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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 19, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello to our viewers. i'm john king. thank you for sharing this busy news day with us. it is juneteenth. and in this key historical moment playing out this year amid a racial wreck creckoning. and these live pictures are from new york. a moment of silence, protesters taking a knee.
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one of many, many sceremonies ad marches on this important day. lawyers for the former police officer who pulled the trigger against rayshard brooks is due in court at any moment. the president says brooks should not have resisted arrest. and there is also important coronavirus news. washington, d.c. is moving in to its next phase of reopening. and there is 150,000 new cases, the highest single day total. and the president says you should forget the pandemic, but the virus is resilient and progress is some places is matched by setbacks in others. florida yesterday recording nearly 4,000 new infections, that another sinking g single d
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record. dr. fauci says the best way to protect yourself is to avoid crowds. but the president is listening to his ego. you see lines forming already in tulsa. tomorrow night the president makes his campaign rally return, planning to pack some 19,000 people or more into an arena despite the obvious risks and despite the fact that oklahoma's daily case count is setting records in the wrong direction. let's begin with martin savidge. >> reporter: yeah, it was today that supposedly the president originally had planned to have his rally here in tulsa, but due to the push back over juneteenth, they moved to tomorrow. and so in many ways this campaign and this event plays into what is going on across the country. the unrest, and also the pandemic and then of course the politics that is going on here. so to those numbers you spoke of, oklahoma yesterday set a record high as far as increased numbers of coronavirus cases in
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the last 24 hour, highest they have ever had. and then on top of that, the county of tulsa, where we are, which incorporates the city of tulsa, for the third time this week set a new record of 24 hour increase of those cases that have been tested for so it shows you that the state is in the middle of a pandemic moment which it has not seen before. and at that time you introduce now what are anticipated to be 100,000 supporters to come in, 20,000 of which will be inside the o.k. center, the arena which the president will use for his rally. and even though the campaign says that they will be handing out masks and hand sanitizer, it doesn't mean that the people will use them. and let me just give you a statement put out by the trump campaign. because now the management of that arena is sort of pushing back and saying we want in writing what are the safety measures that you will do to protect the crowd. and so the someone's from the
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trump campaign has been we've received a letter from the management and we are reviewing it, we take safety seriously which is why we're doing temperature checks and providing masks and hand sanitizer. but here is the part that scares the health officials. this will be a trump rally which means a big boisterous excited crowd. so in other words, you will have people shoulder to shoulder in there, many probably not observing social distancing, many probably not wearing masks, full throated yelling, celebrating. and that is for the minds of the health department here the perfect mix for spreading this pandemic. and they are gravely concerned about it. >> understand that concern. martin, thank you. today marches are under way to mark juneteenth. it traces back to 1865 when word
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belatedly reached 14r5slaves in galveston that they were free. and the nationwide debate over race and policing, again, with marches across the country, let's go to pete montine in the streets of washington, d.c. >> reporter: and this is constitution avenue, and this group is so interesting. a confluence in a minute here of incidence of groups across the district of columbia meeting at the martin luther king jr. memorial. and this group is so interesting because it is led by pro athlete, players from the washington wizards and washington mystics who want to use their platform to try to effect real substantive change against racial injustice, racial in-equity, police violence here in the country. in front of the group is that tasha cloud of the mystics. and she says they are people
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first and players second. she says now is the time to shift the conversation. and as a player, i can remove my jersey, i can't remove the fact that i'm black. and it is a very political discussion here as well. natasha said that she was talking about how folks need to get out and vote on november 3. and made a direct jab at president trump here in the seat of power. but of these 22 straight days of marches in the nation's capital, the first time that one has started at a basketball stadium. 18,000 people, 200 days a year in capital one arena, that is where this kicked off. we're about a halfway through the march on our way to the martin luther king jr. memorial on this juneteenth, a crucial holiday in a crucial time for this holiday. >> pete, appreciate you keeping pace with the march there.
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one of many important demonstrations and marches, some will be protests across the country today. let's come back to the other crisis facing america, the coronavirus. florida just last hour reporting its largest number of coronavirus infections in one day. nearly 4,000. now we're also learning the global impact here, the world health organization also reporting its largest single day case total since the pandemic began. let's get straight to elizabeth cohen to break this down. what is the w.h.o. reporting and where where these cases coming from? >> so let's take a look at the numbers. the w.h.o. as you said 150,000 cases reported to them in one day, that is the most they have ever seen. almost half of them are in north and south america. we have become one of the epicenters of this outbreak. also large numbers in the middle east and asia. let's look specifically at the u.s. we have hundreds of cases every day. rates are up in 23 states.
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and rates are more than 50% up in one week in eight states. and so john, we hear president trump saying, oh, this is dying out, there are just embers, these whe these are not bemers aare not e. imagine if your loved one is one of those hundreds of people. this is not dying out. this is an outbreak in 456 thal states that is building up. >> elizabeth, thank you. numbers still heading in the wrong direction here and around the world. now to other important breaking news. more than three months since kentucky emt brionna taylor shot to death by police, we're learning that an officer apparently is about to be fired. drew griffin is here with the details and joey jackson with us as with he wi as well. what do we know? >> as the investigation continues into her death, we
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know that one police officer involved in that no knock warrant is going to be fired. this is according to the mayor of louisville, greg fisher, who announced today that officer bret hanki nichlt son wnson who the door that night and whether he had to 9 kithe killing of taylor, the officer has been fired. what is key here, is we just don't know why, the mayor making a statement along with the police chief saying unfortunately due it a provision in state law that i very much would like to see changed, the chief and i are precluded from talking about what brought us to this moment or even the timing of this decision. but again, we know this officer was involved, he was one of three officers involved in that shooting. we can tell you based on our own
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investigation into this officer, he does have a track record of complaints against him, threewo and one that is still pending. he was accused of allegations of theft, allegations of sexual assault in the course of his duties.stantiated in both of the and an officer-involved shooting that is still pending. this by no means gives us any clue to the investigation actually going on in terms of how police handled the breeaiao taylor case. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the police should not have been at her door let alone done a no knock warrant in the middle of the night. so one of three officers involved in that raid has now been fired. john. >> important reporting.
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appreciate it. and joey, hard to have the conversation because of the vagueness of the details. the attorney general saying just yeed that yesterday saying thats investigating. and now firing of one of the officers saying i'm sorry, i can't tell you about it. what is your take on that? >> you know, let me say this, we are obviously in a new era of accountability where people in positions of authority think that they need to do more and should be doing more. and so there are various provisions and they vary from state to state. right? we're a big country and every state has its own legislature and its own set of rules and priorities. however at the end of the day, i think what we're looking for is we're looking for administmore transparency with regard to what police are doing with regard to their backgrounds and their records, with regard to what would happen if anything if they
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trance agrees t trance agrees the law. and so there are different policies in face. they have requirements internally that have to be followed. whether that is that you have to refrain from comments based upon those due process and not violating those various protocols. but what we do know also is that th taylor's killing has sparked a question, and that is no knock warrants. we see that as it relates to the senate republicans and the press conference they had about whether they will support that, whether they won't. we know the house bill eliminating chokeholds, no knock washt warrants would be gone be. and whatever it is, we will know and we should know shortly specifically what they did and what they concluded to terminate the officer. final point, at the end of the day, i think what we're seeing is reforms across the country. we're seeing various states that
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are taking up the cause of police reform. and that is not to suggest that all officers are bad. to the contrary. officers are serving us with distinction. we salute them and they do their best every day to keep us all safe. but to those who engage in aggression and those who misstep, they need to be held accountable and i think that is what the mayor is doing here. >> drew, joey, appreciate it. we'll continue to try to get more details. and we have to respect due process and rules that are in place. we also try to get you as much information as we can. again, one of the officers involved in that shooting on march 13th of brionna taylor, one of them has been fired. we'll bring you more as soon as we can learn it. when we come back, as we told you, the case count is exploding in florida. we go inside some of the numbers, some of the reopening details to show you what might be responsible.
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increases in new coronavirus cases including several states reporting record highs in the day to day counts. experts are warning watch florida, they believe that state could be the next epicenter here in the united states. let's walk through some of the numbers. we know these economies are reopening, so an organization that uses anonymous cellphone data to track movements. and you see the last month, in arizona also reporting record highs, there is an increase in foot traffic. and florida, 30% increase in foot traffic over the last month. so states are reopen, people are going out to work and restaurants, they are moving around. let's take a closer look. in florida, this is what has happened in recent days which is why the governor says that it is fine, the governor says they have plenty of hospital beds, but you have to be concerned when you see a case count going up this much. doesn't include today which is
9:19 am
even higher way up above of 3500 approaching 4,000. as you look at the 23509 trafta in florida, this is the first happen of this month, 22% increase here. hotels, 23%. hospitals, medical places, alcohol establishment, places you can get a drink, 26%. 36% increase in bowling centers. and a college universities, people getting bam to cck to ca. so this is responsible for the foot traffic we're talking about. and you look at entertainment in florida, this is the old normal. the lineup here, this is the old normal 9 way things used to be pre-pandemic. this is when people were staying home. restaurants and bars getting back up, just down 18% now from the old normal. restaurants down 21%. people are trying to go get back to the way things used to be. with the case count going up, people deciding that it is time to get out and about, listen as
9:20 am
get the case line to go down. >> are people wearing masks? >> i would say it is about 50/50 right now. it might be virus fatigue, pandemic fatigue, that we're dealing with. florida opened up very quickly and i think people thought that that was a return to normal. i don't think that we can scale back, but we can slow down how we move forward. >> let's discuss. caitlin rivers from john hopkins is joining us. thank you so much. and part of this is inevitable and we've talked about it before. states will reopen, you can't keep an economy fully shut down. and you see people starting to move about, going back to school, going to the bar, going bowling. all of that we expected. when you see 3500 yesterday,
9:21 am
3800 today in terms of new cases in florida, does that tell you manageable, what to expect, or does that tell you problem? >> florida is headed in the wrong direction and that does concern me because what we don't want is to recreate the conditions of march and april when health systems were under threat and we're concerned about being overwhelmed. if that is your goal to prevent health systems from being overwhelmed, it matters how many of he those new cases go on to be hospitalized. and you want to limit transmission overall, but it does make a difference who it is getting infected in terms of the health care system. >> and one of the things that the governor says, you should not be so worried about this, we've ramped up testing, we're doing a much better job, it is a big state and sure, you are doing more testing, you will find more ruflts. b results. but florida is testing more people and that is a good thing for any state. but here is what strikes me, the percentage of new tests that are
9:22 am
positive. please correct me if i'm wrong, but in listening to the experts over the past several months, you want to get to a point that as you start testing more people, your positive tiity rat starts to drop. but if we show the number in florida are, it is actually going up at the moment. is that troubling? >> it is true that the more tests you had minister the more cases that you will find. and so that is not always by itself a concern indicator.had cases that you will find. and so that is not always by itself a concern indicator. but whb yen you see the number positives go up, and hospitalizations rise, those are signs of trouble. and it does concern 450me. >> and so we have 50 states, 50 different experiments if you will in reopening. that is both the magic and sometimes the be will kerring part of the united states of america as you watch this play out. we showed you foot traffic in arizona, florida. and i want to show you foot
9:23 am
traffic in illinois and new york. because it is also up. in illinois and new york, we can show foot traffic and people are getting out. you see that the traffic going up here. but then take a look at illinois when it comes to cases. yes, 33% increase in foot traffic, but look at the case count there is going town. a in florida, it is the opposite. so what is the difference?down. in florida, it is the opposite. so what is the difference? >> i suspect because of how people are going about. if people are maintains social distancing even when spending time, wearing the face masks and being careful about hand hygiene, those are all the kinds of behaviors that can reduce the risk of your transmission. so people choosing those activities, those are the recommendations. it will keep you safer. >> and i appreciate your time today and i hope people will listen. clearly there is something of a
9:24 am
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fireworks, separation, or any other anxieties, (announcer) if your dog suffers from fear of thunder, thundershirt may be the answer. thundershirt, absolutely, 100% works. president trump remarkably quite open about what he sees as the biggest threat to his re-election, it would be more
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americaning exercising their right to vote. states are working to expand mail-in voting because of coronavirus safety concerns and the president and his campaign are suing to fight many of those efforts. here he what he told politico, my biggest risk is that we don't win lawsuits. we have many lawsuits and if we don't win those lawsuits, i think it puts the election at risk. let's discuss it with someone who has a factual view about mail-in voting. the author of what you need to know about voting and why, kimberly whaley. thanks for being with us. i want to read from your book because you do have a very different opinion than the president and you actually base your book on facts about voting. you write you are more likely to be struck by lightning than have fraudulent precinct darken your door. you could be put in bring on pr five years if you cast a fake
9:30 am
vote. why does the president fear more americans voting? >> well, presumably because he is in a position with so much chaos and so many problems with the any and people dying, et cetera, et cetera, that he is having a hard time attracting new voters to his campaign. and so presume blubly the way to win is to keep people home and that is an old playbook that has plagued politics since the found of the republic. >> one of the things that is very helpful atimely about your book, we talk about 50 state experiments when it comes to the coronavirus. and we also have 50 states because the states in our republic set the rules for voting. so every state is now having this conversation. we watched it play out in the primaries. what should we do about november? how safe will it be? some have new technology. so when you were studying this
9:31 am
to put together the book, what strikes you the most, what is the most important thing somebody out there watching, they are all in different states, what do they need to know so they know the rules and how to get it right come november? >> yeah, they can look at my website, if you click on the book, i have an updated weekly sumry of all the starts and covid related legislation. only five states have not opened ha mail-in ballot options due to covid. prior to that being you had to have an excuse. texas is an exception, that is in litigation. and that is an important state. so the message really is to avoid what happened in wisconsin, apply now to exercise your right to vote through a hail-in balanlot so your state doesn't end up with so many him applications so close to the election date that they can't process them. that is what happened in wisconsin. it went to the supreme court of the united states.
9:32 am
and some people were disenfranchised. and if for whatever reason you don't get your ballot in time, we know that the postal service is running out of money and in september the president has promised to veto any legislation to bail out the postal service. and it can be slow. if that is the case, look up in your state's secretary of state website for the most updated information about early voting. worst case scenario, you show up at the polls on the day with your hand sanitizer and with your masks, that can minimize your interest possess sure expo virus. and wait if you have to. and if the polls where open, they have to let you vote. if you show up and you have been pushed off the polls or are you in the wrong place, ask for a provisional ballot. under federal law, you have to be 2k3wi6given a provisional ba. some states you have to follow up with your i.d. afterwards. we're in a moment where every
9:33 am
person has to take this election into their own hands. government is not in a position to save the process and there is so much riding on it. not just the issues you care about, but democracy itself. it is a use or lose moment for democracy. if we get to the other side and we choose something other than democracy, my fear it will be closer to authoritarianism and that is not good for anyone. that is really a dark place for all of america. so please register right now. >> register right now. and the planning part i think is excellent advice. we dont't know chaotic the time will be. so figure it out now. kim whaley, this will be a discussion from now through the election. thanks so much for coming in today. still maahead for us, facebk takes down a trump campaign ad because it says it has hate symbols.
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past 24 hours both twitter and facebook either flagging or removing videos posted by the president. the organization say that they violate their rules. facebook removed a trump campaign ad featuring a triangle similar to a symbol used by the nazis. and twitter labeled a video as manipulated media. why did they decide -- it is rare that they take these steps. why in these cases? >> yeah, you might remember this great video from last year of two toddlers excitingly running to give each other a hug.
9:39 am
cnn at the time covered that video for a heartwarming video, the parents saying that they shared the video of the boys, one black and one white, as perhaps a good example of a lesson to us adults amid all the racism in the world. but trump last night took a version of that video and added some fake cnn graphics to it. and he suggested that cnn would spin a video like this to make it looks likes kids are actually running away from each other rather than running towards one another. this of course last night on the eve of juneteenth. twitter labeled that video as manipulated media. that is under a new policy they have for misleading pictures and videos and deep fakes. i should note that the video is also on facebook where it now has 4 million views, facebook is doing nothing about it. but trump supporters last night immediately jumped to the president's defense saying that this video is a parody, satire, it is not gas lighting and that
9:40 am
we all frankly need to get a better sense of humor. but one person that certainly did not find it funny was one of the dads of one of the boys in that video. and he posted on facebook last night saying that trump can't get away with this. he said that he will not turn this loving beautiful video to further his hate agenda. >> there you have it, citizens speak up. that is the best defense against this is when good citizens speak up and make thafeir views clear. up next, it is june teenth, a holiday marked across the country. including nba teams. and they are getting ready to resume play. garrett temple from the nets is joining us next. the assessment takes things into account that matter to you the most. i've lost 101 pounds. it's incredible. get your first three months free! offer ends june 22nd
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these are live pictures of new york city on this juneteenth. the noon hour marching in the streets and chanting. you see the signs as well. "black lives matter" and other issues. and this one of several marches we're seeing across the country today, the day that came mention rat commemorates the emancipation of slaves. and basketball teams are marching here in washington, d.c. and these pro athletes adding
9:46 am
their voices and feet up to this movement for change in the country. and joining me now is garrett temple, now playing for the brooke will i lynn brooklyn nets. wish you were still here in washington, but water under the bridge. i want to talk about this very interesting moment. you're from a family that is very active in the civil rights movement. you see the reckoning going on around the country. also at a moment when there is a conversation about the coronavirus, its impact on the african-american community and the economic reopening, you are getting ready to come back to play. let's start with the moment. are you convinced as someone who watched your grandfather and father and who has social progress in your bloodstream, are you convinced that this is a moment not just a protest but will be a moment of change? >> no question. first of all, thanks for having me, john. i miss d.c. as well, just to put
9:47 am
that out there. i do believe this is a moment for change. i've had a couple conversations with a lot of people and the biggest difference this time is i feel like we have more allies. the black community, we're 13% but i feel like white america or nonblack americans are willing to help us fight and get this thing changed. >> and in terms of change, i want to read to you from your commissioner who is a white man but also socially active and progressive white man. adam silver talking about getting the league back. the league was at the beginning of america shutting down. he wants the league to get back on the court and he says players like yourself have an opportunity to make a statement here. some of the black known black people in the world, whether the nba or the wnba, i really think this is a unique opportunity for this league maybe more so than any other institution in the world. but what comes with it is an obligation and responsibility to think before we speak. a, do you agree with the commissioner and how do you take
9:48 am
that responsibility? >> i do believe that we have a responsibility. i agree with him. i think that we have an obligation first and foremost with the platform that we have, we definitely need to think before we speak. but also because of the platform that we have, we can touch a lot more people than if we did not have this platform. i think the cameras that will be on us in orlando, the audience that we have watching will give us a chance and an opportunity to really bring even more awareness to this issue. >> and take me through a little bit of the family history. your dad integrated lsu's basketball team. your grandfather challenged segregation laws. we talk about the dr. king and the john lewis. the names we don't know nationally are taking steps every day in their own way, in their family and in their community, you can't escape this, i'm not saying that you want to, but this is inis in yo
9:49 am
blood. >> no question. my grandfather went to southern university, the rbsu in louisiana, to get his under2k3wrundergrad degree. he tried to go to lsu to get his master's degree and was denied because of the color of his skin. thurgood marshall had a class action lawsuit against the universities in the south. and lsu ended up appropriating funds for my grandfather to go to any other school except lsu. so he went to michigan state to get his masters. 16 years later, my dad became the first african-american to play on the varsity basketball team at lsu. so my grandfather put his pride aside and understood and believed that my father integrating the program would be best for black students in the future and, you know, the rest is history. >> and the rest is history. but it is important history.
9:50 am
we appreciate you sharing it with us. on the question of coming back to play, one of your teammates kyrie irving who is not shy, he says i don't support going into orlando. i'm not with the systemic racismle and the bs. whether you want to admit it or not, we are take you getted every day we wake up. what do you say to other players who say that i'm not sure we want to do this right now? >> yeah, i've definitely spoken to kyrie and i understand what he is saying. i think it is a choice. it is an individual choice by each player. ky will speak his mind and we love that about him. i think each individual player needs to decide whether they want to go or not. and what they want to get from this. i think that we all at the end of the day are fighting the same battle and there are a lot of different ways to skin a cat. so i personally believe that we have the opportunity to, as i
9:51 am
said, continue to speak on the things that we believe in with the amount of cameras in the audience that we'll have there. guys that do not believe that, that believe that they should -- that don't want to go, i completely support them. and everybody is not going to have the same exact thoughts. but we're still a brotherhood. >> are you certain that we will have nba back on the court at the end of july as planned? >> i'm not certain. i'm not the guy that can hit the switch. but i do believe that we will. and i'm ready to get back to playing. this is our job. but at the end of the day, i think as i said we can still make a difference while we still play the game. >> garrett temple, thanks for 145 sharing your time and the story of your remarkable family. >> thanks for having me. and president trump picking another public fight with a scientist at the top of his administration. just tweeting tony fauci has nothing to do with nfl football. they are planning a very safe and controlled opening. that is the president's view.
9:52 am
dr. fauci yesterday telling gup will not happen this year or if it does, they will have to be in a bubble. still ahead, coronavirus cases surging in latin america. ing cl, yeeel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ yeah that's all me. ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ nothing is everything. keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way ♪ ♪ and it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis.
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some encouraging news out of china. health officials there say a coronavirus outbreak at a beijing market is now under
9:57 am
control. for more on that let's go to david culver and others for the global headlines. >> reporter: here in china, health officials say that they have this most recent cluster outbreak, quote, under control. they have 183 confirmed cases in the past week or so, all of this linked to an outbreak that started in a market. not too far from here, but that market has been blocked off, they put up physical barriers. we've seen some of the freedoms that were given in the past few weeks taken around and restrictions put back in place, places like public spaces, restaurants, bars, gyms shutting back down in some of the quote/unquote high risk areas. and they are keeping people who live in those areas, the high risk region, sealed inside their homes. it is wuhan-style like lockdowns for those individuals. and outside of those areas, life continues as mostly normal. however they are pushing one narrative in particular here and that is that this strand this
9:58 am
started in that market is not the same within that started in wuhan. they say this is a european strand and hence imported and the threat is external. david culver, cnn, beijing are. and here in latin america, the outbreak continues to get worse and we know that it is affecting government leaders as well. in honduras, the president announced he has tested positive for the coronavirus. he said that he started feeling sick last weekend and got diagnosed on tuesday. he still has mild symptoms but says that he did his job while working in isolation. and he announced that his wife and two presidential aides have tested positive as well. and inargentina, the president but he was in contact with someone who had been interest opposed. and in nicaragua, at least a
9:59 am
half dozen politicians in that country have died in recent weeks, but only vague details have been 2k3wi6aeeen given. krcritics say they have been hiredihire hiding the true outbreak in that city. matt wririvers, why not. and in portugal, why this country has a low death toll might be because they have been using a treatment that the world health organization now says could be a breakthrough. doctors at icu wards here have been using steroids to treat patient w4s who are on swrens n. and this is as they are opening up their economy and this country is heavily reliant on
10:00 am
tourism. fred pleitgen, cnn, lisbon. >> hope to see you sunday and monday. brianna keilar picks up our coverage right now. i'm brianna keilar and i welcome the viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. a monumental day, juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the united states as the country is wrestling with systemic racism and police brutality. the demands for change echoing across cities and towns for weeks. it is now central to the juneteenth marches and the rallies that are under way right now. you are looking at live pictures here from new york that were taken, we have correspondents on scenes like this across the country. and we'll take y ke you livther. but first, spiking coronavirus numbers coming out of florida that could be the next enpi is
10:01 am
in your of