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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 13, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being here. president trump may be singing the praises of attorney general bill barr after barr and the department of justice's leadership intervened in the case involving trump's ally and adviser roger stone, but inside the agency rank and file reportedly feel under pressure amid fears that the doj's independence could take a backseat to political influence. this is according to the "new york times" which spoke with career attorneys across the country. let's start with sara murray. she's in washington. that stunning news is coming as cnn, sara, has learned that there could be more resignations in the department after this whole stone controversy. tell me more about that. >> reporter: that's right. i think when you look at our colleagues reporting here and then the "new york times" reporting, you really get a sense of this uneasiness and this unhappiness that is spreading among justice department officials and prosecutors in particular. you know, our colleagues here at the justice department are reporting that other officials are weighing whether or not to resign after what we saw happen
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with roger stone's case, which is that main justice decided to intervene. they asked for a more lenient sentence for roger stone and the four prosecutors who were working nowor working on that case withdrew themselves from the case. there's concern about the political retribution playing out. we see that jessie liu resigned. and her position was yanked from underneath her basically because of her role in leading this office that oversaw the case, and so she resigned because there was really nowhere for her to go at that point at the treasury department if she was no longer going to be nominated for this top slot. i think when you're a prosecutor at the stits departmejustice de no wonder people are feeling early. >> elie honig is a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. he has certainly thoughts on this. douglas brinkley is cnn
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presidential historian. i want read you guys something that steve bannon, chumptrump's former chief strategist. he said a post impeachment trump is mad. now he understands how to use the full powers of the presidency, the pearl clutchers better get used to it. your reaction to that? >> first of all, if steve bannon is cheering you on as a public official as a general rule, you're doing it wrong, and steve bannon really sort of personifies all of donald trump's worst instincts. steve bannon is not about doing right or doing good, he is about amassing power and using it. if that makes me a pearl clutcher, i will clutch away. i am a doj purist who thinks the department of justice needs to be completely independent and entirely beyond the reach of the president or his politics. >> doug, to you. what did you think when you heard that steve bannon quote? >> that bannon's back in the 2020 campaign, that he want to be in the good graces of donald trump. it's good for his lecture fees.
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it's good for his profile. here we're starting the hour talking about steve bannon. it reminds me of what's going on now very much, brooke, to may of 19677 when ex-president richard nixon went on the david frost tv show, did that famous interview when he said, if the president does it, it must be legal. we are living in that reality right now. donald trump believes he can do anything that he wants. he can run shotgun over the justice department. he can have attorney general barr do his bidding in any way, shape, and form that he wants, and he can let the prosecutors, career prosecutors just flee, and so it's we are in a crisis of a white house, but it's in the middle of an election season, and i think it's only going to get grimmer and uglier because the president's on a retribution tour. he wants to punish people. he's angry that he has been impeached in american history, and he's in a very vindictive mood this february.
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>> so given what doug just said, if you are at main justice or at u.s. attorney's office, and you're thinking that your boss ultimately bill barr maybe doesn't have your back, what kind of chilling effect does this have? sara was just reporting on potential walkouts. >> look at what happened in washington d.c. when you have four prosecutors walking off a case altogether, that is a protest move. there's no two ways about it. what we're seeing here, and it's good to hear that from doug brinkley to get the historical perspective, in my own experience, which doesn't go back to watergate, this is completely unusual, unheard of, unprecedented, and it shouldn't -- by the way, this shouldn't be controversial. the notion that doj should be separate and independent, even bill barr himself said it back in 2001. they all know it's true. the only question is if you're in the administration, are you going to stand up and say it, or are you going to swallow your tongue and just go along? >> i'm glad you brought up 2001. this is bill barr's second time serving as attorney general. the first was under president george w. bush, and that was
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back in 2001. at that time barr said this about the justice department. quote, you didn't mess around with it, didn't intoer veervene. now obviously he seems a bit more open, perhaps, to doing so. what happened? >> i think attorney general barr's a chameleon and he changes colors whoever his boss is. some people call it simply kissing up or job survival. look at it as you want to, but george w. bush whatever you think of his two-term presidency would never have allowed the justice department to be used the way that trump's using it. so we're now looking at a different bar, a trumpized bar going on hear. the good news is he is going to come to congress and answer some questions coming up, and hopefully there will be a way to keep the attorney general in check in some way, shape, or form as trump's hubris increases post the impeachment process where he feels he was acquitted. >> gentlemen, stay with me. i have more for you, let me also
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get your take on the president lashing out at his former chief of staff john kelly. john kelly did not hold back on disagreements with his former boss during his speaking appearance at drew university in new jersey last night defending lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, the decorated veteran who was fired from his white house job after testifying during the impeachment hearings about the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. so kelly said this, quote, we teach them, don't follow an illegal order and if you're ever given one, you'll raise it to whoever gives it to you that this is an illegal order and then you tell your boss. he did exactly what we teach them to do from cradle to grave. he went and told his boss what he just heard. the president, of course, now responding to all of this on twitter saying that his former chief of staff was quote, way over his head and went on to say that, quote, he misses the action and just can't keep his mouth shut, which he actually has a military and legal obligation to do. cnn white house correspondent
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jeremy dimon is following this for us. jeremy, vindman's firing was by far not the only thing that kelly criticized the president for. >> no, it certainly wasn't, brooke, and look, in the 14 months since john kelly left his position as white house chief of staff, we haven't heard him speak out on the president very often. it is notable to see him talk about several different issues, criticize the president on several different fronts in this talk at drew university. besides vindman there was also this issue of eddie gallagher's case, the navy s.e.a.l. was who accused of war crimes, ultimately acquitted on that charge, but convicted on a lesser charge. the president intervened in that case to restore gallagher's rank and keep him from being kicked out of the navy s.e.a.l.s. here's what john kelly had to say about that. the idea that the commander in chief intervened there in my opinion was exactly the wrong thing to do. kelly also went on to say that gallagher doesn't represent the u.s. military. so notable on that front from the former four-star general and white house chief of staff. john kelly also chimed in on the
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pres rhetoric and his handling of immigration issues. he said they're not wrong to characterize them that way. i disagreed with the president a number of times. on this run, we should note, brooke, of course that john kelly, he was white house chief of staff. he was the secretary of the department of homeland security during a time when the president was enacting some of the most draconian anti-illegal immigration policies of his presidency, including the that zero tolerance family separation policy. we should also note that john kelly since leaving his white house post in march he actually joined the board of halliburton international a company that is a parent company of a for profit company that essentially houses migrant children detained by u.s. immigration officials. so important to note that there even as kelly criticizes trump's rhetoric on immigration, we don't necessarily know they're that far apart on how to enact
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many of those policies. we also heard the former white house chief of staff criticize the president's rhetoric on the media, particularly the president's line about the media being the enemy of the people. here's what john kelly said, the media in my view, and i feel very strongly about this, is not the enemy of the people. we need a free media. that said, you have to be careful about what you are watching and reading because the media has taken sides. so if you only watch fox news because it's reinforcing what you believe, you are not an informed citizen. now, the white house press secretary stephanie grisham, who we should not has not held a white house briefing during her tenure as the press secretary but does frequently appear on fox news, she commented on fox news just this morning about john kelly's comments. listen in. >> i was in the room with him when he actually backed the president on many of the things that he's now saying, you know, weren't great talking about the media, especially. i have heard john kelly say some things about the media. so i thought it was a little disingenuous.
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>> and so beyond that pushback, bro brooke from the white house, you saw that tweet from the president you read moments ago. that is notable, particularly because one thing we have not seen john kelly do is write a tell-all book about his time at the white house. actually, we reported back in the fall that that's because the president told the president he would not write a book on trump during his time while he is still commander in chief as long as the president didn't attack him first. so does this change the calculus as we see the president now striking back at john kelly? going to have to wait and see. >> good point on that, thank you very much for running through all of that. i've got eli and doug still with me. i know you have thoughts on john kelly now that he's not at the white house. let me ask you one thing tor to clarify. the president tweeted that john kelly can't keep his mouth shut, that he has a military and el legal obligation to do so. >> if he was giving away the locations of our troops, sure,
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that's not what he's doing. you're allowed to criticize the president. regarding kelly's remarks, two things, first of all, let's put to bed this whole notion that vindman did anything wrong. trump's trying to push that. people are saying he at no tire. that's one thing. bigger picture it's good to hear john kelly come forward, but where was this the last year? where was this when he was there? where was it since he left? a lot of people are coming out later or writing books, john bolton, that kind of thing. the people who have real courage who i really respect are the prosecutors on the stone case who took a stand, who said we're not going to go along with this and resigned and spoke out and made their points clear when it mattered. >> doug brinkley, for historical context, we've been talking about how oftentimes the president will punch back right when he feels someone's insulting him, i'm curious, do you think this president has the thinnest skin of any president in our history? >> there's no question. there's nothing like it. most presidents have a couple of
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loyalists that they can chew the fat over, you know, something like a james baker working with ronald reagan or bush 41, you could go back, ted sorenson with john f. kennedy. there's nobody donald trump trusts except perhaps his family. he just saw general kelly for a while liked to have a lot of military people around him, but he's learned the hard way donald trump, that most four star generals put the armed forces and the pentagon ahead of loyalty to a particular politician. i wish general kelly would have spoken out sooner. it would have made a difference, but better late than never, and his voice is important, particularly what we didn't mention, brooke, about north korea, that this president is being hoodwinked by north korea essentially. to me that's very scary and dramatic, and he's pointing to the failure of that trump initiative, which is one of the largest ones we're having to
12:13 pm
grapple with in u.s. foreign policy right now. >> he said flat out trump got played by kim jong-un, and now here's trump in the last week saying i'm going to cool it with him until the election. okay. doug brinkley, elie honig, we're going to leave it. thank you so much or an owl t. t president trump is also in this war of words with democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg, president trump insulting bloomberg's height and calling him a loser. >> plus, the man who gave -- the man who just received the medal of freedom from president trump, he goes on this homophobic rant about why people won't vote for pete buttigieg. those appalling comments next. ♪ the clock is ticking, time is running out ♪
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one week after receiving one of the nation's highest civilian honors, the presidential medal of freedom, rush limbaugh went on a homophobic rant against pete buttigieg. the conservative radio host asked his listeners how a general election faceoff would look between a manly donald trump and a gay 37-year-old. listen for yourself. >> looking at mayor pete, 37-year-old gay guy, mayor of south bend, loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage, and they're saying, okay, how is this going to -- 37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage next to mr. man donald trump. what's going to happen there? and they got to be looking at that, and they've got to be saying that despite all the great progress and despite all
12:19 pm
the great wokeness and despite all the great ground that's been covered, america still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president. they have to be saying this, don't they? now, there may be some democrats who think that is the ticket. there may be some democrats who think that's exactly what we need to do, rush, get a gay guy kissing his husband on stage, ram it down trump's throat and beat him in the general election. really. having fun envisioning that. >> i mean, let's just -- let me bring you two in, anna navarro, is a political commentator, el sooe, i'm starting with you, you know, as an american man as a gay man how do you feel hearing those comments from this man? >> well, i'm not shocked. i mean, this is man who's built
12:20 pm
his entire empire saying inflammatory remarks, whether t. but here's the piece of it that may make people uncomfortable. he's not 100% wrong. why do we know this? because racism, sexism, and h e homophobia still exists. we've seen enough over the years to know that racism, sexism and homo phobia still influence the way people behave, vote, choose to befriend, choose to marry, et cetera. >> anna, what do you think? you heard elsie. >> well, look, two things. rush limbaugh continues to be rush limbaugh. the medal of freedom is not going to change him. a stage 4 cancer diagnosis is not going to change him. this is who he is. this is how he's defined his life. this is what his legacy and his
12:21 pm
reputation is going to be despite how long he may or may not live. i would hope that if somebody got a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and was struggling with their own mortality, they'd, you know maybe try to make peace, but apparently that's not the case. either way, i wish him well. >> on the substance of it, i think it's down right laughable for somebody to define donald trump as the man, the masculine man on the stage. the masculine man on the stage, listen, he's a draft dodger. this is a guy who wears more pancake makeup than any drag queen i ever saw. this is man whose hair is dyed. this is a man who, you know, allegedly gets spanked with a folded up magazine by a stripper. so i don't know what the definition is of masculinity or being a minnesoan's man, but i' rather a pete buttigieg who is
12:22 pm
loyal and who loves his husband, his one husband, as opposed to a man who cheated on his pregnant wife with a playboy model and cheated on the playboy model with a stripper, who then he paid hush money to. so if that's the definition of masculini masculinity, i will take pete buttigieg any day of the week. i think pete buttigieg and chasten buttigieg are giving america an example of what a committed loving, gay couple looks like, and they are breaking ceilings. they are breaking glass ceilings. it's going to make it easier, and i hope it makes it easier for the lgbtq kids who get bullied all over america. they have some of the highest suicide rates. so who cares, who cares what rush limbaugh says. the only reason that it matters is because he got a medal of freedom and he doesn't deserve one. >> brooke, i would argue that it also matters because, as i said before, rush limbaugh has cre e created his empire from
12:23 pm
thousands if not millions of people if they don't agree with him, at least tolerate him. if they tolerate him, that means there's things he says that doesn't bother them enough. while i certainly appreciate what anna says defining masculini masculinity masculinity just like femininity is just as fluid and rush limbaugh is functioning off an old antiquated notion of what it means to be a man, and i don't think we should allow him to drag us into this conversation. >> let me play some sound. i'm listening to both of you carefully. the president has now weighed in on all of this. here he was. >> would americans vote for a gay man to be president? >> i think so. i think there would be some that wouldn't and, you know, i wouldn't be among that group to be honest with you. i think that, yes, it doesn't seem to be hurting pete buttigieg as you say, as you would call hill. it doesn't seem to be hurting him very much, but there would certainly be a grown up a, you
12:24 pm
know this better than i do, there'd be a group that probably wouldn't. but you know, you and i would not be in that group. >> are you surprised by the president's stance on this? >> is he standing? i mean, it didn't -- >> i mean it seems like he's -- and we've heard him in clips before saying he doesn't have a problem with it. unlike what rush limbaugh said. >> he says one thing and his policy says another, and then he says another thing and then he tweets another thing, so i don't really want to get caught up into whether or not what the president is saying is something that we can hang our hat on. what i will say is this, there are elements of what he says that's true. there are people who will not vote for pete buttigieg for the simple reason he's gay. it's sad but it's true. but president obama did not get votes because he was black. hillary clinton did not get votes from people because she was a woman. this is part of the american fabric just like tolerance is. >> i want to play a clip from
12:25 pm
the view, joe biden's on the view this morning. he weighed in on all this. if you listen to the clip, he's referring to they. the they he's referring to is republicans. >> i really mean it. this goes way, way, way over the top. whomever the candidate is, you see it's happening already. now pete's got some traction, they're going after pete for being gay. e way. >> they play dirty. >> people know me. they know who i am. >> do you think anna navarro, do you think joe biden's right, if pete buttigieg continues to do well, do you think that his sexuality will play a big role in terms of attack with republicans? >> listen, if pete buttigieg becomes the nominee, there is no question that you will see attacks on his sexuality. you will see attacks on his sexuality from russian trolls. it will be a big source of controversy and of attacks
12:26 pm
because there are some people for whom sexuality defines morality. to me, decency and character and kindness and treating others with empathy and humanity defines morality, not your gender, not your sexuality. and you know, i would also say i know republicans. i know republicans in congress who have lgbtq children, and so it behooves them to speak up and denounce this if for no other reason, for their children. because to not denounce this kind of homophobia is to be complicit to it, and that nobody should do. >> thank you for having the conversation with me. a pleasure. thank you. another trump ally at fox news is tucker carlson is calling for the president to pardon roger stone before the judge even hands down her
12:27 pm
sentence. we'll talk to the man who made the documentary about roger stone to find out what in the world roger stone must be thinking about all of this. plus, 2020 democratic mike bloomberg not afraid to stoop to the president's level with insulting s. hear how the two went back and forth today, and what may be motivating president trump. (burke) seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. so get a quote at farmers-dot-com. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i'm finding it hard to stay on a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free woory free.... boom! boom! get free business day shipping... office depot, officemax and
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talking 2020 here as democrats pivot their focus to the next contest. former new york mayor michael bloomberg. in a string of tweets the president attacks bloomberg's heights calling him mini mike and a loser, but bloomberg, guess what is hitting back with his own set of tweets, calling the president a carnival barking clown. here is how bloomberg responded at an event in north carolina today. >> donald, where i come from we measure your height from your neck up. i am not afraid of donald trump. donald trump is afraid of us, and that's why he keeps tweeting all the time. if he doesn't mention you, you got a big problem.
12:33 pm
>> chris iscillizza, all we've been talking about all week is munchkins or make a list. >> look, donald trump is a bully. that's not complicated. he uses his platform to bully people. he, i think, michael bloomberg should feel pretty good candidly about all this because donald trump doesn't usually pick on people who he's -- who don't have some mind share in his head. his twitter feed is always the best way to understand what he's thinking about, worried about at any given time. he sent eight tweets about michael bloomberg in the first 13 days of february. that's a significant increase from january, and even more significant increase, excuse me, from december. so yeah, i think it's getting to him a little bit.t. bloomberg hugely rich, 60 plus billion dollars net worth. spent 350 million on ads in this campaign alone. i think that makes donald trump
12:34 pm
a little uneasy, and this is how he expresses it. >> okay. power rankings, my friend, who do you have? where? >> harry enten and i do this every two weeks. these are the first ones we've done since when he vote, iowa sort of and then new hampshire. number five, amy klobuchar, she probably wouldn't even be in the race were it not for that close third place finish in new hampshire. let's see what she can do. she does not have the money or the organization that the four people in front of her have. at four bloomberg. now, as you noted, brooke, bloomberg's not going to be in nevada. he's not going to be in south carolina february 29th. hooe he's not competing in those states. he's focused on march 3rd, his money, where he is in national polling, the inroads he's made among african-american support, now you get to the top three. biden, we didn't -- harry and i didn't totally know what to do with him because here's the situation, fourth in iowa, fifth
12:35 pm
in new hampshire. i think really, really difficult if you look at history for him to come back. at the same time, still second in national polling as of right now, and still as of right now, by far the leading candidate among african-american voters, particularly in south carolina. he's going to go to south carolina. we'll just see if he can make it and win there. if he can't, i think he's done. two, and one, these are a little bit interchangeable. we put buttigieg at two, a first place in iowa, a very narrow second place in new hampshire, the reason that bernie sanders is number one over buttigieg, bernie sanders has demonstrated more, not a ton, but more appeal among a more diverse electorate over the 2016 primary and caucus campaign and in polling. african-americans, hispanics. pete buttigieg has done well in two of the whitest states in the country. doesn't mean he won't do well in nevada or south carolina, the polling evidence isn't there yet. that explains why bernie's number one and buttigieg is
12:36 pm
number two. there's a big gap there between one and two and the rest. >> and he mentioned nevada, february 22nd, and ahead of that cnn is hosting two nights of presidential town halls live from las vegas. so don't miss it next tuesday and thursday nights starting at 8:00 eastern. next i'll talk to a filmmaker who made this incredible documentary about all things roger stone and got to know the long-time trump confidant up close and personal: let's get his take on this push to pardon him. too many after parties? not drinking water? we've all committed skin sins! new neutrogena® bright boost... kick-starts dull, tired skin with neoglucosamine... a gentle, non-acid amino sugar exfoliant that works within the surface
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president's good friend roger stone. he's scheduled to be sentenced one week from today on charges related to lying to congress and witness tampering, and even so, there is already this push for a pardon. a group of trump supporters are urging president trump to pardon roger stone, and the filmmaker behind the stone documentary "get me roger stone." i know we've talked a lot through the months about this man. now he's back. do you think he spends a day in prison? >> i think roger is very successfully turned the narrative for the fox news crowd and the right wing media that if he spends a day in prison it means the mueller investigation is justified. they even had tucker carlson stream that out on tv last night. we know donald trump's listening, so i think we're in a post impeachment world where there's a likely possibility. >> let me play one clip from your film just to get a sense. >> it is better to be infamous than never be famous at all. >> those who say i have no soul, those who say i have no
12:42 pm
principles are losers. those are bitter losers. >> what message would you have for the viewers of this film who will loathe you when the credits roll? >> i revel in your hatred because if i weren't effective you wouldn't hate me. >> what are you hearing he's thinking right now? do you have a line in? >> through back channels, we've heard that roger is both completely crushed that his voice has been silenced in the media, that he hasn't been able to work. he seems to have very much gone broke and lost a lot of his financial stability, but seems right now the tables are turning, and his lifetime friendship with donald trump and his lifetime of making ins with the media. he was able to get his message out, and as far as i can tell, it seems to be working. >> you're saying he's not sweating it. that's what you're hearing? >> i would be very surprised if roger's at home sharpening his
12:43 pm
shiv. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. if the president pardons roger stone, what does he do then? what's next for him? >> i think we've seen what these guys look like when they've gone under the ringer and come out unscathed. they go on a vengeance tour. roger's vengeance will know no bounds. the only bounds it will know is what trump won't pardon him for. >> dylan bank. thank you. >> always a pleasure to be here. >> thank you so much. still ahead, we heard president trump urge republicans to switch parties for the primaries and vote for the, quote, weakest democrat. now there's new evidence that the gop is actively working to disrupt the process in south carolina. nfidence. yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. oooh, well... i'm good at my condo.
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12:48 pm
prince harry is reportedly in talks with goldman sachs to appear in an online interview program. a source tells cnn he would not be paid, but this potential deal is causing concern as the world waits to see how he and meghan markle will untangle themselves from their royal duties. their plan to become financially independent has sparked new debate about how relevant the monarchy is today, and cnn's new original series "the windsors" takes us behind the scenes of how the royal family has struggled and adapted and ultimately survived into the 21st century. >> i know that i'm in love with this girl, and i hope that she's in love with me. >> the public totally in love with this ideal couple. and yet, the public can't see everything. edward leaves, and he throws the monarchy into chaos. >> throughout much of diana's marriage to charles, there was a third figure hovering around.
12:49 pm
>> she called herself the queen of hearts, which really stuck a knife in the queen. >> this was a woman of color who married into the royal family, and within two years of them married, she wants out. >> there is this terrible balance that they've got to strike between being extraordinary and being ordinary. >> with me now, royal historian and commentator and norman baker, author of "and what do you do?" what the royal family don't you want you to know. they're now with me. he's also a former member of parliament. thank you so much all the way are from london. ralph beginning with you on the money, the royals cost british taxpayers the rough equivalent of 87 million u.s. dollars per year. is it worth it? >> absolutely. the monarchy is one of the most cost effective institutions in the world. the annual costs of running air force one every year alone
12:50 pm
exceeds that of the entire british monarchy, and the monarchy in britain costs less than the italian presidency does: it's about the same as the german presidency, and who on earth knows who the presidents of germany and italy are. you won't see the world coming to the birth of the grandchild of the german president, so it's very cost effective and works extremely well. we have the oldest continuous unb broken democracy. less than a cup of coffee for monarchy. >> i see a smirk. you don't feel the same way. >> i'm sorry to say the figures are wrong. these are the figures from buckingham palace. they don't include the amount of money spent on security. they don't include the tax breaks. they don't include the peculiar accounting which takes place in
12:51 pm
a state which the queen and prince charles control which provide them with funds that wouldn't be available to other estates. so the skost a great deal more. there's something more important in this. if you lock back at the royal family, it's the last imperial monarchy in europe. the others are french. the others are gone. but the imperial monarchy we have gives the impression that we are still the power we were 50 years ago. we are not. but the idea that we haven't moved on since is the second world war is, in my view, one of the reasons we dilute ourselves and why we ended up with brexit. >> the monoarchy is hugely popular in this country. it's 70% approval rating.
12:52 pm
even in the worst years following the death of dianna, support for the monarchy never dipped below 70 rs it provides us with the stability, it's a grounding rock for us in a time when everything seems to be changing all the more rapidly through globalization, lack of social cohesion. one of the reasons that france got full of riots and unrest after it declined was wauz it didn't have the monarchy there to act as a symbol of ceremony and tradition which suffers from the depodcastture of the first rank to the the second rank of powers. britain was able to override that. and serves as a foe value point. >> if i us may with you, i think of recent scandals, prince andrew, can the family still stand for duty and integrity? >> absolutely. the monarchy is the symbol of the best of brutish in terms of self-sack ties and the the
12:53 pm
monarchy has evolved and adapt. so that's why the british monarchy survived why those in other places have failed because the monoor i can knows how to move with the the times and adapt. it's a a streamlined monarchy. and then whose children as they come up withrough the line. that will be the focal point. they have all serve d in order o highlight the role the monarchy pays as head of the nation and head of the state. >> the monarchy has served itself to be frank. in 1952 winston churchill gave the queen exemption from taxation on dividend income. that's a loan fwp gave her a wind florida of 00 million pounds. and they have cleaned up. they are all multibillionaires. the queen is well respected in this country. she has done a good job.
12:54 pm
but waiting for her to have the next coronation because the next line not is not so well respected. we have had prince andrew, prince harry going off. the monarchy days are limited. >> you have made your cases. i appreciate it. thank you very much. all things monoart i can. again, the cnn series premier this is sunday night at 10:00 eastern right here on cnn. back here at home, president trump is at odds with his home state of new york after restricting the traveler programs. the governor meeting with him at the white house this hour we have details on how he says he's going to call the president's bluff.
12:55 pm
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
12:59 pm
a war between the federal government and new york state taking center stage at the white house. andrew cuomo meet iing with the president as they battle it out over the ban on new yorkers from trusting traveler programs like global try sbri. the ban came in response to a new york state lu that, in part, allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's license. governor cuomo says he's ready to make a deal is and if the president rejects it, he will sue. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper
1:00 pm
starts right now. at at this point, if i see president trump on fifth avenue, i'm crossing the street. "the lead" starts right now. president trump's former chief of staff unloading saying working for him was a killer and his request for dirt on biden was illegal. what was general kelly's lst straw. he's trashing trump, throwing around millions trying to become a cool meme. but mike bloomberg's surge is coming with serious questions about his record. plus rush limbaugh says that manly president trump will have fun with pete buttigieg because pete buttigieg is gay and has a husband. try to take a guess which one volunteered to serve in the military in the war zone. is welcome to "the