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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 13, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PST

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shouldn't be at war without a results. >> thank you very much for being with us this morning and helping vote of congress. where we got us understand the spread of this virus. >> thank you very much. proposition that we shouldn't be i want to thank the justice at war with iran without a vote department. of congress. they saw the horribleness of a however, the president always has the ability against imminent nine-year sentence for doing nothing. >> there's nothing happening here except bill barr who is the attack. the president needs that power. adult in the room saying, wait, we're not tying the president's look. we've got a problem here. hands. we're just saying war is the >> never seen the overruling of most serious thing we do. prosecutors because it's blatant it should only be done after abuse of power. serious deliberation. >> looking forward to engaging no one person should make the with latino voters and zilgs on their own. african-american voters both in nevada and south carolina. we lost two more soldiers in >> they don't know me yet afghanistan. they were 28 years old. nationally. in my own state, i've done well sergeants gutierrez and in the election with rodriguez. one of them had been deployed african-american voters. >> we won the popular vote in iowa. we won the vote in new hampshire. i believe we're going to win in nevada, south carolina. we're going to win a lot of states on super tuesday. ten times. we've been at nonstop war for 19 years. it's time to start exercising we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and the kind of oversight needed all around the world. this is "new day." lest there be more sergeants and if you're just waking up,
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there is a developing story gutierrez and rodriguez who were killed with congress stand og courtesy of former white house think seedlines and not paying chief of staff john kelly. john kelly is speaking out about careful attention to whether we should be at war. many things he saw during his time in the white house. >> look, we don't often see notably, he is defending lieutenant colonel alexander republicans cross the president. vindman who was fired by it will be sbrsurprising to see happen if they vote today. thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts on this. president trump for testifying in the impeachment trial. democratic presidential general kelly said vindman did candidate mike bloomberg, he has exactly what we teach them to do money to burn. where he's spending it says a from cradle to grave. lot about his campaign strategy. we teach them, do not follow an we have a closer look next. i'm bad. illegal order. and if you're ever given one, you'll raise it to whoever gives it to you that this is an illegal order and then you tell your boss, end quote. that will likely enrage the president who seems hell bent on revenge since he was impeached. and cnn has learned that more you're stronger than you know. so strong. career prosecutors may soon walk you power through chronic migraine, 15 or more headache or migraine days a month. off the job. one tough mother. you're bad enough for botox®. they abruptly quit the case botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines after attorney general bill barr before they even start for almost 10 years, requested a reduction in stone's and is the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment.
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prison sentence. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, >> the shakeup of the justice each lasting 4 hours or more. department comes just a week after the impeachment trial ended. some senate republicans who voted to acquit the president effects of botox® may spreadours claimed they believe the as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness president learned his lesson. can be signs of a life-threatening condition. how do they think about that side effects may include allergic reactions, lesson learning this morning? joining me now is sherrod brown neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. of ohio. tell your doctor your medical history, i want to play you sound from a muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins, hearing about one saying it was as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. go on with your bad self. to speak out about what he saw going on. you may pay as little as zero dollars for botox®. that senator was named sherrod brown. listen to this. >> it's clear the president of ask your doctor about botox® for chronic migraine. the united states did learn a lesson. you got this. the lesson he can do whatever he wants. that he will never be held accountable by the senate. this is the lesson. he's now since acquittal done a retribution tour. if we say nothing, it will get worse. his behavior will get worse.
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the retribution tour will continue. we all know that. >> this was not a hearing about the president. why did you feel the need to speak out about that? >> that was actually a hearing with the federal reserve chair with jerome powell and i just we stood up for the rule of law. took the first 75 or so sengcon for the america we love. eight-point-five-million strong banded together to impeach donald j. trump. of my time as the chairman to lay that out. president trump has just been impeached on both article one, in large part because i know what republican senators say abuse of power, and on article two, obstruction of congress. privately. they tell me this president doesn't tell the truth. they were very concerned about and we're not done yet. the ukraine call, what led up to senate republicans voted for a cover-up... it. the call itself and the cover ...but the american people know the truth. we can stop this corruption. join us at upafterwards. and because of their fear the because now...we need to vote. president would turn on them. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising. he said things like we know he'll get better. with td ameritrade tools, and help from pros. impeachment is a serious thing and the president will get it's almost like you're training me to become better. of course he wasn't. an even smarter, stronger investor. they know his character. exactly. first it was the prayer ♪(rocky theme music) fifty-six straight, come on! breakfast in the east room. that's it, left trade right trade. come on another trade, i want to see it! all these -- when he continues more! ♪ attacks.
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these are attacks on staff people and people he appointed. i mean, it's unhinged, but we 80s-style training montage? knew it would be. yeah. but i count on some like mitt happens all the time. ♪ romney look at his courage to stand up to the president to say stop. >> i don't understand why you're using the conditional. you're saying if we say nothing, it will get worse as if it's an open question. by and large your colleagues across the aisle have made the choice. they chose to say nothing. let me read you senator chuck grassley. he says, quote, this is about the justice department and leaning on the justice department or the fact bill barr overruled prosecutors. grassley said it doesn't bother me at all. in this case the judge is going to make the decision, not anybody else. they don't care. they have chosen to say nothing. there's no more question about what will happen if, it's done.
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>> well, john, as a cleveland indians fan and pitchers and catchers report this week, i always believe hope springs eternal. and i'm still hopeful my colleague wills put aside their fear if only for a few minutes and stand up and do the right thing that they will prize democracy over their sort of do whatever you have to do to keep your seat in congress. i saw george bush create this -- george bush and others create a fear of you might be called anti-american. you might be called soft on terrorism. it's the same kind of fear in my republicans' eyes. they're afraid of fox. they're afraid of talk radio. they're afraid of twitter. so with most of the they're afraid of the president democratic candidates focusing coming into their state and giving them a bad nickname. the next two weeks on nevada and lying ted kind of nickname or south carolina, mike bloomberg is spending his time and money like a lot of money on worse. and fear does the business. supertuesday. here to break down the numbers
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and you can see that day by day -- >> i couldn't wait my turn to here. talk. >> harry enten. >> i respect your clinging to >> i missed you greatly. the 1948 cleveland indians here, >> you'll stay on that side. but that was a long time ago. >> yeah, whatever. i'll be on that side soon enough. so look at this. i just want to point this out. i think by and large they've money, money, money, money. told us where they stand. and i don't understand what sign >> lizamy nel la. >> i love liza. you've seen that that will 2020 ads in the supertuesday. change from them. do they need to be called out by look at this. name at this point? what do you say to chuck grassley after he makes a $129 million. holy cow. statement like that? >> i talked to some of them after those statements. oh, my goodness gracious. and they pretty much shrug. i said during the impeachment i said to a number of them, what steyer next at $25 million. are you going to do, what are we going to do if he's exonerated bernie at $7 million. to make him not want to steal >> why are they at zero? the election by through ukraine >> they because don't have or some other source? enough money. >> they don't have enough money i think what's -- and i am hopeful, but i also understand to spend for super tuesday yesterday? >> joe biden's doesn't have we've got to do our job that dr. enough money to keep his ads on the air by south carolina. they're going to contest to contest. michael bloomberg is all focused king said it's up to us to keep in on super tuesday. and in the four most rich pushing as subtly or as brazenly delegate states overall he spent -- look at this.
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as we need to. $114 million. but the fact the election is coming up and every senator -- holy cow. >> can i ask you and it's important. everybody that voted against how many days between south carolina and super tuesday? witnesses. >> three. >> so the point is if you're not spending money on super tuesday now, you're not going to. that the more information comes >> that's exactly right. out, the more embarrassed and that's the game plan michael they're going to be. more and more coming out by election day. bloomberg is playing. these folks are essentially not some of these senators in places going to be able to catch up. like maine, colorado, north i want to give you an idea of how much this money is moving carolina, arizona, and georgia are going to start sweating more as more coming out. the race right now. look at november of 2019 when and they're all part of the bloomberg got in and entered the race in november of 2019. cover-up. period. there's no dispute. they are all part of that cover-up. >> you are saying now and plo listing states. bloomberg at was at 9%. cory gardner from colorado, is he jumped up to 14%. he part of the cover-up? >> of course. i just said i'm not going to he got a larger share of the pie after biden fell from 27% to call names but that news clip with this name. but arizona, colorado, maine, 20%. than even bernie or buttigieg. kentucky, iowa, north carolina, so when biden fell, bloomberg georgia. was the one who benefitted. they're all part -- these -- >> that's just the power of tv. they're all part of this tv ads. >> i got a message from a friend cover-up. they didn't want witnesses.
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they won't criticize the who was a teacher in louisiana, president. student of hers just randomly they won't stand up to him when he's unhinged. texted her and said who's i don't know who was at the prayer breakfast, but -- and who michael bloomberg. that's how far he ads are was in the east room, i saw some clips and saw a lot of penetrating. he is buying name recognition. recognizable faces. >> you're hearing kids but they all stood up, anecdotally in these states able to recite word for word the applauded, ennoble this pras. words in the michael bloomberg ads because they're seeing them so much. last few days there have been they american electorate can mae questions about statements bloomberg has made about them pay. african-americans. he was mayor of this city for 12 >> all right. is there anything else you can years. what do we know about african-american support for do? you spent your time and chose bloomberg? >> you know, look at this. he's in second place in the time to speak to us. but what other power do you quinnipiac poll. he's in second place. actually have? is there anything you feel that moved all the way up. there is question about whether you can do at this point to the new information will necessarily move voters. but i'll point out in new york restrain the president of the united states? >> i also went to the floor state, bloomberg who you think is the most well known. yesterday. and mitt romney was presiding among african-american in new york state, favorable rating is which made it interesting. i just think any possible ways i 58%. actually not that bad. can come up with. the more you get to know michael i guess i can't give you a bloomberg and what he's all litany now. i'm not trying to hide them, i about, i'm not sure these past statements will necessarily move just have to think more about the it. my staff and i are speaking
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about this. >> we have live pictures right i'm talking to democrats how to do this. now of mayor michael bloomberg. but a free media is so, so, so he is doing an event there in important asnftant. south carolina. and this is watergate. we'll catch that as you continue richard nixon didn't even do to tell us about endorsements. this stuff. >> the other thing we will point this isn't the worst time in our nation's history. out here is we talk about it's not mccarthy. endorsements from congress it's not the civil war. people and others. it's not in the streets in the biden in total who is supposedly '60s with the candidate of the but it's a pretty challenging time with a terrible, terrible establishment, bloomberg's just a little bit behind at 19%. president that is going to lose and this month. in 2020. look at this. but it's up to us to make that bloomberg at 6%. happen. >> senator sherrod brown, we he has more endorsements than thank you for being with us. joe biden has. and he may be getting that establishment label. especially if you go to a contested convention, he may be >> i'm gressed with that. >> it's one of the few teams i in a decent position. know a lot about. but thank you for being with us. >> all right. bernie sanders won in new >> that is your wheel house he hampshire. normally that means what and just walked into the. what does it tell us about >> he said the cleveland sanders now? >> take a look at the dem indians. national primary poll leader he says he thinks they have a chance but they haven't won after new hampshire primary. bernie is down at just 26% right since 1948 so i think he's now. and if you look since 1992 which clinging to the wrong notion. is the first year in which all >> i got that. joining us now david gregory and were with the 15% threshold. jeffrey toobin. after new hampshire, normally
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>> bob feller. the polling leader jumps up. but bernie is at 26%. >> let's just keep going. >> my mom's from cleveland. anyway. bill clinton was at 39%. >> senator brown just said that this is a suggestion that this race remains wide open. these are really challenging times. and someone like bloomberg prosecutors have come out in the past 24 hours and feel the same. really could come in and basically buy his way to the they feel very strongly that nomination. president trump is violating the >> what's the mystery tab or shouldn't i ask? rule of law. >> you know, i'm all about here is what a former u.s. mystery. john, what do you think of my attorney in the obama administration says about his childhood dog? this is me and cody. meddling in the roger stone i love cody. sentence. she writes, if a president can cody is my favorite. >> as you know, john likes to do med until a criminal case to help a friend, then there's i guess commentary on dog nothing that keeps him from meddling to harm someone he styles. >> well, dog shows. thinks is an enemy. >> dog shows. that means a president is fully above the law in the most that's the word. dangerous kind of way. >> yes, john? this is how democracies die. >> go on, john. >> one of the things about being what are you thinking? >> i prefer mutts and mixed a federal prosecutor is that, breeds. i'm just saying. nothing against your dog. you know, it's sort of the i'm sure cody was very nice. ultimate power of government. >> cody was the soul of me. you can lock someone up. >> i'm most interested in how you can execute people if you cute you were. decide to prosecute them. >> thank you. so there are rules in place. i'd like to think i'm at least not all of them written down. still a little cute. >> moving on. harry, you're wonderful.
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appreciate it. okay. so there have to be procedures a jury is now jury is now decid that apply to everyone that you fate of michael avenatti on don't pick and choose people for lenient treatment or harsh treatment based on the political trial for extortion. we have more on the meteoric passions of the people at the rise and fall, next. top. you know, is the system perfect? no. but the idea that the president where's our family from? out of all the federal cases in was he my age? the country can reach to the so nana and pops eloped? justice department and say, go ...and then what happened, daddy? easier on my friend. well, before us, there were your great, great, great grandparents. that's what is so chilling to people in the system because it leads to if he gets away with turn questions you've always had into stories this to the opposite you know, you can't wait to share; with ancestry. get me enemy as well as help my friend. >> but the point i take with what you just said and what sherrod brown said, you keep using the word if. there's no question about if. he did it. it's over. there's no more conditionality to it. he has made clear what he has done and what he will do. and steve bannon in "the washington post" this morning i
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think says it all. he says of the president, quote, now that he understands how to use the full powers of the presidency, the pearl clutchers better get used to it. this is it. this is the rest of the presidency. we're seeing it play out before our eyes. he does not feel as if there are any restraints and he might be right. >> and he certainly doesn't adhere to any boundaries or restraints before now even before getting impeached. so this has very much got to be on the minds of voters who have questions about this kind of use and abuse of power by the president. you know, this is also an escalation and attack on the judiciary. a co-equal branch of government that has i think done a pretty good job standing up for its othroughout the country for the past twelve years, turn questions you've always had into stories co-equal status in the government. the chief justice of the united mr. michael bloomberg is here. states has rebuked the president vo: leadership in action. for talking about obama judges mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together or trump judges saying that in the fight for gun safety laws, they're all judges who are to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help serving in their capacity with teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. impartiality. his attack on judge berman obama: at a time when washington is divided in
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jackson in this case has old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when happened in a couple of instances. and is part of what he's done in we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. this latest instance. i've been curious following bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. republicans, you know, lindsey graham who couldn't be a bigger supporter of the president said in classic understatement the president shouldn't have said anything. which if you put that in a normal filter would mean this is outrageous. and i just think republicans should be held to their previous views on such matters. you know, john cornyn says there should have been a special prosecutor appointed when former president clinton approached then-attorney general loretta lynch at a time when hillary clinton was being investigated for her emails. something that was roundly criticized and i thought appropriately so for that potential. even the appearance of that kind of interference. and republicans were critical of president obama when he saw to absolve hillary clinton in the email controversy. so republicans are on record
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saying what they would consider abusive in this regard and now they've just completely walked away because the new standard seems to be whatever his inclinations as long as the judge has the final say it shouldn't matter. >> bill barr is also on record. the attorney general is also on record from 2001. he used to feel very differently about a president trying to meddle with the department of justice. let me read for you what he said back then. watergate made republican administrations very wary of the justice department. and i think republican administrations including the reagan administration and certainly the bush administration took the view that the attorney general justice department was special and different and you didn't mess around w intervene. you didn't interfere. there was a lot of deference man: can i find an investment firm that has a truly long-term view? paid. well -- >> that was then. >> yeah. it begins by being privately owned. i mean, i guess what i find so interesting is he -- if that was with more than 85 years of experience over multiple market cycles. his strong belief and he articulates it very clearly, is with portfolio managers who are encouraged to do what's right he comfortable with taking instructions now from president over what's popular. trump? >> well, you know, i can't look focused on helping me achieve my investors' unique goals.
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into bill barr's soul. >> i can. can i find an investment firm >> it's beyond my ability as a that gets long term the way i do? journalist. >> i can. here's what i want to say about with capital group, i can. that. his spokesperson at the talk to your advisor or consultant department of justice says that they decided this before for investment risks and information. president trump's tweet. okay? so the spokeswoman says that they decided that this sentence was too long before president trump ever tweeted that they already weren't comfortable with it. if that's the case, you normally and in a normal administration bend over backwards to avoid the it is time for cnn business appearance of a conflict of interest. maybe he should have held off, for instance, making the now. really the tale two of economies. some americans are struggling to suggestion because it would look pay their medical bills while bad. but now he appears to not mind for others their 401(k) balances have hit new records. being told -- appearing to be christine romans here with all told what to do. that. >> a contradiction in personal >> to being a political tote. finances. health care, a key issue in the election. tens of millions of people amy berman jackson, the judge in struggling to pay their medical bills. a brand-new study from the cdc this case who's now at the found 14% of americans in 2018 fulcrum of all this, has the couldn't afford their health care expenses. authority to say i want to hear him. i want to hear from the justice this had been improving in the years after obamacare, made department about how this
4:16 am
happened. coverage easier but improvement i've never seen anything like this before. it's my job to administer has stalled. it concluded not paying those justice fairly. i need to know what happened affects the life for the rest of the family people with insurance here. i want to hear from witnesses. also having trouble keeping up. i want to get affidavits. that is at least one way of women, children and african-americans were more likely to struggle than others. getting to the bottom of how the among people over 65, those system is now working. >> we talk about and senator jointly enrolled in medicare and medicaid were more likely to sherrod brown was talking about why republicans aren't standing up and saying no or stop to the struggle than those with private president. there is someone who used to work for the president up until coverage. meanwhile, new data from not that long ago who has chosen fidelity shows record high 401(k) balances. now to speak publicly about some the average 401(k) now holds of the actions the president is taking. former chief of staff john 112,000 bucks, up 7% in the kelly, marine general for a long fourth quarter, up 17% from time, was at an event in new jersey last night and was 2018. for workers, those of you who answering questions. had your 401(k) for ten years one of the questions had to do straight, the average balance with lieutenant colonel vindman reached $328,200. who was fired after testifying in the impeachment investigation. and this is what general kelly fidelity says 33% of workers said. i'll read it off the screen. upped their contribution rates last year. that's good. investors benefiting from a he did exactly what we teach ten-year long stock market them to do from cradle to grave. we teach them don't follow an rally. just over half of americans own illegal order. stocks either directly or
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and if you're ever given one, through mutual funds or you'll raise it to whoever gives retirement accounts. millions don't, but a low it to you that it is an illegal order and then tell your boss. jobless rate and solid stocks in election year seem to be an david, there's a lot significant advantage for president trump. about this. a brand-new gallup poll found number one, general kelly who 60% of americans say they are knows something about orders having been in the marines far better off today than three long time is calling what the president did with ukraine an years ago. 62% give trump credit for illegal order. that in and of itself is improvement in the economy. want to give you breaking news interesting. this morning as well. brand-new, america's second his defense of colonel vindman largest newspaper company interesting given he was just mcclatchey has filed for fired. what do you make of all this? >> it's particularly damning. i think it's a military man standing up for another military bankruptcy. the owner of the "kansas city man. star" hopes to stay in business i wish general kelly would have as it works through the courts. been that forthright when he was >> let's hope it can do that. going after the news media for the fate of attorney michael challenging assertions or areas avenatti is in the hands of a he didn't stand up to the new york jury. president when he was in his they're deliberating in his job. but in this particular case, extortion trial. there's no holds barred. and he's going to take on the avenatti burst onto the scene president and support vindman and try to interfere in what he representing porn star stormy daniels. sees in this retribution tour by brynn gingras has more on his the president. rise and epic fall. >> let's hear from general >> and more legal battles ahead. kelly. let's hear from general mattis before 2018 you likely wouldn't who quit as secretary of have recognized the name michael
4:18 am
defense. avenatti. that changed when he represented but has not spoken out about why and what the circumstances were. an adult film star who took on let's hear it from john bolton, the president. in his own federal trial, he america's most famous book didn't take the stand in his author who has kept his -- you defense partly because a judge know, who has not spoken wouldn't allow any questions about his former client to be publicly about the issue on admitted. we'll see if that helps or hurts which the president was him. his fate is in the hands of a impeached. you know, let's have some candor new york jury. from people who know what's really going on. >> well, your wish is general it's rare to see michael kelly's command. avenatti make no comment when because in this atlantic article, he's speaking out now surrounded by cameras. but lately that's been the case about a lot of things from as the man who quickly rose to immigration to the colonel vindman thing. he's saying basically the fame defending adult film star stormy daniels in her lawsuit president is being played. i mean, he's talking about he's against donald trump -- >> my attorney and i are unleashing in that. committed to making sure that >> better late than never. everyone finds out the truth. >> we're going to speak to the >> reporter: -- became defendant in his own trial. article about general kelly. >> this was an old-fashioned general kelly is on a speaking tour and will answer questions shakedown. and speak on the record. >> reporter: new york federal prosecutors say avenatti tried we'd like him to come here. to extort sports giant nike for we'll leave that where it is. david gregory, jeffrey toobin, more than $20 million thank you very much. threatening to publicly accuse let's talk about the race for president right now in the the company of illegal recruiting tactics if it didn't democratic nomination. pay up. bernie sanders does appear to be >> i'm not going to go along with this. the front runner. and i'm not continuing to play
4:19 am
what about that other crowded games. you guys know enough now to know lane as the other candidates vie you got a serious problem. to take on bernie sanders? that's next. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind? and it's worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing. >> reporter: recordings by the fbi served as key evidence in the nearly month-long trial. >> i will never stop fighting. >> reporter: the fight started long before his own legal woes. when avenatti introduced the world to daniels in 2018. daniels hired the california-based lawyer to help her get out of a nondisclosure agreement she signed in 2016, preventing her from talking about an affair she said she had with trump a decade earlier. trump denies it. >> i saw the case as donald trump and michael cohen rigging the 2016 election by covering up his relationship with stormy daniels and based on my legal and political experience, i recognized the campaign finance violations. from the very first meeting that
4:20 am
i had with stormy daniels. >> if michael cohen is such a stand-up guy. >> reporter: and avenatti spared no time flooding the air waves. >> this is a cover-up. >> reporter: boasting his message. >> this is a president that demands and values loyalty but provides none. >> reporter: more clients and headline grabbing cases followed involving then brett kavanaugh and singer r. kelly. for as fast as his celebrity skyrocketed, it fell even faster with the arrest last year on the new york charges and also in los angeles. >> mr. avenatti then used his clients' money. >> reporter: they accuse him of cheating his own clients out of their money, including a paraplegic man. >> a corrupt lawyer who instead fights for his own selfish interests. >> we're going to let the system play out. >> reporter: similar allegations are being made in a separate new york case by the woman who helped make avenatti a household name, stormy daniels.
4:21 am
who has since dropped him as her attorney. avenatti's denied all charges against him. and jurors deliberated for five hours wednesday. they'll return to the room today. he's facing 42 years just on this case. he's also set to go to trial on the new york case involving stormy daniels this april and next month, another court date for the 36 charges in california. alisyn? >> brynn, it's remarkable to be reminded of all those twists and turns in this story. thanks to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn newsroom is next. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. i want to thank the justice department. they saw the horribleness of a nine-year sentence for doing nothing. >> if i thought he'd done something that would change the outcome, i'd be the first to say. can you help keep these guys protected online? >> what is more stinky than the most powerful person in the easy, connect to the xfi gateway. country changing the rules to what about internet speeds that keep up with my gaming? benefit a crony guilty of
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let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. breaking the law. >> we are taking on trump, the what about wireless data options for the family? of course, you can customize and save. republican establishment, carville and the democratic establishment. can you save me from this conversation? >> i'm screaming about the that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. revolution. give people an alternative. >> we need someone who is going we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. to be able to unite this party. >> this is "new day" with alisyn ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. camerota and john berman. >> good morning. and welcome to your "new day," thursday, february 13th. it's 8:00 in the east. the question this morning, who will stand up to president trump during what one senator called his retribution tour. we have an answer. his forme
4:23 am
as the democratic race shifts to nevada and skasouth carolina, a new battle is a shaping up around the moderates in the race. buttigieg, biden, klobuchar, bloomberg. who will it be that ultimately takes on the front runner bernie sanders for the nomination? joining us now is terre y mcauliffe. and alisyn has a good way of asking this question. >> is there now a traffic jam in the moderate lane? bam. >> there is, clearly. bernie sanders is now the front runner. and, you know, with that will come a whole new level of scrutiny. i think joe biden, elizabeth warren last year as front runners took a lot of the incoming heat. i think it will now be focused on senator sanders. we are now going in in the course of the next two weeks.
4:24 am
we're going to have big states, california, texas, north carolina, and virginia. so that is an opportunity for people to really separate themselves out. but i think what the candidates have to improve now is they have to expand their base. remember unlike this republican party, we have proportional delegate selection. our candidate gets 33% of the vote in south carolina, they're going get less than half the delegates. so the system is set up to go a long way. the key to this is who can expand where they are today and expand that electorate to show that they're truly a front runner who can take on trump and i would advise these candidates you can take him on health care, taxes, immigration.
4:25 am
with 35% of the delegates being chosen in one day. i think the nature of the discussion is encapsulated in a back and forth that has taken place over the last 24 hours and also bernie sanders who directly got involved. i want to play a part of this. >> some people want a revolution, disruption. you know, i don't know what -- they scream at people. they go and bully people. and i don't know how you want to luckture that. 78 years old screaming in a microphone about a revolution. >> james is with all due respect a political hack who said terrible things when working for clinton against obama bn. i think he said some of the same things. >> i want to bring the idea of michael bloomberg into this. he is in this race dying to run against bernie sanders. he wants to be the person who stands up to the ideas about bernie sanders. but the point is be careful what
4:26 am
you wish for. was we saw in that clip with carville, that's the fight bernie sanders might want. >> perfect setup for sanders is to run against michael bloomberg. but that will be a real contest. as you saw yesterday, michael bloomberg very smartly rolled out endorsements. what he's trying to show in those states in 2018 and won in the house where we picked up all of those moderate seats for us, he's sitting there with a tremendous amount of money. he's run a good campaign so far. my point to everybody is people at home, they're not all into this back and forth. they don't care about any of that. they do care about, i'm going to the pharmacy and how much are my prescription drugs and i'm concerned about the taxes that
4:27 am
are going on they're worried about immigration reform. these are issues people discuss at home and these candidates have got to zero in on that. i'm confident we're going to beat trump. we need 77,000 votes in three states. but this is going to be a long process and the winner is going to be the. earn who can take on trump, show they can take on trump, and unify and expand their base. >> and governor, can you just -- i just wand to leapfrog ahead to a scenario that more and more people i hear buzzing or talking about. do you foresee a scenario at the convention where there is no clear nominee in terms of the delegate count and that it is a battle at the convention? >> you know, that's a great question. i say the likelihood of that has probably gone up. i don't think historically new hampshire and iowa has whittled
4:28 am
down our field. it has expanded our field. as i say, 1,091 delegates. remind you hillary clinton did not go in with a majority of the delegates. barack obama did not go in with a majority of delegates. the only one recent was john kerry in '04. the way it's going now with the splintering going on, there's a good chance this could go to milwaukee. and that's what we determined. and that's very disconcerting for me and others because we've got to start laying the ground work today. we can't wait until july to build our field operations and staffing in all of these key states that we've got to win in the general election. the longer we go, the better it is for trump. and i'm just hoping we'll get a little clarity out of this on super tuesday. then we can coalesce. remember, we're going after donald trump. >> we appreciate getting your take on all of this.
4:29 am
thank you. republicans seem to have no problem with president trump and his attorney general intervening on the sentence of the president's pal roger stone. this morning, what are democrats planning to do? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ win her heart with a valentine that's anything but ordinary. now save 20 to 50% on all fashion jewelry. every kiss begins with kay.
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attorney general william barr ought to be ashamed and embarrassed and resign. >> they are stunned the justice department intervened to get a lesser sentence for roger stone. joining us now to talk about this and more, we have democratic senator tim kaine. he's a members of the armed services and foreign relation committees. good morning, senator. >> alisyn, good to be with you. >> do you agree with your colleague senator blumenthal that bill barr should resign? >> well, i wish it were that easy. i voted against bill barr for attorney general for exactly this reason. it was very clear to me based on his past record that president trump wanted him as just his all
4:34 am
purpose flack jacket to cover for the president in every way possible. this is not a bug in bill barr. the action department took. >> so now what to do about it? >> it's very tough. we've got to have the judiciary committee and t-- to really qui him about this improper use of his political sway to squash local prosecutors. the worst thing that can happen to a u.s. attorney is to have department of justice come in and squash what they've done because it's the friend of the president's. that is so destabilizing to the rule of law and so demoralizing to career professional who is do good work around the country. >> there's a lawyer from the obama administration department
4:35 am
of justice who puts it in very stark terms. and so i'll just read to you what she says. this is joyce white vance, former u.s. attorney. she says if a president can meddle in a criminal case to help a friend, then there's nothing that keeps him from meddling to harm someone he thinks is an enemy. that means a president believes he is fully above the law in the most dangerous kind of way. this is how democracies die. senator, is she being hyperbolic? >> no. joyce is stating it exactly correctly. the president believes he is above the law. this is a real concern that the president would view acquittal as he could do anything he wants. and certainly the actions he's taken this week in this case but also in the firing of colonel vindman. apparently they're going to sack this.
4:36 am
anybody who was trying to do their job and not fighting against the administration but were just raising questions is now being mowed down with the sickle of this president who's out for revenge. >> but do you think this is how democracies die? >> yes, i do. unless people snap back and say that's not what we want. the american people saying we want and deserve better than this. and certainly in the last few years in virginia, we have elections every year. we've seen tremendous energy, the electorate to say we want and deserve something better than this. i hope that's what the american public will show in november as well. >> is that to say that congress can't do anything about this? >> well, congress can do some things. but, look. i'm very skeptical about whether the senate -- the house is different. about whether the senate will act to check this president's abuses of this kind. that was one of the things that made me decide to vote for
4:37 am
conviction in the impeachment was i decided, you know, we have a toxic president. and evil spreads like a virus. and now this toxicity has infected the institution of the senate. so the senate has not been willing to hold -- yet. has not yet been willing to hold the president accountable for these kinds of politically motivated actions. i hope that we might be and it would start in the judiciary committee. >> i want to ask about something that will be voted on in just a few hours. it is your war powers resolution. and what you're trying to do is limit president trump's authority to launch attacks against him. the president has tweeted he says would have a field day. the democrats are only doing this as an attempt to embarrass the republican party. do you think you have the
4:38 am
bipartisan votes? ess take seriously we
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