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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 7, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. hello and welcome to our viewers joining us from all around the world. coming up on cnn newsroom, u.s. president donald trump shows that siding against him is a bad idea for administration staffers as he fires two key impeachment witnesses who testified at his impeachment trial. floating prisons. the coronavirus confining thousands of passengers on cruise shipments on opposite ends of the world. and weeks after the deaths of kobe bryant, his daughter and seven others, we are learning new details about the helicopter crash that took their lives.
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hello, welcome, everyone. if you're wondering about u.s. president trump's frame of mind after his impeachment acquittal, if there was any question how he would treat those who dared testify against him following that victory lap we saw him take next day, well, now we know. fresh off that acquittal, mr. trump set his sights on two of the leading figures we saw testify under oath. and as kaitlyn collins reports, it might not stop there. >> reporter: well, president trump has fired two of the most prominent witnesses that appeared in the impeachment inquiry against him that resulted in those two articles of impeachment which the president was acquitted of just days ago. that comes as the president had been complaining about both of them privately at length. but aides have been advising the
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president to wait until the trial is over. now it is and he has fired gordon sondland, the ambassador to the european union who at one point gave $1 million to his. he is demanding the investigations into the bidens. the president has fired lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. someone we should note who also came forward to testify in his uniform because he had been on that july call that the president had with the ukraine leader where he first brought up the bidens and those investigations that he wanted. alexander vindman was escorted off white house grounds in addition to his brother who is an attorney for the national security council but never testified, never spoke publicly about the impeachment inquiry. but according to his attorney, he was also fired without any kind of explanation despite his years of service. both are expected to go back to
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the pentagon for the time being though it is still unclear what their role will be. now that gordon. >> has been recalled from his roll, it is under clear when he'll do when he does return to the united states. he had been working there quietly, not seen as someone who had a lot of power the last several weeks sense did he testify and he was clearly on bad terms with the president. this will raise questions going forward. democrats saying has the clear sign of retribution by the president who is trying to get retaliation because of their testimony. the question going forward is whether or not any more witnesses who testified in that impeachment hearing will be fired. cnn, the white house. >> and joining me now from washington, political analyst michael, correspondent for the "new york times." always good to see you. so lieutenant colonel vindman and his brother literally escorted by security after from the white house.
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he got the eu ambassador sondland recalled and is the former ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. retribution underway? >> i don't think you can think of it as anything else. not only did president trump himself talk about retribution, talk about his anger in the sort of rambling sort of hour-long venting session at the white house the day after the senate trial ended but you had the white house press secretary publicly say that she thought people who had done president trump wrong in the course of the impeachment inquiry were going to have to pay for it. so i think it is hard to look at the actions of today in any other way than as retribution against people that the president perceives as his enemies. and i don't know whether it is over. that is the question i think we don't know the answer to. is there more to come? >> exactly.
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when you think of, well, not gordon sondland, but vindman and yovanovitch, that speaks to an across the board of expert experience in this administration. not just these had few but for a long time now. >> part of what has been a consistent story about the trump administration at large, and certainly played out in the course of the ukraine situation, is a real rejection by this administration. by this president of the kind of expertise that has been for decades, built up in the government. presidents from the republican party, or the democratic party alike. have sort of respected the fact there is a kind of core career civil service. whether it's in the diplomatic corps, expertise about various countries, expertise about immigration or other policies. and most presidents recognize that while they install political leadership on top of the bureaucracy to direct them
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in the direction that the president wants to go in, that there is a respect for that expertise. this president obviously has no respect for that. in fact he has a paranoia about the, what he calls the deep state bureaucracy. and what is just remarkable, in the ukraine situation, it dime a head. you had people testifying against the president and now he seems to be taking advantage of it. >> that also seems a chilling message. whether to speak up when you genuinely see something wrong and it speaks to potential recruitment and retention of experts within the u.s. government. >> i think that is absolutely right. think about it this way. the whistleblower that came forward. the person we still don't publicly know who that is. why if you're in the government. if you're one of the career civil servants, why would you come forward knowing that you've
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just seen a president of the united states waging months long campaign of criticism against the unnamed whistleblower. now carrying out essentially retribution within hours, less than 48 hours after being acquitted in the senate, he's firing people. i think that does send a really chilling message. >> it is the free wheeling and emb embittered address. he no doubt feels wrongedering feels betrayed and now perhaps dangerously vengeful. and as you say, this probably isn't over. their i think worth reminding that this isn't a normal response. look. it is no surprise that a president would feel hurt and perhaps upset by being impeached and then tried in the senate.
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if you look back 21 years ago to bill clintons' response after he, too, was acquitted in the senate. he chose the normal political path. which was contrition, apology, essentially, let's move on. time to do business of the country and that's the normal political sort of inclination. regardless of what party you're in. what president trump did the other day using vulgarities and lashing out at his enemies. calling then evil. that's vex pushing the envelope and on the edge of what normal politicians would do. >> the other thing that was interesting was during that whole thing, whatever it was, how it was applauded by the enthusiastic republicans.
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are they enamored by him or cowed by him? >> i spent the last four months on capitol hill covering the impeachment. i was interacting with the republican lawmakers. both in the house and the senate. talking to them every day. i think there is a mix of fear and genuine admiration. there are members of the president's party who truly feel aggrieved as he does. they're always going to be on his side. others don't feel that admiration but they're fearful of the political power the president has over what ultimately are their voters, their base. they fear if we to unleash that power against them, their time would be short. it produces the reaction that you described. >> they really are extraordinary
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toims. never seen leadership quite like this. appreciate it as always. good to see you. seven of the top presidential candidates faced off friday night ahead of the new new hampshire primary. many were focused on health care, foreign policy and electability. michael buttigieg was accused of trying on buy his way into the race. >> i don't think anyone ought to be able to buy their way into a nomination or to be president of the united states. i don't think any billionaire ought to be able to do it and i don't think people who suck up
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to billionaires in order to fund their campaign ought to do it. everyone on this stage except amy and me is either a billionaire or is receiving help from pacs that can do unlimited spending. so if you really want to live where you say, then put your money where your mouth is and say no to the pacs. >> well, time is running out to win over new hampshire primary voters. >> seven familiar faces took familiar places. >> i took a hit in iowa and i'll probably take hit here. >> the stakes seemed higher than ever. >> we need reestablish the rule of law in this country. >> pete bookt and bernie sanders claiming victory in iowa leading
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the polls in new hampshire fire. >> pete buttigieg is the mayor of a small city and done good things. >> others hoping for a memorable moment. >> bernie and i work together all the time. i think we are not going to be able to outdid i have tied divider in choef. >> the next president is going to have to restore the credibility of this country. >> the candidates talking about the matters that matter most. like health care. >> if we do what joe wants, we'll be spending some $50 trillion on health care over the next ten years. that is the status quo. >> climate change. >> mabel we pool our resources and fight our common enemy which is climate change. >> and the economy. >> we're going to have to take mr. trump down on the economy and he will beat us unless we can take him down on the economy, stupid. >> what we have to do is get the markets working to improve our family's way of life. >> with the primary on tuesday, the time to assistant out to
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voters is quickly running out. turning our attention to the the wuhan coronavirus, japan announced its first death related to the outbreak. there was a man in his 60s, located in wuhan, china. that brings the virus' death toll to 725. the vast majority mainland, china. it could soon overtake the sars outbreak in 2003. the first coronavirus death was just one month ago. it took sars eight months to kill 774 people. the infection rate soaring daily.
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it is now affectinging 35,000 people globally. sars affected a quarter of that many. the coronavirus has now shown up all over the world. south america and africa the exceptions to that. dozens of countries struggling to get their citizens out of clean but they're hampered by a transport lock down in many 60s. about 300 people arrived back in the u.s. on friday. u.s. health officials say five of the passengers were taken to hospitals with symptoms of the virus. a third cruise ship stranded at sea after some asian ports turned it away. and another is docked not far from new york. we'll have more on that in a moment. as for the diamond princess, that's the one right there.
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more than 60 people on board confirmed to have the virus. thousands more stuck on what they call a contaminated prison. terrified of catching the virus. you have healthy people sequestered with healthy people. what are they saying with that? >> what we have now is doctors taking off slowly, little by little, the people infected with this virus. taking them off the shipment and taking them to local hospitals. the answer is yes. what we've seen is each day, the number of infected people has gone up. from yesterday to today there is another three reported cases of those on board. people have become symptom attic and then tested positive.
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the thought of the people we've spent on to on board who aren't sick yet, get us off this ship. why are we on board, breathing recirculated air, the same air as people who might be sick are breathing as well. what we've heard from the japanese authorities, so far there has not been any case of someone contracting this coronavirus you this the ventilation system. and furthermore, there seems to be agreement on the part of the authorities, when it comes the limiting the ability of people to get sick, both on the cruise ship and also here in japan, there is kind of agreement between governments involved that the best protocol to follow would be for people on the cruise ship to shelter in place. given that logic, despite the demands of people on board saying we want off, the japanese authorities are not budging at this point. they're holding to this 14-day quarantine. at this point people will be allowed off and allowed to take
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commercial flights home to wherever they've come from. presuming they're not showing any symptoms. this will be the status quo every morning, waking up, seeing if anyone else tested positive for this virus and waiting out this two-week quarantine period. >> yeah. a couple things. maybe you can cheer one of them up. if there is a new infection, does the 14 days start all over again? what are conditions like? >> reporter: he can tell you first of all that conditions on board are not great. we speak to people who say they're only allowed out of their rooms under strict assume vision by security guards for around an hour a day. they're not allowed to talk to one another. there are no laundry services. they can't get clean clothes. they're bored out of their minds. it's a tough situation and it has been described as this floating prison. people who decided they wanted to go on this nice luxury vacation are now stuck inside their rooms. and most of the rooms in these
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cruise ships, some of them don't even have windows. they're inside in the bottom of the shipment. so you're stuck had in the bottom of the shipment for 23 hours a day. when the quarantine ends, there is been some thought that it will be extended depending on how many people are declared sick with this virus. so it is still a bit vague in terms of when this quarantine period will end. we expect it to be in the next 10 to 14 days. >> thank you. u.s. health officials are also scrutinizing a cruise shrimp docked on friday near new york city. >> reporter: it was initially 27 passengers that caught the attention of authorities not long after it docked. four were medically cleared. that family that was sent to a nearby hospital tested for
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coronavirus. we should opponent out according to royal caribbean cruises, they did not exhibit only one coronavirus symptoms. only one tested positive for no no. they will have to wait until those test results are released until they can say that they were not exposed to the virus itself. as we wait for those results, we can tell you that royal caribbean is implementing stricter protocols. they include guests holding passports from hong kong or china denied access to their shipments. at lowest for now. anyone traveling in mainland china regardless of their country of origin will be denied access. and finally, mandatory health screenings for some of those passengers who feel sick. particularly if they report traveling to mainland china in the last couple weeks. in the mean time, as for the ship it seventh, it was scheduled to return out to sea on friday this afternoon. we're told that will now be
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welcome back. kobe bryant's widow offering a chance to celebrate the basketball star's life. there is a public memorial on february 24th. it will be at the staples central where kobe played his entire career for the los angeles lakers. the legendary retired athlete killed last month when the helicopter he was in with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others crashed into a hillside near los angeles. on friday, the u.s. national transportation safety board releasing new details in the investigation. >> reporter: the ntsb is calling this an investigation update. this is not analysis. these are not conclusions. this is a report of the facts that they have gathered so far but experts say it does give an indication, a road map of where the investigation is going. and one line in particular
10:25 pm
stands out. that is, sections of the engines showed no signs of had catastrophic internal failure which suggests that engine failure has pretty much been ruled out. the managing director at the ntsb, take a listen to his initial reactions. >> if there were kernels about either the equipment or anything else, it would be mentioned. in this case, they focused in on the weather. in on the pilot's interaction with air traffic control in the end the spotlight will be on the pilot and his decision making. >> the report details the condition of the helicopter. all inspections were up to date. the pilot, age 50, had worked at that island express for about ten years.
10:26 pm
no issues with his record either. there was focus on the weather. photographs. one showing, taken from a security camera showing the helicopter flying in heavy fog. some eyewitness testimony. one line here, videos and photos taken depicted fog and low clouds obscuring the hill tops. we know the last contact with controllers, the pilot. he was planning to climb to 4,000 feet to avoid cloud. he only got to 2300 feet before making a left turn descending and crashing into that hillside. a full report might take more than a year to come out. and in the meantime, we know there will be a memorial for kobe bryant at the staples center here in los angeles monday, february 24th. as the coronavirus crisis
10:27 pm
grows in china and indeed all around the world, there are growing concerns about how beijing is handling it.
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welcome back. i'm michael holm. u.s. president donald trump cleaning house after his acquittal, removing lieutenant colonel alexander vindman from his role at the national security council and recording gordon sondland from his post as ambassador to the european union. both providing key testimony that led to the articles of impeachment against the president. seven democratic presidential
10:31 pm
candidates taking to the stage friday night just days ahead of the new hampshire primary. candidates clashld over health care, foreign policy and climate change. many targeting pete buttigieg as he and bernie sanders remained the front-runners. of course their main target, president donald trump. the u.s. government confirms an american in woo handle, china, has died of the coronavirus. it is the first death of an american citizen from the illness. japan also reporting one of its citizens has died, believed also to be from the coronavirus. we told you earlier how u.s. health officials are scrutinizing a cruise ship that docked friday in new york city. some americans on board a cruise ship in japan have tested positive for the coronavirus. but there are growing kernels that china's government has mishandled the deepening crisis. we get more from brian todd.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: the anthem of the seas was just on a standard cruise. when it docked in bayonne, new jersey, four people had been to mainland china but not to the province where coronavirus originated, were taken for testing of half a world away in japan, rebecca frazier is one of about a dozen americans who have tested positive for the coronavirus. >> a little bit scared. hard to know what the future holds since i don't really feel sick right now. is it going to get worse? >> thousands of people on cruise ships in asia have been quarantined, confined to their cabins. >> cruise shipments are petrie dishes. one thing that concerns me, you're keeping them in close quarters where you may be amplifying transmission from sick people to other people. >> reporter: meanwhile the latest planes out of americans
10:33 pm
being evacuated from wuhan, the ground zero of coronavirus, arrived in the u.s. on friday. hundreds of them are being quarantined on military bases. one wearing a mask and streaming about conditions inside. >> we are allowed to do anything inside the fence but not allowed to go outside. >> reporter: there are more than 31,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world with more than 630 deaths. almost all those cases i know side mainland china. but the virus has spread to more than 25 countries and regions. there are a dozen cases in the u.s. >> although the virus represents a potentially very serious public health threat, and we expect to continue seeing more cases here, the immediate risk to the american public is low at this time. >> reporter: meanwhile, a social media revolt inside china, saying that they covered up the early signs of the outbreak.
10:34 pm
citizens are outraged. lee was accused of rumor amongering, being disruptive and targeted by police. he later contracted the virus himself and died. the chinese president xi jinping meanwhile uncharacteristically disappeared from public view for several days at the height of the outbreak. >> the need to avoid to be the public face of this issue is quite pressing. because xi is extremely careful about his reputation and about his image. >> reporter: the analyst yun sun who monitored chinese media says the beijing government is still blocking had information. >> what it says is the content of this, it cannot be viewed. >> president trump would not criticize china for covering up the outbreak. the president saying he's had at least one lengthy discussion with xi jinping about combatting
10:35 pm
the virus. he says the chinese are working hard to defeat it. this comes as the president and his team are escalating their own response to the outbreak, imposing tough new measures. coronavirus getting new levels of attention inside the white house now that impeachment is behind them. cnn, washington. >> now since brian filed that report, the number of coronavirus cases has risen to nearly 35,000 around the world. and now 726 deaths. joining me now, an infectious disease specialist at the nyu school of medicine. when it cops to china, one thing that's interesting, we've seen state media advising the use of traditional change on he's medicine. i think 125 practitioners sent to wuhan. what are your thoughts on that
10:36 pm
in terms of tackling this? >> they've been trained in the very basics of western medical care. when it comes to doing the things like people's temperatures and checking their blums and those things, they can probably be quite helpful traditional chinese medicine is very much a part of their culture and i do think there are some ways it can be helpful as well when you feel powerless, that's what leads to panic. having something in your own power to protect yourself and your family is a very strong treatment in and of itself. >> yeah, as long as it's in combination with other
10:37 pm
medicines. i want to ask you this. it sort of caught me off guard. the global toll from coronavirus has reached, at the moment about, 724, i think. in a couple of months. i think the first death was a month ago. sars killed 774 people, only just marginally more, over a period of eight months. what do you make of the spread rates? are they frightening? as you would expect or could be worse? >> well, it looks like the new coronavirus is behaving more like the flu than it is like sars. that means that in each person infected, their risk of dying is lower but it is more trans missable so you're seeing the case rate climb very quickly in a way that it did not do so with sars. it remains to be seen how many will be casualties.
10:38 pm
it will depend on how many are infected. >> what are you hearing how long it can be before there's a vaccine? the question is then, who gets it first, of course? >> i think we're looking at at least a year will even if you have candidates. it looks like we will probably be able to initiate a clinical trial as early as april. probably the latest by the summer. even then it takes time to have a vaccine be safe and effective. that means you'll have to administer the vaccine to people who are being exposed. who are in the middle of the he said demmic to see if it actually protects them. so there is a whole host of logistical challenges. as to who gets it first, it will be similar to other situations like this. so people in the middle of the epidemic. trying to contain it in that way
10:39 pm
where you see the most spread. especially targeting the elderly and health care workers who are caring for the sick. >> what is the most effective way to slow the spread? the transmission is key in that, too. i think it has not yet gotten to where you pick it up off a door handle. >> it seems most likely to be spread by droplets. you spray little tinly droplets, mists into the air, when you cough, when you sneeze, even when you talk. you can breathe against a window and you see fog on a window from that. that seems to be the mode of transmission. and that's important because those droplets don't travel that far. it is not like an airborne disease that can travel much further. so if you practice what we call social distancing, if you
10:40 pm
maintain a meter distance from you versus the person next to you, you've already dramatically reduced your risk. if you wash your hands, that is probably the most important thing you can do. very often you're infecting by touching those secretions and then rubbing them into your mouth and nose and eyes. and some of the other basic things, open your windows. that provides much better ventilation than say a hepa filter you bought at the store and will help flush out whatever mists are in the area right around you. so there are some low cost things to do. you just have to be very vigilant about practicing then all the time of the will. >> thanks. so with the nyu school of medicine. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> we'll take a quick break.
10:41 pm
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u.s. president donald trump might have been acquit in the impeachment trial but now diplomats and officials who provided testimony are bracing for the fallout on friday. mr. trump firing the e.u. ambassador, gordon sondland, and lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. the top ukraine expert at the national security council. both have testified under oath in the house impeachment hearings. both sides are far from letting go of ukraine investigation. >> the trial may have ended -- >> donald j. trump, president of
10:45 pm
the united states, is not guilty as charged. >> reporter: but the ukraine saga is not over. >> we will continue to do our oversight to protect and defend the constitution which is three co-equal branches of government. each a check and ballot other. for democrats, it's john bolton, the former national security adviser who. he would be willing to testify if subpoenaed. but republicans blocked witnesses. >> that is still an open chapter out there. if for nothing but the historical record, i certainly am very interested in hearing what mr. bolton has to say. >> reporter: now house democrats say it is likely they will subpoena bolton who has a book coming out, reported on in the "new york times" that if you are alleges the president did link military aid for ukraine with personal, political investigations. and that he pressured bolton to
10:46 pm
help him. bolton's tell-all book and willingness to testify angered republicans who argued that the bidens' role in ukraine deserves more scrutiny. >> we're going to get to the bottom of this and i can prove beyond any doubt that joe biden's effort in the ukraine to root out corruption was undercut because he let his son sit on the board of the most corrupt company in the ukraine. and we won't give him a pass on that. >> the trump administration has already handed over documents and information to senate republicans on hunter biden after the white house refused to cooperate with house democrats on their requests. democratic senator ron widen blasting republicans for turning the senate into an arm of the political campaign. it was that campaign for trump to win in 2020 that lev parnas, the endied associate of rudy giuliani, told cnn was at the center of their mission in ukraine. >> that was the most important thing for him to stay on another
10:47 pm
four years and keep the fight going. there was no other reason for doing it. >> rudy giuliani. he couldn't discuss that trim to spain because it is a matter of national security. as for parnas, despite his best efforts to be cooperative, a trial date has been set in manhattan in october. meaning a verdict could come in the final days of the 2020 election. cnn, washington. >> house managers say they are concerned president trump has not learned anything from the trial. in an exclusive interview with cnn, anderson cooper asked them if they think the impeachment back foird. >> i would consider that fake news. we didn't have a fair trial. i think back to robert mueller's words. he said if he could exonerate the president, he would. but he could not exonerate the president. the evidence was overwhelming
10:48 pm
against him. many said that the evidence was clear and convincing and overwhelming. the president is not exonerated today. in terms of the polls, we were there to present the best case to the senators and to the american people. i believe we did that. >> i find myself optimistic coming out of this trial, which may be counter intuitive. the fact that senators and indeed a small number showed the courage they did, senators like mitt romney but also, jones, joe manchin and others, i think they lived up to the confidence the founders put in our ability to have self-governance. that we could rise to the occasion so i find myself optimistic. i think what mitt romney did in particular dmenl straits that one person can change the course of history.
10:49 pm
it he will give strength to others who will learn that you can stand up to this president. you can even disagree with the leader of your party and be an example of courage to others. >> i think the impeachment trial was never about disagreement. bits the precious nature of the constitution. george washington observed that it is sacredly obligatory he upon all. from the very beginning of this effort, led by chairman schiff and speaker pelosi, we've been trying to vindicate the notion that in america, no one is above the law. not even the president of the united states of america. >> there is a new look at the oscars this year. just ahead, how a push for sustainability could turn the red carpet afterparties green. i feel like i'm losing my identity. business logo...outdoor sign.
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but this year's oscar party will feature something new on the menu and that is sustainability. there's been a push for it this year. cnn's lynda kinkade explains how the oscars are going green. >> reporter: he's the actor of the moment with his performance in the movie "the joker" and joaquin phoenix is using his time in the spotlight to spread a message on sustainability through hollywood to encourage show organizers to feature plant based menus. >> i think now consuming animal products is no longer just a personal choice, it is having a drastic and vast consequence on the rest of the world. >> reporter: so far the golden globes, the screen actors gild and the critics choice awards have served vegan meals to their attendees. and this year the after party
10:55 pm
will be plant based dishes with options of adding meat. >> everything in moderation for me is the most important part. if we eat more red meat for example we have to raise more cattle. >> reporter: some saying it's a small step in the right direction. >> in terms of the vegan menu yeah i think anyone anytime can contribute. >> reporter: others see it as a call to action. >> i plan to change my diet and i'm certainly not taking any private jets. i'll tell you that. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge wearing a dress previously worn on a visit to malaysia. joaquin phoenix says he's worn the same tuxedo to the awards show where the big win could be the environment if more people use their star power in real life drama in protecting the
10:56 pm
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up here on "cnn newsroom," millions in quarantine, thousands trapped on cruise ships. and we've just gotten word that the first american has died of the coronavirus. president trump cleaning house. two crucial witnesses have been forced out of their posts. and new details about that crash that killed a basketball legend kobe bryant, what investigators say was likely not the cause. welcome, everyone. both the japan and u.s. reporting their first fatalities from the wuhan coronavirus. both victims said to be in their 60s were in the city of wuhan, the epicenter of course of the outbreak. now that brings the virus' death toll


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