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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 29, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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this is copacabana beach breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. friday, may 29th. friday here in new york. violence and outrage spreading across the united states at the death of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police. angry crowds have gathered in several cities. they have demanded justice and accountability. in minneapolis protestors took to the streets for the third straight day. they set the precinct on fire.
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over 500 national guard troops have been called in. let's go straight to omar jimenez live from minneapolis. omar, for those waking up, walk us through what happened overnight and what is happening right now. >> well, for starters, laura, what's happening right now is this portion of minneapolis is on fire. i mean, you look at this building. this building is less than a block away from the minneapolis police third precinct, the one that was broke eninn into and s fire. this one here, hours later, that fire is well extinguished. this one is burning out of control. there's a mid section of this building that just a few moments ago collapsed down. you can see all of the spectators that are here. there was one other person that walked by saying it's unbelievable as they stand here and watch. no one seems to be demonstrating at this hour. they just seem to be standing back in awe. now to catch you up on what we have seen throughout the night, this is not an unfamiliar site over the course or throughout
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this city. it's something that mayor jacob frey has pushed against saying he is in support of the protesting but not in support of the damage and some of the violence that we are seeing. we know the national guard has been called in. up to 500 troops were called into the area here and -- i was taking a look at something here. 500 national guards members called into the area. we saw looting start to spread to the st. paul side of the twin cities as opposed to just here inapolis as well. they put up fences to try to keep protesters out over the course of the afternoon. protesters got past the fences and the fire began shortly after. fireworks were fired into that precinct. there's one thing you may notice. the entire time we have been standing here with the fire of this magnitude, you don't see any firefighters. no fire trucks, no police officers, nothing. this neighborhood is completely
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gone to the protesters. it's nothing short of anarchy right now. it's almost like something out of a movie where everyone is in hoods and masks standing out here watching parts of their city burn. of course, all of this stems from the death of george floyd. now days ago at this point but the pain is still very real for a lot of these people here who are waiting to see if charges will be filed against the officers. we have heard from the u.s. attorney's office and the county attorney's office both of whom say they're making this investigation a priority but that they need time to get all of the evidence together. well, we see how precious that time actually is because every moment that charges aren't filed, the potential for situations like this seem to just happen every hour. last night i think was probably the prime example. given the time it is already this morning, it is likely a good indicator of where we are going to head today.
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laura, kristchristine. >> omar, are you seeing any of the minneapolis national guard? are you seeing any troops on the ground doing anything? >> reporter: i am looking around right now and i can tell you from this vantage point, i can see about -- and it just collapsed. there you go. the building just collapsed in the mid section as well. and you hear even some cheers of people, again, who are watching in awe. as we watch that, there are no national guards members here. there is no form of first responders here on the ground in this part of minneapolis. no police officers. fireworks right next to us. no police officers. no firefighters. no national guards men. wherever they have been called, they have not been called into this area, it appears. when you look at this building, they have completely given up on this. this building will likely
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collapse. when you take a look at as we just pand over just a little bit, you see how much on fire that is. you look over to the right, that's a liquor store that was completely blown out and set on fire yesterday completely. you look over this way under the trees, that is the police precinct completely charred and burned out. i won't be able to take you all the way around the corner, all of those buildings are destroyed. on top of the auto zone here. by the time this week is over, this entire neighborhood of minneapolis is going to look like an absolute war zone. >> omar, we'll come back to you later this morning. >> omar, thanks. unbelievable the reporting. the anguish of george floyd's death is sparking protests all over the country. >> i can't breathe.
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>> george floyd. >> i can't breathe. >> i can't breathe. >> demonstrators chanting george floyd's name and i can't breathe as they marched on the capitol. later in the evening rocks were thrown at police and the window of one police cruiser was smashed. meanwhile, in louisville, protesters used picnic tables for cover. the crowd was demanding justice for brianna taylor. she was fatally shot inside her own apartment but louisville police in a raid in march. her mother says the no knock raid should never have happened as the suspect was already in custody. tensions also running high in denver. hundreds of people marched in solidarity protesting george floyd's death blocking streets near the capital. at one point they captured a
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demonstrator being hit by a car. despite that there were no immediate reports. oh, of severe injuries. >> over 40 people arrested in new york after clashing with police. officers could be seen using batons on some protesters. one even broke his baton after striking someone so hard in manhattan. one officer was injured by a thrown garbage can, another punched in the face and several were spat on. president trump weighing in overnight on the crisis and he was flagged by twitter. these thugs, all caps, are dishonoring the memory of george floyd and i won't let that happen. just spoke to governor tim walls and told him that the military is with him all the way. any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. thank you. you can see twitter flag the
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tweet for glorifying violence but leaving it for people to view. >> the former minneapolis police officer seen in this video had 18 complaints filed against him. the department has not provided the details on the complaint against arresting officer derek chauvin. a letter of reprimand. another officer tou thao had six complaints. there were no complaints filed against the other two officers involved in this case. the county prosecutor said all have stopped. >> join cnn's don lemon for an important conversation "i can't breathe black men living and
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dying in america" sunday at 8 p.m. eastern. we turn to coronavirus. as the pace of reopening accelerates across the country, there's concern about new outbreaks, particularly in the southern u.s. more than a dozen states are showing an increase in new covid-19 cases over the last few weeks. many of those trending upward are in the south. we get more now from cnn's jason carroll. >> reporter: christine, laura, the numbers in new york continue trending in the right direction. the same cannot be said for the southeastern portion of the united states where some of those states there are seeing an uptick in numbers, especially if you're looking at places like alabama, mississippi, arkansas. in the west coast, take a look at california. more troubling news, california reports its largest single day increase in coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic. california department of health reports 2,617 new cases within the past 24 hours. again, back in new york, the
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number's trending in the right direction. new york's governor, andrew cuomo, actually issuing an executive order saying going forward any businesses can choose to deny entry to anyone not wearing a facemask. christine, laura. >> jason, thanks for that. a coronavirus outbreak shuts down production at a tyson foods plant in iowa. cnn has reporters covering the latest developments coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm diane gallagher in atlanta. tyson foods says it's going to temporarily halt operations after state officials announced on thursday that 555 of those employees there had tested positive for covid-19. that's out of just over 2500 who were tested. tyson says that they do think they'll reopen the plant next week after a deep cleaning. the county where that pork plant is operating, bueno vista has
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the highest rate. i'm ryan nobles. the governor is asking the rnc to send him a plan but it says the state is ready to host a safe convention. the rnc responded with a list of protocols that they put in place but put the onus back on the governor saying they need clarity and they need it soon so they can inform the folks that plan to attend the convention f. it doesn't happen soon, they'll have to look elsewhere. >> reporter: i'm dan simon in san francisco. mayor london reed saying anyone outside needs to wear a mask if they're within 30 feet of others and that includes runners. meanwhile, as large swaths reopen, the mayor says it will be a few weeks before that will happen in the city. june 15th for the stores and july 13th for hair salons and
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barber shops. it will be mid august before we start seeing things like swimming pools and playgrounds begin to reopen in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm evan mcmorris santoro in new york. the more than 400,000 students at the nation's second largest state university system are going to have to wait just a little longer to find out how and if they'll return to campus this fall. leaders of the state university system of florida released a blueprint that was short on guidelines for individual campuses and left most of the decisions up to schools. they lay out broad expectations for testing, mask wearing, contact tracing, social distancing but left all of the decisions about how to actually make that happen to the individual schools. individual school plans are expected by the end of the month. >> thanks for that. as businesses begin to reopen, white house economic advisor larry kudlow explained
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what they're looking for. >> we're looking at a lot of options. again, perhaps rewarding people to go back to work. president's very keen on a payroll tax holiday for the work force, which would give them a net increase in their take home pay of 7.6%. that's a big deal. we may provide a bonus to forego unemployment and go back into the labor force. >> earlier this week kudlow said the senate is up for the bonus. it gives workers $450 a week in addition to their wages. that's temporary aid. it would be in please of an extension of enhanced jobless benefits. right now they have an extra $600 a week. kudlow is looking at deductions for industries hit the hardest
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coronavirus is spreading quickly. brazil heiting a record high. the third straight day brazil has had 1,000 covid-19 deaths. nick peyton walsh has more. >> reporter: laura, christine, brazil's numbers going from very bad to worse. a record 26,417 cases reported in the last 24 hours bringing their total of 438,000. that isn't probably the full picture because of the requirements needed here in brazil to get a coronavirus test. we've heard from so many doctors. the death toll, too, now at 26,000. this adding to the sense really of concern ahead of the likely
2:19 am
peek here. in rio de janeiro they said in the last 24 hours they got to 4800 dead. that surpasses china's official toll, reported toll of 1.6 million and it shows the fear of brazil. brazil's numbers not the entire picture. certainly the death toll sadly a reflection of what people are seeing in health care facilities around here. other troubling news as well, the imf reporting a likely contraction of 5.3% in the brazilian economy. at the same time, president bolsonaro's dismissive take calling it like the flu. his approval ratings have slipped some degree. 5% agree with what he's doing. just as we head into the peak of brazil's major cities.
2:20 am
san paolo is easing the lockdown. if you send a plan to the government that can be approved, you may be able to reopen some nonessential shops. the numbers continue to horrify. christine, laura? >> thanks, nick, for that report on brazil. cancer patients treated with a combination of hydroxychloroquine and erythromycin for covid-19 are more likely to die than those who are not. that's according to a new study in "the lance sett" medical jou. elizabeth cohen has more. >> reporter: it's the treatment president trump loves to tout. now another study showing not only doesn't this help, it actually can hurt covid patients. this was a study of 928 cancer patients who also happened to
2:21 am
have covid. what they found is those taking the drug combination were three times more likely to die and those others were six times as likely to need a ventilator, get admitted to icu or require hospitalization. don't prescribe this drug combination to people with covid unless they're in a clinical trial and you're studying the combination. we should note in the most recent study with the cancer patients, it was published in the medical journal "the lancet" and very few were in a clinical trial. more data showing this drug combination appears to be bad news for covid patients. laura, christine. >> elizabeth, thank you for that. the sesame street crew will return to cnn for a second town hall. staying safe this summer, the abcs of covid-19 airs saturday morning at 10 a.m. eastern right
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2:27 am
celebrating a trade deal and new fades of the relationship. it feels like the u.s./china relationship now is the worst we've felt in month. >> reporter: yeah. it is definitely at a new low as this almost cold war drags on. after the passage of this national security legislation, international pressure is building on beijing. but the pressure point is hong kong. from hong kong, all eyes are on the united states, in particular the actions of the u.s. president donald trump or what he's going to do today after his secretary of state, mike pompeo, said hong kong was no longer autonomous. it opens up the door for significant u.s. action to take place. for example, the possibility of the u.s. revoking the special trade status of hong kong which will jeopardize billions of dollars between hong kong and the united states and undermine the status of the city as an international financial center. all eyes on the u.k. the british government is considering a citizenship path
2:28 am
for 300,000 hong kong residents unless beijing scraps this controversial legislation. here in hong kong earlier today people across the territory saw this in the newspapers. every single newspaper across the territory in english and chinese with this exception ran this letter from the chief executive of carrie lamb. she urged people to support the legislation. she also condemned foreign interference. back to you. >> fascinating. 28 minutes past the hour this friday morning. "early start" continues right now with breaking news. this is cnn breaking news. good morning, this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:28 in the east here in the united states. we begin with breaking news. violence and outrage spreading across the u.s. over the death of george floyd at the hands of minneapolis police. angry crowds have gathered in several cities.
2:29 am
they demand justice and accountability. overnight some broke into the police precinct into the scene near floyd's death and set it on fire. over 500 national guard troops have been called in. let's go right to omar jimenez live in minneapolis. are you seeing any attempt to put those flames out. >> you may be able to see some of the flashes lights in the distance. it was a quick drive by. definitely they were not fire engines with a capacity to put this fire out. this is a second night in a row where parts of minneapolis are on fire.
2:30 am
of course, this comes days after the death of george floyd and protests that we have seen throughout this city that also as we are seeing has devolved into rioting and looting. this was an event space with multiple restaurants inside there as well and over the course of this morning the fire just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger and hollow out this entire multiple story building. now you mentioned the national guards members that had been called in. many like the governor specifically said while he supports criminal charges for these officers involved in the dea death. to give you perspective on where exactly we are, you have this building here and then you come over here, this is a liquor
2:31 am
store that was completely burned out over the course of this evening. >> fires still burning. graffiti everywhere. when i mentioned that there's no firefighters, we hadn't seen any police either. they had essentially abandoned this portion of minneapolis leaving it to the people. this comes, of course, after days and days of protests here as we hear pops continuing to go in that liquor store there. now as for what we are doing moving forward, when can we see any relief from this. i mentioned the central portion of this. there's a central demand here that protesters, the family,
2:32 am
again, the mayor want to see criminal charges against these officers. we have not seen that yet. we are starting to see, as we're talking, a few flashing lights coming in over on the opposite side of this intersection. it's unclear from here whether those are fire department vehicles or police vehicles. i can tell you that's over the course of the hour and a half and everybody's running as police seem to be pulling in with sirens. you see them pulling up to this intersection here. again, this is the first form of law enforcement we have seen in this neighborhood, in this particular stretch over the course of this entire morning, at least the last two hours that we have been here. and it's possible that when the fire department came through with their vehicles beforehand they might have called for the police as backup. you see these police officers
2:33 am
are moving into the crowd spraying mace into the crowd. riot control, they're immediately engaging with the protesters here. this is a scene that's rapidly evolving. we already knew there was a lot of animosity from the protesters against the police officers. we see this man right here maced directly in the face. again, this is the first form of law enforcement we have seen all morning. up until this point it has been complete anarchy as a car completely speeds out of the way. people are jumping out of the way. we almost just witnessed an accident, an intersection over on the left. it is a very chaotic scene here this morning in the early morning hours of this part of minneapolis. this is not what people could have imagined happening despite the pain and emotions in regards to george floyd. i'm at a loss for words. it is like something out of a movie. this part of minneapolis is completely in a sense of anarchy right now. >> get your breath.
2:34 am
turn around. we're going to look at these pictures. watch as the police come to the scene of this burning building for the first time in more than an hour or so since omar has been there. you can see the -- >> you see the cops just shove that guy. >> i have seen people come straight to the scene and mace people that were standing on the screen corner and tapping the baton on their legs or on their arms. one wonders what the strategy is there of the police department to disperse those folks. you don't want to provoke the rioters more by being aggressive. >> here are the fire engines. >> what else are you seeing there? >> well, we're seeing the fire engines for the first time as cops are chasing, literally chasing protesters away from this intersection spraying mace as fire engines now pull in for the first time again as this fire burned for more than an hour and a half. you see protesters firing back
2:35 am
throwing bottles of some sort towards these guys. again, this is a sight that you would have thought we would have seen immediately as this fire went up based on how big this scene actually was. but for the first time in more than an hour and a half we are seeing firefighters as police have swarmed this scene and at least made a perimeter around this intersection here. all happening about a block away from the minneapolis police third precinct that went up in flames last night. >> certainly a dangerous situation. you don't want law enforcement to be hurt by any of these thrown bottles or debris being thrown. at the same time, you don't want to escalate the situation any more with the batons and the mace. i wonder here what the new strategy will be then for sort of securing this area. you say for three nights, two nights for sure there have been fires. for three nights there have been protests right here. >> that's right.
2:36 am
for three nights we have seen protests. even over the course of days as well. i can tell you i was here on the first day of protests that happened largely at the site where george floyd was seen on the cell phone video. the protests there, while we did see it in the hundreds, were largely peaceful. it was later that evening when the sun began to go down that the peaceful protests gave way to a little bit more aggressive protesting where we saw some tear gas used. we saw mace used. we saw projectiles going back and forth between protesters and police. this is very emblematic of what this week han been here. tension between the people, the law enforcement community and the people they are supposed to serve and protect. that duty is one that's coming into question this week not only based on how george floyd's death unfolded but how it has been treated since. this is -- if you're a police
2:37 am
officer you have to say this is an ugly scene. if you are a protester, this is not the relationship you want with your police officers, but it seems the events that have unfolded this week have forced it into this situation that we are seeing unfold before our eyes. >> hey, omar, it's laura. we're watching the scene play out on the corner there. since you've been on the ground for the past couple of days. i just want the audience to understand, you know, this is a mixed race interracial crowd of protesters that we have seen over the past couple days, right? >> it is. actually, a lot of white people out here. a lot of black people. it is a very, very mixed race population of protesters out here. i've heard that it is very emblematic of the area we are in, very representative. it shows that what happened here over the course of the week and the awful events we saw unfold
2:38 am
of the cell phone video of george floyd transcends race. it speaks to a community and a relationship of a police force that has hit home not just in minneapolis but of protests that we have seen across the country as well. you have to -- i'm hard-pressed to find another example where we have seen an outrage of this nature that has let to such passionate protesting, that we will see violence and people feel like this is what it takes to be heard on this issue. i'm hard-pressed to find another, places like baltimore and ferguson but it does not happen often. >> i was thinking baltimore, ferguson, too, having covered those and watching just the feeling of hopelessness and inequity that then gives rise to just this rage in the streets, although just like baltimore and ferguson, yesterday i was
2:39 am
hearing leaders, neighborhood leaders and community leaders who were begging people not to throw things at the police officers and not to provoke the police officers and not to make things worse or in some way take away from what happened to mr. floyd, right? and by making a bigger story -- >> that's right. >> -- on the riots. they're worried about tainting -- you know, tainting the event that they need to have justice by riots. that sense that's been shared by the public leaders, by the family, by the attorneys for the family have spoken up about that where jacob frey, for example, the mayor here has been on the side of the protesters for the most part. he says that at least what this arresting officer did was murder. that's the exact same page that the protesters have been on and where the family has been.
2:40 am
as i can imagine, other officials as well. >> at some point city officials have to draw a line for messages to get out regarding protesting. trying to preserve some sort of physical integrity of the city. we are seeing those dynamics play out firsthand here in minneapolis. >> omar, thank you so much for your reporting. please stay safe. the eyes of the country are on minneapolis. the police department, protesters. we'll continue to watch this. thank you for your reporting, omar. keep safe with your crew there. take a look at the front page of this morning's "minneapolis star tribune." it captures the anguish. the headlines read "a state of
2:41 am
agony." a note on cnn's special programming covering the george floyd killing, why do black men keep dying at the hands of police? it's a question we've had to ask too many times. join cnn's don lemon for an important conversation "i can't breathe, black men living and dying in america" sunday at 8 p.m. eastern. still ahead, the latest on coronavirus when we come back.
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all right. welcome back.
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in the united kingdom, 377 more coronavirus deaths recorded on thursday. the death toll there is approaching 38,000 and there are now more than 1/4 of a million cases. let's go live to london and bring in cnn's nic robertson. hi, nic. >> reporter: hi. it's estimated 8,000 people a day are getting covid-19 here in the u.k. and about 500 a day people are ending up in hospital. so these numbers are still relatively high. when we look at what's called the r figure, the rate of infection, it is just below 1. sort of in the territory that the covid-19 infections can decline. there's a lot of domestic pressure here to give ease back on the lockdown. they announce that as of yesterday. as of monday some school classes will reopen if you're in the primary school, year one and
2:47 am
year six, they're reopening on monday. farmer's markets, outdoor markets, outdoor salesmen will open on monday. the big thing for england at least, as of monday you can gather in groups of six people, even in your own garden and other outdoor areas, and even have a barbecue together. that's what the prime minister said. that comes with a huge caveat that you have to keep social distancing. until now you could only meet with one other person outside nowhere near your home. so that is changed. that's significant. families can get back together but the concern is that, you know, with that rate of infection still high, you still have the possibility of the infection rate creeping up above 1 and that will sort of potentially reignite another wave of coronavirus infections. what we heard from the chief scientific advisor yesterday was quite a word of warning. there is still a significant
2:48 am
burden of infections out there. and i think that's the watch word. that's the caution for the government edging people out of their homes, ultimately getting the economy running. >> absolutely. all the guidance does seem to say if you are going to gather, do it outside to do it safely. nic, thanks so much. cnn business news when we come back. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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welcome back this friday morning. cnn business this morning. european shares have opened lower here. asia closed mixed. taking a look at wall street futures closing down a little bit. stocks finished lower thursday. investors dealt with tough economic news. it shows how awful things are for workers and small business owners. main street in pain here right now. corporate executives expect a sharp recovery.
2:53 am
2/3 interviewed from tmf group said the economy won't recover within a year. one reason for optimism, america has a safety net this time. the federal reserve has announced nearly unlimited support for the credit market. jcpenney filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago but now working on reopening hundreds of stores. the retailer said it reopened 150 stores in 27 states bringing the total to just over 300. they expect to have 500 stores open by next wednesday. still plans to permanently shutter 192 stores this year to stem the losses. nissan is cutting production after suffering the worst year. it's closing a plant in spain. it warned more pain could be on the way. nissan was already suffering from declining sales before the pandemic hit. last year it said it would cut
2:54 am
12,500 jobs from the sales force. nissan still needs to consult with unions and other shareholders. we're still watching the situation right now unfolding in minneapolis. it's a scary situation. still active there. this is video just now coming in of a national guard vehicle. you can see the troops there on the ground. we saw police confronting protestors just moments ago. more live breaking coverage on "new day" next. i don't keep track of regrets and i don't add up the years,
2:55 am
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2:57 am
this is cnn breaking news. our viewers in the united states and all around the world to "new day." this is breaking news. it has been quite a night in minneapolis. these are live pictures on our screen. you can see that that part of the city is still burning because of protests over the death of george floyd.
2:58 am
you're looking at a line of state police who have just showed up on the scene. overnight a police precinct close to the scene where george floyd was killed was set on fire. police were evacuated for their own safety. minneapolis police have not been on the scene for all of these hours, john, but state police have just showed up as have national guards men in humvees. this situation is very active. >> again, what you're looking at now is live pictures. this is about one block from the third precinct police headquarters which burned overnight. this is the location of another building that has been on fire all night. this police presence, state police presence just arrived on the scene as did national guard, although we are not seeing them in this picture. this has just been part of what has been an extraordinary night. there have been protests across the country over the death of george floyd.
2:59 am
confrontations between police and demonstrators across the country. and then the president himself weighed in overnight enflaming tensions, including twitter. he put out a tweet saying when the looting starts, the shooting starts which many interpret as a threat to have the u.s. military shoot protesters. it harkens back to the 1960s when the miami police chief made just such a threat. let's get right to the scene. cnn's omar jimenez is on the streets. has been there for hours. watching this police presence arrive. omar, tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: this line of minnesota state police vansing over the course of a block in unison. >> you are here by


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