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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 10, 2020 4:00am-5:01am PST

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the night then he kept winning. so maybe now he's drinking. and maybe now, alisyn as i heard you talking to john, you will actually watch "parasite." >> well, i don't want it to get in the way of my drinking. >> priorities. >> yeah. but i might be able to squeeze it in. thank you very much, stephanie. the new hampshire primary is tomorrow. i don't know if you're aware. >> you're not going to let that get in the way either. based on what i've seen this morning. >> no, i'm not. and "new day" continues right now. >> tensions run high among the candidates. >> he's a good buy. he's a great mayor. but guess what. he was a mayor. >> it's 2020. we are in a new moment calling for a different kind of leadership. >> we're going to have to bring our party together. not by launching a bunch of attacks on each other. >> president trump wasting no time punish z i hhis enemies. >> i wouldn't want people around
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me that don't support me. with vindman, that is the case. >> the look is if you speak up, there will be consequences. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." less than 24 hours to go until new hampshire votes. the first in the nation primary. we have new posturing this morning and new polling to tell you about. you could see the final push over the weekend. big energy and big crowds with bernie sanders also mayor pete buttigieg. also senator amy klobuchar had what her aides are calling the biggest to date. and you know it's close by the look of it, the sound of it. and you know it's close because it's not quite so friendly anymore. >> i'm running against a candidate pete buttigieg among
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others who have their fund raising from 40 billionaires. >> we cannot risk dividing america's future further. saying you must either be for a revolution or you must be for the status quo. >> come on, man. this guy's not a barack obama. >> well, he's right. i'm not. and neither is he. >> so that's new hampshire. the iowa democratic party now says pete buttigieg emerged with the most delegates there. bernie sanders is questioning the vote count. as for new hampshire where we are now, bernie sanders seems to be leading in the polls. pete buttigieg is second. and look at joe biden in third place there. clinging to a third place showing, a long, long way from first. meanwhile, president trump spent much of his sunday tweeting his grievances at
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senators for their guilty votes in the impeachment trial. the president has retaliated against two key impeachment witnesses removing lieutenant colonel vindman and sondland. even though some begged him not to do that. we're also following a development in the coronavirus outbreak. the number of cases on a quarantined cruise ship in japan doubled overnight. what does that mean? we have much more with sanjay gupta in a moment for you. >> let's quin with the primary 24 hours or less to go until they vote. michael smerconish is ready. he's standing nearly outside. >> or is he sitting. >> abby phillip is there as well. and paul begala nowhere near the snow because it's in his contract. abby, i want to start with you on the ground in new hampshire. you were out over the weekend in the midst of all the crowds.
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we've seen the events. both the buttigieg and klobuchar campaigns are saying they've had the biggest crowds they have had to date in new hampshire. what's changed as you've been watching? >> big primary energy here in new hampshire. the voters here are really excited it seems like to actually cast some ballots. i think they feel like whatever happened in iowa, they don't know what's going on over there but they have a chance to really set the tone here 37 -- societying a message about the tone they want. the kind of direction they want the country to go in. and it's actually going in two completely different directions. there was bernie sanders who was doing really well three years ago. and is still doing well. you have the moderates a pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar showing a lot of strength. pulling some massive clouds in
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this state. both of them yesterday had over a thousand. and it really shows there are a lot of people here in new hampshire who just seem to want someone who is more moderate in terms of ideology but also in terms of temperament. it's not just about policy. in some cases they want someone who is more even tempered. having a little bit of a look. >> one more interesting thing is independents can vote in new hampshire. right? it's an open primary. democrat ts ovbl the party wants them to vote. without a republican contest on the other side.
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that may bring a whole lot of independents over to the democratic party. that could be good news for pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar. but this is bernie's to lose. i went back and looked. no neighboring state politician has lost new hampshire with one exception teddy kennedy lost president carter after the iran hostage crisis. you don't lose if you're from a neighboring state. howard dean lost. but he lost to john kerry. >> governor dean's on the phone for you. >> he lost to john kerry who's also from a neighboring state. so it doesn't count. those moderates may elevate two or three other moderates which is what bernie wants. he wants to consolidate the revolutionary life. but then he can't control this,
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but he would be greatly benefitted if he and amy and biden were splitting up those voters. sanders got 60 last time. ought to be able to get 30 this time. >> look, that's a high bar to meet. one of the things i'll be looking at is turnout. and if he's not, what does that tell us even in victory? there's also the battle for survival for elizabeth warren. and for joe biden which is why it was notable why joe biden was talking about the african-american vote this weekend. let's play that. >> overwhelming, overwhelming.
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okay? >> so you know how much african-americans make up of the new hampshire electorate? 1%. the only number less than that is zero. so he's actually not talking about new hampshire. he's talking about after new hampshire. and i think he's making a subtle dig at pete buttigieg also. >> so you just explained why i'm more interested in the runners up tomorrow night than i am the very top of what happens here in new hampshire. so whether it's bernie or mayor pete, yes it matters with momentum purposes. but they'll leave with roughly the same number of committed delegates. that's what happened in iowa where the final split was 14-12 between them. but what happens lower on the ballot? is it going to be amy klobuchar? is it going to be elizabeth warren? how low will joe biden come in?
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because the big question is will there be a momentum shift that causes a reset among voters of color in nevada and south carolina. and that's what he's hoping desperately against. that somehow he -- joe biden can sustain a second loss but hold those voters in check. that's the big unknown. >> abby, wasn't he always planning to -- we've been talking about this it feels like for weeks that joe biden -- well before what happened in iowa -- could lose iowa, lose new hampshire. south carolina is the fire wall. then he's off to the races. >> we're facing the reality here as michael pointed out, what do losses do to joe biden's argument to voters in the latter state that he is actually
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electable? does it undercut that case? and i think he's really facing that possibility right now. i've spoken to voters who said, i like joe biden but i do worry that maybe he's weaker than i thought he was. that's a real problem for him. he has to hold onto his base of support in south carolina. and we know that african-american voters in particular, their number one priority is picking someone who they think can beat trump. and if biden by performing poorly here undercuts that argument, i think it's going to be a problem for them. and that's why you've seen that shift in his tone. that's why you've seen him start to become a lot more aggressive about this race. dealing in a way he hasn't before. because they know they can't get there. >> we played that sound bite in the intro here. he's no barack obama. and i think you're right. that it was always in the biden
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campaign's plan for nevada and south carolina to be better for them. but it was never in their plan to be fourth in iowa. never in their plan to be distant in new hampshire. that really does change things. if they look at the kal bar, if you look at how the primary days are spaced out, i know it seems soon. but that's a lifetime. south carolina is one week after that. those are just huge, long, grueling days for joe biden to be answering questions about why he finish ed. >> boy, red bull. he's got to re-energize himself in his campaign. particularly if sanders wins in new hampshire -- i don't want to prejuchblg that bsh i think the jart of the party is going to have a flight to quality. you know, when there's trouble,
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people buy gold or whatever the hell they do. there's going to be kind of a freakout. and i don't know that joe biden benefits from that any longer. right? a couple of weeks ago, i would have said the stable, steady person that modern democrats might want. i'm not sure at all. i think abby's right. he doesn't, i don't think, no politician should take support for granted. but i would worry it's not as strong as joe thinks it is. >> michael, final thought? we have ten seconds. >> final thought is that michael bloomberg is anticipating, hoping for a bernie sanders victory. he didn't want joe biden coming out with a head of steam. but i don't think he counted on mayor pete doing so well. it'll be interesting to see how the bloomberg folks react. >> thank you, all, very much for joining us. president trump is exacting
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president trump has moved fast in the wake of his impeachment trial attacking the senators who voted against him and punishing officials who testified in the house hearings. so what does this mean for getting anything done between congress and the president going forward? joining us now is the chief deputy with and a member of the budget committee. congressman, thank you for being here this morning. are you surprised that president trump ousted lieutenant kernel vindman and sondland? >> it's pretty clear he's going to continue to take retribution against anyone who tells the truth in his administration. i mean, what mr. vindman did was to tell the truth. and what mr. sondland did was to
4:18 am
swear an oath before that committee and told the truth. the fact the president doesn't tolerate that is pretty chilling. but i wish i could say i was surprised. but this is consistent. he tolerates no dissent. and that's a pretty dangerous thing. >> he also spent many hours yesterday tweeting at people who -- democrats -- who he felt had betrayed him with a guilty vote. so that leads me to -- just up here, this is the i guess we call it executive time that the president spent yesterday. and then back at it in the 2:00 hour. and that leads me to where democrats are with the president. between the state of the union, what happened at the state of the union. between the national prayer breakfast with the tension with nancy pelosi. what is the plan to get anything
4:19 am
done? >> well, i think we just have to keep our heads down and continue focusing on actually the same things we were working on during that whole impeachment. the city of washington and everybody here was engrossed in the impeachment fight. we were working on legislation during that period. i think we just have to keep going. we have to keep working and rebuilding america's fracture. the president says he has a plan. we'll see what his budget plan really shows. we have to keep working on prescription drug prices. this is the kind of stuff that when we go home, we hear about from the people we work for. and i think for members of congress, we really ought to do what we've been doing. stay focused on those issues knowing that, you know, impeachment is an issue that's in the background. but for american who is are looking to congress and looking to this government, they want us to deal with the issues that effect them every day. >> just to highlight some of those we focused on, don't you
4:20 am
need the president's help with that? >> ultimately, of course we do. but i think the president, he does a lot of head fakes. he talks about infrastructure. he talks about and promises to lower prescription drug prices. i think we just ignore the president's rants and work on those pieces of our agenda that the american people want us to do. i think ultimately the president will then have to make a decision and mitch mcconnell will as well. are they going to continue. to push forward. ultimately over time that does have the effect of separating himself for those voters. >> bell, you mentioned the budget. today president trump is expected to propose a budget of
4:21 am
$4.8 trillion with some steep cuts to programs like medicaid, disability insurance, housing. he also wants $2 billion to fund the border wall. you're on the budget committee. how are you going to tackle all this? >> well, you don't rebuild america by taking away health care from people. you don't rebuild america by reducing housing. you don't rebuild america by cutting programs to give skills to workers who are trying to find a path forward in this economy. you can't rebuild america with workers that don't have the necessary skills to do the rebuilding. so this president, i think, ultimately is going to have to answer questions about what his real agenda is. it seems his agenda is to just be president and to surround himself with people who keep telling him what a wonderful president he is. they want to see their business taken care of. and the idea he is going to somehow rebuild this country by
4:22 am
cutting what is our real serious investments to give people a path forward is -- i think it's a dangerous path for the country. i don't think ultimately in 2020 the president is going to be supported if he continues down this path. he better turn backtous and say, look. we have to roll up our sleeves and get something done for the american people. we continue to pass legislation. he continues to look the other way. >> very quickly, the deficit has ballooned to $1 trillion under trump. i remember when republicans railed against the deficit spending. when fox news and republicans in congress said if you continue be trusted with the country's credit card, you couldn't be thused to be president. >> i think it is a cynical ploy the president uses. to ex -- specially charging that
4:23 am
off to our children and grandchildren. it's not the responsible thing. i don't know how he continues to try to take credit for an economic essentially fueled by borrowing money. >> congressman dan kildee, we appreciate you talking about what is coming up this week and beyond. thanks for being on "new day." >> thanks. the joe biden campaign disappointed by the results in iowa and lowering expectations for new hampshire. we'll be joining by his senior adviser to the campaign. next. okay. ♪ even if she says she doesn't need a thing ♪ ♪ show her you care, make her heart sing ♪ make this valentine's day mean more. ♪ jared. ready to juvéderm® it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm®
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as it stands now, former vice president joe biden is looking at a fourth place finish in the iowa caucuses. and as the polling shows this morning, he's fighting for third place in new hampshire behind senator bernie sanders and pete buttigieg in the latest poll. so what is the case from the former vice president that he is still the most electable candidate? joining me now is simone sanders, the senior adviser. simone, it is always great to speak to you. i can't help but notice you are in columbia, south carolina, this morning. why is the senior adviser to the
4:28 am
biden campaign in south carolina the night before the new hampshire primary? >> well, john, always great to talk to you. i am in the great state of south carolina meeting with some of our folks down here. we have some events coming up this week. look, john, we are here to tell you that whatever happens on tuesday, vice president biden will still be in this race. he had a fiery and forceful performance at the debate. then he went on that weekend to have a weekend full of events in new hampshire. we are still in this race, john. we do believe we will be competitive. again, regardless of what happened, we believe and we have said for a long time that this race absolutely runs to nevada, south carolina, and super tuesday. it would be a mistake for the media before other folks in this party had their chance in this race.
4:29 am
>> i've fielded questions all week about what happens on tuesday. i'm here to tell you yes, he will. we know it's going to be a fight. the day after iowa, we came to new hampshire for a week full of events. we had a number of surrogates in town this weekend. speaking with voters. we're going to fight for this, john. we know it's going to be a hard-fought battle. but the reality is that since 1992, the democratic nominee in this party has been the person who has been able to garner a substantial amount of votes from african-american voters. you just don't get those votes out of just iowa and new
4:30 am
hampshire. so we're here to say this process does continue. >> i get it. new hampshire, the electorate 1% african-american will vote in the new hampshire primary. and south carolina where you are, it's about 60% of the voters will be african-american in the democratic primary. i get that. but in az and new hampshire these are voters who have sat with the vice president, who have gone to the vice president's events over the last couple months who have no doubt watched him in the public sector for the last 40 years. so why is he having trouble connecting with the voters in new hampshire in such a way that you're telling me whatever happens tomorrow, he'll still be in this race? >> well, john, i actually disagree with the notion he doesn't connect with voters. especially voters in new hampshire. i take you to a dinner on
4:31 am
saturday. when biden entered the arena, he got a standing ovation. when he said he'll be damned if he lets donald trump walk into another four years in the white house, he got a standing ovation. i think that speaks to the depth and breadth of a vice president's appeal. we took our lumps in iowa, absolutely. we'll concede that point. but we're still in this race. and the voters of new hampshire have yet to have their say. polls go up and down. the voters of new hampshire, though, will let us know what the rankings are on tuesday. whatever those rankings are, we will be here the day after to continue the fight. >> polls are one metric, obviously. the vote count in new hampshire will be much more important. but another metric is money. and let me read you the fund raising numbers we've received from the other campaigns.
4:32 am
the klobuchar campaign has raised $3 million since friday's debate. the buttigieg campaign has raised $4 million. and the sanders campaign saying they've raised $25 million in january. those are all different time periods. can you give me any metric since the debate friday night, since the iowa caucuses in january how much money you've raised? >> absolutely. last week we had one of our best fund raising weeks. frankly, our actual best fund raising week since launch. >> how much? >> which goes to show that voters -- oh, john, john. you want the numbers. >> well, i kind of do. i want to know because the klobuchar campaign said $3 million since friday. so is one of your best weeks better than $3 million? >> it is our best week since launch, john. and i think what's important here to note is, sure. other candidates want to put out their numbers. one could argue that's what they need to do. our strategy and our campaign is focused on speaking with voters,
4:33 am
focused on talking about issues. and that's what we mean when we talk about electability, john. electability is where joe biden sits on the issues. when it comes to health care, climate change, guns. americans are vice president biden is. look, in 2018 democrats won back the house. talking about health care. now in 2020, there a is decision in court working to take health care away from millions of americans. our health care plan is building on expanding obamacare. but there are other candidates in this race that aren't being straight with the american people. when we talk about electability, when we talk about vice president biden being viable, what we're talking about is his ability to connect on the issues. >> you also -- the vice president has been talking about his experience and why he thinks his experience is better than
4:34 am
former south bend mayor pete buttigieg. i imagine also amy klobuchar. why does the vice president think that is an effective argument? >> the next president of the united states will have to confront more than any other has. we need someone who can pick up the phone and help reassert our place in the world. someone who other world leaders know. someone who has fought hard, bold progressive fights. joe biden has done that work. we don't need someone with on the job training. but the reality is it would be a mistake, we believe to nominate someone for this nomination who serves the mayor of a town smaller than the town of manchester, new hampshire. >> yes or no, do you think pete
4:35 am
buttigieg would be ready on day one? >> no. >> simone sanders, thank you for your time. i appreciate you being with us. >> thank you so much. >> that makes it clear what the biden campaign's position is as we head into the new hampshire primary. we'll see you again real soon. >> thank you. >> interesting. >> very interesting. everything she said and where she is and the questions. former vice president joe biden himself will sit down with don lemon tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time. that of course just hours before new hampshire begins voting and we will be live from manchester, new hampshire, tomorrow. >> there was also troubling news overnight about the fight to contain the deadly coronavirus aboard this quarantined cruise ship. so dr. sanjay gupta is going to join us to tell us how alarmed to be. next. (sensei) when i started cobra kai,
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. breaking news overnight, the number of people with coronavirus on that quarantined cruise ship in japan nearly doubled overnight. 65 new cases since just yesterday. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us now. so what does it tell you that it doubled on that cruise ship? >> well, when you have a variety like this and it clearly was spreading at some point and have an i think bags period. meaning people who were infected at the time before they were diagnosed, there's a period of time. the question really is at what point did these people get infected? are people still getting infected now despite isolation strategies on that cruise ship? or were they infected earlier from around the same time? and you're getting people in different incubation periods finding they're infected. what you're hearing from public health officials is the way this
4:41 am
is spread, this coronavirus is spread is through close contact. three to six feet away, respiratory droplets. it's not something that hangs in the air for a long time. not something that spreads through the air through the ventilation, things like that. that's what we're hearing from public health officials. i think to your point, alisyn, if it's subsequently found despite the fact that people have been isolating themselves on this cruise ship that they're still getting infected, i think officials will have to ask is something else going on here? is this virus spreading in different ways? >> sanjay, i think it is very hard for our viewers -- i know i'm personally confused -- about how alarmed to be. we had on our correspondent will ripley. he is in japan. he did an interview via cell phone with an american woman named rebecca who is in the hospital in japan right now. she was.
4:42 am
>> she has the virus. she says she is getting better dissipate the fact she's not taking any medication in the hospital for the virus. so just help us understand if people can recover on their own, if this is getting worse, how alarmed should people be right now. >> when you look at any kind of viral outbreak. how transmissible is this. so when you take the situation that will ripley's been reporting about with this woman rebecca, you know, it makes this case that people can have this virus, be infected with this virus, and have little or no symptoms. doesn't spraz me that she's not being treated. first of all, there is no specific treatment for this virus. there's no antiviral. you just can treat the symptoms. but again, many people may have no symptoms at all. they're taken to the hospital to isolate them from the general
4:43 am
population, typically. when you start to see the larger numbers, we know over the weekend the numbers have now surpassed sarz. you want to really look at them in context. on the left, 8,000 infections, nearly 800 deaths. look on the left now. just the math there would say it's 25.5% fatality rate. but there may be many, many more infections. it may be in the hundreds of thousands. and as you and i have talked about, what does that mean? that means this is transmissible. but also there's hundred thousand patients out there who have minimal or no symptoms. that's going to be the big question. yes, people can recover. we have seen that. they recover on their own. without meds because there is no particular med. but it's that denominator question. the real true number of those infected that's going to be a
4:44 am
number that we need to know. world health organization going into china this week to try and answer i think some of those very basic questions. >> that would be really helpful. we don't know we can trust the chinese officials. we've heard that they are not being terribly forthcoming. so that will help. thank you for explaining this to us. the gunman who allegedly ambushed two police officers over the weekend in new york in separate attacks will appear in court this morning. law enforcement official tells cnn the suspect did it because he hates police. polo sandoval is live with the latest. whap can you tell us? >> hey, john. good morning to you. convicted of attempted murder back in 2002 and then paroled in 2017. robert willings in a man the nypd says opened fire targeting their officers on two straight occasions. the attacks captured on surveillance video. the first incident taking place saturday night.
4:45 am
walked up to a vehicle, asked two officers inside. and pulled out a 9 millimeter pistol and opened fire. he wounded one of the officers shooting him in the neck and the chin. then the second attack happening early sunday morning at the precinct you saw behind me. investigators saying he walked into the precinct, opened fire with that same pistol. it wasn't until he ran out of ammunition, he was caught by authorities. investigators say it was out of his hatred for police. >> this was an attempt to assassinate officers. it was a premeditated effort to kill. and not just to kill other human beings. but to kill those who wear a uniform who represents all of us. >> he is expected to face charges in the coming hours.
4:46 am
potentially more murder charges to face. and really a positive and emotional moment took place yesterday. we were there as one of the officers, the one injured on saturday was released from the bronx hospital. his brothers and sisters in blue standing by supporting him. keep in mind, alisyn, this was the day after he was shot in the neck. so as you could imagine, the fact he's alive today is nothing sort of a miracle. we're told he's also doing okay. he. >> nice to see all the fellow officers out there like you knew they would be. president trump has said he fell in love with north korea's kim jong-un. so what's happening with the nuclear program there? brand new reporting next. when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage, and got them back on track. get started at
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in august 1619, a ship appeared on this horizon, near point comfort, virginia. it carried more than 20 enslaved africans, who were sold to the colonists. no aspect of the country we know today has been untouched by the slavery that followed. america was not yet america, but this was the moment it began. [sfx: typing]
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weather. meteorologist chad myers has our forecast. what are you seeing, chad? >> just day after day of rainfall last week with some tornadoes as well and more of that this week as well. this is the area that is going to see the biggest threat. this weather is brought to you by celebrity cruises. go to and book your award winning vacation today. so where do we start? we start from last week. 4 to 6" of rainfall on ground saturated. where do we go from here? a little snow but a lot of rain.
4:52 am
here is the rainfall right for you and it will focus on the exact same area we had weather last week. this is now an ongoing problem. a little snow on the north side in new england but this is not a snow event. this is rainfall. very, very heavy rain at times. a potential tornado or two. that's not out of the question. the problem is how much rainfall is coming down. this is what's still coming on top of what we've already had and those two stripes are in the exact same spot. >> big weather this week. >> watching closely, chad, thank you very much. new this morning cnn has told top advisers he does not want another summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un before the november election. live in washington with the details. what's the status of the love affair? >> so president trump has recently said, as you said, he does not want another summit with kim jong-un before the presidential elections in november.
4:53 am
so he expressed this frustration with north koreans at the end of last year. that was after the u.s. and north korea working level negotiations essentially fell apart in october with the north koreans pointing to the u.s. side saying they showed up and we have seen no success on the negotiating front at the working level since that time. president trump essentially put on display his continued disinterest with kim jong-un and north korea last week. we saw the state of the union address. he didn't mention north korea or kim jong-un once during that address. why it's important, look at last year. he actually used that platform where he was addressing the american people to announce he would be having his second summit with kim jong-un. so it's clear things have changed here. one of the important things to consider is the presidential election in november. i am told by sources close to that campaign that they do not consider north korea as a
4:54 am
crucial issue to president trump winning his re-election. so as he focuses on that effort, he's really focused oppose domestic policies. president trump, when asked about kim jong-un and north korea at the he said of last year was a little bit more blount in his assessment saying i focus on my leadership, kim jong-un focuses on his, and we both do what we have to do. back to you. >> that's fine. but who is focusing on their nuclear program. that's what the question is for some americans. kylie, thank you very much. >> they are taking a break, like ross and rachel and "friends." i don't mean to make light of it because it's nuclear weapons. >> it didn't go well for ross and rachel so that's a cautionary tale. >> since the president was impeached but not removed from office, what happens next.
4:55 am
john? >> everythigood morning, guys. some people might say he's erratic. outside his tan lines he's remarkably consistent. >> lieutenant colonel vindman. >> marched out of his white house post two days after the trial was done for telling the truth. his twin brother was taken out as well. >> was there a quid pro quo, the answer is yes. >> also gone as ambassador. trump has been consistent. from the very beginning he said, i did not wrong. it was a perfect call. there was no quid pro quo. allies tried to tamp that down. >> always contingencies on aid. we do that all the time with foreign policy. i have news for everybody, get over it. >> the next defense was trump was kidding about asking ukraine to investigate biden. >> just needling the press
4:56 am
knowing you would be outraged by it. >> china has to do whatever they want. if they want to look into something, they can look into it. >> next up, trurp isn't focused on bidens, just cares about corruption. how did that work out? >> very simple answer, they should investigate the bidens. >> the president was acquitted without witnesses. we were assured he got the message and wouldn't do it again. >> i believe the president has learned from this case. >> when it appeared the president would do exactly as expected an crow about his acquittal senator susan collins was disappointed. >> very much so. i hoped that the president would have learned. >> i've got bad news for her because it's only going to get worse. our fellow republicans are advancing the very investigation that got trump impeached for trying to push secretly all to damage a political rival. they requested a massive amount from the treasury department including hunter biden, travel
4:57 am
logs, despite no credible evidence he did anything illegal. the administration that couldn't seem to find one shred of information even when legally obligated to do so just produced those documents in record time. it's an attempted political hit job in broad daylight during the democratic primaries. the man who used to choke up talking about joe biden. >> he's as good a man as god ever created. >> is now saying -- >> rudy giuliani last night said he's got the goods on hunter biden. let's look at hunter biden's conflict, joe biden. >> while the president insists i did nothing wrong. i've been a president president. the only thing perfect about this president is his ability to stick to his story no matter how outrageous or absurd and get his party to fall in line. that's your reality check. >> that is a superpower. thank you very much, john, for all of that. >> a little known member of the super friends after aquaman.
4:58 am
cnn news, for viewers hydrocarbon stakes new hampshire primary just hours away. "new day" continues right nouchlt. >> tensions run high among the candidates just one day before the new hampshire primary. >> i'm running against others who have raised campaign funds from over 40 billionaires. >> i respect senator sanders but when i hear you're either for revolution or status quo, that's a vision of the country that doesn't have room for most of us. >> we have one job in november, beat donald trump. and the oscar goes to "parasite." >> they told me i only have 45 seconds here which is 45 seconds more than the senate gave john bolton. >> we need to hear your voices. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone.
4:59 am
welcome to "new day." monday, february 10, 8:00 in the east. we're less than 24 hours away from the first votes being cast in new hampshire. the excitement is building on the campaign trail. there are high-energy crowds greeting the candidates as they make their final push. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren fired up the crowds on sunday, both pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar had crowds of over 1,000 people as well. senator sanders is on top of the poll and pete buttigieg in second place. elizabeth warren and joe biden battling for third place at the moment and klobuchar is hoping for a bounce after a strong debate performance. there are 24 delegates up for grabs tomorrow. >> can you tell it's nearly primary day not because of the crowds but also because the democratic candidates are making more pointed attacks on each other. >> i'm running against a candidate, pete buttigieg and
5:00 am
others, who has raised contributions from more than 40 billionaires. >> with a president this divisive, we cannot risk dividing americans future further saying you must either be for a revolution or you must be for status quo. >> come on, man, you think -- this guy is not a barack obama. >> he's right, i'm not, and neither is he. >> a small taste of the campaign trail. we will be there tomorrow morning and have a lot to discuss on that tomorrow morning. in washington the president's retribution tour continues. the question now is who is next on his list. he's fired two officials who testified under oath in the impeachment investigation lieutenant colonel vindman and ambassador to eu gordon sondland. he's lashing out at u.s. senators over impeachment votes. one of those senators joe manchin who has work with the president in the past, he will join us live in a few moments. joining us now, though, to talk about what's going


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