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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 15, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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good evening. you're live in cnn "newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york. long lines of voters and shortage of election officials, which means scenes like this. so many people are showing up to cast their ballots, there are not enough workers to process them. one democrat says she believes
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any of her party's candidates would be an improvement over the current president and house speaker believes former vice president joe biden still has a shot. >> quite frankly, with all the respect in the world for iowa and new hampshire, i'm not counting joe biden out. there's still races ahead that are much more representative of the country. >> speaker pell oosi also insisg her fellow democrats must be unified in order to defeat president trump. >> you would be elected over and over and over again. and you said to me before the midterms as long as he's there, meaning president trump, i'm here. >> oh, my god. >> is that still the case for you? >> i can't even envision a situation where he would be re-elected. we don't take anything for granted. we have to have our own vision
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for the future, but everybody knows that we must be unified in making sure that he does not have a second term. our country is great. the american people are wonderful. we are a resilient country. we can withstand one term. >> an announcement from the white house that the president will hold a campaign rally next week in las vegas, the day before the caucuses there in nevada. it will be the third time president trump will hold a rally just ahead of a state's democratic contest. let's get to jeremy diamond in washington for us. what do we know about this event? >> well, ana, it looks like a little bit of counter programming from a president who is famous for counter programming and that is because the president will be hosting this caucus eve rally in las vegas, nevada, just before democrats the next day head to the caucuses to vote for the democratic nominee choices. this will be the third rally, actually, that the president will be hosting this week. all of them in competitive states, first in phoenix, arizona, then in colorado
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springs, colorado, and then topping it all off with this rally in las vegas. the president is doing a lot more than just rallies to prepare for the november general election. the president and republican national committee have been fund-raising, a lot of it off impeachment, raising $6 million in january, leaving them with $200 million in cash on hand already. and the president tonight is adding to that total as we speak, ana. the president is in palm beach right now at the home of billionaire nelson peltz where he's hosting about 40 campaign donors, each of them -- each couple, actually, will be paying more than half a million dollars for the privilege of attending that event and he will be araising more than $10 million just tonight. >> wow! president trump meantime will take a literal victory lap tomorrow. the president is set to attend the daytona 500 and one source telling cnn there's a possibility, at least, that trump and part of his motorcade may take a lap on the racetrack? >> that's right.
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nothing confirmed as of yet but one source telling cnn that the president may take a lap on the inner edge of that racetrack in his presidential motorcade. all of this to more than 140,000 cheering fans. we'll see approximate thif that. even if it doesn't, though, the president is expected to arrive on air force one at a nearby airport, and he may fly over that racetrack, something he has been known to do. and he will be the grand marshall of that indy 500 -- sorry that, daytona 500 race. and the president will be saying those words at the start of the race "drivers, start your engines." ana? >> jeremy diamond, thank you. a.b. stoddard, matt lewis, senior columnist at "the daily beast" and cnn political analyst rachel bay for "the washington post." lots to talk about. let's begin with pelosi's comments a moment ago.
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she's promising, a.b., not to endorse anyone in the primary but is she trying to send a signal here to or for joe biden? >> it's very notable that she made an assertion she's not counting him out and he has not yet been able to compete in a contest that's representative of the country or the party in ways that iowa and new hampshire are not. look, when she says she can't envision a scenario in which president trump is re-elected, that's just not true. she can envision it, and many people in the democratic party establishment believe that if bernie sanders is the nominee, they're going to lose the house majority in the next election and that he would lose as a general election candidate to president trump. so, there is a lot of concern about what those democrats who were elected last year in trump districts would have to do to run against the policies of a nominee who is a socialist and it's been clear for a very long time that a bulk of the
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congressional black caucus and many in the establishment were for biden without wanting to come out and openly endorse him. it's not crazy that they're hoping that he comes back in south carolina. >> rachel, what is your take on the pelosi comments? is it a sign she's not wild about the current front-runnes,s bernie sanders and pete buttigieg? >> i absolutely agree with that take. i think that pelosi, for those of us who have covered her on the hill, she's obviously not going to endorse somebody right now. but the fact that she brought up joe biden sort of hints at who her favorites are. this is a speaker who refuses to put medicare for all on the house floor even though it's supported by a majority of her caucus. this is the speaker who, when the freshman democrats came to town and a lot of them were medicare for all fans, she set up a private meeting with barack obama who specifically said to them you have to detail how you're going to pay for things. you've got to be sort of upright with voters, sort of cautioning them from going too far on
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medicare for all and free college. so sheerks clearly has concerns about some of the policies that are being touted by people like bernie sanders. and i absolutely think joe biden, if she were to pick a candidate, would be her number one, just from sort of watching her on capitol hill and knowing that she is really concerned about the swing districts and wants to keep her majority in the house, but also take out the president and put a democrat there. >> matt, politico reported today that there are some deep cracks now for biden in his so-called firewall of south carolina. let me quote from the piece. it says several black lawmakers who supported other candidates said they did so mostly because those campaigns made an effort to reach out to them. the biden campaign, they said, appeared to have expected their endorsements. has the biden campaign miscalculated? >> well, you know, it's dicey right now, right? joe biden had led in the national polls for the last year.
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we thought maybe he doesn't win iowa or new hampshire but if he can get second or third, he's still in the game and that in south carolina that will basically propel him to the nation. problem is when you come in like fourth or fifth place in the first couple of states, there's attrition. so i think it is presumptuous now to assume that voters in south carolina are going to still be there. we'll have to see what happens in nevada. remember a few years ago, thought you could wait till florida. even if florida is great when it starts after you lose a few contests, there's attrition. it i think that's what's happening to joe biden right now. >> as biden currently focuses his efforts in nevada, he also said today something along the lines of i don't expect to win nevada, but i think i could come
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in first. bernie sanders has been pouring in a lot of time and effort to reach out to latino voters and there's a strong constituency of latinos who will be voting presumably in the democratic caucuses there. on the other hand, the culinary union, the most powerful union in the state, claims it was, quote, viciously attacked by sanders' supporters after it criticized his medicare for all plan. a.b., how do you see that, perhaps, impacting sanders' momentum had heading into nevada? >> i think it's a really big cross for him to bear. they made it clear they weren't ready to endorse somebody, but they had their criticism of the attacks online that they sustained from bernie's supporters and so they're making that a priority with their membership. not only the most powerful union but most powerful political entity in nevada democratic politics besides harry reid who noticeably has refused to endorse someone. their fight against medicare for
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all is going to make it an uphill climb for sanders among their union members. you know, if turnout remains high, i think it will be interesting to see the up or downs of joe biden coming back or amy klobuchar or pete buttigieg in nevada. >> i want to show the scene in las vegas today at one polling site. extremely long lines, wait times of more than three hours because there weren't enough volunteers to get voters quickly through. this is the early voting. caucuses are next saturday. is this encouraging for democrats when it comes to turnout or is this potentially another embarrassment, like the debacle in iowa, that it didn't have the staff? >> tbd at this point. i'm sure the democratic party is happy to see all these voters turn out if they are going to have a democrat win nevada in 2020 they'll need a lot of voters to turn out.
5:11 pm
this is obviously a good sign in that regard but again this comes, you know, just a couple of weeks after that sort of iowa caucus blunder. and so i think that democrats are really concerned about infrastructure. and they've got to make sure they have this locked down in other states after what happened in iowa, where they didn't have a victor that night and it was just a jumbled mess. so, if they don't have enough volunteers to make sure people can turn out and vote early, i mean, that's sort of a sign that maybe they need to sort of get their act together before the caucuses in the next coming days because they don't want another iowa. >> matt, should republicans take note of that democratic enthu enthusia enthusiasm? >> well, yeah, you should always take your opponents seriously and assume that they are organized. but, look, i think democrats are in bad shape right now. they can't pull off a caucus in iowa. and you've got a president, say what you will about him -- i've been very critical of donald trump, but the economy is good, the unemployment is down. he hasn't started any new wars.
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he's killing high-value terrorists and he has a really sophisticated tech campaign. he may govern by the gut but his operatives are -- and he has money, but that's the other thing. he has a lot of money while democrats are fighting each other. a lot of them don't have that much money except mike bloomberg. trump has a lot. so, democrats, you know, the quicker they can wrap this thing up, i think the better off they would be. it looks like this is going to go on for a long, long time. >> a.b., i want to show you a moment from the past couple of days, an interview that these candidates are doing with the latino organization, amy klobuchar was asked to identify the president of mexico. >> can you tell me his name? >> i forget. >> can you tell me the president's name? >> you heard buttigieg got it right. a long name, admittedly. but, a.b., klobuchar and others
5:13 pm
didn't know his name. >> i think there are traditional metrics voters used to judge candidates were tossed aside in 2016 but you need to be prepared for as a candidate. you watched too many candidates get stumped by these questions. for any debate stage or any interview, memorizing all those names of at least our top allies first and our neighbors would have been helpful. i don't know that buttigieg will use it to his advantage on the debate stage. he is quite an attack dog sometimes but i know that the senator and tom steyer are likely embarrass ed not knowing the president of mexico and could have been prepared. >> president trump will be the grand marshall of tomorrow's daytona 500. it's possible part of his motorcade will take a literal victory lap on the flat inner part of that racetrack and air force one might do a fly over.
5:14 pm
you don't see that much on pennsylvania avenue. >> no. look, the president is in great spirits right now. the week that he was impeached, after six months of democrats investigating him on ukraine, his poll numbers were reaching an all-time high with the gallop poll, state of the union that was widely praised. of course, not by nancy pelosi, who ripped up the document. iowa democratic caucuses don't have a front-runner right now. he is in a strong position. raising a lot of money. tonight he will raise $10 million at one stop, with a couple dozen campaign donors and is using the bully pulpit to his advantage with events like this that really get people excited. they reach people who might not be noo as into politics as other people might be, more politically active folks and it reaches people, potentially rallies them, gets them out to vote for him and clearly he enjoys it. >> matt, real quick, i have to
5:15 pm
ask about the back and forth we've seen between president trump and mayor michael bloomberg this week. i recall during the republican campaign in 2016, when trump would hit other people would try to go low and it didn't work out for them. here we have bloomberg really playing to those devices of the president, his not-so-nice side i should say. do you think the president has met his match there? >> i think sort of, right? someone like marco rubio has probably brought up being taught to be nice and polite. when rubio, during the campaign, would try to go mano-e-mano and get down in the dirt, it didn't work, right? it seemed phony. it wasn't rubio being rubio. but mike bloomberg is like a new yorker. he is a billionaire, a real billionaire, maybe unlike the president. did i mention he's a new yorker? i think he has these -- i hate to say it but i think both these
5:16 pm
men have authoritarian tendencies and normal people probably couldn't stand up to donald trump, but i think that mike bloomberg, give somebody a billion dollars trk gives them some confidence. i think he can do it. >> matt you realize you're talking to somebody who is currently in new york by all practical purposes, i've become a new yorker. are you trying to say new yorkers are a little mean? >> they're tough. they're tough. >> okay. okay. i'll take that. thank you very much, matt lewis, a.b. stoddard, amy, thank you for being here. is president obama's silence during the primary doing more damage than good? we'll discuss next.
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ads where he highlights past praise from former president obama. joe biden is still contending with a fourth place finish in iowa, fifth place finish in new hampshire. guess what, president trump is taking notice. take a listen. >> i think biden is shot. he was shot from the beginning. i used to call him one percent joe, remember? one percent. i thought, you know, in a certain way he was a good vice president because obama got along with him. one of the biggest things that happened, one of the biggest telltale signs of trouble is when obama wouldn't endorse him early on and that was strange. to me, it was strange. >> joining us now, former obama chief strategist and host of "the ax files" podcast, david axelrod. i get president obama staying quiet for the primaries. after 2016 he came out after iowa and praised hillary clinton over bernie sanders. why not do the same for biden? >> he didn't endorse candidate
5:22 pm
then either. >> right. >> president believes he should play the role that other presidents have played and let the voters decide who the nominee should be. and he sees his role, so far as i understand it, as being a person who can help bring democrats together after a nominee is chosen. so, i don't anticipate that he is going to get involved in that race. i was interested in the ads that you -- the ad that you referenced, the bloomberg ad. >> yeah. >> in which obama praised him. fair game because that was on the public record, but, you know, vice president biden has an ad like that. elizabeth warren has an ad like that. she was an obama appointee. it kind of speaks to the continued popularity of president obama. the bloomberg relationship with obama was professional. they were allies on some
5:23 pm
important issues, like climate change. they weren't particularly personally close but it's a smart move to run that ad because you sure get the sense that they were. >> without obama speaking out in the president, now you have these candidates who can spin what he has said in the past and apply it to today. does obama risk his words and his perspective being manipulated, even his intentions by staying quiet being manipulated by president trump, for example? >> well, president trump, it's incredible that with all the responsibilities that he has that he still has time to be a political commentator. you have to admire the multitasking there. i don't think he much cares about that. i think he is mindful of the appropriate role of a former president and he's mindful of the role that he can play once the race is over. and if you start taking sides in a family fight, it becomes much
5:24 pm
harder later when a voice to unify party around larger goals is necessary. so i'm sure he is watching with interest and will intervene when he feels is the appropriate time. and where he can be of the most constructive use. >> right now the race is very close. i mean, there's no very obvious winner, leader in this race. bernie sanders, pete buttigieg have both done very well in the last two contests and our own brian stelter pointed out, coincidence or not, the candidates winning the most votes are those granting the most tv interviews, probably the most notable pete buttigieg, going on all the major networks, tmz, stephen colbert. is there something to be said for having a say "yes" to everything strategy? >> that's one lesson taught
5:25 pm
everyone in 2016. he was a ubiquitous presence on networks he now denounces. i think he would go on the home garden network. he went wherever. sometimes he invited himself because he understood the power of using the medium. and i think candidates who don't do that make a big mistake. for buttigieg, who started off really as an asterisk in this race, it was some of his early media appearances that vaulted him into contention. as for the race itself, ana, i would say that bernie sanders is a front -- he is a front-runner right now. he is not a solid front-runner. his first two wins were wins in the popular vote in iowa and then -- but not for delegates. tied for delegates with buttigieg. but the real issue here is that bernie sanders has basically seized the leadership of the
5:26 pm
progressive kind of wing of the democratic party. there is a lot of competition yet for the sort of center left mantle within the party between bloomberg and biden and buttigieg, perhaps amy klobuchar. and that hasn't resolved itself. if it doesn't resolve itself over time, sanders is in a good position to take his 30% or whatever he got, he got 26 and 25, i think, in iowa and new hampshire. he could keep doing that, bumping along and accumulating delegates and could end up as the delegate leader. >> president obama's use of social media during the 2008 campaign was legendary. i want to get your take on something. michael bloomberg is recruiting social media influencers to post memes about him on instagram. an image of danny devito labeled trump's bank account and twain "the rock" johnson labeled
5:27 pm
bloomberg's bank account. what do you make of this? is this the new way to campaign in the 21st century? >> one thing that bloomberg has going for him, he has unlimited resources, a very smart team and they're going to use every device that he can to promote his case out there. i don't think mike bloomberg was an instagram user before this point but he understands to reach particularly younger voters that that is a tool that you need to use. so, you know, i think they're running a very sophisticated campaign. the challenge is going to be that eventually you have to step out from behind your ads and perform. and that may happen as soon as the nevada debate this week or next week. and, you know, is he going to have to measure up to the promise of those ads and that
5:28 pm
digital campaign and so on. that's true of every presidential candidate. eventually, i said years ago, presidential campaigns are like mris for the sole. whoever you are, people come to know you over time and people will make judgments about mike bloomberg as they will all the candidates. but this ability to have unlimited resources, to be on television at maximum strength in all the states, to use all of the digital tools and so on, they can't be underrated. that's a big, big advantage to him. >> all right. david axelrod, good to have you here. thank you. the number of people infected by the coronavirus has risen again tonight. this, as americans stuck on a cruise ship in japan could finally be making their way home. you've been hearing a lot about 5g. but there's 5g... and then there's verizon 5g. we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's more than 10x faster than some other 5g networks. and it's rolling out in cities across the country so people can experience speeds that ultra wideband can deliver.
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new tonight in the coronavirus outbreak, the u.s. readying to evacuate americans from the diamond princess. the u.s. state department is sending a charter jet tomorrow to bring home other americans on that ship who have not tested positive for coronavirus and will undergo further quarantine in the u.s. will ripley is in yokohama, japan. you spoke to one woman who tested positive for the coronavirus on the diamond princess.
5:34 pm
what's next for her? >> she doesn't know, ana, other than she has not been given permission to board that charter flight, which is devastating news. she was hoping to be able to ride out the 14-day quarantine period in the u.s. with her husband. they've been separated since she tested positive last week. it's an emotional roller coaster that shows no signs of ending. for americans under quarantine on the diamond princess, a knock on the door. >> hi. >> reporter: a glimmer of hope. >> our purpose is to come in and check on a couple of the passengers. we'll be look at all the americans over the next couple of days. >> reporter: infectious disease doctors from the u.s. checking every american on the ship. ken frazier from oregon has someone else on his mind. >> are you guys also checking americans in the hospitals? >> yes. >> okay. >> yeah, because my wife is in one of the hospitals. >> reporter: frazier's wife,
5:35 pm
rebec rebecca, tested positive for novel coronavirus last week. each day apart feels like a week. we're back now at the quarantine hospital in tokyo where rebecca frazier is. there you are. hi. >> hello. >> reporter: she still has no symptoms of the virus. in fact, she's feeling great. fraziers just learned of a plan to evacuate americans on u.s. charter flights. >> so i'm hopeful that myself and my husband can hopefully get on that plane. >> reporter: she's not bothered by the prospect of yet another 14-day quarantine in the u.s. at least she'll be with her husband. at least that's what she thought. so what happened right after we left the hospital? >> the doctor came in, not even like ten minutes later, i also got my test results back and they were positive still. >> reporter: a positive result means she cannot get on that flight. i'm so sorry. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: i'm so sorry.
5:36 pm
>> it was like a punch in the gut. i was so sure it was going to come out negative. i was so sure. >> reporter: so then you get this kind of news that you're still going to be separated for the foreseeable -- >> it was devastating. it really was. like we had like a pretty clear picture in our minds of what was going to happen and it just got shot to hell. >> reporter: the frasures' holiday from hell now has no end in sight. >> that makes things really tough. today was looking really good. we were getting excited that we might be going home. hours after that, it's just back down, worse than what we were before. basically it's an unknown until she can test negative. >> reporter: when the other americans board those charter flights home, the frasures, like dozens of others, have no choice but to stay behind, waiting for the day their good news will
5:37 pm
finally come. for the 400 or so americans who have not yet tested positive, they still actually don't know if they'll be able to board those flights. most of them have not been tested. they're in the process of testing people on the cruise ship right now. you saw those doctors from the united states who are here. the u.s. charter flights will be landing here in japan on sunday morning, u.s. time, and it's still unclear when people will be loaded on those planes and flown home. even for those who know that the ordeal is going to continue at military bases in california or texas, at least, they say, they'll be in their home country, hearing familiar voices, eating familiar food, one step closer to going home. unfortunately, though, for the dozens who have to remain here in japan, they have no idea when they will also be able to follow suit. ana? >> thank you for being in touch with them and bringing us their stories. thank you, will. this weekend is the nba all-star game. it's taking a very somber tone this year with memorials to kobe
5:38 pm
bryant, his daughter, gianna, and former commissioner david stern. former president obama called the deaths of kobe and his daughter, gianna, especially heartbreaking, being a father himself. >> that loss is something many are still grappling with, particularly kobe, because he was with his daughter and those families and those children and those of us who have had the joy and privilege of being parents, taking kids to ball games and then rooting for our children and seeing our dreams and hopes passed on to them. nothing is more heartbreaking and so i want to offer the nba family my condolences, and obviously the families of the sterns and the bryants.
5:39 pm
>> the tributes began during the rising stars challenge. the crowd chanting "kobe" during a speech by one of his former teammates, paul gasol. bryant was name aid finalist for the basketball hall of fame. it's the first year he's eligible for that honor. he won five championships with the lakers. anyone hoping to go to kobe bryant's celebration of life next week in l.a. will now have to buy tickets. it's being held at the staples center, capacity of 20,000. that's how much demand is expected. we'll be right back. hey hun,
5:40 pm
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♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. the united states and the taliban have struck a seven-day deal to reduce violence in afghanistan, including roadside bombs and suicide attacks, according to an official. the truce has not yet gone into
5:45 pm
effect but would take effect very soon. some analysts are skeptical, saying that a lul in fighting could be a chance for taliban forces to secure a battlefield advantage. in syria this weekend, the country's military is claiming one of its helicopters was shot down by turkish fighters near the city of aleppo, killing the entire crew. it's the second time in a week that a syrian helicopter was shot down in that area turki turkish-backed fighters are. >> reporter: there are makeshift camps like this that you find throughout these rolling hills very close to the border with turkey because this is where people think they might be able to find some sort of refuge. 800,000 people have been on the
5:46 pm
move since december, but when it comes to safety, there is nowhere inside syria that is actually guaranteed. this is a family who we met earlier. we've been speaking to them. they just arrived here last night, and they say that they're not entirely sure they're going to come here. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the bombing is still very close to us here. it's very hard. there's no proper heating. i mean, look, the kids don't even have proper shoes, warmth, the ground -- she's been burning what she can here, coal, wood, at times even rubber when she has had to. one of her kids is actually sick
5:47 pm
back there. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she has a fever. it's because of the cold temperatures. temperatures here can drop below freezing. this is actually a big issue for a lot of these families. we spoke to a family whose baby died from the cold. that's what the doctors had told the mother. she was in complete shock when we spoke to her. and, like this family, so many others that we're talking to say they're not entirely sure that even this is going to be safe. telling us earlier sometimes she wishes that they were all dead so they didn't have to live like this. and she was saying that their life right now is a matter of being stuck between trying to find somewhere safe to live and somehow escape the bombing. arwa damon, cnn, idlib province.
5:48 pm
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with the nevada caucuses just seven days from now, cnn is taking you behind the scenes of the most hard fought presidential elections of years past. the premiere episode of this season's "race for the white house" tracks the history-making race between barack obama and john mccain in 2008. cnn's tom foreman helps us count down some of the race's big moments. >> reporter: for democrats, the 2008 contest started with our fifth most memorable moment.
5:53 pm
hillary clinton jumping in with the best odds ever for a female contender. >> she's the former first lady. she is a well respected senator. she is married to bill clinton. >> and i'm in it to win it. >> reporter: for republicans, another seasoned pro was emerging. john mccain, a war hero with years in the senate. >> i know who i am and what i want to do. >> reporter: what neither of them could have foreseen is our fourth most memorable moment. the explosive rise of a far less experienced contender. >> people call me alabama or they call me yo mama, but the name's obama. >> he's a candidate running for president. >> barack obama electrified young voters and shocked the old guard. >> you were a corp. rate lawyer sitting on the board of walmart. i was fighting these fights. >> by the time clinton realized her race was in trouble, the nomination was effectively his, and mccain was waiting along
5:54 pm
with the third most memorable moment. >> no, no, no. not god bless america. goddamn america. >> obama was soon being hammered over his ties to a controversial family pastor and an old acquaintance. >> barack obama and domestic terrorist bill ayers, friends. >> reporter: still he weathered those storms and began surging again, triggering the second most memorable moment. desperate to improve in the polls, mccain made a wildly unorthodox choice for a running mate. >> governor sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> reporter: palin drew praise from conservatives. >> do you know they say the difference from a hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. >> reporter: and scorn from liberals. but mostly she and mccain failed to deliver the votes the party needed, and in the end, the number one most memorable moment is one the country will never
5:55 pm
forget. >> barack obama, 47 years old, will become the president-elect of the united states. >> reporter: tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> it's an all new season of "race for the white house." it premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 only on cnn. that's all from here tonight. i'm ana cabrera. i'm back tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, it's an encore presentation of last year's "race for the white house." one more programming note. next week zwrojoin cnn for a se of town halls live from las vegas. that is tuesday night and thursday night at 8:00. have a great night. celebrating a successful business trip together is easy, if you're staying at holiday inn. we're there. so you can be too.
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so you want to be the most powerful man in the world. how far are you prepared to go? will you turn friends into enemies? will you break your own rules? if you want to be the most powerful man in the world, do the ends ever justify the means?


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