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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 16, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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you are live in the cnn news room and tonight, more than 1100 former justice department officials are calling on attorney general, william barr, to resign after what has been an extraordinary week at the doj. one that included accusations of political interference as well as barr going on o tv to publicly rebuke the president. here's part of the statement signed by more than 1100 former officials. mr. barr's actions, they write, in doing the president's personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words. those actions and the damage they have done to the department of justice's reputation for integrity and the rule of law require mr. barr to resign. all this comes after barr seemed
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bow for public pressure from the president, reducing the sentencing recommend dation for roger stone and ordering a re-examination of the case against another trump ally. former national security adviser, michael flynn. barr did go on tv and say no one bullies him to go anything but one thing that's clear, the president's message remains, go easy on my friends and get tougher on these he sees as his enemies. >> they treated ronger stone very badly. they treated everybody very badly and if you look at the mueller investigation, it was a scam and nothing happened with all the people that did it. a scam a. what's comby? what's happening to mccabe? roger stone was treated horribly and so were many other people. their lives were destroyed. in the meantime, comey walks around making book deals.
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it was a disgrace. everything else will be treated fairly. >> and there's something else from a president who is clearly emboldened since his impeachment trial. a tweet of a quote from an essay of ralph waldo emerson. when you strike at the king, you must kill him. jeremy, the president is now back in the white house. we watched him land there a short time ago. is he giving any hint as to how he feels about his attorney general today? >> it was just a few days ago that bill barr rebuked the president's use of social media rebuked his tweets in particular about the roger stone case and about the justice department. saying that it was rdisruptive and making it impossible for him to do his job. so i asked the president tonight as he was returning from the white house, whether or not he was going to heed bill barr's advice. the president walked into the white house, ignored that question, but what the white house is trying to say is that the president and bill barr, that their relationship is on
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solid footing. and we heard from the vice president's chief of staff, mark shore, who was echoing that message today, but dade say that he disagreed with what bill barr was saying about his job being impossible. listen in. >> i don't think that it's impossible to do his job. i think that barr is doing a great job. i think he has a lot of confidence inside the white house. >> i think the president's frustration is one that a lot of americans have, which feels like the, the scales of justice are not balanced anymore. there has been a bias inside the department of justice that a attorney general barr is trying to correct. i think that the president has not called him direly not called him direl directly ty please do these things. i think he's doing a fantastic job with him. >> i think he's doing a fantastic job with it. ultimately, that's the bottom line for the white house and for the president. because regardless of whether or not the president instructed bill barr to intervene in the case involving roger stone, the
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president and white house got the result they were looking for, which was the attorney general stepping in here to recommend a lighter sentence for roger stone. >> how will this play in the 2020 contest? we know the next primary is just less than a week away. at least the primary contest. the caucus es in nevada. they take place this coming sei saturday, but early voting is underway. some democrats waiting in long lines. the wait was more than three hours long in at least one precin precinct. not compete, but waiting, is michael bloomberg and his billions of dolldollars. today we learned he's spent more than 400 million on ad buys alone. joining us now is margaret, politics and white house editor for axios and david, assistant editor at "the washington post." we're still waiting to see how
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things play out in nevada and south carolina. come super tuesday when blo bloomberg is finally on the ticket, margaret, could this entire race change? thags what we're all waiting to see and the former new york city mayor is betting a lot of money on the idea that he can have an impact being in places where the other democrats weren't competing, trying to break in at least 15% in individual congressional districts and states nobody else is playing at, maybe try to win them. then there's big stakes like california, texas, north carolina and virginia have a real impact. so there's a lot of money riding on this. strategy and we'll all be looking to see how all the democrats handle this in this upcoming debate in las vegas. later this week. whether or not all though we expect he will be, whether or not bloomberg is on that stage. certainly, this will be a topic of discussion because the other democrats need to figure out what to do about this. >> joe biden was asked this
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morning about his road ahead and take a listen. >> south carolina is it. isn't it? you have to win that. >> you have to do really well in it. >> is there such thing as doing well without winning? >> i think so. but look, right after that, we end up going into all the sates which the poll iing data is now showing me. whether it's north carolina or georgia or texas. there's other places. it's not an ad comparison, but bill clinton lost his first eight, ten, 12 primaries and caucuses before he won won. i don't plan on take iing that long. we're just getting to the meat of getting to the number of delegates you need and i'm confident we're going to be in good shape. >> david, he's right on one hand. bill clinton, one of the first
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11 contests, but he was doing better in some of those earlier contests that what we've seen joe biden do so far. does he have to do really well or does he have to win? >> i think he has to win south carolina and if you look at the real clear politics polling average now, he is 6.5 points ahead of sanders in south carolina. but he's a little bit behind senator sanders in nevada and if he comes in another sort of third, fourth, poor performance in nevada, i think you'll see a little bit of his lead further slip in south carolina and you don't want to limp into march 3rd super tuesday with a couple of losses and a close but not convincing win in south carolina. especially in those big states where you've got as you said, bloomberg playing on tv in places like california and texas where you can't shake every hand and kiss every baby. you've got to win the air war and that's what bloomberg is
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bank iing on. >> and you need money in order to really stretch your wings. this morning, pun pete buttigie asked about the comments. i want you to hear how buttigieg responded. >> well, i love my husband. i'm faithful to my husband. i'd say we just go for a hug, but i love him very much and i'm not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of rush limbaugh. >> margaret, when candidates are asked about uncomfortable issues, oftentimes, they try to appeal to both sides, but he's unapologetic and that's a powerful moment. >> but this is unchartered territory. we're talking about a question not just within the democratic party, but the electorate at large. for this moment inside the democratic party in southern states, in other key states, will voters embrace a candidate who's gay? and so this question about
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public u displays of affection on stage really get to much broader issue, which is do americans, is this a hang up for democratic voters anymore or not aingd we're going to see as we move out of iowa and new hampshire into some other states. >> 2020, david. if buttigieg goes on to be the nominee, would republicans risk attacking buttigieg's sexuality? >> well, couple of things. first of all, i think the attack is meant to come from people like rush limbaugh. i don't think you'll hear president trump make that attack himself because i think he's smart enough to snow that we as a society have moved at least enough forward that it's at least unseemly and frankly bigoted for the president of the united states to make that comment but he knows it might work with voters so he'll be happy to quiet ly accept that help from people like limbaugh. if i could go back the to buttigieg for a second, i thought the answer he gave this
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morning was what you would expect a solid answer from a politician. he didn't want to make it b about himself so he kind of answereded it, stood up and moved on. but this is an issue where look, we need to have a broader discussion and yonk i don't kno he's the one or some other candidate or if it's going to come in the debate. if two men are married and one is running for president, there's nothing wrong with them kissing on stage. that's what candidates to and if we can't get past that, that's just one more problem we've got in an election with a lot of problems. >> let's talk about elizabeth warren and her campaign. she needs to perform well in nevada this week and she's been co campaigning so hard she's lost her voice. >> the bad news is after more than 100,000 selfies, i picked up somebody's cold. the good news is never the less, she persists. i'm on this stage tonight
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because i am a fighter. >> margaret, talk about terrible timing considering the next debate is just three days away and this next contest is really critical to her campaign. >> yeah. i mean it absolutely is. she's come out of the first two contests with a lot of the progressive support consolidating behind bernie sanders instead of elizabeth warren and she needs to take this opportunity to get it back and to be b able to be viable from aspective but losing your voice in the middle of winter when you're not sleeping enough and on a lot of airlines, these people are human beings like in the 24-hour news cycle where they're doing a bah zillion rallies a day, it'shard. these are people and you lose your voice when you're out on the stump too much and you're not taking care of yourself so she's got a couple of days to take cough drops and tea to get
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her game back on. >> recharge and we wish her well. david, there's a idea logical split between the progressives and moderates within the democratic party. seems like bernie sanders has garnered the support of progressives and buttigieg did come out on top among moderates in the first two states. is there a lane for warren or somebody like klobuchar right now. >> the way i have looked at this is there are these two main lanes in the democratic party but maybe within each lane, in the progress, there's a sanders and warren half a lane then in the moderate, there's the buttigieg lane then the really moderate one -- i think the problem for warren is she's had a hard time from being seen as different enough from senator sanders, but she's had a tough time also distinguishing herself
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from the moderates to say look, i'm not a moderate. i'm a progressive. just not a democratic socialist. her campaign has struggled with that and i think she's got a couple more weeks where she's really got to turn this around. >> david and margaret, thank you both. good to have you here. be sure to join cnn for a series of ton halls this week with the top 2020 candidates. live from las vegas. tuesday and thursday night at 8:00 eastern only on cnn. just ahead, the nevada caucuses. before his name became synonymous with basketball greatness, this was 19-year-old kobe bryant going up against michael jordan in his first appearance at an nb ark all-star game. that was in 1998. he was the youngest all-star player ever. in that game, he racked up 18 points and six rebounds. the first of 18 all-star selections. second only to kareem abdul-jabbar. bryant was named game mvp, a record four times and tonight,
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half the nba all-star game in chicago, the nb ara and athlete wills pay tribute to the man who inspired so many who was killed along with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash last month. with us now is cnn's sports anchor, andy scholes. he's in chicago for the big game tonight. andy, i can only imagine how emotional this is going to be for those who were there. for those who participate and in the stands. what is the energy like there right now? >> seeing the fans filing into the stadium and the ones that were already inside, i've seen so many kobe bryant jerseys in the house. i imagine there's going to be kobe chants throughout the night as they continue to pay tribute to his life and legacy and this game has a new format. the unlike any all-star game we've seen and it's in order to honor kobe bryant. first three quarters are going to be mini games, they're going to reset the store with the teams competing to raise money
4:15 pm
for chicago based community organizations. then the fourth quarter is untimed with the teams trying to reach a target score e. they're going the take the cumulative score from each of the first three quarters, add them together and then add kobe's jersey, number 24, to the team with the highest score. so for example, if one team is winning 195 after three quarters, they add 24 to 100 then each team is trying to get to 124 in order to win the game. the fourth quarter, untimed and it's going to be completely commercial free on our sister network, tnt and the players honoring kobe and his daughter. and all those jerseys have a memorial patch on them with nine stars remember those who lost their lives. also a black band to pay tribute to late nba dmicommissioner. going to be an emotional night.
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jennifer hudson going to perform a musical tribute before the players are announced. so many people here wearing kobe memorabilia, jerseys. >> thank you. hundreds of americans quarantined for two weeks abroad a cruise ship because of coronavirus are ready to head home, but not all the passengers are happy with the evacuation plan. hear why, next. at visionworks we guarantee you will see great and look great. "guaranteed" we say that too! you've gotta use these because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really! visionworks. see the difference.
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more than 300 americans are e headed back to the u.s. from japan after being stranded aboard a cruise ship during the coronavirus outbreak. the u.s. state department arranged today's evacuation aboard two chartered 747s, but anyone who took the offer had to agree to be quarantined for two more weeks once they're back in the u.s. they will stay at military bases
4:21 pm
in california and texas. and passengers on the diamond princess had already been quarantined on board since february 3rd when the cases were initially deteched on the ship. meantime, the global death toll has jumped to 7,170. china's huibei province. the epicenter, reported 100 additional deaths just today. i want to go live to cnn's matt rivers who watched those jets leave tokyo a short time ago with american evacuees. matt, what's next for the americans who had to stay behind in japan because they are or their loved ones had the virus? >> right. yeah, basically two kinds of people, two kinds of americans that had to stay behind here. of course the first group being the people who tested positive for this virus and are off the ship being treated in local hospitals. the other group of people will be the people that chose for different reasons to not take this voluntary flight that the u.s. department of state
4:22 pm
offered. they have to remain on the ship. they are still under quarantine as regulated by the japanese government. basically through at least february 19th if not a few days after that. say they don't test positive for the virus before they get off that ship. fine. they're free to go around japan, but the u.s. government has said that people who did not get on that evacuation flight would not be allowed back in the united states for at least 14 days from now if not longer than that. they'll come to that determination over the next days and weeks and that's led to a very difficult decision for some people who have loved ones here who are sick. take the couple, kent and rebecca frazier. rebecca pretty early in the quarantine process, tested positive for the virus. she's in a local hospital being treated. ken is still on a ship. he said yhow could i get on a plane and go back to the united states when my wife is in the hospital. but even if she gets in the hospital in the next three, four, five day, they can't go
4:23 pm
back to the united states because of this situation that's been set up by the u.s. government. so it's just another example of how this virus, this quarantine, the subsequent quarantine of the united states has upended the lives of more than 400 americans who can't get back to their businesses, their families, their jobs. it was a dream vacation for many, many people and whether they're on a flight right now back to the united states set to do two weeks quarantine there or whether they're stuck here receiving treatment or trying to be with a loved one, there's just no good way to look at this for these people other than the fact no one has lost their lives yet aboard this sip. >> and for those still on the ship, what is their life like right now? >> i mean it's been terrible. for d as a float
4:24 pm
ing prinz. they get out of their rooms for an hour or two each day, they have some tv inside. they're bored of that you are minds. they're restless, tired, xaued and just want to get home and yet they won't be able to. everyone has to be tested by the japanese government before they're allowed off the ship and it takes three days for those test results to come back so even though the quarantine was supposed to end on the 19th, people could easily remain on that ship through maybe the 19th, 20th, 21st. just a heck of an ordeal. >> wow. matt rivers, thaunk you for tha update from tokyo. fear of the coronavirus is costing businesses around the world. in china, the epicenter of the outbreak, grocery stores have empty shelves and food places have gone up but even chinese businesses in london, even in new york, are seeing a drop in customers. cnn's robin kerr o reports.
4:25 pm
>> a temperature check at the entrance of a wuhan market. for many in this quarantine d city, there's no is cape from the coronavirus. even in the most basic daily activities. here in this empty store, shoppers wear masks, workers wear proktive suit us and some shelves are bare. >> people are not picky. we grab everything we can. as long as we have enough to eat and basic food supplies are secured. >> not many customers have dared to venture out, but those who do find it to be a costly excursion. >> i feel the prices are more expensive than usual. veg b tabls aren't supposed to be this expensive. i think the prices of daily consumables has gone up a bit. >> businesses in wuhan and those connected to chinese culture are paying the price of fear even as far away as chinatown in london. >> a lot of people stopping in chinatown to eat because they
4:26 pm
reckon it might be an easy way to catch virus. >> some store owners say that business is noticeably down. and believe it's due to fears of the coronavirus. chinese residents say there's a dpr growing stigma against them. >> we are afraid that we are not able to wear face mask in london because people will look look at us, but we are still afraid of being infected. >> there are some scenes in new york's chinatown that are filled with empty chairs and lunch special sales. officials say business here is down by 40%. customers are staying away, afraid of anything that could be tieded to the coronavirus. another casualty of the virus that's spreading fear as well as sickness around the world. cnn. comeing up, he is popping u all over instagram and on tv. with new momentum for a former new york city mayor, michael
4:27 pm
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! we not going to do yes we can and then have all these democrats that has president obama's image on their commercials. hello, somebody. meanwhile back at the ranch, they supported stop and frisk. hello, somebody. >> that was sanders campaign co-chair with a not so subtle attack on michael bloomberg in north carolina. the former new york city mayor is facing tough criticism on his
4:32 pm
record in new york city on issues important to minority communities. >> as mike bloomberg rises in national polls, his past is drawing fresh scrutiny. former new york city mayor apologized again thursday for the controversial stop and frisk policy used by the nypd during his time as mayor. >> what i can do is learn from my mistakes. >> the city policy allowed police to stop and search anyone for weapons targeting people of color. a policy bloomberg with recent ly resurfaced comments from 2015. >> yes, that's true. >> i defend ed it for too long because i didn't understand the pain it is causing black and blown families. >> rivals say his words aren't
4:33 pm
enough. >> ipg at the end of the day when people a, learn about mr. bloomberg's record of stop and frisk in new york city, i think that will change. >> older bloomberg comments also roaring back. in 2008, he appeared to defend red lines, a discriminatory housing practice that denieded loans to people in low income b neighborhoods. >> probably all started back when there was a lot of pressure on banks to make loans to everyone. >> bloomberg seemed to suggest that ending red lines led to the financial crisis. >> then congress got involved as local elected officials and said, oh, that's not fair, these people should be able to get credit and once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn't as good as you would like. >> his campaign put out a statement after those comments came to light saying mike saying that something bad, the financial crisis, followed
4:34 pm
something good, the fight gents red lines he was part of as mayor. his democratic rivals pounce. >> that crisis would not been averted if the banks had been able to be bigger racists and anyone who thinks that should not be the leader of our party. >> cnn, las vegas. >> coming up, how a viral video sparked a national debate over whether it's wrong to recline your seat on an airplane. yes. yes. yeah sure. yes yes. yeah, yeah no problem. yes. yes, yes a thousand times yes! discover. accepted at over 95% of places in the u.s.
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that was the sound of a house and you could see it there in the background, completely collapsing as it slid down a a rain soaked bluff and into the tennessee river. and take a look at the scene in harden county, tennessee, in the morning light.
4:39 pm
the house was empty when it collapsed, thank goodness. heavy rainfall and fear of mudslides and landslides prompted evacuations in the area. emergency responders say they are still worried about what's to come. police in portland, oregon are still searching for suspects who broke into a tow yard, stole a truck and ran over an employee while trying to flee the scene. this video is difficult to watch. police say during the break in, look at that, one of the suspects, a woman, got into the truck, rammed it into the gate, hits the employee in the process. remarkably, that employee gets up u and goes on to try to stop the truck, banging on the window. the victim suffered multiple injuries including a broken collarbone. and frightening moments at london's heath row airport a british airways plane was forced to avert due to high winds caused by england's so-called storm of the century.
4:40 pm
you can see it tipping from side to side as it tries to land. the tires eventually do make contact with the runway but then the plane bounces back into the air. officials say the storm was packing winds of 60 miles per hour at the time. to air travel etiquette, to recline or not to recline. that is the question. well, a viral video has sparked a big debate. here's richard quest. >> when wendy williams reclined her seat on an american airlines flight, she had little idea of the trouble that was in store. she says she was flying back from a teacher's convention when the man sitting behind her asked if she would return her seat forward while he ate his meal. williams said she did and that she reclined it again only when he was finished eating. but williams says the man started punching her seat
4:41 pm
repeatedly as the video shows. cnn's not able to reach the man in the viral video for comment. to recline or not to recline. it's not the first time the issue's been brought up. in the close quarters of economy. in 2014, a united airlines flight was forced to divert when two passengers got into an altercation over a gadget called the knee defender. the tool was invented in 2003. the idea is to block the seat in front of you from reclining. goldman told me it's all about passenger consent. >> if i buy a, an economy ticket and it's this much space, that's the space i get. but i don't agree when i get on an airplane to saying sure, come and whack me on the knee. >> and so the traveling world is once again royaled by the question of reclining seats in economy. and just what is the right thing to do. as airlines cram in more seats
4:42 pm
to fit more passengers, they're going to have to reckon with the consequences of their design. richard quest, cnn, new york. world has watched their every move and now cnn is take ing you behind the palace walls pr an inside look at the british royal family. ♪ >> 27 million people watched this ceremony. >> i know i'm in love with this girl and i hope she's in love with me. >> the public totally in love with this ideal couple. and yet the public can't see everything. oss. so today i made a plan with my doctor, which includes preservision... because he said a multi- vitamin alone may not be enough. and it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive, my grandson's beautiful face. only preservision areds2 contains the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute
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they have survived war and scandal. the death of a princess. a shocking abdication. tonight, the brand-new cnn original series is taking you inside the world's most famous royal family and here's a sneak peek at the windsors. >> king edward has been on the tloen for just nine months. until now, she's managed to keep his two year affair sket from the british public. >> the world knows all about this relationship but in britain, they're still in the dark. >> they're writing home to britain saying what is happening? >> finally, edward has a meeting with the prime minister baldwin. >> edward declares his hand. he says that he is determined to
4:48 pm
marry wallace. >> this is a bombshell. >> the prime minister tells him he has three options. give up his relationship with mrs. simpson. he can marry her against the express wishes of his ministers, who will then resign or he can abdicate. >> joining us now is cnn royal commentator, victoria. you know all things royal, victoria. we've had so many conversations in recent weeks and months, especially with all the drama around prince harry and meghan and that seems like small potatoes compared to so much that's come before. >> it really does and that's what's so exciting about this series for me. tonight, it goes back to the abdication crisis when edward has the step down. really over the course of six
4:49 pm
episodes leads people through the history of this royal family. everything that they survived. everything they've beaten the odds in order to continue and i think really in doing so, it show you for happened with harry and meghan a is very disappointed and the queen will be so sad not to have them as serving members, it is a blip in this thousand year history. so i think what is really very exciting about this is what's happening and which elements of history are being repeated. >> do you think it's fair to draw parallels about what happened with king edward and his abdication when he goes on to marry his love, wallace, who's a twice divorced socialite and happening with prince harry and meghan's decision to step ba back? >> comparisons are inevitable. but meghan was allowed to marry prince harry at the time she
4:50 pm
was -- of course wallace had been divorced twice but more importantly, i think with edward, he was forced to step down. it was deemed not constitutionally possible for him harry and meghan chose to step back. and i think the way the queen handled all of that was impeccable and she did so because she's so informed throughout her reign. last week she marked the 68th anniversary of her succession to the throne. really she's just going to leave charles, i think, the most impressive blueprint of any other monarch in history. >> how do you think the public received those two different scenarios in which we discussed king edward viii and prince harry and those two situations that aren't really fair to draw comparisons, the circumstances were very different, but did the public see it in the same light? >> i think a lot of the people
4:51 pm
that are supporting meghan and harry don't know too much about wallace and edward. they were so excited about everything that meghan represented marrying into the royal family as the first american to marry into the royal family. she was exciting on so many levels. i think they sort of seeing the comparison, but they don't know too much of the history, which is why this series is so exciting, particularly at this point in time. i think that harry and meghan choosing to leave the royal family is disappointing. of course we are excited to see what they do next and how they plan to live this financially independent life, all of that is to come because of course they are working members until the spring. but of course it's disappointing to no longer have them as part of the fold. >> what's the biggest thing people will be surprised by watching the show? >> this is something that i've been around pretty much my entire life. i think what i love about it is that it really humanizes the royals. their lives are shrouded in
4:52 pm
secrecy so it's very easy to cast them as two-dimensional figures devoid of any feeling. but of course charles and camila have long been vilified because of how their relationship came about. what comes across in this series is how heartbreaking their romance was, how heartbreaking the choices that charles made. you see how his sad childhood played into the choices he made in later life. so i think people will come away thinking probably a little bit more highly of charles and camila than perhaps they have ever done in the past. >> thank you very much, victoria. and we hope you will tune in tonight. the all new original sees "the windsors" premiers at 10:00 right here on cnn. we're back right after this. ♪ apps are used everywhere... except work. why is that? is it because people love filling out forms?
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finally this hour, trump tweets a clip to curb your enthusiasm but misses the punch line. >> reporter: who knew that a make america great again hat could be a protective device? larry david knew. in a scene tweeted out by president trump, larry cuts on of a biker. what the [ bleep ] are you doing!
4:58 pm
>> reporter: and then a torrent of profanity, larry reaches for a maga hat. >> i'm sorry. i didn't see you. >> just be more careful next time. >> will do. >> reporter: turning the biker into a pussycat. the fact that president trump tweeted this prompted fans to say so refreshing to have a leader with a grand sense of humor while critics lashed out is a joke on you, idiot, it's not in favor of you. about five minutes after that scene came one president trump didn't tweet, one that wasn't a feather in his cap, the hat has come in handy. >> it's a great people repellant. >> reporter: larry uses it -- >> hey, phil. good to see you. >> reporter: to cut short a lunch he didn't want to have in the first place. this is l.a. where the rarely sighted maga hat might be a magnet for dirty looks. >> phil! >> reporter: at a sushi bar it keeps the empty seats beside him
4:59 pm
unoccupied. >> i think we'd prefer to sit at a table, please. >> reporter: in a real interview larry david was asked if he's worried about alienating maga fans. >> go and alienate. you have my blessing. >> reporter: after all, this is a guy who's been playing bernie sanders on snl for years. >> oh, hillary, i'll miss that lack of charm. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no one would expect him to be charming to president trump when it comes to controversy. seems like this never gets old hat. >> it's the hottest thing out there. >> reporter: oh, it's hot all right. ♪ >> sad, very sad. >> you little [ bleep ]. >> reporter: new york. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york. an enormous outcry rising out of
5:00 pm
washington, d.c. tonight. a growing chorus of people demanding u.s. attorney general william barr step down. that call coming from more than 1,100 former officials of the justice department. career prosecutors, political appointees, people who worked in both democratic and republican administrations. their outrage is over how barr handled the federal sentencing of roger stone, a friend of president trump's convicted last year that came out of the mueller investigation. federal prosecutors made a sentencing recommendation. william barr stepped in and reduced it just a few hours after president trump's criticism on twitter. these former justice officials who signed this statement calling for barr's resignation say barr was not serving his office. instead he was only serving the president's personal interests. let's get out to cnn's jeremy diamond at the white house tonight. jeremy? >> reporter: well, a firestorm
5:01 pm
of controversy is


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