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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 11, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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security agency. s the doj sharply criticizing the doj, does this ever happen? >> it's unprecedented. you don't see it in a situation like this, and ultimately, what it does look like is that roger stone is getting some kind of special treatment, and that is what is so concerning to so many people who were either former doj officials or even people inside the justice department, local, you know, your line assistants, u.s. attorneys who are prosecuting these cases on a daily basis. there is concern here because it would seem that the department of justice is meddling in this case after they had filed the sentencing memorandum. and here's what the department of justice is saying, how all of this unfolded, and they say essentially that they were shocked to see the sentencing recommendation. that this is not what had been briefed to the department. the department believed the recommendation is extreme and excessive and is grossly
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disproportionate to stone's offenses. the department will clarify its position later today with the court. so we expect to hear more from the department of justice. they're supposed to file this memo at some point today, but this is highly, highly unusual. i certainly have not seen a situation like thrks ais and th talking to high ranking do j, officials, they've never seen anything like this. >> they're shocked. john dean, what do you think? >> you never know with trump, do we? >> no. >> the tweet obviously had a real influence, and i must say to put the cards on the table, roger stone is somebody i hold in minimum high esteem to put it nicely. in fact, i can't even say on television my assessment of him, so i was not unhappy to see him get seven to nine, but i did -- >> you didn't think that was too aggressive? >> i thought it was aggressive. if you take the watergate
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precedents, the most egregious and least cooperative and most belligerent figure was gordon liddy, who is someone that stone add mares gre admires greatly, he only got four years in prison, but his sentence was commuted by jimmy carter when it got to that point. the chief of staff bob haldeman, john ehrlichman, his top domestic adviser, all committed perjury in front of congress and obstructed justice. they only got 18 months so seven to nine years was a very hefty, but what i see here is the influence of bill barr's very close associate who's gone over to run on a temporary basis as acting u.s. attorney the d.c. office, and he obviously didn't get on board on the first one. they didn't get any comment from him, and now he is probably putting his foot on it.
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>> wow. susan, what do you think? >> i think the thing to be concerned about is the overpoliticization of law enforcement. this certainly is a highly unusual situation, and look, doj, considers ask career prosecutors have a lot of considerations whenever they decide what to put in those sentences recommendations, what they think is in the best interests of justice, the severity of the crime, any sort of exacerbating issues they think the court should take into consideration. reportedly that process was debated within the u.s. attorney's office and the district of columbia. the interim u.s. attorney from that office actually did sign off on this recommendation, and now what we're seeing is that apolitical process having produced a recommendation political actors in the department of justice reaching in and essentially overturning them. that that's something to really be concerned and quite alarmed about. >> what about, i'm just thinking now of this judge here, john dean this is back over to you. judge amy berman jackson. she has seen the proverbial
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receipts, right? she has seen the unredacted mueller report. she's seen the sentencing memo in front of her the prosecutors used to make the case for the seven to nine years. how does the department of justice then now walk this back? >> well, it will -- it will be tough because after all, brooke, it is the judge who makes the final decision. she may or may not listen to the department's recommendations. what she'll look at most closely is the probation report that's been prepared on stone. she'll study that closely and make her decision probably based on that information, although it will be hard for her to get out of her mind the fact that roger stone put a picture of her online with -- >> with the cross hairs. >> with a sharp shooter's targets, right, the cross hairs. >> the other issue in all of this, if i may follow up on what john dean said. therest an added component to this. it's not just that roger stone lied and he's been convicted by a jury for lying, beut there's the witness tampering charge,
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and that is something the government takes very seriously, the u.s. attorney takes seriously. it affects cases. here roger stone was convicted of witness tampering, of intimidating randy credico, his long-time friend and former friend, whatever, and tried to get him not to cooperate in this investigation. and he came in and he testified to that. and a jury believed him, and they've convicted him. so that's the added component on this. it's no the ju it's not just that he lied and went before congress. >> it's more than that. >> it's more than that. that in itself is important, obviously that he lied, but then you have this other component of the witness tampering. >> susan, what do you think, just back to the doj and the point about bill barr, his willingness to go along with this. >> bill barr is not concerned about maintaining legitimacy or credibility for the department of justice, and that's something we really should be concerned about. >> isn't that a major problem? >> it is, and the president has been kuwait opquite open that hs the purpose of the department of justice is to protect his
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friends and target his enemies. i don't think there's anybody who legitimately wonders right now if roger stone was not a close ally of the president of the united states whether or not the attorney general would feel compelled to intervene in this circumstance, and that suggests that the department of justice is not seeking impartial justice under the law but instead is doing the political bidding of the president of the united states, and that's something that should be profoundly alarming, really to anybody who cares about independent law enforcement, which is a foundational value. really, in all democracies. >> and that is a concern inside the department of justice, and i'm not talking about just in d.c. if you talk to people who work at u.s. attorney's offices across the country, there is that legitimate concern that somehow they have to be on edge and concerned that bill barr is going to interfere in investigations that he shouldn't be interfering in, making recommendations or even not allowing them to pursue certain investigations for whatever reason, you know, political reasons. that's always a concern, but
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really if you talk to people inside u.s. attorney's offices acrosses count across the country, what susan is talking about, that is a legitimate concern. >> speaking of justice, everyone stand by. we've got more breaking news this this case. so evan perez is at the justice department and so evan, what's the new layer to all of this? >> reporte you're live, evan. go ahead. >> reporter: yeah, hi, can you guys hear me? >> yes, yes, you're live. hit me. >> hello? >> what do you know? >> hi, sorry, brooke. >> no worries. >> reporter: one of the prosecutors who has been handle t ing the roger stone case has now stepped down from the case. we're still trying to get some more information from the justice department exactly what was -- what's behind this, but we just got a court filing that indicates that he, who was on the mueller team, one of the prosecutors on the mueller team has now resigned from the case. again, we're asking the justice
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department exactly why that is. obviously you can see what has happened just in the last 24 hours. the justice department has now disavowed what the prosecutors decided was the correct sentence, seven to nine years for roger stone. the president has tweeted about this, and of course now the justice department says that that was way beyond what should have been done, so now we're still waiting to hear what the new recommendation will be from the justice department, what exactly will be the decision from the justice department as far as the correct sentence that they are going to be behind on roger stone. the fact that one of the prosecutors on this case has now stepped away really kind of speaks very loud volumes toas t what the reaction is behind the scenes among the prosecutors who have been undercut by their bosses here at the justice department. >> can i ask you, evan, was this -- how do i say -- on his
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own volition, or was he asked to leave? >> reporter: again, literally just got this court filing a few moments ago, and so we don't know exactly what the reasoning was for this, but obviously, i think, brooke, you can see what has happened in the last few hours. you can see that, you know, definitely behind the scene s prosecutors are not happy that their own bosses are are undercutting them, essentially criticizing them very sharply saying this was an excessive sentencing when, you know, i think everybody who you've been talking to tells you that this is kind of in line with the mathematical equation that they usually come up with for these types of offenses. obviously the judge overseeing this case is going to make her own decision as to what the correct sentence is going to be. >> okay. i got you, evan, thank you very much. shimon, as i turn to you, the deal is prosecutors go and they say all right, we suggest for trump's good buddy roger stone
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seven to nine years for all of the above, and trump doesn't like it. he tweets about it. doj is like, what are you talking about seven to nine years. now the guy who's been part of this prosecution team is all of a sudden gone? >> yeah, and this is really -- it's all playing out in public for us. >> this is crazy. >> it is entirely crazy that you have this prosecutor, career prosecutor who's been with the department of justice for quite some time. he was on the mueller investigation, clearly has an issue over what's going on here. we don't have the full story. >> yeah. >> there's something that was going on here that we just don't know yet about, and all he says. he says i'm withdrawing from this case now. >> we can't get to the bottom of it fully. we don't have all the information in front of us. john dean, and seizeusan hennes. what is a reason for this prosecutor to just all of a sudden leave?
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>> i would suspect he's done this on his own volition, that he so disagrees with the decision that's being made. he was with the mueller team. he may have information that they know but can't fully establish of roger stone's misbehavior during the russia investigation, during the russia tampering with our election, material that is not privy. we're not privy to. the judge will be, however, brooke. this will all get to the judge. in fact, she may take a look at what's going on with the department of justice and call them in and awhsay what is goin on. >> so she could do that, just to have the full set of facts in front of her before she makes her decision. susan what do you think of this news? >> yeah, so i think this was the question since this news broke early this morning, about whether or not we were going to see principled resignations out of the department of justice and whether or not this is the
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first -- only one or the first of many. when a career prosecutor believes there have been a political interference in their own cases that they are not able to carry out the even handed administration of justice, resigning and resigning in protest is really the only rem did -- remedy that they have available. these prosecutors cannot overrule bill barr if he comes in and tells them no, we're going to make a different submission to the court. this really is the strongest possible terms a prosecutor can use in order to say they believe there is something -- not just that they disfree with but something is wrong going on. i think one question will be who the department might follow zelensky out of the building and say this has gone far enough. >> i think for the u.s. attorney's office in washington, d.c., this is a concern youc know, a concern across all the u.s. attorneys, across the country. the fact that this guy just stepped away from this case, i'm sure this is just the beginning of it for this prosecutor, this is a stunning move here. you just don't see this playing
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out in public like this. he wanted to make a statement. he's made a statement, he's filed. he's withdrawing from this case. >> we will wait for you to bring that to us. thank you so so much on the stunning story out of the doj today. let's turn our attention to new hampshire where the candidates are doing everything they can to shore up those votes, move past that disaster in iowa. we'll take you to new hampshire and former new york city mayor mike bloomberg is under fire for the shocking audio that has just resurfaced. when you listen, bloomberg is defending stop and frisk and defends throwing black and latino kids against the wall. you be the judge. we have it for you coming up. ron to help get a little more space with a lot less mom. or home insight, to search for a new house within your budget. because, they really need their space. pnc - make today the day. you spend less and get way more., so you can bring your vision to lif.
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in new hampshire, it has been the day that has been months in the making. i'm talking, of course, about the first in the nation primary, and starting early this morning, both the candidates and the people who support them were out and about on the trail, hard at work, trying to lock in any last minute votes. cnn's evan mcmorrison toro is at a polling place in nashua, new hampshire, tell me what you've been seeing today, evan. >> reporter: hey, brooke, we're here at the nashua ward three polling place, and your anecdotal news of the day is polling at this particular location has been remarkably steady according to the moderator, which is what they call the person who runs the polling places here in new hampshire. we've had about 150 new people show up because here in new hampshire, you can register today and also vote in the primary today. we've had a lot of those people show up, about 150, and we've seen this thing -- this interesting new hampshire thing that can happen, you can come in here as an undeclared member of a party, you're not in any
12:19 pm
party, you declare what party you want to be a part of. when you're done you leave that party and become undeclared again. we've seen a lot of that. we've heard all the different democratic story lines, different voters, candidates they're supporting people they're trying to win this important primary tonight, but there are actually two primaries going on here in new hampshire today including one on the republican side. i talked to some voters about that. >> i really want to make sure that trump is obviously our front runner, which no doubt will be, and yeah, and if he can go up against any of the democrats, i think he's going to win. >> and i believe that all the republicans should get out for a strong standing that we back trump. >> reporter: so it's interesting to see that those two republicans, that was a mother and her son. they feel like the republican party still needs to form up tighter around trump, which i
12:20 pm
think a lot of people who have been watching the news in washington lately would say that's kind of happened. they think it needs to happen more, and they came out to vote for the president even though he has absolutely no chance of losing the primary here tonight. i also talked to them a bit about who they think -- what dm democrat they're worried about. democrats say they're interested in finding someone who can beat the president, but the trump supporters don't think any of the current crop they need to worry about. >> it's interesting hearing the president say last night telling everyone vote for the weakest democratic candidate to make it easy on him come november. one of the questions former vice president joe biden could not avoid in new hampshire is why are you leaving? why aren't you leaving for south carolina this evening before all the votes are counted in new hampshire? >> are you concerned about the message that you're sending to new hampshire by going to south carolina? >> no, i'm not. not at all. not at all. they know we've worked our heart here. we're continuing.
12:21 pm
we're going to go on and this is it. i'm not concerned about it at all. >> with me now in new hampshire, amy kennedy. she's the executive director of the new hampshire democratic party. so amy, nice to have you on, welcome. >> thank you, thanks for having me. >> we heard joe biden getting questions there, you know, about his quick pivot to south carolina. for voters who are supporting joe biden in new hampshire or maybe they're just trying to make up their minds, how will that decision to move to south carolina tonight as the votes come in play out? do you think some of them will reconsider their support? >> well, i think the democratic candidates have been in new hampshire now in some cases for over a year, and they've had that time to talk to granite staters. they've had the time to talk to voters and voters have had a chance to vet them, and so decisions are being made about what's next, and i think that's fine. i think the important part is that new hampshire voters have had that time to have those one on one conversations with them, to vet the candidates, and to create a better candidate going into the primary.
12:22 pm
>> i wanted to get your thoughts on something that ron brownsteen wrote, our cnn political analyst. he wrote this piece for the atlantic. in part he writes, so far none of the candidates has built a coalition that reaches broadly across the party. each is defined to a distinct natu neech. that could guarantee a lengthy war of attrition for the nomination and possibly even a brokered convention as the leading contenders divide the democratic voter base along the lines of race, class, generation, and ideology. i'm just curious, amy, what are your thoughts on that just about these niche candidates? do you think he has a point? >> well, i don't think we're going to go into a brokered convention in july. i think that there's still plenty of time ahead of us, and like i said, these candidates have had that time with the voters here in new hampshire, and i think they're getting their message out. >> okay, and then just lastly, quickly, i wanted to ask you
12:23 pm
about the township of dixville notch, the surf are prize winpre is michael bloomberg who isn't even on the ballot. he scored write in votes from two democrats and one republican. do you see an opening in new hampshire for folks who don't want trump, you know, which democrat do you think it might be? >> well, i can't say which democrat it will be yet. i think we'll see that tonight obviously, but i think last night was something interesting to watch, and it shows the beauty and how special the new hampshire primary is that anything could happen. >> amy kennedy, thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, mike bloomberg's past support for stop and frisk continues to haunt him. now in the form of leaked audio in which he defends throwing black and latino kids against the wall. plus, why did president trump go to new hampshire and tell his supporters to vote for a democrat in today's primary? we'll be right back.
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this one's all about michael bloomberg. he may be sitting out the first four primary races, but he is
12:29 pm
gaining traction in national polling and is in turn coming under increasing scrutiny from his rivals. a recording from 2015 is resurfacing on social media where mike bloomberg aggressively defends his controversial top and frisk anti-crime policy while he was mayor of new york. >> 95% of murders murders and murder victims fit one m.o., you can just take a description, xerox it, and pass it out to all cops. they are male minorities, 16 to 25, that is true in new york and that's true in virtually every city. >> bloomberg's campaign is reiterating his regrets about stop and frisk today. he said something similar to crist ann aman pore. >> in the end it turned out we were using it too aggressively, and when we cut it back, it
12:30 pm
didn't have the effect. we thought crime would go up. we reduced it by 95%, and i said i'm sorry. i was wrong, and i'm sorry. after that i don't know what else to tell you. >> let's talk about it. with me now is cnn politics and business correspondent christina alesh she, and cnn political analyst, and national reporter for the "new york times." you've been covering the bloomberg campaign, tell me about this audio and why it's resurfacing now. >> it's resurfacing to your point because he is rising in the pollis, this is what happen when you start climbing. other people try and take you down. that said, this audio is very bad for the bloomberg campaign. his opponents will use this against him not because he's supporting the policy but he's using such harsh and insensitive words in the face of a policy that disrupted a lot of lives of
12:31 pm
new yorkers, and you know, it just kind of shows a tone deafness on his part about how the community really felt about it. we actually have some more of that sound you can listen to. >> we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods, yes, that's true, i why we do it? because that's where all the crime is. >> i think it's important to note that the sound was resurfaced and promoted by a prominent bernie sanders supporter on twitter the day after a poll did show bloomberg rising, particularly with the african-american community. you saw the polling results from quinnipiac, 22% support in the african-american community just behind joe biden who had 27% support. but this is an issue that is going to stay with bloomberg throughout the campaign. he put out this statement saying i apologize for this. that's not going to make this go away, and he tried to deflect it
12:32 pm
because the president tweeted about it, right, and he tried to say look, the president is dividing us. let's come together. >> so he's apologized. he's apologized pretty recently, you know, for stop and frisk. do you foresee this audio that's now resurfaced as being a major obstacle for him going forward? >> it's hard to know. let's note that joe biden has had similarly fraught moments, particularly on issues that affect black communities come up. opponents tried to hit him on that, ask that has not necessarily been the thing that's taken him down. what has taken him down is bad lelectoral results once we got o iowa, maybe now new hampshire. let's be clear, black voters know that white politicians in particular are not perfect. these are voters who are oftentimes making moral choices between two, what they would call lesser of two evils, and so while opponents will certainly hit mike bloomberg using these comments, the question is can
12:33 pm
they make their own affirmative case to black communities. it won't just be enough to say hey, he said these bad things in the past. it's why is your policy, why are you someone that black voters can trust? that's what we're going to have to see is can they make that case. right now bloomberg is rising because his advertisements are making a strong anti-trump case that these folks are latching onto. i am not sure, just like the crime bill didn't sink joe biden if these stop and frisk comments will sink mike bloomberg. >> trump seized on this new audio, right? he tweeted that bloomberg was a quote, total racist. that tweet was quickly deleted. his campaign manager has the #bloombergisaracist on his feed. we've heard the president praise stop and frisk. let's take a moment and listen to that and revisit that. >> now, whether or not in a place like chicago you do stop and frisk which worked very well, it worked very well in new
12:34 pm
york. it brought the crime rate way down. stop and frisk. it works, and it was meant for problems like chicago. it was meant for it. stop and frisk. >> do you think that attack line will work if he chooses to attack bloomberg directly? >> look, the president's trying to run the playbook that we know he has yused, one that tries to divide the democratic primary, cause chaos in the democratic primary, latch on to the weaknesses of who potential opponent can be. we have found one in mike bloomberg. not only has the president hi s himself praised stop and frisk but he has praised taxes to use on communities larger that than. he has add -- trump himself also obviously has come under scrutiny for comments that folks think are racist, so it's hard
12:35 pm
for me to believe that that #or these comments will be the thing that tips voters, black voters to trump. we do know what the trump campaign is doing is trying to win on the margins. they know they're not going to win black communities as a whole, but they think if they can keep some folks a the hoat that can be a really important thing. let's remember in wisconsin and ohios and pennsylvanias, black turnout and enthusiasm for the democratic nominee is going to be vitally important. i think it's important to note that the trump campaign is not trying to just win these people but maybe cause a seed of doubt about someone who could be the democratic nominee, and those slight margins could help in the general election. >> okay. thank you. thank you both very much. coming up next, president trump is apparently making a habit of inserting himself in a democratic primary process. he's now telling his supporters in new hampshire to vote for who he calls the weakest democrat. plus, our breaking news, a prosecutor on the roger stone
12:36 pm
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12:41 pm
manchester, new hampshire, he seized upon the fact that in new hampshire independent voters can vote in either of the democratic or the republican primary. watch. >> we hear that there could be -- because you have crossovers in primaries, don't you? so i hear a lot of republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the democrats. does that make sense? you people wouldn't do that. my only problem is i'm trying to figure out who is their weakest candidate? i think they're all weak. >> jennifer horn is former chairwoman of the new hampshire republican party. she's also a founding member of the anti-trump super pac, the lincoln project. jennifer, thank you for being with me. we just played that sound. what do you think of president trump inserting himself in this democratic campaign essentially and telling independent voters to vote for the weakest candidate? >> well, first of all, he's just wrong. in new hampshire republicans cannot cross over and vote in a democratic primary.
12:42 pm
it's not allowed. only independents or an undeclared voter could do that, so he's just factually incorrect again. the president is simply trying to, you know, solidify his base and divide the opposition. he wants to play into this idea that bernie sanders is somehow being, you know, mistreated by the democratic party, that there's more division on one side than the other. this is clearly, you know, to advance his own purpose. and very quickly, brooke, just to add onto that, it's very obviously that the trump campaign has made a strategic decision here. they're playing entirely to their base. they are making no attempt to try to reach out and build coalitions, reach out to other blocks of voters at all. they want to suppress any anti-trump vote and just play entirely to their base. >> well, maybe to their detriment. i want to play some sound. one of our correspondents talked to this couple that were trump voters in 2016. they are now turning to
12:43 pm
democratic moderate amy klobuchar as their pick. listen to them. >> we voted for trump last time, and we're seeing who we can choose this time. we may go with him, but we like amy because she seems to be a strong candidate. she had many years in the senate. >> i just thought that was really interesting. i know your paper, the union leader has endorsed her. >> right. >> why are you, you know, a lifelong republican, you are getting behind amy klobuchar. why? >> well, listen, i want to get behind the candidate who's best positioned to defeat donald trump in november, and why i'm doing that is easy, and something i think millions of americans understand. donald trump creates an existential threat to the republican -- i'm sorry, to the republic. it's not about the republican party. it's about the country. you know, he has divided and damaged, he has turned the presidency into a corrupt crime enterprise.
12:44 pm
he has put the security of our nation at risk. you can go on and on. he is unqualified not just to be president but to in any way represent what the great principles and values that america was founded on. amy klobuchar i think is really interesting to watch right now. you know, bernie sanders is likely going to win tonight. we saw the big boost that pete buttigieg got coming out of iowa. he's likely to be very close to sanders, if it all kind of works out the way that the pollsing suggests, but amy klobuchar is the one -- if she places ahead of joe biden and if she places ahead of joe biden and elizabeth warren, that's an extraordinary win for her going out of new hampshire, and i just think she's somebody who's well-positioned to build those coalitions that are necessary to win in november. her ability to work across the aisle, to bring disaffected republicans and right leaning independents together with the democratic base that she needs
12:45 pm
to kind of push a win across the finish line. >> i am sure she appreciates your words. we wait to see how new hampshire speaks and votes later this evening. for now, jennifer horn, thank you very much in manchester for us. let's get back to our breaking news now, a prosecutor on the roger stone case is now withdrawing from this case after the justice department backtracks on stone's sentencing guidance, and it all happens after president trump complained about the recommended sentence on twitter. yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time.
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a lot of "curb" fans around here and this next story as
12:50 pm
larry david would say is pretty, pretty good. president trump not only tweeting out a video from "curb your enthusiasm" but for a time pinning the tweet to the top of the profile and it included the words tough guys for trump. the president seemingly misinterpreting the show and understanding that the maga hat in the season was meant as a insult, and the bootleg clip shows larry david in a road rage person and he puts on the maga hat. >> you little [ bleep ]. >> i am sorry i didn't see you. be careful next time. >> will do. will do. >> so good. and what the clip does not show is the rest of the episode where larry david makes fun of trump and only wears the hat as a way to repel people and preventing others from sitting next to him at say a restaurant.
12:51 pm
so the host of the "last laugh" and writer for "daily beast" and he says that larry could not give a bleep about the maga hat. >> and i will try not to be bleeped. >> we have more bleeping coming up, so stay tuned for that. is that just trump misinterpreting the show or using it out of context to his advantage? >> well, there is a little bit of both. i saw it and i laughed immediately, because i thought he totally and completely missed the point of the maga hat in the episode, but at the same time he is using it as one of the many, many distractions on twitter from everything else that is going on so we will be talk about this right now other than something else. >> and explain if somebody has not seen the episode, can you give context? >> yes, trump shared the end of the sequence of the clips from the episode, but the idea is that larry david is a curmudgeon living in l.a. and liberal
12:52 pm
himself, but he decides that if he is wearing a maga hat around hollywood, then he going to be able to get out of lunch with a friend, and he is going to be able to get a seat at the sushi bar with nobody next to him, and the final punch line comes when he gets into road rage incident with this biker who doesn't, and ends up liking him because of the maga hat, and that is the punchline that trump shared. >> and we know that larry david was doing a q&a in new york at the 92nd street y and he was asked about this and this is what he said. >> there is a little bit oa political question, but i see a big part of the show as the maga hat. >> for the first show, yeah. >> and so, there are people that wear the maga hat and like what it represents, and are you afraid of alienating them, and they could be fans of the show? >> alienate yourselves. [ applause ] >> go, go and alienate, and you have my blessing.
12:53 pm
no, i could give a [ bleep ] less. >> so, it is pretty clear that larry david doesn't well, give a you know what. >> and i thought that it was funny that some of trump's followers last night were tweeting, oh, this is actually a, you know, the joke on the liberals that the maga hat is used to repel liberals and that is what larry david is going for, but it is misunderstanding who he is both in the show and in person, and you know, as real person. he has been a long supporter of liberal causes and donated the max amount to pete buttigieg in this cycle we understand. >> thank you, matt. >> thank you. and an extraordinary series of developments unfolding today. a prosecutor in the roger stone case is stepping off of the case after the doj backtracks on the sentencing guidance for roger stone. standby for new details there.
12:54 pm
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let me just get you caught up on the breaking news we are following this afternoon in the criminal case against president trump's long time confidant roger stone. the top prosecutor in the case just quit after a stunning reversal from department of justice. it started after the federal prosecutors asked to sentence stone 7 to 9 years for obstruction and witness tampering and making false
12:59 pm
statements to congress, but this is the thing, the president got word of it and tweeted out this is a miscarriage of justice and in the wake of that tweet, the goj is now backing down from its own sentencing recommendation. and now we have our crime reporter here to clarify this for us, because the prosecutor is not quitting altogether, but he is withdrawing from the case? >> he is leaving the case. he was there from the beginning and he was a mueller prosecutor and been on the mueller investigations and others and he then moved over to the washington, d.c., attorney general's office to handle the case. since this developed he notified the judge he is leaving the case and wants done. he is technically assigned to the baltimore maryland attorney's office there, and he is going to go back there, because he has a job there. but for certain, he is no longer on the case, and that is a big development in this case. >> i am sure that jake is going to pick up where you left off shimon, and thank you for, of
1:00 pm
course, being with me. i'm brooke baldwin and special coverage of the new hampshire prior mare start prior mare start primary starts now. -- captions by vitac -- voters in nashua are putting their stamp on the democratic presidential race. you are looking at the live pictures of the first primary of 2020 and the second critical test of the candidates after the chaos in iowa. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. we are counting down to the first votes out of new hampshire about three hours from now. that is when most polling places close across the state. 11 democrats are competing in the unpredictable and changing race, but the