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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 7, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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the largest economy would be put on this list is ridiculous. i literally wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if that wasn't the opportunity. they're muslim countries, black countries and it is a same shame this this president a doing this racist policy. >> thank you for talking to us today. that's it for me. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. thanks for being here on this fray afternoon. here is breaking news regarding the iowa caucuses, it guarantees the chaos will into next week. they have given candidates more time to challenge the findings of the first in the nation contest of the 2020 race. the caucuses were four days ago. so now with 100 precincts reporting, 100% i should say pre sirvgts report pete buttigieg is just edging out senator bernie sanders for the top slot, but the iowa democratic party still has not declared a winner as the
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caucuses were plagued by lack of results, irregular voting records and major technical problems. so guess who is still in des moines, jeff zeleny or cnn senior washington correspondent. jeff, how much more time do these candidates have now? >> brooke, we should point out it's not a bad thing to be in des moines. >> we love des moines. >> the reality is there simply isn't much changing. we are getting new information now that campaigns have until tomorrow at noon central time, saturday, to essentially show any errors that they've been talking about. there has been a lot of talk on social media, a lot of talk from the sanders campaign, the buttigieg campaign and others talking about all these irregularities they saw. the iowa democratic party is basically saying, okay, show us those with evidence by tomorrow at noon. and then they are saying if you would like to have a recount or recanvas put that request in by noon on monday. so this basically is, you know,
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a little bit more of a waiting game here. we are not hearing from any campaigns necessarily that want to go back into all of this because it allows them this uncertainty allows both the buttigieg campaign and the sanders campaign to essentially both declare victory and move on. you've heard almost nothing from the warren campaign. the biden campaign of course wants to forget about iowa all together. so the reality here is we'll see if these candidates ask for a recanvas or a recount, but unlikely to change much. pete buttigieg just has a narrow, narrow lead in delegates over bernie sanders. at the end of the day, though, brooke, they split the delegates at the county conventions that get those state convention delegates. so it's been a mess, no question. the only thing that is certain here, the reputation of these iowa caucuses tarnished without question. >> without question. jeff, thank you very much. while the iowa caucuses may be a thing of the past at least according to the calendar,
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elizabeth warren and joe biden's third and fourth place finishes are not and that is raising the stakes for those campaigns in next tuesday's new hampshire primary, decades after a surprise second place finish in the state made bill clinton -- remember the come back kid? so warren and biden are probably hoping they will get to say the same thing. as for pete buttigieg and bernie sanders, the top vote getters in iowa find themselves in a similar spot going into the first in the nation primary. a monmouth poll shows sanders and buttigieg holding on to the top spots followed by biden, warren and senator amy klobuchar. so let's check in with the top candidates now, all busy preparing for today's debate in manchester. that is where we find cnn's jessica dean. hi, jessica. >> hi, brooke. i'm following the biden campaign and tonight all eyes will be on joe biden on that debate stage to see how he interacts with his rivals. over the last couple of days post-iowa we've seen him sharpen his attacks, calling out pete buttigieg and bernie sanders by
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name. so it will be asking to see tonight how they all interact with each other. certainly things have changed, the dynamics have certainly changed since the last time we all saw them together on the debate stage. through the weekend and into next week joe biden has a handful of events tomorrow and sunday and monday as he looks to firm up his support in the granite state. i will pass it along to my colleague. >> reporter: keeping an eye on the pete buttigieg campaign, the mayor off the campaign trail today but the argument between buttigieg and bernie sanders very much in public view. in his cnn town hall last night pete buttigieg really trying to turn the page from iowa to new hampshire. what he is hoping to solidify is that he is not just the rising star, that he is trying to solidify his image as the front runner. expect this evening in the debate the fight between these
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two front runners, buttigieg and sanders, to spill on to the stage tonight as buttigieg, the moderate, tries to make some daylight and some space between bernie sanders, the progressive. and now to the sanders campaign and my colleague ryan nobles. >> bernie sanders seems ready to put iowa behind him and put all of this focus here into new hampshire, but there's no doubt the result in iowa have changed his game plan just a bit. for the first time sanders is drawing specific distinctions with former south bend mayor pete buttigieg. listen to what he said this morning here at the politics and eggs. >> pete buttigieg lures an even closer look from wall street donors following a strong iowa caucuses performance, forbes magazine. here is the billionaires backing pete buttigieg, presidential campaign. i like pete buttigieg. nice guy. but we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy, but our political -- >> sanders has long railed
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against the donor class and its influence on politics, particularly democratic politics, but this is the first time that he's put that tag on pete buttigieg, and that is something that could definitely come up at tonight's debate. now for more on the warren campaign here is leyla santiago. >> and with the warren campaign the senior advisor tells me senator warren will be having debate prep, make a final walk through on the debate stage and she will be with a contest inn wr. if this past week is any indication as to what we'll hear from her tonight, you will likely hear her make a case for electability and try to convince voters that she is the one to unify the party. this debate comes before a big weekend here in new hampshire as her campaign will be in full force trying to reach those -- those undecided voters here before the big primary, and they'll also be trying to raise some money. in an email to supporters she says she wants to raise $2 million before the new hampshire primary and that is four days
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away. brooke? >> all right, guys, thank you so much. let's stay in new hampshire, michael parsons is a senior at dartmouth college and the president of the new hampshire college democrats. michael, nice to have you on. let's just begin with the big debate tonight, you are attending. i know you're taking a neutral stance on candidates just because of your position with the college democrats, but you tell me, what do you want to hear from the candidates? what are you looking most forward to? >> it's great to be with you, brooke. i think that young people, myself and others, are going to look for their issues to be taken up and talked about in a meaningful manner tonight at the debate. for instance, climate change being the number one issue with younger voters. climate change hasn't really been talked about enough in the past debates so i think that for young people in new hampshire, college students, they're really going to want to see this issue get the attention it deserves tonight. >> climate change. what else? what else really affects college students? >> i mean, climate change,
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college affordability, student debt reform, those are all issues that are very intrinsic to being college students and those are issues that are really hot topics in new hampshire. new hampshire is one of the most expensive states in the country to go to college in. >> which candidate then, michael, do you think is addressing college affordability, climate change the best? >> i think that a number of candidates have released very good plans. bernie sanders -- >> which ones? can you name -- thank you. >> -- on college students. elizabeth warren has focused. pete buttigieg has released an affordable college plan. i know that a number of the front runners have really done their best to come and speak to college issues, but i would love to see that happen on the national stage tonight. >> we now have 100% of the precincts reporting in iowa, so pete buttigieg does now hold a slim lead over senator bernie
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sanders. do you think, michael, that any of that would have influence over new hampshire voters come tuesday? >> well, the new hampshire electorate is very independent, they are not always going to look for iowa in signs, especially in past primaries. the number that i was thinking about the other day was that a tracking poll from yesterday came out and showed that unsure was in third place at 16%. this race can break a number of different ways, but i do think that that tracking poll as well also had mayor pete and senator sanders at the top, though i think that over the next three and even four days as people head to the polling place they might still be unsure. so i think that there could be a number of surprises on tuesday. >> okay. i know you are not -- last question. i know you are taking a neutral stance but in your head do you have an idea who you like the best so far going into tuesday? >> i have taken an outwardly neutral stance for so long and said that so many times that
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i've somewhat engrained it in my head. >> okay. >> that i think that i might walk into the polling place on tuesday and say, oh, man, i've actually got to make a decision now. >> you do. michael parsons, thank you very much up there at dartmouth. appreciate you. let's move on to this, acquitted and apparently unleashed. president trump is now openly retweeting supporters who are calling for the removal of a key impeachment witness. is there a purge in the works? also today the president is praising china's efforts to contain the coronavirus, but are they really doing enough to stop the global spread? and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg just got a big endorsement today, it is from a long-time republican military official who the president recently fired. stay with me, you're watching cnn on this friday. we will be right back. kills for scientists at 3m. one of the products i helped develop was a softer, more secure diaper closure. as a mom, i knew it had to work. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much.
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now it appears a key witness in president trump's impeachment inquiry will soon be departing the white house's national security council. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman had told colleagues he expects to leave the white house post in the coming weeks and return to the defense department. if that happens it would be months earlier than when his assignment is expected to end in july. today the president talked about his displeasure with the decorated war veteran and purple heart recipient. >> would you like to see alexander vindman out of your white house? do you want alexander -- >> well, i am not happy with me. do you think i'm supposed to be happy with me. i'm not. they will make that decision. >> the president hinted at lieutenant colonel vindman's
11:16 am
fate a short time later retweeting a call for his immediate removal because of his behavior and to protect foreign policy. house speaker nancy pelosi expressed shock when she heard the president made the ousting vindman because of his testimony. >> stunned by it. i'll talk to my colleagues because i know they have some concern about some of the interventions that the president has with our -- our military. it's such a shame. what a patriotic person. >> let's start here, kara scannell and elie honig are with me. is this witness retaliation? >> yes, it is. here is how textbook it is, there is a federal law that prohibits taking action against someone as pay back essentially for testimony. the one specific example that the law gives is taking action to interfere with or terminate somebody's employment.
11:17 am
so this is right down the middle. >> recourse -- >> yeah, in i harmful action. >> i mean is there -- >> is there any recourse? >> bill barr, is there anything? >> i don't have any faith in bill barr to do anything about it. >> we haven't seen bill barr's justice department investigate, you know, whether there was obstruction or other actions so it would seem unusual for them to take this step now. >> would this have a chilling effect, kara, on just any other witnesses who may want to speak up, testify against someone in power? >> i mean, i think that you often hear that as the case. i mean, if this is a result that happens when vindman speaks up, which was, you know, public, it wasn't even secret, you know, this was out in the public, you have the support of the democrats, but you can still get fired, there's certainly not going to be a lot of safety net for people hong that they might want to speak up, but then can see that this is the sort of thing that can happen and there may not be any recourse to it. >> the bigger concern to me is
11:18 am
this is part of the beginning of the donald trump pay back tour. he kicked it off with a maniacal speech in the east room, ticking off the people who are angered him and now he is taking concrete action against one of them. people need to be alert whether he continues to go after people who wronged him. >> this is now what an acquitted president trump looks like. let me ask you about this court ruling today. this federal appeals court dismissed this lawsuit by congressional democrats alleging the president violated the emoluments clause of the constitution. remind me what this means. >> so the emoluments clause is in the constitution, it says that a president cannot take salary or money from any foreign state or united states state. the allegation is he's profiting through his hotels from foreign leaders who are staying there, but the important thing to know about today's ruling it's not on the merits. the court did not say, okay, donald trump, you're cleared, did you not violate the emoluments clause. all the court said today is this particular group of plaintiffs, a group of congress people, you
11:19 am
are not the right people to bring this lawsuit. it's called standing. it's a technical ruling. it doesn't clear the president and there are two other emoluments lawsuits out there still alive. >> that's what i was going to ask about, also at the federal level. >> yes. >> how would what happened today affect those? >> so they're all on separate base close but ultimately this could lead to this going up to the supreme court because one thing the supreme court looks for is are the various circuits in disagreement and if they are in disagreement the supreme court then that's a classic example where the supreme court needs to step in and say we need to set this straight. >> do you want to add anything to that? >> with those two other lawsuits it's a different setup like you were explaining, this was 215 democrats not the full body of congress and that's where the appeals court which is a unanimous three-judge decision drew the line. the other cases are more on the merits, slightly different so the same argument wouldn't play out there. there is a split in the circuits and it is going to be interesting to see where those ultimately end up and if there is an appeal to the supreme
11:20 am
court. >> kara and elie, thank you. the deadly coronavirus is spreading. 11 more americans have now been infected on this cruise ship docked off the coast of japan. we will take you there. and the jobs report out today, it crushes expectations, but the trump administration admits the economy probably will not grow as much as the president said it would. let's go through all those numbers. that's next. sfx: [sneezing]
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the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread killing more than 630 people in china and infecting more than 31,000 around the world. it is now infecting more americans and impacting two cruise ships, a royal caribbean ship pulled into new jersey this morning amid fears that some passengers might have contracted the virus. four members of a family of chinese nationals are being screened after feeling sick, they have recently traveled to china. all of this is coming in as 61 passengers on a cruise ship off of japan have tested positive for coronavirus and 11 of those infected are americans. will ripley is covering this for us live in japan where he has spoken to those quarantined americans on the ship. will, what did they say to you? >> reporter: you know, prook, it's the kind of thing where a week ago they were having the time of their lives, at the
11:26 am
buffet, the casino, watching the shows, enjoying all the am amenities on the ship. as soon as they got that test result back and the coronavirus cases started to multiply, doubling, tripling, quadrupling to now 61 cases people are no longer able to leave their cabins. they have to stay inside 23 hours a day, they are allowed outside for less than a hour under close super vision, they have to stand 3 feet away from each other and wear tasks. it's cabin fever but also anxiety because they wonder if the circulating air they're breathing in that's being circulated around the ship is safe. they don't know much about the coronavirus yet. they don't know how it's spread. it's a very, very tense time for those who are healthy and of course for the woman who we spoke with from oregon, she and her husband, they were shocked when they got a knock on the door telling her she was one of the people who tested positive. she didn't really have any many symptoms aside from a sore throat, they did a throat swab and found out she has coronavirus. here is what she said.
11:27 am
>> a little bit scared. hard to know what the future holds since i don't really feel sick right now. is it going to get worse, you know, what's going to happen? it's terrible. i just -- i could never have imagined that this would be happening right now. like not in a million years. like i don't know what's going to happen an hour from now, tomorrow, like for all we know we could stay quarantined on this ship for a month. we just -- the not knowing is the hardest. >> and that's if they even let her back on the ship. initially she said she might be in the hospital for three days if her symptoms were too bad, now she's being told her and her husband might have to be apart for the next two weeks. every time there is a new case they reset that 14-day quarantine period. passengers don't know how long this ordeal is going to last. >> i cannot begin to even imagine. and then you have president trump he's praising the
11:28 am
president of china, president xi for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak as the death toll has passed 600. here he was. >> they're working really hard and i think they're doing a two fegs nl job. they are in touch with the world organization, cdc also. i had a great conversation last night with president xi. it's a tough situation, i think they're doing a very good job. >> i'm just curious do the people in the part of the world where you are feel the same way? >> reporter: you know, people in china actually a lot of people do like president trump, you know, they look up to people who have accumulated so much wealth, it's just a cultural thing, but this is an instance where the vast majority of chinese citizens or at least the ones speaking out online would strongly disagree with the president saying that china is doing a good job. in fact, this is one of the rare instances where there's almost been an online revolt because the doctor, the chinese doctor who tried to raise the red flag about this before it turned into
11:29 am
a global health emergency, he was silenced by police. he was actually threatened with criminal prosecution, he was forced to sign a document that he wouldn't cause trouble online. it was that misstep in the early days that basically kept people in the dark. they kept going about their lives and the virus spread. now you have tens of millions of people in china that are under lockdown in their cities and citizens are furious. so many angry comments online on chinese social media, the sensors have not been able to keep up. it's been a long time since that's happened. >> will, thank you on the coronavirus there and those folks stuck in japan. meantime, jobs numbers, the january jobs report just beat expectations. the labor department reports 225,000 new jobs added last month, besser than the 158,000 jobs economists were expecting. the jobless rate rising slightly to 3.6% but that's because more americans are now actually looking for work. most of the jobs growth is coming from the construction and health care industries, but
11:30 am
manufacturing jobs dipped for the second month in a row. for perspective i have diane with me, a labor expert and a chief economist at grant thornton. diane, always a pleasure to have you on just with all of your smarts in this sphere. you know, this is obviously a really good number, it was above what people projected. how do you read them? >> well, it was a good number but part of the reason it was above what people expected is we had an unusually mild january. winter has returned to us here in chicago, but the unusual mildness of the weather allowed things like construction employment to show an increase of 44,000 when actually before seasonal adjustment it declined, it just didn't decline as much as it usually does in the month of january. we did get a little extra pop from weather-related strength. stripping it out it was still a solid number and the unemployment rate at 3.6% because more people are par pagt that's what we want, we want more people throwing their hat in the ring. the increase was among white and
11:31 am
hispanic men this time, also something on the white men side has been lagging so we want more of that. still well below the highs we hit on that in the 1990s. >> so when you here freshly secretary steve mnuchin saying they are not achieving the growth they predicted at 3%, tell me why. >> yeah, we're not going to achieve 3%. one is because we've got -- we are not investing. we have now -- are in our third quarter in the row as of the fourth quarter of last year of a contraction in investment in the u.s. economy. we saw that in response from everything from abroad to the trade wars. that uncertainty we think will continue to suppress investment from the coronavirus and ongoing tariffs we still have on many goods in the first quarter. so we still -- we've lifted some of the uncertainty with regard to trade wars with the phase one china deal. didn't solve all our problems with china but now we have this other issue on the horizon and, you know, with he keep getting hit with these waves. we've proven resilient with the help with the fed but it's hard
11:32 am
to get near 3% growth in an economy where you don't have that much labor force growth nor productivity growth. >> a strong jobs report this month, the trump economy doing very well, so was obamas, we know how we took it up from where it started as he was first voted in, president trump takes on the obama economy and basically every chance he gets, diane, i'm curious what you make of that. is that fair? >> it's not the best -- i mean, 1990s boom was so much better. so many aspects where we're not seeing as much labor force participation as we did in the 1990 secret service. we lost almost a decade between 2000 and 2008 before the crisis and wage gains remain stuck at 3% which is a mere shadow of what they were in the 1990s. in the 1990s not only did everyone who wanted a job had a job, people who didn't want jobs, people deliberately staying into the labor force were lured back by increased benefits and flexible work schedules to come back into the
11:33 am
labor force. we want to get there and the only way we seem to be able to get there, we've had in sort of momentum a long, low recovery and stamina, we haven't had as much strength as we'd like and the federal reserve has been giving us a little adrenaline. i think they will need to give us another adrenaline shot this year with more rate can you tell us. >> diane swonk, thank you very much. he is a long-time republican who the president fired and he's now endorsing today one of the president's biggest rivals in this election cycle. the new boost for former new york city mayor mike bloomberg. plus the lawyer for the indicted rudy giuliani associate lev parnas says his client is sitting on a trove of information that goes beyond impeachment. cnn's exclusive new reporting coming up.
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after americans endured his impeachment to the only apology president trump is giving is to his family. it was not at all the kind of
11:38 am
mea culpa his opponent says this country deserves, instead of mending divisions and moving on the president was hurling insults indicating he is not healed from or more importantly learned from his trial. here is cnn's senior political analyst john avalon with a reality check. >> it's supposed to be a solemn occasion, the impeachment and acquittal of the president of the united states. and here is how bill clinton handled it. >> i want to say how profoundly sorry i am for what i said and did. >> and here was donald trump. >> it was all bull [ bleep ]. >> so to all the republican senators who hoped that donald trump learned his lessons from impeachment, well, not so much. but this was totally predictable. donald trump famously hates apologizing. apologies are seen as a sign of weakness, an admission of guilt and it's a lesson from roy cohen the infamous lawyer to joe mccarthy and the mob who men dord trump in the '70s and '80s. he had a simple code, always
11:39 am
attack, never apologize and trump learned the lesson well, it is core to his gasity approach to politics and alex baldwin set it up on "snl." >> i deeply aplojige. >> are you trying to i apologize. >> no, i would never do that. what i am doing is -- >> so the day began with president trump at the national prayer breakfast. the writer arthur brooks spoke about jesus' teaching we should love all our enemies. trump took to the podium and said, arthur, i don't know if i agree with you and proceeded to question the faith of nancy pelosi and mitt romney. after that all eyes were on the noon speech trump was set to give at the white house. it was angry, aggrieved and very, very strange. even by trump standards. despite all the evidence the president stuck to his insistence that he was the real victim in all of this. >> we went through hell unfairly. did nothing wrong. they took a phone call that was a totally appropriate call. i call it a perfect call. and they brought me to the final
11:40 am
stages of impeachment. >> but the real choice bits of bile were left for his political op snents. >> it was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops. it was leakers and liars, bad people who in my opinion it's almost like they want to destroy our country. >> this went on without notes for more than an hour, almost as long as his state of the union address. trump's patented moves of deny, deflect and project were in full display as he ram bd, but there is a method to the madness, trump's feelings and alternative facts will be amplified by allies and partisan and social media until his supporters believe they're real and this is how the president drives disinformation while dividing the country and politically profits from polarization. the man dubbed they have london doesn't want our country to have a common set of facts because the facts are so often not on his side. trump tries to deflect misdeeds
11:41 am
by evoking family and for them he offered that rarest of things, an apology. >> i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phoney rotten deal by some very evil and sick people. >> well, the word was there, even if the spirit was not and that's your reality check. >> so good. so good. john, thank you. one of the candidates seeking to unseat president trump, michael bloomberg, just received a big endorsement a little while ago, not from a big name democrat, rather from a republican who used to be part of the trump administration. the now fired navy secretary richard spencer. >> mike has a track record, a track record of productivity, a track record as an honest and principled man. he is the candidate the united states needs, ladies and gentlemen, a president who can bring the country together, a
11:42 am
president who appreciates the strengths of our allies and partners. a president who respects opinions, who respects diversity. a president who understands the value of our men and women in service. i do believe mike can get it done. >> spencer lost his job after he tried to intervene in the disciplinary case against navy s.e.a.l. eddie gallagher, he was demoted in rank after his convictions for posing next to the body of an isis fighter, but president trump stepped in and reversed that decision. so let's discuss this endorsement today. eye each is that moody mills is with me, a cnn political commentator and alice stewart is with us, also a cnn political commentator and republican strategist. good to have you both on. alice, looking at former secretary spencer, this life-long republican, now endorsing mike bloomberg. how big of a deal is this for bloomberg? >> it's a great get for
11:43 am
bloomberg and i think they are certainly getting a lot of attention for it, but secretary spencer has a tremendous history and record in his public service, but he certainly doesn't speak for all of the military and certainly for all americans and republicans specifically for that matter. i speak with a lot of people in the military, they support this president because he supports them with regard to funding for the military and pay increases, but with regard to republicans and spencer being a republican, look, president trump has the support of 94% of his republican pace and that is solid and strong and not going anywhere. not to mention the fact across the country his approval ratings have gone up with all of this impeachment talk that has been going on to 49%, the highest it's ever been, and with the economy up to 63%. so while this might be a good bump and a good news cycle for bloomberg, it's certainly not going to impact president trump. >> as bloomberg is hoping that, you know, i'm sure he can grab
11:44 am
those more moderate republicans there is another issue out of the "new york times" today that reports that bloomberg is trying to appeal to the big donors. bloomberg has the money, he's pouring a ton of money into his campaign but he's asking them to donate to the democratic national committee or progressive advocacy group. one biden supporter speculated to the "times" that bloomberg was, quote, look to go dry up support for others, a dollar prevented from going to our opponent is worth a dollar going to you. if you are mike bloomberg do you think that is a smart strategy, keep the money away from the other guys? >> so here is the challenge with all of this is that mike bloomberg is playing a money game with, quote/unquote, his friends and trying to syphon off resources and control how resources are moved isn't exactly the heart and soul of what the conversation is like in the base of the democratic party right now, it's actually anti that leveraging of money to kind of buy your way. so i think that that's a little bit risky. >> but if he wants to win. i mean -- >> let's talk about the winning strategy and where mike
11:45 am
bloomberg is. having a republican come out and endorse him doesn't do anything for his ability to win the nomination in the democratic base. i think it's wonderful that he has gotten this endorsement and i'd like to see more republicans come out and stand with the democrats come the general. that's when the rubber will meet the road. if you had literally -- you bore witness, you had a front row seat to the operations of this administration, then certainly come out and tell the american public they're bad and we need to flip that. i will see what happens and how that stands true, but mike bloomberg pulling republicans today isn't getting him to november. >> one of the points she made was spot on. ayesha made with regard to bloomberg and the base of the democratic party. he certainly resonates with a certain aspect of the democratic party, but i talked with democrats in rural america, in the flyover countries and they have gone to bloomberg events really giving him the benefit of the doubt because he has gotten such traction and such great
11:46 am
support so far, but he has not been able to connect with rural voters, rural democrats in these smaller rural areas across the country and if he cannot connect with them, he's going to have a really difficult time when he tries to cash in on super tuesday. >> let's go back for just a moment because it's still happening, iowa. iowa. >> still happening. >> it's still happening four days later. 100% of the precincts are in, bernie sanders won the popular vote, has just a hair fewer delegates than pete buttigieg, now sanders is poised to win, you know, new hampshire. so do you see him as -- at the moment -- the front runner of the democrats? >> you know, this is interesting because going into iowa -- >> that was not a yes. so it's not a yes. >> it's interesting because for the first time in a little while going into iowa no one really knew if there was going to be a front runner coming out of this week or next week, which is interesting for the democratic field. the expectation is that there were going to be at least three
11:47 am
people at the top that were going to split the delegates, perhaps somewhat evenly so going through iowa, going through new hampshire and into nevada there wouldn't actually be just one person. so we're seeing that play out right now. >> we are. >> bernie sanders absolutely may win new hampshire, pete may walk away with more delegates from iowa, you're still going to have a situation where you have two, three, four candidates coming away with delegates and none are so far away and smashing the field that i would call anybody a front runner at this point in time. >> okay. ayes ayesha, thank you very much. alice, nice to have you on as well. >> thank you. let's move on to this, lev parnas is not finished, the lawyer for the indicted associate of rudy giuliani speaking out to cnn about the treasure trove of information he has compiled on the former new york city mayor. we have that exclusive report coming up next. eh, not enough fiber- chocolate would be good- snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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exclusive reporting coming from cnn's vicki ward. here is the story, even with the end of the impeachment trial former rudy giuliani associate lev parnas is not done with his efforts to show he has information to interest investigators. cnn has obtained these exclusive photos of a trip that giuliani took to madrid as he prepared to help this wealthy venezuelan who was trying to avoid indictment in the united states. so these photos and what lev parnas and other sources tell cnn provide just a peek into relationships giuliani has not been willing to discuss about legal work he overtakes fore clients whose interests could intersects with the policies of his most prominent client, president donald trump. these images and what parnas knows are already in the hands of federal investigators in new
11:53 am
york where parnas has been indicted and giuliani is under investigation. so vicki ward who has the scoop, she's with me now. let's start with this trip to madrid. who was there with giuliani and why is that such a big leave? >> so lev parnas, right, never far from giuliani's side in this area, they were hosted by a new client of giuliani's, this wealthy venezuelan you talked about, brooke, who potentially is facing legal problems here not yet named in a lawsuit. hired giuliani. also there was the father of venezuela's -- the opposition leader, juan guaido who is of great political importance to president trump. we saw him this week in the gallery at the state of the union speech. donald trump called him out. the reason according to lev parnas who talked to cnn
11:54 am
exclusively about this trip and explained the photographers was that giuliani videoed according to parnas, interviews he conducted with both juan guaido's father and his client alejandro lopez in which alejandro lopez said he had been supported financially by guaido's regime which would be very popular with the president. giuliani told parnas according to lev parnas that he was going to show these videos both to the justice department and bill barr the attorney general, giuliani's great friend and donald trump. the guaidos according to parnas felt they wanted a better relationship with the president. now, giuliani has said that lev parnas is a proven lawyer, he will never confirm nor deny whether or not he made these videos, and he told me that he
11:55 am
couldn't discuss this trip because it was a matter of national security. neither lawyers for juan guaido's father have commented to cnn, lopez's lawyers have not commented to cnn. >> okay. vicki ward with all this reporting. i'm sure there's so much more, we will look for it on vicki ward, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have got to pull away because we're getting some breaking news in that helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter gigi and those seven others, the parents, the children, the ntsb just issued its first report on the crash. we will tell you what their findings indicate next. at i can. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪
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11:58 am
old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. we have breaking news just in. the ntsb has just released this preliminary report regarding that helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter and seven other individuals. so many parents and their own children that happening two sundays ago. investigators say -- this is the headline -- investigators say there was, quote, no evidence of engine failure. let's go straight to nick watt who i know has been covering this crash for the last few weeks. you've read this report. run through it for me. >> so, brooke, this is a ten-page report, it'