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tv   Americas Choice 2020 Nevada Caucus  CNN  February 22, 2020 5:00pm-8:00pm PST

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headquarters. advanc vanessa, set the scene. >> reporter: pete buttigieg is set to take the stage. he's making his way here. this event was supposed to be held outside but it got completely rained out. in moments we set up here inside and we're waiting for pete buttigieg to take the stage. the campaign is feeling very good about where they're standing right now. they think they're going to be able to make up some ground in some of these rural counties and pull delegates from there. they have 1,300 beaten captains, most of them in the rural counties, and they're expecting some of those precinct captains are going to bring voters from nonviable candidates over to pete buttigieg. now, this is critically important because this is what played out in iowa, wolf, the same strategy, even though bernie sanders won that popular vote, pete buttigieg walked away with the most delegates from iowa.
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they're hoping for a really good showing with these delegates here in nevada. wolf? >> vanessa, thank you. ryan nobles is in san antonio, texas, where bernie sanders campaign is. we're getting ready to hear from senator sanders, right, ryan? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. this crowd has had a party atmosphere for the entire time they've been here. they started lighting up five hours before the event was to take place. they are here to participate in ha victory party he started the day in el paso, texas, flew to san antonio, arrives less than an hour ago, is expected to accuracy th address this crowd in the next 20 minutes. his campaign is going to talk about the momentum they feel is behind bernie sanders and his operation, and they are already looking ahead to the states further down the calendar. of course south carolina, and then of course, the big contest
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that takes place super tuesday, including here in texas. sanders already telling the crowd in el paso earlier today if they win in texas, that's going to send a message to donald trump -- >> hold on, pete buttigieg is in las vegas. i want to listen to what he's about to say. he's just getting ready to speak. let's listen in. [ cheers ] >> thank you, assemblywoman. thank you, congressman brown. thank you to class tin who got a little more than he bargained for on that first date. [ cheers ] thank you to our phenomenal leadership team, to our nevada supporters, and thank you to all of you for making this a great day for our campaign here in nevada. [ cheers ] to those who questioned whether a midwestern mayor could gather
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a national movement around a new kind of politics, you are the answer. [ cheers ] and to everyone who believes in what we're building, this is your night. this is your campaign. it belongs to the most talented and kind team of organizers and staff and volunteers that i have ever seen. [ cheers and applause ] it belongs to the nearly 1 million grassroots supporters who have gone, yes, to pete for, and who i'm hoping will help us raise that $13 million we need by super tuesday to stay competitive and make sure we succeed. [ cheers and applause ] it belongs to the students and
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the entrepreneurs, the veterans, and the culinary workers, to the people of every religion and of no religion who agree that god doesn't belong to a political party in the united states. [ cheers and applause ] it belongs to the dreamers, the sonadores, wondering if this country will ever be their own. [ speaking spanish ] [ cheers and applause ] you belong in this country. this campaign belongs to everyone e ready not only to end the era of donald trump, but to launch the era that must come next. [ cheers and applause ] now, that bright, bright future lies before us, but it is far from certain. it will come only if we get this nomination right.
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and so we are moving on from the battle born state with a battle on our hands. i congratulate my competitors on a vigorous campaign here in nevada. and i congratulate senator sanders on a strong showing today, knowing that we celebrate many of the same ideals. but before we rush to nominate senator sanders, let's take a sober look at what is at stake for our party, for our values, and for those with the most to lose. there is so much on the line. one thing we know for sure is that we absolutely must defeat donald trump and everything that he represents in november. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> now, this is important we share these ideals, but i believe the best way to defeat donald trump and deliver for the american people is to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on the critical issues. senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out americans. we can deliver for the american people by empowering the american people to make their own health care choices with medicare for all who want it. [ cheers and applause ] senator sanders believes in taking away that choice, removing people from having the option of a private plan and replacing it with a public plan whether you want it or not. i believe that we can bring an end to corporate recklessness
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and rebalance our economy, by empowering workers, raising wages, and insisting that those who gain the most must give back the most in order to keep the american dream going forward. [ cheers and applause ] but that is different from senator sanders' vision of capitalism is the root of all evil. it would go beyond reform and reorder the economy in ways that most democrats, not to mention most americans, don't support. i believe we need to defeat donald trump and turn the page on this era in our politics by establishing a tone of belonging, bringing an end to the viciousness and the bullying that is tearing apart our country. we must change what it feels like to live in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> you can see pete buttigieg.
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he's very happy with his result. let's see how that unfolds. he's really going after bernie sanders who is doing really well in the nevada caucuses. dana, what do you think? >> i thought the phrase he chose to go into his whole riff about why bernie sanders is bad for the party and for the country was really telling. he said before we rush to nominate bernie sanders. he said out loud what everybody is thinking, that senator sanders is on a glide path to do just that. and so he was very blunt about trying to set the table for why he thought that shouldn't happen. it's also noteworthy that, yeah, pete buttigieg and others have started to go after bernie sanders on the big debate stage, but not as aggressively as they have other candidates. think about what pete buttigieg did with amy klobuchar, for example. they got really, really into it
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on an issue that is not that relevant to the big picture which is what he talked about tonight, which is bernie sanders. and that is very telling, and it has allowed bernie sanders to get to the place where he is. it's not just he's been attacked to give him the props that he deserves, it's because he has a real movement behind him, but it didn't hurt him the way others were hurt by getting attacked. >> he's trying to plant an important flag, the question is is how solid is the ground he's planting it in in the sense that bernie sanders has the momentum and the liberal lane of the party locked up. he wants to be the centrist alternative. but it looks like joe biden is going to come in second in nevada tonight. joe biden says he's going to win south carolina. pete buttigieg has yet to prove himself with latino and african-american voters. we'll see what the final numbers are in nevada tonight. but he narrowly won iowa, close to senator sanders in new hampshire, had a moment. the question is can he make
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something of that moment, go from there and build on it? the question is how. a distant third in nevada, is that enough? he needs to follow it up quickly, wolf, with south carolina. he's trying to plant a flag, the question is will voters agree with him. >> we have a major projection to make right now. cnn can now project that bernie sanders is the winner of the nevada caucuses. this is another important victory for the senator in the most diverse state to vote so far. it catapults his campaign and the progressive movement forward. it strengthens his status as the clear democratic front-runner. bernie sanders, the winner of the nevada democratic presidential caucuses. let's go to ryan nobles over in san antonio, texas. that's where bernie sanders campaign headquarters is right now. they're clearly watching cnn right now. they are very, very happy, ryan. >> reporter: you got that right, wolf. this crowd has been paying attention to the speakers, not
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looking at their phones, not paying attention to the news outside of this room and learning for the first time right here that bernie sanders has become the winner of the nevada caucuses according to this cnn prediction. obviously this is a very excited crowd, passionate about sanders and his campaign. it's important for the momentum to be behind a group like this, wolf. the state of texas, very crucial to the vote here in the next couple of weeks, march 3rd on super tuesday. what's very impressive about this particular crowd, wolf, is it is a group of many different races and colors, a lot of different speakers speaking spanish, latino supporters as well and a group that bernie sanders has reached out to in a major way and has made incredible inroads with. it's crucial for the vote in nevada as well. senator sanders is expected to speak here in the next ten minutes or so. that's where he will for the first time claim victory in the
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nevada caucuses. from the sanders campaign's perspective, this is three in a row. they won the popular vote in iowa, obviously not the winner yet, no one's been declared the winner there yet. they won in new hampshire and now able to claim victory in nevada. we're heading to south carolina. wolf, they've been considered the front-runner since the win in new hampshire. the win here in november, though, -- nevada, though, very impressive. it is so important symbolically. so you can hear the response here from this crowd, wolf. very excited and very happy about this win for bernie sanders and what it means for him and his campaign going forward. >> they certainly should be very happy, very excited. important win for bernie sanders. dana, this is three in a row basically. he did really well in iowa, really well in new hampshire, now he's projected to be the winner in nevada. >> and what you saw there, the energy there is kind of a snapshot of the really big
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movement that he has, not just in nevada, not just in those states that you talked about, but most importantly, across the country. as we move into south carolina, which is going to be the next, obviously, important state, but into super tuesday and beyond where you're going to have michael bloomberg, who is spending, you know, more money than we can even imagine, the only person who's going to be able to compete with that when it comes to money at this point is bernie sanders. because he's got the wallet and he's got small donors and the base who can keep that wallet full to be able to go up against him. >> what a fascinating moment for senator sanders who was the underdog throughout 2016. now he has the baton. he's the leader of the race. he will be aware if he didn't see it himself in his holding room of what mayor buttigieg just said. he knows what's coming. this is going to be a disaster for the party, how does he deal with that. winning. all these people keep saying i
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keep beating trump. you continue to win. interesting his tone here to see if he counters that if he tries to reach out. he's in nevada based on the entrance polls. looks like he's going to have a big margin there. that helps you rebut your critics. the rest of the party is saying lily white in iowa and new hampshire. those may be true, but bernie sanders has momentum. it's the most cherished gift in politics and he has it. >> this has been such a very big field since the beginning. and there were a lot of candidates, not just elizabeth warren, but others who were bernie sanders-like progressives. and the question at the beginning was is it time for bernie sanders to pass that baton that he has? is it time for other candidates who are like minded to get a chance? and what the bernie sanders
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campaign said is why would you go for new coke when you have coke classic on the ballot? and the answer is they're going for coke classic, at least at the beginning here. and his support is about -- yes, it's about the movement, but it's also about him, his ideas, and it didn't translate to the lesser-known candidates who were trying to push some of the same ideas. >> once again, cnn has now projected that bernie sanders has won the nevada democratic presidential caucus. we're standing by to hear directly from senator sanders. he's about to speak. we'll have special coverage right after this.
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. bernie sanders is the winner of the nevada democratic presidential caucus. we expect to hear from him momentarily. he is getting ready to speak. he's in san antonio, texas, right now. texas on march 3rd, they will have their primary. he's getting ready clearly for that super tuesday. dana, they're very excited at bernie sanders campaign headquarters right now in san antonio. he's about to speak, as i said. this is a moment for him because it will presumably energize that base of his. >> yeah, and it should be. he could be coming out in any a second. when he does, i'll stop talking. but he had so much energy -- there he is. >> he's going to accept the applause for a minute or so. there he is with his wife. he's obviously very happy and understandably very happy. he deserves a lot of credit. [ cheers and applause ]
5:21 pm
[ crowd chanting ] >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> and let me introduce you to the next first lady of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> you will be very proud of her as first lady. [ cheers ]
5:22 pm
you know, based on what i have seen today in texas, we were in el paso. we're here now. don't tell anybody -- i don't want to get them nervous -- we're going to win the democratic primary in texas. [ cheers and applause ] and you know, this is also important. the president gets very, very upset easily, so don't tell him that we're going to beat him here in texas. [ cheers and applause ] and now i'm delighted to bring you some pretty good news. [ cheers ] i think all of you know we won the popular vote in iowa. [ cheers ]
5:23 pm
we won the new hampshire primary. [ cheers ] and according to three networks and the ap, we have now won the nevada caucus. [ cheers ] [ crowd chanting "bernie" ] let me thank the people of nevada for their support. [ cheers ] in nevada we have just put together a multigenerational, multiracial coalition which is going to not only win in nevada, it's going to sweep this country. [ cheers and applause ]
5:24 pm
and in nevada and in new hampshire and in iowa, what we showed is that our volunteers are prepared to knock on hundreds and hundreds of thousands of doors. [ cheers ] that no campaign has a grassroots movement like we do, which is another reason why we're going to win this election. [ cheers and applause ] in nevada i want to thank our rank-and-file union members. [ cheers ] i want to thank make the road and all of the grassroots organizations that helped us win there. [ cheers ] we are going to win here in texas. we are going to -- we are going
5:25 pm
to win across the country because the american people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time. [ cheers ] they are sick and tired of a corrupt administration. [ cheers ] they are sick and tired of a president who is undermining american democracy. [ cheers ] who thinks he is above the law. [ cheers ] and who apparently has never read the constitution in this country. [ cheers ] the american people are sick and tired of a government which is
5:26 pm
based on greed, corruption, and lies. [ cheers ] they want an administration which is based on the principles of justice. [ cheers ] economic justice. [ cheers ] social justice. [ cheers ] racial justice. [ cheers ] and environmental justice. [ cheers ] now, trump and his friends think they are going to win this election. they think they're going to win this election by dividing our people up based on the color of their skin or where they were born or their religion or their
5:27 pm
sexual orientation. we are going to win because we are doing exactly the opposite. we're bringing our people together. [ cheers ] we are bringing our people together, black and white and latino, native american, asian-american. [ cheers ] gay and straight. [ cheers ] we are bringing our people together around an agenda that works for the working people of this country, not the 1%. [ cheers ] all over this country workers are sick and tired of earning starvation wages. [ cheers ]
5:28 pm
you can't make it on 9 bucks an hour or 11 bucks an hour, or 12 bucks an hour. we are going to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. [ cheers ] we are going to provide equal pay for equal work for women. [ cheers ] we are going to make it easier for workers to join unions. [ cheers ] we're going to create millions of good-paying union jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. [ cheers ] and building 10 million units of low-income and affordable housing this country desperately needs. [ cheers ]
5:29 pm
we're going to win this election because we believe in education. [ cheers ] we are going to have high-quality, affordable, universal child care. [ cheers ] we are going to triple funding for low-income, title i schools. [ cheers ] and we need great teachers in this country. [ cheers ] we need more latino teachers. [ cheers ] we need more african-american teachers. [ cheers ] and because we know the vitally important work that teachers do, we're going to fight to make sure that no teacher in america earns less than $60,000 a year. [ cheers ]
5:30 pm
and because we believe in education, we believe that all of our people, regardless of their income, are entitled to a higher education. [ cheers ] and that is why we're going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. [ cheers ] and we're going to cancel all student debt in this country. [ cheers ] by imposing a modest tax on wall street speculation. [ cheers ]
5:31 pm
12 years ago we bailed out the crooks on wall street. now it is their turn to help the working families in this country. [ cheers ] and together we are going to end the international embarrassment of the united states of america, our great country, being the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people. [ cheers ] so let me be as clear as i can be. health care is a human right, not a privilege. [ cheers ] we are going to end the absurd situation in which we now are spending twice as much per person on health care as the
5:32 pm
people of any other country, yet 87 million of us are uninsured or underinsured. 30,000 die each year, and 500,000 people go bankrupt because of medically-related debt. in america, you should not go bankrupt because you're struggling with cancer. [ cheers ] the function of a rational and humane health care system is the guaranteed health care to all, not make $100 billion in profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies. [ cheers ] and we are going to take on the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. [ cheers ]
5:33 pm
under our administration, the american people will not pay in some cases ten times more for the same prescription drugs sold in mexico, canada, or europe. and when we talk about the major crises facing this country, it is a sad state of affairs when we have a president of the united states who believes that climate change is a hoax. well, the scientific community has a slight disagreement with mr. trump. [ cheers ] they think that climate change is an existential threat to this planet. and our administration believes in science, not right-wing extremism. [ cheers ]
5:34 pm
and that is why together we are going to adopt the principles of the green new deal. [ cheers ] which creates up to 20 million good-paying jobs as we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency. [ cheers ] brothers and sisters, this is a moral issue. we must make sure that the planet we leave our children and grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and habitable. [ cheers ] and when we talk about issues
5:35 pm
that must be dealt with, we in fact are going to reform a broken and racist criminal justice system. [ cheers ] we do not want to continue a situation where we have more people in jail than any other country, including china, four times our size. and the people in jail are disproportionately african-american, latino, and native american. and that is why we are going to invest in our young people, in jobs, in education. [ cheers ] not more jails and incarceration. [ cheers ] that is why we are going to end
5:36 pm
private prisons and detention centers. [ cheers ] that is why we are going to end the war on drugs and legalize marijuana in every state in this country. [ cheers ] [ crowd chanting ] >> let me ask you all a question. let me ask you a serious question. how many people in this room tonight know somebody who was arrested for possession of marijuana? [ cheers ] we are going to move forward to expunge the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana. [ cheers ] and when we talk about broken and racist systems, we're going
5:37 pm
to bring about fundamental reform to our immigration system. [ cheers ] i am the son of an immigrant. [ cheers ] my father came to this country from poland without a nickel in his pocket, couldn't speak english, had very little education. i know something about the immigrant experience. [ cheers ] together we are going to end the demonization of the undocumented in this country. [ cheers ] on our first day in office through executive order, we rescind all of trump's racist immigration executive orders. [ cheers ]
5:38 pm
on our first day in office through executive order, we restore the legal status of the 1.8 million young people and their parents eligible for daca. on our first day in office, we end a border policy which today allows federal agents to grab babies from the arms of their mothers. and throw children into cages. that is not what america is about. and together we will do what the american people have wanted to do for years, and that is pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship. [ cheers ]
5:39 pm
earlier today, jane and i were in el paso at the memorial at that terrible shooting, terrible shooting in el paso. at the walmart store there. and this is my promise to you. our gun safety legislation, which the american people want because they are disgusted by the amount of gun violence and mass killings in this country, our gun safety legislation will be written by the american people, not the nra. [ cheers ] we will have universal background checks. [ cheers ] we will end the gun show loophole. and we will do what the american people want, and that is end the
5:40 pm
sale and distribution of assault weapons in this country. [ cheers ] >> senator bernie sanders is the winner of the nevada democratic presidential caucuses of we're about to have extensive analysis of where this campaign, his campaign, the other campaigns go from here. much more of our special coverage right after this. s that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can plummet you to extreme lows. (crying) lift you to intense highs. (muffled arguing)
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450,000 jobs. running for president - and on a roll. workable plans to deliver on better health care. affordable college. job creation. common sense plans to beat trump, fix the chaos in washington, and get things done. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. . welcome back to our coverage of the nevada caucuses. we just heard from senator bernie sanders. we heard from all the candidates except elizabeth warren so far. let's talk to the panel here.
5:45 pm
andrew, i'm wondering what you think, just running through the top four or five. what did they need to do now? joe biden clearly thinks south carolina, he's going to win. >> the rest of the field needs to consolidate ideally and each candidate wants to be the last person standing to absorb the nonbernie energy. the problem for bernie is that, you know, he's unlikely to get an outright majority of delegates heading into the convention, which is going to set the stage for the super delegates to emerge. you're looking at a contested convention, which is also the dream scenario for all of the other nonbernie candidates because they're going to go in there with delegates, the super delegates, let's say are not going to be favorable disposed towards bernie and each of the remaining candidates will say i'm the pick. so that's the dream that's going to keep every candidate in the race. >> i think what andrew is trying to say is everybody needs to just drop out.
5:46 pm
which is a little bit true. the reality is that we've now had three contests in which none of the other moderate candidates have been able to consolidate enough support to even really get that close to bernie. i mean, looking at nevada, this is a real blowout that we're seeing here. and it's a problem for all these other candidates because one or more of them need to figure out, probably more in the vicinity of probably two or three need to figure out who's going to be the one to step back. >> someone needs to pull an andrew yang. >> i've done the math, i'm not going to win. >> there's no road forward. >> how hard is that for a candidate to have the conversation with himself or herself and her staff and say, okay -- >> that's why you have to hire andrew yang to do the math for them. >> it's not going to happen. you can answer that, then. >> it's tough going in both directions, gloria. if you have a bad night and you
5:47 pm
get up front of a crowd and be like it was a great night, on some level it does ring hollow. it's hard to continue beating that drum. it's hard to drop out but in some cases it's hard to keep going. >> who should drop out? >> they're not. what we saw tonight, particularly pete buttigieg, his speech was the never-bernie moment, the beginning of that campaign. i mean, it was raw and saying sanders belize in inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most democrats and most americans and then it gets nasty from there. you're going to hear more of this because finally democrats realize they have to differentiate themselves. biden didn't do it and maybe he should have. >> pete gave the speech that joe biden should have, people are saying. he's still trying to take this
5:48 pm
momentum. but i think that i want everyone to keep this same energy next week. right? so now we're talking about a new front-runner, although we've only had three primaries, three primaries to vote. next week we go to south carolina. if bernie sanders doesn't come in first, is that a story? >> he's not a new front-runner. he's been kind of at the top from the beginning. >> who? bernie sanders? i think tonight you can credibly say bernie sanders displayed building a coalition necessary to be a front-runner. it's very difficult to say that bernie sanders was the front-runner before today. >> you're pushing for biden. have you heard anybody say i really feel like biden's on the upswing? >> i think people after tonight are saying he's on the upside. i'm actually pushing for them to consolidate. you asked the question who should drop out. the answer to the question is who does not build that diverse coalition. if you're polling at 2%, 3% of african-american community, yes, you should drop out and get behind somebody polling better
5:49 pm
who can help be or drift off some of that anti-bernie sanders wind as you call it. >> at this point we're seeing bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, frankly, in other contests pick up the moderate vote. i don't know that if the moderate candidates were to drop out that would necessarily move those voters to the one left. looking at this. >> it's interesting that pete buttigieg -- you obviously have to draw contrast. but i think when these ideas are so vastly popular across the democratic electorate taking away candidates, it's not just about ideology. it's about prioritizing the people in this country that, you know, feel forgotten and left out. >> but medicare for all -- do you say it's popular across the party? >> i think this is -- >> moderates don't want it. even warren is pulled away from it. >> 62% of voters in nevada and
5:50 pm
the last three states want government-run health care. i just found this out that half of all spending in iowa was against medicare for all. that's hundreds of millions of dollars being spent attacking the idea of universal and it is still coming out as a top issue for democratic voters. the resilience of working people, especially when we have 184 million americans right now who don't have insurance or are underinsured is massive and i think politicians should not just pay attention to poll numbers but instead as bernie, i will bring people along in my message. >> even pete buttigieg, the leading critic of medicare for all had to position his own program as medicare for all who want it, it is like, it was sorts of understood that medicare for all seemed like a popular idea, and he did not say you can't have medicare for all, here is a different version of medicare for all. so the idea it is popular is not
5:51 pm
just -- >> let me speak to why the democratic establishment and other people are concerned about bernie sanders. in 1968, nixon was elected, and much like trump, the reactions from liberals to progressives was a bit, i mean nixon was completely outside of democrats at that time and in '72, now, it is like a big overcorrection. and we have mcgovern, too far to the left for the country, in reaction to nixon, and we lost i think 49, 48 states, and so i've been trying to stick up for the sanders movement, i want to give a little bit of a voice to the people at home, and i'm afraid, there's an historical pattern that bernie's got to be able to deal with, which is, you have a very, very unpopular, very conservative president in nixon, and then we go too far to the left, and don't go correct. and in order for bernie sanders to say i'm going to break the
5:52 pm
mcgovern curse, that's the challenge, to move it, and say i know how to build a winning coalition, and what you see in nevada is that the beginning of that. >> can i piggyback on what van is talking about? because that is a very real fear and consternation among many democrats and the damage is not whether or not we beat donald trump or not, that's not the concern around bernie sanders per se. it is also a very high concern for many people that bernie sanders is going to be a drag on the rest of the ticket. and so the places where, the places where democrats need to win, to either maintain their congressional seats or pick up a senate seat, they will not be able to do, and you know, my good friend joe cunningham, who had one of the biggest political upsets in this wave that came in, when he won mark sanford's old seat, he just came out last week and said one the things we're concerned about is bernie sanders at the top of the ticket, making races that the democrats need to win more difficult. than is the conversation now. >> what i want to say, people
5:53 pm
who have those concerns, might find some comfort in the fact that over and over and over and over again, the polls show, unlike with mcgovern and nixon, that bernie can beat trump. and we always brush past that and that should bring more comfort to the party than it does. >> i'm sorry, one last thing on this, i think that is some concern, but i think the way that bernie quells that is with building coalitions like he did tonight, right? that actually shows people that maybe he can win in some of these other places by having these coalitions that he apparently was able to put together tonight. the test is, can he do that next week in south carolina? and then can he do it in tennessee? and can he do it in virginia and north carolina, et cetera? >> and when he does the tweet as he did tonight which i was complaining about earlier when he took on the democratic establishment, that's not good news for those moderate house democrats who put themselves on the line for voting for donald trump's impeachment, and put their congressional seats really
5:54 pm
very much in play, and they are worried that if you have someone at the top of the ticket, who is dumping all over the democratic so-called establishment, that they're the ones who are going to get thrown out, and that that will not help, so that kind of language, internally, among democrats, who really did, really did walk, you know, a very difficult line there, is not welcome. >> yes, and i think that we have to acknowledge where voters ears are. because i disagree slightly in that i'm sure, i think most voters are concerned about who is going to be able to defeat donald trump and so far bernie sanders has been able to do that, but i think this goes back to the point of we can't just keep talking to the same people that we usually do in the democratic party and young people specifically i think, when we think of the democratic establishment, we think of a lot of that sort of ideology around who you talk to and what does it take to win, and when we're up against a republican party, that
5:55 pm
is literally trying to like, you know, is trying, is trying to take advantage of this crisis of our institutions, that is fighting to take away health care for millions of people, democrats have to be for all health care, we have to be for universal health care, and i think we also have to remember that even when we had democrats control both chambers, we still tink that immigration reform passed in some cases, so it does matter which democrats that we get in there. >> we will take a deep dive into the entrance poll for an insight into how bernie sanders won nevada and how he may do ahead. we're back in two. the third stair always creaked. and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. and now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it.
5:56 pm
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6:00 pm
welcome back to our special coverage, i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. a very impressive, very big win for senator bernie sanders, in the nevada democratic presidential caucuses. david is taking a close look at how he did. david? >> that's right, wolf, these entrance polls provide us a road map to bernie sanders' victory tonight in nevada. among very liberal voters, coalition, they made up about 30% of the electorate in nevada today, a pretty liberal electorate, bernie sanders wins 49% of them, and then 17, warren, biden 11, buttigieg 9, and steyer, 6. this is a sanders blowout category, very liberal, 30% of
6:01 pm
the electorate. and on health care, medicare for all position, as you've been hearing us talk about, is the dominant position inside this electorate tonight. 62% said they support medicare for all instead of private insurance. bernie sanders wins 49% of that huge chunk of voters. and then you heard senator sanders in his speech down in texas talking about a multi-generational, a multi-racial movement he's building, take a look at the age breakdown here. 17 to 29-year-olds, 66% of them go to bernie sanders. they make up 17% of the electorate, not the largest slice necessarily, but my god, buttigieg is next at 10%, huge sanders category, they powered him to victory as well, and finally, here's that multi-racial component and i think these might be the most interest numbers of the night in
6:02 pm
the poll, predominantly white states, so this first test of a diverse electorate, bernie sanders wins that test, among nonwhite voters, he got 44% of them. joe biden, who was looking to the nonwhite voters in the democratic party as his base, as his reason for being the front-runner all last year, he's at 21%. significantly behind sanders. then steyer at 11:00. warren at 8. and buttigieg down at 7%, with nonwhite voters. so bernie sanders passed the test of going to a more diverse place, and showing he can still win by 23 points among these nonwhite voters tonight. all of that put together is how bernie sanders won the nevada democratic caucuses. >> so impressive, i must say, david, and we will get back to you, dana and john, this is a very, very big win, but where does the candidate, bernie sanders, go from here? a week from today, south carolina. then three days later, super
6:03 pm
tuesday, 14 states, including california, texas, really huge states, and require a lot of campaign money. >> that's right. and that really is the day to look at for bernie sanders, it is march 3, the next contest as you said is south carolina, it is going to be very important for momentum for other candidates but if you look at the map for march 3, for super tuesday, first of all, if you look at the total number of delegates, it's about a third needed for the nomination up for grabs that day. >> but look at, i want to point out two states in particular, okay? texas, right, this is where bernie sanders is today, this state in particular has 228 delegates alone possible to grab that day. and according to polls right now, it is early, considering the calendar, he is doing well. it's very competitive for him but he is doing well in texas. and then let's look at california, another huge state, much bigger when it comes to the
6:04 pm
delegates, 415, most polls have bernie sanders with a very healthy lead in california. so that's not even including the rest of the states that are going to see contests. and just look at these two, and you assume, given the fact that he has momentum out of today's contests, he has the campaign cash as you mentioned, he's got the volunteers, that is kind of exhibit a and b of why pete buttigieg came out and said that people are looking at him as somebody who has a path to the nomination. >> one thing we should point out, all of these things are proportionate, they are not winner take all, so they could split some of those delegates. >> and a lot of democrats think this is going to go on all the way and a lot of democrats posit that bernie sanders might come out with a plurality and won't have the majority and i say
6:05 pm
let's stop that talk and let's take this one race at a time. what does bernie sanders have? money and momentum. joe biden, yes, we have to count the results and joe biden said he came in second and he has to win south carolina. and joe biden is not on television in any of the super tuesday states. and bernie sanders is in texas tonight. he has a good organization in california. but the other candidates, they have this immediate priority of proving themselves. joe biden has to win south carolina. bernie sanders if you look at what david was talking about, especially younger african-american voters, can bernie sanders go in and win south carolina with this momentum or give joe biden a run for his money in south carolina? that is an interesting thing to watch in the week ahead. the problem for the other candidates except michael bloomberg and tom steyer who are writing unlimited checks, they have to focus to win. and bernie sanders is everywhere. sticky support. an organization left over from 2016 that he has only strengthened in most places heading into 2020. so he can take the longer term
6:06 pm
view on the calendar. the other candidates yes, amy klobuchar will focus on minnesota on super tuesday and you might think, i can't win in south carolina, i'm going to go somewhere else. but you're at a point in the race, in some ways it is an absurd conversation, people say it is only three contests, how can you be saying it and the other candidates will simply not be able to raise money. >> i was going to say, he won younger voters in nevada with impressive numbers. >> he did. >> he won minorities, african-american voters with impressive numbers. he did what a lot of people didn't necessarily suspect he could do. >> yes, the biggest win, according to entrance polls, and we have to see what happens actually after it's done, was with latino voters. they worked very, very hard inside the sanders campaign to learn from, as you've been talking about, what they did or didn't do in 2016. the organization has been on the ground there for some time to try to do that. and that's why it does put into question whether or not he can
6:07 pm
continue to eat into some of the joe biden support that he says he has, which he does have, according to the polls, among those same groups, because that's what we have seen in the past. winning begets winning and if bernie sanders continues to look like a winner, that will only help women all, you know, with all group, including and especially groups of color. >> and he has a very unique claim. again, especially since he -- elizabeth warren over the summer was challenging bernie sanders and we were all having a conversation about, is the progressive vote in the going to be split and help a moderate. but flip it over. bernie sanders has deeply solidified the liberal base, the progressive base of the party, he is reaching over, at least in the early states, we will see if he can continue it. you're looking at democrats who are saying the electorate in nevada was disproportionately liberal, and when you see him picking up moderate or conservative, a lot of people
6:08 pm
will argue they are left of center, we will see if he can continue. but he is expanding the coalition. and he has a unique way in the race. and everybody else is fighting for the i'm not bernie vote. and as long as you have the crowded center of the democratic race, bernie sanders can continue to win, and how does it play out? there is no incentive until one, moderate alternative, centrist alternatives emerge, and what is the bernie to get out? which creates the cycle. they're not getting out. it is hard for somebody else to emerge. >> coming up, pete buttigieg is warning democrats about the rush to nominate senator bernie sanders. will his attack work? we heard it here live. we'll be right back. motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur."
6:09 pm
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the network more people rely on. now experience america's most-awarded network on the phone you love, the amazing iphone. plus, up to $650 off the latest iphone when you switch. with apple music included. bernie sanders has declared his grass roots movement is unstoppable. and his rival pete buttigieg is warning democrats to be aware of sanders revolution. listen to what buttigieg told his supporters. >> senator sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most democrats. not to mention most americans. i believe we can defeat trump and deliver for the american people by empowering the american people to make their own health care choices with medicare for all who want it. senator sanders believes in taking away that choice. removing people from having the option of a private plan, and replacing it with a public plan
6:13 pm
whether you want it or not. >> interesting watching buttigieg, i mean he clearly set out to draw parallels between him and sanders, where as, when we saw biden, although i don't think i saw the entire biden speech, he wasn't doing that at all. he was talking with the crowd, talking about, you know, the comeback kid. >> on to south carolina. >> but buttigieg wisely used the opportunity to try to draw at least a parallel between him and another candidate. >> well, he was, he was merciless. i mean he just kind of clashed bernie sanders and we can prioritize either ideological purity or inclusive victory, we can either call people names online, or we can call them into our movement, so he just went on and on about bernie sanders. it's clear he wants to make this a two-person race, and he wants it to be between himself and
6:14 pm
bernie sanders, and he is going to be the never bernie, and joe biden just got up there and gave a victory speech even though he didn't win, but they were so grateful, i think, in the campaign, to actually be in the running on something, and do well, that i think they wanted to let biden be biden and do that. >> i think one of the things he is doing is toughness is one of the things that people want to see and if anybody, it is donald trump, and biden is beloved, biden just has to be a good biden most days, and he was a good biden tonight, he doesn't have to do anything, he's biden but i think pete has to show his toughness, so i think by him saying look, i will be the person, i will be the dragon slayer, i will stand up to bernie sanders and i will say what everybody is saying against him on national television and i think it is going against bernie sanders which is demonstrating the toughness of his character
6:15 pm
and it works for him in two ways. >> i think what he said was just flat-out wrong. there is not at least, and we have to wait for an upcoming contest, a majority of americans who don't believe in bernie sanders. it is including, and all of the national polling heading into most of the states, he is on the upward trajectory and he will get a little bit of a bump so i think that is a little bit of a disingenuous take, and i think we have to remember, for four years, progressives i think have been made to feel small, that they're a tiny fraction of america, that we're divisive, and we have to wait, to be patient for all of these changes to be made and it looks like in nevada and across america, people are rejecting that notion that they have to wait for these things, and there's a sense of urgency that people seem to feel on not only defeating donald trump but prioritize the poor and working class. >> we just had one of the most
6:16 pm
progressive presidents in the country, in the country's history recently, let's not erase barack obama, let's not erase -- >> who is doing that? >> nobody is erasing barack obama. >> but when saying that progressives felt small like they weren't a part of them, all i'm saying is that no, we've had, we have barack obama who gave us obama care. who insured tens of millions of people who otherwise wouldn't be there. >> i think it was -- >> the split in the party though wasn't about obama, it was about hillary versus bernie and -- >> and i just want to add that there is a new generation of democratic voters that look a lot more like me, alexander ocasio-cortez, ayanna presley then nancy pelosi or joe biden. i agree, and i think that barack obama is one of the many movements that have opened up the space to make these things possible. we stand on the shoulder of giants but you can't erase the work of millions of young people like myself and others who have been working very, very hard.
6:17 pm
>> the most popular figure in our party, the person who expanded our party the most, i want everybody to understand is was a progressive president, he is a progressive figure and although bernie sanders has moved the window, it is a paradigm shift in the party, we have become more progressive, i don't dispute that, but i want to, it is not as if the democrat from south carolina got elected and served for eight years simply because i'm more moderate and simply because i find myself, it doesn't mean that i'm excluding anyone else. it doesn't mean that all of a sudden we're not including progressive voices. >> and i think for this election, since donald trump, we have been hearing a lot about elect ability. and how do we frame this question? would you rather have somebody who can beat donald trump or somebody who agrees you with on the issues, literally sets up the frame that progressives can't win at the same rate that moderates can. but i think we're seeing, in these contests, that that's just not true.
6:18 pm
>> well, i don't think that we know really the answer to that question. i mean we have been looking at three democratic primary contests, and very small pools of voters, and i think the big debate that's happening in the democratic party right now is between the sort of sanders progressi progressive camp that says that the country is with us on these issues, and then the biden camp and the bungz camp who says actually, we don't think that in a general election, that that medicare for all specifically, a medicare for all that eliminates private insurance is the answer to what voters are looking for, particularly when you get to a sort of more independent voter or moderate voter. so i actually think that is not settled yet. that is the central debate that they're having right now. and if you are, if you are on the other side of bernie sanders on this issue, and you're not taking that fight to sanders, i don't understand what is going
6:19 pm
on. i think we're at the stage now where they have to make the case to voters that there is an alternative to the guy who is winning right now, and nobody has wanted to do that so far. >> i think it is really smart by pete, he was clearly trying to do it on the debate stage earlier this week, and it became a pile on bloomberg and bernie was staying out of it. >> right. >> and pete was like, no, no, good to have you, bernie and he did it tonight and i can guarantee he will do it on tuesday night. because he sees that bernie is the front-runner, he is trying to become the alternative to bernie and the best way to do that is by saying i'm the alternative to bernie. so i think that other candidates should probably follow suit. i think amy, joe, elizabeth, should be trying to contrast themselves with bernie more. >> biden tried. he tried on medicare for all. right? he tried. but buttigieg is just surgical about it. and he is so good at it. >> and also about the policies. also about style.
6:20 pm
i think that's it. >> and all things, because joe biden gave a short speech and got on a plane and is now going to be in a north charles baptist church tomorrow. you can always tell what's going to happen and where people are going and their strategy about where they're campaigning. bernie sanders may run into a wall next week. >> and still ahead, any pro sanders democratic and opponents, we will have more with an odds maker who joins us. give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you can't always stop for a fingerstick.betes with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you don't have to.
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we have an alert, we projected already that senator bernie sanders is the winner of the democratic presidential caucus in nevada, but we're getting numbers in from the nevada democratic party, 11% of the precincts reporting and as far as the all-important county delegates are concerned, that will determine how many delegates go to the canadas, bernie sanders 44.1%, biden, 25%, pete buttigieg 14.9%, and warren 8.4%. everybody else much, much loser. bernie sanders celebrating an important win in nevada and he has the wind at his back in the next round of contests including delegate rich super tuesday on march 3. let's break down on what is happening with the odds maker. and you have been making, looking at the numbers and is
6:25 pm
there a candidate that can stop bernie sanders? >> i think that is the correct question to ask and i'll be flat out honest, bernie sand ares is hot, hot, hot, hot right now. and look where bernie sanders was before iowa, a three in ten shot of being the most delegates and now a seven in ten shot. and the reason, look how well he did in iowa, and new hampshire and lieu how we, look how well doing this evening. you win or tie in the first three contest, that is a pretty good sign going forward. and if you look at a seven in ten shot for bernie sanders, look at joe biden. before iowa, he was the favorite to win, or to have the most delegates at the end of this and now he is just down to a one in ten shot. he is going southward. and looking forward, south carolina, obviously a week from today, and look at this, you know, joe biden hopes that south carolina can be the place that revives this campaign, and while he is leading in the latest winthrop university poll from that state, look at what bernie sanders is, and he took 19%, just five points behind joe
6:26 pm
biden. he can deliver the knockout blow in south carolina and continue the momentum that he has built in the first three contests so far. >> harry, we're only about ten days out, from super tuesday, march 3, 14 states including california, texas, and bloomberg will be on the ballot then, for the first time, can he slow down bernie sanders' momentum? >> i think that is the question. you know, if you look at the national polls, you look at where bernie sanders is. you look at that historically, that's a very good position to be in. and if you look at the money race, which i think is so important, because that gives you the indication of why mike bloomberg might be able to stop or at least slow the momentum of bernie sanders, look at how much money, my goodness gracious, nearly $160 million that mike bloomberg has spent in the suner tuesday state, bernie sander, really the competitive candidate so far, nearly $11 million, but look at the bottom of that graph. joe biden, who was once the
6:27 pm
front-runner in this campaign has spent zero, count them, zero dollars in the super tuesday states. even if he is going on a win in south carolina, i'm not exactly sure how he is able to transfer that momentum in the super tuesday states, given how much money he has spent. zero dollars. >> no doubt about that. harry, thank you very much. let's go back to dana and john. so it looks like a crushing win for him tonight, bernie sanders. >> the question at this point, first of all, yes and we talked a lot about what that means for bernie sanders, and he deserves to get the, all of the discussion around what it means and what he has achieved tonight. but we're still, we still got an open space for number two. and because of the splintered race, because there is, there's so much anticipation about what happens with number two, that is sort of the next big question tonight. and we only have 11% reporting still, for the county delegates,
6:28 pm
which are the money numbers, but that will determine where the delegates in nevada go. we don't know exactly, we know the biden campaign claims he will come in second, the buttigieg campaign claims he will come in second, so that's going to be one of the next questions of the evening. >> i think number one, we don't know what happens to bernie sanders tonight, because the results are so preliminary right now. it is clear that sanders was going to win in nevada and pretty clear he will win bay prit pretty good margin. we don't know what will come in after him. we started off early complimenting the democratic party and i think we will get to the point, what is happening here, we need some explanations why this is taking so long. and let's hope they are triple careful and we get them soon and move on but there are candidates and people in the campaigns who might end up doing better than what the numbers are doing now, and complaining tomorrow about a caucus that took too long to report the votes. and now going forward.
6:29 pm
harry made a good point about joe biden. not broke but not flush with money. focusing on south carolina right now. if he wins south carolina, of course that gives him a spring board. of course he is back in the race but he will not have had money on tv in the super tuesday states. i think that is the part, when you take the sanders organization, that sanders can raise money organically through the internet and keeps raising through small donors and the bloomberg and steyer effect, i don't know what happens to the other candidates and the great uncertainty beneath bernie sanders is the great question. and will someone emerge? and it seems to be from the incoming candidates information, and nevada is nevada and now we're on to south carolina and hang in through super tuesday. that can change pretty quickly if you're disappointed. but right now, it looks like, i'm a broken record, but bernie sanders has a unique and i think a bigger lane than we thought, not really huge, but a slightly bigger lane than we thought on the left of the party. and while they wrestle over everything else. so the uncertainty continues which benefits sanders. >> it is interesting, because at
6:30 pm
the last democratic presidential debate, most of the candidates went after michael bloomberg, the first time on the debate stage. did they miss an opportunity to go after bernie sanders and will they next tuesday at the next democratic presidential debate? >> there was a little but it got completely overshadowed by mike bloomberg because he was the new guy on the stage and he wasn't challenged because he didn't sit down for a lot of interviews. and bloomberg, in the context of money, quickly, tom steyer is not bloomberg. i want to say that very quickly. i understand that everybody understands but just look before we go off of nevada at how much money, especially compared to the other candidates, tom steyer spent, on ads. $15.5 million on ads. and bernie sanders who looks like he is just running away with it, spent even, next to that, and it wasn't even close,
6:31 pm
it was $2 million. so it doesn't look like, i mean it is early and it doesn't look like he will get a lot of bang for that buck, but it also is a reminder that yes, money got him on to the debate stage, it got him, you know, poll numbers, with regard to public opinion polls but when it comes to the vote, he's got a lot here, and it looks like it isn't going to pay off. >> he does have better standing in south carolina. and also spent a lot of time there in the state. but again, at some point, you have to perform. steyer is up in the polls in south carolina. moving up. we'll see if that holds up. because he has spent the time and money there. >> money talks. as they say in politics. >> we are about to hear from elizabeth warren and get her take on the nevada results. that's coming up right after this. (whistling)
6:32 pm
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6:35 pm
welcome back. we're waiting to hear from senator elizabeth warren who is the only candidate i think other than tom steyer that we have not heard from so far tonight. we will also bring you her comments live as well. there is a statement being put out by her campaign manager that i think we have put on the screen, essentially saying, there it is, notes on the state of the race, the biggest debate shook this election up. i was looking at the wrong one. the elizabeth warren vote shore
6:36 pm
appears to have gone up by 50% from the early vote and those who caucused and we raised $9 million in three days and more than 21 million this month and her basic argument is that the debate is more important than the election. that's basically her argument. listen, if you want to understand where this thing is going, pay no attention to the election results, look at the debate. >> that's not what she is saying. >> she's saying she got considerably a bigger share of the vote than -- >> i think the most important thing that he she said that they raised $21 million so far this month. bernie sanders raised $21 million in january, by far larger than the other campaigns and $21 million at this stage in the campaign and she is polling where she is, and in the elections, where she is, and it is a huge number and one that sets her up to actually make a play in the elections that come next because she has the financial resources to do it.
6:37 pm
where as a lot of the other candidates -- >> it really was a major moment that does shake up the race. i don't think she is discounting the early voting. >> this that tweet storm that he did, the two things that were missing were south carolina and where she would actually win. in one can point to a state on super tuesday where elizabeth warren is poised to be a victor. and so i think that with all of the money she raised and an awesome debate performance, no one can answer the fundamental question of where does elizabeth warren -- >> and we haven't confirmed by the way any of that. >> and it is worse than that, as a technical matter, she can't spend that money quickly muff to save h -- enough to save her in south carolina so that money has to help her in super tuesday. super tuesday in any state, california -- >> a lot of money. >> you could blow through $21
6:38 pm
million in california. that is one state out of 14. so listen, i'm not taking anything away from elizabeth warren. i think she has been the most phenomenal debater. anybody calls her the best athlete on the field, i think she actually helped to consolidate the progressive cause, even though bernie benefitted from it, she made, she really did a lot of the case making for the progressive cause that is now supporting bernie sanders, and i think she is still, she can still pull off a miracle but i just don't, this type of stuff when you're trying to spin a disaster, i just don't like it. >> and you look at her, i agree with you, when you look at her numbers with black voters, in nevada, it's low double digits. one of the entrance polls has her at 12% and hispanics, 7%, this may be outdated by now, but you know, it wasn't high up there, by contrast, for example, biden was at 34, 35%, and bernie sanders 28, or whatever it was, so it wasn't as if she did well with the face of the democratic
6:39 pm
party that you're going to need in south carolina. but i think, i think the point is, she succeeded too late, in breaking out of the pack. and that was a problem for her. but you have to have great timing in politics. >> there is a debate coming up in a couple of days. >> but you can't do the old trick -- maybe she has something else up her sleeve. >> i'm a huge admirer of elizabeth's but i referenced this early on, they made a big bet early on in terms of hiring field organizers, not just in the early states but around the country, and those organizers are not something that you can just adjust and recalibrate that quickly, they're not like ad spending. and so they have a really fixed overhead that's higher than many of the other campaigns. they get these resources in, they've been playing it close to the bone in terms of the finances, they took out a loan recently, that i'm sure they have long since paid back, but to van's point, it is going to be hard to activate these resources in a way that is going
6:40 pm
to move the needle toward victory in one of the states that is coming. >> we'll take a quick break. we are standing by, to hear by from elizabeth warren after this break. the third stair always creaked. and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. and now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. meet christine, she's going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memory care, to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services
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pictures coming in from seattle, washington, that's where elizabeth warren's campaign headquarters happens to be tonight. she got out of nevada a while ago. david is taking a close look, we will be hearing from elizabeth warren, fairly soon. you're looking at the exit polls and how some of these so-called second tier candidate, the entrance polls, i should say, of the second tier candidates. >> and we are talking about sanders strength and the other side of the equation, where his opponents are doing strongly, and where you may see them try to extend that advantage. among moderate voters, 31% of the electorate, same share size as the very liberal voters, that's where you see biden, 25%, and sanders in there, too, that's why he is doing so well, competitive here, and buttigieg at 20. but you see, this is an advantage that biden and buttigieg are going to try to extend and build upon. take a look at opponents of medicare for all. again, the vast majority support medicare for all but 35% of the
6:45 pm
nevada democrats who are opposed to it, that is a group joe biden is winning, with 29% of the vote followed by pete buttigieg with 23% of the vote. this is where he had will continue to press their argument and expand that advantage. take a look at college graduates, white college graduates, they make up 37% of the electorate, this is another place where you see, yes, sanders with this group, wins this group 4, 24%, he had a ver big victory and you see buttigieg is competitive, and klobuchar, 16. and in fact, biden is at 15 here. so this is one place we see buttigieg edging ahead of biden. and of course, the biden strength with african-american voters. they make up 10%, 11% of the electorate tonight, in nevada, and biden has a 39% of those african-american voters. sanders gets 27. 12 points behind. and you don't even see pete buttigieg on this board. you see steyer, 16. warren at 10. klobuchar at 3. buttigieg is down at 2.
6:46 pm
this is clearly a place that biden is seeking to expand upon. as he heads into south carolina. so those are the areas where you're going to see the nonsanders candidate try to press their edge, but as we see tonight, sanders is just so competitive with them in some of these places, and only other areas of the party, like liberals and young voters. >> a very important point. and dana, about 60% of the democratic primary voters in south carolina are african-american. >> right. i mean that's why joe biden has said it is a firewall, and he was speaking the truth. it is, and could be, the flip side of it being a fire wall, is if he doesn't do extremely well there, you say when, i mean, who knows, he is going to be in big trouble. >> he said today. >> he used that word. >> he did use "win." so he is setting the expectations high, which is quite different than from what the biden campaign did for the first two contests of the cycle.
6:47 pm
but so it is going to be a test for him. but it is also going to be, which is the point that david was making there, interesting to see how bernie sanders does with that sector of the population, given the fact that if he is really in the hunt for the nomination, as it looks like he is, he is going to need to continue to pick up diverse voters in addition to young people and the other, the progressive others that have been his natural base for a long time. >> it's a fascinating moment for all of the campaigns but biden in particular, and south carolina has a history of shifting the democratic race, or righting the democratic race, barack obama went in there in 2008 and beat hillary clinton and proved he was a credible, viable, potential nominee, almost came out, it webts on for a long time but locked up support of the most reliable of the democratic party, hillary clinton won against bernie sanders last time, she swept the state and sanders did not have
6:48 pm
significant support among african-americans and what david showed us with nevada, you see it when you talk to african-americans, generational divide, and bernie sanders owns the demographic, with the racial and ethic and the older voters with biden and what does tom steyer do? he spent a lot of time in south carolina, and a lot of the ads are climate change and targeting the african-american constituent yeah and decided to put a bet on climate change and that works with the younger group. and that is part of the fascinating chess game of the week ahead. >> and senator bernie sanders, he did well with the latino vote in nevada today. which presumably bodes encouragingly well for him in california and texas, where a nice percentage of the democratic vote in both of those states is latino. >> that's exactly right. and that is at least right now, particularly in california, most
6:49 pm
of the polls show that he is doing extremely well. and that's when, you know, enter on to the stage mike bloomberg who is spending gobs of money in california, in order to try to eat into that. i mean you know, technically he might not be eating into bernie sanders, maybe other people's support, but to eat into, since it is proportional, to the number of delegates that bernie sanders gets in a place like california. >> have we ever seen, the kind of money that michael bloomberg is spending right now, $400 million already, approaching half a billion, and you and i have covered politics for a long time and have we ever seen anyone spend personal money at that kinds of level? >> in a word. no. if you go back to the perot campaign, as a third party candidate, in 1992, ross perot spent a lot of his own money. they raised money but he spent a lot of his own money particularly to get on the ballot, because that is a huge endev fer you don't have an existing political party. but knock like this.
6:50 pm
we were all aghast at tom steyer's spending befomichael bloomberg got in the race and a candidate using their personal resources to be in the race and then bloomberg bloomberg's not on the ballot in south carolina but he is on the debate stage tuesday night. he was the pinata for everybody in that debate. you know senator sanders is going to be more so and you know bloomberg is going to try to reassert himself. so this debate tuesday night for all of them but for joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren trying to find her spot, pete buttigieg trying to appeal to african-american voters, bloomberg trying to get his -- prove he belongs on that stage. we have a very interesting fun week ahead. >> and we're standing by to hear from elizabeth warren. she's going to be disappointed in what's happening in nevada right now, what happened clearly in iowa and new hampshire. we'll stand by to hear from elizabeth warren. let's take a quick break. we'll be right back. wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you.
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6:54 pm
we are awaiting elizabeth warren. we expect her to be speaking. she's actually in seattle this evening. we'll bring you her remarks live as they happen. first i want to go diane gallagher, though, who is standing by at the democratic party headquarters in nevada. so what is going on? why is it we only have 11% of the votes? it's kind of late. >> yeah, and anderson, it's very
6:55 pm
late. and we talked about this a little earlier today, that the party had been measuring expectations, noting that because they had to have those three sets of data and because they have this special quality control that it was going to take a while to get results. but this has been slower than expected by a lot of people who've been watching this here. i just spoke with john summers, who's an adviser to the nevada democrats. he tells me that it is that quality control process that's holding up the results being published. they have to go through three levels of authorization, one of them being that phone call, the other being a text of the math worksheet. but he said the party cannot post the result until they have cross-xekd the physical worksheet that's been dropped off with them with the results that were reported through the phone and the text. and so as they go through, comb through those numbers, make sure they match, that's kind of been the holdup here. we're told they have plenty of volunteers in there, plenty of staffers who are still working through this but it's simply taking a lot longer to make sure everything matches, anderson.
6:56 pm
and of course get those in. now, i did ask summers if he could confirm that every single precinct had at least reported partial results, meaning that phone call or that text picture. he said he'd have to get back to me. he believed that was the case but he wasn't 100% sure. but again, there's a lot of waiting around here. we've been watching these volunteers kind of walk out of the room here, watch room service carts come out of the area where we see the party members, and just sort of seeing this long process play out here. that verification process was extremely important for them because they are using that calculator. there was a lot of mistrust from the public on whether or not they were going to be able to trust results. instead of going off the calculator results they said they would only use these paper results to make sure it was official, that it had been cross-xekd with everything else they received. and that according to the party right now appears to be the very long holdup that we're dealing with. >> i'd say less room service, more votes. that's me.
6:57 pm
i don't know much about it. >> you've got to eat. >> yeah, you've got to eat. diane, we'll check back in with you. hopefully we'll be getting more votes soon. back with the panel as again we're waiting for senator elizabeth warren. andrew yang, i've heard you saying this as diane gallagher was reporting. this hurts candidates. this hurts the candidates. >> yeah, if i'm a candidate i'm really angry. i was angry after iowa. and i've tried to be forgiving -- you know, it's a technical failure. but imagine being a candidate or campaign that spent months and months of your time, thousands of volunteer hours, staff, blood sweat and tears and then them coming and saying we don't know what happened. it's incredibly frustrating. and if you're going to try to propel any of the candidates forward you owe quick results to the american people. to me the best process would be primaries with ranked choice voting. this is something i was talking to van about. if you had ranked choice voting donald trump would not be our president today because he was consistently getting 30% of the
6:58 pm
vote or so -- >> when you say ranked choice voting you just mean voting. >> well, it's just you vote and then you list let's call it your three top candidates. and your votes flow to whoever is left standing if your first choice, you know, isn't contending. so if you had ranked choice voting let's say jeb bush -- like if you were a jeb bush voter, your second choice was probably not donald trump. it was going to be someone else. and the same is true on the democratic side. this would actually be a massive process improvement. and for people who are concerned about let's say an insurgent coming and running the table with 30% of the vote while you have four other candidates splitting the rest, ranked choice voting would help that immensely. >> can we just say this has got to be the end of these caucuses? harry reid will kill me because he created this for nevada and it's important in nevada and important to the democratic party. enough. for having three separate sets of answers or results for one
6:59 pm
caucus. i mean, this is crazy. >> it's crazy. >> have people vote. it's not fair to the candidates. and by the way, it's not fair to the voters. >> who gets a higher card in some cases. that is not democracy. >> it's just wrong. we've seen it in iowa. we're seeing it again to a lesser degree tonight because there is a winner who has been declared at least. but it's ridiculous. >> bernie sanders, who performed really well in caucuses in 2016, pushed for a lot of the changes that we're experiencing today, in iowa with all the different numbers and various ways of declaring yourself a winner, and he's performing extremely well in nevada under these rules. so bernie sanders is feeling really good. but for the other candidates and for the public this is a little bit of a disaster because the buttigieg campaign and the biden
7:00 pm
campaign both claiming second place and everybody's putting out their own numbers that are not verified by the democratic party. everyone gets to declare themselves a winner. and i think what we saw -- >> and we all lose. >> what we saw out of iowa is that instead of iowa being a culling force in the party, which it has been in the past, everyone walked out of iowa with no declared winner and everyone declaring that they had a mandate to continue forward. and i think that's one of the reasons why we're seeing this still very lengthy list of candidates still in this race despite the fact that it's clear that a lot of them probably don't have a viable path to the actual nomination and they're staying in the race for a lot of other reasons, including to have influence in the convention potentially. >> i think to play devil's advocate a little bit and stick up for nevada, i completely agree that caucuses in general, they leave a lot of working-class people out. but they also show the organizing strength. and i think that you talked about this earlier. and i think when we have a
7:01 pm
billionaire in the race who is literally spending in primary states, right? purposely avoiding caucuses. they've already spent $400 million. and what do you get to do in primary states? you get to spend unlimited amounts of airwaves that are really -- and are showing to have a huge impact on the states to follow. so i think that as we move forward -- >> caucuses are patently undemocratic. >> i completely agree. i'm just pointing out that -- >> and i think that abby's point is correct. i mean, many of the processes that we're going through, this is not some establishment versus bernie sanders. in fact, bernie sanders was brought into the fold to help lay out some of these new rules that we're seeing, preserve the caucuses. myself and governor granholm, she came up with the idea. i wholeheartedly agree. that you should have iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada vote on the same day. they're very cheap states. you can make it from one side to another. cheap in terms of advertising. you get the cross-section of
7:02 pm
diversity you need. but you also have to abolish the caucuses and let it be a primary and let everybody show up and vote. i think that iowa, this is the second year in a row, is a disservice to bernie sanders. >> elizabeth warren is about to speak i believe in seattle. let's listen in. >> wow. i think seattle is ready for some big structural change. [ cheers and applause ] and before we get started, i've gotten word tonight from nevada. thank you for keeping me in the fight. [ cheers and applause ] the race has been called. bernie has won. krarnlgs congratulations, bernie. but i want to tell you something else that's going on. since wednesday night -- [ cheers and applause ]
7:03 pm
since wednesday night our support has been growing everywhere. since i stepped on that stage a quarter of a million people have gone to and pitched in their 25 bucks. in three days people have contributed $9 million to this campaign. so join them. go to, be part of this fight. that's how we're going to get this done. we have a lot of states to go, and right now i can feel the momentum. so let's stay in this fight. you know, because i'm here in
7:04 pm
washington i want to talk specifically for just a minute at the top about a threat that is coming our way. and it's a big threat. not a tall one but a big one. michael bloomberg. this is important to pay attention to now because he has skipped the first four states and he plans to come in on super tuesday and immediately afterwards here in washington, drop hundreds of millions of dollars, and buy this election. he argues that he is the safest bet to beat donald trump. he's not safe. he's just rich. and here's the problem. he's hiding his taxes. he doesn't want you to see them
7:05 pm
until after the election. who knows what lurks there? he has a history now of harassing women and of gender discrimination. and he has defended racist policies like redlining and stop and frisk. so let's think about that. billionaire who hides his taxes, has a bad history with women, and defends racist policies. let me just put it this way. we're not substituting one arrogant billionaire for another in 2020. because here's the thing. michael bloomberg is not the safest candidate. michael bloomberg is the riskiest candidate for the democrats because he cannot win against donald trump.
7:06 pm
this election is not for sale. we are going to make this election about democracy, about you. so understand this. you bet. why i am in this fight. now, look, i am not a lifelong politician. but i am a lifelong fighter. i come by it natural. i was born and raised in oklahoma. i have three much older brothers. i learned early fight for your place in a family like that. but i'm a kid who watched early on as our family had a lot of ups and downs. and when my daddy got sick and we went a long, long time without money coming in, i
7:07 pm
watched when the family station wagon, we lost it. i listened to my mother cry at night. and i remember when we were right on the edge of losing our home. you know what i remember best about that? i remember the day i stood in the doorway and watched as my mother paced back and forth. she had her slip on, her stocking feet, best dress laid out on the bed. she was 50 years old. she'd never worked outside the home. and she was terrified. but we were about on the edge of losing our house. and my mother stood there. she looked at me. she looked at that dress. she looked back at me. she walked over, pulled that dress on, and walked to the sears roebuck and got a minimum wage job answering phones. my mother saved our home. and more importantly, she saved
7:08 pm
our family. she taught me how to fight from an early age, fight for the people you love. >> elizabeth warren in seattle. back now with the panel. interesting, van, that senator warren continues to go after michael bloomberg. >> in a way bloomberg is a gift to elizabeth warren. this is what she does best. this is how she became a household name. she would eviscerate these bankers at these hearings and stuff like that. and it's real. in an age where authenticity matters she is authentically offended by people like bloomberg who are trying to use their money to have unjust and unfair advantage in our country. i think it works for her. i think what you see tonight, you know, she's making a bet. she can't go up against the front-runner. she can't go against sanders -- >> she has to. she needs to. >> she did a little bit in the debate. >> she drew a -- and then again in the cnn town hall.
7:09 pm
she drew a sort of effectiveness contrast. we both agree on medicare for all but i have a plan that would actually get it done. whereas, you know, he hasn't been as clear. >> i think she is right to direct her main fire against bloomberg because the contrast there, the reason that she is an important person in our country is because she is willing to effectively challenge the rule of the rich. and she can then point back to her record in doing so. so tonight she didn't mention bernie at all. >> that's a more comfortable place for her. >> we're learning about some anxiety inside the michael bloomberg campaign after bernie sanders' nevada victory. details on that. you try to stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. new dawn powerwash.
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7:13 pm
we've got a key race alert. all of a sudden 23% of the precincts are now reporting as far as county delegates in nevada are concerned, and bernie sanders maintains his lead. we've already projected he will win the nevada democratic presidential caucus. he's got 46.3%. biden is in second place, more than 20 points behind with 23.7%. buttigieg 13.8%. warren 8.9%. steyer 3.7%. klobuchar 3.3%. tulsi gabbard 0.1%. after nevada the presidential race heads to south carolina and then it gets very, very busy on super tuesday. 14 states march 3rd. could bernie sanders' primary rivals stop him? harry entin is here once again.
7:14 pm
crunching the numbers. what are the odds of someone getting in sanders' way? >> i think we have to be honest with ourselves and say bernie sanders is the clear favorite to win a plurality of delegates. right now he has a 7 in 10 shot at winning that plurality of delegates. that's way rupp from before iowa. more than that bernie sanders is benefitting from a very divided competition. we can go through the candidates here. and take a look here. someone like a joe biden, right? if you look at -- he is only at a 1 in 10 shot of winning the most amount of delegates. that's down from a 4.5 in 10 shots. he was the favorite or at least a front-runner before iowa. now he's just a 1 in 10 shot. look where bloom brerg is. he's at a 1 in 10 shot. that's a little bit up from before iowa but again not a very large shot. we can keep the list going here and what you see here is the rest of the candidates -- look at someone like elizabeth warren. she is now at at a . 5 in 10 shot. she's down from iowa. even though she's rallying her troops in washington the chance of her wenning a plurality is quite low at this point. or someone like a pete buttigieg. he's at a .5 in 10 shot, another
7:15 pm
candidate with not a good shot at winning a plurality of delegates. and finally take a look here. look at amy klobuchar. i .1 in 10 shot. that is a 1 in 100. that might even be high. she can claim all this about unexpected finishes. but the fact is her chance of winning a plurality of delegates at the end of the day not very good. >> disappointing numbers for her especially in nevada. we're what, ten days out from super tuesday? 1/3 of the total delegates will be decided. does that partly, at least partially explain why there are still so many candidates in the race? >> i think it does. they're all holding out hope, don. super tuesday they can have this big glorious sort of momentous occasion. they can grab all these delegates. but the fact of the matter is by having all these candidates in there it's actually benefiting bernie sanders. and he is the one also if you look at the money that's being spent look at this. michael bloomberg is the one far and away spending the most money. $160 million. but if those candidates like klobuchar, warren, gabbard, biden, buttigieg, they're all at basically -- klobuchar's the
7:16 pm
most at $2 million. but the rest of them all at $500,000 or less. and the fact is unless they can somehow garner momentum in the next ten days it's going to be very, very difficult to stop bernie sanders. >> all right, harry, thanks very much. we're going to continue our special coverage. much more ahead. we're looking ahead to the next presidential debate. we're looking ahead a week from today to south carolina. we'll be right back.
7:17 pm
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all of you know, we won the popular vote in iowa. we won the new hampshire primary. and according to three networks and the a.p., we have now won the nevada caucus. >> bernie sanders speaking tonight a little bit earlier. it is now onto south carolina. let's talk about what the candidates face there. bakari sellers. it finally comes home. >> i'm so excited about this. about 60% of the electorate are going to be african-american voters. the electorate's growing to skew older. and it's going to be a heavy lift. the majority of the voters are going to be the people who are going to move the polls are going to be african-american women. we always refer to black women
7:21 pm
as being the base voters of the party. they're the super voters. they're the ones who come out throughout the south and in a lot of these swing states that are necessary to beat trump. so this is the first time they will have a huge impact on this race. does bernie sanders' momentum take him through? when the media and everyone else are looking at south carolina next week my only advice is keep that same energy. if joe biden is going to be the front-runner, if he's going to be the person who carries the banner, he has to do well with african-american voters. period. the electorate tonight was 10% black. it was his first at the time. but next week is going to be 50% to 60% black. if he's still polling at 15%, at 12%, below 20% -- >> you mean bernie. >> i'm sorry. bernie. if he's still polling below 20%, that's going to be a problem. and joe biden, you can't win this race next week by three or four points. you can't. >> they've been calling it their firewall for months and months. and now they kind of have to prove it. i think the question is not only black voters but also the problem joe biden has is that he
7:22 pm
can't get anybody under 65 to vote for him. it's almost true. that's going to be a real issue for him. even in south carolina whereas you were saying the voting population skews older. >> and the other -- the small point is it's not small because it's a lot of money, but tom steyer's already dumped $17 million into south carolina. >> exactly. >> there are two things. one, does tom steyer siphon any votes from joe biden? it's a possibility. i'm not sure that's going to happen. but if tom steyer beats pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren, these known names, that is another narrative that says wait a minute, these people may not be viable going into super tuesday. >> or does tom steyer crater? >> which he might. >> which he did tonight. >> if you look at what happened tonight, he was expected to do -- i mean, i don't know that i believe the polls showing him -- there were some polls showing him doing really, really well. but i think people were expecting him to do a little bit
7:23 pm
better than he's doing now. so it's a real question how durable his support is. especially now that we have a train of events that have shown one person to basically be at the top of the pack. i want to see when we get to south carolina what does the electorate do now that they start to see people winning? how does that affect how people perceive some of the other candidates, how they perceive their electability or lack thereof? and that's a joe biden question but it's also a big bernie sanders question. winning begets winning. and i think for bernie sanders he stands to benefit a lot from this narrative coming out of nevada. >> one thing to watch out for, abby, and this happened to me in iowa, i got 5% of the popular vote and then the graphic showed 1%. and i was very like, rrr. with tom it shows 3.7 but he got 8 or 9 of the popular. it's just the caucus dynamics. he was below viability and he got compressed as a result. so i think that his numbers in south carolina may be closer to his polling. >> so if steyer doesn't do well,
7:24 pm
though, next week and he is running for president of south carolina with all those ads, if he doesn't do well, don't you think that's -- >> he spent $15 million tonight. and i think that's the point. he spent $15 million tonight in nevada. and he came out with the result that has him fifth. so the question is is there a ceiling on money? and i think the answer to that is yes. this is something -- you're obviously the expert on south carolina. >> i lost my last election. >> what i will say is that my fami family's from tennessee. i talk to a lot of african-american voters in the south. i think there's a quest -- i think the jump ball on the black vote, you're very confident that biden's going to be able to pull it down and maybe he will. i do think that biden losing again and again has opened up some space between him and black voters. had bloomberg done better, i think you'd have seen -- in the
7:25 pm
debate you'd have seen a whole train of people running away from biden. i think bloomberg did badly enough to -- bloomberg did badly enough to help biden. here's what i think if you're a black voter you're looking at. i think you're trying to figure out first of all who can beat trump. that's going to be the key. you're probably thinking it needs to be somebody who white folks will be comfortable with. and you're beginning to see a way that bernie looks more like that. all my african-american male cousins have gone from biden to bernie. do you think in south carolina because it's such an older electorate that that may happen? because i'm seeing a lot of momentum toward bernie even in the black community. >> i do think that -- bernie has done editor than he did in 2016. i still don't think bernie's doing extremely well. when you're talking about how well bernie's doing with african-american voters, he's still in -- between 20% and 28% i think is where he was tonight. depending what exit poll you're looking at. >> he's right up there with anybody else. >> but what i'm also saying -- and i think that has to do a lot
7:26 pm
with the coalescing. but when you go to south carolina it is going to be an older electorate. >> that's going to help biden a lot. >> it's going to be an older electorate. it's going to be an electorate that is skewing -- it's going to be majority african-american women. so biden's going to -- bernie's going to have to prove he can win that. and there's been no evidence that he can win that. and that's the only point. he has to cross this hurdle. this is a big test for bernie sanders as well as a big test for joe biden next week. >> up next, the new hand wringing inside the bloomberg campaign after they watched bernie sanders win in nevada. i suffered with psoriasis for so long.
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7:30 pm
we're covering the latest developments. the big winner tonight, senator bernie sanders in nevada. he wins the nevada democratic caucus. he's well on his way to becoming clearly the front-runner right now. did well in iowa, new hampshire, now in nevada as well. let's check in with cnn's m.j. lee. she's joining us from seattle, washington. that's where elizabeth warren has her campaign headquarters tonight. but you have some news, m.j., on mike bloomberg, what he's up to, how he's reacting to the bernie sanders win. >> that's right, wolf. elizabeth warren is still speaking behind me here in seattle. and after congratulating bernie sanders she immediately went after michael bloomberg. a sign that her campaign thinks that going on the attack against bloomberg is a winning strategy for them.
7:31 pm
but yes, we have also been checking in with michael bloomberg's campaign and a senior adviser to the former mayor tells cnn that at the current pace that bernie sanders appears to be amassing delegates that they fear that there is nobody else in the democratic race that can potentially catch up to bernie sanders in the delegate race and this includes michael bloomberg, that they worry that even michael bloomberg, if bernie sanders continues at this current pace, barring any changes, that nobody else can catch up to bernie sanders in the delegates race. one senior adviser that i spoke with saying that this prospect is scary to them app after some blunt assessments coming from michael bloomberg's campaign. and as you know, wolf, there have been a lot of concerns that we have been hearing from sort of party establishment types and a moderate candidate. and i think this is just one more strong reminder that after tonight those concerns are only going to grow. wolf? >> all right, m.j., thanks very much for that report. let's go over to david chalian.
7:32 pm
he's monitoring the all-important delegate count in nevada right now. what are you seeing? >> yes. this is now the national convention delegates, wolf. the actual keep your eye on the prize. there are 36 delegates at stake tonight in the nevada caucuses. we've been able to award nine of them to bernie sanders. so you see there bernie sanders gets nine delegates. you see at the bottom it says 27 unassigned. so we have 27 other delegates we have to wait for the vote to come in and then award them proportionally. as you know, you need at least 15% statewide, 15% in a congressional district to get a national convention delegate. sanders gets nine tonight. so what does that mean for the overall picture? for the race to 1,991. there's the number needed to win up in the upper right-hand corner. we've got a long way to go before anyone is in range of that. but you have bernie sanders with 30 delegates now. pete buttigieg with 23. warren with 8. klobuchar with 7. biden with 6.
7:33 pm
now, remember-only only sanders has won delegates so far tonight. others will win who are above that 15% threshold. but now bernie sanders has pulled ahead of pete buttigieg in this national delegate estimate. this is how you win the democratic nomination, getting to 1,991. >> and we'll know a lot more not only next saturday in south carolina, where there are a bunch of delegates at stake, but the following tuesday, march 3rd. 14 states including the largest ones, california and texas. there are a lot of delegates at stake on march 3rd. >> a third of the delegates are at stake on super tuesday. when super tuesday is done and we've counted, add in the first four states, 37% of the delegates will have been allocated and awarded. it's getting late early. >> when you say it's getting late early, explain. >> i'm just saying we are 10 days away from some of the biggest delegate prizes, from a third of the delegates being
7:34 pm
awarded. i know it feels very early in this process for folks. but the reason why you hear m.j. lee reporting about a michael bloomberg adviser saying that sanders may be on path here to build an impenetrable delegate lead is because we are right on it. we are ten days away from that. then add in march 10th, the next super tuesday. march 17th. by the end of march you're goefg north of 60% of the delegates awarded. that's what i mean by it's getting late early. it's only the beginning of this process. but massive amounts of delegates are about to be awarded. >> we're going to discuss that. that's coming up. can anyone beat bernie sanders right now? much more of our coverage right after this. ♪
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7:39 pm
and i'm proud to still be his friend. and i tell you what. i promise you i wasn't talking about running in the democratic primary against him in 2012. >> joe biden earlier this evening. on to south carolina, where he clearly is hanging a lot of hopes on that state. just some key takeaways from tonight. van? >> well, i think one thing we haven't talked about enough is the latino community stood up and they stood up with and for bernie sanders in nevada. and i think that's extraordinary. it's not a given that someone with his politics and his commitments would be able to pull on, you know, this particular group. but he put in the work, as my colleague said. he put in the work for years and years. and i think we talk a lot about the african-american vote. it's been the traditional core vote of the african-american party. the latino vote splits a little
7:40 pm
more republican sometimes. but i think it's significant. and i think that other politicians should follow his lead. he didn't just show up with a spanish ad and expect to get votes. he put the work in on the ground for a long period of time. he's rewarded for that tonight. >> and he's continuing to do that. he was i think in bakersfield, california. i don't know if it was yesterday, the day before that. looking to speak to -- >> he's really speaking to all voters, not just the ones that typically turn out to vote. he is trying to, even though it's really hard and a lot of people get worried about doing that. he's trying to actively bring new people in. and that is huge when we talk about building infrastructure long term for our democratic party. but i think the other thing i thought was interesting from tonight was bernie sanders is the first time in history to have won the popular vote in the first three states. and i think their vote, the votes in the democratic electorate in these three states matter. they're changing history.
7:41 pm
and so i think it's going to be interesting to see how that, you know, obviously carries into south carolina where he's also increasing support, where there was a lot of doubt before amongst the -- >> one of the things senator sanders says is this has to be the biggest voter turnout in any election in american history and not just for him to be elected but also for him to get medicare for all, to get these things through congress. i mean, that's part and parcel of his plan to get it through congress, is to have that mobilization and people who stay involved and pressure those on capitol hill. >> even before we get to the governing part, we got 3 million more votes in 2016 and it was not enough to win. it's got to be the electoral college. we know russia is interfering in our election again. we have to win so big that the cheating won't matter and the undemocratic electoral college won't matter and we can get this done anyway, and that's going to take a movement. i worked for hillary clinton in 2016. i was not a bernie sanders supporter. although i'm pretty far to the left and i really liked the
7:42 pm
agenda that he was talking about. i have reservations about the campaign he was running. the campaign i have seen in 2020 has been a very different one, a much more inclusive one. the way that he talks about race and gender has really made me feel like this is a candidate who gets it in a way that i didn't feel -- i didn't feel comfortable with before. and it's been really nice to see that happening. it's been a great relief to see that happen. and i'm glad those ideas are catching on as much as they are. >> bernie sanders deserves a lot of have for tonight. i don't think anyone can take away anything from you when you have, you know, 40-some-odd percent of the vote. and i think one of the highlights of this campaign and the difference between bernie sanders today versus bernie sanders in 2016 is the outreach that you were talking about and how he laid the groundwork in the hispanic community, especially with the young hispanic voters. you saw them come out in large numbers and he got 50% plus with them. but the question now is how do
7:43 pm
we move forward? because we only had three states to vote. we have 50 more states and territories to cast votes for delegates. when it goes to south carolina it shifts to another gear. all these candidates campaigning in black churches et cetera. but even on super tuesday. you think about tennessee. you think about north carolina, virginia, alabama, arkansas, it's not just california and it's not just texas. and the question is can bernie sanders' campaign, can it continue to grow and expand the base? that's a question he still has to answer. for joe biden to be a candidate who was walking dead by many in the media tonight, he is the second place -- well, as of the results now, i mean, he is second place and outperforming his own numbers by a good margin. hopefully for him there's some momentum. if not then the middle of the party has not coalesced. and the longer they don't coalesce and the addition of michael bloomberg, bernie sanders is on track to be -- >> i think the biggest thing coming out of tonight is what does everybody else do now that
7:44 pm
it's clear that bernie sanders is the front-runner, that he can potentially have these massive leads over the entire field of the rest of candidates. i think even just seeing that dynamic where he is maybe 20 points ahead of everyone else is something that probably ought to be a wake-up call for the other candidates and how they approach him as we go into another debate where in the last debate virtually no one with one exception, with the exception of pete buttigieg, wanted to really take on sanders. i think the other candidates have to kind of make a choice. do they think that they need to put up an opposition to sanders? and if they do what are they going to actually do about it? do they leave the race and coalesce? do they tack a more aggressive stance? i think there's got to be a point in this campaign where those candidates start to make those choices. otherwise, i think we could see bernie sanders really running away with it, as soon as we hit super tuesday because nobody else, you know, is willing to kind of make these hard choices, risk potentially alienating his
7:45 pm
voters, which has been a concern in the past. >> i think after north carolina there's going to be some kind of reckoning -- >> south carolina? >> i mean south carolina. there's going to be some kind of reckoning. and someone like tom steyer may decide okay it's not working for me i have to get out. maybe amy klobuchar. what you're going to see from pete buttigieg and joe biden is attacks, direct attacks on bernie sanders. we heard it a lot -- a little bit from joe biden tonight, saying that he's a real democrat, implying that bernie sanders of course is not. and then more directly from buttigieg. we'll see whether that works coming up. but then they're going to have to figure out what to do inside the party. there's a great contingent of course that doesn't like bernie sanders and doesn't think that he can beat donald trump and thinks he's going to hurt the party down ballot and all of that. and so you're going to start hearing from those people. they're going to start screaming. and we're going to have to see if they have a candidate to coalesce behind who can win. go find one.
7:46 pm
>> right now it feels like the most likely scenario is a contested convention in milwaukee because none of the candidates including bernie is on track to get a majority. and if there's one thing i've learned about democrats is democrats really like to follow the rulebook. and you saw it at the end of the last debate where they asked the candidates, hey, if someone comes in with a plurality what do you do? every other candidate was like follow the rule book. let the convention take its course. which means super delegates will come out, they will come out in force, probably not for bernie, and then you're going to have this journalistic dream come true of a -- or a nightmare depending upon where you sit. but that strikes me as the most likely scenario because i do not think other democrats are going to fall in line just because bernie ends up with more delegates than any other candidate. >> up next we're going to go live to south carolina one week before the primary, where bernie sanders, will he crack joe biden's firewall? ahead. now, we know the trump strategy-
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work.
7:50 pm
newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. a week from today, the south carolina primary. jeff, we heard the former vice president joe biden predict he will win south carolina. this could be his quest for the democratic nomination the most important week of his effort. >> there's no question, he'll have to win if he wants to stay in this race. the next six days for joe biden are the most important of his
7:51 pm
political life. that is not an exaggeration, that is not hyperbole that. is reality. he knows he needs to win in south carolina, and perhaps win convincingly. i was talking to a top supporter here in south carolina, who was watching those results in las vegas, in nevada. he knows that he needles to win here. he believes that joe biden does have a path to winning here. the biden campaign believes they have an argument here. 60% of the electorate here next week is african-american, at least that's what it was four years ago and before that. joe biden believes that is his path. wolf, it's an uncertain fact, if the races change. firewalls are not necessarily stagnant things, they're mauvable forces. this race has moved through iowa, new hampshire, and in nevada. so are voters still going to be as open to joe biden? that is his challenge when he comes here. wolf, he will be here tomorrow morning. he's flying overnight from
7:52 pm
nevada to here in south carolina. he'll be tending a church service here in the morning. and he'll be beginning to make his case there. so no question, this is a big question for joe biden. his campaign says he's up to it. he'll have to be, if he wants to stay in this race, wolf. >> stand by. dana, there's a democratic presidential debate in south carolina tuesday night. >> that's right. and the whole discussion is going to change. maybe temporarily. but maybe not. as the voters and the candidates gear up for south carolina. but i just want to mention something that hasn't been talked about, maybe rightly so, because bernie sanders appears to have had a big win tonight, and the conversation has been about that, a what it took, and giving him his props. but the other conversation that is going on, very real conversation, and i'm sure you have both heard it, we've all heard it from our sources is the
7:53 pm
technical term is freaking out among moderates. they are freaking out at the notion that bernie sanders could be the democratic nominee. you kind of heard it in mj lee's reporting from the bloomberg campaign saying even they're worried even he couldn't be bernie sanders now. there's an effort to -- and a discussion about whether the moderates or the people that aren't in the bernie sanders lane can get together. but regardless, the concern is not just that it's bernie sanders, but the concern is beating donald trump. and the feeling that not only do they not think he can beat donald trump, but it's the down ballot, potentially taking back the senate, keeping the house. those are the conversations going out. bernie sanders would defy those low expectations for him. >> they might not be right. they're looking at past history and saying it's never been done. if you listen to bernie sanders' speech tonight with all those
7:54 pm
promises, you can almost hear, how much is that going to cost if i'm a moderate democrat? that's the fears. that does not mean it cannot be done or bernie sanders can't win the nomination, it doesn't mean he can't beat donald trump. but democrats have nothing to look at and say there's the path for it to work. that is the panic. the thing from the bloomberg pam cain, we need -- campaign, we need to guilt the moderates out of the race. every campaign is going to have the elbow out, but this is a decisive week for joe biden. >> nobody has the money that mike bloomberg has. >> not even close. he's spent all that barack obama spent in a general re-election in his campaign. that's not going to impact the south carolina results, he's not on the ballot in south carolina. he will be on that debate stage.
7:55 pm
i think the reporting was that trying to -- just listening to you guys, it's so reminiscent of 20 2016. the republican side on 2016, everyone in politics who feared what a donald trump at the top of the ballot would do down ballot for them and thinking look at all the non-trump vote on the republican side, this can't be -- >> they were wrong. >> he won the presidency. obviously donald trump and bernie sanders are very different people. different appeals across the country. i'm not suggesting that's the same. i'm just saying we are in this era of american politics, where the establishment set of what all their past history teaches them, a lot of that is out the window of where the voters and the energy in these parties are. >> washington is wrong a lot. washington is not america. in recent years we have learned that. washington gets it wrong a lot. >> you guys are the best.
7:56 pm
these last nine hours have been fabulous. >> who's counting? >> stay with cnn. monday, michael bloomberg makes his town halliday bu at 8:00 p.m. eastern, followed by bernie sanders and pete buttigieg. wednesday, joe biden, amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. the cnn original series "the race for the white house" is next. ♪
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you're the junior senator from illinois, and you barely know your way around the hill. and now the party bosses want a meeting. they have a proposition. they want you to take a shot at the white house. not eventually but now. >> think about it, will you? >> well, first you have to get past her, the senator with decades of experience and


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