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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 7, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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decency versus trump, that's what everybody is trying to say in some form or another in that field. thank you for joining us on "inside politics." hope to see you back here at 8:00 a.m. sunday. brianna keilar starts right now. have a great afternoon. > i'm brianna keilar live from cnn's washington headquarters. war underway right now, an acquittal in the senate, a jolt in the economy. what it means for the president's hold on power. the stakes are especially high tonight for two top tier candidates in new hampshire. plus he's a key witness at the center the of ukraine scandal who called it crazy to withhold u.s. military aid. and in just minutes, bill taylor reacts to the president's acquittal in his first interview. on edge. a cruise ship carrying some chinese nationals docking in new
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jersey as passengers get screened. but first, the iowa caucuses should be in the books. the results, though, they are in, according to the iowa democratic party, but cnn has seen some problems with their count. plus the chairman of the dnc says he wants to take another look, though that is actually a question for the candidates, and the deadline for candidates to ask for a recanvass that would have been, well, right this moment has been extended to monday at noon. but they mostly seem ready, if not anxious, to move on. >> we actually left iowa with a lot of enthusiasm, and now the point is i'm here in new hampshire. >> nothing can take away what happened on monday, and now we're looking ahead to new hampshire and beyond. >> i think we should -- we've got enough of iowa. i think we should move on. >> and our jeff zeleny is still in iowa, which is very bizarre, jeff zeleny. the democratic party there in iowa setting two new deadlines for candidates. tell us about this.
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>> reporter: they are, brianna. just a short time ago, the iowa democratic party told campaigns they're going to have a little bit more time to request a canvass or a recount. and this is what they're asking. yes, there are inconsistencies in some of these many precincts across the state of iowa, so they're telling campaigns, look, if you see anything that you think is not accurate based on your own reporting from that evening, show us evidence of this by tomorrow at noon here, central time. and by monday at noon, request a recanvass or a recount. those are the two new deadlines. they extended that deadline, of course, because the final counting just came in last evening. the final reporting gives mayor buttigieg a slight edge over bernie sanders, just a very slight edge of .1 of 1 percentage points. it's up to the candidates if
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they want to request this recount or not. both candidates higher up said on cnn they are ready to move beyond this, both accepting victory, so it's unclear if they want to go back inside these delegate counts or not. the future of the iowa caucus still very much in question. that will be decided down the road, but at least for now, the deadline for recanvassing all of this, which is basically just going through the numbers to see if everything matches up, that is on monday at noon. it is likely not to change the overall outcome that bernie sanders or pete buttigieg or vice versa won the iowa caucuses, followed by elizabeth warren and joe biden and then amy klobuchar. it will most likely not restore anything in the iowa caucuses that have to be decided yet. until then, the deadline extended until monday, brianna. >> jeff zeleny, you're probably spending a little too much time
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in iowa. thank you for that report. all eyes to new hampshire as the democratic debate shifts there to the northeast. bernie sanders is already on the attack giving a preview of what we could see tonight. >> i'm reading some headlines from newspapers about pete buttigieg. pete buttigieg has most exclusive billionaire donors of any democrat. i like pete buttigieg. nice guy. but we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but our political life. >> let's go to cnn national correspondent keung lah who is in washington, keung, the pressure is on from the iowa performances. how are the candidates trying to make sure they have a good finish? >> they're trying to turn the page but have a good tale to
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tell out of iowa. when you look at what the former vice president is saying, he's certainly looking forward to south carolina down the road, ai elizabeth warren pushing the narrative she'll do better down the road as well. amy klobuchar is only 3.5 percentage points behind the former vice president who is much better well known. she finished in double digits. that is ahead of where polling had put her, but the reality is when you look at all these candidates, klobuchar, for example, she's till fifth and she had the essential argument that she's from the midwest, and if she can't win there, how can she do it here where she doesn't have the geographic advantage. here's what she told us. >> i think we have five candidates, i think this race is going to go on for quite a while, and i think that we only have two women now left on the stage, on the debate stage, at
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least, and then we only have two midwesterners. i happen to be both. and i hope that the people of new hampshire will see my strength as a candidate. >> so the senator having a lot to prove there. expect to see some movement from her, some attack in this debate tonight. she is known for being a very strong debater, brianna, but the reality is, again, fifth place in iowa. even if she does better than fifth here in new hampshire, it's going to be much tougher for her ahead in nevada on super tuesday. brianna? here to talk about the race and the democratic party is former democratic chairman and former virginia governor terry mcauliffe. thank you so much for coming in studio, and i want to start with iowa, because you weren't exactly a fan of this caucus format before this even happened, and now we're seeing some inaccuracies with the count. we should say it's very unclear. it seems like it might not change the outcome of the race,
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that's important to note. but i wonder if you think -- is this like the nail in the coffin? do you hope for the caucuses? >> yeah, i have long-time call for end of caucuses. they are not democratic processes. we only had 170,000 people show up in the iowa caucus. there is 3.1 million voters there, 745,000 unaffiliated voters, about 315,000 democrats. and if only 170,000 folks show up, it's hard, you have to go 36 hours. but to go in and argue with your neighbors in a room. and the other thing i haven't liked about the iowa caucus is it's a state that's predominantly white, as is new hampshire. you have the democratic party which gets support from the african-american community 95% of the time. 75% of hispanics support our party and yet they're not represented in the first two contests. when i was sharing the party, i
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brought up nevada, i brought up arizona, i brought up michigan, i brought up south carolina to show some diversity in our party. but i think we should have a regional type, start with a balance of the country and who our party is ought to be represented in the first contest. this is inexcusable what happened on monday night. >> you hope this is the end of the caucuses, but do you really think it will be? >> i do. >> in four years, you think it will not begin with the iowa caucuses? >> i don't think it will. put what happened monday night, which is inexcusable. we're trying to take on donald trump and we're trying to say we can run the government and yet we can't count 170,000 votes. we're playing on trump's turf which we should never cede. we need to start with states who are representative of who our party is, the african-american community, the hispanic community. that's not who we have today. we've got to move forward.
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i'm not for recounting votes, i'm not for any of that. let's put it aside. on to new hampshire. let's not look back. we have to look forward. >> let's look to new hampshire. the former vice president joe biden got gut-punched, so new hampshire is very important to him, but it's also looking like it might not shape up to what he really would need to help him. if he didn't do well in iowa, doesn't do that well in new hampshire, committee weathan he? >> he always said south carolina is his best. he has to show strong in nevada, which is in 11 days. i would remind you that senator sanders got 60% of the vote in new hampshire four years ago, so you have to put this all in perspective. i think the big story out of iowa was mayor pete. nobody thought he was going to win. he showed he could win it all over the state. i think for warren, i think for
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biden, i think for klobuchar, they've got to show something tuesday, because you just run out of financial support and political support. people start leaving your campaign and going to another campaign, and you can't allow that. >> if biden is not the top moderate candidate coming out of new hampshire, would you start thinking this is the beginning of the end? even if he's going to make a good showing in south carolina. >> the bill challenge then under that scenario, we've got south carolina and three days later, as you know, is super tuesday. brianna, we have 34% of the delegates that one day, we've got 14 states, six southern states in there. large population of the african-american community. and you've got michael bloomberg sitting there with a billion dollars. we've never experienced this before in our party. we've got michael bloomberg sitting there. we still have tom steyer who is self-funding a lot of his operations. we've never experienced this before. i will say this. this thing is going to go on for a while. this is not going to be a short nominating process. but the one thing i would say -- i don't want to talk about iowa
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again. i want to talk about -- and the candidates have to get back to, what are we doing for you? they want you to tell them, what are you doing for my prescription drug costs? what are you doing for infrastructure? i have health care needs. we have to get back to the big picture, beating trump and talking about issues that matter to americans. >> something that is not doing that is this feud that we're seeing play out between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you, of course, are very close to the clintons, so let me tick through what's happened here. there was a renewed feud. hillary clinton's name was booed at a bernie sanders ooerevent, that actually was encouraged by a democratic congresswoman. that occurred because it was said in a documentary that bernie sanders doesn't get things done. she's called him unrealistic. she's eliminated the vitriol from his supporters, and ellen
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asked her about something. listen. >> it must be good that you can say whatever you want now, but do you want to talk about that moment? >> you've got to be responsible for what you say and what you say you're going to do. we need to rebuild trust in our fellow americans and in our institutions, and if you promise the moon and you can't deliver the moon, then that's going to be one more indicator of how, you know, we just can't trust each other. >> considering how bernie sanders is doing right now and the fact that he could be the nominee. even though i know there is bad blood. i covered hillary clinton, i covered bernie sanders. it went a long time and she really thought he should have gotten out of the race sooner. should she just not give her opinion about this? >> i don't like any of this. we've got to beat trump and that's what we have to focus on. that's why i've tried to encourage these candidates,
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don't go after one another, you can go after politics, that's fine, but don't make it personal. because in five months we're going to be in milwaukee and we have to bring this party together. donald trump is not going to be easy to beat. he's going to have a lot of money, he's got his core base. we have to be as unified as we've ever been as a party. to have this warfare going on today really is not helpful. keep out of the personal stuff. focus on issues. >> do you think she's doing that because she would rather see joe biden win, that she doesn't actually think bernie sanders should represent the party, and that she really just doesn't like -- >> she could come out and endorse joe biden, then. my point is you have to be big, bold. the american public is counting on us. they want us to win this election. we're the only ones that can screw this up. but if we're fighting each other, you know, we're not going to be a unified party. whoever the nominee is, whoever it is, brianna, we as a party have to come together. we'll be sitting there in milwaukee and we've got to have
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good feelings to get everybody to come out like a booster rocket to go into that general election against donald trump. my message to all these folks, stay focused on the issues. the american public is sick of the fighting, they want us to talk to them about issues that matter in their everyday lives. every second we're not doing that, brianna, we're playing on donald trump's territory and he's loving it. >> governor, thank you so much. >> you used to be in virginia. come back. >> i'm a restrictive columbia resident. i might be here to stay. >> virginia is a beautiful state. >> i know it is, love virginia. thank you very much. in a fallout for his acquittal, the president receives a call for an impeachment witness to be removed asap from the white house. is this witness retaliation? plus, speaking of witnesses, bill taylor, former ambassador, joins cnn in his first interview since he testified before the house in this scandal. you will hear what he called
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cnn has learned that lieutenant colonel vindman has been told he will be removed. president trump was asked about this as he departed today. and a short time later the president retweeted an argument from judicial watch made back in november. this is what ttit said. vindman's behavior is a scandal. he should be removed from the donald trump white house asap to protect our foreign policy from his machinations.
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we are told they are all stunned about his removal from the administration. the question here is we know he's leaving. would this be his choice or the choice of the white house, and let's consider that he is in a different position than other people who may be on the national security council, being essentially on loan from the military. >> based on the reports we have so far, it seems like it's not his choice. as you say, someone who is on the white house, on loan, on detail from the military seem to have a set of time they're supposed to be there for. it's particularly hard to change that for a servicemember. there is something else awaiting him or her, it's often scheduled in blocks. it's not nimble for others who served on loan and might decide to end it earlier. so does this abruptly call to an end his tour of duty from the white house? it seems to come from the white
10:21 am
house, not from him. >> if it were him, it would be a much more difficult process. i guess one of the reasons i would tend to think it may not be him or a sign it may not be his request is that it would essentially be a career ender, right, if he were to request to come out of this position? >> it would certainly be looked on askance, i think. people are expected to serve their tour of duty, whatever that duty is. this is his duty. another way to come at this to think that it's the white house's choice is the president has been saying such awful things about this person who stood in front of the congress and the country is tried to speak the truth. so for the president to bash him like that suggests that the white house may be trying to act against him. >> it does seem interesting that he could remain at the white house and try to do his job as he did before. i think everyone agrees with that, no matter what the reason for his exit is. what does it look like ahead for him and what has this done,
10:22 am
testifying before congress and raising concerns? >> i think that will be a test for his superiors. they have been put in an awkward position. much like the civil service, the foreign service right now, they know what the president wants of them, which is to punish somebody the president doesn't like. he wants loyalty to him, not the country. they also know it's not how they should treat somebody who has done his job by all accounts, who has done above and beyond by being called to testify in ways he never expected when he was sent to the white house. so whether he does the right thing versus what the president wants, that's a test of his character. >> he'll be up for review to see if he goes on to be colonel. thank you for being with us. we have bill taylor, former top diplomat to ukraine giving cnn his first interview. we'll tell you how he's reacting
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to the president's acquittal. and passengers are being screened for the coronavirus on a cruise ship in new jersey. we're going to take you there. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer,
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the deadly coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down and now there's new concerns as more americans are becoming infected. four families arriving on a cruise ship to new jersey this morning are now in a hospital after it was reported they were feeling sick. polo sandoval is where this ship was docked. i understand this family also visited mainland china. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: that's what raised concerns here, brianna. about 24 passengers on the cruise ship that docked right here behind me were initially assessed by new jersey health officials as well as cdc officials. most of them were released, allowed to disembark along with the rest of the passengers. that family of four that you mentioned, there was a concern that two of them were feeling a bit sick during the course of that cruise, so as a result they were taken to a nearby hospital where they are currently undergoing testing. what's important to point out here, brianna, they do not suspect they are infected, they
10:29 am
just want to take that precautionary step which really speaks to what we're seeing not just on cruise ships but at airports across the country where they are subject to possibly being screened. we're told this family visited mainland china but not the particular province expected to be the epicenter of this breakout. again, this is just precautionary and not what is being experienced halfway across the world where people are quarantined. that's not the case here, brianna. >> thank you, polo sandoval in new jersey. a report showing how well the president performed in his first three years. plus a key executive interviewed. what he says about rudy giuliani and mike pompeo. and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor
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former top u.s. diplomat in ukraine was a key witness in the impeachment hearing. he testified about the president asking him to launch an investigation into joe biden and his son.
10:35 am
president trump has now been acquitted and bit taylor is speaking out on "the lead" as well as "state of the union" on sunday. i know you said that ambassador taylor spoke out along with lieutenant colonel vindman. >> we talked about the attacks on him, the attacks on vindman, the attacks on yavonovitch. basically he said when it comes to attacks on him, it's water off a duck's back, it doesn't make any difference. but he felt really upset about the attacks on his colleagues. take a listen. does it bother you when you see how rudy giuliani was out there smearing yavonovitch and the dual loyalty smears against lieutenant colonel vindman who you know, and i assume you respect? >> i do. >> it must bother you to see that. >> of course, it bothers me any time i see someone like marie
10:36 am
yavonovitch and alex vindman unfairly attacked. anyone unfairly attacked, it bothers me. certainly it does. >> this is an exclusive interview, but it's also the first time. this is the first time we've seen him talking to you besides being before the house testifying during impeachment. what did he tell you about the big picture here? >> it's interesting, because, you know, when he testified before the house of representativ representatives, before the intelligence committee, he really only knew his slice of the story. he only knew what he had seen and what he had heard. he didn't know the extent of it. he didn't know what the other 16 people who testified had to say. so he only now knows the big picture. take a listen. when you testified, you really only had your slice. you really only knew about your view of this whole scandal from kyiv, what you've been able to ascertain from talking to other people.
10:37 am
now the impeachment inquiry is over and you've read documents from 16 other witnesses. do you think your impression was accurate? >> i do. i was, as i say, just reporting what i had been told, what i heard, what people described to me, and that turns out to have been corroborated by most of the other witnesses. it seems to me there is really not a question about the facts of the case, and so that made what i said not controversial. it was pretty straightforward. >> of course, there are republicans, including the president, who are disputing the facts of the case, but the facts are as bill taylor presented them to the congress, which is there was an effort by people in the trump administration and rudy giuliani to get ukranian government officials to pursue political investigations and things that the trump administration had to offer such as an oval office visit for the president of ukraine, important, badly needed security aid for a
10:38 am
country that is fighting off the russians. those were being held up as collateral. so he feels rather vindicated because everything he testified was borne out by the evidence and other witnesses. >> it's amazing to think that really, he had to have seen his slice and he was beginning to see the whole picture as we were as well. i wonder what he said about the leadership in the state department because he's not in his role anymore. we've seen that with a number of witnesses. it's really tenable for them to remain. what did he say about the secretary of state, anything? >> he did. something to keep in mind when it comes to ambassador bill taylor. this is a guy who is a diplomat and has been a diplomat for decades, and is in a way that you or i wouldn't be. >> speak for yourself. >> i think i know you pretty well. >> fair. >> he wants that role to be in
10:39 am
his future job to be helping ukrani ukranian people and he wants that war to be over. he is not burning any bridges. i did ask about secretary pompeo and others. here's what he had to say about pompeo. do you believe in the credibility of ambassador marie yavonovitch? is she somebody that you respect? >> absolutely. >> what do you think of the fact that giuliani and other people have been attacking her, smearing her? >> unconscionable. >> unconscionable. secretary pompeo said, when asked about his failure to stand up for state department employees asked by npr, he said, i've done what was asked of every single person on this team, i've done for every person on this team. is that true in your experience? >> i would say secretary pompeo is under pressure, his intention
10:40 am
between two parts of what he's trying to do. i do believe he wants to support every member of the state department, every employee. i do believe he wants to do that. i also believe he's under some pressure from other parts of the government not to support some of the people in the state department. so -- >> president trump? >> i'm prepared to believe that secretary pompeo is under -- is in tension. >> keep in mind that he was called out of retirement from the state department from the diplomatic corps by secretary pompeo. when president trump calls him a never trumper, he literally went to work for trump knowing who president trump was. this was in 2019. and, you know, there he is basically saying, although he, again, holding back because he's a diplomat and he still wants to make some difference when it comes to u.s.-ukraine relationship, not criticizing president trump, but we all know
10:41 am
the pressure secretary pompeo feels if you buy this theory of the case from ambassador taylor, which i think is a rather charitable one is that pressure from trump. so he did not have criticisms for secretary pompeo, he seemed to empathize with him, the fact that he was between a rock and a hard place. >> jake, it's a great interview. thank you for sharing it with us. at least part of us, i should say, because you can see jake's exclusive interview with bill taylor, the former top diplomat of ukraine, and that will be on jake tapper today at 4:00 p.m. the public memorial for kobe bryant and his daughter. plus new details on the indicted associate of rudy giuliani. why lev parnas has more information than just the impeachment investigation. obama: he's been a leader
10:42 am
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his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa i know you know those surprise on-camera military reunions, the ones that show a spouse entering a room just at the right moment to surprise a family. they make most of us happy, maybe sad, perhaps you feel overwhelmed at the same time. and the trend on social media, perhaps they even play out on live tv where president trump surprised one of his guests, army spouse amy williams, with news this sergeant first class townsend williams, her husband,
10:47 am
was home from afghanistan. here's the moment where he was reunited with his wife and two children. >> your husband is back from deployment. he's here with us tonight and we couldn't keep him waiting any longer. today on "home front," our digital and television column where we try to bridge this military divide and bring you stories of military families, we're focused on where those military reunions don't often play out the way you see there. with us now is a military spousspous spouse. she also writes for amy, thank you for joining us, and you describe those videos that go viral. you call them -- get this -- reunion porn. tell us what you mine. >> what i mean by that is they offer the viewers a lot of good feelings and then no commitment.
10:48 am
so, you know, when we talk about military homecoming -- >> sorry, can you hear us, amy? go on. >> i can hear you. >> go on. we can hear you fine. >> i'm so sorry about that. >> no worries. >> what i mean by military reunion porn is that military homecomings are really a special moment. they're really a -- they're a joyous thing, right, but when the video is over, that's all a viewer sees, right? they don't see the rest of your life, they don't see the rest of the drama and the emotions and all of the things that happen after military homecoming. >> and i totally connect with that as a military spouse myself, and i will have friends or colleagues who are so well intentioned, and they've asked me before, is your husband home, and i'll say yes, and they'll say, that's amazing, you must be
10:49 am
so happy. and i don't mean to sound like an ungrateful wife, of course i'm happy he's home safe and sound, but what i think a lot of people, amy, don't know, and perhaps you can speak to this, is what happens in the days and the weeks and the months after your servicemember comes back. because it's actually -- it can be a difficult time, and i've heard many military spouses say this was actually the most difficult time in their family life. >> oh, absolutely. imagine being separated from someone for months at a time, and you both have gone through, in your own way what could really be described as a traumatic event. on the home front maybe you're dealing with kids being in the hospital, sickness, family drama, all sorts of things happen, right? and overseas, our servicemembers are in combat, right? so it's not a vacation where you're coming home and reuniting, it's major life things have happened. now, you come back together and you have to deconflict all those things. you have to add this person who
10:50 am
has been gone and in a you have to make him or her feel like they are a part of your family. there is a big fear for many service members that their families don't really need them here and so you're trying to plans this idea that i don't really need you every day because clearly we survived, but i do need you every day and i need you to know that. and it's really -- it can be really hard to balance those things. >> yes, indeed. it's really sort of -- it's part -- the predeployment, the deployment, the coming home, it's all part of this story, it's not just, you know, the end of things when they come home. amy, with he really appreciate you coming on to talk about this, it is always lovely to see you, amy bushatz. >> thank you for having me. >> for comments or if you have any story ideas for "home front" please send me an email at home just in, the biden campaign making changes after a disappointing finish in iowa as the pressure mounts ahead of the
10:51 am
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the jobs report for january is in and it's showing some strong growth as president trump seeks to bolster his reelection message. so last month the u.s. added 225,000 jobs. this beat economists' expectations. while the unemployment rate did
10:56 am
edge slightly higher to 3.6% this is all much better than expected. in the meantime president trump is visiting north carolina, these are live pictures we're showing you here as he pushes for what are called opportunity zones. this is a controversial program that's aimed at boosting jobs and investments in low income areas across the country, but critics say this plan mostly benefits the rich including members of the president's own family. so joining me now to discuss is william jawando, former white house official who worked on african-american outreach under president obama. he also serves on the montgomery county council in maryland. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> your county is actually -- it has 14 of these opportunity zones, right? tell us about how this has worked for your community. >> well, the short answer is the jury is still out. i mean, a lot of the early investment after the tax break package which this was tucked into is going to places that were already going to develop, you know, high-end market rate
10:57 am
luxury condos, things like that, and just getting a tax break. we have 14 of them which are nestled in communities that have low income pockets but also are nestled in gentrifying areas where there's high activity income and residents. it depends on the local context of how it's going to be used. i don't think it's particularly helpful. if you look at a long-term study, whether it's enterprise zones or they did this over in england, these things tend to benefit people who were already investing and are going to get a tax break on top of the tax break they already got through a trump tax cut plan. so we haven't seen yet, but as a local official that's where i think we can step in and try to incentivize some of the right investments and so it's certainly something you want to three to take advantage of, but the early money are things that were already going to happen in high-end projects and we haven't really seen yet at scale the kind of investment in communities that's really going to help bring people out of poverty. >> cuff the input to push that
10:58 am
into areas that aren't already gentrifying? >> we have zoning authority, for example, so if the area is not already zoned, we could potentially use that as a lever to get developers, investors, but it's challenging because a lot of these areas are already commercial zones, so they come in and they just can do what they want. so it's really more of a kind of we think you should do this or packaging it with other state or local incentives which we can try to do and that's really important, but the idea that you're just going to give this money away and it's just going to fix everything, that's been tried and failed. >> so the president's son-in-law jared kushner recently announced he was soliciting investments in these opportunity zones which prompted the treasury department's inspector general to open an inquiry into the program. how concerned are you that -- i mean, you said this is already benefiting people who are wealthy. >> yeah. >> are you concerned that this is benefiting the president's own family? >> oh, definitely. i mean, if you look at the history of his nep owe tichl, he has no problem with that.
10:59 am
and some of the first people to get out of the gate were kushner in his partner scaramucci, there is a whole list of people who have put together these investor groups to try to come in and take advantage of this give away and without really focusing on what they are saying is the intent of the program. again, you could do it either way. you could do things with this money if that was your mission or you could just make high-end stuff and get a tax break. that's what you're seeing with kushner. i'm glad the ig is looking into that. hopefully trump doesn't try to squash that. >> i want to talk to you about the president's travel ban because he'sed aed four countries to this list that he has, most of them are countries in africa. i know that for you this is personal so i wanted to get your opinion on this. >> i appreciate t as my dad came from a war torn nigeria in the '70s, thankfully we had a welcoming america. the idea that the largest african nation with 200 million and 1.2 billion in africa with the largest economy would be put
11:00 am
on this list is ridiculous. i literally wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if that wasn't the opportunity. they're muslim countries, black countries and it is a same shame this this president a doing this racist policy. >> thank you for talking to us today. that's it for me. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. thanks for being here on this fray afternoon. here is breaking news regarding the iowa caucuses, it guarantees the chaos will into next week. they have given candidates more time to challenge the findings of the first in the nation contest of the 2020 race. the caucuses were four days ago. so now with 100 precincts reporting, 100% i should say pre sirvgts report pete buttigieg is just edging out senator bernie sanders for the top slot, but the iowa democratic party still has not declared a


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