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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 1, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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niners. >> i'm rolling with smoking joe. the nfl's 100th season. with the super bowl here in miami. thanks for joining us. enjoy the game. hello i'm anna cabrera in new york, live in the cnn newsroom, following breaking news this hour about the coronavirus. an eighth person in the u.s. confirmed to have the infection today, and now, we're getting new information about additional precautions being taken by the pentagon. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us by far. barbara, what do you know? >> secretary esper, looking at the health and human services, providing support for up to 1,000 people who may need to be quarantined as they travel back
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to the united states, and may have been in places where they could have been exposed to the coronavirus. so here is what is going on. hhs is going to the pentagon and said we're going to need help housing all of these people for the potential two-week quarantine. d.o.d. approving the request, providing enough capability, enough facilities, for up to a thousand people at several locations through february 29th. this is going to be a situation where they will put them on bases, probably in breaks of about 250. so these people who may be quarantined by health and human services already, we know that several are in tsouthern california, two others named in california, travis air force base in northern california and the marie corps air station at
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me miramar and also the base in texas and a training facility at fort carson, colorado. so we are looking at the pentagon providing housing for these people, should they be quarantined, for up to two weeks, hhs told the pentagon, they may need up to 1,000 individual rooms for these people. the pentagon again saying, with this situation, the people are under hhs, military personnel, will not come in contact with them, they will not be able to go to other places on these military bases, and it's a stark sudden reminder of just how much this public health situation is really expanding its impact. >> no doubt about it. barbara, let me follow up really quickly because i want to make sure viewers are clear. we have 195 people currently under quarantine that you mentioned earlier at that base in california, who are mostly diplomats, family members, and does this indicate to you, or do
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you get the sense that they are currently evacuating or planning evacuations of additional military personnel overseas? or other diplomatic type personnel? >> well, i think it is what you likely just said, other diplomatic personnel. in terms of the military personnel, at this point, the indications are that they would simply be, if there are military personnel, attaches, perhaps, security personnel, military police, perhaps, diplomatic situations, and there's no indication that we know of so far that military bases such as large military bases in japan or south korea, those bases are very much publicizing the precaution, you know, the public health safety precaution, about good hygiene and all of that, with the public health service, that the public health service has put out. no indication that any of those
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people, there are indication has one of the reasons this was approved today by secretary esper, several of the diplomatic or so-called official americans could arrive on the west coast as early as tomorrow. >> barbara starr, thank you for the reporting and i want to bring in cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joining us by phone as well and elizabeth, this is not 1,000 new cases per se. it is the military preparing to quarantine american citizens who may have come in some kind of contact with the virus, being elsewhere, in china, for example, where they have many cases, currently, 259 people have died there, so how concerned should americans be right now? >> yes, i think americans should be concerned, certainly, if they have been traveling in china, they should certainly be concerned if they have had contact with people who have been traveling in china, particularly if that person is actively ill.
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for the average american, this is not a major public health concern. you should really be more concerned about the flu. we are still in flu season. and we know, we know for sure that flu kills about 35,000 people a year. you know, this virus isn't anywhere close to that number. however, you know, as barbara mentioned, this is a precaution. this public health concern isg. and at first, the u.s., the centers for disease control said, you know what, we think we canref this, if someone is coming in from wuhan, we will take their temperature and observe them and if they're coughing and if they do seem sick, and if they are, we will worry about it and if not, we will give them a card and send them on their way. that's changed. thursday night, a new study came out, looking at employees of a company in germany, that found that they got sick with this virus from someone who wasn't actively ill. in other words, it is possible to spread this virus when you're infected but you don't have any
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symptoms. that's a game changer. and i think that's why we're seeing what barbara just described. >> elizabeth cohen, we know you are working your sources to get more information as well. thank you very much for calling in with that information. worldwide, more than a 100 cases have been confirmed across nearly 20 different countries but nowhere is it worse than where it all started in china and the scenes on the ground are pretty ominous. store shelves are empty. people are running out of supplies. with over 11,000 cases and 259 deaths that we know of at this point, the government is taking some extraordinary measures to keep the situation in check. >> some chinese cities are resorting to using drones to patrol their streets. citizens there who fail to wear a face mask in public will get a swift and rather loud warning. david culver reports, the
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chinese media is being very careful at how they represent this crisis. >> these are the images chinese state media, cc-tv, broadcast across the country, rapid construction of not one, but two hospitals. slated to open next week. with capacity for 2600 patients. scenes of a nation mobilizing, in its fight against the deadly coronavirus. on the flag ship evening newscast, the hosts praising the ruling communist party for the massive containment effort under way. rotating articles friday on statewide news agencies, the web site, reassure readers of the efforts to keep supplies flowing. one headline reading, china has full confidence, capability, to control epidemic. but the people in wuhan are in a desperate reality, describing life-threatening shortages of medical supplies. >> it is really emotional for me.
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>> this woman video chatted with us from germany and said it took four hours for her 72-year-old uncle in wuha nochld, wuhan to get test result, and they tested positive. >> before the news outlets began to report the dangers of the virus, people turned to social media for the truth. this lawyer turned citizen journalist in wuhan has been posting the problems he has encountered. >> saying it is lack of face mask, haz-mat suits and lack of testing kits and we can't get confirmation if there is no testing kit and the only thing you can do is to be a suspect case and wait at home. a stark contrast with how the ruling communist party's official newspaper, the people's daily, covered the outbreak. their front page story on january 24th, a lunar new year speech made by president xi, in which he made no mention of wuhan's lockdown that was ordered hours earlier. on national television this
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week, xi tried to reassure people that he is personally directing the effort and releasing the effort in a transparent and responsible manner but some chinese media outlets known for a more independent streak have exposed the disturbing truths of this outbreak. the publication, the paper, ran this video, showing one suspected patient, who apparently had no choice but to quarantine himself in his own car. these images posted on the people's daily account shows medical personnel in a wuhan hospital making mask and haz-mat suits out of trash bags. similarly disturbing images across the area, where the actual number of people are greater than the official count, that conditions for medical staff are increasingly dire, and this outbreak is far from under control. david culver, cnn, beijing. now looking ahead, to the week, that will be in politics. on the ground in iowa. the candidates trying to squeeze in time with voters before the caucuses there on monday.
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really depends what angle you look at poll numbers to say who is leading. analysts expect more people than ever before, in iowa, will turn out, and caucus by monday, and even more than the record set back in 2008, when barack obama won the iowa caucuses. cnn has live team coverage spread throughout the state of iowa as we follow these candidates in the run-up to the caucuses. let's begin with cnn ar arlette saenz, and how confident is biden heading into monday and what is his message with voters there? >> joe biden told me yesterday he thinks they will do pretty well here in the state, but he acknowledged he predicts that it is going to be very bunched up among all of those top contenders, and he's here in cedar rapids, the second stop of the day, and over the past week, he has been on the ground here in iowa, making the case, like he is the candidate best equipped to take on donald trump in the general election. he's been pointing to those attacks from the president and
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republicans and there are signs of concern about facing biden, in the general election, in november and biden has been arguing that the character of the nation will be on the ballot. that is a theme that he has stressed from the start of his campaign, back in april, and it is something he is hammering away at here in iowa, take a listen to what he had to say earlier today in north liberty. >> joe biden's america, a president's tax returns won't be a secret. in joe biden's america, self interest will not be confused with the national interest. and no one, no one, not even the president of the united states, will be above the law. i promise you that. >> now, joe biden is certainly hoping for a win here in iowa, on monday, but his campaign is also arguing that if the candidates come out of iowa, and new hampshire, with just a small difference, in their delegate count, that that is actually beneficial to biden. biden told me that south
12:17 pm
carolina is a fire wall for him. they also see an advantage down in the super tuesday states where the demographics are a bit more diverse. but biden and all of the candidates are certainly keenly aware that if you win here, and do well here, in iowa, you're going to be heading out of the state with a lot of momentum. and that's something that he is trying to close the deal with in these final two days before the caucuses, anna. >> thank you, live now to ryan nobles with bernie sanders' campaign and senator sanders was one of several lawmakers who went from the trial, the impeachment trial, that is, to the trail, the campaign trail, and so the impeachment trial is expected to resume on monday. what is sanders' plan? >> well, as of right now, anna, the team is planning for sanders to be here monday night in what they hope will be collecting the victory in the iowa caucuses but you're right, there is a bit of uncertainty for his team over the past several weeks because he had to participate as a juror in the impeachment trial. but what sanders has essentially done is handled over those responsibilities to his team of
12:18 pm
volunteers in iowa, the robust organizational effort and the team of surrogates who have traveled around the state in his absence to make that case for he and his campaign. and the other thing sanders has done, is get back here to iowa, the second there was an opening, in the impeachment trial, and in fact, he took a plane here late last night, the second that the senate gavelled out and was here last night, and was available for an event here this afternoon, and quickly, he got right to a major point in his event here, in indianaola, talking about the fact that he truly believes he is the candidate best positioned to beat donald trump in november, and that has been an area of concern for voter, many democratic primary goers say they like bernie sanders and like his policies but worried in a head-to-head matchup with trump, he may not be able to put the democratic ticket over the top. listen to how sanders made that argument here today. >> i believe that we are the strongest campaign to defeat trump. certainly i hope that we are going to win.
12:19 pm
but if we do not win, we will support the winner, and i know that every other candidate will do the same. we are united in our understanding that we must defeat donald trump. >> and you saw another aspect of the sanders campaign, the pitch that he is trying to make here and an air of concern for some democratic primary voters is whether or not sanders has what it takes to unify democratic voters of all different stripes. he certainly has a ton of support in the progressive ring of the party but can he bring in moderate democrats as well and you heard it reflected there, sanders believes the energy with the party is with his side of the ledger and the moderates will come along when he can demonstrate he can beat donald trump and a big part of his closing argument here, he is the candidate that can win, not just the democratic primary but the race for president in general. and that is why he is hoping that iowa voters agree. >> ryan nobles with the sanders campaign, thank you. meantime, mj lee is covering elizabeth warren.
12:20 pm
and senator warren got in last night, there to iowa, we know her campaign is hoping their sophisticated ground game will pay off. what can you tell us about her closing message between now and monday's caucus? >> reporter: that's right, senator warren returning finally to iowa late last night, after having been stuck in dc for all of last week, because of the senate impeachment trials and just being in this room in cedar rapids you can see senator warren speaking behind me in this gymnastic, you can really feel that she is trying to deliver a final closing message and that voting is so, so near, and instead of delivering her stump speech right off the bat, senator warren sharing a note of gratitude to the iowans that she said she met over the last year. take a listen. >> i've heard from you. you've pressed notes into my hand, you've whispered dreams into my ear, you've told me about your lives, about issues,
12:21 pm
about ideas, about how we can make things better and all of this year, you have made me a better candidate, and you will make me a better president. thank you. >> now, time is so, so precious, and senator warren is trying to squeeze inasmuch campaigning as possible over the next 48 hours or so. she has two more stops later today in iowa, at least three stops tomorrow. and she actually just announced she will not be doing photo lines this weekend. this is sort of her famous signature campaign move, taking photos with everyone who walks up after every event and she said actually this time around she will have her dog doing that instead, that anybody who wants a photo with bailey her golden retriever will get to do that but she wants to make as many stops across iowa as possible, and i will say, her final message here, in iowa, not so different from what we heard from arlette and ryan, her
12:22 pm
message is all about elebctact, she can win and the woman who can win, and her supporters who are holding up the signs, the three words on the sign read, win with warren. >> man's best friend stepping in when it counts. thank you very much. mj lee traveling with senator elizabeth warren. now we bring in kyung lah on the trial in sioux city with senator amy klobuchar. talk to us about her thinking and her message as she was splitting time between dc and iowa. >> reporter: she absolutely is. and i have to say, i'm not actually in sioux city. i had to stop and pull over to the side of the road, we couldn't keep up with the senator. she is in the air flying back and forth, it is an all-out blitz in the state. because she wants to hit as many places as possible. her thinking as these next two days are unfolding, is that she has got to try to make up as much lost time as possible.
12:23 pm
what the senator has said on the trail is she was jamming two weeks of campaigning in two day, and two days it is. the clock, again, still ticking down to monday, and bettendorf, her event was quite packed, there were a lot of people there, and we spoke with them, and they said, what they are, is still undecided. more than half of the people we spoke with, the senator, hoping that they will break her way, that she, as the underdog, will become the dark horse, and she says she is feeling good about it. >> if you want a president who can do a lot of things at once, here we are at a brewery on a saturday morning. >> okay, but i mean this is a lot. how are you feeling two days out now? >> well, i'm feeling very positive. because of crowds like this. and when i was even able to be here, when i wasn't able to be here for the last week, and then you come here to this, and it just feels like we've got the momentum, which i know we have.
12:24 pm
>> and that's a portion of our conversation, when i was referring to, this is a lot, we were talking about the head wind she faces with the impeachment trial, with not being very well known, with not having the money or the poll numbers that the top tier candidates have. when i asked her, what kind of number are you looking at, do you want to have a certain percentage, she wouldn't give me an exact number, and what she would say, what her campaign continues to say, is that they are focusing on the rural turnout, that they are looking at those counties that voted for obama, and then split to donald trump. they are feeling quite positive that she has visited those places, and will be able to convince many of them to caucus for her. >> thank you very much. thank you, everyone. up next, more on the iowa caucuses, and whether voters have the impeachment of president trump in mind. >> plus, how the balance of power in this country is shifting right before our eyes. we'll talk about the impact. e.
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welcome back. we're live in the cnn newsroom. i want to go back out live to iowa, where cnn's abby phillips is live alongside mayor pete buttigieg. >> reporter: i have mayor pete buttigieg here, ahead of his event in dubuque, iowa, it has been a pretty whirlwind couple of days for you, obviously, a whirlwind cycle, how well do you need to do in iowa on monday? >> well, we certainly need a strong performance, because one of the things that's on the mind of so many voter, including in the states beyond iowa, is not just a vision that's right for the country but demonstrating that we can win, and the process of proving that my campaign is the best to go on and defeat
12:30 pm
donald trump starts right here in iowa, where we're going to be turning folks out to the caucuses. and making sure we can demonstrate a strong ground game, as well as a compelling message. >> one of your top advisers said to reporters this morning, that you don't necessarily need to win iowa, in order to come out of it, claiming some kind of victory. do you think that is true as well? >> i'm letting strategists and pundits at the goal post, and that's what we're working toward and i was on the phone with precinct captains in some high turnout areas and you can feel it on the grown as we do these event has we got phenomenal energy, but also, it's a fluid situation, people are still making up their minds, that's why it is so important to me, to meet eye to eye, to be engaging iowans, asking them to go out on monday and sending out that message, that the right way to win is also the best way to govern, and that's to put the politics of the past in the past, and look to the future. >> one of those pundits was former vice president joe biden, who also commented on this a little bit but there is a scenario here in which a lot of
12:31 pm
candidates yourself, included could come out of iowa, clumped together, all wins about the same number of delegates maybe about the same number of votes, would that dull any momentum going into new hampshire, that you might need in order to get further along into this contest? >> well, i think iowa represents the end of the beginning. of course so much is on the road again. what is unique about the first caucus, it is the first opportunity to show and not just tell our ability to succeed on the ground and i this ink that does create the momentum we need going into new hampshire and on into nevada and south carolina, with so many of the voters i see, more than anything, they want to be assured that we have a way to win. and i believe mine is the best campaign to defeat donald trump. the process of proving that starts right here. >> and in the last 24 hours or so, we've had more comments from hillary clinton, former democratic nominee, one of bernie sanders' supporters, booed her on a stage, and apologized for it, but my
12:32 pm
question to you is about the tone of this campaign, is it the responsibility of the candidates running right now to police the tone of their supporters, and to create a different kind of atmosphere here, as we go into this new cycle request. >> my campaign, we have something called the rules of the road and something we try to hold our volunteers and our supporters to live up to and the first one is respect among the campaigns or as a campaign, making sure that we're respecting not only all of the voters we interact with but our competitors, too. look, this is also a competition and it is natural we will be pushing off each other, and laying out the contrast between us, but i hope at the end of the day, none of that happens in a way that takes away from the fact that fundamentally, we have the same values, across this party. we want the same things. and when that nominee is selected, we have got to be part of the same campaign effort to come together, defeat this president, and bring about a better day. >> and last question for you, at one of your last events, a voter came up to you, he was a republican, said that he liked
12:33 pm
you, but wasn't sure he would vote for a democrat if the nominee wasn't you. you spent a lot of time on the ground here in iowa, courting, what you called future former republicans, people who maybe even voted for obama that voted for president trump, but is there a risk here, that all of that effort will be for nothing, if at the end of the day, maybe the nominee isn't you, they don't come over to the democratic party, is it worth it? >> well, i think it is very important to create a message that recruits everybody into this effort, because there are republicans, just as sure as independents and democrats who are having trouble explaining to their children what is going on with this president. of course, i seek and plan and hope to be the nominee. but also no matter who the nominee is, i will do everything in my power to make sure that democrats, independents, and republicans, hear the message about why our every day lives will go better, when we have a president who actually cares about our communities, and who treats people with respect, and who can build up the credibility of the united states around the world. and that's a message that i think we can reach so many
12:34 pm
people with, and you can tell, you know, in all of these counties that i'm visiting, many of which are those counties that supported president obama, and president trump, that we have a chance to win a lot of people over this time. >> it would be a mistake, would it be a mistake for other candidates to not, to be involved in that same kind of effort? >> this it is a mistake to take any vote for granted and it is a mistake to write any vote off. i want to win against donald trump and win so big that it sends trumpism itself into the dust bin of history. i think a big win would send out the kind of shock waves that might actually reunite senate gop members with their conscience, because it seems like right now, based on how they're paving on the floor of the senate, the language of political power and winning and losing is the only thing that they will respond to. >> thank you, mayor buttigieg. really appreciate you taking the time. back to you. >> thank you very much, again on the trail in iowa. we'll be right back. if your dishwasher doesn't get dishes completely dry...
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today, 2020 democrats are making their final big push for key support in iowa, and here is the national picture right now, cnn polls show joe biden and senator bernie sanders leading the national democratic party. now, biden is at 27%. sanders at 24%. and they're both in the top tier. and so let's break it down. the former campaign manager for hillary clinton's campaign, and the executive director for progressive democrats. patty, let me start you with. and let's talk about biden for a moment. what do you see as his biggest challenge at this point given that his lead in the polls has narrowed? >> let me start with it, is really hard to be the front-runner for a year, and i say that, having worked for hillary in 2008, where she was
12:40 pm
the front-runner for a better part of 11 months and then lost iowa, and we all know what happened there. it is very hard to stay on top of the approximateli, the polls. i think overall what this mean, the democratic party really has not decided whether, which way they want to go, in terms of ideology, more progressive as a party or more moderate as a party and you see the two front-runners, sanders and biden, they are the per son fiction of those two ideologies, so we don't know what is going to happen. i don't think the voters have spoken yet but they will speak on monday. and we will get a glimpse as to where the, what they're thinking, in iowa, and then heading into new hampshire, and then again nevada and south carolina. so we will have a better idea after those first four states vote. >> so if being the front-runner is perhaps the biggest challenge for joe biden, as you have just
12:41 pm
been articulating there, what do you see as the biggest challenge for bernie sanders who seems to be peaking in the polls at the right moment? >> well, i think right now, bernie has stayed consistent, where as i think most politicians sort of look as polls as static, he has seen them as not, he has sort of shifted public opinion along with him, so i think part of bernie's biggest strength and the challenge that he faces, right, is sort of going up against this establishment and proving to folks that he can really unify the party. but i think the reality, right, is i think less that voters are attracted to ideology, and more about common sense good policies that are going to actually transform and prioritize the working class in this country, and so i think that the records, of statesmen, like joe biden have come to bear and i think bernie sanders being someone who is really consistent in what he stood for, for the past 30 years, is also proving to be part of building a movement, all
12:42 pm
of that is part of the strategy to win, and it seems like it is bearing out. >> alexandra, you talked about unifying the party, which is interesting because we're hearing from bernie sanders out on the stump like freshman congresswoman tlaib, say this to iowa voters last night when they publicly bu publicly booed hillary clinton. >> iowa, we have 30 days, i don't remember if you remember, someone by the name of hillary clinton, said that nobody, we're not going to boo, we're classy here, we're not going to boo. >> i'll boo. boo. >> you all know i can't be quiet. >> no, we're going to boo. >> that's not right. >> the haters will shut up on monday when we win. >> congresswoman tlaib tweeted a statement saying she regrets her comments last night and we're also hearing from hillary clinton, and in a new podcast interview, slamming sanders
12:43 pm
again. >> unfortunately, his campaign and his principal supporters were just very difficult, and really constantly, not just attacking me, but my supporters, we get to the convention, they're booing, michelle obama and john lewis, i mean it was very distressing, and such a contrast between what we did to unite in '08 and all the way up until the end, a lot of people highly identified with the campaign, were urging people to vote third party, urging people not to vote, it had an impact. >> clearly still hurt feelings there. how do democrats avoid a repeat of 2016? >> i think two days ahead of iowa, we don't need to be talking about hillary clinton. right now we should all be focused about defeating donald trump. and i think hillary clinton and
12:44 pm
rashida tlaib are focused on that, too but that is how this conversation started, right? and i think it is also important to contextualize congressman tlaib, the first-ever palestinian woman ever elected to congress, and she, you know, this is a community that has been maligned, and i think, you know, not heard by both parties, and so bernie sanders and hillary clinton both represent really strong bases, right, as millions of people in this country, as shown by the leading polls in iowa, and obviously as shown as hillary clinton's run in 2016, but i think regardless, right, that's why we need to champion the fact that a majority of america right now is really attracted to going big in this moment, going big on these idea, the top two issues, around health care, and climate change, and iowa voters want a green new deal, they want medicare for all but to dismiss ideas like that to the side, to go to for a more moderate option doesn't seem to be what voters want right now.
12:45 pm
>> patty, i would like to get your take. >> it is just not helpful. the congresswoman's comments were not help. hillary clinton's comments were not helpful. and i'm a huge supporter of hillary clinton. look, the north star, the biggest thing for democrats right now, is to beat donald trump. and doubling down on some old hostile wounds from the 2016 campaign does not help us unite. it just drives us further apart. and also the point that these attacks, by both women, were not based on issues, were not based on climate change, were not based on the green new deal, they were personal attacks, and it's just not helpful. >> alexandra, we're hearing from another progressive surrogate of sanders, congresswoman omar and she called the attack against sanders desperate. listen. >> i know you might have noticed
12:46 pm
that the attacks on bernie have become more and more desperate. we have seen it. you might hear a lot of labels being thrown out. bernie is too radical. bernie's too dangerous. bernie's too polarizing. divisive. you might even hear the s word. socialism. >> alexandra, who is she trying to call out there? >> i think that she's calling out the general way that bernie's campaign and what his supporters feel like have been treated, right? i think not just by folks like hillary clinton, but the general democratic establishment, and along with the media, that has not really taken his rise seriously until a few days before the iowa caucus. and i think that's fair to say, considering that on both side, right, of the ideological spectrum, and the democratic party, feel that way, and so i
12:47 pm
think that ilhan is referring to a lot of people, assuming that bernie sanders is the underdog and i think his lead in the polls is showing that there are a lot of people that tend to agree with that, and so again, dismissing sort of his candidacy, as too radical or whatever, is sort of irresponsible especially as we're headed two days before iowa. so i think they're sort of drumming up the fact that bernie has one of most energized campaigns in the field and the polls are showing that. >> patty, mayor michael bloomberg is not competing in iowa but his numbers nationally are on the rise. he has moved into the fourth position in a number of polls. bloomberg just released a tax plan that includes calling for a 5% surtax on the wealthy. and essentially reverses the president's tax cuts for high earners, among other things. bloomberg has been criticized by some democrats as being nothing more than a billionaire drying to buy the election. trying to buy this election. will this type of wealth tax favored by sanders and warren show voters that he gets it?
12:48 pm
>> well, look, i think it was really smart, on his part, and on his campaign, i think certainly it mitigates a bit his standing as a billionaire coming into this race, trying to buy the election. and i also think today's dnc rule change matters, because i think, because bloomberg is actually rising in the polls, for the most part, because of his advertising, he needs to be tested. he needs to be asked about his plan. he needs to be on the debate stage. voters need to look at him and other candidates in the field and make up their mind. and the best way to do that is on a debate stage. and so i, like i said, i think this is a smart plan for him. i think it addresses some of his issues. as a candidate. and where he stands on policy. particularly for the progressive part of the party. but i think we need more.
12:49 pm
we need to be able to ask him questions. >> all right. we will see where it goes. thank you very much, patty, and alexandra, great to have you here, ladies. and it is a week of special political coverage here on cnn. on monday, of course, it is the iowa caucuses, tuesday, we have the state of the union address, wednesday and thursday, back-to-back presidential town halls. live from new hampshire. and don't miss this special coverage, all next week, here on cnn. we'll be right back. frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com.
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welcome back. almost kickoff time. we're learning tonight there's a super bowl tribute to kobe bryant in the works. during the miami press conference general jennifer lopez and shakira talked about a heartfelt moment we'll all get to witness. >> you think about vanessa as a mom and losing her best friend and partner and losing her child. i think how awful that must be for her right now. >> i think we will all be remembering kobe on sunday. we'll be celebrating life and celebrate i celebrating diversity in this country. i'm sure he will be very proud to see what we're going to -- the message we're going to be
12:55 pm
trying to convey on stage. >> kobe bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, gianna and 7 other people were killed last sunday when their helicopter crashed outside los angeles. our breaking news coverage today continues as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread. more beds to treat patients in the u.s. and new details about the 8th confirmed case. plus the 2020 election only reenforcing divisiveness in this country and communities and within families. is there anything that can heal the rift? don't go anywhere.
12:56 pm
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you're live in the cnn newsroom. thank you for being with us on this saturday. the president of the united states rn states, his impeachment trial likely to be over within a matter of days. senators voted to wrap up arguments without additional documents or witnesses. starting on monday, the senators will hear closing arguments and the full senate is scheduled to vote on wednesday on whether to acquit or convict. every expectation at this point is they will vote to acquit the president but with the end of the president's impeachment trial just days away, a new bombshell admission by the trump administration. the department of justice acknowledging in a late night court filing


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