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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 20, 2020 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse faced lesbians. and no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> none of them accuse me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like the joke i told. >> she left bloomberg in a puddle on that debate stage. >> you know what, mr. bloomberg? it wasn't you who made all that money. maybe your workers played some role in that as well. >> the best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. what'd i miss we have not been enough about donald trump. let's just talk about donald trump. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." an urgent two-hour free for all that sizzled with animosity. >> and it wasn't just our first two hours. >> no, no. that was the lead for "the washington post" this morning describing the democratic debate in las vegas. and it actually might be underselling the tension on that stage.
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for michael bloomberg, it was his first debate and it looked like it. he struggled to answer questions that nearly every political consultant in america could have told him were coming. including questions in broad size over his stop and frisk policy in new york city. and also his treatment of women. >> he has gotten some number of women, dozens, who knows? to sign nondisclosure agreements. so mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? >> none of them accuse me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like the joke i told. and let me just -- >> well, there is a lot happening between those two. also bernie sanders faced questions about his health and his wealth. but it was elizabeth warren that got the lion's share of speaking
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time. and while sanders and joe biden largely escaped unscathed, two moderates were fighting each other. that was amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg. here's one bitter exchange. >> but you're staking your candidacy on your washington experience. you're on the committee that oversees border security. you're on the committee that does trade. you're literally part of the committee that's overseeing these things and were not able to speak to literally the first thing about the politics of the country to ourself. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb? are you mocking me here, pete? i said i made an error. people sometimes forget names. >> all right. joining us now from las vegas, cnn political reporter arlette sae saenz, david gregory, and paul begala. friends, i have been waiting to hear from the three of you.
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paul, i want to start with you. explain to me what we saw last night and what it means. >> it's -- i don't know if we'll ever see a debate again where the front runner does not bear the brunt of the attacks. this is -- and it's a burden i bear. this is what i predicted. >> we remember. >> it was obvious, that's why i saw it. this was a gift to bernie sanders. it was a rough night for mike bloomberg. man, elizabeth warren just gutted him like a flounder on long island sound. it was rough for him. but bernie -- we are two days away from the voting in nevada and they attacked a guy who's not on the ballot in nevada. it was, i thought, tactically really dumb for the democrats. i'm not for any of these particular candidates. bloomberg really i thought performed terribly. i thought senator warren really just clocked him. but bernie is the front runner. bernie is very likely to win in nevada. this was your one chance, other
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democrats competing against bernie, to stop him from winning nevada and i think they missed that chance. then of course strategically donald trump has got to be happy with a democratic demolition derby. >> i want to play another moment from elizabeth warren going after bloomberg. because it sounded familiar to me. it reminded me of a debate in which megyn kelly asked donald trump a question very similar to this. so listen to this moment. >> i'd like to talk about who we're running against. a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse faced lesbians. and no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop and
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frisk. look. i'll support whoever the democratic nominee is, but understand this. democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. >> david gregory, do democrats also take a huge risk if they compare anyone on that stage, any of their alleged allies or at some point they'll need them to president trump? is that kind of moral equivalence helpful or hurtful for democrats? >> i don't know on that position. what i'm thinking about is i thought that was a very good attack by elizabeth warren. but i question it. donald tru donald tru donald trump -- bernie sanders is taking a page from donald trump by not releasing all his medical records. he understands certain things have not led to -- which is an
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important one. the rationale is electability. number one, he didn't perform very well on the debate stage. how's he going to do against donald trump and how is he going to face off if he faces some of the similar issues. if the point was democrats won't be enthusiastic enough about voting. but i think the overall take, i'm with paul on this. two points. which is bernie sanders who believes that being a billionaire is immoral. a lot of voters are going to sit back and go, really? because i'd like to be a billionaire. what's wrong with being successful in this country? and they like that about donald trump. that's a real contrast. and elizabeth warren who did a great takedown of bloomberg, he's not the immediate threat to her. it's bernie sanders. that's the one who's in the way of her path to the nomination. so i don't understand why he got off scot-free. and i'm with paul on this one. i think president trump comes out well after last night
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because it got so nasty. u and you do have a front runner that is a socialist. that's not a recycled knock against him. it is a fundamental issue of the direction of our country and our economy that people are going to really debate. >> we'll let paul sit here and wallow in the praise being thrown his way. arlette, it is striking. i was watching social media during the debate and then watching tv and hearing from people that i talk to regularly. it seemed very important to trump supporters and conservatives to talk about what a bad debate performance michael bloomberg had. and i'm not saying he was good last night. i think any objective analysis including from the bloomberg campaign was that his debate performance needs improvement. but for trump supporters, they were dying to point it out. it was super important to them to point out how bad michael bloomberg was. and my question is why? what does that tell you about how they perceive michael
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bloomberg? >> it's clear from president trump's tweets and comments that he is paying attention to michael bloomberg and that perhaps bloomberg has gotten under his skin a bit in this democratic primary that's playing out. so it's not entirely surprising that president trump supporters might be basking in the fact that bloomberg had a lackluster performance last night. and i agree with both david and paul that bernie sanders really emerged from this debate unscathed since the moderates on that stage really focused their attention and their fire right at michael bloomberg. and it's kind of emblematic of what we've seen play out in this democratic primary process. as that moderate establishment wing is still pretty splintered and it's preventing any one candidate right now from getting all of those supporters in the moderate wing to position a challenge against bernie
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sanders. and i think one question also going forward is whether bloomberg's shaky performance last night, whether that is any benefit to joe biden. bloomberg has been eating into biden's support. particularly when it comes to black voters. and you saw the candidates on that stage really try to make a dent into two key constituencies of democratic party. both women and black voters with their attacks on michael bloomberg. so i think one person to watch in the coming days and weeks is how that bloomberg performance might potentially affect joe biden. >> so paul, what has changed -- >> can i just say about -- >> go ahead quickly, david. >> no, go ahead. i'll wait. >> well, i just want to know in terms of the equation, where are we this morning? what has changed even for biden or bloomberg? what looks different if anything this morning to you? >> well, bernie came in strong and he came out strong. the one shot he took, i thought, was pretty effective that you're
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a socialist millionaire with three homes. i don't know that many sanders supporters know that. >> let's play that, paul. it's interesting. that was the most tweeted about moment in the debate. so let's play that. >> what a wonderful country we have. the best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. what'd i miss here? >> i yield back to the gentleman from texas. >> that was the one good moment bloomberg had. it's the one moment i think bernie took on incoming. but here's what didn't happen. they're standing in las vegas, elizabeth warren pointed this out. site of one of the worst mass shootings in american history. bernie sanders back in the day when i was working for president clinton, bernie sanders opposed all the gun safety bills. biden mentioned it for half a second. bernie even supported a law that exempts gun manufacturers from being sued. so that is a huge problem for him in nefss. except nobody raised it. so he skated on perhaps one of his greatest vulnerabilities especially in nevada. to me that's so weird.
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they weren't acting like the nevada caucuses are saturday. they weren't talking specifically about nevada and those issue there is and weren't going after the front runner in nevada. >> david? >> they weren't taking on what makes him so effective is that he's creating a clear ideological choice. i think it's important to remember about bernie sanders that he's making about president trump. who le will cast as a conservative, an oligarch, someone contributing to the income inequality in the country. and who's getting in the way of meaningful health care dlaifrly for mns of americans who don't have insurance. and nobody's taking on his progressive vision within the matter. he says what he believes. he's consistent. he's a very good debater. i have a hard time picturing him as president, but i have a hard time picturing donald trump as president.
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but i can picture bernie sanders taking on donald trump in a debate and not backing down. i think that's what his supporters see in him. i think that's what comes out of this debate. and it's striking that bloomberg is saying essential ly saying, look. everyone should clear out of the way for me to take on bernie sanders. he didn't inspire that confidence. and here bernie sanders is just a couple of steps away from locking up the lion's share of the delegates. if he does well in nevada and of course in the super tuesday states like california and texas. >> friends, stand by. you have answered almost all of my bernie questions from last night's debate. the one i have remaining is pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. the attacks they made. the uncomfortable moments that they had. what should that tell us about the path they still see to winning the nomination? that's next. being a disabled veteran and to have a tooth pain
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i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete. but let me tell you what it's like to be in the arena. i'm actually so proud of the work i've done on immigration reform. you know what? you have not been in the arena doing that work. you've memorized a bunch of talking points and a bunch of things, but i can tell you one thing. what the people of this country want, they want a leader that has the heart for the immigrants of this country and that is me. >> pete buttigieg and senator amy klobuchar went after each other at last night's debate. we only played one side of it. but trust me, there was them? we're back with arlette saenz, paul begala, and bakari sellers. so pete buttigieg went after senator klobuchar for being on the actual committees that he says are not effective and not doing anything in terms of
4:18 am
immigration. but i guess bakari, my question is how does this help either of them? that kind of vitriol. . >> i thought it was a good debate. but i'm not sure it helps either one of them. although i -- from my opinion, pete buttigieg got the best of that back ae forth. the problem they both have is they have a ceiling on their support because of their lack of diverse support. when you go to south carolina and super tuesday, i'm not sure where either one of them hope to do well. i think after last night in nevada, you'll probably have with all the people who voted, you'll have sanders, biden, and warren in one, two, and three in some area. and then south carolina where neither pete nor amy will do well. i know people want to focus on california and texas, there are a lot of delegates there. but there are going to be a lot of people who get shut out in tennessee, north carolina, virginia, arkansas throughout the south where biden and
4:19 am
bloomberg will likely pick up a lot of delegates. i just don't see the path for amy or pete regardless of whether or not they knock each other out. it was good tv. but i'm still uncertain to answer john berman's question he asked me at 3:30 this morning about the path. i'm not sure that either of them have a path going out of this. but they do sit in the same lane together. >> but they see a path there. there's a reason things happen on a debate stage. particularly things where the candidates were that prepared. and both klobuchar and buttigieg were prepared for that moment. who got the best of it, i'll leave it to you to determine, paul. but they were both prepared for that moment. likewise, elizabeth warren with the attacks she chose to make. she was prepared for that. so she sees some path forward. joe biden i know what he thinks his path is. but for warren, buttigieg, and klobuchar, i'm trying to figure out this morning what they think they will get, where they think
4:20 am
they will gain a path to the nomination from last night. >> well, i think warren had a strategy. attack bloomberg to show that she's the real progressive alternative to the billionaire. >> so that was to beat bernie? >> i think so, yes. and i think that was wise. i think it was unwise for senator warren to turn an attack everybody else on the stage. the amy/pete spat. that was really dumb. they're going after the same pool of voters. they should -- one of them should have shown that they're the one that can take on bernie sanders, the front runner. and the subject matter that pete chose that senator klobuchar who is a brilliant woman forgot the name of the president of mexico. okay. look. anybody can forget a name, jake. you know? you can get it wrong. alexandra, we all do that. i just thought that was a lame attack. pete otherwise had a terrific debate because he kept his cool and he was strategic.
4:21 am
but i thought -- by the way, i thought amy's comeback was too snarky. when she said i guess everybody can't be perfect like you, pete. neither of them helped each other on that. somebody in the middle lane should have attacked the goouy e front runner. nobody did that but bloom bloomberg. >> wasn't the best comment the one you came up with? weren't you ripped off? >> bill clinton came up with all his own stuff. believe me. i don't claim any credit for his genius. >> one person who wasn't on the stage as much as he has been in previous debates was president trump, arlette. they were going after each other for forgetting a name of a foreign leader? when certainly there are criticisms that, you know, president trump could take for handling a foreign policy, et cetera. we all know those. and so, you know, obviously this is what happens in a primary. we get it. they go after each other. somebody needs to emerge victorious. but there is a question of at what point is too much damage
4:22 am
done and are they all sort of tarnished by this process? >> yeah. and that's what president obama warned of just a few months ago. that these democrats would start engaging in the circular firing squad. and that is something that we certainly saw play out last night. and while they were attacking each other and trying to get the best of each other, their focus was taken away from their target at the end of -- over in november. which is president trump. and there were only a few moments in the debate where you heard these candidates trying to make contrast with him. you know, joe biden said that president trump is trying to rip obamacare apart. and i think going forward, these candidates may need to kind of recenter their focus because if they continue going after each other and trying to knock each other down, it takes the focus off of their main goal which is getting president trump out of the white house. >> so bakari and i'm asking you this as a resident of south carolina, because i think it's pertinent.
4:23 am
let's talk a little bit about joe biden. because he didn't do well in iowa. didn't do well at all in new hampshire. but -- but after last night, do you see a path forward for him? explain to me what the biden campaign wants to do the next two weeks. >> well, first of all, i'm not a part of the biden campaign. >> i understand. i'm asking you as someone from south carolina where biden needs to win. >> had has a path to be the last person standing with bernie sanders. the path is narrow, but it's there. he has to do well. first, second, third in nevada. then he comes to south carolina where by all accounts he's going to win south carolina. the biggest question that joe biden has in south carolina is not winning it, but it's about how much does he win it. if he's able to get a little momentum out of south carolina -- out of nevada, he'll do extremely well in south carolina. this is where the calendar puts joe biden at an advantage over michael bloomberg. because super tuesday is only three days after south carolina,
4:24 am
if joe biden's able to have that momentum and come out of south carolina with an eight, ten point victory, he'll go into super tuesday with momentum. and there's nothing that anyone can do in those three days to blunt that momentum. now, the only thing that all the candidates have to watch out for, i know that the primary will run through the south on super tuesday where joe biden will do well. what they cannot allow to happen is if bernie sanders wins california and locks the rest of them out of delegates, then bernie sanders is going to be the nominee for the democratic party. if they're able to reach that 15% threshold, if biden or bloomberg or buttigieg are able to reach that 15% threshold and able to siphon some of those delegates, then you'll have a race that goes on for a long time. you'll get to states like florida. biden definitely has a chance. he helped himself last night.
4:25 am
didn't hurt himself. and boy, did bloomberg help joe biden probably more than anybody else on that stage. >> these next two weeks are going to be obviously nail biters and fascinating. thank you, all, for the analysis on this. all right. it's not over yet in nevada. tonight two back-to-back cnn presidential town halls. joe biden's at 8:00 p.m. elizabeth warren's at 9:00 p.m. eastern. live from las vegas right here on cnn. all right. there was another billionaire candidate who was not on the debate stage last night. so up next, we're going to speak with tom steyer about what he saw and his chances now.
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i've been very luck we, made a lot of money, and i'm giving it away to make this country better. and a good chunk of it goes to the democratic party as well. >> have you earned too much? has it been an obscene amount? should you have earned that much money? >> yes. i work very hard for it. and i'm giving it away. >> well, democratic candidates came out swinging last night.
4:30 am
billionaire mike bloomberg made his debate debut and he was the primary target of the other democratic candidates. he had to defend among other things his wealth. the other billionaire candidate did not make the stage and that is businessman tom steyer who joins us now. good morning, mr. steyer. what did you see in the debate last night? >> well, i saw the person who won the debate last night whose name is donald trump. that's the first thing i'd say. >> how do you mean? how did donald trump win? >> because i saw so much bickering between democratic candidates tearing each other down and going after each other and forgetting the fact that what really counts is beating donald trump in november of 2020. >> what about that -- >> i saw people going after each other's personality and records instead of remembering that, in fact, the democratic party needs to win in november. >> and going after mike bloomberg's wealth. i mean, that did keep coming up.
4:31 am
and what do you think about that? do you think that being a billionaire this year as you are is a disadvantage? is it seen as obscene somehow? >> look. i think that unchecked capitalism has failed. i think that people who've been as successful as mike bloomberg or me should understand that the democratic party stands for the idea that the inequality in this country is unacceptable. that's why i said alisyn from the very beginning i said about mike bloomberg. you want to run as a democrat? you have to come out for a wealth tax. i did it long before i was running for president. because what's gone on is wrong. when he is asked whether he deserves to have made as much money as he has, the correct answer for democrats but the true answer is no, that's not right. unchecked capitalism has failed. we need to put this system back into order. we need to take down these corporations. we need to get this government back working for the people.
4:32 am
and here's how i'm going to do it. i have a way to do it. i've been talking about that since day one. i'm talking about breaking the corporate strangle hold, changing the tax structure completely. giving a 10% tax cut to every american who makes less than 250,000 bucks. having a wealth tax, treating un -- you know, passive income the same schedule as earned income. he has to understand that democrats represent the vast bulk of working people in this country. and that means black people and brown people and asian-americans and native-americans as well as white people. and that's his responsibility. he sounded like he was running in the wrong primary last night. >> so how do you grade mike ploom be bloomberg's performance last night? >> honestly, i don't think there is a great response out there for stop and frisk. for standing up for redlining.
4:33 am
for giving a speech at the republican convention on behalf of george w. bush's re-election in 2004. so i think there's a record there that's just really hard to explain away. but i think there's a different question here, alisyn. i think the question here is who can unite the democratic party? and who can take on mr. trump on the economy because he's running on the economy. i mean, we're missing the real point. those are the questions in front of democratic voters. we have a diverse party. thank god. that's fantastic. we have a diverse party representing the wonderfully diverse population of the united states of america. fantastic. prove it. we have a criminal president, corrupt, dishonest who's running on a fake economic record. fine. who can bring him down? i'm telling you. one of the things no one's talking about, i -- there was a public poll out yesterday that had me at 20% in south carolina.
4:34 am
our numbers have me at 19% in nevada. >> but i just want to ask you -- i want to challenge you on these things. >> excuse me, alisyn. >> some of those polls are not qualifying polls. and so are you -- >> there were no qualifying polls. there were no qualifying polls. excuse me. there were no qualifying polls in nevada or south carolina leading up to this debate. which is why it wasn't in the debate. >> will you make the stage in south carolina? >> excuse me? >> are you going to make the next debate? >> yes. look, if they will run -- >> how do you know that? >> because i'm -- all of the polls that have been run that don't qualify actually have me in a position to qualify. the democratic national committee said you have to do this well in these two states and i'm way beyond that. but they don't count them as qualifying polls. >> but in qualifying polls, you think you are going to show up in a significant enough number to qualify for the next debate?
4:35 am
>> if they run any qualifying polls, yes, for sure. look. honestly, in the poll that came out yesterday that's by a very reputable pollster, joe biden in south carolina was at 23%. i was at 20%. >> our poll of polls which is the average of all of the qualifying polls has you at 2%. >> that's a national poll, right? >> yeah. yes. >> and i'm saying this. but what's true is i have spent my time -- i'm not a famous person, alisyn. you know that. i have spent my time talking to voters in nevada and south carolina. they're the first two diverse states. i'm a grassroots person. i built one of the biggest person to person organization in america. that's what i understand. talking to people face-to-face. and in the places where i've had a chance to do that which are the next two states, nevada and south carolina, the most recent numbers are 19% in nevada told
4:36 am
know, we don't care about the voters of nevada and south carolina. we aren't going to qualify any polls. we're just not going to have any polls there. we're going on national polls. >> and how are you going to -- >> they changed the rules for mike bloomberg. >> are you going to get any delegates. >> yes. >> how many? >> yes. look -- i don't know. because that's not honestly how i focus on it, alisyn. the way i think about it is how am i going to do as a percentage of the democratic primary voters in nevada. and i'm going to do very well. and people aren't talking about it, but we're doing really well and we're going to be organized on the ground and we're going to be aggressive. because that's what we know how to do. we got to actually talk to voters. >> we look very forward to seeing what happens this weekend. tom steyer, we appreciate you coming on "new day." thank you very much for your time. >> thanks, alisyn. nice to be with you. in a few hours, a federal judge will sentence roger stone.
4:37 am
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so a fierce trump loyalist has been tapped as the acting director of national intelligence despite not having any intelligence experience. rick grenell is currently the u.s. ambassador to germany. jim sciutto joins us now with more. we can't say this enough. he has no intelligence background and the director of national intelligence, it's a job. it's a role that was created after 9/11 to oversee the entire intelligence apparatus. >> and to prevent another 9/11. because the issue going in was you wanted coordination among the agencies, intelligence sharing, et cetera. i'm going to read in the intelligence reform act of 2004. any individual nominated for appointment as dni shall have
4:42 am
extensive national security expertise. that was the intelligence of this. they wanted someone with the experience and the leadership to bring it all together so that the country doesn't face a threat like that again. and let's look at the list of the folks who have occupied this position before and their experience. these are people who led other intelligence agencies, people who commanded naval forces in the pacific. people who served in the cia for 30 years. james clapper, for instance. he led two of the 17 intelligence agencies before becoming the director of national intelligence. that's the kind of experience that this job calls for. so i know the folks at home who every day you have a movement or a decision by this president that seems out of bounds with past practices. and folks can probably get sick of hearing it. but some of those have real consequences. here is one that was designed to prevent another major attack on the homeland and put someone in that position to do so. and that's not trump's choice
4:43 am
here. >> he has diplomatic experience now. and there is some evidence that the experience that he has that matters to the president is of a completely different nature. and that's as a partisan loyalist. and again, partisanship has its place. politics has its place. anyone on twitter knows that rick grenell is a bomb thrower. >> yeah. >> and that may be what the president likes most. and it's also telling that he's only bringing him in as the acting director of national intelligence. what does that tell us? >> well, that means there's no senate voice on this, right? there's a reason you have senate approved positions so members of the senate can have a voice on these appointments. acting do not. when you have an acting position, that's the president's choice and they can stay there. there's a time limit on it, but this is a president who has loads of unfilled positions at senior lels. but also loads of acting positions. and therefore the senate doesn't have a chance to pipe in. that's crucial in this case because it's our reporting that even republican senators have communicated to the white house that they do not believe rick
4:44 am
grenell has the experience to do this. there are sitting senators today that were involved in writing the 2004 act that they know and they wrote the law that you put someone in that role who was up to the role. >> jim sciutto, always appreciate you waking up a little bit extra early. zblil do it for you guys. >> look, it's important to point out. sometimes we get numb to certain things but it matters. >> and it's a broader pattern since the president's acquittal that you have him putting loyalists into positions. look at the big picture here and connect the dots. it's important to do that. >> thank you so much. as you know overnight, president trump again floated the idea of a pardon for his long-time friend roger stone. a judge will decide stone's fate today. stone was found guilty of witness tampering and lying to investigators. joining us now is cnn chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeffrey, is there any doubt in your mind that president trump will pardon roger stone? >> pretty much none.
4:45 am
if you look at what he said both about two of the major prosecutions of the mueller investigation, robt mueller's team. roger stone and michael flynn. he has all but said he is going to pardon them, commute their sentences if they're sentenced to prison. i don't know when he may do it. he may wait until after the election, but i don't think there's any doubt that's how the story will end. >> he could do it this morning. he could do it before 10:00 a.m. when the judge actually would issue the sentence. >> or right after the judge issues the sentence. >> either way. the reason i'm speculating about this is because the president tweeted overnight. tucker carlson talking about how roger stone should be pardoned which is notable for many reasons. one reason is because the president has made a ridiculous claim that he hasn't even thought about pardoning roger stone. this tweet indicates he has thought about it, jeffrey. >> he has. this is a really unusual
4:46 am
sentencing coming up tonight. because usually you have a very clear idea of which way a judge is going. but there are incredible variety of options available to the judge. you know, there are federal sentencing guidelines that are not mandatory, but most judges follow them. what set off this whole recent crisis was that the guidelines that the government originally said was seven to nine years. which is very long. >> it's a very high end with the guidelines. >> right. and how you calculate the guidelines is also sometimes controversial. and this was a controversial calculation. however, that's what the guidelines were. the president was outraged. bill barr came through and said we don't agree with the guidelines calculation. we're going to leave the whole thing up to the judge. so could be probation. could be nine years. could be somewhere in between there. the judge has an enormous amount of discretion here.
4:47 am
she has not given any sort of sign how she's going. i really do doubt. but there's a lot of room between probation and nine years. >> she could have also called in the prosecutors who walked out because of this and could have asked them what was going on. but she didn't do that. and the behind the scenes story or the public behind the scenes story -- complained about the guidelines calculation. that -- some judges might have said i want a hearing. what the hell is going on here? the judge i think is trying to keep the focus on roger stone. not on the broader politics about what's the appropriate sentence for him. and she's basically letting this other stuff go by. >> she has said she's going to sentence first, but then she's
4:48 am
going to consider a defense motion to dismiss. >> for a new trial, yes. >> why? what's going on here? >> it's very common. in fact, it's routine for judges to ask for defendants who have been convicted to ask for a new trial. he's already done it once. that's been denied. after a juror came forward and essentially defended the prosecutors, stone's lawyers have asked for a new trial again. they don't like jury misconduct. because they don't want to create an incentive to investigate jurors. i don't think it's very significant that this motion is still pending. the real story is what's the sentence going to be this morning and then what the president does about it? >> jeffrey toobin, thank you. great to see you. we do have some breaking news. nine people have been killed in an attack at two bars in
4:49 am
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try to win by attacking, now, we know the trump strategy- distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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80s-style training montage? yeah. happens all the time. ♪ we have some breaking news. at least nine people killed in mass shootings at bars in germany. the gunman is also dead along with his mother. their bodies were found inside their home near frankfurt. prosecutors are treating this as an act of terrorism. nic robertson is live in london with all the breaking details. what do we know? >> it's touching a raw nerve in germany for many reasons. this is the biggest killing there in four years. the german chancellor angela merkel canceled her events for the day, staying put in the capital berlin. she's spoken about this. the man appears to be xenophobic. this is an act of right-wing extremism that he seems to have a hatred for immigrants. the two bars he targeted were in a neighborhood just outside of frankfurt that had a high number of immigrants living in those
4:54 am
neighborhoods. the turkish government says five of its nationals were killed in that shooting. that's something we have yet to have confirmed by the german police who are investigating it. it's gone to a federal level investigation at the moment. the gunman fled the scene in his car after shooting. went to his res dense where they later found him dead from gunshot wounds. his mother, 72 years old, also dead. this is a real concern in germany. we've heard not only the german chancellor but foreign minister link it to two other previous right wing terror attacks in germany over the past year. one a politician with a senior politician in the chancellor's party killed in a right-wing attack last summer, and then just a few months ago, two people killed in an attack on a synagogue and kabob shop in another town in germany. so this is a really sensitive issue. it's got a lot of attention in
4:55 am
germany right now. jaurn john, alisyn? >> thanks so much. it was really interesting to hear from tom steyer, the presidential candidate moments ago, who he thought the big winner was from last night. immediately he said donald trump. >> he thought they were going after each other way too much. >> he was basically absent from last night's debate. john avlon with much more in the "reality check." >> it was a fiery night on the vegas strip with democrats perfecting the circular firing squad. they benefited from mike bloomberg taking most of the hits. elizabeth warren came out swinging. targeting stop and frisk. bloomberg once defended it. now says it's a big mistake. >> when i discovered we were doing too many stop and frisks we cut 95% of it out. >> stop and frisk was a policy he inherited but it grew sixfold
4:56 am
and fell to just 12,500. the court order compelled an end to stop and frisk the way new york was doing it. but the decline started before. the decline was from his own administration's high basically flat from when he entered office. but new york city murders fell from 582 to 335 in 2013, his last year in office. so 43% decline. for what it's worth, the judge says she doesn't think bloomberg is racist. socialism also on the docket with bloomberg saying this. >> we're not going to throw up capitalism. we tried that. other countries tried that. it was called communism and just didn't work. >> bernie responded. >> let's talk about democratic socialism. not communism, mr. bloomberg. that's a cheap shot. let's talk about what goes on in countries like denmark. they have a much higher quality of life in many respects than we do. >> obviously, democratic
4:57 am
socialism is not communism but what about denmark and other countries often cited by sanders other than venezuela. denmark does have the highest social mohr mobility. denmark said this. >> it's far from a socialist planned economy. denmark is a market economy. >> it boasts protection imp and abandoned his wealth tax. bernie sanders was the only person on stage who said he believed the candidate with the most delegates entering the convention should be the nominee even if they didn't have a majority. by that standard, hillary clinton would have been the nominee going into the '16 convention. it's a self-interested flip-flop but his disdain has been consistent throughout. donald trump remained relatively unscathed. bloomberg mentioning him the
4:58 am
most but only nine times. klobuchar eight and biden seven. but there were far few outright falsehoods than the average trump rally. that's your "reality check." >> great to get that analysis. thank you to our international viewers for watching. "newsroom" is next for you. for u.s. viewers, a new point in the democratic race for president. it really took a dramatic turn. "new day" continues. >> bloomberg went in as the titanic meet iceberg, elizabeth warren. >> democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. >> we are giving a voice to people who are saying we're sick and tired of billionaires like mr. bloomberg. >> the former mayor was completely out of his realm. >> i've been very lucky. made a lot of money and i'm giving it all away to make this country better. >> in terms of being able to
4:59 am
beat president trump. >> you have to show it. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day," thursday, february 20th, 8:00 in the east. debate night turned into fight night in las vegas. the top six democrats took turns going after each other. but it was mike bloomberg who found himself on the receiving end of most of the attacks. this was his first debate in 11 years. and this morning his campaign is hoping what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> we are giving a voice to people who are saying we're sick and tired of billionaires like mr. bloomberg seeing huge expansions of their wealth while a half a million people sleep out on the street tonight. >> i actually welcomed mayor bloomberg to the stage. i thought that he shouldn't be hiding behind his tv ads. >> i'd like to talk about who we're running against. a billionaire who calls women
5:00 am
fat broads and horse-based lesbians. and, no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> it's easy. all the mayor has to do is say you are released from the nondisclosure agreement. period. >> let's put forward somebody who is actually a democrat. >> so it turns out bloomberg was the top searched candidate on google during the debate. i'm not so sure the bloomberg campaign will be happy about the reasons he was the most searched. who knows. he has already qualified for next week's debate in south carolina, even though he's not on the ballot there either. his campaign has been focused on exclusively the mother lode of delegates up. we have john avlon and business correspondent cristina alesci. she cove


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