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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 6, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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very good thursday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm poppy harlow. no forgiveness for the president, not even at the national prayer breakfast after walking in a while ago, holding up an acquittal headline, he called impeachment a terrible ordeal. >> at the prayer breakfast, a religious moment what is meant to be, he lashed out taking not
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veiled shots at all at those who opposed him while one of them he was taking a shot at, speaker pelosi, sat a few feet away. and romney another target. have a listen. >> they know what they are doing is wrong, but they put themselves far ahead of our great country. weeks ago and again yesterday courageous republican politicians and leaders had the wisdom, fortitude and strength to do what everyone knows was right. i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. nor do i like people who say i pray for you, when they know
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that's not so. so many people have been hurt that we can't let that go on. >> nancy pelosi looking on there as he referenced, we believe, her comments in the past to say she prays for him. let's begin at the white house. cnn white house correspondent john harwood, listen, political national prayer breakfasts have become political events, but this one particularly political, was it not, and bitingly political. >> reporter: exceptionally so, just like the state of the union a couple of days ago. look, democratic member of congress tom swazi took the microphone at the end and said the whole love thine enemies thing, some people haven't gotten it yet. donald trump is not a person who feels himself subject to the dictates of the christian faith, he did the opposite of what bill clinton did after he was acquitted in 1999. bill clinton came out in the rose garden and apologized to
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the country and to the congress for putting them through the agony of an impeachment process. instead, what president trump is doing is coming to the prayer breakfast and saying, i am the victim here, they have done wrong to me. that's simply the way donald trump is, it is not the way that nancy pelosi or mitt romney is, but that's the president that america elected in 2016. >> yeah, i think, john tester said it pretty bluntly in our interview with him last hour, what having morals means, as you noted, john, thanks very much from the white house. manu raju is with us right now from capitol hill. and hilary rosen, democratic strategist, hi, guys. let me begin with you. manu, i don't think we -- we knew the president was going to -- no surprise he came in with that acquittal paper, et cetera. what do you make of him taking
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the direct faith-based attacks on nancy pelosi and mitt romney? >> reporter: aside from this being a apolitical event and the president going after his political foes, a rather surprising move by the president, but it also sort of undercuts what some republicans have been saying on capitol hill is that they believe the president may have learned some lessons about what happened through the course of this investigation. that the president has been impeached over his acts with ukraine and that he perhaps won't do it again. i talked to some top republicans over the last couple of days about that, why they believe the president might believe that there are some lessons learned and listen to how they responded here. should he acknowledge he did something wrong here? >> you know, i don't expect that he will. but i think in the -- it is a lot of it in the eyes of the beholder. he doesn't think he did. for many of us who sort of have
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been around the conventions of this town a little bit longer, you know, look at that and say, perhaps maybe something that he shouldn't have done. >> reporter: do you think the president is not going to ask an informed power to investigate a political rival again? >> well, i think the message has been delivered. i think it is clear now what, you know where that line is and none of us want to see interference obviously in our elections. >> reporter: so they're saying the message has been delivered to the president, but the president does not seem to be taking that message. so last night, susan collins of maine who voted to acquit the president, criticized his conduct said it was her aspiration that the president wouldn't do it again but doesn't know. and the president is showing no contrition whatsoever and we'll see if he doubles down and maybe asks again for investigation to the bidens later today when i'm sure he'll be asked, addresses the press later, guys. >> hope's not a plan. i can say that with credibility.
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lani chan, you worked with mitt romney as a policy director. i want to play that moment when he described why he came to this decision and then i want to get your thoughts on that. have a quick listen. >> i am profoundly religious, my faith is at the heart of who i am. i take an oath before god as enormously consequential. i knew from the outset that being tasked with judging the president, the leader of my own party, would be the most difficult decision i have ever faced. i was not wrong. the grave question the constitution tasks senators to answer is whether the president committed an act so extreme and egregious that it rises to the level of a high crime and
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misdemeanor. yes, he did. >> you worked for him, that pause. i mean, almost it seemed moved to tears there. tell us about how difficult a decision it was for him. >> well, you know, i think, jim, as he said, it was the most difficult decision he's had to make, certainly in public life, look, i've known mitt romney for a long time. i've worked closely with him. i take with great pride my association with him. i think that he is someone and i know he is someone who is deeply moved by his faith, who acts on that faith sincerely and i have no doubt in my mind that this vote was based on what he sincerely believed he needed to do. and i would -- i don't question that, i don't believe anybody else should question that. i think those who do don't know the man. and are speaking from a place of not knowing him and understanding him. i know good people of good
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conscience who disagree with the final vote who came out very differently who are also people of faith. and i don't think by the way that senator romney would say that those people were in the wrong for having made the decision that they made. but at the end of the day, you just can't question a man's conscience in that way when, you know, i know that he has acted in many times he's made tough decisions, this one was, though, i think the toughest. >> clear as you were noting in the pause. when he pauses for that long, you see how hard it is for him to get through that statement. hillary, twofold question to you, one, in the middle of all this, the president is enjoying the highest approval rating of his presidency, and you have jerry nadler saying this isn't stopping, we're going to continue, we're going investigate, everything is on the table, we're going to subpoena bolton. is that prudent for democrats as someone who advises them on what is politically wise? >> look, you know, this morning proves there is literally donald trump can't sink any lower in
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class. i think having said that, democrats essentially have to accept that. i don't -- you know, nancy pelosi came to this impeachment reluctantly. she didn't want to do it. she resisted members of her caucus like jerry nadler for months in giving the go ahead for impeachment. and it was only when he threatened national security and adam schiff had direct evidence of that that she finally gave the go ahead. i think this idea of subpoenaing john bolton, you know, is appealing but john bolton has every incentive to speak out on his own. i think that the democrats at this point are better off talking to the country about jobs, about healthcare, about the issues that matter to their kitchen table. we were just in iowa this week, voters are not talking about impeachment. democrats shouldn't be either. >> manu, but it does seem based on jerry nadler's comments, won't back off, they'll issue that subpoena.
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is this the kind of thing that john bolton listens to. we know what happened during the house inquiry here, waiting in effect for judicial, you know, requirement. >> yeah, that's a big question here. adam schiff revealed last night that he actually -- they approached john bolton after the senate voted to reject moving forward on subpoena for witnesses and they asked him to issue an affidavit explaining exactly what the president did as it related to ukraine and bolton resisted that. so bolton is showing no signs of cooperationing with house democrats, even though he said he would participate with the senate trial if he got a subpoena. he didn't get a subpoena. what does he do if the house democrats issue a subpoena? that's an issue they're wrestling with. schiff has said he hasn't made any decisions yet. but jerry nadler indicated likely they would like to move forward. it is still open for debate. >> remember, one quick thing, which is that this entire issue about whether or not bolton would testify, whether other people would testify, is whether
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the congress was willing to test this motion of executive privilege in court. because he won't be -- he automatically answer a subpoena, this will go to court and that is a big gamble for congress. my view is that, you know, while the house can walk and chew gum at the same time, they can pass bills on healthcare and climate change, honestly, the media just can't. if the democrats pursue subpoenas, that's all the media is going to focus on for the next few months instead of the very important things that democrats are trying to do for the american people. >> mitt romney said in the interview he did with chris wallace yesterday that he expected, quote, enormous consequences from this decision and this vote. what do -- as someone who has worked with him, what do you expect he suspects those consequences will be and clearly he's accepted them? >> well, i think you've seen some of those consequences
7:12 am
already in the president's remarks this morning. >> well, beyond that, i don't think he cares about a tongue lashing from the president. i really don't. >> yeah, i don't -- i don't think he quite does either. you know, i think he expects that he won't just get it from the president, he'll get it from a lot of different people. look, i think that there are a lot of things over the coming months where the president and senator romney probably actually will agree on policy. and, you know, the question is over these next several months, how many opportunities are there going to be for even if he does support the president for supporters of the president to come out -- but look, mitch mcconnell said it best, right, the most important vote is the next vote and so i think that a lot of republicans, colleagues of his in the senate will have relatively short memories on this. >> manu, thank you.
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lani, hillary, good to have you all. it will be a photo finish in iowa. pete buttigieg and senator bernie sanders in a virtual tie as we still await the final results. we'll have a live report from the campaign trail. a battle between the trump administration and the state of new york now has travelers caught in the middle. ahead, how it could impact you. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber- chocolate would be good- snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress that's a reason to switch to jackson hewitt. no one gets you a bigger refund or you get $100. yep, get your biggest refund or we pay you. guaranteed. and here's another reason to switch to jackson hewitt.
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photo finish, a tenth of a percentage point, that's all that is now separating pete buttigieg and bernie sanders in iowa, with 97% of the votes in. final count could come this morning. sanders may be ahead in the fund-raising race. >> his team announced a $25 million haul, just in january alone. the kaebts now well in candidat campaigning in new hampshire even as they await the results in iowa. jessica dean is back with us, in new hampshire. what is the sanders team what is mayor buttigieg saying about how narrow the results are at this point. >> it is razor thin, isn't it? let's start with pete buttigieg leading by the tiny margin now. he took the opportunity, though, in the muddle of all of the iowa results and the slowness of them coming out to really declare victory, to move ahead and very pronounced positive way.
7:19 am
he did tell his supporters, though, to ultimately to expect a tight race. take a listen to what he had to say. >> iowa was our first chance. we have the ability to win. new hampshire is a place where we demonstrate we have sustained momentum. it is our chance to prove we're in this race for the long haul. >> so that's pete buttigieg, again, pushing ahead, some fund-raisers, he's been on the ground here in new hampshire as we wait to see where these final results come in. now, if you look at senator bernie sanders, that huge fund-raising number that you all just mentioned, $25 million in one month, which is just -- it is incredible. and it shows a long-term durability, viability, that they have the money and the ability to keep going back to those donors and getting more and more money as this goes by. because, guys, the average donation, $18, so not a lot of those donors have maxed out. they can keep going back to the
7:20 am
well on that. positive news with the sanders camp. >> he's long shown his ability to get a large number of supporters out there, even small donors. let's talk about joe biden. you look at the final numbers here, it solidifies a disappointing fourth place finish in iowa. how is he responding? >> well, as you would imagine, they are very focused on new hampshire, on moving ahead, on getting beyond and past iowa. that campaign is ready to get to nevada and south carolina. they keep coming back to the fact that joe biden is the candidate that can get support from a broad coalition, latino voters, african-american voters. he did talk about what happened in iowa. take a listen to that. >> look, let's put this in perspective. there are a total of 44 delegates that come out of that. looks like it is going to break down between 7 and 15 among the top four of us. you need 1900 delegates to become the president of the united states. become a nominee. so it is -- i expect it ed to d
7:21 am
better and i expected our organization would perform better. the fact is i'm happy to be here in new hampshire. >> poppy, jim, we have heard that from joe biden since he's been here, multiple times. he's happy to be in new hampshire, he called it a gut punch in iowa, but, again, he and his campaign looking ahead, ready to let the -- all the four early states play out. that's what you keep hearing from them, they want to see where all of this ends up by the time we get to south carolina. >> he's right. iowa not always predictive, often not predictive of what happens in new hampshire. we'll see. thanks for the reporting. joining us now, melanie zanoni, good morning. let's listen to this question that senator elizabeth warren got and the response. here it is. >> do you believe that the men in this race have a better chance of beating trump solely
7:22 am
because of their gender. >> i believe they think so, but they would be wrong. at the end of the day, when people start picking who they want for president, it has got to be somebody they trust. and it can't just be somebody who looks like what presidents look like in the past. sometimes we got to think differently. >> she elicited a chuckle from anyone, light hearted, but what does your reporting tell you of in terms does that create more of an uphill battle for her, the electability question? >> warren is making this a centerpiece of her campaign. there could be drawbacks to that. she talked about these themes in the past, but she's really leaning into t and womlean ing into it and women can win has become a rallying cry. it is smart of her to try to draw that distinction with bernie, try to appeal to gr progressives who don't want to see another white male in the white house. she's trying to point out in 2018, in the midterms, there was
7:23 am
a record-breakinging number of women elected to the house of representatives, part of that was a revolt over trump. to say that women aren't electable, she's making the argument, that's just not true. >> britney, you saw some fireworks in the town halls yesterday. some attacks, friendly fire. listen to joe biden on mayor pete, seeming to indicate perhaps that he knows he's got a real challenge here. have a listen and i want your reaction. >> is he really saying, you know, obama/biden administration was a failure? pete, just say it out loud. i have great respect for mayor pete and his service to this nation. but i do believe it is a risk to be just straight up with you for this party to nominate someone who never held office, higher than mayor of a town of 100,000 people in indiana. >> britney, that, of course, a campaign event, not a town hall. but zing, from biden to buttigieg there. >> well, you can tell that biden's ego is a bit bruised that in iowa, and these results
7:24 am
are still coming in in the 11th hour, but the mayor of that small town of 100,000 people essentially lapped him several times, right? and you wonder if joe biden is not only speaking to the supporters in new hampshire, but to those supporters in nevada and south carolina. and we talk grandishly about south carolina's firewall for biden, but i have a very strong feeling in my reporting that those black voters will be peeling off if joe biden's viability keeps going down and down and down. joe biden from the beginning is a bit -- is the coalition builder candidate. but if you look at the precincts in iowa, those specific trump/obama flip counties, joe biden did not perform well there at all. you have to wonder what he's trying to do on the downspin. >> yeah. >> what does, melanie, joe biden have to do to recover fully from this? >> he needs a strong performance in new hampshire. there is no doubt about that. if he doesn't place in the top or at least above pete buttigieg and cement himself as the
7:25 am
leading centrist, i think it is an open question of whether he can even make it to south carolina. they weren't expecting to do well in iowa. his campaign had telegraphed that all along. i don't think they were expecting him to perform this poorly. it has been a huge wake-up call for biden and he really needs to hit the reset button in new hampshire. >> question, britney, is it possible after new hampshire you have another winnowing of the field, because you look at the iowa results, klobuchar, just behind biden, but still behind yang, steyer, way down. post new hampshire, other candidates like bloomberg, who hasn't even started yet, looking later in the game, do we expect a winnowing after these first two races? >> i absolutely feel that there will be a ton of people dropping out. we haven't even mentioned tulsi gabbard who was essentially a nonfactor in iowa. she's still running. she's been putting all of her bets on new hampshire. michael bennet too seems absent in all of these campaign conversations. i can't see them being viable anyway towards south carolina. you wonder too about andrew yang who is doing better than
7:26 am
expected, but is that worth spending all the money and time to just come in seventh or eighth. i think in two weeks we'll see a lot of people bottoming out. >> okay. well, we'll know a lot more on tuesday. and we'll know a lot more today about iowa. >> hopefully. >> we'll see. >> exactly. >> melanie, britney, thanks so much to both of you. >> thank you. still have questions for the remaining democratic candidates? cnn will host the last democratic presidential town hall before the new hampshire primary, continues tonight live on cnn starting at 8:00 eastern time. more than 7,000 people are quarantined now on two cruise ships. this is, of course, over the deadly coronavirus and fears of that spreading. and we now know some americans are on one of those ships that have tested positive for the disease.
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
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here in the united states, 12 people are infected with coronavirus, just a few of the more than 28,000 cases now around the world. the latest person diagnosed in this country is now isolated at home in wisconsin after being exposed to the virus in china. hundreds of americans are now quarantined in military bases, in california, after returning to the states from china on two flights chartered by the u.s. government. two more charter flights carrying u.s. citizens will arrive at military bases in texas, nebraska, later today.
7:32 am
governments around the world take something pretty draconian steps overseas, two cruise ships with hour more than 7,000 passengers are quarantined off the coast of hong kong and japan. 400 americans among those passengers and three americans in the ship near yokohama, japan, have tested positive for the coronavirus. will ripley joins us from there now live. how long are they going to be confined on these ships and what are the conditions like there? >> reporter: hey, jim, at least 14 days is what people are being told. you mentioned 12 cases in all of the united states. there are at least 20 confirmed cases on the diamond princess cruise ship behind me. you have 3700 people on there, and very close quarters, and all of the remaining healthy passengers, keep in mind, there are still more than 100 samples that haven't been tested yet, so that number which doubled from 10 to 20 in one day could easily continue to rise. the rest of the people on board the ship are telling us they don't feel safe there. they say they don't mind being
7:33 am
quarantined but not first of all in these often very tiny and cramped cruise ship cabins. the cabin is where you sleep and change clothes and then get out to the public areas. those are all shut down on the cruise ship. people have had to stay inside their rooms, you know, trying to figure out how to bring everybody their foot, breakfast has been arriving sometimes 2:00 in the afternoon with staff members in full protective gear and goggles. passengers are understandably uncomfortable and, yes, things could be worse, but, you know, things aren't getting any better on that ship or the one in hong kong. >> that's amazing. i've been on cruise ships and the most of those cabins on the interior and they're tiny. they are tiny, tiny cabins. no windows, tiny, tiny quarters. what can you tell us about that second ship that is being quarantined south of you off the coast of hong kong? >> reporter: so that is a little bit of a different case, poppy, because unlike this ship, where
7:34 am
you have people testing positive for coronavirus on board, on that cruise line, it was actually passengers on a previous cruise that tested positive for coronavirus, therefore as a precaution, they have, you know, the ship, the world dream, just sitting there, in victoria harbor now. what this -- what this really does is it shines a light on, one, the vulnerability of passengers on eye cruise ship because of the fact that you're breathing in the same air, around people in close proximity. that's why the viral illnesses -- you have this virus to which there is no known cure or treatment at the moment. still testing. and so that's obviously very unnerving for the people who are now quarantined on these ships. and also, you know, a lot of the people who have been dieing from coronavirus are people over the age of 60. vast majority and guess who is
7:35 am
the most popular democrat gragrr cruises like this? senior citizens. >> will ripley, thank you very much. with the impeachment trial now behind him, president trump shifting his focus to 2020. we'll have one of the president's senior campaign adviser s to take us through what we can expect from him on the campaign trail. you clean dishes as you cook, to save time and stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster. new dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse.
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique welcome back. president trump attacking democrats and republican senator mitt romney one day after his
7:39 am
impeachment trial in the senate ended in acquittal. romney cited his faith as a reason for him making the decision to vote to convict president trump. but his impeachment moves into the rear view mirror, the president is about to ramp up his re-election push, one official telling cnn to expect at least one rally a week now for the rest of the year. joining me now, mercedes slap, senior adviser to the 2020 campaign. thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to start with the president's comments at the prayer breakfast, normally meant to be something of a respectful event, though let's be honest it has been political in the past, but the president taking it in the direction here attacking romney and calling into question, it seems, his faith or the reason he gave his faith as making this decision here. i wonder do you question mitt romney's faith? >> i don't question his faith. i think it is kind of odd he would use his faith as an excuse
7:40 am
to go after the president, especially when we know there say personal vendetta against the president. we know mitt romney has -- >> how do you know that? >> well, i mean, it is very clear, look, mitt romney has decided that he is going to be that outlier in the republican party. and go against the president. that is just where he has positioned himself. he wants to be more accepted by the corridor and be the senator of the corridor rather than the center of utah. there is the sense with romney that he has, from the begin, even before president trump was elected, he was going to use his faith, his moral ground to make the case against the president, even being elected in the first place. >> well, listen, to be fair, he did sit down with the president as he considered him for secretary of state early on, but, yes, he was the only -- >> he asked for specific favors for the president. so he wanted the president to endorse him for his senate bid
7:41 am
because there was a sv rconserve running against him in the primary and the president stood by mitt romney. they did meet at that moment for the secretary of state position and it just shows mitt romney has no loyalty. >> well, he made a case that he was having loyalty to his faith, but let's put that aside for a moment. mitt romney was not the only republican senator who criticized, let's be clear, the president's behavior here. and you had several republican senators, susan collins, lamar alexander, rob portman who said his behavior was inappropriate and they believed the president learned a lesson from impeachment. did the president learn a lesson here? >> look, the president did no wrong and i think for the senators, they -- they have the right to have their opinion on this matter. but you got to ask the question, does this rise to the level of impeachment. were the senators go heing to say, let's just lower the standards of impeachment so
7:42 am
pretty much anything stands up to those high crimes and misdemeanors standards which impeachment calls for or removal in this case. and it just is, i think, very disappointing because when you look at the facts, these democrats said there was overwhelming evidence, the senators reviewed the evidence and it was very clear that the democrats couldn't get a majority on this issue. >> there is a difference there. they said the behavior was inappropriate, did not meet the standard. i want to say, senator ted cruz, for the last couple of years, strong defender of the president, he bluntly told the white house, according it a story on cnn this morning, to drop the claim there was no quid pro quo, quoting that story out of 100 senators, zero believe he won the argument. there is no quid pro quo, cruz said. and told the defense to stop making it. no quid pro quo is central to the president's defense there. what it appears is they said, yes, it didn't meet the standard for high crimes and misdemeanors, but it was a quid pro quo and it was inappropriate. what is your response?
7:43 am
>> again, you know these senators are going to have their own opinions on this matter. what we know are the facts and that's that the president was transparent from day one, we know that the president of ukraine made it very clear he felt quote/unquote no pressure on the call, and thirdly is the fact that they got the military aid something that president obama never gave them. so we know that the foreign aid was released. and we can go and start rehashing these details over and over again, what we know to be fact, jim, is that these democrats from day one have made a decision to start the cycle of investigations. this is what they started since the president was elected. six of those seven house managers have said that they wanted the president impeached. so this is their political strategy. if the democrats want to continue down this road of impeachment and political strategy, they will continue to lose independent voters who are very tired and even those -- >> that's it, before we get to -- because i do -- i do want
7:44 am
to ask about 2020. marco rubio, republican of florida, he made the point it was congressional authority and threats that got the administration to release that aid, not the president's desire, that congress threatened, they were going to pass legislation requiring it because they had already authorized that aid. let's get to 2020 here. we should note that even in the midst of this divisiveness, democrats and republicans voted together on usmca, priority of the president, but also judicial reform here, and i wonder as folks at home listen here, are there, do you believe, areas of agreement between the president and the election year and democrats, legislation that they can agree on this year? >> look, i would hope so. during my time at the white house, what we encountered was democrat obstruction. we tried to work with them on a comprehensive immigration reform, and the democrats didn't want to work with us on this issue. we wanted to work with them on infrastructure and nancy pelosi
7:45 am
walked out of the room. so we have tried to work with the democrats on these issues. we actually -- we were thrilled that finally u.s. mca got off the desk of nancy pelosi and it was finally passed. why? because the democrats in those key states were saying, my guys -- my constituents need it. we need this to get done. during my time in iowa, i'll tell you, i spoke to hundreds of individuals and they basically were saying, every time you mention usmca, it was a big win. it was a big win for the president, but most importantly a big win for the country and for our farmers. >> yeah, and rare case of bipartisanship, we should note. final question, the spokesperson for the white house was just on the air on another network and she said in response to particularly romney's vote here, but in her view, the people should pay for opposing the president on this. do you know what exactly was she threatening there?
7:46 am
payback for a senator like mitt romney, for instance? >> the payback is that the president is going to win re-election in 2020. i will tell you there are democrats out there, independents out there, who are tired with the political shams of these democrats. they are wasting the people's time, wasting our tax dollars, let's get back to the business of the people, let's find common ground and work on big initiatives like infrastructure, like bringing down drug prescription drug prices, there is so many areas that we can work on, the problem is that the democrats are going to have to let go of their obsession with trying to remove this president. the same way nancy pelosi ripped up the president's state of the union speech is the same way that these democrats ask the senate to rip up the ballots of millions of americans. they need to stop that and let's get back to work. >> point of fact, there has been a bill for drug prices, but hasn't moved. democrats supported that. mercedes, i appreciate the time and hope we can have you back on
7:47 am
the program soon. >> thank you so much. travelers in new york now feeling the impact of a new trump administration policy that specifically targets new york residents. what prompted the decision and what the state plans to do about it. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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sad news to report, this just in to cnn, the chinese whistle-blower doctor who warned the public about coronavirus in december of last year has died as a result of it. >> he tried to get the word out early, silenced to some degree by the government there. live to beijing. david culver. your team was in touch with this doctor early on.
7:52 am
tell us what happened here. >> reporter: that's right. that's right. my producer yonge in the room right here this is shocking for a lot of people here. in fact, jim and poppy, one of my colleagues says that they have never seen a time when chinese social media was so unanimous in mourning a loss. this is exploding right now on chinese social media. this guy back in december, he sent a wee chat group message to his colleagues, it went viral, he instead of getting praise for discovering what he thought was a sars-like illness going around, got pulled in by police, told do not ever say this, keep quiet, well, that ended up leaking, once we found out this was something, even the supreme court in china vindicated him toward the end of his life now. it is just incredible, the outpouring, even the world health organization, jim and poppy, speaking out on his behalf. >> just a shame. >> so sorry, so sorry to hear that and his efforts meant so
7:53 am
much, right? he was trying against the government, against all odds to get the word out about the enormity and gravity of this data. thank you for that. this morning, a new trump administration rule is affecting every new york state resident, trusted traveler program, such as global entry, speeds you through immigration. the department of homeland security is now banning those residents from participating in those programs. >> the acting dhs secretary says this is because of new york's green light law which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. brynn gingras is at jfk international airport in new york with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, poppy and jim, i can tell you we have seen a steady stream of people coming here to jfk, arriving for their appointments, some scheduled months ago and getting turned away by officials on the ground, very little explanation of what is happening. that's really not all that surprising considering even we learned from sources that officials on the ground weren't told about this policy change until late last night.
7:54 am
and this is really after the fact of the acting department of homeland security acting secretary chad wolf going on fox news and explaining this letter that he sent to the new york dmv about this policy, the changes in this policy. now who is it affecting? it is going to affect four different trusted traveler programs including global entry, people that are aflyipplying tos program and trying to reenroll in the program, those who already have their global entry or tsa precheck, for example, as well, they're not going to be affected. the reasoning in this letter that wolf gives or the department gives is saying in response to green light law that would affect new york back in december, the law allows undocumented immigrants the right to get a motor vehicle license, dmv license without getting all that information to immigration officials. and this is in response to that. the administration essentially saying that they can't do the
7:55 am
proper background checks in order to get approval to these specialized programs, also saying it will impede ice objective of protecting the people from new york of menacing threat to national security and public safety. the governor aware of this letter and saying this is political retaliation and looking into possible law -- legal implications of all of this. guys, back to you. >> it does raise a hard question about the politics of this, because if you already have been through the process and approved, how would the states broader policy affect that. brynn gingras, we'll continue to follow the story. we are expecting to hear from house speaker nancy pelosi in minutes as first time she will take questions from reporters since the senate acquitted president trump. (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping]
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. the impeachment trial is over, but the fallout very clearly is not. president trump is going to be speaking from the white house about all of this next hour after being acquitted by the senate on both charges against him yesterday. but he is not holding back until then, using his speech at the national prayer breakfast this morning to try and settle scores. attacking republican senator mitt romney and even going after house speaker nancy pelosi, not only is it somewhat out of tune, you could say, with the traditional theme


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