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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 4, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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. hello, i'm jake tapper, and you are watching cnn's special coverage of the iowa caucuses or the iowa imbroglio, and by now a typical election year we would have known for hours who came out on top in the first major contest of the presidential my prepare and caucus season. as we have seen over the last few weeks, 2020 politics are anything but typical. in just a few hours, nearly a full day after the iowa caucuses began, we are expected to get at least some partial results possibly after the iowa democratic party says a major coding issue with a mobile app designed to report vote totals
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caused delays. in a letter to the campaigns, a letter obtained by cnn, the iowa democratic party chair troy price wrote in part we have every indication that our systems were secure and there was not a cyber security intrusion. price went on to say, quote, as part of our investigation we determined with certainty that the underlying data collected via the app was sound. as long as you tell us that, i guess it's true. as for the democratic candidates several attempted to rally their supporters despite the lingering uncertainty. cnn is covering -- >> still awaiting the results from iowa but i can tell you that we feel very good about where we are. >> it's a tight, three-way race at the top. we know that the three of us will be dividing up most of the delegates coming out of iowa. i'm feeling good. >> it's clearly a victory for us even as we along with the -- i think the whole country
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impatiently wait for some official results from the party. >> cnn's covering all angles of this fiasco. lets get right to cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny who is in des moines where we are about to get some of those results theoreticallth. jeff, tell us more. >> jake, the question is how many of those results, where will they be from and one thing we know almost for certain, we will not know the winner of the iowa caucuses 24 hours after they took place. they are going to release a majority, they said, of iowa caucus results, but that is just -- and we don't know what that means. is it 50 plus 1 or is it 75%. the chairman of the iowa democratic party was unable to say with any specificity when he was on a phone call earlier this afternoon with the representatives of each presidential campaign. he said that they do plan to begin releasing it at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 here in des
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moines. so there's been a variety of conversations here about why this happened. it was a software error it seeped. it was an error because of an app that's on everyone's iphone, ipad, and it apparently was not ever given a test drive if you will. these precinct caucus chairs we're told, we've talked to several of them throughout the day. they received pretty significant schooling and training and rules for how to organize these. one thing that was not included was the app. i am told by several of them, they said it just simply wasn't ready, so it finally was ready late last week. they had problems downloading it et cetera. the backup plan of the phones did not work, and the rest is sort of history. right now as we speak, they're still trying to find more of those written results to hand count them and compare them and
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reconcile them, and the results, at least some of them will come today. it is unlikely that this answers any questions. it will likely raise more of them in terms of what else is lingering out there in the other batch that's not released. >> and jeff, you spoke specifically with one precinct chair who said that she had had problems with the app and also with calling in the results after the app failed. we heard from a number of precinct secretaries and chairs who said that they were on hold for an hour or more? >> we did, and that was one of the problems. and there are some reports here in iowa that the hot lines were flooded by some prank calls and some other matters. i've checked with iowa democratic party officials, and they did not dispute that, but the reality here is they were not ready for the volume of phone calls. but the app simply didn't work, and it's -- you know, i heard a lot. maybe it's just some older people didn't know how to use it. i actually heard from a precinct captain who's a senior in high school. she's 18 years old who can also
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be a precinct captain pretty familiar with technology also didn't work. it wasn't about the user. it clearly was about something on the front end. certainly going forward the nevada caucuses, which are coming up in just a couple of weeks are expected to use this same software. that i'm guessing will change, jake, but it certainly is tarnishing the reputations of the iowa kcaucuses, which in th eyes of some people were suspect anyway. the question is when will the result be known and will it be valid or credible. >> for our viewers who aren't familiar, before you were a tv reporter, you were a print reporter and you were with the des moines register. you know iowa politics. do they understand how poorly they are handling this crisis, how they are not answering questions from the campaigns, how they are not answering questions from reporters, how they have not come before the cameras to explain to everybody that they have paper ballots. they have a paper trail, everything's going to be okay. they're handling this pretty much in the exact opposite way
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any crisis communication expert would tell you to handle a crisis? >> they certainly didn't last evening, jake. you were sitting on this very stage. look behind me here, there is a podium where the chairman of the iowa democratic party could have come out and said, people, we have some transparen transparency. they could have explained it. it was nothing until the middle of the night really in a brief phone call to reporters. the people i'm talking to here, sources of mine for a very long time, democrats and republicans are all alarmed by this because of course they love the iowa caucuses. the officials were grappling with this in realtime how serious this was. you and i met on the iowa caucuses back in 2000 campaign, and so much has changed since then in terms of technology, but amazing they were able to get the count right because they did it the old fashioned way by calling it in. there's a lot of software experts who say apps shouldn't be used for election counting and things. so there's going to be a lot of autopsy results done on this, and we'll see if other states
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change how they do it. but jake, the first matter of business is finding the winner, and we don't know when that's going to happen. >> it's not a big deal, democrats pick a president, no big deal. >> thank you so much. as the waiting game goes on, we're hearing from the democratic candidates themselvesthemselves about the chaos and confusion that has rocked the first major political contest of the year. >> i am disappointed. i suspect i can speak for all the candidates, all of their supporters, and the people of iowa that the iowa democratic party has not been able to come up with timely election results. can't understand why that happened, but it has happened. >> we had a good night last night in iowa, and i know you think that's silly, but everything we can feel is good. here's the deal, we think we're going to come out of there really doing well but be careful what you say because it's not
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done yet. >> we are still waiting on some math, but one thing we know is that we are arriving with the momentum in the 2020 presidential campaign right now. and we had a victorious night in iowa that will propel us to a vibt ri. >> -- victory. >> so we're back from iowa. wow, but here's what we know, it's a tight three-way race at the top. we had a bumpy start to the democratic process yesterday in iowa. >> i'm someone that thrives in chaos. you want a steady hand in chaos, right? we are still awaiting the results from iowa, but i can tell you that we feel very good about where we are, and we won so many precincts and delegates that i don't think people gave us a chance to win. zb >> all the candidates you just heard are in or were headed to new hampshire, which will hold
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the next primary contest for democrats. that's next week tuesday, and that's where cnn's leyla santiago is standing by. she's in manchester with more on the candidate reaction. leyla. >> reporter: yeah, jake, and just also in the last hour i'll add to what senator elizabeth warren said when she was at the party's announcement saying that they were going to be releasing more than 50% of the results at 5:00 p.m. eastern today, and she expressed that she had some confusion about it, and went on to say i think they ought to get it together and release all of the data. that's what we need. so we've now heard from her on that latest announcement coming out of iowa. you know, what's going to be interesting is that when that time comes, that 5:00 p.m. eastern time comes, there will still be candidates that will have some events coming up. so how they manage those results as they speak to the voters here in new hampshire will be interesting to see.
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you have sanders at 6:30, klobuchar at 6:45ish, and then you'll have buttigieg speaking to voters making their pitch. he'll be speaking around 7:00. it will be interesting to see how they manage the messages that they will put out there when those results come in. some campaigns not as happy as others on how the iowa democratic party has decided to do this. we were there this morning very early in the morning as these candidates were coming in. it was a very, very long night for them. many of them expressing frustration, but what was clear, every single one i talked to said now it's time to focus on new hampshire. so clearly they are moving forward. we'll just have to wait and see how they make a push for electability and some of the issues that are important to voters here in new hampshire given that we are one week away from that primary, jake. >> that's right. leyla santiago in the beautiful
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fwr granite state. thank you so much. what exactly was the problem behind iowa's monster delay? i'm going to turn to cnn political analyst mark preston. you're getting some new reporting about what went wrong. what have you learned? >> jake, you know, as we're talking about how we got to this place right now where we would be focusing entirely on new hampshire, iowa would be in our rearview mirror. it all comes down to technology. it appears that this app that the iowa democratic party had requisitioned to be used in order to collect the data from all these kcaucus sites all across the states just failed. it failed terribly. we're told pi tby the iowa democratic party that the results were not tainted in that there was no problems with them, the results specifically. no problems with the counting. however, when that information was fed into this system here in des moines, that the system did not spit it out correctly. they found that out probably about an hour into caucuses
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already underway. that's when they started to troubleshoot it. it took them a bit of time to figure it out because they d didn't know what was happening. it eventually did come around. this is where we stand right now. what does this mean when we talk about the short-term and the long-term problems? in the short-term problems, we talk about how this is going to affect the candidates, such as pete buttigieg or bernie sanders or anybody who thinks they did well last night in iowa. they're not going to get that fund-raising advantage. certainly not to the extent we've traditionally seen. they're also not going to have that blow of support coming in from behind them like a big gust of wind that we would normally have. that doesn't mean we're not going to see some of it, but that could be the case. we should note, though, right now, and i think this is important it doesn't appear there's anything nefarious. i think that is a point to make given what we've seen in past years. back in 2016, the bernie sanders campaign had a legitimate concern that the election was called for hillary clinton in the dead of night without their proper accounting for what happened. he had a legitimate concern.
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we saw that in 2012 with the other party in iowa, the republicans, jake, where rick santorum was robbed of his win from the iowa republican party. we don't seem to see that here. the long-term, though, is what does this mean for iowa? what does this mean for the iowa caucuses? what does this mean for their future? what does this mean for the state that has come to be defined by the iowa caucuses, including some parts of its economy. we'll see how that shakes out in the next couple of days if not the next couple of weeks. if there was ever a time the iowa caucuses could go away, this could be the final straw that broke the camel's back. >> they're certainly paving the way towards that. when the results come in and we're expecting them at 5:00 p.m. eastern, at least a majority of the results but who knowles. when the results come in what are you going to be looking at in terms of key items in the results? >> a up couple of things, we want to see who the winner is and how far party the winner is.
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looking at the entrance polls, these were surveys that were given to caucus goers as they were entering into their caucus. to give us an idea of who they were supporting, it really looked like pete buttigieg across the board, all across the state seemed to do well with every demographic. bernie sanders did well with liberals. the real big question is who is really not going to be -- i think we have an idea who's going to be one or two perhaps out of those two. the question is who's going to be four and foive. that is going to be the big problem for some of these candidates come 5:00, 6:00 this evening. dana, as leyla reported elizabeth warren just complained that she doesn't understand why only some of the results, half or a majority, whatever it's going to be, are going to be released. it seems like a fair gripe to me. >> totally fair. i mean, we don't have any answer to that. it's a really good question. if we've been waiting 17 hours -- excuse me -- and they say that everything is complete and legit, why aren't we seeing all of it?
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>> and they're not even explaining it. this is one of the things i don't understand. so you have all these republicans trying to sow seeds of mistrust and conspiracy theories, senator lindsey graham and trump's campaign manager and others. >> and joe biden. >> joe biden himself also doing it. meanwhile, it's not like the iowa democratic party is saying no, no, no we're being completely transparent. here's what we're going to do. here's what happened wrong. they're just hiding behind closed doors. >> it's absurd. it's totally absurd. crisis management 101, first of all, tell your story. get out the facts, tell the truth. >> as soon as possible on your own terms. >> even, by the way, if it makes you look bad, and it's going to make them look bad. i get it, they're not going to be happy with what they have to say, but mistakes were made. you have to own up to it. the app was road tested enough or whatever the problem was, and say here is why we're giving you 50% because we're not sure about the rest or just tell us and then the voters can have some
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confidence in the system. >> yeah, they're not being -- they're not talking to us at all, and when i say us the american people. the one democrat in the race who may have benefitted the most from this fiasco is the candidate who stayed out of the iowa contest, michael bloomberg. his campaign manager is going to join us next. >> president trump and his re-election campaign also jumping all over this, how they're trying to capitalize on the chaos ahead of tonight's state of the union address. stay with us. ear plan for retirement. one that covers health care costs, taxes, and any other uncertainties. because when you're with fidelity, a partner who makes sure every step is clear, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward. a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's fastest retinol formula works so fast. it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week.
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one democratic candidate who could largely benefit from the pandemonium in iowa is former new york city mayor and multibillionaire michael bloomberg. bloomberg made an early decision to sit out the first four races and spent his money and his time
11:21 am
devoted to super tuesday states and beyond. bloomberg has reportedly told aides to double his ad spending in all markets where he's currently advertising in the wake of what's unfolding in iowa according to "the washington post." with me now bloomberg's campaign manager kevin she key. can you confirm that "washington post" report about doubling the ad spending? what's the strategy here? >> i think the strategy all along has been to run a national campaign to build a campaign not only in super tuesday states but in battleground states. he's the only candidate that's run against donald trump today. we don't think the party can wait. i think that theory has proven to be true. mike has talked about, obviously, upping what he's spending in terms of advertising, but we also announced that as of next week we'll have about 2,078 folks in the field all around the country building up a campaign network ultimately to take on the
11:22 am
president. >> obviously the african-american vote is very, very important. in fact, pivotal to winning the democratic presidential nomination, and it's an area where mr. bloomberg, mayor bloomberg has a lot of critics, especially when it comes to his position on stop and frisk in new york city as well as his position when it came to trying to make right what happened with the central park five. how is he going to reach out to this community that has such serious questions about decisions he made as mayor of new york? >> you know, he'll tell the story about what it was like when he was mayor of new york. mike was the one mayor who wanted to take on the issue of gun violence. it was an issue that greatly affected young men of color. the rest of the city was safe, but there were large parts of the city that were not safe. mike bloomberg took on the nra in ways that no one around this country has had. he leads on that around the country. while he cut the number of murders in new york city in half, he also reduced the prison population by half because he knew keeping people out of
11:23 am
prison was the right thing to do. he reduced recidivism by a third, he started the only municipal program in the country. addressing the discrimination. the program was ultimately adopt bid barack obama, and president obama and mike bloomberg stood on the stage and launched that program nationally. >> hillary clinton had a similar record in terms of outreach to african-americans to the civil rights community, but there were questions when she ran in '16 about comments she had made years before about super predators, comments and just her association with her husband who signed the crime bill into law in 1994. by not taking on the issue head on there were seeds of doubt planted in the african-american community and a lot of blacks didn't vote in 2016. it doesn't sound like you are necessarily talking about taking it on head on the way i'm asking about. >> hey, listen, if there's ever been a problem with mike
11:24 am
bloomberg it's that he takes issues head on. he took on the issue guns. he took on the states all acros this country. he took on the issue of the environment when people weren't, and mike led a campaign to close half the coal plants. he's closing coal plants at the same clip he was closing them when barack obama was president. if there's ever a criticism of mike bloomberg, it's not that he shies wrae from a problem. he leans into the things he cares about. it's tough to do things, mike bloomberg has been a doer, and as we say mike gets things done. >> how is he responding to what happened in iowa last night and is continuing to happen today? what was his response? >> i think he's amazed like everyone else. now, i think he saw it coming. mike wrote an op-ed on cnn's website about a month ago where he said we should end the early state primaries, said the caucuses didn't make sense. they weaken the party and made it more difficult for us to run against the president.
11:25 am
there were a lot of critics of mike bloomberg when he said that a month ago on cnn, but today everyone seems to agree that it's a process we have to move past. >> nina turner said that bloomberg is an oligarch. what do you think of that? >> i don't really get this russia thing. i mean, the sanders campaign seems to talk about russia about as much as the president does, when people throw down terms like that, it makes me nervous about their motives. i will say that mike is running a positive campaign, and he has urged all democrats to unite behind running a campaign against the president. if he's not the nominee he'll support senator sanders because donald trump is an existential threat to this country. i would encourage people all across the country to take that same attitude. >> thanks so much, hope we can get your boss on state of the union sometime soon. >> we'll get him all right, thanks so much. coming up, was this disaster entirely avoidable? some tech experts say yes. the warning signs that telegraph this fiasco ahead. the trump re-election campaign
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and welcome back, it looks like we'll be getting at least some of the first results from the iowa democratic caucuses in just around two and a half hours from now. a technical glitch with the app, the iowa democratic party used to report results has caused a massive delay and confusion and
11:31 am
frustration in this first nominating contest. the candidates have already physically moved on, many to new hampshire as they wait to find out if it's good news or otherwise that came out of iowa. cnn's abby phillip remains in des moines, iowa. abby, what can you tell us right now about what they are doing at the idp, the iowa democratic party to try to get these results out as soon as possible? >> reporter: well, jake, you know this process of getting the result is made more complicated by just how much they have to put together. they have three different sets of data that they're trying to both tabulate and validate in order to put it out by this afternoon, so it is a time intensive process, and it's a time intensive process that is already kind of layered on top of a caucus process that -- a pretty senior iowa political strategist, jeff link just explained to me, it's sometimes chaot
11:32 am
chaotic. sometimes people walk out of the room in the middle of the process, and it creates sort of an imbalance between the numbers at the beginning of the night and the numbers at the end of the night, so they're dealing with all of that trying to put these numbers out by the end of the day, and they're doing it in part because there's a lot of pressure from these campaigns to have a definitive answer about who is where in terms of where they stand with the results. who can come out of this state claiming victory? there are some questions about whether they will get any kind of momentum out of it. i mean, i'll tell you the iowan officials that i spoke to, iowan democratic officials i spoke to today, a lot of them think there is still time for these results when they do come out to really give one or more of these candidates a bump, but it's going to rely on the results being reliable because there can't be any questions about whether or not the data being released is accurate. and i think that's one of the stresses that is being put on the party. there's also part of this that a lot of these party officials are volunteers.
11:33 am
they have other jobs, so they're relying on essentially a work force of people to kind of come in and help them do this really labor-intensive process. i spoke to one party official last night who was like, i have to work today. i'm not sure i can make these results out in a very short amount of time. there are all these pressures, jake, but i mean, i'll also tell you here in iowa, there's a little bit of anxiety among iowans about what this means for them as a state, what it means for the process overall. i think a lot of advocates for the iowa caucuses here in the state will say that the caucuses have been a net positive for the democratic party, even with all of the chaos and that just these three data points thern tryiy w trying to get out so quickly over the span of a few hours last night was the straw that broke the camel's back. there are some worries that this will only fuel the critics of this process who want to take away the first in the nation status for iowans. a lot of people here in this
11:34 am
state still think there is a lot of validity to the process and there's still value to the democratic party, in particular, for keeping the caucuses here. >> they're going to have to fight to keep the caucuses after this, abby phillip in des moines, thank you so much. the company behind the app -- you're not going to believe what it's called, but it's actually called shadow, is now apologizing for its problems, even though computer experts are warned officials about the app before the caucuses. here with me is our alex marquar marquardt. take me through what we know about how this all happened and what shadow is having to say about it it. >> this appears to be an issue of new technology being rolled out in a widespread way in a very established process. this app has become clear had not been tested with local officials. they had nonbeen trainnot been it. we spoke to a number of caucus chairs who said they did not receive the training how to use this app, and that came as late as last week. there were some 1,700 precincts, and so there was widespread
11:35 am
confusion. some people didn't understand how to use the app. some people reported errors and many others said they weren't able to transfer the results, communicate the results of the caucuses back to the idp via this app. a number of precinct chairs, caucus chairs had to report the old fashioned way via paper or phone. we did get a statement from troy price, the chairman of the idp. he said that while the apps of recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data. we've determined this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system. the applications reporting issue did not impact the ability of precinct chairs to report data accurately? now, jake, a number of the people we've spoken with would certainly take issue with that. i spoke with someone last night, a caucus chair who said she spent 29 minutes on hold before giving up. then she just took a screen shot, a picture of the results from her precinct and sent it to
11:36 am
troy price both via text message and via email. now, you're right, jake, we have just heard from shadow inc. they are the developers behind this app. they said, we sincerely regret the delay in the reporting of the results of last night's iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, their campaigns and democratic caucus goers. much confusion indeed, jake. >> alex marquardt, thanks so much. the trump campaign is already capitalizing on the chaos in iowa swiping at democrats declaring president trump the winner. but behind all that, there's the serious question will this caucus confusion help president trump? stay with us. sfx: [sneezing] i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam!
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11:41 am
vote count. the democrats so far have been very clear that interference had nothing to do with the issues they had with the reporting app. the president's son eric trump also jumped in and tweeted out that the vote is being fixed, again, no evidence of anything like that. and we should point out bakari, as incompetent as the iowa democratic party has proven to be in this case, the iowa caucus process, whatever you think about it and even if people think that primaries are preferable, the caucus process is in front of everybody. so every single precinct, there are witnesses to what the final vote is. this is really actually -- and again, i understand why people hate caucuses, but you can't really fake the results of this because everybody sees it. >> people hate caucuses for good reason. they're decently antidemocratic. the fact that it's in the open and you have the peer pressure and wrangling. the fact that you have to get child care. that's a fundamental problem. the word we used earlier was opacity.
11:42 am
>> that's the opposite of transparency. >> exactly, exactly. >> 800 on their s.a.t.s. >> i'm bumping up, my momma would be so proud. >> my disappointment is not with the people of iowa. i think most democrats would say that. i sound like bernie sanders, democrats also know that on the map when john king comes here in november of 2020, one of the states that we're going to try to win -- i don't know how long we'll put it in play, but we're going to try to win. >> obama won it twice and then trump won it. >> correct. but i do think the leadership in iowa, and i know them very well. they're very good people. they're not doing anything nefarious. they are doing things with some negligence or gross negligence because you cannot hide from people, and that is what's been going on. so i mean, i spoke to my good friend tom perez. i know he's making a statement soon. >> the chair of the dnc. >> the chair of the dnc. unfortunately for tom perez everything comes back on him. and one small note about this, which is interesting because in south carolina the state ethics
11:43 am
commission, the secretary of state and the state ethic -- i mean election commission along with the democratic party run the primary, so there is a large state agency -- >> and apparatus. >> and apparatus that helps. in iowa it's just the iowa democratic party contracting with vendors, consultants, et cetera, there's no procurement process. there's no checks and balances. i do have faith in new hampshire and nevada and south carolina get it right. >> you can't hack the results of a caucus. it happens in front of everybody. you can't -- there's no numbers to fudge. >> unless you have an app. >> you could mess with the app. >> even if -- the point is -- the point is that there is a paper trail of everything down to a room full of 50 people. >> eyewitnesses. >> that's where they're going. >> but of course this is what the republicans want. this is literally the strategy that trump uses all the time when he is in hot water is to suggest that everybody's engaged in the same sort of behavior that he himself is obviously engaged in, so of course he's going to try to make something
11:44 am
that is a lot of human error and a really bad thing sound like the kind of nefarious election meddling and rigging that he himself is open to receiving in 2020. >> i think that's totally right. i think the ideal situation for trump and why he continues to do this is to make the american people feel like nothing can change, that there is no hope in our democracy, and that ultimately benefits him. and i think that's why you see folks like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who are talking about leveling the playing field and quite honestly taking that particularly head on and taking -- >> just stop with the conspiracy theories. stop. this was negligence is the word that you used i incompetence might be a word, meltdown might be another word. stop with conspiracy. this is not what the american voters need. >> who are you talking to? president trump? >> i think i am. stop with the conspiracy theories and the people -- his
11:45 am
son or whoever it is, the american people need to have faith in their system, and not have the pot stirred about phony conspiracies. >> one thing that we saw when we were at the caucus last night is the point that you're making, is that never mind the fact that we're now almost 24 hours later, we don't have the results, but the results exist, and they exist because of a series of reforms. >> on paper. >> on paper. a series of reforms including the fact that they had to fill out those cards. those cards exist, and that didn't happen before. so for all of the guff that the iowa democratic party is getting for the app debacle, for the crisis management debacle not coming out and reassuring people or at least talking to people, the votes do exist. >> so you and i were at des moines 47, one of the precincts following that caucus last night. we know that elizabeth warren, you know, narrowly won over
11:46 am
bernie sanders and pete bu buttigieg. we know that. we can go and look at the results when they put them out and so can everyone else who was there, including representatives from every campaign who were there. coming up, at least one candidate is not impressed with the party's pledge to release just about half of the iowa results at 5:00 eastern. how senator elizabeth warren is blasting the move next. mething . you don't need to go anywhere dad, this is your home. the best home to be in is your own. home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal. home instead senior care. when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life and save in more ways than one. for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, get way more. shop everything home at
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i just don't understand what that means to release half of the data. so i think they ought to get it together and release all of the data. that's what we need they should get all the data. we're doing what we can to help,
11:51 am
and we have called on other campaigns to do the same. >> senator elizabeth warren expressing what i think the rest of america feels except the people in the iowa democratic party headquarters, frustration, confusion, moments ago she learned the iowa democratic party is going to release data but only part of the data at 5:00 p.m. eastern just over two hours from now. alex rojas, your reaction? >> i mean, i think that's exactly right. it kind of doesn't really make sense to release 50% of it. you should try and release all of it when there's the american people and campaigns are trying to figure out who's winning, but i think that elizabeth warren's response here is being honest about the problems, giving the information that their campaign has over to the iowa democratic party, focusing on attacking trump, which is obviously what we need to do here, and also trying to make sure that as she gives comments, we're building trust and keeping trust within our public institutions. there's a real crisis of legitimacy right now.
11:52 am
she's biluilt a campaign tackli corruption head on, and i think she might surprise folk when is we look at the final -- >> i'm worried they're going to make it worse. >> by only giving 50%? >> 50% of the data is meaningless. like the answers that we actually want. what went wrong? is all the data okay? . we want to see somebody come out and answer some questions. >> and then we want the final results. half of the results does nothing for anybody. they're going to come out and say someone's in second ask third. >> they had two choices. one is you release it as you have it and you feel what you have is accurate and you let that out because you're under a lot of pressure to be forthcoming, and the other choice is to just wait and who knows how long the other 50% would be. >> there's a third choice. where we wait but take some questions, where we get to ask what happened? hopefully. >> hopefully maybe today we will get some answers. imagine if you're elizabeth warren or any of these candidates. >> so frustrating.
11:53 am
>> who have spent almost $70 million together out there in the state of iowa, who have moved, some of them who have spent a lot of time in the state of iowa. you campaigned your heart out. you feel that your campaign for the presidency rests upon win, place, or show in this race, and suddenly you're dealing with an app that had a problem? i mean, imagine the feelings, not only for the candidates but the people who worked for the candidates who moved to the state of iowa. i think they're all being kind of restrained about it to tell you the truth. >> imagine all the people who were building these races around the viability in iowa, and then you have this false start. so you're sitting here -- and like one of the things i think the iowa democratic party should do, you can't do it now, you can't renege for all intents and purposes, but put all the data out at one time. what's the difference between 17 hours and 24 hours? i mean, we're already here now.
11:54 am
we're waiting, you already flubbed this. at least get this right. my biggest -- what's going to happen is you're going to have -- what happens if joe biden in the data that comes out is fifth? >> right. >> right. >> that's a disadvantage to his campaign. >> absolutely. >> or what happens if amy klobuchar is fifth and she actually finishes fourth or sanders is first but buttigieg ends up winning? i mean, so why do you allow that confusing narrative -- >> you say wait. you say wait. >> yes, i mean, what's the matter? why do it now? >> this is the kind of thing i really hate to beat a dead horse. this is the kind of thing people lose their jobs over, like i mean in private industry for like being this incompetent in terms of a really important project that you're only expected to do once every four years. >> we've all met the man who runs the iowa caucuses. he's a really good guy. excuse me, who runs the iowa democratic party. he's a really good guy. i'm sure that the amount of
11:55 am
guilt and shame he feels right now outweighs whether he's going to have a job. but it's hard to imagine that there won't be a change because of this. it's hard. >> everyone stick around, as we get closer to the partial results from iowa, new reaction from candidates, new reaction from their campaigns. some of them will join us live. plus, new reporting on whether the president will address this tonight in the state of the union address when he comes face-to-face with speaker pelosi. stay with us. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution... to one that can take on a bigger challenge. we are solving problems that improve lives.
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and good afternoon, i'm anderson cooper here in washington. the chaos in iowa continues. results from the first nominating contest of the 2016 presidential election are still two hours away we're told. we're also in new hampshire where the candidates are pressing on without knowing exactly how they fared on the first night, and here we're putting the pieces together as we wait for the first results. to put it bluntly, the iowa caucuses are a debacle, a technical glitch with the app they were using to report the votes meant no results last night or this morning. the glitch in the delay causing some to question the validity of the results. democrats are now focused on that failure while president trump prepares to address the nation in what could be his final state of the union address.angles. our jeff zeleny is camped out in des moines as this debacle drags on. how do we get here, and how close are the democrats to
12:01 pm
getting out?