. got to protect the president. got to protect the audience from him now. >> i think that's basically what's happening with some exceptions. lou dobbs now calling bolton a tool for the left, coming up with new conspiracy theories, you're seeing this divide, trump versus bolton and most of these right wing commentators are siding with trump. >> this is interesting. amanda, what bolton stood for wasn't exactly what trump ran on so there are some people who are -- >> tucker carlson, for example -- >> very consistent, steady, not a fan of bolton, wasn't a fan, is not one now. but i mean fox is clearly moving the goal posts here with what bolton has to say about the president's conduct. it's another form of gaslighting, yeah? >> yeah. here's why it's happening. there's so many personalities at fox that are personally invested in donald trump's success.
11:31 pm
and so when they have someone that they used to work alongside, they probably share a lot of values with in terms of politics says something's wrong here, they have to try to find a way to disqualify that person. what you're seeing now is that you have personalities saying that john bolton somehow is now a tool of the left, and they're saying this because they can't grapple with their conscience. right? they're so invested in this trump thing. they've brought their viewers along for years saying nothing's going on with russia, nothing's going on with this ukraine thing and here you have john bolton, someone fox news viewers have looked to and trusted for advice for 11 years, saying, yeah, this was bad. >> i was -- tonight, you know, the stack of monitors, tv monitors in my office. and my executive producer and i were talking about the iowa caucuses and coverage. i had the tvs on and i was looking up at the fox channel and i just put my head under
11:32 pm
there and said, my god, these people who are touting the president hiring bolton and whatever and now they're trying to completely discredit him. the fox personality, dan bonnginno tried to make the argument that nobody cares what bolton has to say. by repeating that mantra they're trying to minimize anything that bolton might eventually testify to. >> yeah this. is state tv for orange julius caesar, right? if john bolton is an instrument of the left, then why fox news pay him $560,000 to be a commentator. i would love some of that money. if they don't care, then let's have simon & schuster drop the book this week. if they don't care, let's have john bolton be free to go on your show, don lemon, and talk about what he says he saw in the memoir. >> if nobody cares let him talk. >> yeah, let him talk, right? you have the majority in the senate.
11:33 pm
you need four republican senators to do the right thing. you've got nothing to wrong. perfect phone call, absolutely beautiful. i did nothing wrong. all right, you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain by having john bolton, this discredited lefty tool who you paid $560,000. this mustache joes yosemite sam, your national security adviser, this crank, have him talk. the reason why they don't have him talking is because this is a bombshell. we're getting more and more bombshells. number one, he proves the singular narrative that trump withheld the aid to get ukraine to interfere in the elections and also just a couple of hours ago apparently in the book him and bill barr discussed the fact that they were concerned that trump was actually courting or working with these authoritarian leaders erdogan and china and actually trying to remove some of these companies from sanctions because it benefited him and bill barr was concerned, mike pompeo was concerned, to quote ambassador sondland, trump's ambassador, everyone was in the loop. so let's have yosemite sam talk.
11:34 pm
>> let's talk about a decision made by the state department to remove an npr reporter from one of mike pompeo's upcoming trips. give us the details on this, brian. this looks like backlash, tough questions from another npr reporter mary-louise kelly asked pompeo last week what's going on here. >> right. she interviewed him a few days ago, asked him about ukraine. pompeo hated it and he shouted at her afterwards. npr said we will not be intimidated. today npr's reporter who was supposed to go with pompeo to ukraine gets kicked off the plane. the state didn't did not comment on why. npr confirms this person is no longer going on the trip, she's no longer on the plane. all the hallmarks of retaliation by the state department against npr for simply doing good old-fashioned reporter. what country is this? the kind of b.s. you would see in third world countries, not in the united states. the state department, mike pompeo should be standing up for the press.
11:35 pm
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basketball fans and people across the country remembering kobe bryant who lost his life in a helicopter crash yesterday
11:40 pm
along with his 13-year-old daughter, seven others, including young athletes, mothers. and a coach. well, tonight here in new york city the iconic empire state building lit up in purple and gold in honor of the lakers legend. want to bring in roger mason jr., a retired nba player, a former deputy executive director of the nba players association and we are so happy to have you here. i really appreciate it. thank you so much. i know it's a tough time. you have a story about when you were playing, you were playing with the spurs, you had a game one night against the lakers and your mom called you and said she had a few things to tell us -- that she wanted to tell you about. right? >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> i was just reminded of it. i was playing for the spurs. and game day. my mom was calling about tickets and this person needs to come and that person needs to come and i just said to my mom, i got kobe tonight and so all the things that you're talking about, they don't really matter.
11:41 pm
and he just made you focus. you knew if you were going to be competing against him, you needed to bring your "a" game because he was going to come with it and my mom told me today she takes that with her every day, you know, when she's got something to focus on, she said, you know, i'll never forget when you said, i got kobe tonight and i think that just speaks volumes to what he meant for people to not only play basketball but people across all walks. >> you then worked with kobe in your role with the nba players association. did you see a different side of him then? you weren't competing with him on the court, what was that like? >> yeah, i definitely saw a different side of him. i remember vividly we were on an elevator going downstairs during the nba lockout, and so as players the nba family is very close and so we were trying to get back to work. and kobe, you know, he had that same tenacity, and he was like, all right, man, enough is enough, let's get back to it,
11:42 pm
let's focus in. let's get back on the court. so, i'll never forget that elevator -- escalator ride down that hotel. >> yeah, so lebron spoke out tonight about his friend. here's what he said. he said, i am not ready, but here i go. i am heartbroken and devastated. my brother. so just this past saturday night lebron passed kobe on the all-time scoring list against the 76ers. what do you make -- it's tough to lose someone you love like this, especially someone you look up to. how does someone like lebron or anyone who's playing, how do you get back out there and do -- this is such a physical and intense mental -- you carry your heart out there. >> yeah, it's such a mental, a mental game and for someone like lebron i was fortunate to be his teammate and he respects the greats. he respects the people that paved the way before him and a guy like kobe was larger than life.
11:43 pm
so to see a tragedy like this happen to our hero, to lebron's hero, you just can't make any sense of it, and you've got to kind of go to that mamba mentality that kobe had to know that, you know, he would want lebron to carry that torch. he would want lebron to keep going. >> yeah, you know, i love the relationship that he had with gigi or gianna, 13 years old and the stories he told about -- how people would say, you need to have a son to carry on your legacy, and she would jump in and say that's me. he tells the story. let's watch it. >> the best thing that happens is when we go out and fans will come up to me and she'll be standing next to me, and they'll be like, you and "v" got to have a boy, somebody to carry on the tradition, the legacy. she's like, oy, i got this. ain't need no boy for that. i'm like, that's right, yes, you do, you got this. >> listen, that says a lot about him as a father.
11:44 pm
but the relationship between a dad and their daughter, you know, mom and son have that relationship. but the dad and the daughter, they were together, at least, right? >> yeah, i mean, it leaves you speechless. i have a 7-year-old daughter. and he was inspiring the way that he was parenting his kids, how he was making the time. and you saw him put in the work with his daughter on the court. and so it's heartbreaking to see that, but they were together. >> i can only think, you know, the first thing i thought was, i said, listen, this is -- there's no other way to describe it as shocking, horrific, terrible, you know. and i can't imagine what they were going through. kobe is gone. but vanessa and her kids are here. and i can't imagine losing your husband and your child.
11:45 pm
it's just horrific. what are you going to remember about your friend? >> you know, the biggest thing about kobe, i think, is -- i mean, i grew up idolizing him, just like a lot of us basketball players. so you remember the guy on the court. but, you know, for a lot of us that know we have to transition and i've since retired, remembering how he's been as a father, how he's been as a coach for his kids, how he's been as an entrepreneur, and a man outside the game. those are the things that you remember. everybody sees the tenacity on the court but the guy would go out of his way to give advice and some of the advice he gave me i'll never forget. >> here's how i can describe how everybody's feeling around the country. i had someone who i work with when i got to work tonight, they said this is the first time in a long time that i cried about somebody i didn't know, and that means you had a huge impact on a
11:46 pm
lot of people you didn't know. thank you, roger. >> absolutely. >> bless you, thank you very much. more on kobe bryant as tributes are pouring in tonight, stay with us. at t-mobile, start 2020 off with a deal on iphone 11 that will have you seeing double. right now, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $90 and 2 iphone 11s on us.
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america's remembering laker legend kobe bryant, who died tragically yesterday in a
11:51 pm
helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven others. joining me now, sports writer and author rick riley. rick, appreciate you joining us. thank you so much. how are you doing? >> okay. >> thank you. you say kobe didn't live life, he attacked it. swallowed it whole. you have great stories about being with him. tell us -- tell us what it was like. >> he really did. he was just -- don, think of the most aggressive buddy you have and times it by ten. that's what he was like. we spent a whole day together once from the time he got up to the end of day. he got up at 3:00 to work out. 3:00 in the morning. it was the most ridiculous workout i've ever seen. we drove in his ferrari, i remember, 85 miles up the 405 and people are trying to keep up with him to hand me stuff for him to sign and they're on his side. he just laughed through it all. he was just so driven to be
11:52 pm
excellent. i remember one year he wanted -- one summer he wanted to improve his jump shot, so he made a rule that he couldn't leave the gym until he'd made 1,000 jumpers that day. now, that's crazy. that's crazy hard. he just -- he just did everything like we were going to a fire. i remember later on he wanted to go scuba diving. where are we going? honduras. that sounds great. you're going to do a shark cave dive with me, you know, where you get in the cage and then the shark -- no, i can't go. i'm not going. and he was just -- so people ask me, you know, why was he taking choppers? he didn't wait for anything. >> yeah. >> he wanted to do it now. >> well, he said he was missing out -- he said he was missing out on his kids' life, but he also wanted to continue to do what he did, which was, you know, he loved basketball. so -- and he was spending a lot of time in traffic. so he started doing helicopters,
11:53 pm
right? >> right, he did helicopters. that's why he got up at 3:00 also. got up and worked out. i want to be there when my kids get up. he was really, really into his kids. and i tell you, i've never seen l.a. like this. i mean, people are crying in restaurants and people are calling me crying, and my own family's crying. and i think it's because, you know, we got to see the basketball, but we knew what was coming next. i mean, he was going to be something amazing. he would always want to talk about his ad and marketing business. he wanted to talk about making films and producing music. he won an oscar right out of the gate. this guy is a winner and a global icon. it's like he was born to do it. >> but his name was also attached to l.a. he was -- he was in l.a. for so long, with the lakers for so long, and l.a. laker, right? kobe bryant. >> can you think of another -- >> but hang on. and it was different when you hear about the, you know, movie stars or, you know, singers or
11:54 pm
whatever. when something happens to them, it's different because sometimes, you know, you maybe expect it or whatever. they lead a different sort of lifestyle. they're not so connected to the city. >> right. >> they just happen to live there. he was a part of the city, and that's why -- >> he came as a skinny -- >> let me get this out and then you can answer. the nba postponed the first lakers game scheduled to tomorrow at the staples center. the first non-weather related postponement since the boston marathon bombing back in 2013. that shows you how profound this loss is for the team and the nba and the city. go on, rick. sto sorry. >> sorry. i was going to say he came here as a 17-year-old skinny kid and had such a great ethic. people think of l.a. as la la land and nobody works hard. this is a hardworking town and he represented it. i can't think of another athlete who represents their town more, more beloved by a single town. all i can think of is maybe elway in denver, jeter in new
11:55 pm
york. but kobe was here so long and so beloved. you know, don, isn't life so fickle, though? i can remember, 1991, you see magic johnson announce he's got hiv, and i remember just crying in my car thinking, we're going to lose magic johnson inside of three years. and magic, thank god, is robust and healthy. >> got to run. >> who was bulletproof. >> yeah. i'm out of time, but thank you for come on and what a loss. what a tragic loss. and our hearts -- >> huge. >> go out to his family and thoughts and prayers with him, his wife and his family tonight. thank you so much. thank you so much for watching, everyone. cnn's live coverage continues. he wanted a man cave in our new home. but she wanted to be close to nature. so, we met in the middle. ohhhhh! look who just woke up! you are so cute!
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