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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 4, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day," tuesday, february 4th, 6:00 in the east. this was supposed to be the next contest in the democratic nominating process. the question is will we know who wins here in new hampshire before we ever find out who won in iowa last night? the candidates have already started arriving here even though the results there are not yet known. nothing yet out of iowa, zilch. this really is something of a political debacle and according to the iowa democratic party there won't be any results until later today >> we want to emphasize that this is a reporting issue, not a hack or an intrusion. and it's exactly why we have a paper trail and systems in place
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to uphold the i'm degree grit of our process. we are validating every piece of data we have against our paper trail. that system is taking longer than expected, but it's in place to ensure we are eventually able to report results with full confidence. >> so what exactly happened? county chairs from across iowa were reporting problems with the new app they were supposed to use to report results. after the app didn't work many say they were kept on hold for hours, some of them right here on cnn you could see it party actually been knocking on the doors of precinct chairs who have not reported their results yet, alisyn. >> as you know several of the candidates are not waiting for the results before putting their spin on them. >> we know there's delays, but we know one thing, we are punching above our weight. >> well, it looks like it's
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going to be a long night, but i'm feeling good. >> it's going to be close. >> it is too close to call so i'm just going to tell you what i do know -- >> you won. >> when those results are announced i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> well, president trump and his campaign are already seizing on the iowa chaos, chances are this may even make its way into the state of the union address tonight, john. >> you know, one correction when elizabeth warren said the issue isn't that it's too close to call. we don't know anything about the results. we don't know if it's close or not. at this point there have been no results reported from the precincts yet. let's get right to jeff zeleny, he is live at the iowa democratic party headquarters in des moines with all the breaking
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details. jeff, you know iowa better than anybody and none of us have ever seen anything like this. >> john, we haven't and the reality here is that even when this is all investigated and unspooled the tarnish that this has put on the iowa caucuses almost certainly threatens its future. let's talk about the here and now. what led to this series of confusing events throughout the evening into the early morning hours into that phone call where the state party chairman was saying they're trying to uphold the integrity of this was apparently a reporting error through a new app. the state party had an app for the county officials in all of these 1700 spots across iowa and we were hearing throughout the day yesterday that it just simply wasn't working for some people. so there was a phone number where they could call in the results, that was simply overwhelmed. so the frustration from the top campaign leaders really boiled over overnight there was a call around 1:00 a.m. or so and they
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were really questioning the transparency of all of this. so the state party officials that we spoke to early this morning said they do expect some results to come out today, but they also talked about discrepancies. we do not know the scope of all of this. i was at a precinct last night and there is a physical paper trail, each voter came in and wrote their preference on a card. there is something to physically look at here. we will see if there is a manual count of all of this or not. it has shades of that florida recount from 2000, much different in this case, but the question here is each campaign now is trying to spin this as a win, but there was a loser to the iowa caucus, we don't know who that is and that potentially is the most significant thing here. perhaps someone dodged a bullet going into new hampshire but the voting there one week from today at some point we will find out the strength and scope this have democratic field. john? >> no one here in new hampshire asking any candidates if they need to drop out or they need to
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reconsider because we don't know who did well or not well, not yet at least. jeff zeleny, iowa, four of the candidates at least have arrived here in new hampshire already. just a short time ago i caught up with senator amy klobuchar as she landed at the manchester airport. i asked her what she thought about all the chaos in iowa. >> senator klobuchar, welcome to new hampshire. >> it's great to be here. i'm so excited. i'm wearing my gold coat from the blizzard announcement, just to commemorate it. >> senator, what happened in iowa? >> they had apparently they had a problem with the computer system and getting the numbers on. i think we will be able to count them by hand, just like people used to, and then they will get them in. >> has the state told your campaign anything about when they might expect it or what exactly what happened? >> well, coming from a state that's had to count a rue ballots as in recounts in minnesota i'm an expert on this
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and they can get it done. i'm sure they can get it done by tomorrow. i would hope so. >> i was at a rally of yours, i have lost track of time, i think it was two nights ago at beaverdale in a junior high and one of the lines you used that got the most applause is we better not screw this up. >> i didn't mean the numbers. i meant -- >> but -- >> i meant -- >> but is iowa screwing it up. >> no, you know what i meant by that. i meant that we need to have a candidate that can lead the ticket, that can bring people with her instead of shutting them out and i made the argument that night that i make every day in new hampshire that you want a candidate that can bring a fired up democratic base with her along withstate, and moderate republicans so that we can win big and not just eke by a victory. i think that's really important. if we want to get things done on climate change and prescription drugs and finally get some decency back into the white house, then we're going to have
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to bring people with us and my argument is that i'm the one to do that and my argument to our friends out here in new hampshire and across the country is we know we can win in kentucky, we just did, in louisiana, in states like kansas and michigan where we won the governor's race. so, yeah, we better not screw this up. >> but you're not including actually counting the ballots in this case in that category? >> no. i believe they will count the ballots, i'm sure they're working hard. it must have been devastating to them and they're getting it done and we will get the numbers. i just know that we are doing well and i think a lot of people just like they didn't think i would get through that speech in the middle of the snow, they didn't think i would get through the summer, they didn't think i would get through the gates and i've been on every debate stage and shown that i have the toughness and in nimble enough to take on donald trump. i bet i am the most energetic -- what time is it, you guys, here? >> it's 5 of 4:00 right now.
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>> i'm the most energetic candidate with no sleep. >> we don't have official results yet obviously. obviously we have no results yet. but what have you heard from your precinct captains around iowa. >> we've heard we've done very well. there are a number of places where we won. we did well in some of thehink have focused on as much. we got really good numbers out of cedar rapids and the quad cities area. we are just waiting on the final results like everyone else. i think there is some numbers that show that we did a lot better than people thought we were. >> the last couple questions here. some of the campaigns are questioning whether this throws into doubt legitimacy of the whole process. there are people who are upset. >> no. they just had a problem with a computer glitch. they can count them by hand. that is not hard to do. there are witnesses at every precinct, every campaign and people there. there's precinct chairs. they will be able to get the numbers.
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you know there's going to be the total number of people that are there as well as the delegates, but that's not that strange. >> one senate business question, your colleague joe manchin of west virginia was on the floor yesterday when you were on your way to iowa suggesting maybe there should be a censure vote in the senate. would you support that? >> right now i am focused on the impeachment vote. i hope after the moving statements from the house managers at the end my colleagues will listen on the republican side and i really believe when you look at some of the support that i got in iowa, republicans who changed parties, including andy -- andy the legislator who had literally -- andy mckeon who had been a republican until last spring and changed to a democrat, we've got two former legislators who were republican who -- people in the country are not like the ones in the senate. it seems to me a lot of the republicans in the senate with the exception of two when it came to the witnesses basically donald trump says jump and they
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say how high. there is a lot of moderate republicans out there that don't agree. they see this election as a patriotism check, as a decency check and they want to have a president that understands at the heart of america is much bigger than the heart of the guy of the white house. >> senator klobuchar, it's about 30 degrees here which i know is warm for you. >> this is not even hat weather. this is not even mitten weather, although we do have some good hats, a display of the kind of hat you wear when you go door knocking in new hampshire like we will be doing in the next week. >> i will let you catch some sleep. thank you very much. thank you, senator. >> pretty smart for senator klobuchar to do that interview and have that small rally at the airport. those are the kind of pictures that generally speaking candidates want to have when they arrive here in new hampshire for the next stage of the nominating process, but some chose to forego it, i think perhaps because of all the
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uncertainty going out of iowa. jeff zeleny is back with us, also ryan nobles who is covering the bernie sanders campaign. it's interesting because amy klobuchar declaring a type of victory, pete buttigieg yesterday in a speech in iowa basically declaring a full victory but no candidate was county on an iowa victory more than bernie sanders and i have to believe it particularly frustrates the sanders campaign that they were not able to come out of iowa with something clea clear. >> you're absolutely right about that, john. i'm struck by our reporting on this all this morning. i think back to all these planning meetings we had at cnn where we went over every possible scenario that could come out of the iowa caucuses and this was not one of them. we thought that these campaigns would be spinning the results because they would have three different types of results that came through, the popular vote, the first round vote and then the delegate count as well and perhaps that they would be trying to declare victory on all
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different levels. i never imagined we would be in a position where they would be declaring victory with no results in front of them. that's the situation we find ourselves in this morning. last night when bernie sanders finally made it to the stage he certainly alluded to his supporters that from their campaign's perspective it was going to be a good night for them. they certainly felt like they were in a good position, that they were ultimately going to be in a position to declare victory and then that victory was going to start the momentum, they feel it necessary, in their early states to push them into super tuesday and beyond. they are not going to have that opportunity right now so there is that level of frustration. publicly they are not being very critical of the iowa democratic party and their process because i think it's very important for them that once these results come out that they stand and there's something that everyone can accept. they don't want any kind of taint associated with the results because they feel that they're going to do very well.
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it will be interesting to see when these results come out how the sanders campaign responds to them and tout them and what it means for them going into new hampshire. they are in a strong position, aides telling me they do believe they can win new hampshire as well. a lot of that will play out today. >> obviously he won big here in 2016. i'm also curious as to where these candidates will be physically if and when these results do come out. imagine them at a new hampshire rally when the results come back if they're good or bad for them. jeff zeleny, i'm struck by something we keep hearing elizabeth warren saying, she said it in iowa and at the airport here in new hampshire which is that it's still too close to call. no. no. that's not the issue. we don't know whether it's too close to call. there are no results that have been reported yet at this point. they are still processing the results, but for her it's an interesting spin saying too close to call. why do you think she's going with that? >> well, there's no doubt that
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she had signs of strength in many precincts across the state of iowa, so there are results that have been counted, they just have not been essentially authorized or made official by the iowa democratic party, but in the precinct i was at last night, for example, elizabeth warren won that precinct. it was very close between her and pete buttigieg and bernie sanders, it was actually a district that bernie sanders won four years ago, but elizabeth warren won it and it's going to get the most delegates. anecdotally most of these top campaigns have observers and officials in all of the precincts across iowa. she is certainly seizing on what was perhaps a victory or almost a victory or just a strong showing. she knows she is in the hunt here. the reality going forward everyone is going to declare a victory and move on. i think the autopsy of the iowa caucuses is going to be a long time coming for the all the money and time spent here, it just simply didn't work out. but the biden campaign was the
3:14 am
only campaign that was questioning the results. they're saying we don't know the legitimacy of the results. john, that may tell us something here. you see a lot of campaigns declaring victory, one is saying we can't trust these results. the biden campaign at least anecdotally from the precincts we saw last night was not doing well, john. >> we will have a representative from the biden campaign on with us a little later. we will also talk to pete buttigieg the former mayor of south bend a little later also. ryan, jeff, thank you very much. the chaos in iowa, the dust still settling where ryan and jeff are, how will it follow the candidates here in new hampshire? how will they choose to move forward as they try to win the votes? much more next. elief from cold and flu symptoms without a prescription, try theraflu multi-symptom. theraflu dissolves in seconds, so it's ready to work before your first sip, and absorbs quickly to target and attack 8 cold and flu symptoms fast. try theraflu.
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3:19 am
glib -- will this be the first state to report any results because we have heard nothing yet from iowa. we are told they expect to deliver some results at some point today. we are waiting. after what really was a giant political debacle last night. joining us now cnn political reporter rebecca buck, harry enten and david gregory joins us from washington. i want to talk about what happened last night. the now. and then i want to talk about the bigger picture first. harry, we actually do know something about the iowa caucuses from our entrance polls. >> we did those questions before people go into caucuses and sample precincts. let's talk about age. there was this big request he would those under the age of 45 make up a larger share of the electorate than they did four years ago. according to our entrance poll the answer to that is yes they did. they made up a somewhat significantly larger portion, 45% now versus 36% in 2016.
3:20 am
in is that significant? because bernie sanders was hoping to get that larger share of those under 45 making up a percentage of the electorate. the other thing that we know, take a look at this, the ideology of those who voted, what we see there is it's the same as it was four years ago. that is not necessarily a good sign for bernie sanders. it may, in fact, be a good sign for pete buttigieg because he is not someone like joe biden who is overly dependent on older voters but he also does well among moderate and conservative voters. >> rebecca, you paid very close attention to the word choice in the candidates last night when they gave their acceptance or not victory or defeat speeches but the actual words they said out loud. what do you take away? >> it's true we do not have the results officially from the iowa democratic party but all of these campaigns have volunteers on the ground, had trained staff looking at the results in key precincts so they do have an idea of how they did. if you listen to what they had to say last night from joe biden and elizabeth warren we heard things like there is a long road
3:21 am
ahead, we're built for the long haul. that says to me they didn't have a great night in iowa or at least underperformed what they wanted to do in that state. meanwhile, you see pete buttigieg, bernie sanders saying, we think we did really well. pete buttigieg declaring victory even. so we can take from that that he probably had a good night. the question of course how good? who won the iowa caucuses? and that's a key question. >> david, i waited for you because we don't know hot winner is yet but it is safe to say there was a clear loser and those were the iowa caucuses themselves. let me play sound for you of terry mccough live on our air. >> i would get rid of all the caucuses. they are undemocratic processes. people don't have time to go spend the time like you heard here today. go vote, pull the curtain, close t vote and then leave. that is the democratic way. >> were these just the last democratic iowa caucuses first in the nation we would have seen, david?
3:22 am
>> yeah, very well may be. this is a devastating result for iowa, for the caucuses. the impact i will get to in just a second, but i remember being at a caucus site in 2008 and that line between democracy and action and utter chaos, kind of a junior league way to perform an election in a democracy is pretty thin. we saw the down side of it so far in these results. now you have a muddle. so they're going to have to contend with a bad app and the fact that they had a call-in system that didn't work and the campaigns are furious and they're furious because if you look at a couple streams, one, the caucuses are meant to test early organizing strength of these campaigns. again, you don't really have a result to that. if you don't know or if you have muddled results for time to come, if you think back to bernie and hillary in 2016 or you think back to rick santorum
3:23 am
and mitt romney back in 2012, these have the impact of not having an impact, where you don't have an immediate result, maybe the winner is only figured out later on. the muddle then creates just a longer road for democrats in already a large field where the debates seem to be looming much larger than these early nominating contests. good for president trump who is able to just, you know, look down his nose at democrats and at the process. it just becomes more difficult for democrats to winnow the field, which is what they need, particularly in a year when there is a big split between progressives and the moderate wing of the party and when you have the spectre of somebody like michael bloomberg down the road who wants to emerge later in the process. >> another metric, harry enten, that could be of concern to democrats is the turnout. what do you know about that? >> the democratic party released a statement saying it was basically the same as it was in 2016. of course, the record turnout,
3:24 am
well over 200,000 was back in 2008. this to me is concerning because if you look at other metrics across the road, look at special elections in 2019 and to 22020 see that democrats aren't overperforming in the same way they were in 2017 and 2018 versus the 2016 baseline. when you start putting a picture together, maybe the democratic enthusiasm isn't as strong as it once was as we head into 2020. >> i don't think we can draw the conclusion that the enthusiasm isn't there for a general election. i think what it might be is that the enthusiasm isn't necessarily there for this democratic field or for making a particular choice in this democratic field. what we hear often from democratic voters is that they're very hard pressed to make a decision but they can't wait to vote against whoever is running against donald trump. >> david gregory, iowa was supposed to be the first place where we saw clarity between what democrats wanted, whether they wanted the moderate or progressive. we certainly don't have any
3:25 am
clarity, at least not at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. >> it's so true and it puts more pressure on new hampshire and in the contests ahead. i think the lack of clarity is important for one of a couple reasons. the obvious one is that you have somebody who is an early indicator of who could help winnow the field and who could emerge. the other piece of it is perhaps just as important. let's say it's bernie sanders who does really well ultimately in iowa, is that a wake-up call to other democrats who might question his ultimate electability and say, hey, you know, i've got to really start paying attention, i'm worried about the course the democrats are on. the opposite could be true as well, he could be consolidating support among progressives, we might be saying maybe biden is less likely although there was built in expectation that certain candidates wouldn't do that well. again, you have a muddle, you move on to new hampshire, we have such short attention spans, john, i wonder how long we are even going to wait for the results in iowa and not just move on to the next contest.
3:26 am
>> someone has got to win eventually someone has to win in iowa. i intend to be here to hear it. all right. david, harry, rebecca, thank you all very much. president of the united states in addition to all of this will deliver the state of the union address tonight. will he talk about the electoral chaos? will he talk about impeachment? much more on that next. ♪ if you looked at america like a bird and that was all you knew, would you really understand it, with just that point of view? we've got a different way to look at it. from right here on the ground. we don't just the united states. we see united towns. from where we sit, just down the street,
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at this hour we are still waiting for the results of the iowa caucuses. so while democrats deal with the vote count chaos, president trump is preparing to deliver his state of the union address tonight. what do we know about his message? cnn's suzanne malveaux is live on capitol hill for us. good morning, suzanne. >> good morning, alisyn. we do expect that the president is going to try to emphasize the positive according to cnn sources to talk about the
3:31 am
economy and some of the progress, but he is working on his state of the union address for tonight, the big question remains whether or not he will actually address impeachment, whether or not he will see this as a moment of vindication and even mention the very likely acquittal that's going to happen in the vote tomorrow in the senate. meantime, it was yesterday we saw the closing arguments from the president's legal team as well as the house impeachment managers. here is chairman adam schiff. >> what are the odds if left in office that he will continue trying to cheat? i will tell you. 100%. not 5, not 10 or even 50, but 100%. if you have found him guilty and you do not remove him from office, he will continue trying to cheat in the election until he succeeds. then what shall you say? >> and, alisyn, we do know that
3:32 am
the votes are not there to remove the president from office. very likely an acquittal vote tomorrow in the full senate. we do know that senators, again, will be on the floor today making speeches, about ten minutes in length of how they feel about removing the president or not removing him from office as well as impeachment. in the meantime all eyes will be on the state of the union address at 9:00 tonight. alisyn. >> thank you very much for that preview. republicans are urging president trump not to focus on impeachment during tonight's speech, not even to bring it up. so what specifically will he say tonight? we have some reporting. that's next. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are -
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president trump delivers his state of the union address tonight and cnn has learned that republican senators are urging him not to bring up impeachment, so what will he talk about? joining us now we have cnn political analyst rachael bade and anna palmer senior washington correspondent for "politico." great to see both of you this morning. our friends at the "washington post," anna, have some reporting
3:37 am
on specifically what the president will say. here is what they report, the theme of trump's speech will be the great american come back. which is how he and his advisers see his presidency now after six months of impeachment proceedings. trump plans to present a vision of relentless optimism and to summon lawmakers from both parties to work together on economic policies and other issue areas. so, anna, relentless optimism? working together? what have they done with president trump? i mean, have his speech writers not read his twitter account? >> i think this is the time where he's going to make the case to the country much like he did in eye warnings frankly, in terms of what he has done for voters, what he has done for the country in terms of the economy. that is what his advisers want to focus on, particularly going into 2020. i think the question is going to be where do you actually find any ability for him to work with congressional democrats. there doesn't seem to be a lot
3:38 am
of alignment, particularly considering there's going to be an impeachment vote the following day. >> rachel, the president has just tweeted about iowa, calling it, a quote, unmitigated disaster. so do you care to place a major, both of you, of whether or not he will bring that up in the state of the union? >> i mean, i wouldn't take that bet. i guess i would bet that he would definitely bring up these investigations. i mean, look, politically if he wants to reach those independent voters, voters that could potentially help him in 2020 it would make sense to talk about what he accomplished since he was elected in 2016 and what he can accomplish with four more years, but this is president trump. i mean, just think about it, a year ago he was up on the same podium warning democrats if you want to have legislation you can't have investigation, and they totally, you know, didn't take that advice and investigated him on a whole host of issues, they are impeaching him now, but, you know, he's going to hit back, you can
3:39 am
almost guarantee it. it would be really uncharacteristic for him not to. >> just to be clear because the unmitigated disaster he is tweeting about is about what happened in iowa. >> right. >> rachel, you think that he is going to bring up impeachment? >> i mean, who knows, you can't really predict this president but, i mean, obviously this is something that's been a cloud over his head for months and he's going to get acquitted on wednesday and so he's gone off script before and, you know, much to his advisers' chagrin, but i would be surprised if he doesn't mention it. >> anna, what do you think? >> i think he's going to try to have a speech that he has been vindicated, that he hasn't done anything wrong. >> right. >> as far as what happened in iowa, i think it will be hard to see how exactly he weaves that in in an eloquent way, but, you know, this fact of kind of issues with election counting and things like that, i could see something where he brings that up as well. >> rachel, let's talk about what senator joe manchin proposed
3:40 am
yesterday. he's trying to find some sort of middle ground for the senators who feel that president trump did something bad, he did something wrong when it came to ukraine, but they don't want to deliver the ultimate penalty of removal from office. he's trying to find some way to hold him accountable, i think, and sews' suggesting censure. is there any traction that that's gaining on capitol hill? >> yeah, so we've talked to senior democrats and republicans in the senate and most of them are really pushing back on this. it seems like manchin for now is a one-man show. he might get a couple of co-sponsors on his resolution, maybe some moderate republicans like suzanne collins who have said, you know, in the past that things that trump has done do not live up to certain standards. i mean, perhaps you could see something like this, but it would take the majority leader to put that on the floor and i really don't think republicans -- most republicans have any desire to vote on a censure right now, unlike back in the day when clinton was impeached and a lot of democrats
3:41 am
said they did want to go on record saying what trump did -- or what president clinton did was wrong, we don't see a lot of republicans who want that. i've even spoken to democrats who sort of say, look, right now if moderate -- or moderate republicans vote for trump's acquittal we can use that to pummel them politically so they'd rather pummel them politically than get them on the record in support of a censure resolution saying what trump has done is wrong. >> thank you both very much. all right. john berman is in new hampshire and he is less clear about what he's doing there than he was supposed to be this morning. john? >> i was here to meet the winner of the iowa caucuses. >> i remember. >> little did i know that there would be no winner, no loser, no results at all. the question i think we're asking this morning sa, how does iowa explain this, and b, which candidates does this help and maybe hurt heading into new hampshire?
3:42 am
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this morning chaos, confusion and also silence from iowa as we wait still for results from the iowa caucuses. earlier this morning i caught up with candidate andrew yang as he arrived here from iowa to new hampshire. >> do you have questions about the legitimacy of the process in iowa when the results do come out, are you going to wonder, hey, are these fair? >> well, i'll certainly take the folks in iowa at their word. i mean, i'm sure they would not have wished this kind of delay on anyone and so, you know, like the data i'm sure will prove out they have a record of most all of this a lot of it happened in public. >> joining me now cnn political commentator and democratic strategist paul bagala and crystal ball author of the forthcoming book "the populous guide to 2020." paul, what does this do to the campaigns this morning? you've been in your fair share
3:47 am
of campaigns. if you are running one of these presidential campaigns this morning, how does this impact? >> well, the only thing the campaigns can do is move forward. they should be there with you in new hampshire, as you saw you interview amy klobuchar earlier, they have to move forward. iowa is about one thing and that is the night of the caucuses. right? this year democrats spent two years and $100 million all to lead up to that speech, that speech. barack obama maybe one of the main reasons he became president is that he shocked the world, beat hillary clinton in iowa in 2008 and then gave one of the great speeches of modern america. that speech opportunity is gone, gone, gone. today is the state of the union address, tomorrow is the final vote on the president's impeachment, wednesday and thursday there are town halls here on cnn, going to make a lot of news, friday there is a debate, tuesday we're bag in new hampshire for the new hampshire primary. this thing is over. this is the longest most expensive air ball in history.
3:48 am
>> crystal, paul bagala basically saying the iowa caucuses are the caucus falling in the woods. the question is does it make a sound? >> i think that's exactly right. a number of these campaigns, pete buttigieg in particular, they were really depending on that barack obama path that they would win in iowa and be able to pick up all this momentum and be able to gain ground in pete's case with voters of color, even as he's trying to claim a victory that we don't at all know that he actually won, that path is now closed to him. even though he may have had a good night, it's very hard to see how this translates for him down the road. i mean, the one thing that does seem clear based on the anecdotal data and entrance polls coming out of this is joe biden seems to have had an underwhelming night. if anyone is happy about the fact that we don't know all the results today it has to be joe biden because the headline could have been is biden's campaign on the rocks.
3:49 am
>> we don't know for sure. the thing is we just don't have the official results. anecdotally you're right, there were some caucuses where biden didn't meet the threshold where we thought he might have but we are not sure. >> right. >> when the delegates all shake out maybe he will do better, but -- but to crystal's point, paul, the biden campaign is the one that was very vocal overnight with the iowa democratic party about being unhappy with the process. i'm holding in my hands here a letter, a letter from the general counsel of the biden campaign to the iowa democratic party saying we believe that the campaigns deserve full explanations and relevant information regarding the methods of quality control you are employing and an opportunity to respond before any official results are released. do you think this is something the biden campaign will do if they don't do as well as they would like in iowa to say, hey, there were questions about the whole process to begin with? >> yes, anybody who does badly there can say that, can say they screwed it up. this is the problem, i do think,
3:50 am
in fact, vice president biden if in fact he underperformed and he's dodging a bullet and that's lucky, but again he has another primary in one week up where you are so he's going to have to perform better there. there is another winner, though, and this is absolutely clear, donald trump. you used the words in the intro, trump's brand is chaos, it's confusion, it's dark conspiracy theories, it's division. all of these things now being fed by the debacle in iowa and you see the trump people are going to start putting out it's rigged, they fixed it, any candidate who you like. say you like andrew yang you will say, look, see, they rigged it against andrew yang. of course, vladimir putin who is trump's great buddy is also a great vic ter here because he wants to undermine faith in democracy, frankly so does the president. >> crystal, very quickly, you often rattle the democratic establishment, it's something that you like to do on your show. does this raise questions for you for the establishment at least in iowa? >> look, here is what i would say, if you are a bernie sanders
3:51 am
supporter and you watched the way things unfolded in 2016, you don't exactly have a high level of trust with state party officials or the dnc. so when you see the final des moines register poll that had bernie sanders up get spiked, then you see a night where it looks like bernie sanders did very well, very possible that he even won outright and now suddenly they don't know how to count, you can't blame his supporters for going in a conspiracy-minded direction and not having a lot of trust in this whole process. >> one thing we can say for iowa is it's better to get it right and wait than get it wrong quickly. so we'll wait and see what and when they come out with results today. crystal ball and paul, thank you very much. >> thanks, john. the chinese doctor who warned about coronavirus but was silenced has now been infected. cnn is the only tv network who has spoken with him. that interview next. tums vs. mozzarella stick! (crowd noise)
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the number is up to 427 in terms of the people in china who have died and more than 20,000 are infected. around the world from the coronavirus. cnn's david culver just spoke with the doctor who was silenced by chinese authorities when early on he tried to warn people about the outbreak and that doctor has now gotten the virus. what did he tell you, david? >> reporter: hi there, alisyn. my team and i connected with him and he described his early attempts to sound the alarm, essentially, on what was then a mystery virus. instead he got called in by police. well, now since his story has surfaced here he has become a hero of sportsmany chinese citi. in a matter of days dr. yong went from treating patients to becoming one. the 34-year-old ophthalmologist diagnosed saturday with the
3:57 am
wuhan coronavirus but if action had been taken when he and others started sounding the alarms, the severity of the outbreak might have been understood sooner. struggling to communicate li spoke with cnn briefly by phone. you can hear the hospital machines pulsing in the background. it was back in late december when li warned friends about a sars-like disease going around. he said a test result from the patient quarantined at the hospital where he worked showed the patient had a coronavirus. hours after hitting send wuhan city health officials tracked li down, questioning where he got the information. within days they closed the suspected source of the virus, the seafood market, and they announced the outbreak, but instead of being praised he got a call from wuhan city police. with him coughing too much and breathing too poorly to speak by phone we asked him by text how
3:58 am
did you feel when this happened? i felt a little afraid, afraid i would be detained, afraid my family would worry he responded. he agreed to sign this document admitting to spreading rumors online and severely disrupting social order. it reads we want you to cooperate with the police and listen to our reminder and stop the illegal act. can you do that? li answered yes, i can. in the weeks that followed the wuhan municipal health commission maintained there was no observe evidence for human to human transmission, no infection of health care workers and that the outbreak was in their words preventable and controllable. with that the people of wuhan continued about their normal lives. then came a sudden jump in infections. china's central government took off, struggling to spread a rising virus. li was one of several whistle-blowers silenced by police. calls for li and others to be vindicated grew online. china's supreme court weighed in adding, quote, it might have
3:59 am
been a fortunate thing if the public had listened to this rumor at the time. but for many including li and his parents it was too late. they all contracted the coronavirus. li is fighting for his life, but online considered a hero. tens of thousands praising his attempts to sound the alarm ahead of what's become a global health emergency. after the chinese supreme court made those comments in support of li and the other whistle-blowers we did hear from wuhan police, they released a statement essentially saying, look, the whistle-blowers weren't fined and weren't detained, they were simply questioned and let go. we did reach out cnn did to wuhan police as well as the local health commission, alisyn, they declined to comment. >> david, your reporting is so helpful because we can see with our own eyes in those text messages how the chinese officials are trying -- or were trying to suppress that important information from a doctor. thank you very much for all of
4:00 am
your reporting. back here no results yet from iowa and no answers. "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day" and we do begin with breaking news and by breaking or broken, i mean the iowa caucuses. several of the candidates have arrived here in new hampshire for the next contest of the presidential nominating season, but there is no resolution, none at all, from the first contest. problems with the reporting process in last night's caucuses means there are no official results from iowa to report. nothing. the campaigns have been told to expect results later today. that is a little consolation to the candidates, to the volunteers who spent millions of dollars and weeks or months campaigning across the hawkeye state. several of them still are claiming victory based on their
4:01 am
own head counts


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