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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 7, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PST

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$100,000 worth of copies for week one. and don't forget his special skills of powerpoint, excel. so this is self-made man who does all and more. >> the skill section is always the best. >> so much material for these guys in the late night. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. sho
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day." >> i'm glad the alarm was on. i'm glad you're here. breaking overnight, 100% of precincts in iowa are now reporting. 100%. so surely you would think that means there would be some clarity as to who won the democratic caucuses there. you might think that, but you'd be wrong. and don't call me shirley. and the results show mayor pete buttigieg with a fraction of a percent lead over bernie sanders. there are errors in the count and all kinds of different ways.
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calling for a recanvas for some of the votes. the democratic candidates have until 1:00 p.m. today to file a request for recanvassing. but sanders and buttigieg are indicating they're ready to move on. their focus seems to be on the new hampshire primary and a huge debate there tonight. >> president trump is now vowing revenge, lashing out at his political opponents in an expletive filled victory lap at the white house where he even questioned nancy pelosi and mitt romney's faith. we also have new reporting this morning about a post-impeachment shakeup in the white house involving one of the president's closest advisers. let's begin with leyla santiago. she joins us live on of course the 2020 race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. seven democratic candidates will face off in a high stakes debate right here in new hampshire.
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this as we continue to await who really won. the chaos in iowa continues with still no definitive winner from monday night's caucuses. with only four days to go before the new hampshire primary. >> 100% of precincts reporting. you are holding a narrow lead of a tenth of a percentage point over senator sanders. >> that's fantastic news to hear that we won. i first of all want to say he had a great night too. >> reporter: sanders hours earlier claiming victory after results show he won the popular vote in the state. a new statistic he lobbied the dnc to make at this year's iowa caucuses. >> where i come from, when you
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get 6,000 more votes than your opponents on the first ballot, you when. when you get 2500 more votes than your next closest competitor, you win. yeah, it's fair to say we won. >> reporter: tom perez tweeting out his frustration writing, enough is enough. >> what happened in iowa was unacceptable. >> reporter: initially calling for a statewide recanvas. >> i want to make sure every iowa voter knows their vote was counted and across the country knows. >> reporter: a cnn analysis revealed some errors in the official count reported by the iowa democratic party. multiple counties reported a different number of state delegate equivalents than they were supposed to have. and some counties awarding more than they were allotted. chair of the iowa democratic party has said the party is willing to recount if it is
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formally requested by a candidate by 1:00 p.m. eastern time. sanders insisting he is ready to move on and forge ahead to new hampshire where he holds a four-point lead over buttigieg in a new monmouth poll. >> we've got enough of iowa. i think we should move onto new hampshire. it is really sad that the democratic party of iowa if i may say so screwed up the counting process quite so badly. >> reporter: after a poor showing in iowa, the vice president joe biden actually left new hampshire spending thursday with his top advisers in delaware prepping for debate and rethinking -- re-evaluating his strategy. the latest poll out of new hampshire puts him in third place just ahead of elizabeth warren. >> all right. leyla santiago in manchester, terrific work up there. joining us now is the chairman of the democratic national committee tom perez.
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mr. chairman, thank you. >> good to be with you and the viewers. >> what exactly are you calling for in iowa? >> listen, we're now at 100% and i care about making sure that if there are any problems that people feel like they have an avenue to be heard, you know, that we had an issue the other day in blackhawk county where there were something like 83 state delegate equivalents that were to deval patrick. we corrected that. what i'm saying is if people see there's something like that, we want to make sure we get it right. because accuracy is what it's all about. at the end of the day, this is about delegates to the national convention. and i have confidence in the soundness of these results. we simply have to -- and so there's 41 delegates. >> can i ask why you have confidence in the soundness of the results given -- given what a mess it's been?
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>> and that's why i have called for what i would describe as a surgical recanvas. so if there's a problem here or a problem there, i want to make sure that there's an opportunity to take a look. again, delegates to the national convention is what the iowa caucuses talk about. 41 delegates. and the problems that have been identified and make no mistake about it, there were problems. what happened was unacceptable. the iowa party acknowledged that they fell short. the chair apologized. at the same time, the delegate math is such that these issues in all likelihood are not going to affect the range of national delegates. >> i think what you're basically saying so people know is that
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buttigieg and sanders will almost end up with the same number of delegates to the national convention. >> it's going to be close between the two of them. i don't know what the precise number will be, but it will be very close. either a tie or one delegate. >> you can see on the screen right now that our math has mayor pete buttigieg up by 0.1 of 1% with 100% of the precincts in. to you does that mean he's the winner of the iowa caucuses? >> i'll leave that to them to call winners, et cetera. this is about delegates to the national convention. and what illustrates more broadly is we have to have a broader conversation about caucuses. we had a conversation about primaries and caucuses. we incentivized states to move from caucuses to primaries.
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seven states did. seven states still have caucuses. iowa is one of them. we're going to continue that conversation. >> how much of this is on you, chairman? >> well, again, the iowa democratic party runs the caucus. okay? and they -- what happened was unacceptable. at the same time we came in there. you know, this was unacceptable. that's why we had people -- we still have people on the ground there. we completed the counting last night. and we're going to continue not only to work in iowa, but also to learn the lessons of iowa. so moving forward we are -- we have caucuses in the remaining states that are -- that run smoothly. >> what do you say to the bernie sanders supporters? and we're going to have one on in just a moment. who say you only called for a recanvassing after bernie
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sanders started closing the gap in state delegate equivalents with pete buttigieg? >> that's not accurate. we're moving -- we're helping -- we're all about accuracy. i'm not about how it affects one candidate or another. and i've spoken to senator sanders. i've spoken to mayor buttigieg. i've spoken to other candidates. and i've told them our north star is accuracy. we want to make sure that if there's another issue and another county that there's a process. and that's why we've asked the state party if there are other issues that emerge. let's take a look at them. >> the sanders campaign not happy with you on another issue. the debates. not the new hampshire debate, that's set. but nevada. you have changed the debate qualifications parameters and it would allow michael bloomberg to be on that debate stage. and senator sanders is suggesting it allows michael
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bloomberg to buy his way onto the debate stage. >> we were very clear four or five months ago. the threshold in july was 1%. the threshold in december was 4%. the threshold in january was 5%. now that people have started voting, we use proxies that are reflective of the fact that people voted. if you get one delegate out of new hampshire or iowa, you're on the debate stage. or if you get to 10%. i don't think mayor bloomberg has made the stage. and if people have an issue and i understand, i'm for campaign financial reform. if people think it's unfair, they have a remedy. they can vote. my job is to make sure that whoever are on the debate stage.
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i don't know who will be on the debate stage in nevada. because you got to get to 10% in the voting. or one delegate. >> what message does it send that a guy who is not competing in any of the first four states really may end up on the debate stage? >> again, people -- and i've had this conversation with many voters who are concerned that a person can self-fund and get on the debate stage. and what i would say to them is you do have a remedy. that is go to the polls, vote, make your voice heard. and that's what the democratic primary process is about. our job at the dnc is to make sure the candidates who are viable in the eyes of the voter and one measure of that and it's not a new measure, john, is polling. if you hit 10%, no candidate who
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has been under 10% has ever been viable in the primary process. doesn't mean they've won, but reverend sharpton was over 10% in february of '04 and he got on the debate stage. >> tom steyer is up with a new ad up in the northeast which is critical of some of his opponents. it's sort of the first time one of the candidates has named names in paid advertising. i think there's a lot of frustration after iowa and there's sharp elbows now in ways we haven't seen before. how concerned are you that democrats are too focused on each other and not the ultimate prize? >> everyone who's running for president has taken a very enthusiastic pledge to support the winner. and they've done that because they know it's not about them. it's about defeating donald trump. it's about talking about health care. it's about talking about the issues that matter most. go back to 2008. barack obama and hillary clinton, that was a heavyweight prize fight. and we came together after that
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very, very spirited primary season. because we understood back then and we understand now that this is the most dangerous president in american history. i don't have an iota of doubt that our party will come together and we will be talking relentlessly about health care, about people with pre-existing conditions. about bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. about the broken promises of this president and his assaults on our democracy. >> mr. chairman, secretary tom perez, i know you have to catch your flight to new hampshire. >> always good to be with you. high stakes democratic debate tonight. can joe biden gain momentum ahead of the critical new hampshire primary for him? we'll discuss next.
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. we don't need to do anything special for valentine's day. okay. ♪ even if she says she doesn't need a thing ♪ ♪ show her you care, make her heart sing ♪ make this valentine's day mean more and save 20% ♪ jared. all right. seven of the top democratic candidates will face off tonight in the next debate.
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the only debate ahead of next tuesday's new hampshire primary. what do all of them -- especially i think what does joe biden need to do to gain momentum ahead of what happened in iowa? joining us now krystal ball and jess mcintosh. you think this is a do or die moment for joe biden and elizabeth warren. what do they have to do tonight on the stage? >> i do spluabsolutely. i think it's two different tasks. elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg share a lot of the more affluent white higher educated base. and so what we've seen throughout this primary is when one of them goes up, the other one goes down. that's exactly what we saw happen in iowa. so she really has to come after pete buttigieg in a way she hasn't necessarily been able to effectively do before. i think she's got a perfect opportunity with this week the
3:19 am
way he claimed victory, the way he ran around, you know, acting like he was clearly victorious in iowa. it sort of exposes this overly ambitious careerist way that he conducts himself that i think is a core vulnerability for him. i think she has to come hard after him. joe biden, he's got to show more of himself in the cnn town hall. people really like joe biden. they trust him as a person, as a human being. and so he needs to be a little more vulnerable, a little more open. debates have been a tough forum for him. i think that's what they've got to do tonight. and frankly, it's also a challenge because i don't know how many people are really going to tune in tonight after a wild week of politics where they're probably frankly exhausted. >> i think in new hampshire they tune in. having been in new hampshire for these final debates before the primary, it ends up being a very big deal up there. because it's broadcast on the one affiliate up there. and it seeps into the eater ith
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it were. i think it indicates how big they think this debate is tonight. they want to gather their forces. >> krystal's right. i think the people who need the biggest breakout moments tonight are probably warren and biden. elizabeth warren has either hands down won every debate she's been in or she has excelled in her presentation in making her case in her clear and coherent messaging. joe biden has really struggled in this forum. he has not had a very solid debate. and usually when we say he's done a good job, it's because he has cleared a pretty low bar. so this is the time that he really needs to step up. so if that's why he's off the trail because he's prepping and he's going to come out and be the joe biden we all want to love tonight, then i completely understand. but in order to turn in a good performance in new hampshire on tuesday, he needs to be out. the best thing about joe biden's candidacy is joe biden. so the fact that he's difficult
3:21 am
to find or he doesn't take the interviews or you don't see him doing the, you know, marathon selfie lines that warren is doing. you don't see him drawing the crowds sanders is drawing. you don't see him on every podcast imaginable like you do pete buttigieg. i think that really hurts him. the more he can be out there and selling the best part of his campaign which is himself, i think the better for him. he needs to make some serious moves before new hampshire. >> you know, krystal, talking about senator sanders, i mean we saw him -- talk about himself and personal things, et cetera. do we need to see more of that from him tonight on the debate stage? >> i mean, as you know, it's not something he likes to do at all. i was actually surprised to hear him talk about his family, about his upbringing, about his jewish faith. the way that impacted him watching holocaust survivors
3:22 am
with the tattoos on their arms in the neighborhood he was growing up in. i think bernie sanders is in a fantastic position right now. he just won iowa. he's projected to win by their model every single remaining primary state. he is the most trusted candidate on that issue. that's why he's continued to have a lead in new hampshire. >> just one point. bernie sanders says he won iowa based on the popular vote. right now the state delegate equivalents have pete buttigieg up by the smallest of small margins. we're not going -- all i'm saying -- you said that bernie sanders won. i'm just making sure our viewers know that i don't think everyone agrees we the declaration you just made. >> sure.
3:23 am
but i think for any news outlet and i know a decision was made here to essentially go with these results and characterize it as pete buttigieg has a lead when your own reporting says it's riddled with errors. >> we're putting the numbers up on the screen as reported by the iowa democratic party. and making clear -- >> yeah, but we know they're wrong. they're wrong. >> they're a mess. they are a mess. i think we made that crystal clear. i do want to play tom steyer who had basically zero in iowa, it isn't polling well in new hampshire. i want to play a new ad from him. not because i think it's indicative of a steyer boom. it raises questions about where the democrats are right now. listen to a little bit of this. >> we simply can't afford to nominate another insider or a newcomer that doesn't have the experience to beat trump on the
3:24 am
economy. >> he's running on the economy. he's running on the idea that democrats can't grow an economy, are a bunch of socialists. we can't afford to vote for him. >> so we just did tom steyer's job for him by playing more than we should have. but the point there, jess, is that's a negative ad. this is the first negative ad where you're putting a picture of another candidate up there and actually for me this isn't about tom steyer. to me after the iowa caucuses, where the turnout was not high. >> i think if you're a billionaire running in this race, then you have an obligation to -- you know, the camp site rule. you know, leave it in better condition than you found it. tom stooi ser not goieyer is no our nominee. i think whatever little support he has is going to leave quickly. >> you're saying he's peeing on the campfire. >> i'm saying he's not leaving
3:25 am
it in better condition. >> isn't it too early for that analogy? >> great to have you on. thanks so much for being here. >> appreciate you guys. the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus on this cruise ship off japan tripled overnight. up next we have and interview with an american passenger on board who just learned that she tested positive for the virus. we have a live report next.
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breaking overnight, 61 people have tested positive for c coronavirus on the cruise ship docked off the coast of japan. this number is alarming. 40 more cases than we reported just yesterday. cnn's will ripley spoke with passengers on the ship including an american woman who now has the virus. he joins us live from japan. will, i have to say u the huge
3:30 am
jumps in the numbers overnight is enormous cause of concern. >> reporter: it is, john. we've been speaking a couple of days now on board the diamond princess. we've been asking them to take videos and send them to us which we've showed you. once the news broke that the number of cases tripled overnight from 20 to 61, the whole mood changed. people are very concerned saying this ship behind them which now has the highest concentration of coronavirus in the world outside of mainland china is starting to feel like a floating prison. another day on the diamond princess under quarantine. >> looks like they're unload in additional passengers. >> reporter: another day confined to their cabins. counting the number of coronavirus patients as it doubles. then more than quadruples. >> we were looking out our
3:31 am
balcony and there are, indeed, more ambulances lining up like they were yesterday. >> reporter: americans kent and rebecca frazier never thought they would be on one of those ambulances until a japanese nurse knocked on the door. >> you need to get ready. we don't know how long you have to stay in the hospital. >> reporter: rebecca's throat swab came back positive for coronavirus. >> i don't really have any symptoms other than a cough. >> reporter: the news is a shock to their family and friends in oregon. what's the hardest part? >> the unknown. because i don't know what's going to happen an hour from now, tomorrow. like, for all we know we could stay quarantined on the ship for a month. >> reporter: passengers say they can only go outside in small groups under close supervision for less than one hour a day. for them this luxury liner is starting to feel like a floating
3:32 am
prison. >> we're in a contaminated prison, possibly. >> reporter: gaye and phillip courter are among the lucky few with a balcony. much of the passengers are in cramped cabins, no windows, breathing air circulated throughout the ship. >> this is not a safe environment. and we don't think anybody let alone the japanese government wants to be responsible for making a bad decision about quarantining us in an unsafe place. >> reporter: the courters are in their mid-70s. they know the vast majority of coronavirus deaths are people older than 60. and she says the diamond princess is packed with retirees. >> we want off this ship and we want to go in health and not in dire medical circumstances. >> reporter: she even has private insurance that covers crisis extraction. but the japanese government says they can only be extracted after the 14-day quarantine period. and no word on whether the 14
3:33 am
days begins from the first reported case on february 1st or the latest. they hope the u.s. government will do something to intervene and bring more than 400 american passengers home. we learned overnight that president trump spoke with the chinese president xi jingping. one thing is they feel the u.s. is overreacting. many airlines have canceled flights to mainland china all together. but given the fact there are more than 31,000 cases and 600 deaths, the u.s. feels there's reason to be concerned. and that concern is felt acutely by the people on that boat behind me. >> stunning to see and hear from them. especially that woman as she found out that she had krakted it. so the global death toll from the virus is 600 and the nurnl of confirmed cases now tops 31,000. this comes as we learn that this man, this is the doctor who blew the whistle who warned chinese
3:34 am
officials about this outbreak and how deadly it was. our david culver recently spoke with the doctor. he joins us now live from beijing. this is somebody you have been tracking for a long time. >> reporter: poppy, what you realize is this is not a guy who wanted the attention. he didn't want to be a hero. he's simply somebody who early on back in december saw this and said, let me tell my friends about this. sent it through a group chat. somebody screenshotted it. it went viral. his name was attached to it. it got him into a lot of trouble. police pulled him into custody in wuhan and said shut up and go back to work. he was one of several people who went through that. one of several whistle-blowers early on. and going back to work, he krakted the virus. he got sick. it ended up taking his own life. it's a tragic story and sounds like something out of a movie
3:35 am
except this is real life. my producer yong in the studio with me, he had a connection with him and felt that he had won his trust too. because he spoke to us, foreign media. that is hugely profound. that doesn't happen very often and very easily. he knew the repercussions that could have come from that. and yet his story has also resonated with millions of people here in china. it is exploding on social media. and you have not only the dissident and the activists speaking up, you have ordinary folks and you have police and other officials who are united in this rare moment saying this is somebody who should have been listened to and things could have been very different, john. >> all right, david. david culver for us in beijing. thank you so much for the work you're doing there. please stay on this. because this appears to be getting worse or bigger than we thought even yesterday. some republicans, they said they were sure the impeachment trial would teach president trump a lesson. how do they feel this morning? next. we're carvana, the company who invented
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so today president trump
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will continue his post-acquittal tour. he's going to go to north carolina before attending a fund raiser back in washington tonight. and it comes after the president really went after his political rivals in his first public comments after the trial. >> we first went through russia, russia, russia. it was all bull shit, dirty cops, bad people. it was evil, corrupt. leak es and liars. it was the top scum. had i not fired james comey who was a disaster, by the way. it's possible i wouldn't even be standing here right now. i fired that sleaze bag and little did we know we were running against some very, very bad and evil people. adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person. i doubt she prays at all. >> joining us now is maggie
3:41 am
haberman. magg maggie, you were giving a sort of live analysis of this event as it was going on. i just want to say, if you came from a time machine from not just 50 years ago but from five years ago and a human being ever said those things in the white house, you wouldn't believe it. >> right. and what's interesting is, i was thinking about the totality of what he said over those 60-some-odd minutes which was really in contrast to what bill clinton said after his impeachment where he asked for forgiveness and had some humility. this was anger, defiant, all stuff we've heard him say at rallies or other speeches. but hearing it in the white house was something fundamentally different. and this is going to be a version of what you will see going forward. this is -- his advisers were happy to let him blow off steam. they knew he needed to do it. they knew he wanted to do it. nobody was trying to stop him. he drove this whole event of giving remarks. others did suggest it was a bad idea, tried to keep him from doing it wednesday. the question is going to be how
3:42 am
frequently he does this going forward. right? because his advisers are now facing this weird dynamic where they have to reassure people in the suburbs and independent leaning voters that he doesn't have a race issue or that he's not completely vindictive. and he undermines things his own campaign is doing the more he talks like this. it was really jarring. it just was. and i understand why he is upset. i understand that he is emerging from three years under investigation. his comment about how if i hadn't fired comey, maybe none of this would have happened. that's true. he fired the fbi director and got a special counsel because of it. it's no recognition he did anything that had to do with it. and he was blowing past this with the individual republican lawmakers. the fact that several lawmakers had said that they believe the house managers prove their case. they just thought that the punishment was in terms of removing a president from office was too extreme. >> a number of republicans who eventually voted to acquit the
3:43 am
president also said they think he learned his lesson. and not for nothing. people like susan collins saying that, rob portman, right? you bring up former president clinton and contrition versus what we saw from the president. let's take a look down memory lane. >> i want to say again to the american people how profoundly sorry i am for what i said and did to trigger these events. >> it was evil. it was corrupt. it was dirty cops. it was leakers and liars. and this should never, ever happen to another president ever. >> so what do you indicate there's any world in which those could be correct there's a lesson learned here that his behavior changes. this is a real moment of reflection and change. >> i think it's unlikely that he's going to duplicate what he did with ukraine specifically.
3:44 am
right? i think in the same way he did realize he touched a hot stove when he fired comey. which is why he never actually fired mueller. i don't think you're going to see what you saw in terms of the ukraine matter. but that there's no -- there's been -- there's never been any reason to believe in three years the president is changing. if anything, he pushes boundaries to see what he can get away with it. if he gets away with something, he'll keep doing it. maybe susan collins was being sincere, but she didn't point to anything. i think it's much likelier senators were coming up with things to say to explain their votes to get out of this trial they wanted to have over. >> yesterday seemed to me like after you're in a long car trip for your kids. they're all cramped up in the back seat for four hours. you need to let them outside, blow off steam, run around a little bit. >> but the thing with the president with the steam is it's self-fueling. and it's true. he blows off steam, vents, and he is known for sort of yelling
3:45 am
and getting angry. and then he blows off steam and runs hot and cold. but it will run hot again. i don't think this is going to dissipate for him. i don't think yesterday changes it. >> not for nothing, maggie, in the middle of all to have this he's enjoying the highest approval rating of his presidency. >> my asterisk on that, he definitely is. he's clearly especially given his last three years had a solid period of unaloied good news this week between his poll number, the acquittal vote, and what's happening in iowa with the democrats which is obviously a mess. and which of course is in his favor at least by a contrast. part of what is driving those approval numbers is the fact that republicans really coalesced around him especially if the final days of this vote. so he could take that and he could do something to try to keep it going. but history does not indicate that he ever takes these moments and stays the course. but i would say, the state of the union is a reminder of something we saw in the final weeks of the election in 2016. when his back is against the wall, when he has to be
3:46 am
disciplined, absolutely has to be, he can. it's just not something that you see consistently. and when there's a big time lag, it's less likely he does it. >> and yesterday wasn't disciplined. it was the opposite. >> it was disciplined to what he wanted to do, right? there was some effort at drafting remarks, but this was all sort of a train he was driving. i don't think we know where it leads but we know he is very angry and wants other people to pay some penalty for what happened. >> we'll talk more about that ahead. maggie, thank you. coming up, reporting about a potential shakeup at the white house after the president's acquittal. we'll let you know who may be headed out the door. next. is changing things up.
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all right. new this morning, cnn is learning about a potential shakeup in the west wing now that the president has been acquitted. it involves one of the president's closest advisers. let's get straight to washington with details. >> reporter: good morning. now that that impeachment dust is starting to settle, white house officials tell us that acting chief of staff mick mulvaney's future is once again in question. now, we have been reporting for months that the president had effectively lost confidence in mulvaney. we know that he was privately enraged after that now-infamous pres conference in which mulvaney essentially confirmed a quid pro quo and then told reporters to get over it. so we have learned as you said that because of this process that -- excuse me. because of the impeachment process, he was told not to act on this. he was told not to act on his rage towards mick mulvaney. they didn't want to add more chaos to an already chaotic situation. instead, it's over now. so we've learned from sources
3:51 am
mick mulvaney says he's also unhappy in this role. he knows it's been diminished. but the big question remains, who would actually fill that role. people tell us that mark meadows from north arolina is his first number one choice. the two of them have grown increasingly close. if you want to talk about an indication here, yesterday in that lengthy press conference, that acquittal speech, president trump singled out mark meadows but said he was an extraordinary guy, he was a special person. someone he didn't single out who was also in that room, of course, was mick mulvaney. so whether or not meadows takes this job is really up in the air right now. if he chooses not to do that, we hear that mick mulvaney might stay in office. president trump does not want a repeat of what happened back in 2018. john? >> all right.
3:52 am
keep us posted on this. where do democrats go from here after the acquittal? anderson cooper sat down with the impeachment managers and asked what they still want to hear from john bolton. >> we reached out to john bolten's counsel after the senators voted down his testimony. to see whether he would be willing to submit an affidavit under oath. >> even if he wasn't coming to testify -- >> even if he wasn't going to come to testify. a sworn affidavit. and he refused. now, he will have to explain at some point why he is willing to put this in a book but not in an affidavit under oath. >> he is drafting speeches as well. >> it is farely inexplicable, but frankly it's more inexplicable that when he was willing to come before the senate, the senators did not want to hear what he had to say.
3:53 am
and for those senators to say we didn't need to hear from john bolton because basically the president proved the president guilty even without him. explain why they don't want the vote toers know the facts. >> did bolton's attorneys explain to you why he wouldn't submit an affidavit? >> not that i'm aware of, no. nor why he would distinguish between testimony in the house versus the senate. >> that book hoping to achieve what bolton wants it to. more of the interview tonight at 8:00 p.m. on "ac 360." the rosters are set for next weekend's nba all-star game which includes a special tribute to kobe bryant and his daughter gianna. details in the bleacher report next. obama: he's been a leader
3:54 am
3:55 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a public memorial for kobe bryant and the eight other helicopter crash victims set to be held on february 24th. tributes will be part of the all-star weekend which is coming up soon. lineups for that game are now set. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. >> hi, john. next weekend's all-star game will be special. i'm sure it'll be tough too. captain's giannis antetokounmpo's entire team will wear number 24. and the other team will wear number 2 for gigi. lebron taking his lakers teammate anthony davis first overall while giannis took sixthers star joel embiid first. here's the starting five. it's interesting every guy voted as a west starter ended up with western captain lebron. all the east starters ended up with giannis. the game is next week on tnt. put your coffee down unless
3:59 am
you want tears in it. a sweet photo op for one young girl to an unforgettable moment. her daughter is 3 years old and her boyfriend weren't sure when they'd see mom again. but they certainly didn't know that she was going to sneak into this photo op with the harlem globetrotters last night. her daughter and boyfriend, they see it and look at the daughter. she says mama. she's here? the boyfriend is in shock. he runs away. but look at the girl's face in this moment here. this is what it's all about. yes. we wanted to be sure to share this to start our friday off right. how sweet is that? >> that is awesome. thanks very much. my favorite part of the all-star draft is when giannis didn't want harden because he wanted someone who was going to pass. it was cruel, funny, and true. >> team player. >> coy, appreciate it. so the drama continues in
4:00 am
iowa now. even with 100% of the precincts reporting. how can there not be a winner? "new day" continues right now. >> the head of the democratic national committee stunning iowa democratic officials with his call for a full recanvas. >> whatever they need to do to make sure it is clear and verified. >> it is really sad that the democratic party of iowa the counting process. >> i think it's important as the democratic party we have strength. >> touted the headlines as he claimed vind kalgs. >> it worked out. we went through hell unfairly. did nothing wrong. >> you don't get acquitted when you don't even call witnesses. >> we have some that use religion as a crutch. >> senator romney will be favorably remembered by history. this president will not. >> good morning and welcome


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