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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  February 7, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thank you for joining me. we start this hour with the breaking news on the coronavirus outbreak. the virus which killed more than 600 people in china is now infecting more americans. and impacting now two cruise ships. a royal caribbean ship just pulled into bayonne, new jersey, this morning, in fear that some
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passengers may have contacted the virus. four members of a family are being screened. they reported feeling sick and had recently travelled from mainland, china. then a second cruise ship off the coast of japan, 61 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, including 11 americans. cnn spoke to some of the passengers under quarantine currently including a woman who says she tested positive for the virus. listen to this. >> a little bit scared. hard to know what the future holds since i don't really feel sick right now. like is it going to get worse? trying not to freak out with all of this. so just take it in stride. >> as much as you can. all of this comes as anger is gr growing as it has been confirmed the doctor who first warned chinese officials about the outbreak, he has died, died from this very virus. cnn has reporters stationed from around the world. let's start with polo sandoval.
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what are you hearing there? >> reporter: so basically what happened here this morning, kate, about 27 passengers aboard the anthem of the seas, the cruise ship behind me, said that they had recently traveled to mainland china, so as a result, new jersey state health officials and centers for disease control met the ship as it docked before sunrise this morning to preliminarily assess those 27 passengers. out of those, majority of them were cleared and only a family of four was then transported to a nearby hospital for further screening. the main reason being that two of them reported feeling ill during the course of this most recent cruise. those first 27 passengers were screened because they had said they had recently traveled to mainland china. and as for the family of four, though they reported being in mainland china, they did not travel to wuhan province, the epicenter of this outbreak. so at this point, we need to be very clear, officials have not confirmed any sort of posz teit tests for the coronavirus, this
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is being done as an abundance of caution based en what we have seen and heard. this is scheduled to head out of port later this afternoon, as scheduled. and, again, majority, nearly all of the passengers were allowed to disembark earlier this morning while the focus remains on those four, that family of four that is currently undergoing further screeninging for the coronavirus, kate. >> so take some comfort in that. the passengers were able to leave, but let's wait and see what happens from the four family members, thank you so much. let's get to will ripley in japan. will, you talked to those passengers that we played a sound bite of under quarantine on that ship. what more are they telling you about the situation there? >> reporter: you know, yesterday when we were talking with them, kate, people were still trying to keep their spirits up. today, people sounded downright scared. and, you know, it is not just the fact that the number of cases overnight tripled from 20 to 61 on that ship. making it the single highest
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concentration of coronavirus cases outside of mainland china in the whole world. it is the fact that one, they're not getting a lot of information, it is trickling in. two, they have to stay confined in their cabins on the ship for 23 out of the 24 hours of the day. they're allowed outside for, you know, less than an hour under strict supervision, stand three pete apart from each other. some of these people are not lucky enough to have rooms with a balcony or a window. they're cram pd and they're breathing in this air being circulated around the shim. because scientists don't know much about the coronavirus and how it spreads, imagine just the mental anxiety if you're healthy, but in your room, you've been in your room for days with nothing to do, they're handing out games to people, they added extra television channels, they made the wi-fi free so people can text and talk with their family members,sittis tiny little room looking at the air vent and thinking am i the
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next one that is going to test positive. that's the fear that they're experiencing now. there is another ship in hong kong with people that also experiencing the same thing. you have 7300 people now on two cruise ships under quarantine and this is a situation that is going to go on at least for the next two weeks, possibly longer if more people test positive that 14 day quarantine period starts all over again. >> such uncertainty of what is going to be happening next. thank you so much. david culver is in beijing. chinese authorities are saying now they're going to be investigating the death of this doctor that we mentioned at the top who blew the whistle on the coronavirus. who by all reports wasn't taken seriously at the time when he was raising alarm. what are you learning about this? >> reporter: so this is the country's top anti-corruption agency and in a one line statement essentially they say they're going to wuhan, the epicenter of all of this and going to investigate further. now, part of that is president xi jinping's initiative where he for many years has been anti-corruption and cracking
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down on leadership that is seemingly corrupt. the other part of this is likely, kate, they're trying to appease to the masses. the reality is this has gone viral in a way that folks have not seen here in years. you have a lot of emotion coming in on this, with this doctor's passing is a guy who didn't really want to be a hero, just trying to alert his friends and that got screen shotted and that went out public. and he became this kind of tragic hero in the center of all of this and as we learned he's passed away. but the other thing that is underlying here is the contrast between state media and social media. so state media initially came out reporting this, and then withdrew it saying the hospital said he wasn't yet dead but a few hours later the hospital put it back out. it was confusion. online people here didn't buy it. they felt like the state media was being told to back down and it was the censorship that now we have seen on social media where people are posting things about freedom of speech, they're posting things about calling for the wuhan government to apologize to this doctor and his
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family, and those are getting tens of thousands of likes and then they're disappearing. they're being censored and taken out altogether. how does this play up to president xi jinping himself? this is something that we know actually even involves president trump. president trump was asked essentially to approach things with china in a calm manner, a measured way, president xi trying to get things a little bit under control because china's become essentially isolated in the world. now, president trump has even said on twitter just a few hours ago that president xi is somebody who is strong and essentially capable to handle this. but the reality is, kate, this has gone from a local government issue all the way up to the central government now. initially just the local government seen as covering things up and not doing a good job and the central government came in at first to clean up their mess. but when the central government took command and president xi said he personally is handling the deployment and coordination of all of this, now he's the one who essentially everything stops
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at. so it puts a lot of pressure on him and he's trying to ease things, domestdomestically, it getting really tense, no question. >> david, thank you for your amazing work you're doing there. polo, will, thank you. a quick note for you, later this hour, we're going to speak to the top u.s. official on infectious disease to see what the very latest is on that from the u.s. we're going to get an update on that. the candidates are gearing up for the final weekend before the new hampshire primary. as amazing as it is to say this, as the candidates are full speed ahead, the mess in iowa still lingers in the rear view mirror with 100% of precincts now reporting, pete buttigieg holds a razor thin lead over bernie sanders, elizabeth warren is there in third place and joe biden in fourth in iowa. the race, though, still has not been officially called. and the dnc chairman, tom perez, he's now calling for a full review of the iowa caucuses. as for new hampshire, seven of the top democratic contenders are sharing the stage tonight as
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a final debate before the final debate before tuesday's primary which remarkably might end up actually being the first official tally called. so there is clearly a lot going on here. joining me now, mark mckinnon adviser to george w. bush and mark preston, good to see you guys. we're going to go with last names today, just because. mckinnon, you've been on the ground in new hampshire, you've been there many times before, where do you see the race now? what is your sense? >> well, despite the sort of disaster in iowa, things are really starting to shape up here. i always say that in politics and primaries particularly that it is not who wins, but when beats expectations and who doesn't meet expectations. so bernie did really well, not a surprise. the guy who beat expectations is pete buttigieg and the guy who didn't meet expectations is joe biden. that's reflected today in a
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boston globe poll, the most recent poll we're seeing, where just since monday, pete buttigieg increased his support by 12 points, sanders is exactly the same and biden dropped 7. the dynamics and momentum that happen from iowa, despite the confusion out there, is happening and buttigieg is on the move and biden is in real trouble. >> monmouth poll, that came out, i believe, just yesterday, you've got sanders still in the lead. actually increasing his lead from last month and buttigieg holding in second. you're seeing, you're seeing where the trend lines are there. so preston, i was going to ask you, kind of what all of this means that we have listed out that has been playing out this week, what all of it means for tonight's debate, but we may be just maybe got a bit of a preview. let me play for everybody what bernie sanders just said, seemingly unprompted, at an event in new hampshire. >> i'm reading some headlines from newspapers about pete buttigieg. pete buttigieg has most
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exclusive billionaire donors of any democrat. that was from forbes. the hill, pete buttigieg tops billionaire donor lists. fortune, pete buttigieg takes lead as big business candidate in 2020 field. washington post, i like pete buttigieg, nice guy. but we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy, but our political life. >> so tonight, is it going to be wine caves 2.0? >> kate, that's like me walking over to mckinnon now, punching him in the nose and being like, i like mark mckinnon, he's a good guy. >> that was going to be my question. anytime i say i like you mark preston, you know something's bad is about to happen. >> absolutely. look, as mark noted, the fact of the matter is it is on right now. it is on like donkey kong. we are in new hampshire, people have to show these candidates
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have to show like they are st g strong enough to take on each other. if they can't fight each other and can't knock each other off, then none of them will be able to take on donald trump in november. that's a message that they're going to have to deliver to democratic voters. it is a dangerous message to deliver, because it will turn off some democrats, but the fact of the matter is you have to leave it all on the field now. joe biden, pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, amy klobuchar, any of them, andrew yang, they can't look back 30 days from now and say, why didn't we go all in? they're going to have to go all in. >> and counter to that point, mckinnon, there is good reporting, i was reading in "the washington post" how biden was off the trail yesterday, and the reason being he and top advisers were gathering in delaware to figure out what next, or how to reset. i'm seeing quotes from folks close to the campaign saying he needs to have sharper elbows tonight and beyond. what do you think, if it is a reset, what do you think a
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reset-likes like tonight for him. >> well, i've had to reset before i remember when we had to do a definite reset when i was with george bush in 2000, we came in as a front-runner and lost new hampshire by 18 points. and we had to do a huge reset. i know what that is. they got to do something. they got to send a message we're -- we understand we're in trouble and course correcting in a big way. this is a classic phase of the campaign, hyperspeed and good gets better and bad gets worse fast. they have to do something significant to send the message. tonight is the last opportunity to change that dynamic very much at the debate. but biden's really going to have to make a big decisions about resources and where they put them, where they set expectations now. south carolina is supposed to be firefighter wall. do they move resource to south carolina or have some level of a showing here in that ining here? >> mark preston what is the deal with the potential recanvassing in iowa? tom perez is calling for one but ask the has to come from the campaign.
8:14 am
what gives do you think? >> well, certainly haven't heard that ask from the campaigns. pete buttigieg was asked last night about it. in many ways i think it would be a mistake for buttigieg or sanders to try to recanvass and litigate what happened in iowa. they're out of iowa now. they're both claiming victory. they need to focus on new hampshire. does there need to be -- >> what about biden? >> i think joe biden should focus -- as mark mckin wanz say i mckinnon was saying, joe biden needs to focus on new hampshire, make sure he can come out of new hampshire to go to south carolina. we know what happened in iowa. we're in warp speed of the campaign. people forgot about iowa. all we're talking about now is how are you going to do in new hampshire. if you came out of iowa, with some momentum, that wind can help push you forward. but to relitigate it right now i
8:15 am
think these campaigns would be foolish to do so and i don't think they're going to do so. you can wait until after the campaign, plenty of time to do that. >> you're talking about iowa as was literally six months ago and but it was just days ago. but just an example of what the warped speed is you're talking about in terms of onward and upward, never say the word des moines again, except i will later on in the show. good to see you. >> thank you. coming up for us, it has been quite a week for everybody. especially the president. and impeachment acquittal, pass for democrats in iowa, and more evidence now today of the strong economy. how does all this impact the presidential race? and coming up later, new cases of coronavirus popping up on cruise ships under quarantine. what is the united states doing about it? do they trust what they're hearing from china, we're going to ask top officials from the nation alle national institutes of health. i'm part of a community of problem solvers. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution...
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as you begin to look towards the weekend, i know, still only 11:19, you have democrats facing disappointment and a mess, losing a vote to convict the president on impeachment and still dealing with the iowa debacle of the caucuses. in short, not great. on the other hand, you have presidency, acquitted on impeachment charges, enjoying the highest approval rating of his presidency, according to gallup and as of this morning facing more evidence of a strong economy. a far better than expected jobs report with 225,000 jobs added to the economy in january. so, what are the lessons here when we look ahead to 2020? joining me now, debbie dingell of michigan. great to see you, congresswoman.
8:21 am
in 2016, we talked about this many times, when so many other democrats were saying trump couldn't possibly win, there is no way, you saw the strength in his message that he had in michigan. you predicted he could win and you saw it on the ground in your district. what are you hearing and thinking today, now, when you see, i don't know, the tale of these two weeks and what we have seen recently when you look at 2020. >> so i'm going to sort of react to that question in a couple of different ways. because i also want to say to you i think last two weeks have been some of the saddest i've seen in my professional career. at the division that we even see in this capital dome. the state of the union, both sides, it was just -- it is supposed to be a time of coming together as americans. and it is clearly been a difficult week. so having said that, right now, i don't ever tell people what i don't think. so i think president trump could win again. but i think it is a long time between now and november.
8:22 am
i think democrats have a challenge that we have really got to talk about the issues that matter to working men and women. and language that they understand. but i think the president has to be careful because his job as president is to try to find a way to bring this country together. and i think that division could hurt him in the end. >> you mentioned the state of the union, and i have been wanting to ask you about this, i was so thankful you could come on, because just when -- i don't know, maybe i'm being polly anna, you thought it couldn't get worse with the division and the uncivility we see, you see the back and forth with the president attack the speaker and the speaker then going after him in return. this all just really, yesterday, let me play this for our viewers. >> nor do i like people who say i pray for you, when they know that that's not so. >> he's talking about things
8:23 am
that he knows little about. faith and prayer. >> she may pray bought she pray for the opposite, but i doubt she prays at all. these are vicious people. >> there is the short-term and the long-term i want to get your take on this. when you see that what does this mean for getting anything done in the next ten months to the election? and beyond? but also to the point that you're talking about, the pure and simple need for some modicum of civility to return to the way we talk about each other, in politics, and outside of it, what does this do? >> i don't know. that's why i can't wait to get out of this place on friday and get home and be with real people. and somehow we all got to take a deep breath and figure out how we're going to work together to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and a lot of other issues that matter to working people, working men and women across this country. you know, i really -- i do -- i
8:24 am
have to take umbrage with what he said about the speaker not praying, she is a catholic woman, i'm a catholic woman, i pray for everybody. right now i'm praying harder than anybody ever could to find a way to somehow bring us together. but, you know, at the prayer breakfast, the prayer breakfast is supposed to be a healing time. it is supposed to be a way to bring us together. i mean, i just hope it at some point that it recognizes we got to try to come together. we got to respect each other. we can disagree agreeably. i'm hoping, this has been an intense week, a not good week, i guess the president thinks it has been a good week for him, but i'm worried about how people feel, period, in this country, and the division. let's see where we go in the next few weeks. >> it is really important to hear your take on it. because putting politics aside, just look at how you have
8:25 am
handled a lot of attacks coming at you, of recent from the president and others, and i would say without question civilly is how someone would describe how you have handled it. i just don't know, does it come from the bottom up or does it come from the top down of getting back to a place of being able to disagree but not being disagreeable? i know that sounds -- i know people will roll their eyes at me for saying that, i don't think it should be a tall order to ask for. >> i think it is a combination. look, this week wasn't a good week for anybody. let's leave it at that. but i think at the grassroots level, the american people have to tell their elected officials, you want to see people respect each other, you want to see people be civil. i mean, i think we should all just be outraged at what is happening in social media. which was this tool that was supposed to bring us together and the vitriolicness, the hatr hatred, the bullying, what is
8:26 am
going on there isn't okay. every one of us has a responsibility to stand up to this fear, hate we have seen in our communities. it is destroying us. it is destroying the root and the fundamental unity of our democracy. and ultimately it could destroy us. and i hope more people will step up and make their voices heard. and stand up against this ugliness. >> and obviously you're speaking to the president on this, you are -- are you also speaking to democrats on this? >> i'm speaking to everybody. >> there are definitely examples of democrats not going high when he goes low, you know what i mean? >> this whole conversation, i have said both sides, you know, we are americans, and people know how i feel. state of the union was just a very difficult night and by the way, on a good night, when you don't have all of these horrible horrific dynamics going on, you're never quite sure when you're going to sit, when you're going to clap, when you're going to stand. it has become instead of, like,
8:27 am
really a night of us all being americans, it has become drama filled, not quite reality tv show like it was this week. but we got to come together. we have to really think about our democracy. we used to be world leaders. we used to be what people wanted to be. we got to make sure we're protecting that. and that means we have to learn to be civil and respect each other. not learn it. remember how to be. >> get back there, get back there fast. congresswoman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> appreciate it. still ahead for us, concerns about the coronavirus. much closer to home this morning as officials screen passengers aboard a cruise ship that just docked in the new york area. one of the medical experts leading the u.s. response to the crisis will be here next. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the new rx. crafted by lexus. lease the 2020 rx 350 for $419 a month for 36 months.
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to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now, concerns over the coronavirus are growing this morning as passengers on a second cruise ship are being tested. the ship docked on american shores. the ship is a royal caribbean cruise liner called anthem of the seas. and it docked in new jersey this
8:33 am
morning. the latest from the centers for disease control is that they're now assessing passengers for the virus. new jersey's governor says that 27 people on board who had been to mainland china recently had been screened and all but four now have been cleared. this as another cruise ship in japan saw its number of confirmed coconfirm ed corona courses triple overnight. diamond princess have tested positive. what is the very latest? let's get to the man who would know. joining me right now, dr. anthony fauci of the national institutes of health. great to see you. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. have you gotten a read on the situation in new jersey? is it -- is this an abundance of caution situation or signals that the passengers could have the virus? >> the situation is, i think, as you describe, whenever you have a situation where you have
8:34 am
potential exposures, you want to make sure that if a person is exposed and is a high risk, you want to do further screening of the individual and i think at least a few of those passengers were taken off the ship for further screening at a local hospital. the idea about quarantining depends upon the risk of exposure. and those are the kinds of decisions that are made by the cdc based upon the risk of exposure. these are the kind of things that we are seeing now, and will continue to see. what you do is the best medical practices, the person who has been exposed and at risk and is not in need of care, you can quarantine them. those who you feel may be at a higher risk and possibly infected, you put them in a more closed situation. and those who actually do get sick, you take care of them. and that's what the cdc is doing with this particular ship. >> the head of the world health organization is now saying there is a global shortage on personal
8:35 am
protective equipment, masks and gloves and the such. how big of a problem is that? how concerned should folks be about this? >> well, you know, it obviously is a problem if when you're in a situation the way they are in china, where they really do need the personal protective equipment and masks. the issue with the masks are a little bit different than the personal protective equipment that someone who is actually taking care of a sick patient would need. a lot of people feel that they need to be wearing masks, even though unless you are right in the middle of a situation where there is a lot of people coughing and sneezing that really we don't recommend routinely that people wear masks. a lot of people are wearing masks that don't need them. the situation of a healthcare provider needing personal protective equipment is another more serious issue than masks for everybody.
8:36 am
>> yeah. where are -- look, folks are scared. this is a scary situation, there are a ton of unknowns, right now. two important questions i would like to get from you, do you trust the information that is coming out of china and from the u.s. side, clearly very different question, where are things in terms of getting a drug to fight this? >> okay, so first of all, china, with regard to the scientists themselves, people who we have known for years and decades, we have collaborated with, we can trust what they're telling us about what they know on an individual basis. i'm not saying we don't trust the chinese. but, you know, we don't have the first hand information which is one of the reasons why we would like to be part of the broader w.h.o. team that hopefully will get permission to go to china so that we can in real time look at what's going on. for the most part, the chinese have been transparent, but we can't guarantee that every bit
8:37 am
of information is getting to us. second part, about drugs, right now there are clinical trials that are being done and implemented in china by people who we know, our colleagues, chinese colleagues, to determine if some drugs, which have given us a suggestion of working to try to determine if they work and hopefully we'll get an answer within a reasonable period of tim. >> that is reasonable? >> a couple of months. >> oh, geez. i know that's like lightning speed in terms of infectious disease, but feels like forever when it comes to dealing with this. >> i know. it always seems that when you're dealing with an emergency situation, that something that would normally take three years to get an answer when you say we're going to get an answer in four weeks to a month, it seems like it is too long. that's a natural reflex reaction but that's just the reality of
8:38 am
it. you're not going to get an answer tomorrow as to what drug works or not. >> dr. fauci, thank you so much, really appreciate the update. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. aa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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welcome back. happening moments ago, president trump was speaking on the white house lawn, talking about quite a few thins, including his relationship with acting chief of staff mick mulvaney amid new reports of a potential shake-up in the west wing post impeachment. john harwood is there and joins me now. what is the president saying? >> reporter: well, kate, as you know, we reported that the president may soon make a change in his chief of staff, replacing mick mulvaney with potentially mark meadows, the congressman from north carolina, eric euland, mark short, a couple of other aides in the administration. but the president denied today that mick mulvaney was on the outs with him. >> i have a great relationship with mick. i have a great relationship with mark. and it is false. >> reporter: note that's not a denial that he's going to have a new chief of staff, but he
8:44 am
denied he was on the outs. he spoke about lieutenant colonel alexander vindman who testified about the quid pro quo in the impeachment hearings. there are reports that vindman is going to be shifted from the nsc to the defense department. here's what the president had to say. [ inaudible ] >> well, i'm not happy with him. you think i'm supposed to be happy with him? i'm not. they'll make that decision. they'll make a decision. >> reporter: and, of course, the other thing that the president did was boast about a legal victory he's gotten on an emoluments case brought by democratic members of congress alleging he profited from the presiden presidency, kate. >> won the big emoluments case, i think unanimous decision, this was brought by nancy pelosi and her group, just came out a few minutes ago. so i'll be reading it on the helicopter, but it was a total
8:45 am
win. this was brought by 230 democrats in congress on emoluments, another phony case, and we won it 3-0. we won it unanimously. >> reporter: so, kate, in addition to that, in addition to the acquittal by the senate, the president also got very good news from his jobs report today. 225,000 new jobs added. so he's off to north carolina feeling very bullish about his prospects. >> all right, john, thanks so much, appreciate you bringing it us to. as john just mentioned, president trump is ending a big week with stronger than expected numbers on the economy. so what does that mean for his re-election?
8:46 am
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8:50 am
president trump is making the economy the centerpiece of his reelection pitch. look no further, of course, than his state of the union address. this morning he received more good news. the january jobs report just out showing companies added 225,000 jobs last month. so what could that mean for president trump's reelection? joining me right now, senior political analyst ron bro brownstein. he's senior editor. traditionally, good economic numbers are good for the office. what do they mean for this president? >> a good economy is good for any president, but this president is getting less benefit from a good economy than a president typically gets. if you go back and look at 2004
8:51 am
and 2012, about 90% of the people who described the economy as excellent or good voted for the incumbent each time, bush in 2004, trump in '12. all these other issues, the friction created by the way he comports himself as president is real, and the cost he's paying is he's not getting as much support among economically satisfied voters as usual. but, as you can see the but in there, most of those who are satisfied with his management of the economy do say they are going to vote for him and do say they approve of him, so as his economy approval has been going up, it's dragging the overall approval rating. the state of the union really shows, though, what is the economic debate going to be about? is it going to be about jobs and the stock market where he's looking really strong, or is it going to be about health care costs where he seems much more
8:52 am
vulnerable. >> and it's a big difference for him, right? >> exactly. it's a big difference. even in 2018, a third of the people who voted for him described the economy as excellent or good. a lot of that is trump's behavior. the most important issue was health care, protecting people with preexisting conditions and prescription drug costs. if you look at the polling, trump's approval rating on the economy has been rising pretty steadily. it's been 50% on all the polls. his stand on health care hasn't really changed, it's stuck at 40%. and when we talk about controlling prescription drug costs or people with preexisting conditions, it's gone down. on the economy, he exaggerated a little bit here and there, but i don't think he was telling any big whoppers. on health care, he just flat out lied about his record repeatedly during the state of the union,
8:53 am
and i think that reflects the uncertainty of taking that record into the general election. >> that's a good take on it. nice to see you, my friend. 100% of the results from the iowa caucuses are in. but many questions remain. will anyone be requesting a recount? what would that actually mean? we're going to go there, next. n" what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. and let me tell you something, rodeo... i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage
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the democratic candidates are up against a deadline today. they have until 1:00 p.m. today to file a review of the iowa caucus, if they want it, that is. bernie sanders holds the lead with pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren and joe biden to follow, but it's still not being called. cnn's own analysis of the numbers reveals errors and inconsistencies in the errors reporting. the head of the democratic committee is calling for a recanvass. jeff zeleny is on the ground in iowa. i have a million questions, but first and foremost, is this going to happen? >> reporter: kate, that's a great question. as of now, we've not heard of any candidate or campaign call for a recanvass, but there is time to do that. both bernie sanders and pete buttigieg said they want to move
8:59 am
on to new hampshire, but their campaigns have not ruled out definitively calling out that recanvass, so we're in a wait and see mode here. the reason they might is because of a delegate fight. one thing is clear, this nominating contest is going to be a fight for delegates, likely all the way to the convention, so every delegate matters. so we'll see if they call for a rec recanvass. one thing each party could do is hold a canvass of their own. they could go back through the numbers and see. essentially it is going to be a wash. bernie sanders and pete buttigieg running close, pete buttigieg by a hair. >> could it change the results we're looking at here? >> reporter: sure, it could change the results, because the mathematics of the satellite locations and other things could change, but it's not going to
9:00 am
change the overall order of this. it's still pete buttigieg and bernie sanders led the way in iowa, elizabeth warren, and certainly joe biden did not. his fourth place finish will remain the same, and perhaps that is the biggest iowa takeaway. kate? >> good to see you, jeff. thank you so much. stay warm, buddy. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate, and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the economy keeps roaring. 225,000 new jobs added last month. 2020 is off to a strong start, and that's a great gift for the president's reelection campaign. plus the iowa democratic party says it is finally done counting. the deadline to officially challenge the caucus' count is in one area. the two on top, pete buttigieg and bernie sanders, say it's time to move on. it's debate night in new hampshire. the primary there is tuesday, so
9:01 am
the stakes there are


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