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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 1, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. you are live in the cnn news room. new tonight, there is now a suspected case of coronavirus in new york. mayor bill de blasio spoke just moments ago. >> about a week ago, i reported new yorkers on the status of the coronavirus and said at that point it was a question of not if but when. now we have our first case under investigation here in new york city. this individual, this patient, who is being evaluated right now did exactly as they should have, followed the guidelines that the
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city of new york put out, and they met these specific criteria. they had travelled to china. they did have the specific symptoms associated with coronavirus. and they did come to get medical care here at the hospital, exactly what we want anyone in a similar situation to do. >> now, this all comes on the heels of the 8th confirmed case in the u.s. today. this time in massachusetts. and now the pentagon is preparing housing for up to 1,000 people who maybe perhaps need to be quarantined after returning to the country from traveling overseas. we have a team of correspondents and experts covering the developments tonight. cnn correspondent is at newark international airport in new jersey. jacqueline howard is on the line. and cnn senior producer is standing by in beijing. to you first, what more can you tell us about this patient here in new york?
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>> reporter: at this point, ana, as health officials in the city of new york made clear we may not know if this individual is the 9th confirmed case. they have to run the tests and look into the case. as you made clear, they're only treating this as a possible case. the reason that being that this individual recognized that they had been in the infected regions part of mainland china, recognized those symptoms, and quick quickly sought that medical attention. authorities using that as an example for what people should be on the look out for. right now is the time to remain informed and most importantly stay calm as the risk of contracting this still remains low. airports across the country are taking steps to screen these passengers that are coming from those affected areas. tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern is where attention will shift to
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six specific airports across the airport that includes san francisco, seattle, los angeles, atlanta, also jfk and chicago. these are the airports where according to trump administration officials, many of these flights from china, the ones that are still continue to happen, will be funneled through so health officials can be focused on screening the inbound passengers. these are some of the latest protocols and measures that have been set up by government officials. the other one includes imposing this temporary travel ban on any foreign individuals who are particularly traveling in the united states and u.s. citizens returning from the affected areas could be subjected to a two-week mandatory quarantine. >> stand by for us. joining us on the phone is jacqueline howard. for this person under observation in new york, what will that testing look like?
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>> that's a great question. so, we have 36 to 48 hours to wait for the testing resulting to come in. so, we don't know yet if this is confirmed. but, you know, as the mayor said this is the first person identified for testing in new york city. and what happens, a sample is sent and cdc conducts the test. we have about 36 to 48 hours until the testing results come in. and that's when we can confirm if this is a confirmed case. so that's what we're waiting on, ana. >> let me bring in barbara starr. you reported the pentagon is preparing to house as many as one thousand people who may need to be quarantined when they return from overseas. we know 195 people, diplomats and family members are quarantined on a military base in california. now we're talking about preparations for up to 1,000 possibly. do you know why that number? >> well this is because the department of health and human
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services says it needs help in getting housing for these people during the a two-week quarantine period. they have to put them somewhere where they can be monitored. they're not going to be allowed to wander around and a military base fits that description. defense secretary mark esper late today signed the authorization, if you will, saying that he would support hhs's requests for up to 1,000 beds through february 29th. so, they're looking now if the need comes, there are several bases besides the reserve base south of los angeles that they are looking, that have been earmarked to house these people during possible quarantine. those bases are -- we have a map to show everyone -- a training facility in colorado, lackland air force base in texas, travis in california, and the marine
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corp. air station near san diego. it remains to be seen how many people will have to be under the mandatory two-week quarantine, but these are the facilities that are going to be ready for them if they are needed according to the trump administration. what the pentagon is hastening to add, if these people continue to be housed, if you will quarantined on military bases just like at march air force base, they will be isolated. they will not be allowed to wander around the base, come into contact with any military families. and military personnel and families are not expected at all to come into contact with them. remains to be seen if all of these 1,000 beds are needed or perhaps even more. ana. >> okay. barbara starr, stand by. we're dealing with 8 people confirmed to have the virus in the u.s. more than 20 countries have cases of the coronavirus. the epicenter is in china where
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more than 11,000 cases and more than 200 people have died. steven jang is in beijing where the situation has gotten to the point where drones are being used to warn people who don't have face masks on. >> reporter: that's right, ana. and we are actually just learning new numbers from the health authorities now nationwide there are more than 14,000 cases with 304 deaths. these numbers getting grimmer by the hour. you mentioned these drones. that is being deployed in some parts of the country by local officials to monitor the local populations' movement and to make sure that the authorities' message get across by reminding these people, warning them to go indoors, to go home, or at least wear a mask if they have to be out and about. still, ana, the majority of these cases and deaths happen in the epicenter in hubei province. the trend there is the
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authorities are saying a lot of cases actually more than half of the cases now are being reported outside of the provincial capital of wuhan. that is worrisome because now these cases happening in smaller poorer places with less infrastructure or health care system to deal with this kind of outbreak. that's why you're seeing officials putting more draconian measures in place. in one city, for example, they're requiring each house hold to only send one representative out every other day to buy groceries. everyone else has to stay in at all times. >> thank you to everyone for that rt rowing. we will stay on stop of the latest coronavirus information and bring that to our viewers as we get it. meantime, we are two days away until the iowa caucus and what looks like a tight race at the top. democratic candidates are chris cou crossing the state. we're live in iowa next. differ. (vo) everyone in your family is different.
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just two days from right now the race for the white house goes from hypothetical to real. it is the iowa caucuses on monday, the first major contest of the presidential primary season. and this weekend influential democrats appear to be fighting more against themselves more than the freshly impeached president donald trump. they're rehashing the past. congresswoman booed former presidential nominee hillary clinton and encouraged others to do the same. the moderator mentioned recent comments from hillary clinton where she criticized her 2016 opponent bernie sanders. listen to this hillary clinton comment and then see what happened last night. >> unfortunately, you know, his campaign and his principle supporters were just very difficult and really constantly not just attacking me but my
4:14 pm
supporters. we'd get to the convention, they're booing michelle obama, john lewis. i mean, it was very distressing. and such a contrast between what we did to unite in '08 and all the way up until the end. a lot of people highly identified with this campaign were urging people to vote third party, urging people not to vote. it had an impact. >> iowa, we have three days. i don't remember if you guys remember last week when someone by the name of hillary clinton said that nobody -- we're not going to boo. we're not going to boo. we're classy here. >> no, no, i'll boo. boo! >> you all know i can't be quiet. >> no, we're going to be boo. that's all right. the haters will shut up on monday when we win. >> that was michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib, a
4:15 pm
major surrogate for bernie sanders booing fellow democrat from the stage. tlaib showed some remorse on twitter saying her disappointment with inhad ton got the best of her. bernie sanders and joe biden are head to head, sharing the lead among the democratic candidates. cnn has live team coverage spread throughout the state of iowa. let's begin with ryan nobles. he is with bernie sanders' campaign. what is the climate among the candidates as we close in on iowa. are things going more negative? >> you know, they are, ana. but i think we need to put this in context a little bit. in terms of democratic primaries of past, this has been a relatively kind democratic process. they've really worked hard to emphasize the areas where they believe that they have the best policy positions and the best
4:16 pm
opportunity to beat donald trump and have gone out of their way to not do much attacking of their opponents. there have been some distinctions drawn. they're making a point to draw those distinctions more as we get closer to the election itself. but a lot of it has not been that divisive and it hasn't been personal. for bernie sanders the big knock you get on him by opponents including vice president biden is the idea that perhaps he can win the democratic primary, but in a head to head against donald trump he might not fair as well. that is something sanders is addressing here in the last final hours of the iowa caucuses. listen to what he said earlier today. >> there's a lot of discussion, as you know, about electability, which candidate stands the best chance to defeat donald trump. >> you do! [ cheers and applause ] >> let's do a scientific poll. all those that think our
4:17 pm
campaign is the strongest to beat trump, raise your hand. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so, obviously that crowd feels pretty confident in bernie sanders' chances. but i should point out that his campaign feels very strongly about this. they believe that the energy and the enthusiasm and the democratic primary process right now and in their party in general is with the sanders campaign and that it's going to take big turnout and a lot of energy to beat donald trump in the fall. that's part of their closing argument here. they believe there is a section of democratic voters that like bernie sanders, believe in his policies, but are worried he can't beat donald trump. they're saying he can do it. and if you agree with him on these policy decisions, now is the time to stand up and support his campaign. and they're hoping those voters show up on monday night. >> electability seems to be the word among candidates and the focus of their message, really across all of those candidate
4:18 pm
campaigns. meantime, lee is covering elizabeth warren's campaign. senator warren i understand just addressed the clinton booing incident. what did she say? >> reporter: that's right, ana. senator warren just wrapped up a campaign event here in iowa city and spoke briefly with reporters afterward. cnn asked her to react to the fact that congresswoman tlaib booed hillary clinton on stage at a bernie sanders rally. let's listen and then we can talk more. >> i understand that during primaries people can get heated but what's important is we come together as a party because we have one really important job and that is to beat donald trump. and our best chance to do that is when democrats work together, when we get out there and fight for the things we believe in, and we bring as many people as possible into our party. >> reporter: and the timing of this is just notable because senator warren along with some of the other candidates have
4:19 pm
really been pressing the theme of unity and electability. and she has been saying to voters this weekend that she is the candidate who can have wide appeal, appeal to former bernie sanders supporters of former donald trump supporters. and just interesting she talked up this incident to things getting heated sometimes in politics. i will tell you i've been covering the warren campaign for over a year now and the energy this weekend has felt different, whether it's the voters or the candidates. i know that warren herself, the energy just has been very high in these rooms where she has been campaigning and has felt very clear that these candidates are very, very aware that this is the time for them to deliver their final closing messages. and senator warren who has been in d.c. for all of last week trying to make every hour count, her campaign announced they are not going to do her famous photo lines this weekend.
4:20 pm
instead she wants to make sure she's using every minute to hit as many cities as possible, another sign the candidates are feeling the heat in the final days. >> as with we see behind you they're working quickly, putting up risers and candidates moving from one place to another. i want to turn to arlette on the trail with biden. how confident is biden heading into monday and what is his closing message? >> reporter: joe biden has squarely kept his focus on president trump. he's been on the ground and over and over making a case that he's the candidate best equipped to take on president trump in the general election. he's put into those attacks from the president and republicans as a sign that perhaps they are concerned about-facing biden if he is the democratic nominee. biden is going to appear here in
4:21 pm
waterloo for his third stop of the day. he's joined by john kerry earlier in the day also making that argument with biden. what biden is trying to do here is create this head to head match up between himself and the president. he's trying to frame this campaign exactly that way from the start of the race when he entered back in april. and he's also arguing that the character of the nation son the ballot. while he has been trying to present that contrast with the president, you don't hear him exactly take on his rivals in his events here. earlier today he did offer voters a distinction, telling them what exactly they should be evaluating when they look at each of these democratic candidates. take a listen to what he had to say. >> when you think about -- think about who you're going to caucus for, here's what i can tell you. it's not enough to make promises. you've got to keep them. but you also have to have a record to demonstrate you're able to get them done, get things done.
4:22 pm
everyone knows who donald trump is. we have to let him know who we are. >> biden told me he believes iowa will be a toss up. he thinks the race might be bunched up. he also thinks new hampshire is an uphill race for him. he's pointing to south carolina as a fire waul and looking to super tuesday saying those are states where they have a major advantage. >> thank you. another candidate with high hopes in iowa is pete buttigieg. abby phillip is covering his campaign. you spoke with buttigieg right before his latest campaign event in debuick, hawaiiowa. he talks about what he calls future former republicans. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. it's been a major theme of his campaign over the last several weeks that he's spent days crisscrossing the state going from county to county where president obama won in 2008, won
4:23 pm
in 2012 and where hillary clinton lost to donald trump in 2016. and the idea there for the buttigieg campaign is to make an electability case to iowa voters saying to them i'm the candidate that can unite these different people including bringing back democrats who left the party in 2016. there is a question, i put this to him, about whether this is a strategy that is worth the effort. will some of these republicans stay with the democratic party? there was a gentleman at one of his events who told him he would only vote democrat if buttigieg was the nominee. here's what pete buttigieg had to say to that. >> i think it's a mistake to take any vote for granted and it's a mistake to write any vote off. i want to not only win against donald trump but win so big that it sends trumpism itself into the dust bin of history. i think a big win is also what it would take to send out the kind of shockwaves that might actually reunite senate gop
4:24 pm
members with their conscience because it seems like right now based on the way they're behaving on the floor of the senate, the language of winning and losing is the only thing they'll respond to. >> reporter: now here in iowa it is not clear even from buttigieg's perspective how he's going to do on monday. i asked him about whether he thought he needed to win here. he wouldn't say. he says he needs a strong finish. but he also characterized the race as very fluid. in these last few days he has been keeping a pace focusing on bringing new voters into the democratic race, potentially hoping to open up some turnout advantages for him on monday. and i think from buttigieg's perspective, he believes that just showing strength here in iowa is going to do the trick for him as he heads into new hampshire where the race is going to be what seems to be a knock down drag out fight between these candidates. >> anything can happen. thank you. now to kim law.
4:25 pm
you're in cedar falls with amy klobuchar. talk to us about her thinking and her message this weekend. >> reporter: she just wrapped up the cedar falls event and she's still on stage taking pictures, shaking hands. this is a place she needs to do well and the campaign is hoping she's going to do well. i want to refer to the interview abby had with pete buttigieg because this campaign would say he might be late to the party. that's a message this moderate has been leaning into since she stepped into the race. you're seeing her execute that message in these final two days. she's been reiterating she's someone who can reach republicans, she has the record to win in republican districts, she has been able to hold on to those votes in trump districts. in minnesota she was introduced by the lieutenant governor of minnesota who also talked about that record, the campaign hoping it's going to help especially in
4:26 pm
districts further north of us closer to minnesota as well as rural areas. these are places they need to have the turnout. as far as the challenges though, the campaign is not blind to the fact that she is not in the top tier. she is still not polling where they want. the impeachment trial has been challenging on her time in these final days, but senator klobuchar will say she is still standing and looking forward to monday. here's what she told us. >> we are punching way above our weight in eterms of what some o the peoples' bank accounts and what they've done. >> are you characterizing this race as being the underdog? >> yeah. when i look at how much money people have and everything else they're doing and the staff they have, it just shows that our incredibly devoted staff, all of these volunteers that we have here and all over the country have brought me to this place that i don't think anyone thought was going to happen when i first made that announcement
4:27 pm
in the middle of the blizzard. >> reporter: we've been talking, people have been showing up at her events and what's been remarkable are the number of people who still are not committed. they still haven't made up their minds or may have potentially changed their minds at the last minute. that is going to be the wildcard here. and in that, ana, this campaign sees an opportunity. ana. >> all right. reporting in iowa for us. thank you all for those reports from the campaign trail. and remind we have that iowa poll coming out at 9:00 live here on cnn. we'll be right back. we're oscar mayer deli fresh,
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welcome back. let's get back to the last minute sprint to the iowa caucuses. just two days away. mark mckinnon. he served as adviser to the george w. bush and john mccain presidential campaigns. also mark preston in iowa tonight. recent polls have shown bernie sanders with a lead in iowa. nationally he's neck and neck with joe biden at the top. it appears sanders has momentum right now. what would a win in iowa mean for his campaign? >> reporter: well it would mean many different things. and of course the momentum of itself carrying him into new hampshire, a neighboring state, depending how big he could win here could be insurmt able for candidates in that state. elizabeth warren is competing against bernie sanders for the same type of voters . she's going to want to do well out of iowa not just because she
4:33 pm
wants to do well out of iowa but she needs to convince those voters she can win. going into new hampshire she doesn't want to go in wounded. that has to same as joe biden as well. there's been a lot of talk about joe biden coming out of here. in fact the expectations game is now being delivered to us. we're hearing about the so-called firewall in south carolina for joe biden, really down playing expectations here in the state as well as new hampshire, ana. >> and mark mckinnon, if -- because we're starting to see the divide there on the trail and some of the rhetoric kind of turning negative toward each other. if it turns out that bernie sanders doesn't end up winning the nomination but there's this mentality that you're not representative of this party, could it put off his voters enough to then help trump in the general election? >> could be a big problem. democrats must get their act together and unify under any circumstances. i went to the trump rally thursday night and i went to
4:34 pm
clinton's communication director for the campaign, campaign manager. and it gave her a chill because the one thing she saw very clearly was that team trump has their act together. they've got money in the bank. they've got their message honed. >> they're united. >> they are united. they are completely united. whatever the democrats do, whatever happens, and i think there's an argument for any five scenarios to happen, they better get together and unify fast. >> do you see that as a risk? >> i think it's a big risk. >> a problem? >> i see a problem because there's a lot of passion out there and there's a fundamental argument about the few you are which of the democratic party. they're not just deciding their nominee. they're deciding where their nominee goes. >> i want to play this clip once again from the rally last night
4:35 pm
of rtlaib booing hillary clinto. >> i don't know if you remember last week when someone by the name of hillary clinton said that nobody -- we're not going to boo. we're not going to boo. we're classy here. >> no, no. i'll boo. boo! you all know i can't be quiet. no, we're going the to boo. that's all right. the haters -- the haters will shut up on monday when we win. >> congresswoman tlaib later said that she allowed her disappointment with clinton to get the best of her. this is just one more incident that does seem to indicate a deep divide within the drastic party. mark preston, how does the party bridge this gap especially if it is a long primary fight? >> well, organically. we're under the assumption now that it will be a long primary fight and we could go to a contested convention and there's always talk like this. we could happen to see it in this election because of how the rule changes happened and how the democrats have apportioned
4:36 pm
their delegates to. continue on what mark was saying earlier, the democrats have to come together. and they're going to need that passion that we saw from the congresswoman funneled in against trump. right now you're not going to see that because there is a lot of passion for bernie sanders. bernie sanders, when he ran in 2016 was not the establishment favorite. he's not the establishment's favorite now. the only problem for the establishment is they didn't necessarily have a favorite in 2020. you thought it would have been joe biden. they wanted to be with him. they are with him, but they're not entirely with him. what you're seeing on bernie sanders unlike you saw four years ago is he's in iowa to your point not only peaking in iowa, peaking nationally. and he has this incredible network he built for four years where he's able to help fund himself. so, really whoever comes out of iowa -- and if it is bernie sanders or anybody -- they're going to come out with a lot of momentum. what's interesting this weekend though is a lot of the candidates, including bernie sanders himself, they're talking about the party coming together.
4:37 pm
we heard it from elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, and we'll certainly hear from these other candidates the in the closing hours. >> the dnc announcement there's no donor threshold for the upcoming debate. paving the way r if somebody to buy their way on to the stage, that they're allowing bloomberg, doing this for bloomberg. is that how you see that? >> scratching off old scabs with team bernie. they feel in 2016 they rigged the rules against them and with moves like this feel the democratic committee is rigging the rules against him again. they're changing the threshold to favor somebody like mike bloomberg. the bernie people are saying the establishment is coming after us. they're threatened by us. they've got a passion like trump
4:38 pm
supporters. >> is there another way to look t ait. i believe it was amy klobuchar criticizing that michael bloomberg didn't have to be on the campaign stage to get his message out and maybe not being scrutinized as much. >> everyone has their own rationale for why mike bloomberg is a problem. if this comes out of the first four contests unsettled, his strategy could pay off. if there's not a clear front runner out of the first states, he spent a couple hundred million dollar for super tuesday. and he's spending money to beat trump in the end. >> right. starting tomorrow with the super bowl too. we'll see that ad. it's a week of special political coverage on cnn. first monday we have iowa caucuses of course. tuesday is state of the union address. wednesday and thursday back to back presidential town halls live new hampshire. don't miss all of that special
4:39 pm
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with the iowa caucuses just two days away, the latest cnn polls showing very tight race right now with former vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders at the top of the field for the democratic national primary. this comes as biden walked back comments that sanders is not a democrat. those remarks highlighted just how heated the competition between the two is. cnn senior political writer is here. >> getting hot in here. >> i know. feeling the heat. you came out with new 2020 power rankings in the last 24 hours. what's your guess? >> i think what's so key in these power rankings is that if you look we now have sanders and biden quality at the top to win the nomination. they are tied at one.
4:44 pm
that is a difference when we had biden at one and sanders at two in last power rankings. the reason that changed is the poll you put up there. what you see is that bernie sanders is not only gaining in iowa but he's gaining nationally as well. and obviously iowa is one thing. to be gaining nationally suggests that his momentum is carrying him places beyond there. >> and you have the others there, other familiar faces. pete buttigieg but i saw also bloomberg. >> bloomberg has cracked the top five in our rankings and that is partially because of slim shot. there was some possibility. based on latest polling coming out, that possibility seems to be slipping by the wayside and bloomberg has been doing much better nationally that she is. >> now t iowa caucuses are a
4:45 pm
little bit tricky for most people aren't political. junkies too understand how they work. there's a 50% threshold for candidates to even get their names on the table, right? >> right. >> so, what happens to the supporters who may be behind candidates who don't reach 15%? >> right. so, what we should point out is there are individual caucus sites. very many of them throughout the state of iowa. and if you're a candidate and most of them doesn't reach 15% threshold then one oof two things happens. those support es can walk out of the caucus and say adios, good-bye. or they can join with other k d candidates and that can lead to interesting things where it may favor one candidate but the way we're going to judge the contest who wins and loses could say something else. what you saw in 2016 was estimate from edison suggested that hillary clinton won the initial vote by three points. but when it came down to the
4:46 pm
statewide delegate equivalents we saw very neck and neck between her and bernie sanders. given that the polls are tight in iowa it wouldn't be surprising to me this year if we see something similar whereby you get an initial winner and delegate equivalents we could see something else. >> what are the odds? >> if you were to say the odds, i think you would say bernie sanders in the poll of polls, he is doing the best in the field but he is under 50% chance to win. that is he may be the favorite but the rest of the field combined has a better than 50% chance than bernie sanders. >> how big of a deal is iowa going forward? >> yeah, so basically if you go back since 1980 you can look at who won iowa and whether or not they became the nominee. 7 of 14 times if you look at both the democratic side and republican side, the winner of iowa went on to be the nominee. i should point out on the democratic side, if you go back since 2000 every winner of the iowa caucuses went on to be the
4:47 pm
nominee. winning iowa is a good thing but not a guarantee you'll win the nomination. >> give you the democratic nomination. not a guarantee you go on to win the presidency. >> i'm saying that but i'm also saying just because you win there, you could go back tom harken, there are people in '92, but didn't go on to win the nominee. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> there will be much more to discuss. >> i would think so. >> we're excited for that. thank you. just days until the iowa caucuses. and you have the impeachment of president trump also creating more division in this country. is there anything that can bring people together? depop chopra has ideas next. y fda-approved once-daily 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy ♪ the power of 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy ♪ 1,2,3 ♪ trelegy woman: with trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works three ways
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the impeachment trial of donald trump reveals not only the widening divide between democrats and republicans, but growing trust between voters. listen to this first-time iowa caucus voter. >> i think i just feel like i've moved to a third-world country the last three years. things are not the same. nobody can openly talk to another person if they are a trump supporter. i don't know. it's just kind of scary the way things are. >> can't you just hear that anxiety in her voice? it did you waoesn't help when t president repeatedly says things like this. >> how stupid is our country? >> we are so far behind the times. by the way, the world is laughing at us. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the
4:53 pm
country? >> i have a suggestion for the hate-filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down. they never have anything good to say. if they don't like it, let them leave. >> how did we get here? and how do we find our way out? author and spiritual leader deepak chopper deep deepak chopra, great to have you with us. this whole impeachment process, the proceedings we've been watching playing out has really reinforced the divide in this country. it's a divide that seems to be deepening. how did we end up here? >> i think politicians by nature are inclined to power mongering, cronyism, it's the nature of politics. we've reached a place now where
4:54 pm
this couldn't get worse, so the only way to move forward is go beyond the polarizization and come up with creative solutions and that's possible. >> you get into that in your book. it's what you've been studying. you study the human condition. what do you think is fueling this divide? is it fear amongst us? is it a desire to be accepted and so we look for a different -- the camp where we feel like we belong and dig in? >> it's the way we were conditioned. i lean towards being liberal. there are other people who naturally lean to the other end. but what we all want, is a shared vision, which we all want, even trump would not disagree with that, we want a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world. if we do want that, then opposing factions have to come and speak to each other with respect, not through insults.
4:55 pm
>> deepak chopra, so good to have you here. with the latest flare-up between progressives and moderates overshadow the caucuses. michael moore joins us live and he's mad at the dnc for something else the party just did. stay with us.
4:56 pm
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we are live in the cnn newsroom. thank you for beg here. i'm ana cabrera in new york. hours before the start of the iowa caucuses a few influential democrats appear to be bickering among themselves instead of focusing on the big prize, the white house in november. talking about friday night in clive, iowa, sitting democratic congresswoman booed former presidential nominee hillary clinton. it was at a bernie sanders rally in iowa. the moderator mentioned recent comments from hillary clinton where she criticized bernie sanders. listen to this hillary clinton comment, then, to what happened last night. >> unfortunately, you know, his campaign and his principle supporters were just very difficult and really constantly, not just attacking me, but my supporters. we get to the


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