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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  February 9, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hello again, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this special bi-city show. i'm fredricka whitfield. >> and i'm live in manchester, new hampshire. there is a lot to talk about in the granite state and we'll talk about it. >> the gloves are coming off. each making their case to be the next president, and now there's a new battle brewing within the party. this time it's former vice president joe biden on the attack. he released a blistering new campaign ad criticizing pete buttigieg's record as mayor of south bend, indiana and mocking his lack of experience on the national stage. buttigieg fired back today on
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cnn's "state of the union." >> it's a difficult political attack, and it's too bad because so many communities, communities like mine in south bend, we know that we might look small from the perspective of washington, but it's what's going on in washington that looks so small and small-minded. communities, whether they're my size or rural communities or even neighborhoods in our biggest cities that feel completely left behind are frustrated with being made into a punchline by washington politicians. >> now with just two days before the new hampshire primary, we're getting a clear picture of where this race stands. a brand new cnn university of new hampshire poll is out, and this one was partially taken after friday's democratic debate, and it shows a little change at the top. senator bernie sanders is maintaining a strong lead heading into tuesday's vote. we have team coverage in new hampshire covering all the twists and turns on the campaign trail. cnn's jeff zeleny is with the
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bernie sanders campaign, so jeff, is he feeling confident? >> reporter: fred, there is no question that bernie sanders is closing this new hampshire campaign with an air of confidence. of course, he is very much aware of the lead he has in the poll, but he also is keeping an eye on his competitor who is just behind him, and that is pete buttigieg. senator sanders went throughout the last year rarely mentioning any of his rivals, but since iowa, and since friday, in fact, senator sanders mentions pete buttigieg at every campaign stop. he reminds voters in new hampshire that buttigieg raises money the old-fashioned way, from millionaires and even billionaires, he says. take a look at what senator sanders said just a few minutes ago. >> i'm running against some guys, pete buttigieg, among others, who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billionaires.
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40 billionaires, hence, large corporations, ceos in the pharmaceutical industry, people on wall street. our campaign is a very different campaign, and i am enormously proud to tell you that we have received more campaign contributions from more people averaging $18.50 than any candidate in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: so it's notable that bernie sanders not mentioning joe biden, not mentioning george washingteliza which was once thought to be his main rival on the campaign trail. he needs to raise money in large chunks, he says, because he's not a rich man, he's not been doing public fundraisers as long as bernie sanders. yes, they are confident but they are keeping their eye on what seems to be a surge or the
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strength of pete buttigieg in these closing days of new hampshire. but fred, one other thing is a big question hanging over this campaign. will bernie sanders be able to expand his universe of supporters into some older voters? our poll shows that, yes, he is strong with voters under age 45, but over age 45, he is trailing pete buttigieg in a big way. here at this rally, at least, in hanover which is the campus of dartmouth targets many young students. but can he attract a coalition of democrats after new hampshire? also turnout. can he inspire voters to come out and vote for him on tuesday? he was disappointed with the turnout in iowa, he was hoping for better turnout, but the new hampshire primaries have a history of delivering surprises, so we'll see if that happens on tuesday. >> we will, indeed. jeff zeleny, thank you so much. meanwhile, many campaign
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watchers are waiting to see how tuesday's vote will shake out before -- between, rather, two of the more moderate members of the party, former vice president joe biden and former south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg, and if their current feud will actually sway the results. cnn's jessica dean is with the biden campaign. jessica, what is this all about? are we seeing a different joe biden kind of emerge here? >> yeah, fred, i think that's true. we've seen different variations over the last 24 hours, that's for sure. to give you a big picture look, here's what's going on. joe biden with a disappointing fourth place finish in iowa and now coming into new hampshire lagging behind pete buttigieg in the polls. his campaign always said -- joe biden's campaign always said, look, we don't have to win new hampshire and iowa to go where we want to go, to win this nomination. but, fred, they also didn't anticipate being beat this much by pete buttigieg in iowa and
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potentially in new hampshire. so yesterday we saw a new side of joe biden going directly after pete buttigieg. they released that video online that attacked pete buttigieg's experience, comparing it to the vice president's experience, and then we heard from both of them on the sunday shows this morning. take a list ten to what they we saying the day after all this back and forth started. >> after cnn's jeff zeleny pointed out that biden made a similar inexperienced attack on barack obama in the 2016 race, he reported, this guy is not a barack obama. what do you think about that? >> he's right, i'm not. neither is he. neither is any of us running for president. this isn't 2008, it's 2020. we are in a new moment calling for a different kind of leadership. look, we are facing the most disruptive president in modern times. i don't think the same playbook that helped us get here is going to work against him. we're also facing the most divisive president in modern
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times, which is why i'm equally concerned about a message that says if you're not for revolution, you must be for the status quo, because i think that leaves most people out. >> let's get something straight here. i didn't attack pete. pete's been attacking me. he's been saying the reason we're in the problem we're in now is because of the recent past. that's eight years of obama and me. i don't understand that. and i think he is completely misunderstood or misrepresenting my record. >> so from the biden campaign's perspective, they're ready to get to alabama, they're ready for south carolina. this is the package in the early voting states and they will do better in south carolina. that's where biden shows his strength with african-american voters, with latino voters. they can't place so far behind here in new hampshire that he
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looks too weak. we saw him punching back at pete buttigieg, we saw him naming bernie sanders. we saw a more aggressive joe biden really making the case about experience, about what he wants to do and hoping the people here in new hampshire will hear that. of note, though, today he's always had a note of it in new hampshire, so it will be interesting to see does he continue on that streak today? >> jessica dean, thank you very much. appreciate that. voters are trying to assess a lot about each candidate. ryan nobles, you're there. how important is it for these voters to have that kind of facetime in these intimate settings in these last few hours with these candidates? >> fred, that's always so important to new hampshire voters. new hampshire voters, similar to iowa voters, expect to be able to shake hands with these candidates before they actually vote for them. we're going to talk more about that now with alex thompson,
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political reporter for "politico." alex, before we get into this back and forth, you and i were talking about this before we came on the air of this interesting dynamic you did, especially the last weekend before a primary. certainly there are new hampshi hampshireites that go to these. >> you go to a parking lot and you'll see every state in new england in the parking lot on the license plates. the worst is when you're doing like a voter interview and five minutes in you say, you're a new hampshire voter, and they're like, no. you just wasted your time. >> i see voters from australia and all over the world that take part in this unique experience. i'm interested in your take because you've been covering 2020 basically since the beginning of the dynamic between vice president biden and mayor buttigieg. for so long the vice president trying to stay above the fray.
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he's acted like a frontrunner. now voters are actually voting and he's not the frontrunner anymore. what do you think of this strategy to call pete buttigieg and his experience out? >> it would have been more effective if he had done it before iowa. now he's doing it from a place of weakness. joe biden and elizabeth warren didn't see pete sneaking up on them. you have a former mayor of south bend beat the president of the united states by about ten points and basically do a tie with bernie sanders. so joe biden is now going on the attack, and that's been pete's response, you're only attacking me now because i won. >> there are a lot of democrats concerned about the party coming together to take on donald trump. we should point out that up until this point, this has been a pretty tame primary. they have not attacked each other at all. we're now seeing those attacks come back.
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are they going to take on donald trump? >> the best attack of the party is donald trump. the biggest concern, i think, for any democrat is if bernie doesn't win the nomination, what do you do in order to get his folks back? because as we saw in 2016, just enough votes go away in those midwestern states and that could be the ball game. >> that's interesting. there's all this talk about senator sanders supporting the eventual nominee, but what if he's the nominee? let's talk more about sanders. it feels like we'll be talking about the debacle in iowa probably forever, but we still need to talk about it now even though we're two days out. listen to what senator sanders had to say about that situation this morning. >> look, all i can say about iowa is it was an embarrassment, it was a disgrace to the good people of iowa who take their responsibilities in the caucuses very seriously. they screwed it up badly is what the iowa democratic party did. >> do you think at this point,
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alex, the results in iowa matter? we know it was essentially a tie between bernie sanders and pete buttigieg. is it basically in the rearview mirror for most voters? >> i think so. we'll have new results now in two days, and by the time someone has declared a winner in iowa, i think everybody agrees pete and bernie won iowa. whether someone wins by one, i don't think it really matters at this point. >> let's look into the future now. interesting, iowa didn't really cull the field. there is some talk about will there be a moderate that emerges prior to super tuesday. michael bloomberg is probably hoping that doesn't happen so he can say, here i am waiting for you in nevada and texas. they're not going to endorse before the 2020 race, but what do you make of this fact that he's making these entres to these very powerful democrats? do you think this is his effort
12:13 pm
to coalesce the super tuesday? >> i think they want to make sure it doesn't go to anyone else before super tuesday. it's hard enough to ask people to endorse a mayor at a public convention and do it while joe biden is still in the race, pete buttigieg is in the race, elizabeth warren is in the race. he wants to make sure it still stays scrambled. just one more month and then he's going to come in with $500 million, a billion dollars in this primary. then he'll say, i'm going to beat trump. i am your best option because i'll just take care of it for you. >> thanks, alex. a lot more to go in this campaign, particularly here in new hampshire. fred, let's send it back to you. >> thank you so much, ryan. coming up, two new york police officers shot in less than 12 hours. one of them released from the hospital a short time ago as
12:14 pm
mayor de blasio demands answers. investigators say the suspect is no stranger to the law. plus the gloves are off in the 2020 race. it's not just the candidates who are on the attack. an army of bernie sanders' supporters turning social media upside down with messages of hate. is changing things up.
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we're now getting our first look at what is being called two assassination attempts on new york police officers. this is police surveillance video of a shooting that took place this morning. the suspect is seen on the left entering the 41st precinct in the bronx. within a second he opens fire on several police officers inside the precinct. the gunman injured one officer in that shooting before police were able to take the suspect into custody. police believe the same man is responsible for opening fire on two officers sitting in a van 12 hours earlier. one officer was injured by a
12:19 pm
gunshot wound in that saturday night attack. he was released from the hospital just moments ago as a crowd of police officers, as you can hear right there, applauded. he is expected to make a full recovery. >> this was an attempt to assassinate police officers. we need to use that word. because it was a premeditated effort to kill, and not just to kill other human beings, but to kill those who wear a uniform that represents all of us. >> cnn's polo sandoval is covering this story for us. polo, what more are you learning about these shootings? >> reporter: fred, one of those police officers heads home. the second continues to recover in the hospital that you see behind me now. they identified a suspected gunman here. the suspect is identified as robert williams, according to investigators. they are beginning to establish a motive here. we know a little more about the 46-year-old male suspect in this
12:20 pm
case. he was convicted of attempted murder and then had been recently paroled in 2017 when that happened. investigators trying to piece together a motive as they look back at what took place this morning and last night. >> he immediately pulls out a gun and fires multiple rounds toward the desk area where several uniformed members of the service in uniform were present. he then walks into an area beside that desk and again fires several rounds at point blank range directly at uniformed members of the service in the new york city police department, striking none in that room. it is only by the grace of god and heroic actions that took him into custody that we are not talking about police murdered in the 41st precinct. >> reporter: the fact that these two officers are still alive
12:21 pm
today nothing short of a miracle, particularly when you see those images we captured earlier this morning, when you see the officer being led out into a vehicle with his family and officers cheering him on. the police lieutenant who was shot at the precinct this morning, we are told he was shot in the arm. he continues to recover and we're told both officers will make full recoveries, which is really incredible as they try to figure out why this man allegedly targeted these officers last night and this morning. >> polo sandoval, thank you so much. up next, biden versus buttigieg. a new campaign ad stoking tensions in the presidential race, but does it hurt the democrats and help president trump? we'll talk about that next.
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with the new hampshire primary less than 48 hours away, former vice president joe biden is on the attack, and he's making no apologies for it. instead biden appears to be doubling down after targeting former mayor pete buttigieg over a recent ad over his experience, or lack thereof. biden stood by the ad's negative tone and implied he's merely trying to defend himself. >> look, he's the one who has been attacking me. i never said a word about him, but he's talked from the beginning that i don't have a record to run on, talking about all the problems in the past. he found out how popular barack is, and now it's just me as if i
12:27 pm
was the administration. now i'm responding to his attacks on me. >> joining us now, vicente gonzalez. he serves on the affairs committee. good to see you. >> good to see you, fred. >> voters want biden to be more aggressive, go on the attack. is that what you want to see as well? >> i think that's appropriate when people are attacking him, but i think he's gotten more presidential skills. if you see the last debate, he was the only one that could articulate the importance of american leadership in nato. he has the foreign experience, foreign world experience in terms of meeting with world leaders and dictating foreign policy. he really is the only candidate that could get us past the finish line in november, and that's why he's being attacked not only by other democrats but by trump's administration.
12:28 pm
he continues to be attacked by his administration because they know if we have a joe biden at the end of the day in november, that will be the most complicated election for donald trump. but also, we can't call a winner when only two of the whitest states in the country have voted. i think biden needs to get down the road to other states like nevada, south carolina. i believe he's going to do well in texas. he's been endorsed by a lot of latin american members of congress, a lot of latino members of congress, and i think he's in the field of democrats running right now and we need to stand behind him and assure we have a winning candidate when we get to november. we can't just get emotional about someone we like. we really need to take look at who is the most viable candidate to beat donald trump in november. the only person that can do that is joe biden. >> so do you worry that biden being more aggressive against his democratic opponents is contrary to what biden said
12:29 pm
early on, which was, you know, he wants to be a unifier within the party and his clear opponent was donald trump. do you think his recent campaign ad or even his position -- >> i believe he's more responding to members of his own party who are attacking him on issues that he's trying to clarify. but at the end of the day, i think he's still the best candidate who can beat donald trump in november and we need to be cognizant of that and get behind the winner and get behind the person who could take him past the finish line. they're all great candidates. joe biden is the only one that can win in november. >> let's talk about the general election. moving forward you talk about there are other states where you feel confident that biden will be doing well. it isn't just about iowa, you know, and new hampshire. but, you know, there are some new polls that indicate that
12:30 pm
biden's electability is slipping and has in recent weeks, months. are you concerned, you know, that when polled about him being the best candidate to take on donald trump that, you know, the numbers have dwindled a bit? >> no, i'm not. a day or two in a presidential race is an eternity, and he's been the steady ship since day one. i believe that he will continue to be that steady candidate all the way through the election. you're going to see ups and downs in every campaign, but at the end of the day, i think the american people realize that joe biden is the only one with the experience and the capable campaign to keep forging ahead and get us past a november election defeating president donald trump. >> republicans want to make sure that joe biden doesn't even make it to the general election. the president's allies, you saw what transpired in the last 24 hours, the president's allies in congress continuing to attack biden and even threaten and say
12:31 pm
they want to launch knees investigati -- these investigations into hunter biden and the impeachment process. here's what lindsey graham had to say today. >> democrats want to be played and i'm not going to be played. we're going to ask the state department, why didn't you do something about the conflict of interest when john kerry's chief of staff was warned about hunter biden's conflict on burisma, what did you do, if anything, that's legitimate? rudy says he's got the goods. all i can tell rudy or anybody else, if you have some information connected to the ukraine against anybody, go to the intel committee, not me. >> so what do you think about that? even lindsey graham went on to say he had a conversation with the attorney general, william barr, about the information that rudy giuliani has right now.
12:32 pm
this is four days after the end of the trial. >> it doesn't surprise me. this is continuation of the political attack against joe biden, because they know this is the candidate who can defeat donald trump. >> do you think this is going to undermine, hurt joe biden? >> it is to try to hurt joe biden's campaign. and i think democratic voters are sharper than that. >> do you believe it will? >> i don't believe so. at the end of the day, i think smart voters see through that and joe biden will do well. >> okay. what do you see in the days ahead for joe biden? does he address it, does he not? how do you see this potentially -- >> most of those allegations have been debunked. i think he just needs to continue with his message to the american people that he is the most capable candidate to take us past the november election. and i think most of the american people know this. we're going to see, as he continues down this campaign
12:33 pm
path, and i think his numbers are going to increase in every state from here on out, and we're going to continue to see joe biden at the front of the pack, and i think he's going to be our candidate in november and we're going to defeat donald trump. >> except you know that the president is not going to let it go. it sounds like he and other republicans -- >> i think that's going to hurt him. it's clear it's a political fiasco. >> let me ask you, you serve in the house affairs committee. i want to get your reaction to the attack in afghanistan which led to the killing of two u.s. service members. what do you know about the circumstances and what happened and the concerns? >> we don't know the details. we'll be talking about that this next week. my prayers go out to the families that lost these two soldiers. >> all right. congressman vicente gonzalez, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. as the 2020 election heats
12:34 pm
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there has been another strike in the coronavirus deaths. 85 people have died in china, bringing the worldwide death toll to at least 813 and making it more deadly than the sars epidemic more than two decades ago. there are now more than 30,000 confirmed cases around the world. more than 170 americans have been evacuated from wuhan, china, the epicenter of the outbreak. there is some good news for the people trapped on a cruise ship in hong kong last week. they were allowed to leave the ship after everyone tested negative for the coronavirus. two u.s. soldiers were killed and six more wounded after an attack on a base in east afghanistan.
12:39 pm
someone in an afghan uniform began firing a machine gun on u.s. and afghan forces. the two soldiers have been identified as sergeant first class javier gutierrez of san antonio, texas and sergeant first class antonio rodriguez of las cru ces, new mexico. both were just 28 years old. u.s. troops are serving on the ground and helping local forces in that country. admiral kirby is a retired admiral and analyst. how do they get to the bottom of the circumstances here? >> the investigation i'm sure is up and running quite energetically at this point, and i imagine they're talking to witnesses who are still alive. as soon as they can talk to them, i'm sure they will. i'm trying to figure out what the mode was, what started this shooting and what information did they have on the individual shooter himself who we understood, through at least
12:40 pm
afghan sources, was killed in this shooting. so they'll talk to everybody and try to get the truth on exactly how this thing started and how it got so deadly. >> and 13,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. give us an idea of what the role many of these servicemen and women have there. >> the large proportion of that number, fred, are in an advise and assist capacity. their job is to help train afghan security forces and afghan police forces to do their job in securing the population in their own territory. there are a smaller number of american troops, special forces, that are in a counterterrorism role there. they are helping the afghans actually go after terrorism targets that target both western interests as well as afghan interests. this could be, this partnered operation that we saw this weekend here, that's what it could have been since they were special forces soldiers. it's not a leap of logic to think they might have been on a counterterrorism mission. >> admiral john kirby, thank you
12:41 pm
so much. >> you bet. still ahead, abuse, online bullying, even threats. bernie sanders supporters targeting online critics in harsh and cruel ways, even exposing their personal lives. the candidate is condemning the attacks but are these supporters listening? and cnn is live all over new hampshire, criss-crossing the state with the candidates just two days now before the primary. our team coverage and analysis continues in just a moment. kayak. search one and done.
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with less than two days before the new hampshire
12:46 pm
primary, it's shaping up to be a two-way race between bernie sanders and pete buttigieg. sanders has a loyal group of followers backing him. but there are questions being raised about whether some of those supporters are acting more like bullies. here's cnn's drew griffin. >> you are a loud crowd! >> reporter: say one thing bad about bernie sanders online anywhere and strident sanders supporters may attack you personally. multiple targets describe to cnn what they call a sanders swarm, an online army of supporters on facebook, twitter, reddit, some even digging into their personal lives, trying to out their identity, bully and frighten them into silence. michael trice says over and over again the bullying works.
12:47 pm
>> it is deeply hurtful, frightening, scary. personally i've had any life threatened online. many people have experienced far, far worse, and unless someone is willing to do more, yes, it can only escalate because it's effective. >> reporter: an outspoken elizabeth warren supporter whose daughter has down's syndrome and just recovered from cancer was told, you're stupid just like your retard kid. too bad the cancer didn't kill her. sande sanders supporters told people to eat poop. elizabeth warren supporters were told to go f yourself. blood list, scum bag hacks, corrupt, shameless. one told the leader who was black, slave masters have coerced his endorsement. the abuse so bad, sanders had to respond tweeting that the als activist was actually a friend,
12:48 pm
and in another tweet the candidate signalled to his followers that this campaign condemns racist bullying and harassment of any kind. it's not clear if the sanders followers responsible are listening. in recent weeks trolling senator elizabeth warren as a snake. in post after post, labeling pete buttigieg as a rat. >> two victims told us at cnn that they were so afraid of the online attacks they faced, they don't even want us to describe the circumstances for fear it would start up again. they both just question the politics of bernie sanders in a public setting and their personal lives were exposed and attacked. ben decker who studies online harassment and threats says it's unclear how they start. but they started in facebook and reddit communities since 2016 and have only grown stronger. while social media harassment
12:49 pm
happens across the political spectrum, decker says the sheer number of sanders' online supporters sets them apart from other followers. >> i think any time where you have far greater numbers, you have far greater potential for harm. and in the online community, there are far greater sanders supporters. >> reporter: decker used facebook data to analyze all the pages created by the supporters of democratic presidential candidates and found the pro-sanders pages have 2.5 million followers with nearly 58,000 posts in a three-month period, far more than all the other democratic candidates combined. if only a fraction of those engage in nasty comments, they're still capable of bullying critics on social media. >> that kind of bullying that happens at scale, it's crazy. >> reporter: sanders has insisted in several interviews that those that hate online are
12:50 pm
not we wilcom willcome in his cd the senator has said loudly and clearly, there is no room in the political revolution for abuse and harassment online. not enough, say those who study online abuse. >> if you're not condemning it consistently, trying to do something different, then that's a real issue. >> an issue of abuse, online bullying and even threats that expert says is and it's not just sanders' followers accused of this vitriol. wrote that joe biden has a big corruption problem. bernie sanders again had to apologize on his campaign's behalf. as for cirota, he declined our
12:51 pm
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all right. dozens of people are air lifted from severe floodwaters in oregon. at least 21 people evacuated by helicopter saturday after 26 people were rescued from flooded areas on friday. the national guard launching rescue operations after heavy rains made some major roads and bridges impassable. two days of rain creating a massive snow melt in the mountains, which prompted what officials call some pretty wild flooding. no injuries have been reported but an emergency declaration remains in place for three counties in that state. and climate activists are sounding the alarm after researchers measure the highest temperature ever recorded in antarctica. cnn's natasha chen has more on the climate concerns. >> a chilling milestone for the planet, research base in antarctica says it has errored the highest temperature on record for the continent.
12:57 pm
stationed near the northwest tip near south america reached 65 degrees fahrenheit on thursday, a full degree higher than the previous record measured five years ago. >> it's among the fastest-warming reasonables of the planet. we hear a lot about the arctic, but this particular part of the antarctic peninsula is warming very quickly. over the past 50 years, it's warmed almost 3 degrees celsius. >> known for its frozen tundra conditions with some of the coldest temperatures on earth. but when it clocked in a few days ago similar to those in southern california, climate activists raised the alarm. >> i think it's important we remind ourselves when we report on these record events we look at the bigger picture. what worries me is the long-term trends we see across the world. >> reporter: it's technically summer in the southern hemisphere and plan to verify the data. record-breaking heat is being felt around the world. forecasters say the global
12:58 pm
temperature was warmer than every previous january on record and if rising temperatures weren't enough, tour operators say the number of people traveling to antarctica has increased by 50% in the last five years. >> translator: i'm a tourist who feels a certain degree of guilt when i remember i flew here and am traveling on a boat and there are no more plastic bottles we leave a footprint that you really can't ignore. >> reporter: spectators with a view of one of the most remote places in the world that can be irretrievably lost if the trends continue. >> and no shortage of material for the writers of ""saturday night live," open to plenty of jabs at the democratic debate. >> who do you think really won? >> donald trump. >> i mean out of the democrats. >> oh, then i guess me. >> i still can't believe all this mess happened in iowa.
12:59 pm
>> i can't believe all this mess happened in iowa because of an app. hey, i have an idea for an app. it's called no apps. no computers, no gadgets, no gizmos. you show up at your polling place, take your number like you do at the butcher. they call your ticket. you walk up to the counter and say to the guy, give me a pound of whatever's about to go bad. hello again. thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta. >> and live from new hampshire, fred taerks been a sunny day here for the most part. the snow starting to fall again. we'll have to see if weather place a role in this. a lot of people are excited. >> that weather will not be a
1:00 pm
deterrent in any way. they are die hard there. i know this. ryan, it's still anybody's race to win. >> yeah. >> and candidates are not leaving anything to chance. each candidate is making their cases to be the next president. and now there's a new battle brewing within the party. this time, it's former vice president joe biden on the attack. he released a blistering new campaign ad, criticizing pete buttigieg's record as mayor of south bend, indiana, and mocking his lack of experience on the national stage, but buttigieg fired back on cnn's "state of the union." >> it's a typical political attack and it's too bad because so many communities, communities like mine in south bend, we know we might look small from the perspective of washington. but to us, it's what's going on in washington that looks so small and small minded. you know, communities, whether they're my size or rural communities or even


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