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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 5, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PST

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where are we? is this hell? >> it's iowa. >> field of dreams, yes. look, it's not even that the jokes write themselves, they're not necessary. they're just not necessary at this point because it is what it is. it's so clearly a cosmic joke. >> a little comic relief, a little levity never hurts, okay. maybe it does hurt this morning. we do have actual results, not complete results, but some new numbers from a count overnight at iowa. >> real numbers. >> real numbers. "new day" continues right now. >> with more than 24 hours since the crucial iowa caucuses, we still do not have a clear winner. >> we came out of iowa knows it is a tight three-way race. >> we're in the process of making sure we got the results out. >> a kid in a community
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somewhere wondering if he belongs. that if you belief in yourself and the country, there's a lot backing up that belief. >> the state of the union is deeply divided. that was on display tonight. >> their economy is the best it has ever been. >> strong for whom? strong for the wealthy? welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world including iowa. this is "new day." it's wednesday, february 5th. it's 6:00 here in new york. so not only do we have actual votes that have been counted in the iowa caucuses, we have new votes that have been counted and returned overnight. the state party did release some new figures with 71%, 71% of the precincts now reporting. former south bend mayor pete buttigieg still holds a narrow lead over senator bernie sanders. senator elizabeth warren in
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third place back there. and former vice president joe biden in fourth. it's not clear when the full caucus results will be. it's possible those positions you just saw could change. but even this much is a dramatic partial outcome to the iowa caucuses. results might have much been a big story. if not for the monumental debacle of caucus night where the party couldn't release any count. all the major candidates are in new hampshire right now trying to figure out if they can influence what happens next. >> so on the eve of his all-but-certain impeachment acquittal, president trump used his state of the union address to make the case for his re-election. he made no mention of impeachment. there were two striking visual moments that bookended the speech highlighting the bitter partisan divide in washington. it started with the president snubbing house speaker nancy pelosi refusing to shake her
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hand there. and ended with speaker pelosi tearing up her copy of his speech. much more on the state of the union and today's final senate vote on impeachment in a moment. but first, let's discuss these iowa results. now we have jess mcintosh, terry mcauliffe, and david gregory. great to sea all of you this morning. governor mcauliffe, i know you have been outspoken about your take on the debacle that was iowa. so when you see these results come in and pete buttigieg surprised people by coming in first. at this moment he's at 28.6%. biden 15.4%. how much stock do you put in, not that the results aren't accurate, but just in what
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happened in iowa. >> first of all, it's a huge win for mayor pete any way you want to cut it. he won in urban. he won in rural. he won in suburban. he was able to show he could build a good coalition. very well organized. the broerd issue, it's unfortunate what happened in iowa. i have been for a very long time -- i think the democratic party when we start our primary process ought to include states that are more representative of america and the democratic party. when you have 95% of the african-american community and 70% of the hispanic voting for your party year in and year out and you start with a state that is very white, i just think we need to change it. i'm also not a huge fan of the caucuses. only 170,000 people showed up in a state as you know has over 2 million registered voters. i want it to be more open, more inclusive. but it was a huge moment for pete. i think it was a tougher night for some of the voters.
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i thi i think half his delegate support went to ore candidates. now we head to new hampshire. it's going to be an important play for awe a lot of these. big night for mayor pete. it's a great night for him and now he's got to put it together in the upcoming states with large communities of color. >> he was robbed. he was robbed of what very well might have been a dramatic election night victory. the full results aren't in and they can't change. but if they hold where they are, it is worth noting bernie sanders will have been closer to hillary clinton in 2016. the game i want to play this morning is what would the reaction have been if the iowa debacle did not happen? where would we be today 36 hours
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into new hampshire? what would the race look like if not for the debacle. >> this is one of my favorite games. >> it's fun, but you can't even play it yet because we don't have all of the results yet. so we can't say, what if we had known what we know this morning on monday night because we don't know the answer yet. we still have almost 30% out. so if we froze it where it is right now, i think where we would be is talking about new hampshire. talking about frankly the biggest story to come out of iowa other than iowa itself was the collapse of joe biden. you know, this is our democratic front runner who has staked his candidacy on his electability coming in a distant fourth. i think we would be looking to new hampshire to show us whether that was the beginning of a trend or whether iowa was a really unfortunate fluke for the former vice president. i think we would be celebrating mayor pete's tremendous win. i think he would have gotten a major bounce. we would probably be criticizing
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bernie a little bit for setting expectations as high as he had. with the race as close as it is, we might yet still be talking about a sanders win in iowa. i love this game, too, i just think we can't play it yet. >> well, you make a great point. but beyond that, let's play the game that these results are set. is this predictive of what's to come? >> you know, it's hard to say at this point. i think mayor pete was robbed. because first or second, great result for him. and if he had that punch come ougt of an election night victory where he was there in iowa which is about momentum more than delegates, he could have carried that into new hampshire. and he wouldn't have to come out of this ashes of this iowa debacle and questions about the future of the caucuses and all of that. nevertheless, as terry said, great showing for mayor pete. showed, you know, he had great showing in terms of raising money early on, good debate
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performances, but was overshadowed a bit. then he comes out of that, shows great organization. shows himself as a progressive, yes, but also an alternative to the major progressives who are in the race led by bernie who has, you know, also the strongest showing among the real progressives in the race. but mayor pete showing himself as a real outsider as well. and the emotion he showed yesterday as the first major gay candidate in a major political party to do this well. so there are all these milestones. and he showed the breadth of victory. can he continue that? can he grow and extend his support in these are all big story lines that aren't going to go away despite the iowa debacle that we'll be looking at in new hampshire. and as jess says, then you have this major warning sign here about joe biden. >> let's play the sound. because david just mentioned it. this is pete buttigieg last
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night in new hampshire where i think finally it's sinking in a little bit what might have happened or what has happened with 71% of the precincts in in iowa. >> it validates for a kid somewhere in a community wondering if he belongs or she belongs or they belong in their own family, that if you believe in yourself and your country, there's a lot backing up that belief. >> you know, terry, jess mentioned that bernie sanders set expectations very high. and whatever happens, it's not clear he will have met them. even if he does eke out a lead, it won't be a decisive win in iowa. not the kind of decisive win he was looking for. i can make the case that three candidates underperformed expectations. bernie sanders who set them so high, the former vice president
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clearly didn't have the night that any of them were hoping for in the biden campaign, and then elizabeth warren was supposed to have this fantastic organization in iowa. she was clearly out-organized by pete buttigieg. and as of now hasn't even won a single county there. >> yeah. i think you hit it on the head. big night for mayor pete but what's impressive to me is he was able to win in suburban and rural and urban. he was able to put a great coalition, get it organized. but you're right. senator sanders went in, had high expectations. he tied the state basically in 2016. he's been running for president in that state for the last four years. so the numbers are where they are today. it's not where he hoped to be. and you're right, with senator warren, great grassroots operation. had a lot of folks on the ground in iowa and it didn't translate into delegates for her. and joe biden, it's not a great
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democratic state for him. he now has to show that he can win in nevada, south carolina. and the big challenge now is going to be for mayor pete. can he coalesce and bring folks together and win in those states? i remind you we now have four states that have less than 4% of the delegate total. now we go to march 3rd. we're going to have 34% of the delegates. it's a hundred-million-dollar day and you now sl bloomberg sitting there with unlimited amounts of money. this thuing has just started. this is just the beginning of a long process that we have. what came out of what happened on tuesday with the caucuses, obviously a lot of problems. that is why when i was chair of the national party, i moved up south carolina. i moved up nevada. we need to have a calendar that is representative of our party and community of colors need an early say in the nominating process.
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>> and enthusiasm was the story line as well in all of this. or the lack thereof. i mean, i think that's got to be a concern for democrats. not only that they couldn't pull off a caucus correctly, but an enthusiasm gap. obviously this can change. but, you know, the contrast on one day of the 2020 race for democrats was unsettling. which is a president which i know we'll get to in this rousing state of the union speech which was a re-election speech. compared to a relative diminished enthusiasm among democrats showing up for caucus. >> and it may also be it's hard to caucus. it's time consuming. it takes a lot. if you have a busy life, it's hard to devote that time, maybe. we have more to talk to you guys about. stay tuned. joe biden made electability of course the core of his campaign. so how will his performance in iowa affect his strategy in new hampshire and beyond? we're going to tell you what he
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the latest results out of iowa show former vice president joe biden trailing the pack in fourth place. so he's at 15.4% at this hour. more results are coming in, john. what does this mean, though, for his candidacy as we approach the new hampshire primary? so jess, let me play for you how former vp biden framed it himself last night in new hampshire. >> it's good to be back in new hampshire. more than you know. 24 hours later, they're still trying to figure out what the heck happened in iowa. at this rate, new hampshire might get the first vote after all. >> he's, you know, playing to the crowd there. they seem to be enjoying it.
3:17 am
but what does it mean today? >> well, i think obviously he is the one who benefitted -- he's probably the only democrat who benefitted from the debacle in iowa because we got to spend a couple of days talking about the debacle in iowa and not the debacle in joe biden's campaign. south carolina is going to be a very, very important moment for both joe biden and for pete buttigieg. because we're going to learn whether this heavy african-american support sticks with joe biden despite cracks in this i'm the safe electable choice armor he's been wearing the whole time. does it stay with him even if he doesn't seem like the best one to take on trump? or does it scatter to one of the other candidates? similarly, pete buttigieg for as historic and amazing night he had, he's polling at 0% with the african-american vote. you cannot win without
3:18 am
significant improvement in that area. maybe what happened in iowa last night is going to help him get there. maybe that takes some of the african-american support that joe biden enjoys and moves it over to pete buttigieg. but we can't see how these four candidates shake out until voters of color have a say. so it's exciting to see us get to that place finally. and i'm curious to see where these campaigns end up. >> i can think of one other democrat who benefitted from the debacle in iowa. one other democratic candidate although maybe democratic should be in quotation marks. that's michael bloomberg. he announced after iowa he's going to double his campaign ad spending in super tuesday dates. let's put figures what he has allocated already. $315 million. we should have the 35 million font so people can see it. but that number says $315
3:19 am
million. one other note, david gregory, michael bloomberg just picked up the endorsement of a sitting democratic governmayor and a go. the campaign with that money is picking up some support as he moves forward. >> yeah. i think you'll have to measure the time when you're not watching a bloomberg ad rather than when you are watching an ad. when he's spending that much. you know, there's a lot of questions about michael bloomberg and the kind of coalition he puts together. you're right. he gets the obvious nod as someone who can step in if biden continues to falter. i think that's where democrats look. but i think, you know, this morning we should be looking at, you know, winning can change a lot. because it changes narratives. it can affect money. it can affect voter attitudes. i think there's two things going
3:20 am
on among democrats. there is a real fight within the party about what the party stands for, who we should be as a country, the future of the democratic party. and that's what's playing out between progressives, moderates, those who were establishment versus outsider candidates. the other is who can beat trump. that may be the biggest thing of all. there's a lot to be sable in terms of his populism that could beat him. or bloomberg. that's what buttigieg has to be able to demonstrate, that he can expand that coalition to be a more electable candidate. i think that's one of the things we'll be watching closely. >> governor, i'm curious what you think of bloomberg's well financed but unconventional path thus far. >> well, it's interesting. i got to say this for the mayor, he has been very active. when i was governor of virginia, very active on gun prevention legislation, climate change. he's been active around the country. his whole theory is that vice
3:21 am
president biden doesn't come out of the first four contests with strength. and he is sitting there. we have never seen anything like this with this amount of money. sitting there as i say on march 3rd with all of these contests. but the big thing is going to be who can really reach out to the true coalitions of the democratic party. i go back to you've got to show strength in the african-american community, hispanic community. you look at that march 3rd day with 14 states, six of those states are southern states with large populations in the african-american community. so this is going to be a real test for all of the candidates. vice president biden has to do well in nevada. it's a state with a large hispanic population. but also very powerful. so that should help vice president out there. he's got to do well. and then south carolina who's ever going to come out. but i remind you south carolina is only a couple days before march 3rd. and then as i say with nearly 30% of the delegates chosen on one day.
3:22 am
but if you're michael bloomberg, you've got pretty much unlimited money. he's paid all of his staff through november of 2020. he is building a massive operation. which if he doesn't do well, he told me personally i'm going to keep on the ground to make sure i beat donald trump. so it's positive. >> it's a giant corporation he's funding right now. >> he's been hiring staff from all of the democratic candidates that have dropped out in recent days and weeks. it means those people are working for him and they are also not working against him which i think is equally a part of his goal in making all those hires. >> and making sure they're working against trump, too, which is what gets under trump's skin. >> great point. thank you, all. >> this month is one giant test for these candidates. and it begins again tonight. cnn is going to host two nights of presidential town halls starting tonight ahead of the
3:23 am
new hampshire primary. be sure to watch at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. all right. overnight, this happened. what was this? it was this partisan sandwich with the state of the union address in the middle. before it was ripped up by nancy pelosi. >> is that what you call the kind of sandwich it was? >> partisan sandwich. eat it with mayonnaise. >> all right. got it. >> we'll be right back.
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president trump making his case for re-election in the annual state of the union address. but visually speaking, it was the president's feud with speaker nancy pelosi that stole the spotlight. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with more. those were some striking moments, joe. >> reporter: that's for sure. and alisyn, as you know, this speech is a prime time
3:28 am
opportunity for the president to highlight his accomplishments. he didn't say that the state of the union was divided. but those two telling moments between the president and the speaker of the house overshadowed a lot of it. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: president trump gave his state of the union address before a bitterly divided congress just hours before the senate is expected to acquit him. in those 78 minutes, not once did the president mention impeachment. but before he even started speaking, a sign of tension between trump and house speaker nancy pelosi. president trump seemingly ignoring pelosi as she extended her hand to greet him before she turned and shrugged to her caucus. addressing the snub in a tweet. writing, democrats will never stop extanding the hand of friendship to get the job done for the people. we will work to find common
3:29 am
ground where we can, but will stand our grand where we cannot. immediately after the president finished his address, pelosi ripped up her copy of the speech in full view of the cameras. president trump used the address to make the case for his re-election highlighting the economy and sprinkling in a few made for tv moments. >> your husband is back from employment, he is here with us tonight and we couldn't keep him waiting any longer. >> reporter: including a military family reunion. >> i will now ask the first lady of the united states to present you with the honor, please. >> reporter: and even awarding controversial service radio host rush limbaugh the presidential medal of freedom. he announced this week he's battling advanced lung cancer. trump's republican allies applauding his talking points while democrats sat mostly silent through the evening.
3:30 am
gretchen withmer delivered the democratic response using the opportunity to remind americans that president trump was impeached. >> the truth matters. facts matter. and no one should be above the law. it's not what those senators say. tomorrow it's about what they do that matters. >> reporter: in the send, the bitter rivalry taking center stage. slamming the house speaker's gesture. >> it was disgraceful. it was disgusting. >> you can tear up the speech, but you can't tear up the accomplishments. and that's what this race is going to be about in 2020. >> reporter: some democrats insisting outrage should be directed at trump for using the state of the union as a campaign rally. >> let's hope we didn't distract you from the lack of factual accuracy in the speech, the divisiveness in the speech, and the blatant appeal to his base and very similar to his
3:31 am
speeching in his rallies. it was a state of the union designed to appeal to the base, not to bringing our country together. >> reporter: so the expected acquittal vote of the president, that's scheduled for around 4:00 p.m. eastern time. not clear on whether we'll hear from the president after that. >> all right. thank you very much. joining us now, cnn political commentator michael smerconish, host of cnn's "smerconish." there was a lot going on last night, michael. there were things happening at multiple levels. primarily this was the president's state of the union address which he used as something of a re-election speech. what did you take away? >> i give the president five skut nicks. i don't remember anything he said, but i remember lots of things that i saw. the army family reunion. rush limbaugh getting the medal of freedom. the fourth grader from
3:32 am
philadelphia. the great grondson and the great grandfather. i think he was a hundred years old. it was all visual. and, you know, it began really on ronald reagan's watch when he awarded recognition to lenny scutnik who was an american high row. it's progressed to this point. trump is a master of the visual. it was a reality tv moment for 78 minutes long. and as for the back and forth between he and speaker pelosi, i'm sure as today's news cycle plays out, it will be a rorschach test where both parties will see it entirely differently. >> for sure. >> exactly. >> you're right, michael, about that. i mean, my point is. she knows her stage craft too. she knows the cameras were trained on her right behind him as she quietly did that and tossed it aside. and that's all great for stage craft from both of them. they know the art of that. but i guess they haven't buried the hatchet. and i guess that when the
3:33 am
president's aides talked to "the new york times" yesterday and said the president was going to reach across the oil and look forward to working with democrats on big things such as frer and health care, i guess that wasn't true. >> i don't know -- i don't mean to demean the subject, but there were no visuals that went with them so they don't stand out in my mind. >> mai dal needs charts and pictures. it's hard to read pictures without pictures. i mean books without pictures. "the post" pelosi thing, it is interesting. you say it is a rar shack test. i guess it really is. you heard ted cruz and lindsey graham outrage 7. oh, my gosh, i can't believe pelosi did that. but then there are democrats who will say, democrats always play by the rules and republicans play to win. right? you can imagine a scenario if this were reversed, a republican speaker wouldn't have even invited the president of the
3:34 am
united states to deliver the state of the union of address in the chamber. the republican party is the hearing that didn't have a hearing on garland or impeachment witnesses. but nancy pelosi ripped up a speech. >> look, i am one who believes there are certain moments on all of our calendar that demand we put aside partisan difference. i'll give you a great example. i remember well during the president's inauguration, there were some democrats who sat it out and did not attend even before he began. i thought that was in poor taste. i thought the moment demanded that everybody rise to the occasion. i would typically put the state of the union in that category. but it's hard to overlook that from the president's eyes, you know, today there will be a vote even though we all know the conclusion of whether he will be removed from office. even though the remarks didn't address that, it was certainly on his mind when he walked into the chamber last night. >> yeah. and i guess my point is beyond the visuals michael, is there a sense that he and democrats are
3:35 am
going to be able to put this chapter behind us and move on to doing the country's business, whatever that looks like? and last night you did not get that sense. that this was over. >> no. and i would answer your question, no. politically speaking they see it to their advantage to perpetuate the fight. look at the amount of fund raising each side is able to do just on impeachment alone. they want that to progress all the way to november so they can each drive their respective base. that's not in the nation's best interest. >> that's what notable. both sides think it's in their interest to be this divisive. appreciate you being on this morning. watch jt smerconish" every saturday morning. lots of pictures. lots of visual aid. >> that's the best one right
3:36 am
there. why is that man smiling? 9:00 578 eastern saturday mornings only on cnn. all right. the meltdown in the iowa caucuses is being blamed on an app used to count the votes. more on the back story of how this happened and what went wrong. [ indistinct talking ]
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okay. breaking overnight, we have more results from the iowa caucuses. 71% of precincts now reporting and mayor pete buttigieg maintains an early lead over bernie sanders, warren, and biden. at the center of the caucus debacle is an app that was designed to deliver results faster and more efficiently, but that didn't happen. alex marquardt is live in washington with what went wrong. what's the back story? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. and as we await an official winner in iowa, it has become clear that really the loser here was the state of iowa. with this new app that the democratic party there tried to use. rather than making reporting the
3:41 am
results of the caucuses more streamlined, the software caused confusion all across the state. caucus chairs have told cnn there was no training for the app. many couldn't even download it. and then when it didn't work, the phone hotline was jammed. the whole system overwhelmed. excitement and expectations for the first of the nation caucus quickly flaming out as concerns grew over no results. >> what's taking so long? >> reporter: the prime suspect, the new app in its first big rollout by the iowa democratic party. designed to make reporting caucus results fast and seamless. it was anything but. >> some of them couldn't install it. some of them could not bring it up and use it. i didn't hear anyone else having the keyboard issue i had, but there were a variety of issues. >> reporter: they loaded the seemingly simple app onto their personal cell phones. it was supposed to tabulate delegates and voters for each
3:42 am
delegate. one chairman told cnn there were problems already last week as they got ready. some caucus chairs said they were confused. others reported errors and being unable to report results. >> i would give everybody an "a" for the idea. i would give them a failing grade for implementation. that's a systemic failure and you can't blame it on the app. >> reporter: precinct questions flooded the phone lines. >> we have been working day and night to make sure the results are accurate. the one thing i will say, the raw data is secure. it was always secure. this was a coding error on one of the pieces on the back end. but the raw data that has come in is secure. >> the company behind the app called shadow apologized on
3:43 am
twitter saying we sincerely regret the delay in the results of the iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates, campaigns, and caucus goers. they say there was no hacking involved. but the department of homeland security which playing a crucial role in securing the presidential election says iowa democrats didn't take them up on an offer to test the app for flaws. >> our agency has offered to test that app from a hacking perspective. they declined. right now we don't see any malicious activity going on. >> reporter: a similar software by the same company shadow was supposed to have been used in the next caucuses in nevada on february 22nd. the democratic party there now saying that's not going to happen. they've cut their ties with shadow and they may not use any apps at all. they are able to use a simple
3:44 am
paper system and they're telling cnn that they're evaluating their options. john? >> one of my sons suggested maybe just a group chat on their iphones. they might be safer there tabulating the results. thanks so much. the democratic race is now in new hampshire with iowa's results still uncertain. who does that help? who does that hurt? we'll discuss next. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise!
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so overnight, the iowa democratic party released still new results from the botched caucus count. 71% of pri sixties now reporting.
3:48 am
former south bend mayor pete buttigieg maintains a narrow lead over bernie sanders. joining us now is crystal ball and paul begala. now, both of you think this stinks to high heaven and neither of you are particularly pleased we have only 71% of precincts in talking about this. but to the extent we can, i am curious about what this means for the race going forward. so paul, you say it's like partial truths. it doesn't count. but what's your main takeaway from what we see here? >> you're only going to get 71% of my answer. no, look. the big thing and i do think a lot of us have taken our eye at the poll. we're seeing history being made. in 2008 barack obama was the first african-american to be supported by the caucus. i was moved by that. he gave one of the greatest
3:49 am
speeches of his life that night. in 2016 hillary clinton was the first to win any primary or caucus. gosh, that was exciting. it looks like pete buttigieg is the first lgbtq-plus american to win a state. to win a primary or caucus. that is historic. i think americans ought to both step back and look at that. but i think he's also been robbed of the political momentum he deserves. it's really been unfair. >> and crystal, for you the story is still the process, yes? >> i mean, there are a number of stories here, but the process is horrendous. how can you feel good about a situation where party elites decide to selectively release partial results that disproportionate
3:50 am
disproportionately benefit one. we don't know that's the case. sanders leads in the popular vote here as well. he literally won the most votes. at least that's what it looks like now. >> i was in iowa. the winner is declared by the caucus. it has been deemed the state delegate equivalents are the way to do that. but the feeling was they were going in with a clear win. he was going to bring all kinds of new voters to the polls and the turnout wasn't high. we know that.
3:51 am
to only come out of there with a narrow win in delegates over pete buttigieg, i don't think that meets what the sanders campaign itself established as their expectation. this is a guy that's been dismissed by the entire campaign. he actually got the most votes in the state talking about how the popular vote is supposed to be what matters. i don't see how you look at that and say he has a bad night. on the other hand, probably the biggest story coming out of this and the biggest beneficiary of this whole debacle is joe biden whose support has collapsed. i don't want to erase those of color that are there.
3:52 am
it looks like joe biden did not win a single majority african-american precinct. and bernie sanders was dominant with voters of color. 43% of voters of color went to bernie sanders far outpacing any of his rivals. >> i only got a minute left. 30 seconds on joe biden and what's next for him. >> well, i think stumble. whether it's a fall. he's going to have to put it back together. when you finish 11 points behind the former mayor of the fourth largest city in indiana, you know it's kind of bad. i want to say something about bernie. he set this up. not just the expectations with reporters like you. sanders supporters in the democratic party insisted on keeping caucuses. caucuses are anti-democratic.
3:53 am
they seem to have hurt bernie in this case. let's agree we would just have primaries. and begin at places that are more diverse. that's the bigger problem that i hope sanders supports will focus. >> rush limbaugh has advanced cancer. rush limbaugh received the medal of freedom last night at the state of the union address. and he is someone who smeared you and lied about you on his radio broadcast. i just want to know what your feelings were when you watched this last night. >> i'm going to be honest with you. and i know you're kindly not putting out there what he said about me is that i posed nude when i was 14 years old. not a thing that happened. i didn't watch last night.
3:54 am
i started getting texts of friends saying, just, are you okay? i am. i'm fine. i'm a big person. i can take it. it's not a great feeling. it's hard for me to think about and to watch. but it's the least of my issues with this president. he can give rush limbaugh a medal every day if he keeps us out of war with iran and ends institutionalized cruelty at the border. to me it's the smallest of issues i have with him. >> i appreciate you both being with us this morning. >> president trump is expected to be acquitted just hours from now. how will the president respond when that happens? some believe he has learned his lesson. we discuss coming up. the real state of the union:
3:55 am
a nation divided by an angry, out of control president. a white house beset by lies, chaos and corruption. an administration that has failed the american people. it doesn't have to be this way. next year we can have a leader who brings people together, solves problems and gets results. mike bloomberg will get it done.
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4:00 am
there will be wind damage and maybe tornadoes across the south. for now we're watching the snow in oklahoma and texas. that snow will make its way towards minneapolis, cleveland, canton, buffalo, pittsburgh. and through the niagara front r frontier. this will be a snowstorm a little bit. 4 to 6 inches in some spots. the problem will be half an inch of ice on trees, power lines, and roads. and of course that orange area there, absolute flood rainfall. could be 4 inches of rain. watch out for this. if you are in any of this, this could be an ice storm waiting to happen this afternoon. >> yikes. looks bad. chad. thanks for the warning. we have new results out of iowa. "new day" continues right now. we want to welcome our vauers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." we still do not have a clear winner in iowa.


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