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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 1, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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boos hillary clinton during a day to buy groceries, and everyone else has to stay in at campaign event for bernie all time, and that's just one sanders. the clinton camp is speaking out. and 75,000 cases? example. in other parts of china a disturbing new estimate of the officials are resorting to a high-tech devices such as drones number of people possibly infected with coronavirus as an equipped with loud speakers to eighth case is confirmed in the united states and now the pentagon is bracing to house as monitor the local population's many as 1,000 people who may movement and trying to get their message across as well to tell need to be quarantined. we want to welcome our viewers people to stay indoors and to wear a mask if they have to be in the united states and around out and about. the world. wolf blitzer is on assignment. but still, even these grim i'm brianna keilar. number according to some you are in "the situation room." researchers are not reflecting ♪ ♪ the reality on the ground. in one study published last tonight, a key republican friday the estimate was in wuhan senator is explaining his vote alone there were already more against calling witnesses in than 75,000 cases as of a week president trump's impeachment trial setting the course for his acquittal next week. ago. we have been hearing some amid democratic outrage, senator anecdotal evidence to support lamar alexander said president that. people are complaining and trump's actions were improper, frustration about them not but did not warrant impeachment getting tested for this virus and sources are now telling cnn even when they're showing symptoms. that president trump isn't some people on the ground were even telling us that their loved expected to apologize after his acquittal as president clinton ones who died from pneumonia
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were not tested by the virus did. we're floeling the battle for each though they could have been iowa and a deepening democratic struck down by the virus instead rift just over 48 before the of common pneumonia. much anticipated caucuses. >> tell us how china is responding to a travel ban by democratic congressman rashed a the u.s. that is going to affect tlaib booing hillary clinton a lot of chinese nationals during a campaign event for possibly? bernie sanders and so far not apologizing for it. our guest this hour is >> that's right. they were not very happy about democratic senator tina smith of it. minnesota and our correspondents actually on friday after the and analysts are standing by. u.s. announced this travel ban the foreign ministry came out to first, let's go to capitol hill lash out at the u.s. government and cnn senior congressional for these so-called unfriendly correspondent manu raju. it's a remarkable political week moves saying the u.s. was going ahead. >> no question about it. coming wednesday will be the against the world health decisive vote in which the organization, and their advice president will ultimately be for not imposing such bans on acquitted and republicans are planning to vote -- the china saying this is the u.s. president and we'll see if there showing no sympathy or empathy. are defections on either side of the aisle and this comes as republicans are still defending that vote from last night that brianna? >> stephen jeong, thank you so much. >> an emotional night for the blocked any witnesses from coming forward in the los angeles lakers as they impeachment trial. played their first game since >> how does it feel to be the death of kobe bryant and paid tribute to the nba legend. leaving during the trial after a no resolution? and then what happened? >> tonight, a bitterly divided where's our family from?
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senate taking a break as republicans push for a swift end was he my age? to president trump's historic so nana and pops eloped? impeachment trial. ...and then what happened, daddy? after ignoring democratic complaints that they are holding a sham trial, republicans have well, before us, there were your great, now set a schedule that will great, great grandparents. virtually ensure trump is cleared a day after his state of turn questions you've always had into stories the union address next week. monday at 11:00 a.m., closing you can't wait to share; with ancestry. arguments for the democratic impeachment managers and president trump's lawyers for turn questions you've always had into stories two hours each. you're doing more to keep your body healthy for the future. shouldn't your toothpaste do the same for your mouth? after that, regular senate future proof your whole mouth with new crest pro/active defense. business allow senators to its active defense technology neutralizes bacteria deliver four speeches over whether to convict the to shield against potential issues. president, culminating wednesday at 4:00 p.m. eastern, the final crest. vote on whether to remove or acquit president trump on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. today, democrats' emotions still raw after republicans voted largely among party lines, against hearing from any witnesses and issuing subpoenas for scores of documents bought by the white house. >> it's deeply disappointing. >> speaker nancy pelosi saying
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it is a bad day for america to see mcconnell humiliate the chief justice of the united states into presiding over a vote nation's judicial norms precedents and institutions which uphold the con stulgz and the rule of law. >> miss feinstein, no. >> two republicans, mitt romney and susan collins of maine voted my money should work as hard as i do. to hear from witnesses including that's why i use my freedom unlimited card every time i get gas. national security adviser john bolton. >> the yeas are 49. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, the nays are 51. you're always earning. >> the other 51 republicans i said i need some slack on pump three! voted to block the effort no matter what the witnesses said or what the president did it would not amount to an impeachable offense. >> i think he shouldn't have done it. it was wrong. inappropriate is the way i would say improper, crossing the line and then the only question left is who decides what to do about that? >> well, who decides what to do with that? >> the people. the people is my conclusion. i think what he did is a long
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way from treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. i don't think it's the kind of -- of inappropriate action that the framers would have for picking a president. >> many republicans and the white house wanted trump clear last night so they could use tuesday's state of the union address to boast about his acquittal. some senate republicans demands does scrubbing grease feel like a workout? a chance to speak on the floor. scrub less with dawn ultra. that means president trump will it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster. still be on trial while delivering the nationally making easy work of tough messes. televised address. the delay also allows the dawn is a go-to grease-cleaner throughout the kitchen, too. democratic senators running for keep a bottle in the laundry room to pre-treat greasy stains. president to campaign in iowa today and tomorrow ahead of the and keep dawn in the garage to lift grease off car rims. crucial iowa caucuses monday it's even gentle enough to clean wildlife affected by oil. dawn's grease cleaning power takes care night. whether any senators buck their vote including moderates who of tough grease wherever it shows up. scrub less and save more... with dawn. have not ruled out acquittal. >> it's the most serious decision that any senator will ever make in their career and every senator wishes they didn't have to make this decision.
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>> senator manchin told me he's not going to make his decision until wednesday when he walks into the senate chamber. other of the moderate democrats also not saying they will do, doug jones telling me last night that he was going to make a decision last week. he's still going through some things and kristen will refuse to answer any questions at all and we'll see, brianna, if republicans break ranks and romney declined to comment when i asked him and so did susan collins and we'll see if there is a straight party line vote or defectors. >> we know you'll keep us up-to-date. ahead of this monumental week, president trump is at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. we have cnn white house correspondent jeremy dimon also there. the president won't get his victory lap before his state of the union address. what are you hearing from the white house on this time line. >> reporter: well, brianna, president trump and his aides at the white house had viewed that state of the union address coming up on tuesday as an opportunity for president trump to walk into the house of representatives, the chamber,
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where he had been impeached late last year and come in as a newly vindicated man, newly vindicated president. they had hoped, of course, for that to happen that the president would be acquitted in the senate before that state of the union address. it became clear last night that that was not going to happen despite the fact that the white house had expressed to republican senate leadership that they did indeed, want that vindication, that acquittal in the senate to come before tuesday. so now the question shifts to how the president will respond to this acquittal when it comes after the state of the union as we expect it to happen on wednesday. the last president who was in their first game since acquitted on impeachment charges the deadly crash, the los in the senate trial was bill clinton. angeles lakers honored nba he came out in the rose garden and apologized profusely to the nation and said he was legend kobe bryant, his profoundly sorry. don't expect anything of the sort from president trump. 13-year-old daughter gianna and my sources close to the president are telling me that the others that lost their the president is not expected to lives. mourners paid their respects make any kind of statement of contrition or to admit any outside the staples center. wrongdoing. that is despite the fact that inside the center seats were we've seen several republican senators namely, the republican
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senator from tennessee, lamar draped with his jerseys. alexander say that the president acted inappropriately here. lebron james gave an emotional tribute starting with reading the president, though, expected the nams of all nine victims. to continue his usual comments, >> i want to acknowledge all the what we've heard from him so lives that was lost sunday far, of course s that his phone conversation with ukrainian morning, alissa alt belly, john president was perfect and that all of his conduct was perfect and that's what we expect to continue to see from the president. brianna? >> cnn's jeremy diamond, thank altobelli, payton chester, sarah you very much from west palm beach for us. >> joining me is tina smith of chester, christina mouzer, minnesota. thank you so much for coming on. we really appreciate it. gianna bryant, and kobe bryant. >> thank you, brianna. it's great to be with you. >> so you yesterday said it was a bad night for democracy. the first thing that came to mind is family. as i look around this arena, can you take us through what it was like there in the room. we're all grieving. we're all hurt. >> well, of course, by the time we're all heart broken. but i look at this -- i look at we made those votes yesterday on this as a celebration tonight. whether or not the senate was going to hear witnesses, we had a pretty good idea of what was this is a celebration of the 20 going to happen and for me what made it so disheartening was to years of the blood, the sweat, see so many of my republican the tears, the broken down body, the getting up, the sitting colleagues abandon an historic
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down, the everyday, the bipartisan precedent of senate impeachment trials including countless hours, the witnesses. i think in that time the senate determination to be as great as he could be. tonight we celebrate the kid abandoned its role and its that came here at 18 years of responsibility and to me that's a very dark day. >> what do you say to your republican colleagues like senator alexander who say this age, retired at 38, and became wasn't a perfect call. they say it was inappropriate, the best dad we've seen over the but they also say it's not impeachable. last three years, man. i want to continue along with my teammates to continue his legacy >> we are seeing this transformation of the defense of not only for this year, for as the president that has gone from long as we can play the game of he did flg wrong to he didn't -- basketball we love because that's what kobe bryant would want. he did what he's accused of, but it's not impeachable to even some people suggesting maybe it's impeachable, but we shouldn't impeach him anyway and to me that is the most cynical and honestly the most partisan so, in the words of kobe bryant, of arguments. our responsibility is to the mam mamba out, but in the words of constitution and not to our party, and that is what i keep us, not forgotten. live on, brother. coming down to. >> bryant's widow vanessa later i ask myself would i have the courage to vote to remove a president of my own party who posted this picture from the game of two reserved seats
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was accused of the kinds of covered in roses displaying kobe abuses of power, you know what and gianna's jerseys. we've seen in the impeachment trial. i hope that i would. kobe bryant and all the victims >> so all of this new of the crash are set to be information that has been coming out through the courts and also honored at the super bowl tomorrow night. and that is it for us. john bolton now. do you think it was a mistake thank you so much for watching. for house democrats to pass this "newsroom with ana cabrera" is next. off to a republican-controlled senate when they did and to not subpoena john bolton? >> well, remember, they tried to get john bolton to testify and he refused. he was blocked. we have seen the most whole scale blocking of the white house participating in any kind of providing evidence -- we all use our cell phones very differently. >> but a subpoena is a different so, she's always on social media. thing. a subpoena is a different thing than a request. he's always watching sports. >> that is right, and they -- someone's video chatting her friends. but the -- the -- the white my parents are getting older so knowing that i can get in touch with them house -- excuse me, the house at any time is really comforting. did attempt to get documents. grandma, you're on tv! they did subpoena, and i think (grandma) wow! what channel? (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. that, of course, the senate has
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take the metamucil two-week challenge, lighten up. just take metamucil every day for two weeks. available at your local retailer. >> wrong, inappropriate and crossing the line. that is how republican senator lamar alexander is describing president trump's actions toward ukraine. impeachment was not the right response. alexander said that's why he voted against witnesses in the president's trial, paving the way for his expected acquittal next week. let's dig deeper into this now with our experts and analysts starting with john dean who, of course, is former nixon white house counsel. john, you, of course, gave key
3:17 pm
testimony, the key testimony in the watergate investigation before the senate watergate committee. what went through your head when you saw these senators vote against witnesses like you were during watergate? >> i -- given the anticipation, brian a i was not surprised they didn't want any more evidence particularly from somebody about first-hand evidence like bolton. this would have made their vote all that much more difficult had they had witnesses who would have been very difficult also to have just one witness with bolton testifying, he would have led to mulvaney, who knows? probably pompeo, giuliani and others that would have seemed essential all of a sudden and it really was disappointing and depressing that the great deliberative body of the senate didn't want to deliberate on any of this information. >> michael ger hahart, you had
3:18 pm
vote against witnesses revealing that the administration had more e-mails showing the president's role in withholding aid from ukraine. what does that say to you about the entire process and even the utility in it. >> it raises a question whether it's useful or broken or whether impeachment is completely ineffective. as john pointed out and others, the problem is that we get more and more evidence, mountains of evidence that indicated president did this and it wasn't just a one all. there was a systematic plan to do what he did and you are seeing the republican senators twist themselves into knots saying it's wrong, but it doesn't rise to the level of impeachable offense. they wanted the final choice to be with people politically accountable, so they hopefully will be politically accountable for this, and they can exercise discretion as we saw here and keep in mind most of the senate comes from the very small part of the population of the united
3:19 pm
states and they don't represent most americans. >> that's an interesting point, and shaun, in addition to the documents and we don't know what's in them, the witnesses we didn't hear from there's also new detail from john bolton's book and this comes to us, and bolton says that pat cipollone who we've seen was in the room when the president directed bolton to help with the ukraine pressure campaign. what do you think about that? >> it's been a troubling situation. there's been buzz about it and the house managers sent a letter asking him to talk about this and reveal any particular biases. i just want to say on behalf of the lawyer, you have to be careful with tossing too much around in terms of lethal ethics rules and sometimes people are unpopular. if you dissect the rule at issue here and it's the rule that lawyers should not be witnesses and he's a member of the d.c. bar and that's the district that controls. if you look at that, though, he probably get away with this
3:20 pm
because they didn't call any witnesses and that was very good for him. they didn't call any witnesses and the point of that rule is to avoid one, the lawyer having a conflict with his client, but also the ethics committee has voted that the lawyer in that situation can disadvantage the opponent in an unfair way ask that's what the concern is and it will be more of a moral question than probably an ethics violation. >> sam in the middle of all of this it's interesting to oipoin out that the secretary of state mike pompeo was in ukraine. what message does that send. what do you think? >> i think pompeo is intent on going to ukraine and he scheduled this trip and wants to send a message of support from the united states from ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and brianna's pompeo passed his pro log here and he cannot rewrite the history
3:21 pm
that's been covered as part of the process and i don't think the ukrainians he met with will take anything that he said at face value. we now know that while pompeo this summer was issuing statements of support for ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. >> he was the secretary weil the president was putting u.s. foreign, cystance on the line in exchange for a political favor. he was issuing statements of support for ukraine while rudy giuliani was undercutting u.s. for inapproximately see by getting president zelensky to get political favors and finally, i think pompeo was going to ukraine to issue support for the u.s. embassy. we know that while he has made this for diplomats he has failed to defend marie yovanovitch, who by the way, we learned retired a day or two ago and whatever message pompeo is delivering is
3:22 pm
directly undercut by the history that's been uncovered by the impeachment process. >> john dean, i wonder, as we know this is a foregone conclusion, right? with the votes being there for a quita quital, what are you hearing from the floor speeches that we'll be hearing senators give? >> i think the closing statement by the counsel for the managers and for the president will be repetitious of what we've already heard. i don't expect we'll hear anything new and putting the sequence together. the brief speech e they're ten-minute speeches that are authorized, plus they can add to the record. they can put material in the record. there will be justifications they've taken throughout. >> i think ten minutes per member is ample for that, and i suspect there will be more republicans that will do it than sht are not. the real questiony have is what kind of precedent is this going
3:23 pm
to set and doesn't in your panel in the prior segment say is it appropriate so that the panel understand, and if lamar alexander can call it inappropriate and wrong it seems to me he would support a censure that would define why it's wrong. i'm hopeful there will be a follow up this week or next. >> it's important to point out that the president is not as bill clinton did coming out and making a statement of regret, right? trying to sort of soothe some of the divisions that that impeachment process created. the president isn't going to do that, if anything, he will give a victory lap before this is over with the state of the union. >> he doesn't ask for forgiveness. he called the call famously perfect and the one thing that's happening right now is he's getting a little bit of criticism from the republican senators which i'm sure is not sitting well with him.
3:24 pm
at the same time, the president will get more emboldened. he will feel empowered by this. one repercussion here is the that senate has diminished its power and he has expanded his power and we'll see where he takes it and him asking for more favors from foreign leaders? just quick leshgs brian a trump's training wheels has come off. he has no reason not to ask foreign powers for political favors. that has direct implications on americans' ability to decide who our next president is in 2020. >> so this is direct national security implications for every american voter. when they decide at the box whether is a prep at. if prs feels leak he can be criminally indicted and he won't
3:25 pm
be impeached. americans lose the ability to decide whether to hold president trump accountable or not. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you and your analysis. hillary clinton booed by a fellow democrat who supports bernie sanders. what impact will it have on voters about to take part in the iowa caucuses. it will quarantine more than 1,000 americans as coronavirus spreads faster and farther than previously thought. itching to go really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line.
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we are just over 48 hours from the start of the iowa caucuses and there's bad blood with the democrats that's complicating the final hours of campaigning. rashida tlaib booed hillary clinton during a campaign events for bernie sanders. so let's discuss all of this now with our correspondents and analysts and jeff zeleny joining us from iowa. let's take a look at this moment that happened with rashida tlaib at this bernie sanders event. >> iowa, we have three days. i don't remember if you guys remember last week when someone by the name of hillary clinton said that nobody -- we're not going to boo. we're not going to boo. we're classy here. >> no. i'll boo. boo! i -- you all know i can't be quiet. no, we're going to boo. that's all right. the haters -- the haters will shut up on monday when we win. >> it's important to point out this didn't happen in a vacuum, right? the context of this is that
3:31 pm
hillary clinton took a shot at bernie sanders in a hulu documentary still to be released and what she said was according to "the hollywood reporter" he was in congress for years and he had one senator support him and nobody likes him and nobody wants to work with him. he got nothing done. yesterday this out by a podcast by "the new york times". >> there was no question about who was going to be the nominee, but unfortunately, you know, his campaign and his principal supporters were just very difficult all of the way up until the end. a lot of people highly identified with his campaign were urging people to vote third party, urging people not to vote. it had an impact. >> how is all of this playing out in iowa, jeff? >> reporter: brianna, there's no question that 2020 is picking up where 2016 left off and you will remember caucus night four years ago you were with hillary clinton. i was with bernie sanders and the clinton campaign won, but
3:32 pm
just by a nose and got out of town quickly and left much bad feeling and bad blood behind here and that is what the exact sentiment is right now at this moment. party officials i'm speaking with are worried about the mood and the feeling inside on caucuses monday night and the clinton supporters who are fanning out and supporting other candidates and it is all over this back and forth between the sanders and the clinton campaign, and you could say that hillary clinton sort of started this again. she's the one who opened this conversation again. bernie sanders supporters returned fire and i was with sanders this afternoon at a campaign stop. he did not mention this at all. he was taking a very unified approach and he said he will unify the party and that is essential. brianna, there is bad blood between the two sides and it is easy to imagine this repeating itself if this nominating fight goes a long distance before the convention. >> abby philip, you are also
3:33 pm
there on the ground at an event that is just wrapping up. tell us what you're hearing from people. >> yeah. i think the very fact that as jeff mentioned that bernie sanders took a much more conciliatory tone in his event is reflective of a sense here in iowa that this is not the kind of drama that voters here are looking for in the final days before the caucuses. there is concern across the campaigns that they appeared too negative as they go into this. remember, democratic voters are coming off of more than two years of donald trump. they associate the sort of vitriol in american politics with that kind of politics, and they do not want that in their nominee. so there is a fine line here for bernie sanders and so that's why earlier tonight pete buttigieg has been taking sharper swipes at his opponents and he said these are differences that he's bringing up respectfully because
3:34 pm
all of the campaigns are acutely aware and they don't want to come across as dividers. they're looking for someone to not only unify the party and unify the country come november, brianna. >> david, you are here with me in the studio. i wonder what you are thinking watching this play out. we should note, rashida tlaib tried to walk this back on twitter, but the bernie sanders campaign manager totally embraced this, right? he basically said yeah. you're all good. we love your passion and conviction. don't change. he adores what she said. >> congresswoman clatlaib, shou throw hard elbows and make the case for her guy. the booing is you do invite the question if you'll be a uniter in the end if your candidate is not the nominee. she did a good job of walking it back this morning and it did sort of fan the flames. if i can inject common sense into this.
3:35 pm
yes, 2016, the party establishment had their thumb on the scale for clinton. 2020, the party establishment to placate sanders supporters put these donor rules in place and now it looks like they're putting these rules in place that will help michael bloomberg get in the next debate. we'll see what happens with that p, but no one should be sur perused, is for the establishment candidate and if you're an insurgent bike a donald trump in 2016, you have to present something to the voters that is irresistible that will overcome the establishment candidates and that's how politics works. >> you need to be irresistible, candidates. that's what it is. so let's talk about, jeff, sanders and other senators who have been stuck here, right? they've been stuck in washington because of impeachment and what will they do to make up for the
3:36 pm
fact that they've been absent. >> reporter: they have been absent and they're working double time this weekend holding events and meeting with more people, but the reality is time has escaped them in some respects. it's hard to know how much this is going to impact the campaign. for senator sanders it may have frozen things in place and he was certainly strong over the last couple of weeks and it had the biggest impact on amy klobuchar. she seemed to be on the rise which was a time when voters would have liked to come see her and hear her message. she was unable to be here quite as much, but she is in iowa now. she'll be campaigning and tomorrow and has a late-night rally in des moines. they're making their case. some democrats i spoke to said that they've seen amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren more over in the last two weeks between the trial, and pete buttigieg has fallen, and they do have to
3:37 pm
play back to monday so certainly wanted a very efficient use of their time. >> just so much what's been going on and abby, we're expecting a tight race in iowa. with the points of different results how can candidates control whatever does happen in the caulkisecuses? >> in an interview with pete buttigieg, he calls it a fluid situation and that's an accurate decision of what the knd thecan are getting right now. y we might get a sense of where the race stands and one of the great uncertainties of all of this will be a couple of things. one, what is the level of turnout that will be on monday night and second of all, what's going to happen in the places where some of these candidates and there are many of them who have, you know, a decent sized supporters and not enough to hit
3:38 pm
the 15 tloesh sold. >> and on top of that, almost half of iowa voters are undecided. coming out of this, it's always been a case that you get a little bit of bump coming out of iowa and some of that relies on the narrative and the news cycle being in your favor. heading interest wednesday after the candidates are all in new hampshire we'll have another impeachment drama, and we'll have the state of the union address so it really calls into question whether whether of these can ats are getting the bump they might have seen in past cycles with the uncertainy and media environment that is not there right now. citi with cnnen clooding the register pell numbers. peal be releet peal. >> a hospital is ready to house
3:39 pm
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a case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the u.s. 1,000 people may need to be quarantined when they come back from overseas. barbara starr has been working this story. tell us what you learned. >> brianna, defense secretary mark esper signed the paperwork that will allow the pentagon to provide housing at the request of the department of health and human services for up to 1,000 people for about two weeks plus,
3:44 pm
and it's what they're working out. we know already 2 h00 people ar being housed at a reserve base in california south of los angeles. another base, a training facility at fort carson, colorado, travis air force base in northern california and miramar station in san diego. military families and military personnel on these bases will not come into contact and they will be isolated and quarantined and they will not be able to go to other portions of the bases and there should be no contact. the pentagon is insistent that all it's doing is providing the very much needed housing essentially for people while they are in this quarantine.
3:45 pm
right now they have been asked by the department of health and human services to provide up to 1,000 beds, but at the moment it's not very definitive how many people will be returning to the u.s. from these locations and exactly how many beds the pentagon will have to wind up providing. brianna? >> thank you for that update from the pentagon. let's go to china now and the cnn beijing producer senior producer stephen jeong is there. there are nearly 60 million people that are under lockdown in cities in china. what is china doing to stop the spread of the virus? >> brian a the numbers out of the epicenter, the hubei province is getting grimmer by the hour. the latest number we just heard from the health atuthority on saturday alone almost 2,000 new cases and 45 new deaths and that's why you are seeing the authorities taking more
3:46 pm
draconian measures to contain the virus. oouts outsi outside of wuhan, they're happening in smaller cities with less infrastructural system to deal with the outbreak out ever
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